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Seahawks 34, Saints 7: Postgame reaction thread

Post by Kenny Via / The News Tribune on Dec. 2, 2013 at 8:50 pm with 75 Comments »
December 2, 2013 10:55 pm

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks

Well, so much for the marquee Monday Night football matchup everyone anticipated.

The Seattle Seahawks dominated the New Orleans Saints at home Monday, 34-7, clinching a playoff spot and putting themselves in the driver’s seat for the NFC’s No. 1 seed and homefield advantage.

It was a near-flawless game by Russell Wilson and the Seahawks on both sides of the ball. With four games left, the Seahawks appear to be ready to make a strong push to the finish.

Let’s get to some questions from the game, and your thoughts:

1. There are a lot of candidates, but who gets your game ball and why?

2. What impressed you most about the Seahawks win tonight?

3. Of the remaining games (@SF, @NYG, ARI, STL) which team poses the biggest threat?

4. What concerns you more, the DB suspensions or Percy Harvin’s injury?

5. Predictions for next week in San Francisco?

As always, thoughts and observations about anything else are always welcome …

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  1. raymaines says:

    What happened to MikeRob?

  2. GAME BALL – No Question Russell Wilson – Period!!!!

    What impressed you most about the Seahawks win tonight?
    The Defense was AMAZING tonight – I have been very down on them for a few weeks – tonight was spectacular!!!!

    Of the remaining games (@SF, @NYG, ARI, STL) which team poses the biggest threat?
    SF on the road – May lose to STL after we clinch home field

    What concerns you more, the DB suspensions or Percy Harvin’s injury?
    Percy hip – could linger to next season Suspension do hurt for this season if someone goes down

    Predictions for next week in San Francisco? Tough game on the road. close win for the hawks.

  3. Neither DB suspensions, nor Harvin injury concern me at all. They just showed that none of that matters. Maxwell and Lane stepped in and helped dominate one of the best passing offenses in the NFL. And, they just rolled up 429 yards of total offense. Harvin will be a nice addition if and when he sees the field again, but they certainly don’t NEED him.

  4. GoldenGate_Nate says:

    Well, crap. That was pretty damn impressive.

  5. SEA’s inactives are mostly starter-types…

  6. Ohhhhh sh****ttttttt!!!!!!! Fun game! RW player of the game. Defense was most impressive. SF still biggest threat, but I’m not worried about our corners or Harvin. This team is peaking!!!!!!

  7. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    The only negative for me was our running game, we couldn’t get that going.. Everything else great!! Player of the game, Russelmania

  8. CDHawkFan says:

    Wonder what SeenthisB4 is going to think when he gets off that plane.

    If you are reading, it was more of an ass whoopin’ than the score indicates. It was actually a bit boring. Hoping the 9ers put up more of a fight on Sunday.

  9. Oh yeah, we win in SF.

  10. HeatherHawk says:

    Russell Wilson always gets a game ball. But besides him, just when I thought Doug Baldwin couldn’t impress me more, he d

  11. So who’s the HC for UW now?

  12. HeatherHawk says:

    …he does. iPhone fail.

    Such concentration and the prettiest catches from Baldwin.

  13. abqhwkfn says:

    Run game is a concern. But then i think Saints made that a priority and didnt think RW could beat them. They were wrong. lol. Now that prime time performance by RW just made a lot of defensive coordinatos rethink their gameplan vs Seattle

  14. dirtbiker_joey says:

    1. There are a lot of candidates, but who gets your game ball and why?
    Defense. They hold Brees to 144 yards passing, 3.9 yards per attempt, and 77.4 rating? They don’t give up any rushing yards either? That was flat out dominant over a very good offense. I hope Peyton was watching and pissing his pants.

    2. What impressed you most about the Seahawks win tonight?
    Again, the defense. The way those reserve DBs step up and there doesn’t seem to be a drop off at all. Sherman shut down half the field, and ET was the usual key to the whole thing working. That was the most impressive defensive performance this season.

