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Sunday Primer: Maxwell steps in, Tate talks some trash and jambalaya is served

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 1, 2013 at 12:59 am with 59 Comments »
December 1, 2013 12:59 am

Good morning.

Let’s get to it with Seahawks stuff:

> Our Dave Boling writes about Byron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane being a big part of things at cornerback now.

> I wrote about Percy Harvin stopping and starting, and that this is a situation that will likely continue.

> Some more on Jimmy Graham from 710 ESPN.

> A preview of the game from Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden.

> At, Clare Farnsworth writes that Pete Carroll sees “no pratfalls in potential distractions.”

> The Saints are preparing for the noise at CenturyLink. They got a pretty good idea of the volume last time they were in Seattle.

> The Saints are also preparing for the cold and moisture. It’s supposed to drop into the high 30s during the game.

>  A Saints-Seahawks pick from The Sporting News.

> Picks for the week from ESPN.

> Picks for the week from Sports Illustrated.

The primer

Non-Seahawks game of the day

St. Louis at San Francisco, 1:05 p.m.

Robert Quinn, right, and Chris Long have been a nightmare off the edge for opposing offenses. / AP photo
Robert Quinn, right, and Chris Long have been a nightmare off the edge for opposing offenses. / AP photo

A curveball here, instead of the obvious choice of Broncos-Chiefs. San Francisco is tied with Arizona, and the 49ers currently have the tie-breaker. St. Louis was blown out at home by San Francisco earlier in the season, but has won back-to-back games. Arizona is at Philadelphia, where the Eagles can’t stop anyone. This could be tricky for the 49ers a week ahead of a visit from the Seahawks.


Seahawks highlights

Nothing specific coming off the bye week, so here’s a list of highlights for the season. Included is Brandon Mebane’s belly roll. Not sure what that is intended to “highlight.” Makes me wonder, would Mebane ever go to the Truffle Shuffle?


Flashback video of the day

Since it’s a Monday night game coming up …

Now, that play is similar to one Golden Tate made against Washington State when he was at Notre Dame. It was a Hail Mary just before the half in the Alamodome:

Notice Tate wrestle the ball away from away from three Cougar defenders, most notably No. 13. No. 13 was a linebacker named Myron Beck. He’s now a communications intern with the Seahawks and sees Tate almost every day.

Tate, never one to miss an opportunity to trash talk, even four years later, had a strong recollection of the play.

“He knows what I did to him,” Tate said. “I kind of moved on. They weren’t that good in the first place, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.”

When reading that quote, keep in mind Tate was trying not to smile.

Beck had a laugh when it was brought up and talked about how that play was discussed in the Seahawks’ office after the Green Bay game.


Today in bacon

Maple bacon Chex mix. Mmm, bacon.


Recipe of the day

With New Orleans coming to Seattle, we’re going all-in with Bobby Flay’s jambalaya recipe.


Chalk Talk with Brock Huard


Poll position

Do you think Marshawn Lynch will actually retire this offseason?

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This week’s schedule

Tennessee at Indianapolis10 a.m.CBSLucas Oil Stadium
Jacksonville at Cleveland10 a.m.CBSFirstEnergy Stadium
Tampa Bay at Carolina10 a.m.FOXBank of America Stadium
Chicago at Minnesota10 a.m.FOXMall of America Field
New England at Houston10 a.m.CBSReliant Stadium
Arizona at Philadelphia10 a.m.FOXLincoln Financial Field
Miami at N.Y. Jets10 a.m.CBSMetLife Stadium
Atlanta at Buffalo1:05 p.m.FOXRogers Centre
St. Louis at San Francisco1:05 p.m.FOXCandlestick Park
Cincinnati at San Diego1:25 p.m.CBSQualcomm Stadium
Denver at Kansas City1:25 p.m.CBSArrowhead Stadium
N.Y. Giants at Washington5:30 p.m.NBCFedEx Field
Monday, Dec. 02   
New Orleans at Seattle5:40 p.m.ESPNCenturyLink Field

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  1. pabuwal says:

    “Monday night’s game between Seattle (10-1) and New Orleans (9-2) is the second-highest winning percentage for opposing teams in a MNF game in Week 10 or later. The top percentage was a memorable meeting of the 49ers (10-1) and Giants (10-1) in 1990. The Niners won that one, 7-3, but the Giants got revenge in the NFC title game, winning, 15-13.”

  2. WiscCory says:

    Why in the world didn’t they flex tonight’s game?!

  3. Probably a couple reasons not to flex tonight’s game. New York and Washington both have large fan bases, so the ratings should be good. Also, it’s a pretty safe bet that CBS “protected” KC/Den, which networks are allowed to do to so many games over the “flex season”.

