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Morning Links: Seahawks have stranglehold on NFC

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 3, 2013 at 2:05 am with 158 Comments »
December 3, 2013 2:05 am

Good morning.

Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas walked off the field in celebration shouting directly into a television camera to end the night.

“When we prove what we know is true, we’re going to let you know about it,” Thomas said.

The Saints had their plane break down and had to stay in Seattle overnight.

If that doesn’t sum up how things went Monday night, not sure what does. Seahawks 34, Saints 7.

The Seahawks have a two-game lead for homefield advantage with four games to go. They also hold the tiebreakers over New Orleans and Carolina, having beaten both. Plus, those teams still have two games remaining against each other.

So, Seattle is on the edge of clinching the NFC’s top seed and gaining the benefit of hosting the playoffs on a field where it has won 14 consecutive games.

Saints remaining schedule:
vs. Carolina
at St. Louis
at Carolina
vs. Tampa Bay

Carolina remaining schedule:
at New Orleans
vs. New York Jets
vs. New Orleans
at Atlanta

The Seahawks would have to go 1-3 the rest of the way and either New Orleans or Carolina would have to win out to take the top seed from the Seahawks.

Seattle now leads the NFC in points scored. It is second in points against and has won seven consecutive games.

Our stuff:

> Dave Boling says the Seahawks leave no doubt they are Super Bowl contenders.

> John McGrath says the Seahawks and Russell Wilson show they are the league’s best.

> Here’s my game story from Monday night on the Seahawks beating the blitz and using base D to beat Brees.

> Here’s my notebook leading with Michael Bennett’s touchdown.

> The Saints gave credit to the Seahawks, but also blamed themselves for errors.

> Our photo gallery from the game.


> Peter King writes about the “slaughter in Seattle.”

> The Everett Herald says the Seahawks make a statement with win over the Saints.

> The Herald also writes that the Seahawks opened up the passing game with the Saints focused on Marshawn Lynch.

> says the Seahawks are in the playoffs, but hardly satisfied.

> ESPN says nothing can slow down Seattle.

> Here’s Russell Wilson postgame:

> USA Today also goes with the “Seahawks made a statement” angle.

> says the Saints are down, but not out and wonders about Russell Wilson’s MVP chances.

> also goes down the rumor path, saying Percy Harvin could be out until the playoffs, Antoine Winfield could be in Seattle on Tuesday, or Perrish Cox could comeback.


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  1. AKhawkFan says:

    I <3 football

  2. seatowntp says:

    At this point last season the Seahawks were 7 and 5 and had just won a statement game in their overtime win in Chicago. They then opened up the offense and hauled off 170 points verses opponents 43 in the final four regular season games. What will they do this year?

  3. CDHawkFan says:

    Remember when 7 and 5 felt good? I am getting spoiled, I expect these guys to play great each week. I watched a few other games this past weekend and was taken back on how ”bad” they looked and told myself that the Hawks used to look that way.

    It must suck being a fan of any other team right now. I mean you always want a chance, but come on. I have to think that San Fran doesn’t want anything to do with us, kind of like it would have been if not for the late Falcon field goal last year.

    BTW, guessing if they bring back Winfield then that means they don’t think Browner will be back (from injury or suspension).

    Also glad we lost the Indy game (or 1 game) , while going undefeated would be possible, I would rather not want the distraction. Also don’t care about any respect right now, just win the SB and long-term respect will take care of itself.

  4. tylerwyler says:

    My voice HURTS!

  5. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    great game, great statement

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Fun game to watch.

    If anyone were told that Lynch would be held to 46 yards do you think we would win so big?

    This is about a complete team as I have seen in a while in the NFL.

    Now that the easiest game left on our remaining schedule is over we will have a shot at the 49ers next Sunday. It can’t get much better then that.

  7. confucious says:

    Wow. Balanced dominance. Great game. Go Hawks!

  8. boycie99 says:

    Now, lets win the Division in the Niners House.

  9. Southendzone says:

    Where’s our visitor from NO? Think his name was SeenthisB4



  10. edstang45 says:

    Just a Incredible game from Our incredible team. Hearing lots of talk of other teams not pulling out close games, which is needed to be a contender. WE won the games we maybe should have loss, now were rolling and pounding the best. And this will continue Sunday in SF. We’ll need to be ready for sure but SF is not in our class this year, could we be seeing a 15-1 season. Good shot Baby…really is there a team in the league that can stay with us when were on our game?? Don’t think so…Go Hawks

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Mike Florio is suffering from some serious butt hurt today. Lol.

  12. chuck_easton says:

    Last night was the must win game. It gives Seattle a two game cushion on both the Panthers and Saints with Seattle holding the tie breaker against both.

    Now one of those two teams will have to sweep the other, win out their remaining four games, and Seattle would have to go 1-3 in their final 4 games to lose HFA to either team.

    Same goes for the Division. SF would have to win out and Seattle would have to go 1-3 to end in a tie with SF. Seattle now holds the tie breaker against SF since they lost to NO and Seattle beat them.

    That is how crucial last night was and why some were nervous.

    It would pretty much take Seattle losing out for them to not end up with the Division and HFA now.

  13. chuck_easton says:


    He posted that during the game. The other two bloggers were praising Seattle. Florio had nothing but disdain. He didn’t want to see his beloved Saints go down.

  14. Southendzone says:

    Tried to find a link to the footage but couldn’t, however ET had a pretty fired up interview with the NFL network after the game last night. Had at least 2 great quotes that went something like:

    NFL “You guys didn’t lose a step with the backups in”
    ET: “That’s cause I won’t let us lose a step, I was pushing those guys all week”

    and at the end, he said something like

    “L.O.B, go get a t-shirt, go get somethin”

    if anyone comes across that interview please post it.

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I like this comment about Florio Chuck. Lol.

    “if he’s a cheap shot artist, then you’re the cheap shot writer.”

  16. averagejay says:

    @Georgia and @Chuck. Florio is smoking something. While it did look unnecessary, it was a legal hit. QB is outside the pocket and running. It’s not a good idea to fall asleep on your route. Good stuff and lots of haters out there…Jealousy I guess. Thanks for the link!

  17. chuck_easton says:

    Ok, even those of us on here that are the eternal pessimist (Ok, I’m talking about me…) can now breath a sigh of relief for the Season.

    The team has reached the point where they would literally have to self-destruct to mess up a dream finish (knock wood, throw salt over shoulder, sacrifice my stuffed teddy bear to the football gods…just in case).

    13-3 will guarantee HFA in the NFC. Only Seattle, Carolina, and NO can even get to 13-3. For either of those two to get there, they would have to win their remaining 4 games (which would include the very unlikely home/home sweep of the other).

    So simply finishing 2-2 the rest of the way guarantees Seattle HFA. 2-2 (regardless of next week’s outcome against SF) also guarantees Seattle the Division.

    Even the biggest worriers in this crowd (ok, it’s me again…but I don’t want to pat myself on the back for being the biggest doubter…hey, there has to be an opposite to the biggest self promoter) don’t see a scenario where Seattle loses 3 of the remaining 4 games.

    So, I’m sticking with 13-3 for Seattle with a strong suspicion they just might finish better.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I can see 13-3. Especially if we wrap up HFA by the next two games.

