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Morning Links: ‘Big tight end, big safety; it’s going to be a good matchup’

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 30, 2013 at 6:15 am with 59 Comments »
November 30, 2013 1:54 am
Kam Chancellor will face off with Jimmy Graham on Monday night. / AP photo
Kam Chancellor will face off with Jimmy Graham on Monday night. / AP photo

Good morning.

One of the best things about big games, is that they are like Rick James house parties: the place is filled with Super Freaks.

Among them Monday will be New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham. At 6-foot-7, 265 pounds, Graham is big, fast, strong and can jump. Other than that, he can’t do much.

I wrote about how the Seahawks may try to stop him and the general complications when attempting to do so. I feel the following pictures from the Associated Press are good illustrations of Graham’s power, speed, size and hand-eye coordination.

 Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham, Jamar Taylor

Jimmy Graham

The quote in the headline is from Kam Chancellor, who smiled after saying it. He’ll likely be countering Graham much of the evening.

The Saints, like many teams, like to run a form of a pick play that leads to a wheel route for the tight end. You may recall what Chancellor did to Vernon Davis on that precise type of play.

Their matchup is one of several fun ones coming up in just two days.

In other news, Percy Harvin didn’t practice again Friday. That means he hasn’t practiced Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday this week. There’s just one practice remaining, which happens late Saturday morning, before the game. Most legit practice for the week is done. We’ll likely have a ruling on Harvin’s status for Monday later Saturday.


> “Double Coverage” from ESPN’s Seahawks and Saints writers.

> USA Today says Seattle hopes the Seahawks can break the city’s title drought.

> How the Saints and Seahawks stack up in regard to the salary cap.

> The guy who fills in the mascot uniform of “Blitz”? His day job is working on Microsoft’s Developer and Platform Evangelism Team. A good story on how he became Blitz.

> Here’s the “playbook” video from

> I’m loathe to link to power rankings of any kind, but this one has Earl Thomas as the top safety in the league.


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  1. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    There is just no way Percy Harvin should still be injured. I would be so disappointed in him if he doesn’t play and contribute this game. Damn near two weeks is ample time to get over “soreness.”

    Also, I don’t like the Kam Chancellor vs. Graham match up. I just don’t think that Kam’s coverage skills are all that yet. Quinn better go deeper into his bag of defensive tricks than planning on Kam covering Graham all night.

  2. Southendzone says:

    Todd you know how to throw the us fans the red meat we love, yesterday the BeastQuake breakdown and today the hit on Vernon Davis!

    Can you work the Romo FG snap fumble into your column somehow in the near future?

  3. If Chancellor can hold Graham in check, then his coverage skills have improved quite a bit from where they were last year and he deserves every penny of that contract he received.

    This Harvin thing seems ominous. He played sparingly in the Vikings game, had a bye week and still hasn’t been able to practice all week. I think that Carroll said he would be held out early in the week with the workload increasing as the week went along. I also remember him saying that if he doesn’t practice a certain amount, he won’t play. I could be wrong on both counts though. But he did practice quite a bit in the week leading up to the Vikings game.

  4. Southendzone says:

    Sounds about right to me Pabuwal, I don’t recall many times that a player missed practice the whole week and then played in this week’s game.

    Even all the “game-time” decisions this year have been no-go’s. Unger, Avril, Miller, they always sat out when they were questionable and played the next week when they had a few practices in.

  5. SandpointHawk says:

    I see Kam is not on the top safety list. Chris Clemons is however listed as a solid starer at safety…

  6. boycie99 says:

    Harvin needs to practice more than anyone to get familiarity and timing with Wilson.
    There is taking it easy on workload and then there is flat out missing training all together
    I guess we will find out he is out when Pete calls him a game time decision.
    If he does miss the game add me to the really disappointed list. As a pro sports athlete earning a bucket load you play through the soreness especially in a game of this magnitude
    Prove us all wrong Percy and man up

  7. SandpointHawk says:

    Welcome to Percy Harvin’s world. This is exactly what Minnesota fans said about him. Hates practice…

  8. I actually don’t mind if he just misses this game as long as he is available afterwards. But if playing just a handful of snaps in the Vikings game causes him to miss the next several weeks of practice, that can’t be a good thing.

