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Morning links: A beast of a memory

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 29, 2013 at 6:15 am with 30 Comments »
November 29, 2013 12:29 am

Good morning.

The Saints coming to town brings back memories of a 67-yard touchdown run you may recall. Let’s start with the visual evidence, which left color analyst Mike Mayock stuck on a single phrase, “Are you kidding me?!” That also describes the look on the faces of Matt Hasselbeck and Drew Brees, for different reasons, after the run.

I wrote about that for today’s paper.

Here’s Lynch breaking down the run for NFL Films shortly after it happened (per usual, he wouldn’t talk to us about it this week):

There were several comments about the run I left out of my story. Some bonus material:

Saints quarterback Drew Brees:

“Well is that how he got the name beast mode? I mean it was ridiculous. It was one of the best runs that I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately I had to be on the other sideline for that. The guy is a phenomenal player, and I think you can pretty much flip on any game and watch him do that to somebody. It wasn’t just us, he does that to a lot of people.”

Saints coach Sean Payton:

“I didn’t need to go back and watch it. It was probably shown for a good month on every type of highlight film. It was an amazing run; there wasn’t enough Skittles in the stadium for him on that play. Look, it was a hard fought game and a tough loss and credit Seattle in that it started off as a 10-nothing game; it kind of went back and forth and like any game of that nature there’s a handful of plays that end up being the difference and the one you’re talking about was one of those plays. But what’s different about a play like that compared to a long pass or even a return for a touchdown, an explosive run that’s physical… that’s why the running game sometimes is very important. We talk about it being like body shots in boxing. You don’t get immediate results sometimes, yet you just can’t stop. There is an attrition that can take place and there was a great example of a play that not only blocked well, but a back, who late in the game had really worn down the defense and made a tremendous play. So you just hope you’re on the other side of the ball more often than not when it comes to plays like that.”

Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson:

“We blocked it totally wrong. There was like five unblocked guys. I think he even said it before, the run was kind of symbolic of how his life has been. He struggled early with off-field issues, you feel like you get going, then something else. …

“What I can remember about the run is, it was very, very loud. The ground was shaking. (After) It was just OK, kickoff … I’ll give him a high-five later.

“I was born in ‘83, that was the greatest run in my lifetime, that I’ve seen personally. Marcus Allen had a great run in the Super Bowl. (Lynch’s) had to be the greatest run in playoff history in my life.”

“He was excited. He was excited. He is symbolic of how we like to play: aggressive, hitter’s mentality, strain, give all you got.”

Seahawks left tackle Russell Okung:

“We knew what kind of player he was. We were just stepping into who we were. To see what he did, it was phenomenal. Best run I’ve ever seen in my life. Especially in person.

“It was very exhilarating, that experience itself. You’re just really in awe of everything going on. I kind of like stopped and watched it. If you look in the highlights, you won’t see me celebrating in there. I just really stopped and was watching what he was doing. I was amazed.

“In the offseason when I went home, they just couldn’t believe it, you know? Marshawn’s, to me, is the best running back in the league.”

Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate:

“The balance and the strength in his legs are just incredible. I don’t think that’s something you can teach. On top of that, he works extremely hard.

“I was a rookie … to sit on the sideline and see him dominate the entire defense and score, says a lot about his mentality and his body control.

“The place was definitely shaking. They showed that highlight for the rest of the year. That was a highlight we saw a couple times a day. It’s … it’s incredible. There’s not many people who can do things like that. He’s one of them.”

Links (not a lot out there coming off the holiday):

> The Times Picayune touched on Lynch’s run, too.

> NFL Films is making a series about Phish and the Seahawks.

> The Times Picayune looks at the Seahawks’ secondary situation.

> puts together a promotional post arguing that Golden Tate should go to the Pro Bowl.

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  1. Southendzone says:

    1st, great article on the beastquake run, nothing about that play ever gets old.

    2nd, a film about the Hawks and the one of the most notorious stoner bands in the last 20 years? Is this for real?

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:


  3. Morning 12’s! Okay, this is an older one. From the Fantasy Football draft. You should still get a good laugh out of it.

  4. edstang45 says:

    WOW!!! Thanks Todd I had never seen the ” Anatomy of Beast Mode” before. Dang man that was awesome. Thanks again I’m really glad your here giving us your time and these special Videos. Can’t wait for the next big Beast mode run baby Go Hawks

  5. surelyyoujest says:

    Never get tired of seeing that run. One of the best Seahawk moments ever.

  6. edstang45 says:

    Good stuff GeorgiaHawk hey Todd you should give GeorgiaHawk a job he consistently brings so much good stuff to this blog. Keep it up Georgia I appreciate the links dude

  7. I can’t wait….. it seems like MNF is getting here in slow motion.

  8. Well, hopefully NO is so fearful of Beast Quake II, they stack the box and we then let loose with the Harvin and Tater show. Lynch and our running game gets a lot of deserved attention but PC should not be shy about opening up the passing game. Wilson is a smart, effective passer and I think our WR corp is pretty darn good too.

    Monday cannot get here soon enough.

  9. SlickToxic21 says:

    Well I’d rather have our best beat their best…..last week Evans and Sproles were out…….looks like they’ll both be back this week.

  10. http://profootba ( BEAST MODE )

  11. thursday says:

    Cold, wet and windy seems to be the forecast for MNF. I wish it were tomorrow, getting sick of waiting lol

    That game against NO is probably in my top 5 most memorable playoff games for the Seahawks. Amazing. Forget the stadium, people were jumping up and down in front of the TV where I was. I suspect it was probably the same all over the region.