    3. Of the remaining games (@SF, @NYG, ARI, STL) which team poses the biggest threat?
    I don’t think anyone poses a threat, because we could go 2-2 and still get HFA, maybe even 1-3. If you’re asking which will be the toughest game, @SF is the obvious answer. They are playing their best ball of the season, they have Crabtree back, and they’ll want revenge. Any way you slice it, we have a huge bulls-eye on our chest. Three of those games are division rivals who would love nothing more than to get revenge and end our home winning streak (in the case of ARI and STL).

    4. What concerns you more, the DB suspensions or Percy Harvin’s injury?
    I agree with OrrObb, neither.

    5. Predictions for next week in San Francisco?
    Tough one to pick. We’ve blown them out last two times we played them, and we played them close last time we were down there. This game could go either way. I’ll throw it out there and predict a close Seahawk win, say 17-13.

  15. Wilson owns us. He is our God.

    I think the only time I realized that Browner was out was when there were no pass interference calls in key situations. This could be my joy talking, but I think Maxwell and Lane subbing in for Thurmond and Browner was about as equal as you can get. To be honest, if they both went to an island and smoked weed for the rest of their lives, I wouldn’t care. The depth is that damn good.

  16. what a game – as complete as I can remember – and an unbelievably dominant night for our defense against the #1 or #2 offense in football.

    And Russell is a magician. What a player. Protect him even just a little, like we did today, and he will take us there.

    Great games by everyone on D, KJ, Irvin, all the DB’s, and Avril/Bennett again showing what great signings they were.

    Getting worried about something somehow going wrong, because this is a Super Bowl team right here, and I want absolutely nothing to jinx it.

  17. dirtbiker_joey says:

    Brees’ streak of 43 straight games throwing for at least 200 yards came to an end. The Elias Sports Bureau noted that he came within two games of Dan Fouts’ record-long 200-yard streak.

    The Saints finished with 188 yards of offense, their fewest in a game since Week 3 of the 2003 season.

    That is a dominant performance!

  18. Magic #2 to clinch HFA

  19. danooly says:

    Congrats to Georgia, yank, Audible, and everyone else who predicted a blowout (though I don’t think anyone had it that lopsided). Remind me not to pick against this team again….

    Can we just start the playoffs now?

  20. Just wow. This team has a lot of high caliber players. Brees is the goat wanting that flag did not win him fans. Sherman is so good it looks like he is hardly trying. Wright,Irvin,wags and smith well done.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wilson gets my vote for MVP!

    Not Surprised at all that the Seahawks took the Saints to the woodshed.

    The only surprise for me was how many fans here doubted the Seahawks and tried to make like the Saints were something their not. Lol.

    This next game will be our toughest of the year but if we hang close we have a good chance to pull it out in the end.

  22. Whole team steps up. What I love about this team is that EVERYBODY is a playmaker. Everybody!

    What a Thanksgiving dinner of a win.

  23. seatowntp says:

    1. There are a lot of candidates, but who gets your game ball and why?
    Just a couple of years ago who would have thought that has become such an easy question to answer? Russell Wilson.

    2. What impressed you most about the Seahawks win tonight?
    The Seahawks smothering defense. How many catches did Maxwell give up? Defense wins championships. This defense can win Seattle a championship.

    3. Of the remaining games (@SF, @NYG, ARI, STL) which team poses the biggest threat?
    The whiners on the road on a short week after a HUGE victory. I wonder if RW is watching film tonight after all his interviews?

    4. What concerns you more, the DB suspensions or Percy Harvin’s injury?
    I am more concerned about Percy. Suspensions have a finite timeline. PH needs to get well and get back on the field. I am still imagining him in this offense. Scary.

    5. Predictions for next week in San Francisco?
    Seahawks 24 Whiners 21

    As always, thoughts and observations about anything else are always welcome …
    Particularly when playing in Seattle. . . Every time there is a highly competitive, high pressure game in Seattle, the Seahawks overachieve. The Seahawks are at their best when the stage is biggest (Seahawks 29 whiners 3; Seahawks 42 whiners 13).

  24. seatowntp says:

    Just a couple of years ago who would have thought that would become such an easy question to answer? Russell Wilson.