    So what happens if we wrap things up after the next two games?
    Do we start sitting starters? Cut their minutes?

    It would be nice to see Jackson and Michael get some reps.

  19. averagejay says:

    @SouthEndZone Here is the / Earl Thomas post game interview. Instant Classic!

  20. Georgia–Well, I said before the game that if the Saints sold out to stop Lynch and our run game–and the line couldnt run block–we’d have to pass to set up the run. I said we’d have to keep running though, no giving up on it, as it opens up things (play-action) in the passing game. And thats exactly what happened.

    I also said the weather would be a huge factor, as Saints play badly on the road and in weather.

    But I had no idea Seattle would dominate so thoroughly, with Lynch failing to gain 50 yards–especially with guys like McQ getting blown up on every play. Heck, even Okung was barely blocking his man in pass pro all night, and the run blocking was a failure. Didnt matter. This team is beginning to roll, and they can throw it all day long if they need to. They have Balance on O and D to make Holmgren drool…

  21. Now, if we trash the Whiners on the road, everyone will know what we already know; there’s no stopping Seattle.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- I remember you posting that.

    I wonder how the Saints will play it next time? It’s like pick your poison, Stop Lynch or stop Wilson but you can’t stop both.

  23. Southendzone says:

    Thanks Jay, loved seeing that video once again.

  24. I was watching highlights this morning – and was reminded that Steve young had a great comment in the post-game. He said he’d never seen a defensive backfield challenge as many passes as Seattle’s did in this game. And it’s really true, every pass that went up was challenged hard, either on the ball before it got there, or right there as it arrived. Really strong game by every one of the DB’s. I never thought we would hold NO passing game down like we did.

  25. CDHawkFan says:

    Is that PA behind Pete in the Swag video that Georgia posted?

  26. I just hope we dont have another first half stall like in Atl last year. Winning those 5 games big, then coming out flat vs WASH and ATL was frustrating to say the least.

    This years team has better depth, esp at DT and DE. Thats the key. Our line isnt playing at the level it was this time last year, but they are just getting healthy and are improving each week. Hell, we won despite not being able to get Lynch 50 yards, with even the mighty Okung looking avg at best in pass pro. How good will this team be if the line gets back to where it was at the end of last year?! Sick!

    And Clemons hasnt had a sack in like a month. He’s only got 3.5 for the season, and I barely noticed him rushing. He spent a lot of time at Leo (correct me if Im wrong) in the flat and stuff–it was Avril who was sent in an all-out pass rush most of the time. Im wondering if Clemons is gimpy, slowed by a leg injury? Avril played very well, as did Bennett and Clinton McDonald and Mebane.

    Did DeShawn Shead play at all? Anyone see him play? I was too busy taking in the whole incredible night to pay attention…

    Earl Thomas looked like Defensive Player of the year–he even wrapped up. Bruce Irvin was a total stud in all phases. Man, we HAVE to use that kid to blitz the qb more often! He’s freaking GREAT in pass coverage! Byron Maxwell is a stud. Lane was so good I barely noticed him in coverage. Chancellor was laying the wood!

    And on offense, the line pass pro’d enough, and Wilson and the receivers shredded that D. How about Kearse! Great catches, bummer he couldnt handle that one in the endzone.

    Seattle MUST place a first round tender on Doug Baldwin, or sign him longterm. Otherwise, plenty of teams would love to give up a second-round pick to have him. Seriously, the kid blocks, and he plays FL and Slot like he was made for it. Who does that in todays NFL?!

    Golden Tate showed what he can too, despite getting followed by a S when he went deep. He needs a couple more touches a game.

    It was great to see Miller downfield for a change! And Lockette actually made a tough catch!

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    averagejay- Just finished watching the Thomas clip. Thanks, cool stuff.

  28. WiscCory says:

    Regarding the second quarter big pass play to Baldwin….

    Not a knock on Baldwin – he’s actually one of my favorite Hawks based on his work ethic. However, if Harvin would’ve been on the other end of Wilson’s awesome throw against that blitz, Harvin would’ve taken it to the endzone.

    It’s worth mentioning that blitz pick-up was perfect, and Wilson stepped back to buy another second. It’s great to have the Oline back in tact.

  29. WiscCory–No one will ever mistake Baldwin for Harvin. But Baldwin is better at getting open in coverage, and right now Harvin has been paid 12/16ths of 11 million dollars for 16 plays, one catch for 17 yards and one 58 yard kick return. Compare that to Baldwin’s pay and stat line.

    Baldwin is a guy you cant let go. I dont know how Seattle will keep Tate, Baldwin, Kearse and Harvin on the same team, but they MUST. You cant let talent and heart like that get away.

    And who knows, that throw may have been a little off..we dont know the route, we’re just guessing. It was a tough over the shoulder catch, and while it would have been awesome to see Baldwin take it in stride and score, it was a huge play nonetheless.

  30. yankinta says:

    I predicted 37-17 easy win but I was hoping for a more of a closer game until mid 4th qtr. Because we blew them out by Mid 3rd qtr, RW ended up not being able to Pad the Stats like Peyton Manning. I count about 5 Total Qtrs so far this season where RW didn’t play or wasn’t playing to score…. SMH while being extremely happy,, :)

    Let’s hope the MVP Voters saw last night game and will go back and watch RW’s second year closely… Especially now that he may not be playing full 4 qtr games the rest of the year….

  31. yankinta–You are right. When you look at the first half, the stats for RW were amazing. at 24-7, the game was already pretty much over, and I knew RW would put together 1-2 more drives and then it would be all clock mgmt after that.

    Its hurting his stats, but stats are not an end in themselves. Kind of like in 2005, no one seems to realize Alexander could have broken the NFL rushing record behind that line, and for sure would have passed 2,000 yards, if not held out of games when we were blowing folks out. RW with this team could easily throw for 4-5,000 yards and 40 TD’s, but thats not the point. The point is to win consistently and win championships, and build a team that can both run and pass, or one or the other if required. We have that.

    In the end, all that matters is winning a SB. The stats are merely a way of framing the accomplishment.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Nice to have the noise record back where it belongs.

    The only thing higher then the decibel level last night, (137.6) was Wilson QB rating (139.6).

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Even though I think Wilson deserves MVP consideration the greatest regular season QB of all time,(since Dan Marino) can have it.

    The Seahawks and Wilson have bigger plans.

  34. Great win. Great team. Celebrate today and move forward.

    Winning in SF has been elusive to say the least. Niners are on a roll and is the one team that knows how to pound the rock against us.

    It’ll be a grinder and our ‘bigs’ will be challenged.

    Russell is awesome! I was on him early when many ‘respected’ bloggers here were crying for Flynn. The kid has it all…we’re so lucky.

    Let’s go 1-0 Sunday.


  35. seahawks12thman says:

    Georgia, 13-3? Really!? I don’t see how that’s possible. We have to continue to play hard and the next two games are on the road (win, win). The final two are at home and there is no way Pete allows us to lose on our own turf in front of the 12th man no matter what playoff position we’re in.