  9. Macabrevity says:

    Percy will probably be another shining example of why this franchise should just give up on anything other than home-grown drafted prospects when it comes to our receiver corps.

    The best athlete in the NFL can’t seem to stay on the field.

    I hope we finally learn that high-dollar FA/trade acquisitions at WR really aren’t worth it. He’s young, and most likely has plenty of football to go, but honestly I don’t care. Golden Tate brings plenty of explosive play-making ability and toughness as well. I seriously hope he gets re-signed, and could care less about Harvin being injured/healthy or half-way in between.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Look how many practices Lynch missed last year and he showed up at game time.
    I don’t really have a good feel about Harvin yet however if he just plays limited the rest of the way it will still be a boost to this team, especially if he plays like he did against the Vikings.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I had to laugh at Broncodano when he said the Seahawks read option offense against the Saints defense.
    I he really that dumb to think that’s what our offense is about?

  12. Not saying this relates in any way to whatever Harvin’s situation/mentality is…but didn’t Walter Jones always miss practice?

  13. Southendzone says:

    You gotta hand it to Minnesota, they pull off some darn good trades.

    2012 draft, they stole Holmgren’s lunch money in the Trent Richardson draft swap trade, then trade us Percy and his damaged hips for a 1st, 3rd and something else.

    My own calculations, these are Harvin’s cap hits for if we were to keep or cut him (cut = cut in that year, hit goes to 0 afterwards).

    Keep……………. CUT
    2014 13M ……………. 21M
    2015 12.5M ………….. 18.5M
    2016 11.9M …………… 15.9M
    2017 11.95M ………….. 13.95M
    2018 13.15M ………….. 13.15M

  14. JazBadAzz says:

    I wish Eric Williams was back, this guy sucks! The titles of every article sucks and make me not want to click to read more…seems like he hates his job or the seahawks! He only gets a bit interested when something bad is happening or if he thinks we will lose! Im unbookmarking the site right now!!!!

  15. JazBadAzz says:

    When your commenters have more info on the team the you, then you need to change your career! I’ve not learn one single thing from reading any of your posts besides you suck!

  16. JazBadAzz says:

    Big tight end, Big safety
    Bahhahaaaa! you didn’t get much sleep thinking of that title did you?

  17. thursday says:

    A lot of opposing fans/writers/wtvr don’t seem to know anything about the Seahawks. This quote from US Today “unremarkable offense that relies too much on Wilson and Lynch” what? What does that even mean?

    I was going to say something re:Harvin, but there’s really no point. I refuse to worry about him playing unless he’s not playing. And for the record, I think he plays.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I meant to say in my last post.
    “Is he really that dumb to think that’s what our offense is about?”

    I know one thing for sure, my spelling is about as bad as Broncodano’s knowledge about the Seahawks. Lol.

  19. I understand the frustration with Harvin’s situation, but I think it’s a bit early to start getting down on him.

    It’s risky playing a guy who’s injured or coming off surgery; just ask Mike Shanahan!

    Harvin’s hips are part of the drive-train that gives him that amazing acceleration and speed we all want to see unleashed on our opponents.

    You can’t expect a QB to “play through” shoulder pain in his throwing arm. If Harvin had a rib injury, it might be reasonable to expect him to man-up and get his ass out there, but hip pain on a speed guy is a dangerous problem.

    This is the biggest game of the year. There’s a lot at stake, and it’s on a National stage in front of our home crowd. Playmakers like Harvin want to showcase their talents, so you know damn well Harvin wants in on the action. Last game, he convinced Carroll to let him return a kick-off, which wasn’t even part of the game plan.

    It’s not like he’s pushing 30. Harvin is just entering his prime, and now it looks like he may have a chronic hip problem mostly behind him. Let’s keep it that way and be patient, so we don’t put him in a situation that ends his season or career.