  25. sluggo42 says:

    They will spank the 49ers, in their own back yard…

    there ya go

    percy who?
    BB who?
    WTIII who?

    RW is the QB we never had.

  26. sluggo42 says:

    They stacked the box, thats why we couldn’t run, big mistake as RW illustrated

  27. Glossman says:

    Well, I’m guessing that Saints troll SeenThisB4 won’t be rearing his head around here anytime soon.

    On-topic, this came totally did not go the way I expected. I had hoped for a Seahawks win, and thought they would, but i expected the offense to have some trouble with the Saints D, and I expected Drew Brees to roll up around 300 yards and two TDs.

    I’ll gladly eat crow here, as this was an outstanding performance from top to bottom!

  28. mocarob says:

    It was over with 50min left to play..

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    64% says the Seahawks are the best team in the NFL.

    More then 80% says Wilson is an elite QB. Hear that Chuck?????

  30. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I don’t think most here doubted this team. I mean, the Saints were 9-2 and had the second best record in the NFC. This game could have easily been close based on ranking and stats and all that stuff that some of you base your rent payment on. Russell Wilson don’t do STATS…..just WINS!!
    D played their best game of the past two years. So proud of 11-1!!!

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    My bad, 89%. Lol.

  32. MoSeahawk12 says:

    My best buddies wife is a dirty SF fan and in the third quarter she texted me and said we suck. I laughed and said, Oh do we play you guys next week? 9er fans not too confident right now.

  33. a 5 years olds night time prayer “Dear God, thank you for this day. Thank you that the Seahawks won. And help the Seahawks and Russell Wilson win the Bestest Prize Bowl”.

    and I thought we weren’t allowed to “bully” anymore . . . .

  34. raymaines says:

    I’m impressed that the defense has held the top three NFC playoff teams (the Panthers, 49ers, and Saints) to a combined 17 points.

  35. MoSeahawk12 says:

    One of the biggest things I love about Marshawn is that he just wants to win. He banged his head into a D loaded to stop him and he went with it. His stats look bad, yet he was one of the main reasons we were able to exploit the Saints Ryan big mouth D. His name is Russell Wilson and he wants you to stop the run!

  36. Vegas56 says:

    1. Game Ball…Percy Harvin, Brandon Browner and Walter Thurmond because everyone knows we’re in trouble without them.

    OK Wilson and the defensive backfield that covered everything.

    2. Dominant defense and championship quarterback.

    3. @SF

    4. Ummmm…neither

    5. A close game with the potential for letdown…the 49ers are inferior but hungry and at home.

  37. dirtbiker_joey says:

    In other news, 11% of Americans are morons

  38. Skavage says:

    Game ball today is easy…Marshawn Lynch.

    Sounds odd considering he only rushed for 45 yards. But I am telling you I don’t know if there is a better running back in the NFL when it comes to picking up the blitz. He is absolutely INCREDIBLE in the way he reads a defense and picks up the unblocked guy.

    I don’t think there is nearly enough credit given for the blitz pick-up skill. And even better, he doesn’t just chip a guy, he flat out BLOCKS the guy. Stands ‘em up. It truly is fun to watch and I hope/wish the media guys would give him a little more love for this talent.

  39. Loved Russell’s play as always but Earl Thomas played like a man possessed with something to prove. That was great. And I enjoyed ALL of the guys who covered Graham. Well done KJ and way to show you belong Byron Maxwell. That was great to see. Bring on San Fran.

  40. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Earl Thomas just referred to Drew Brees as “the other guy” and said “Wilson will lead them to the Superbowl”
    That is awesome Seahawks fans!!!!

  41. Dukeshire says:

    Only 11%…?

    Of course Wilson was spectacular. (No of course as in it was expected. Of course as in, obviously) He was so good. But Earl Thomas had a *monster* game. Perhaps the best of his young career. My game ball goes to him, if I’m looking beyond he QB.

    Also, Marshawn Lynch get huges props from me. He was, and the running game in general, was the Seahawk the Saints wanted to take away. He has so much heart and never gives an inch despite the collective punishment the Saints D gave him tonight. What a warrior.