  36. yankinta says:

    STTBM and GeorgiaHawk,, I only want the MVP for RW. I don’t care for it either. As much as I follow Football and know a lot about Football, I can’t tell you the previous MVP winners from the past 2-3 years. But I really want it for RW for all the things he’s done for our Seahawks… He Really Deserves it!!! Without him, we’d be 6-5 or worse….

    P.S., Have you guys seen this??
    It seems that Colts were once again helped but crooked Referee Crew…. It’s disappointing because we’d 12-0 (if Referee Crews weren’t helping out the Colts), going for the perfect record right now. SMH…..

  37. sluggo42 says:

    We will slaughter the 49ers next week. they watched this game in horror and disbelief as they were counting on getting the inside info that they were going to also use against us. Problem was, the Saints weren’t able to do their part. Now the 49ers have to count on their own devices to come up with a game plan, and guess what…?

    Seahawks 31
    49ers 10

  38. seahawkNJ says:

    No doubt that was a cheap shot by Sherman. Call it what you want legal/illegal….it was unnecessary.

    On another note, 2 things are really obvious. You can not throw a screen against this D, and if you blitz you will pay for it. It’s pretty incredible to watch.

  39. Vegas56 says:

    Two things really stood out to me…the coverage of their receivers – they were blanketed all night, Brees only had his little 2-3 yard safety valve open, and even they were smothered immediately after the catch. The Seahawk defense was, to a man, faster than the NO offensive players. Team speed. The NO screens were essentially worthless due to our DBs quickly collapsing them. Browner may not get his job back, Maxwell was outstanding…Wally Pipp anyone?

    The second thing was our receivers getting behind the NO secondary consistently (and Wilson finding and hitting them consistently…even if the NO DBs caught up to them after the catch, the receivers got past them deep with incredible consistency.

  40. thursday says:

    I had a feeling this might be a blowout, but I didn’t want to get too vocal about considering all the huge pessimists around here lol. I do expect us to go in and prove to the Niners once and for all that we have their number. It’s hilarious that I’ve seen their fans roaming around the interwebs saying they’re gonna take back the division.

  41. ChrisHolmes says:

    Where are all the folks calling for Bevell’s neck earlier this year? Pipe up! I want to hear from you!

    Just joking. Stay silent. Where you belong.

    What a game… And what a game plan. RW executed it to perfection. Loved seeing us throw the bombs against the blitz. Loved seeing RW throw it early and often and with precision. Saints had holes in the secondary and we exploited it. RW owns the shotgun.

    And the defense was great. Props to KJ Wright. I had no idea he’d play Graham so much. These kids showed up. Great game.

    HFA is ours to take now. You gotta love that.

  42. sluggo42 says:

    I said last week that NO was going to run into a buzz saw.

    we are now taking our buzz saw to SF

  43. RDPoulsbo says:

    In other news, the city of New Orleans is flooding once again from the inside. The pumps cannot keep up with all the crying inside the levees.

    Does this sound familiar? Like a few 49er fans after that whupping?

    “NFL teams that are located in the far north should be required to have domes. That would even it up for everyone. All the games, north and south, could be played at the same temperature, same weather conditions. The test would be which is the better team, not which is the better cold/hot/hurricane/snow/ice team.”

  44. Dukeshire says:

    Boy oh boy, I had to re-watch the game this morning and what I saw was even more impressive the second time. Especially the defense, and Earl Thomas in particular. He’s the best FS in the game today. He’s so active, and so disruptive; he elevates the play of everyone around him not unlike Russell Wilson.

    I also believe this was the best game the LB corps has had this season. Irvin, Wagner, and Wright are playing really well together and have become very efficient and stout pass defenders, which was my biggest concern regarding them coming into this season.

  45. I never thought I would be saying this, by KJ Wright was very solid in coverage. The Pro Football Focus link above confirms this.

  46. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Can we finally give the O-line some credit for playing a great game? Russell was sacked once, rarely hit, had time to find open receivers on deep passes. He doesn’t shred the Saints D without time to throw. They held their own against aggressive blitzes and controlled the game. Tough to run last night, but the Saints were stacking the box to stop Marshawn, it didn’t hurt us. I think they played their best ball of the season. I will add that I think Bevel called his best game as well. They were just on it from the start. Kearse catches that sure TD and the blowouts even greater.

  47. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree, the linebackers played lights out last night in coverage and run support.
    Boy if that group continues to get better things are going to be scary for opposing offenses.

  48. Southendzone says:

    For anyone watching the game at home, wasn’t Gruden pretty uncanny in his ability to call the New Orleans plays based on their formation? He did it at least 3 times and was dead on.

  49. TallyHawk says:

    It’s been mentioned a couple times but I think both Bevell and Quinn called great games. The execution by the players was perfect and they deserves every accolade they get but I think both coordinators deserve some praise as well. I love seeing linemen drop back to disrupt routes. The saints had no clue!!

  50. GeorgiaHawk says:

    seahawks12thman- Yes I can see Seattle finishing at 13-3. My guess is that they will finish at 14-2. And my hope is that they finish at 15-1.

    What’s more important, (after they secure HFA) is that they don’t risk injuries trying to pad their record.

    But like one 49er fan said-
    “Carroll can plug the water boy in there and make him a pro bowler.”

  51. princeaden says:

    Did anyone answer what happened to MikeRob ?

  52. The article by McGrath was spot-on: the most amazing drive last night which really showed Wilson’s mastery of the offense was the near two-minute drill at the end of the fist half. That was an amazing piece of showmanship to march this team 90 yards or so and end it with a TD. That kid has ice water in his veins.

  53. seahawk44 says:

    I just heard Steven A Smith call Russell Wilson Russell Westbrook 3x in the same long winded sentence when discussing his chance at league MVP . What a fn idiot. And even though Skip Bayless was heaping praise on #3 he couldn’t wait to switch the conversation to Tom Brady. I couldn’t change the channel fast enough.

  54. WiscCory says:

    Second game in a row that KJ Wright showed HUGE. He is the best linebacker on the Hawks, hands down.

    Lane had the key block allowing Bennett to get in the endzone. Also, although Gruden always gushes love, he did hit the nail on the head when he called out Kearse and Lane on punt coverage. No doubt, seeing a team like he watched last night makes Gruden miss his coaching days.

    The one thing I was truly disappointed in last night was Sherman’s tackling. If one is going to bring so much attention to oneself, you can’t straight up miss on tackles like he did a couple times last night.

    At least there’s still more to work on, so the Hawks can’t rest on their lorals.

    STTBM – not dogging Baldwin, just dreaming of what Harvin could bring.

  55. chuck_easton says:

    There was never any report during the game about a possible injury to MRob. Good time for Coleman to get healthy and be active though.

    That’s when I knew the breaks were going Seattle’s way. Coleman just happens to be activated the night MRob has something go wrong, and Coleman just happens to be in the game when a ball comes majically foating his direction while he’s standing at the 2 yard line.

  56. WiscCory says:

    Good things happen to good people. Coleman!

  57. Southendzone says:

    quick sidebar on Harvin where it was claimed above that he’s made 12/16 of 11M this year.

    His 2013 salary is 4.5M with a 11M signing bonus. More accurate to say he’s made 12/16 of 4.5M, or 12/16 of 4.5M plus 11M depending on how you look at the signing bonus.

    regardless of this contract minutia, I agree 100% with STTBM on Baldwin, that guy is so key for us to retain. For one thing, his dedication and heart are PROVEN.