    Anyone who has ever suffered a sports injury understands that your body makes adjustments to compensate for the weakened or injured areas. These slight adjustments result in awkward and unnatural movements, which can lead to additional injuries.

    I’d gladly bench Harvin for another month to make sure he’s close to 100% for the playoffs, when the season is on the line, than to have him at 80-90% now and risk a setback in his recovery.

    Ask Shanahan what happens when you field a guy that’s physically compromised. In fact, Okung may have further injured his toe by “playing through the pain” after his injury earlier in the season. What may have been a 3-week recovery turned into a 6-week recovery.

    At this point, you can make a case that Sidney Rice is a bust based on his salary and production on the field the past few years. That’s legitimate. Branch was a bust but only because Ruskell paid too much for him. To lump Harvin into that group after one game following surgery is a pretty outlandish stance to take this soon.

  20. Jaz, had you bothered to read the report, you would have noticed that he attributed the title to a quote from Cam. Hungover today or always have that bad attitude?

  21. Kam. Pardon the typo

  22. “Big Tight End, Big Safety; It’s going to be a good matchup”. That is a direct Kam Chancellor quote and it sounds like good headline to me. Made me click on it. In the past Kam has played in mostly a zone type coverage against TE and RB out of the back field. They switched that up some against the 49ers when he went heads up with Vernon Davis quite a bit. Then I don’t think they played much like that again until Atlanta when he went man-to-man with Gonzalez and nearly took him out of the game. Now he gets to try it on Jimmy Graham, I for one am excited about the match up. I’m expecting another shut down effort.

  23. “I wish Eric Williams was back, this guy sucks!”

    Are you out of your friggin’ mind?! LOL

    Todd is hands-down the most talented writer we’ve had running this blog…he not only covers the team extremely well, he brings flare, creativity, and a keen sense of humor to his reporting. He has a rare gift that we’re lucky enough have here.

    You may choose to stop visiting this site, but I guarantee you that Todd will not be going anywhere until ESPN poaches him, and that’s just a matter of time, so you’ll eventually get your wish, but it’s because Todd is a rockstar reporter, and not because a few folks, who don’t know any better, can’t appreciate the excellent body of work he’s amassing here.

  24. tealskin says:

    Can understand frustration with the Percy situation, but to accuse him of not wanting to practice is over the top. By all indications the coaches have had to hold him back. What competitor wants to sit on his ass and draw a paycheck? I say don’t rush him back.

  25. “Todd is hands-down the most talented writer we’ve had running this blog…”

    No, that would be Mike Sando. Todd is good too, but Sando was easily the best. That’s why he got a national gig.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think JazBadAzz is just projecting his own contributions here.

    Like Eric, Todd and Dave have said before It’s mostly what we do for this blog that makes it what it is.

  27. Sando was great too…they both have strengths…I liked Sando’s stats and analysis…but I think Todd’s narratives and writing style are much stronger when it comes to day-to-day reporting. Ultimately, it boils down to personal preference, but I think most of us agree that Todd is no slouch either…two words, Frank Hughes…I rest my case. lol

  28. Southendzone says:

    Those comments by Jaz should be flagged and removed. If anyone doesn’t like the blog, they ought to just go somewhere else for their FREE news, or worst case if you feel that strongly about it, write to the TNT management.

    They ought to let a handful of the long tenured blog members here have moderator rights to remove this kind of trash and keep the discussion on target.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sando is a stat geek freak!!! With a relentless work ethic, however he has the personality of a robot.
    I would like Sandos better if he didn’t kiss up to that ridicules, mysterious ESPN QBR system.

    Both Todd and Eric appear to be more personable and well rounded.

    I like Todd’s sense of humor, and the intangibles he brings here.
    I hope Todd adds some beer related stuff on game day to the mix, that would be awesome.

    I also love it when Dave fills in because he writes so well and you get the feeling that he is a big Seahawks fan.