    Sweet Jesus, this team is unreal.

  42. thursday says:

    Had this feeling. But it went beyond even that. Amazing. Incredible. We are definitely DAT.

  43. 1. There are a lot of candidates, but who gets your game ball and why?
    That’s so tough. Wilson I really am starting to think he’s the all around QB in the NFL. Both coordinators also for an awesome game plan.

    2. What impressed you most about the Seahawks win tonight?
    How the d totally shut down NO’s Offense. And……………. Wilson.

    3. Of the remaining games (@SF, @NYG, ARI, STL) which team poses the biggest threat?

    4. What concerns you more, the DB suspensions or Percy Harvin’s injury?
    Before tonight, I would have said the Db sup’s. After tonight, I would say Harvin.

    5. Predictions for next week in San Francisco?
    I think it’s going to be a tough game. I think we’ll win because there’s so much on the line. I believe if we win that game we can largely rest the starters for the last 3 (we’d only need to win next week & 1 more to clinch #1 seed).

  44. 1 negative (not that it really matters): I don’t like Turbin’s game. I have to assume the only reason he’s playing over Michael is because he must be a superior blocker. I’d like to see Michael get more snaps. Turbin is almost guaranteed to be limited to 2 yards per run. I think he kinda sorta broke 1 tonight?

    Very small minor point in the scheme of things (As long as Lynch stays healthy!)

    I sure hope we’re able to keep Sherman long term. He is also a beast.

  45. Hawkenstein says:

    Just listening to NFL radio and they are still down playing the seahawks, while making every excuse they can for the Saints! At least we know the truth. Go Hawks!

  46. toastmaster says:

    The Hawk’s have become almost instinctive with each other – Marshawn being there for Wilson’s “last minute” passes. . . Kearse, Baldwin, Tate, Sherman, Thomas, MikeRob etc etc. This is the team I always asked for from Santa and now its here!!! GO HAWKS!!!!

  47. grizindabox24 says:

    I was impressed that the Hawks could rest Beast the entire 4th quarter because they had already pounded the second best team into submission

  48. jchawks08 says:

    ESPN guys talking about how this team would play in New York in February. Most thought they’d do very well.
    I was nervous for this game and now I’m wondering why. LOL This team is even more special than I thought. What a special team we have, guys. Now I’m a little nervous for the 9ers on the road, but I have no doubt we should win that game.
    Game ball tonight for me would be RW on offense. Dude is playing ball like we’ve never seen around here like.. ever. Another game, another 139 QBR.
    On D, for me, it’s K.J. Wright. He was everywhere making plays all game long! Thomas is always a shoe-in, but I thought K.J. was at another level today.
    God D&*( I love this team!

  49. banosser says:

    Just finished watching the game…. all I have to say is WOW… fkna WOW

  50. Dukeshire says:

    KJ had a very disruptive second half, for sure. Good call.

  51. banosser says:

    Wilson just moved ahead of Rodgers and Brees in QBR (not espin’s) now only trailing Foles & Manning

  52. jchawks08 says:

    And holding that NO offense to under 200 yards is pretty dang spectacular. Seriously at this point, what do we have to rag on about?
    I personally think the most amazing thing to me is our Pass Defense. It seems like you really accomplish something if you complete a pass of signigicance against this team.
    Seeing NO walk off the field after multiple 3rd & 2’s because they knew they couldn’t run it and having to try to pass instead and failing time after time was beautiful to watch.

  53. Dream Season.


    I envy everyone back home in Seattle. Hats off to you, 12th Man. I wish I was at the C Link last night. The first year I’ve been away from Seattle during football season in the past 15 years and look what happens. Heck, if this is what happens then maybe I shouldn’t come home. I ain’t superstitious, but I’m a little stitious.

  54. seahawks12thman says:

    Wow! We dominated so much of this game that for the first time after leaving the stadium I have some voice left! Just like the Hawks, I was able to shut down my scream midway thru the 3rd quarter! After we re – set the world record again…of course. Game ball to 12th man! Sorry but seriously, playing here throughout the playoffs is close to a free ride to the big show. It’s that tough for opposing teams.