    Percy might be a great guy, might be a great player for us, and might care about the team the way DB does, but it’s FAR from proven.

  58. princeaden says:

    Thanks Chuck :)

  59. As much as I hate bad Calls at the time – teams have to play well enough to over come them. If we didn’t drop a single pass – miss a single block – miss any tackle – blow a single assignment and then the calls were bad we might have a point. There are mistakes on the field.

    Tampa can complain about the same thing – if you go back and watch the great Tate return that set us up to get an important score – the TB gunner is getting held most of the way down the field – I was actually surprised they didn’t throw the flag.

  60. Dukeshire says:

    Do we know for sure MRob got hurt? Perhaps I’m being too optimistic to think that they used that big lead to get Coleman in the game…? (That’s what I’m hoping, anyway.)

  61. There is plenty of praise to go around last night (like the LBs) but I was amazed at how dominant Okung was. I know he’s great and yet he’ll never be Walt, but he basically did what we haven’t been used to on the OL this season; dominate. I’d mention Wilson too, but we’re starting to get so spoiled with him that it’s almost taken for granted these days (and still so young!).

    I thought the Saints were outcoached, outmanhandled, outtalented, etc. It was a definite statement game. Great win!

    Sounds like they are going to shut Percy down until the play-offs. Anyone else hear that (besides on t.v. last night)?

  62. princeaden says:

    No Duke, I never heard a report about MRob being hurt. It may just be the pessimist in me showing through. I am kind of like Minimus the horse, I worry too much.

  63. Hey Yank I predicted 38-17! Nice job!

    Will be VERY interesting next week. Saints playing Monday night coupled with their plane breaking down and returning sometime today – will be a TOUGH game vs Carolina. Hate the short turnaround for the Hawks and having to travel to SF. If we can handle the 49ers will be amazing. I remember last year at SF we had to play Thursday night – always tough traveling on a short week.

  64. MoSeahawk12 says:

    From Adam Schefter

    Seahawks are first NFL team to have eight wins by 20 or more points during a 14-game home winning streak since the Dolphins in 1972-’73.

    Kinda cool

  65. Glad PC rested Beast Mode 4th quarter. Need him fresh for SF.
    Thought Turbin did well – hit the holes hard both rushing and returning kicks.

    Can’t wait for Harvin to get back. Will be a factor just returning kicks and playing 15 snaps.

  66. GoldenGate_Nate says:

    Admittedly, it’s pretty tough to come over here and talk any crap at all after watching that performance last night. I guess the Seahawks can borrow the NFC West crown for one season, but we’ll be taking it back next year.

    Are you ready to strap it on and come to the Stick this weekend? This is not the same Niner team you blew out in week 2, especially with Crabtree back, playing at home, looking for revenge, and fighting for our playoff lives.

    I was very impressed with what the Hawks did to Brees and the Saints last night, but I definitely don’t expect the same kind of performance against the Niners. Harbaugh knows the Seahawks too well.

    You just got a nice statement win. This week is our turn.

  67. Dukeshire says:

    “Are you ready to strap it on and come to the Stick this weekend?”

    Uh, no, thank you. But I’m sure they’ll be ready to play football.

  68. Dukeshire says:

    MoSeahawk12 – Thanks. I like that!

  69. ballgame says:

    MRob was still playing special teams after Coleman was in the game at FB, so it looks like they just wanted to get Coleman in the game.

  70. tealskin says:

    Now back to our division and the teams that know us best and have their guns out. SF will be ready and will not repeat NO’s defensive strategy. It’s going to be a fist fight and hopefully Hawks forget last night’s game fast. So much want to see a stone-faced Jimmy postgame.

  71. RDPoulsbo says:

    So the 49ers can beat RG3-9 and the lowly Rams at home and they’re suddenly back on track right? Ok, whatever.

    As for borrowing the division crown? That’s what SF has been doing these past 2 years. Just remember who has held it most since realignment then go wish the Chargers took the option of moving instead of forcing Seattle to do so.

  72. Glossman says:

    Any news on Bruce Irvin? I know he was helped off the field in the second half. Did he ever return and what is his status?

  73. After this season, the Seahawks will have won 6 of the last 10 NFC West titles.

    Meanwhile, in San Francisco, the 49ers will have won 2 NFC West titles in the last 11 years.

    Who has been borrowing the division title from who in the past decade?

    I guess this is the part where Whiner fans talk about the 1980s and Ronald Reagan, the Cold War, the rubix cube, Dukes of Hazzard, and jamming to Thriller.

  74. Todd Dybas says:


    Michael Robinson and Bruce Irvin were fine, according to Pete Carroll (and, in Robinson’s case, according to him when I asked him).


    — Todd

  75. tealskin says:

    I know we’re supposed to disrespect the Niners here but they have been damned good since Harbaugh arrived. Super Bowl? Give credit where due. They’re worthy opponents and force Hawks to be better. Makes for a much more interesting season when everybody in the division can kick your ass.

  76. Dukeshire says:

    tealskin – No question. SF is a good football team and Seattle better not have a let down Sunday or they’ll get spanked.

  77. chuck_easton says:

    Not worried about the SF game in the least. No, I’m not going all yanker and predicting a blowout win for Seattle.

    Just saying the game has little bearing on the final standings. As I said before, Seattle would have to go 1-3 and SF would have to win out for them to tie us.

    If SF ties Seattle unfortunately that would mean they get the tie breaker based on conference record. To explain, Seattle going 1-3 would likely mean a loss to SF, Arizona (at home) and/or St. Louis (also at home). So Seattle would finish 4-2 or 3-3 in Conference. By winning out SF who still plays all the other NFCW teams would finish 5-1 in conference and get the tie breaker. This scenario doesn’t factor in a win or loss to the Giants as nothing rides on that scenario.

    So, Seattle just has to beat the Giants and win one of the three remaining divisional games (my bet is the Arizona game on the 22nd which just happens to be the game my son and I will be attending), to have a 13-3 record. SF can’t touch 13-3 so the division is ours, HFA is ours as well with 13-3.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I am TOTALLY rooting for a win this weekend. I would gladly take a 2-14 season if the only two wins were against SF. But the world will not end if SF wins next week. It only means Seattle has to go 2-1 with two home games and the remaining away game being the Giants.

    Even I, as the biggest pessimist on this blog and the one that always expects the worst result, am having a very hard time seeing Seattle go 1-3.

    I’m usually not the prediction type. If you are right you get to come on here and tell everybody how right you are, but if you are wrong you have to try to come up with some explaination as to why you would have been right if… Oh wait, that role is taken on this blog.

    But my VERY safe prediction would have a loss at SF, a win in NY, a win on the 22nd against Arizona to wrap everything up, and then the St. Louis game is meaningless and could go either way. I’ll just put an L in the St. Louis game, but I think Seattle’s backups could beat St. Louis at the Clink.

    That is how I’m thinking 13-3.