  30. HawkyHann says:

    Percy will play, for sure. “practice”…better get use to the Percy rules. I dont agree with it but he will ball out on game day. MNF, Saits=house call for Percy Percy

  31. MoSeahawk12 says:

    jzz azz makes a brief appearance and unnecessary rant. Glad you unbookmarked this site. Todd is doing a ton for the many loyal Seahawks fans that gather here often. Please, go check out other teams blogs and you’ll see we have it much better. Go away mad, go away. We are better off.

  32. Gary Payton didn’t practice and he is in the NBA Hall of Fame. Pete is trying to be conservative with Percy. We won 9 games without him, so we obviously don’t need him to win games. He especially should not be returning kicks yet. We need him for the playoffs. The only thing we should be concerned with is how he is perceived as a teammate by the players. If they don’t mind that he doesn’t practice, then why should a bunch of bozos on the blog even care? All we should worry about is what happens on the field on game day.

  33. tealskin says:

    JazBadAzz- Don’t understand your hostility. If you don’t like the writing, look elsewhere. One of the simpler things in life.

  34. bird_spit says:

    Bacon, anyone say anything about bacon?

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Southendzone- I have to disagree about removing comments and moderating comments.

    Jaz made himself look silly but I have done the same thing before. If it got to the point where someone was repeating garbage over and over again I think something would get done. But the occasional silly venting is something we can deal with in house imo.

    It could get really ugly here if we get someone moderating every little thing we say.

    Remember when ACID was constantly hating on Wilson last year? Then when Eric posted an article on Wilson ACID said – “I hate you Eric!!!”
    Remember how Eric responded? He put that little Cheetos eating brat in his place.
    Lol, I wish I could remember what Eric said to him that day but it was funny as hell.
    Eric gave us a lot of slack but when he was pushed he would step in and set things straight.

  36. Todd Dybas says:


    I don’t mind you criticizing me. That is fine. Though, I wish you would do it directly by emailing me at so the blog could remain concerned with football.

    I don’t feel your initial posts are violations of our user policy (but are close), so they will stay up. However, your subsequent post filled with swear words was. That’s why it was deleted.

    If we have a repeat of that, myself or another moderator will block you.

    You can read our simple user policy right above the comment box.

    Sorry for the aside, everybody.



  37. Southendzone: Free news? Am I the only one who pays for an e-subscription?

  38. Southendzone says:

    DCB: As far as I know the blog section of TNT is free.

    GH: As for removing comments, there aren’t often ones I think deserve to be removed, and it would be even less if everyone could do an awesome job ignoring the obvious baiting ones. I had some hope today, no one responded to jaz for a while, but eventually he caught some fishies after chumming the waters.

  39. Perfect Todd!

    Is anyone else laughing at how quickly all the talking heads have ruled us out to win this one? They harp on the suspensions, but don’t seem to have watched what happened at the same time of year last season, with the same guys. Granted, this IS Drew Brees, so I’m concerned there, but those guys have proven themselves. I’d also be more concerned if it were Richard Sherman instead. I loved BB, (he’s lost a ton of my respect), but let’s be honest, although he brought the size and physicality, he doesn’t bring the athleticism or discipline that Sherman does. Maxwell is not as big or experienced as BB, but he is faster and still very physical. Let’s hope he can continue to grow with opportunities such as this.

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Southendzone- Jaz also caught the biggest fish and that fish put him in his place.

    Saints defense giving up 4.8 yards per carry. How are they going to stop our run game with that?

  41. Southendzone, can you read the links to Todd’s stories and Dave’s? I can’t. They’re blocked out by a big window telling me to pay.

  42. I loved Eric, still do, but Todd is the best we’ve had since Sando and he’s doing it on the run. That’s not a knock on Eric one single bit, but it’s a compliment to how Todd has started out.