  55. seahawks12thman says:

    Okay those guys in blue did purty good too… :)

  56. seahawks12thman says:

    Hey Stevos, you make me laugh, reminds me of the beer commercial where they guy goes back downstairs! Nice.

  57. Screensmoke says:

    Outstanding victory!

  58. jawpeace says:

    3 things I loved:
    I loved how RW showed that he is special and the reason his stats don’t pop, is because the Hawks don’t need him to. The Saints really aimed to shut down Beast mode and Wilson showed he can carry the team on his back.
    The D was also spectacular. Was thinking when Thurmond comes back and maybe Browner, that they should not start a game for the rest of the year. Sure let them play but reward Max and Lane with the lime light of starting the game.
    The O line improved play. Starters are back and playing well!

  59. This is the first team we’ve ever had where I don’t even worry. I believe we will win the big one.

    That was our “A” game tonight. Brilliant!

  60. jawpeace says:

    Seahawk12thman, I hate that commercial. The other superstitious commercials are better. I mean what real fan leaves the game when your team is playing? That is what commercials are for. Common man if he was such a serious fan that he is willing to stay down stairs, he would not leave during the game. The two don’t mix.

  61. seahawks12thman says:

    And here is some really fun stuff:

    Team Stats – Defense:

    1. Seahawks
    2. Panthers
    3. Texans
    5. Saints
    6. 49ers
    8. Cardinals

    We are officially number one and I thought it fitting to display the others in the top 8 that we have beat. I don’t care who you are in the NFL, that’s tough! That’s flat out domination!

  62. WilliamPercival says:

    Can’t let this go on without a single mention of the leading receiver tonight, our unsung hero, Zach Miller. Man never gets a toot because he’s not 6’7″ and able to run/jump/slam like JG.

    Also, how about that O-Line. No the run game wasn’t on, but it’s already been mentioned that NO stacked the box all night. I’ve been waiting for a team to do that (once our line got healthy) to see RW spread his wings and sprinkle Zip, Zag and Precision Rainbow passes all over the field.

    In #3 We trust..

  63. seahawks12thman says:

    Jawpeace you are so right.

  64. SandpointHawk says:

    Just looked at the standings, I was checking point differential, league leading(+154), but it is a nice little thrill to see that X next to Seattle’s name.

  65. seahawks12thman says:

    You know it’s crazy but I’m kind of worried. Wilson is destroying all of his idols so quickly that by the SB if we meet up with Mr. Manning and Russell performs another beat down like today, he might get bored next season! Every superhero needs a nemesis. And now the whole “he’s too short” thing has run its course (since all those idiots nearly made crow an extinct species) so where will the drive come from once he has done it all!??? Maybe Pete will bring Matt back for another friendly preseason comp.

    Just kidding, sort of…

  66. wow… home from the Clink and watched on DVR. Great win. Thanks GG Nate for the props. Next sunday will be a grudge match for sure.

    Russell Wilson is a champion No doubt. wow

  67. chuck_easton says:

    Great game. I Lahore this team. And Georgia, let it go man. I love Wilson as well. He just won’t beat out the legend that is Payton for the MVP.

    How does saying that not make me a Wilson fan?

    But if it makes you feel better to have to attack someone, knock yourself out.

  68. juliusvrooder says:

    1- 22-30, 310, 3-0, 48 yds rushing against a top-5 D…who dat?
    2- I have never seen a defense dominate to that extent, and I have seen a few
    3- SF
    4- The Legion is our identity. a big part of our success and something teams fear. 2/5 is gone. Percy is 40 acres out west. Turns out we have 50 other guys too.
    5- Tight win.

  69. 1) Game Ball? Darrel Bevell for a great gameplan and playcalling–he used a little of EVERYTHING!

    Lynch–no blocking again. RW. ET. Maxwell. others include KJ Wright, Irvin, Bennett, Avril, Baldwin, Miller. Earl played the best game of his career, and wrapped up in the run game–Epic! RW was RW, same with Lynch. Wright covered a WR deep to the goal line and defensed a pass; the achilles heal of our pass D played lights out. Did he have rockets on his shoes?! Where’s that speed come from, he’s a 4.8 40 guy! Irvin was money in coverage as well. Maxwell played fantastic!