  78. As long as the SF fans don’t cheer too loud and disrupt our play calls. That would be bad sportsmanship.

  79. I thought the Saints were outcoached, outmanhandled, outtalented, etc <<<<< AGREED

    As far as SF – I don't there will be a let down from either of these teams in the near future. they are both Deep and talented teams – play smash mouth – and have high expectations. I can see a scenario where 1. Hawks win in a blow out – 2. Hawks win close – 3. SF wins a close game. I feel confident it will be 1 or 2.

    a Win for Seattle clinches the division and one win away from home field advantage.

  80. What an AMAZING stat about our punt coverage team – ONLY 15 TOTAL yards for punt returns allowed all year??? That is truly incredible. Major props to our special teams including how consistent Haushka has been. Who is our ST coach?? Embarrassed I don’t know!

  81. tealskin says:

    Chuck- If they go 13-3, don’t want one of those losses to be SF. Looking for a big demoralizing factor for seasons to come. Maybe knock niners out of playoffs. How sweet would that be? That’s why I want the knockout this week.

  82. At the beginning of the season, this next game was the one I circled and it’s still the most important game of the year. It’s important to go 1-0 as R Dub has been preaching, but let’s face it…until we beat SF in their house and take back the division, it gives all those SF fans (many that are unfortunately my pals) reason to talk.

    I want to shut their fans up just once and we might as well do it now, because we all gotta believe Bevell is in line for his own gig next year.

    It’s put up or shut up time. We MUST STOP THE RUN because it’s been our downfall every time we’ve played them.


    P.S. I welcome the guys from other teams blogging here. For the most part, they’ve been fair and reasonable (unlike a lot of regulars). I say bring it and let the best team win!

  83. RDPoulsbo says:

    Out goes the Saints troll, in comes Nate for a 2nd helping of humble pie. No, SF is not the team Seattle faced week 2. They are missing the left side of their o-line and their starting NT without even mentioning all the dings in their front 7. Seattle-San Fran games are always decided in the trenches and SF goes into the game with several key players in the infirmary.

  84. GoldenGate_Nate says:

    “As long as the SF fans don’t cheer too loud and disrupt our play calls. That would be bad sportsmanship.”

    Please don’t think those douche-bags who wrote that letter represent the majority of the Niner fan base.

    Let me remind you all, the Seahawks biggest loss in the Russell Wilson era was last year’s game at SF. (Before you jump all over me, know that was said tongue-in-cheek)

  85. AndrewLuck says:

    Hey, why isn’t anyone talking about me?

  86. GG Nate…I’m not sure if you’re aware but R Dub has yet to lose by more than a TD since he’s been here, meaning…he’s been in every single game up until the end. Kid’s remarkable. I’m not barking…I’m just saying.


  87. doubledink says:

    I love seeing the division so tough. It is refreshing from the NFC Worst flap we had to listen to a few years ago.

    I’ll call Sundays game at 27-20 Hawks. It’s gonna be a fist fight.
    I thought last nights game would be 35-20 with one of NO’s TDs in garbage time but it wasn’t that close. That D never let up.

    It was nice to see Mike Rob make that catch too.

  88. Hey Nate – good to see you back! I for one have major respect for SF and always look at you as our biggest rival. Regardless of all the other opponents, our battles against SF seems to be the measuring stick of where we stand. The Hawks have started to swing the tide back our way of late, but the memories of back to back Gore 150 yd plus games (I have tried to block out the exact numbers) are still fresh. You guys have a great team and with Crabtree back will be tougher to beat than last time. Good luck and we welcome your comments any time – just stay classy.

  89. yankinta says:

    WOW, RW,, You’re close to being perfect but still not… Why can’t you be perfect?? lol @ those that prefer Matt Flynn or Andrew Luck Over RW…. :)

    “He(Wilson) has a 99.9 QBR against added pressure in each of his past three games.”

  90. princeaden says:

    “Are you ready to strap it on and come to the Stick this weekend?”

    Uh, no, thank you. But I’m sure they’ll be ready to play football.

    Awesome !! lol

  91. princeaden says:

    Still laughing :)

  92. dirtbiker_joey says:

    Threshold of Pain: The pressure at which sound becomes painful for a listener.

    Also known as: The Clink

  93. Dukeshire says:

    Question for anyone here: Should Seattle make the SB, does anyone think the Clink would host the viewing party, where the Touchdown Experience area is?

    It’s unlikely I’d be able to afford to got to NY, but would travel up for a viewing party. Thoughts?

  94. doubledink says:

    We lack the jumbo tron like Dallas to pull off a good viewing party.

  95. Mo and Bobbyk–Im not sure what team you were watching. The line was avg in pass pro, and simply awful in run blocking. Even mighty Okung struggled to block his guy in pas pro, and without a freak special talent like RW back there, our qb would have been sacked frequently. Not to mention without Lynch we wouldnt have run for even that many yards.

    (Side note: Turbin avg more yards per carry than Lynch last night.)

    The ZBS is designed to flow guys toward and area, and use two guys to blow up one guy, and open a quick hole for a N/S back; its supposed to get you 4 yards every time when it works. Its also supposed to work well even against 8+ man fronts, as it doesnt try to block everyone, merely one or two isolated areas. Last night, NO’s D-line and backers kicked the crap out of our O-line far too often. However, thanks to RW and Lynch and our WR’s and TE, their poor to avg performance was good enough. We killed NO inspite of the line.

    THe line is improving, and I am hopeful they will get it together, but they certainly didnt play “well” in any facet last night. In fact, it was pretty much the only blemish on the whole game, other than a couple stupid penalties. (Note to the line; dont jump offsides on third and two! Note to ET; you cant hit a guy in the face (esp not if he’s named Brees or Brady or Manning), so slow down just a tich…)

  96. RDPoulsbo says:

    Didn’t have the money for 2005. Now I don’t have the vacation time this year to make it to NY. They didn’t do one in 2005 because they wanted to give the business to the area bars that are paying the tax premium for the stadium. I’m guessing they’d do the same this time around.

  97. Dukeshire says:

    doubledink – Not in the stadium but the “Fan Experience” area attached to it. There are a ton of TVs in there and all the amenities to see food, beverages, etc…

    Guess I’ll just call the Seahawks directly.

  98. Dukeshire says:

    RDPoulsbo – Interesting and that does make some sense. Trying to get my plans lined up (I was fortunate enough to go the Bowl in ’05.) But I think the cost to NY would just be too prohibitive.

  99. ProFootballFocus says KJ Wright has earned a +4.4 grade in pass coverage the last month. Thats crazy! He was terrible earlier in the season…They say he may be the best form coverage LB in the NFL right now! Way to go KJ!

    I also thought Irvin was excellent in coverage as well.

    Quinn did a masterful job with his coverages. Keep that up!

  100. beavercleaver says:

    For those folks worried about home field advantage, the biggest threat is STILL for the division title. Let me preface the explanation with the fact that it’s highly unlikely to happen.
    IF SF beats Seattle next week (SEA 11-2 SF 9-4)
    THEN SF wins it’s final 3 games (Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Arizona)Likely.
    Then SF ends 12-4
    Seattle would HAVE to win 2 out of the last 3 to win the division because if both teams end 12-4 I heard earlier in the year the SF wins the tiebreaker (anyone please correct me if I am mistaken)
    IN that scenario we would be the wild card and NOT have HFA.
    As I stated, it is HIGHLY unlikely we lose 3 out of the final 4 games.
    Just sayin’ SF is a bigger threat to HFA then the Saints or Panthers.