    That’s like saying Russell Wilson is better than John Elway. Elway is the best QB I have ever seen (and I’m not going to say it’s Aikman simply because of him having won more Super Bowls). If I were starting an NFL franchise and could have one player in the history of the league to start it with as a 22-year old, I’d take Elway moving forward. That doesn’t mean that Wilson can’t and won’t be better than Elway when it’s all said and done (or else David Woodley would be in the discussion since he took a team to the Super Bowl in his second season) but at this point when I look at the track record.

    Look at the positives about Percy – at least he’s not choking any coaches (yet) for making him work too hard in practice. Anyone who knows anything about his entire career (even going back to his character concerns in high school, as alluded to by Urban Meyer) knows he’s a great talent who performs like no other on the field but certainly won’t give you too much while the rest of the team is working hard in practice (because he has ALWAYS had his own separate set of rules – don’t believe me, do some research). Maybe this time the rules are legit with the hip, they could be, but when it comes to his track record, I’ll go with this being more of the same – like the story of the little boy who cried wolf).

  43. Even though Kam has been in the Pro Bowl, he’s no match for Graham. That’s not a match-up we want one single bit (unless we want to lose).

  44. rramstad says:

    I like what Todd has done on the blog. One thought, though. It might be worth putting one paragraph and one image above the fold, on the main page. Sometimes all there is for an entry is a headline, and maybe a few words, like Good Morning. Someone who is easily confused, or used to previous writers, might find it difficult to understand that they need to click on the links to see the content… It would definitely make the main page a bit more sexy if there was just a bit more content for each entry. Only a suggestion for layout, I think the content here is great.

  45. I’ve asked several times if others can read the linked TNT articles without paying. So far no one has responded. With so much free news available I won’t subscribe to any out of town newspaper on line or otherwise.

  46. More on the “talking heads'” comments: Payton and Brees get it. Great quick post from Mike Triplett here…

  47. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Has anyone else heard of Kirk Cousins new hit song? It’s called-

    “Wasting away again in RG3taville”

    I’m so glad we have Wilson instead of RGME.

  48. seahawksteven777 says:

    From @RapSheet on Twitter:

    Source: #Seahawks WR Percy Harvin’s surgically repaired hip flared up again. He’s seeing doctors today, but his status for MNF is in doubt.

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think we will do just fine without Thurmond, Browner and Harvin. We didn’t have them last year when we were stomping on teams in December.

  50. You can read up to 15 articles a month on this site before triggering the pay wall.

    At this point, I’m not even worried about Harvin playing MNF. I’m wondering if he will play the rest of the season….

  51. boycie99 says:

    Pete’s presser has Harvin as doubtful which means out. If that hip hasn’t calmed down with 2 weeks rest I’m with Pabs, worried for the remainder of the season.

  52. @pabuwal … I’m beginning to think that’s a very valid concern.

  53. Thanks, Pabs! I’ll ration my 15 and save them for my all time favorite sports writer, Dave Boling.

  54. SandpointHawk says:

    @Georgia, if the Yankster gets a hold of the above link to fieldgulls, our blog is going to be hell next week. Nice article anyway, thanks…

  55. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Sometimes I feel responsible for fueling his flame.

  56. I have like all of the writers – well not so much a Frank fan. I have liked how each guy has brought his own talents and interests to the blog and the paper. I started coming here because I felt the TNT provided the best coverage of the Seahawks – I still think so . . . . .

    My comment is the guy who is hiring the guys to write here has been pretty spot on!!!!

  57. Can MNF get here soon enough – I just want to play the game so we can get on with it already.

    I would much rather have Harvin out there but we got to 9-1 without him. I am more worried about the defense holding serve than the offense.

  58. That was a beautiful, perfect hit by Kam on VD – Kam should not have been flagged, let alone fined – insult to injury. Also hate that BB can’t play because of whatever phoney test result he was charged with – let alone that little groin thingy – AND the NFL blocking WT3 from playing cause of a little pot!!! I thought pot was legal in Washington!!!? The way things are shaping up I would not doubt that the refs are gonna tryta dictate the outcome of this game in favor of NO, maybe kinda like a makeup call for what they overdid to Sean Payton & Co last season(?)

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