  12. banosser says:

    So.. did Antonio Winfield decline coming out of retirement?

  13. At this point…no news is SPLENDID news! I’ve been bracing myself all week for news of food-poisoning from bad stuffing, a key injury, or another bone-headed f*@!up…so far, so good…77 hours, two more practices, and a couple of walk-throughs to kick-off. Let’s hope they’re mesmerized by their xBox Ones and sit put playing Madden the rest of the time…tick, tock…

  14. Qtip, I read those mock QB facebook articles too. Funny stuff.
    Especially the Arod/RW comments.

    I watched the Saints playoff game from 2010 again last night.
    It was Matt’s last win at home. 2 TDs from John Carlson. Stokely, Williams & Lynch all had big plays. As Mike Mayock said during that game almost 3 yrs ago. You need to move Brees off his spot.. (then he was only 4-17 when sacked more than 3 times a game)

  15. jawpeace says:

    I have not seen Beast Quake for over a year and it still gave me chills on viewing it again!

  16. MadSweeney42 says:

    I have a pretty fun Beastquake memory. I do lighting down in Los Angeles (in fact I was at Universal last week when Wilson was doing E! but didn’t know until to late [and my bosses are massive Saints fans, gonna be fun Monday!!!]) and was unfortunately doing a music video that day for the Chicago band Plain White Ts. Horrible music, terribly dressed kids but they were very nice and were into football and the Bears. They also were coincidentally playing at halftime at Soldier Field the next week when the Bears were hosting the winner of Seattle/NO. Another awesome coincidence is that my boss on that job was a good friend who grew up in Issaquah and knew how much I love the Seahawks. Most commercials and videos have a “client area” on stage where there’s a couch or two, entertainment options and other creature comforts for the VIPs. This stage had a pair of drop down 42″ HDTVs, by which we had strategically placed our equipment carts. We got the lighting setup and just had minro tweaks to do throughout the actual video so when the game started, my boss/buddy told me not to leave the TV unless he specifically called me by name. So there I am with whoever in the PWTs wasn’t in the shot, watching the game while being paid quite handsomely and enjoying good football conversation and a sense of entitlement, chatting football with, as I said, poorly dressed hipster musicians. As the game got towards Beastquake, we discussed Lynch and his addition to the team, how Clipboard Jesus couldn’t have been leading the team against the Saints because he couldn’t read and beat the D like Hass was able to. And then seconds before the handoff I said it’s time for Lynch to seal this game, they need to just give it to him and let him crush their spirit. And then… he ran and ran and threw a grown ass man to the ground with one hand and kept running. THe band was in stunned, jaw dropped silence and I was going apoplectic trying to keep quiet while celebrating the greatest run in Seahawks and playoff history. Dancing around my equipment, doing a victory jig and slapping hands with the VIPs while the poor drummer was in front of the lights doing his closeups, totally oblivious to the greatness he’d missed.

    Anyway, the band was a bunch of great guys who weren’t jerkoffs about now being opponents the following week, my good friend gave me a great gift of being able to watch the game and I got paid and I get to never forget that moment when Lynch heard me tell him to end the game and I looked like a goddamn Nostradamus in front of witnesses. Hopefully the game Monday features some awesome play that sticks in TV memory as I am tired of Seattle’s MNF highlights being Bo Jackson’s bootstomp or the Fail Mary. I cannot wait until the game starts and since my two bosses are Saints fans, I know for a fact that we’re going to finish up and leave early enough to catch the game in real time so I don’t have to go into airplane mode on my phone. Go Hawks!

  17. That’s one of those plays in Seahawks history that you simply remember where you were, who you were watching it with, your reaction, etc. That was such a great game! Hoping for even better things this year though…

  18. I just watched it again…three times…get chills each time…that “baby stiff arm” on Tracy Porter is still priceless…When Locklear and Hass enter the frame as blockers, the thought still comes to mind, “no, no, no”…blocking from behind.

    And, Steve Raible is incredible covering the Seahawks. If he was half as good of a receiver as he is a play-by-play commentator, he would have made it to the pro-bowl. He really embodies the enthusiasm we have as hawks fans. How he puts it out there during games is contagious.

    That’s why I usually turn down the tv and listen to the radio during during games I watch at home.

  19. A blow-out would be better for my health this year…I’m not sure the herniated disc in my back could withstand another beast quake. Though, I may not be able to walk on Tuesday, I’d still have a smile on my face.

  20. seahawks12thman says:

    Exactly Bobby; Section 210, Row H, Seat 14, my brother was in seat 15. We jumped up and down so much we bumped heads a couple of times, hard. Screamed so loud I literally lost consciousness for a couple seconds! That stiff arm (body slam) was the best message any running back has ever sent. I honestly think that move alone has defensive backs hesitating to this day when they see ‘The Beast’ headed their way.

  21. SandpointHawk says:

    Audible, been there done that and this too shall pass. Take it easy and enjoy the ride. Sorry for your agony…

  22. Thanks SPH! :-)

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Audible- Ab lounger is the answer. You could probably pick one up used for 15-20 bucks.

  24. Thanks, Georgia. Looks great…I’ll see if I can find one…BTW, where’s our TG Seahawks song?! :-)

  25. I was in a sportsbook in Pahrump NV. Yelling during the entire run. Everyone else silent. Obviously they bet Saints. I didn’t care – Seahwaks loud and proud. : )

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