  101. doubledink says:

    I’ve not been in there. Didn’t think of that. That would be an exceptional experience. I’m all in on that.

    The only area I will tip my hat to Jerry Jones is that stadium they built. I wouldn’t trade it for the Clink but it is really phenomenal. If you get a chance to tour it, it is worth it.

  102. doubledink says:

    We now hold the tie breaker with the win over NO.

  103. doubledink says:

    A question for you guys, which AFC team do you think would pose the greatest threat for the Hawks in the SB? (yes Chuck, I’m ready to talk SB)

    My thoughts would be New England. A cold weather team with plenty of playoff experience and of course, Brady.

  104. Dukeshire says:

    doubledink – No doubt that ridiculously large “jumbotron” would be cool in situations like this. lol

  105. aelliott11 says:

    Y’all need to calm down on the super bowl talk. It’s week 12. Lots of football yet to be played. Focus on this week. All the super bowl talk makes my superstitious eye twitch.

  106. It appears the face value ticket prices will range from $500 to $2600 (Mezzanine with indoor access).

    As long as we don’t see the Patriots or another east coast team, I could see the lowest priced tickets going for face value if we get average weather (wind chill around 20). If it’s a balmy day, I could see the prices double or triple face value.

    I originally thought the bigger issue was ticket prices but it seems it might be hotel rooms where the fleabags are already charging $1K per night.

  107. chuck_easton says:

    doubledink and beaver,

    I explained it above. If Seattle and SF both finish 12-4 SF does have the tiebreaker based on NFCW division record. SF would be 5-1 and Seattle would either be 4-2 (if their one win was against or St. Louis) or 3-3 if all three losses were to division rivals.

    So 12-4 would give the Division to SF.

    That is why 13-3 is the watermark. Nobody touches Seattle at 13-3 no matter how you do the math.

    Of Course 14-2 or 15-1 sound and look much better, but 13-3 is the minimum target. Doesn’t matter how Seattle gets there. They just have to play .500 or better ball for the remainder.

  108. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said during his regular day-after appearance on the team’s flagship radio station, ESPN 710 Seattle, that one of the most pleasing aspects of the win last night was that the team didn’t have to do anything special against a Saints team that came in 9-2, instead just relying on its usual schemes and the strength of its personnel.

    “We just stayed within ourselves and did what we had been doing,” Carroll said. “We played three-deep zone and our man-to-man stuff just the way we wanted to do it. The coaches showed me that the matchups were going to work. We didn’t have to do special stuff — we just played football the way we like to.”

    Maybe the best example of that was assigning LB K.J. Wright to guard Saints tight end Jimmy Graham, particularly on third downs. Carroll said LB coach Ken Norton convinced him during the week that the linebackers could handle the coverage, and Carroll went with it, and it worked.

    In a few other notes. …

    — Asked about Percy Harvin, Carroll said he “feels really good this morning and we are looking forward to a really good week and we’ll see what happens.” He said Harvin wants to play “so badly” and that they want to try to get him out there and that he will “be ready quick.” Carroll said Harvin “had a little procedure” last week, essentially confirming reports that Harvin had some cortisone shots on his hip. He reiterated it was the “load of the game” that caused the soreness in Harvin’s hip. He said Harvin will have “an easy day tomorrow” and then Thursday will be the key day to see if he can play against the 49ers;

    — Carroll said the Saints actually didn’t bring as much pressure as they had thought, one reason the rushing totals weren’t quite what they expected. But he noted that Russell Wilson took advantage of a few of the times the Saints did blitz and that that’s “a beautiful statement” about how Wilson is arriving;

    — Carroll said Wilson played the entire game because they just wanted to “finish it off. Everything was fine. Didn’t want to take any chances.”

  109. doubledink says:

    LOL aelliot11,
    Let er twitch. I said after the week 2 beatdown of the Niners I won’t pick against them again this year. In my mind we are already in the presser week prior to the big game. I’ll mail in my ballot now, thank you very much.

    I’m not even worried about them resting guys because the way they see every game as a championship game they will only give guys partial game rest to keep them fresh and the backups want to show their value. Especially the FAs.

  110. Hey TNT – the Pacific Northwest has the highest concentration of smart software engineers in the world. I am sure you can find one of them to fix your “Slow down you are posting too fast” problem. That is a pretty silly problem for a company that is serious about a web community to be having. Just sayin’.

  111. @avergejay – thanks for that Thomas link.

  112. chuck_easton says:

    And Duke,

    We risked the wrath of the football gods DURING the game last night at home. Yes, I broke my own rule.

    Here is what we are thinking…February in Calgary will be around -15c to -25c. We can’t afford tickets, hotels, or flights to NY. And why would we want to go to NY in the cold if we can’t actually see the game live?

    We could go to a function in Seattle. But again, Seattle in February. I’m thinking not as cold, but very wet, and really dry cold does feel warmer than damp/wet cold. So why go to Seattle other than for everyone here’s company.

    My idea is Las Vegas for SB weekend! It will likely be warm. There is a bar there called Boosters (thank you LV) that is the official home of the 12th man.

    Now THAT I can get into. Warm AND the SB with this crazy internet family!

    Who’s with me?

  113. ianswenson says:

    @Pilot – I’m the computer guy for the TNT. Email me at and describe the problem you’re having a bit more.

  114. RDPoulsbo says:

    If you plan to attend the SB, better make arrangements now :)

    I’d stay with friends in NY if possible, but you could always stay reasonably close to an Amtrak station on the NE Corridor to get into NY on gameday, then take the subway into the stadium. It’s a longer trip in and out, but might be worth it to just spend the $50 and extra hour each way on the train from Trenton or Hartford.

  115. Maxwell, way to step in and rise to the occassion and Lane, loved the block on the Bennit touchdown.

  116. sluggo42 says:

    the reason my posts are great is because I write them one post at a time. Every post is a championship post. my preparation in these posts is what separates them from the rest. I chose to be clutch, and great. I do not know what I will post for the rest of the season, only about the up coming game. Because its going to be 1 and 0 posting about the 49ers only. I’m not even thinking about post about the next game after the 49er game. Heck, I don’t even know who we play in two weeks, only the 49ers game. My fellow posters are all clutch and great too, because our head poster Todd tells us every post to be huge and post a fantastic post.


  117. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I’m assuming we’re watching the same game, but our views on it are vastly different. Lots of speculation regarding increased number of sacks if Wilson not back there as well as any other back getting less rushing yards outside of Lynch. You could say that for any game, but you’re still speculating. The facts are Wilson was only sacked once and rarely hit. He threw for 310 yards and three TDs. That is above his average. He had time to go through his reads and hit second and third options on deep pass plays. That requires time and the line held up. The team had 429 yards of offense, third most on the season with 490 against the Falcons, 479 against the Jags the only games they had more yards. The Falcons and Jags are not good defenses at all, so hitting another 429 against the fourth best D in the league is pretty impressive. The O-line was a big factor in that. Many of Wilson’s runs were designed roll outs and option runs. Not from below ave pass pro.