  4. Southendzone says:

    New article on Browner, a little more detail with respect to the detailed language about non-rostered players and the substance abuse program:

  5. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I agree WiscCory. I know that the NFC East is a big market. It will always get more prime time games than it deserves because of the revenue it generates. Too bad revenue is more important than a good competitive game. I think they should have flexed that game out with the Arizona vs. Philly game: doing so would have allowed them to cater to the NFC East and provided the audience with a better game.

    The more I read about Brees and the Saints the more this game worries me. The Saints defense is really good. I know that Okung and Giac will fare better in this game then their replacements did during the St. Louis game; yet, I have a bad feeling that Wilson will get sacked multiple times.

    Moreover, it doesn’t seem that the 12th Man and the weather will give us as big of an advantage as I had hoped. The Saints have a loud home crowd too, so they’re somewhat use to it. Moreover, the weather in New Orleans has been comparable to Seattle’s this past week–which means that the Saints are practicing outside and will be prepared to deal with the elements.

    A home loss would demoralize the team and the fan base. I mean, part of the Seahawks ethos is that we don’t lose at home. I’m really anxious for this game to come and go. I hope/believe, though, that come Tuesday morning I’ll wake up slightly hung over and still reveling over the Seahawks win!

  6. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Dag gone no edit button. (then vs. than) I know my grammar professor would punch me in the mouth for that mistake.

  7. confucious says:

    I don’t think the loss would be demoralizing necessarily. I actually think a loss at this point of the season can help with team “focus” in the long run.

    If the D can slow down Graham, I think the Hawks will come out on top. Our linebackers have struggled in coverage a lot this year, so we’ll see. It going to be a good game.

  8. confucious says:


  9. thursday says:

    The Saints home crowd may be loud, but they aren’t trying to deafen them when they’re on offense, which is what the 12th Man will be trying to do, so I can’t buy that it won’t be an issue. I also don’t think much of a week of practice outside to prepare for elements. Fact is, outdoor teams typically fare better in the environment they’re used to while indoor teams are more likely to struggle. All other things being equal that is.

    The Saints are the ones with the odds stacked against them, the Seahawks just need to play their game.

  10. DFloydd says:

    I was really counting on Harbin to play. I am sure they’ll be fine without him as he’s only contributed in one game so they had 9 wins without him but just his presence on the field makes it hard to cover other WR’s. That is what I was looking forward to seeing but not the case. I don’t think I’ve wanted to see a win against team more than Saints. I just for some reason despise that team and coach. The whole national sympathy thing for NO makes no sense. They “deserved” a Superbowl because of a hurricane? One has nothing to do with the other. I think I want this win more than a beating of SF. We’ve already put them over our knee and spanked them twice since last year. For some reason I want to see the Saints pay and pay dearly. Somebody please talk me down and put my mind at ease.

  11. DFloydd says:

    *Harvin….. stupid auto correct

  12. DFloydd says:

    P.S. Rob Ryan can suck it……thank you, drive thru…..go Hizzzzzawks!

  13. slicktoxic says:

    It’s one thing to be used to crowd noise when YOUR crowd is screaming to disrupt the other team’s offense…doesn’t translate to having to deal with opposing crowd noise trying to disrupt your offensive calls.

    And the national sympathy for NO wasn’t just because of a hurricane….it was something nice that happened for a community that was struggling. Kinda brings people together…..during a horrible time.

  14. wabubba67 says:

    Love Jeremy Lane…he’s an annoying, tough, little shite that you want on your team. He is the perfect slot corner.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    That is a real disappointment regarding Harvin. Against the Saints, Sesttle will need to have an efficient and productive game offensively. They are definitely less so without Harvin.

  16. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I wonder when the Harvin experiment will be over? If he doesn’t play at least 12 games (random number) next season I hope the front office cuts it losses and moves on. Moreover, if we Harvin misses a playoff game, or two, and we when the Superbowl he shouldn’t get a ring. I know he’ll get one anyway, but he should know that he doesn’t deserve to wear it.

  17. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    stoopid auto correct.

  18. Southendzone says:

    Wow, so my game choices are:

    CBS: Patriots at Texans
    FOX: Larry King talking about some kind of goddam joint supplement.

    I wish Cable TV had the NFL package option. Would love to watch Cardinals @ Eagles.

  19. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Hey Southendzone, all of you guys should know about . You can watch every NFL game online there for free. Once you’re on the site click on American football then click on the link to the game you want. You’ll have to close out a few popups. But I’ve never had an issue with viruses on that site. I’m in Columbus, Ohio (I’m originally from Tacoma though) and I’ve never missed a Seahawks game because of that site.

  20. bird_spit says:

    Todd, best site for Seahawks news, and best Sunday format on the web. Don’t listen to the noise.