    2) They did a little of everything, and it all worked. They didnt allow penalties or bad calls to rattle them. The pass pro was good enough, and we won huge despite not being able to block for Lynch.

    3) SF. All will be tough games, but thats good. Get them ready for the playoffs. If they win the next two, the final two will likely be losses or at least close, with us playing T-Jack and Turbin and playing it close to the vest.

    4)Harvin. But not really. I havent held my breath on him contributing, not gonna start now. He’s a waste of cap space and I will be PISSED if guys like Tate and Baldwin leave and we’re stuck with the overpriced gimp. But it sure would be nice if the Ferrari would run an entire race without breaking down…

    5) 30-20 Hawks. They cant run on us, Krapernick cant get to his second read very often. Crabtree will help, but they just arent explosive enough. Two possession receivers (Crabs, Boldin) and one stud TE do not a WR corps to be feared make…but we cant run block vs good defenses, and they will be desperate to beat us.

  70. raymaines says:

    In one way I suppose “RW was RW”, but I thought he was seriously awesome last night. Way beyond “just” being RW. Maybe his best professional game.

  71. jbltzfk says:

    What Marshawn did was a great help to us – he drew the LB’s and safeties in to try to stop beast mode, and left passing lanes open aplenty. The only statistics that matter are W/L.
    I think we win at SF, around 27-20. The rest of the season doesn’t matter, but it would be nice to go 8 – 0 at home again.
    Around two months ago, some network commentator said, if Seattle gets HFA, the league might as well forfeit the playoffs. . . .

  72. jbltzfk says:

    BTW – Boldin will get about 10 yeads against us.

  73. Game Ball? Russell Wilson. Future Super Bowl XLVIII MVP.

    Most Impressive?

    The WAY in which RW shredded the Saints D.
    He is daring defenses to blitz now. 8-9 passes completed vs 5 or more pass rushers. 7 passes over 12 yards in the first half alone, including a 60 yard rainbow loft to Miller and a 52 yard precision laser-guided missile to Baldwin. Now that’s how you spell EXPLOSIVE. About that throw to DBfresh, talk about blitz-busting, “I have arrived as an elite quarterback” dimes.
    How ya like them apples, Dilfer. He picks the Saints before the game, and after the game is slobbering over a mouthful of Wilson. So typical of a spineless, blowhard talking head.

    Last 3 games for Wilson: 99.9 Total QBR against added pressure.
    He just gave defensive coordinators around the league insomnia, the trots, or both. At the same time. You can’t game plan against this guy. It’s not as simple as stack the box and take Lynch away now. Dare Wilson to beat you? He will not only kill you, he will humiliate you. Game planning options that DC’s have to resort to now are:
    1. Get physically beat up and embarrassed (let Lynch pound the rock and run over you) or,
    2. Have the opposing QB throw the ball at will and run the read/option to perfection, and get embarrassed (let Wilson slice you up passing and running).

    This is a result of innate natural talent combined with relentless film study. And even when a play breaks down, or maybe especially when a play gets blown up, the brilliant football IQ leads to uncanny instincts on what to do with the ball, and superior athletic ability take over. Repeat after me: the Separation is in the Preparation.

    Special props to the whole D for an utterly dominating performance. Perhaps the best defensive performance over an elite QB and offense that I’ve ever witnessed as a Seahawk fan to date. Even when we beat Brady, he still tore us up and threw for 400 yds last year.

    Which game am I most worried about? Worried more about DB’s or Harvin?

    I ain’t worried ’bout nothin’…
    I ain’t worried ’bout nothin’…

    Because we are dangerous with DangeRuss.

  74. Macabrevity says:

    Let me see if I can come up with a negative from this game…

    How about Red’s spin move? lol…. saw it twice, sure I missed the other times he used it, but the two times I saw, I’d have to say planet Earth is able to complete a full rotation in less time.

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