    Not to discount Wilson’s ability at all, cause the guy is so far off the charts, but he can’t do what he does as amazing as it is without solid play from the O-line. They were awful earlier for sure, missing three starters for most of the season would ruin most teams. They held up against the Saints best defensive player as well as the one of the NFLs best D end by limiting Cameron Jordan. He had 9.5 sacks coming into game and he only ended up with three tackles and zero sacks against our below ave line.

    I don’t believe any of this will change your mind regarding the O-line as you have made it very clear that you think this group is among the worst in the league. I’m happy to disagree and will only add 11-1 has never been done in the history of this team. Wilson gets a ton of credit as he should but to bag on this group week in and week out and play Debbie Downer after one of the biggest wins of the year seems like a massive waste of time and energy. Kinda like this response. I for one am going to avoid the negative and allow joy from a spectacular team effort to guild me this week. We all watch and get what we want from these games and this team.

  118. sluggo–My God, youre actually worse to read than RW is to listen to! I cant stand it! gaaaaahhh!

    Pretty funny.

    I love me some RW, but I never wanna watch another press conference with him again….the guy is like Beaver Cleaver the Robo Qb….Give me Sherman or Thomas or Tate or Baldwin interviews any day…

  119. AKhawkFan says:


    I work in a high school class. Your comment at 9:45 made me laugh so unexpectedly I farted quit loud in a class full of freshman. Thank you :/

  120. Fans have every right to start thinking about the Super Bowl, it’s the players who have to stay focused; not us (the ones who won’t be strapping it up each week).

    We’re hard to beat at home and the road to the Super Bowl is going to go through Seattle. I like our chances.

    I actually have someone I could stay with for the Super Bowl (assuming pabs doesn’t invite me to stay at his place) but after being in Detroit – I would almost rather watch the game in my basement by myself.

    I’m more interested in going to the NFC Championship Game in Seattle!

    I don’t care what anyone says, Okung had a heck of a good game last night. We haven’t been used to play that good at LT since, well, the last time Okung was at 100%. I don’t care if he’ll never be Walt, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be happy and encouraged by HIS play (I never said that entire line was awesome, I only said Okung was a difference maker. I didn’t watch every play, but every time I did look to him, he was doing something good/great so there was a pattern to what I was watching that I hadn’t been used to at LT before).

  121. AKHawkFan – I teach too, but I’m technically a .83 (which means I’m not “full” time) but I’m home with a sick little boy today.

  122. RDPoulsbo says:

    I still believe both guards and RT need to be upgraded in the offseason, but for now they’re playing pretty good. It helps with Okung and Unger back in action helping to cover up the blocking deficiencies. As long as the offense remains balanced though, opposing defenses have a choice. Stack 8 in the box and get torched by Wilson or drop back in coverage and get gouged by Lynch. Either way, it sucks to be them.

  123. Mo–The performance metrics of several sites have proven that our O-line has been in the bottom few in the league overall all year. Perhaps after playing a couple poor defenses and with this Saints game we have climbed a bit–and the hurt guys coming back had to help too! But any way you slice it, this O-line is still a ways from avg, let alone good.

    Jordan is a good player. Is he making 10 million a year like Okung? Okung is supposed to shut player like Jordan down; thats his job as a LT and what–the fifth pick in the draft?!

    Sweezy isnt giving up sacks any more, which is great. But he’s still not consistent. Breno isnt great at pass pro, and McQ is perhaps the worst starting G in the league. Fat Carp is going to be lucky to have a job next year. And the line on the whole hasnt shown they can get it done at a high level vs good D. They couldnt run vs the Saints, extending the troubling trend of Seattle being unable to run well vs the worst run D’s in the league.

    Right now, the line is the only thing keeping us from absolute domination, and the only worry I have. Harvin doesnt even scare me–Im just annoyed he’s so expensive and so far so useless.

    I am more than thrilled to have Okung back though, and the line keeps improving incrementally. Im stoked with KJ Wrights play, and cant wait for the playoffs…

  124. doubledink says:

    I will agree that Carp looks to be an opportunity for the salary cap jockey come next year.

  125. Bobbyk–I did see Okung make some awesome run blocks, but unfortunately the G who was pulling or the extra blocker was usually not making their block, so it went for naught; but damn, if we could get some good G play, Okung was taking his guy 5 yards downfield…Lynch could have a field day!

    As I said, Im over the moon to have Okung back. But he’s still working himself back and isnt 100% yet, and he’s not playing at a Pro Bowl level yet. Neither is Unger, but I think thats due to his arm.

    Im hoping by playoffs they are kicking butt.

  126. All the LBs have definitely stepped their games up quite a bit. It’s nice to see.

    Smith is a heck of a really, really good 4th LB. I actually thought our group of LBs would be better suited with Smith on the field, Wright in the middle, and Wagner on the bench a month ago. Not anymore.

  127. Im not sure Carp will have a job in the NFL period after this year. Then again, he’s huge and one mans trash…

  128. And does anyone here really think Irvin would have transitioned that well to LB who can run around the field and make plays all over? I didn’t. Add to that, after training camp, he was away from the team for an entire month. Wow.

  129. Like I said, I didn’t watch Okung on every play last night, but I watched him quite a bit and the left side seemed better when it was McQuistan next to him than Carp (which is quite a disappointment for a former first rounder) because I don’t think McQuistan is all that good.

  130. doubledink says:

    Bobby, where is that like button?

  131. The weather for the Giants/Seahawks game is looking good (still 12 days out so it will change) and good seats can be had at good prices. I’ll definitely go to that if things hold up.

    As far as the Super Bowl, Media Day is a must (it will be indoors) and I’ll figure out if I am going to the Super Bowl a few days before the game (assuming the Seahawks make it of course). My alternative is watching it on a 10′ HD screen which isn’t so bad lol.

  132. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK – I certainly thought he would be able to make plays all over based strictly on his athleticism alone. But for him to diagnose plays and be as assignment correct as he’s been has been shocking. He’s going to be a great Sam for this team for years.

    STTBM – I noticed Sweezy in particular, while pulling, not able to seal the LB, one two occasions. Again, very athletic, but not seemingly strong enough to win at the point of contact.

  133. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – After last night, are you yet willing to admit Seattle’s defense is elite…?

  134. Yes. They have really grown from 2011-2012. The next step will be to slow down an elite offense on the road (like the 49ers did at NO). They might not happen until February.

    Other than turnovers and injuries, I think the thing that could derail this team is if they clinch too early and take the foot off the pedal at any point. I am a believer Championship teams play well every week regardless of the situation. We see way too many First Round upsets of bye week teams that took it easy the last week or 2 of the regular season. The 2011 15-1 Packers are fresh in my mind.

  135. Dukeshire–I agree, the athleticism was always there with Irvin, as was the effort. But he came right out of the gates in his first/second game and made plays in pass coverage I didnt think he’d make. And like you, it was how quickly he diagnosed the play that shocked me; One play stands out to me, where he got to the ball two steps ahead of the receiver running a wheel route and picked it off. That was a great play for any DB, let alone a LB.