    I would really love to see SEA able to pound NO with the run game and fewer throws to Z.Miller, D.Baldwin, G.Tate, & Kearse. It’s not like NO’s run-D isn’t good, I’d most like to see SEA’s OL and MikeRob have their best run blocking game of the year, since NO’s good run-D stats might be because most teams have to quit their run game after falling well behind. SEA oughtta double NOs TE Graham just like a gunner, like NE did to take Graham outta the game, as well as NE keeping Talib on him all game, wherever he lined up, but not sure Sherm can do that. Graham is great at receiving, but isn’t much at run-blkg.

    Hope this game lives up to it’s billing…

    GO HAWKS!!!

  22. Great Articles from Dave and Todd today – Thanks Gents!! I love the quotes from Sherm on these guys.

    At this point in time Arizona is losing. I am going to root for STL today – then is Seattle takes care of business tomorrow then the hawks can clinch the division with just 1 more victory – any victory!!!

    In Reality if Arizona losses today all Seattle has to do is win Monday and then at SF and that will take care of the division and very likely home field as well.

    Take care of the division then go for HFA!!!!

  23. Dukeshire says:

    South – That Pats/NE matchup is turning out to be a hell of a game.

  24. Southendzone says:

    True, it looks pretty good. The game options were so terrible I bought the NFL red zone, that channel kicks butt!

  25. Duke you mean the Houston/NE game ;)

    Pretty sure the Texans have seen the last of M. Schuab as their QB – Keenum looking pretty poised as a QB

  26. SF v SL … chat rooms?

  27. Let’s see

    1) ARI over PHI — Nope
    2) Titans over Colts — Nope
    3) Rams over 49ers — we will see

  28. princeaden says:

    I for one am not sold on the fact that Harvin wont be playing tomorrow night.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    xcman- oops, Houston / NE

    And thank you, I was going to point out the “upsets” too. Lol

  30. Thanks xm. Unfortunately, I had found that one. Boring feed, but interesting game.

  31. Wow 5 penalties on STL defense on 2 possessions OMG

  32. er, XC. … Sorry

  33. Wow – he flags are flying! And a few that should haven’t . A CLEAR false start by SF results in a first down. STL defense looks less than average so far

  34. thursday says:

    @princeaden me neither, but if it is a ploy, the fanbase has fallen for it good, so that means the Saints will have also lol.

  35. DFloydd says:

    Wow. Listening to the announcers praise Kaepernick and SF as an amazing team the rest of the league better watch out for is nauseating.

    Quick!! Everyone tune in!! Colon Crapernick is becoming a pocket passer going thru all his reads…..whatever.

  36. thursday says:

    That’s half of why I’m hating this game. The announcers can’t stop falling all over themselves to congratulate the Niners and Krappernick

  37. JZombie says:

    And they couldn’t help but be overly excited about Crabtree catching a ball.

  38. Well how the SF offense has been abusing this defense we had better do the same when we play STL!!!

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wow! I have been horrible this past two weeks with the Pigskin pick em.

    Damn Rams can’t get out of their own way, and KC blows a 14 point lead.
    I should have known better.

    Looks like the greatest regular season qb of all time will get the MVP.

  40. raymaines says:

    My last couple of weeks have been tough, but I’ve got ten green stripes so far and am picking NYG and SEA

  41. DFloydd says:

    Hmmmm. Chefs making a game of it. Wouldn’t mind seeing Denver lose. I’m indifferent to the Chefs.

  42. DFloydd says:

    Ne’er mind.

  43. harbaugh- we are where we are at- we control our own destiny – here we go. Um no you don’t – even if you win out you aren’t winning the division without help. Of course they do control for whether they make playoffs or not. Just not the division

  44. blueshq says:

    RG3 should have thrown that pass just before halftime. RW has progressed way beyond RG3 already.

  45. Blues, I think rw might be the best quarterback in that draft class.

  46. Accidentally hit submit.

    When you hear the announcers bringing up how much better RW is under distress than rg3, you need to take a step back and realize, wow, this 3rd round pick that I admittedly doubted is more than for real.

  47. RagingHawkFan says:

    Longest two weeks ever…

  48. blueshq says:

    RHF, I was thinking those exact words!

  49. RagingHawkFan says:

    I missed this but Browner has this going for him as well as not being notified while out of the league,

    I’m worried the NFL tells the refs to call a rough game on the Hawks to punish us… I know conspiracy but I think Browner really will walk

  50. RagingHawkFan says:

    Especially concerned about the refs with these massive screw ups. Tomlin standing on the field and the Down screwup in DC. Replacement like esq game calling all season.

    Shame NFL, Shame.

  51. Southendzone says:

    The NFL is like Rosco P Coltrane trying to catch “those Duke boys”


  52. LOL, I hope we don’t have to play P. Manning in the SB. It might be as ugly as Jerome Bettis’s retirement party was.

  53. seahawks12thman says:

    South, Thanks for the article.

    The league has a nice little mess it’s made itself. I can see Mr. Browner making some nice coinage on this debacle.

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