    I think a lot of credit goes to Ken Norton Jr. As Irvin says, he saved Bruce’s career. Bruce has SAM Locked up for a good while. I just hope they can figure out ways to get him rushing the passer. Thats what he was drafted for.

  136. Hey Chuck – It’s “Scooters” not Boosters! Don’t want you showing up at some dive bar named Boosters in Vegas in your Hawks gear and 16 year old son in tow. Maybe more than he needs to learn about at that age.

  137. CDHawkFan says:

    Bruce sometimes looks a bit like man vs boy with how quick and athletic he can be. He did rush the passer last night a few times and was close.

    I also thought of how great of a TE he could have been.

  138. GeorgiaHawk says:
  139. GeorgiaHawk says:

    49ers open as slight favorites over the Seahawks Sunday.

  140. SandpointHawk says:

    Love seeing us TNT old timers agree, I’m too the point I just scroll past the newbies in order to keep my sanity..

    LVHawk…I’m sure Chuck appreciates the heads up…Yes I laughed out loud…

  141. SandpointHawk says:

    to* sorry sloppy fingers due to beer and garlic fries

  142. raymaines says:

    Some random thoughts from Monday night:

    1) I can’t help but compare Aaron Curry to Bruce Irvin, and thus Tim Ruskel to JS. Actually, there really isn’t any comparison so never mind. One pair knows what their doing and the other was clueless. Go ‘Hawks.

    2) A SB party in LV sounds like a pretty good thing to me.

    3) Did you see JR Sweezy lined up at fullback? OMG! A 6’5″ 300lb fullback! I don’t know if he can run or catch but he can block out the sun.

    4) I said the ‘Hawks would be too amp’ed up to lose to either NO or SF. I’m already 50% right.

    5) Pete Carroll is changing the NFL world. He’s so far ahead of the curve it might take 10-15 years for the rest of the league to figure it out, but he’s a HOF coach.

    6) I want to beat both Mannings in NY, but I’m scared of the ref’s giving every break in the world to the feel good story that is Peyton, just as they did to the feel good story that was Jerome Bettis in 2005.

    7) I was at the Minn game and thought RW was the best athlete I had ever seen in person. If I had been at the Monday night game I might still be having an orgasm.

    8) Could ET be taking over as the mouth/face of the defense?

    9) There is no reasonable way on earth the 49’ers should be favored next week. They just barely beat three crappy teams and somehow they’re now back “on track”? 8-4 over 11-1? Would somebody please loan me some money and buy me a plane ticket to Las Vegas. Seattle by 14.

    10) I love Jon Gruden. Bad haircut and not always politically correct, but I love the guy.

  143. seahawks12thman says:


    I understand the numbers. I beleive it’s just not that way with ComPete. Even if he does place back ups in against the Rams and Cards, I still see wins at home in both of those. In fact I don’t ‘plan’ for future losses, as I’m pretty sure the Hawks don’t either. It’s 1 at a time and all in. So with that I guess in each of our final four championship matchups we go 1-0. 15-1 is what I’m going with because I see nothing at all in any other team to change that. If we happen to lose one out of the next four (I’d be shocked) but as with Indiana, that would most likely be on us (and the refs). Of course this is ALL just opinion from a crazed fan who can’t remember a season where tums wasn’t mandatory for every game, until this year. For the first time ever, I watch with confidence, knowing we’ll win. It’s not being cocky like the 49ers fans or the old Bears SNL skit. It’s just knowing each player has been prepared for duty (next man up) and actually having seen nearly every one of them play. Something rarely seen. That compounded by a top buy in from owner to last guy on the practice squad makes this the only team that has true depth. So sorry but I can’t even get 13-3 to come out of my mouth.

    Next game Hawks 72 – Niners (-50)…DA HAWKS!!!

  144. raymaines–I saw Sweezy in at FB too. He blocked his man out of the solar system, but Lynch still got stuffed. Looks like Seattle doesnt plan on having Mike Rob take up a roster spot next year. Its too bad, he’s just so much better than anyone else they have…

    So we gotta win this SB for MIKE ROB!

  145. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If Mike Rob is better then anyone else why would the FO let him go next year?
    There are reasons beyond what us fans think we know as to what the FO does and doesn’t do.

    Remember when they traded Moffitt? All the Moffitt lovers were all up in arms over it even though it was clear he had no chance to win the battle with Sweezy.
    Then we find out Moffitt ups and quits on a Super Bowl contending team.
    He then has some bitter things to say about the NFL.

    This is not the type of player that this FO wants here, ( a lazy fat knucklehead with a poor work ethic).

    Hopefully Carpenter will get his butt in shape or he will be gone too.

  146. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How I long for DeCastro.

  147. EzraMelech says:

    OMG, I read lots of other comments/boards etc. I am constantly amazed how others view seattle in general and like to rag on our city and football team. But i’m also amazed at the stupidity of uninformed people are. Here’s an example of a comment on another board that just made me bust out laughing. This guy was ragging on Russell Wilson and saying he was just another Tim Tebo or Michael Vick. “Iowa 2 hours ago
    @Fultonator Russell Wilson is a decent, Phillip Rivers-like QB, not great by any means. People once thought Michael Vick was one of the best QB’s in the NFL too. Just like they did with Vick, as soon as defenses figure out to keep him in the pocket and not let him take off outside, people will have a better read on him. Right now he has one of the top OLs in the NFL and defenses somehow still can’t figure out they need to contain him. They will.” Top Offensive lines in NFL?? ROFLMAO….. the extent that some will goto to disprove the hawks as legitimate just astounds me…..

  148. Georgia–You form your opinions based on emotion and then refuse to change them based on new information. How else to explain the continued ragging on “moffitt lovers” like myself who were pissed when he was cut. I stand with a couple other knowledgeable commenters (I think Dukeshire–and maybe Bobbyk, though dont quote me) who believe Moffitt was BY FAR the better player at the time when compared with Sweezy; ie, MUCH better at pass pro, and more consistent if more prone to getting pushed around in the run game.

    Also, I explained numerous times that it wasnt that cutting Moffitt was such a bad thing in itself: its what the move represented; two blown high draft picks on the line (Carp, Moffitt), a commitment to a guy not even close to ready to start (Sweezy) and an overall weakening of the line in the short term, which was bound (and did) lead to ugly football. Plus, Moffitt was a cool guy. Not to mention all we got in trade was a donut.

    It was also lame that Coaches said he’d have a fair shake, and seemingly had outperformed Sweezy and got cut.

    You believe Moffitt was worse than Sweezy at the time, but plenty of us disagree wholeheartedly with that opinion.

    As for ragging on Moffitt for quitting, I cant blame him. Sure, he probably (likely) needed to be more dedicated if he wanted to play, but considering the pounding he’s taken and how he was treated in Seattle and Cleveland, I dont blame him for walking. Perhaps he just wasnt NFL material mentally. What good is riding the bench all the way to the Super Bowl if youre miserable?

    As for calling him a lazy fat knucklehead, I fear you are confusing him with a certain 360 lb lardass who is still repaying the team for drafting him two rounds early by eating his way to death.

    We agree utterly on DeCastro, sadly. Sigh. God in Heaven, I wish Seattle wouldnt throw first round picks away on losers like Carp and gimpy shrimps like Harvin.

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