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Morning links: Where should blame for suspensions be directed?

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 27, 2013 at 6:15 am with 153 Comments »
November 27, 2013 2:15 am

Good morning.

The path for how the Seahawks are going to handle their cornerbacks is pretty clear.

Perrish Cox is in and should be the nickel back. Byron Maxwell will start. Jeremy Lane will also get run. DeShawn Shead is coming up from the practice squad when Brandon Browner is likely put on injured reserve, likely today.

What’s less clear, is why the Seahawks continue to have issues with suspensions related to performance-enhancing drugs and substance abuse.

That’s a topic our Dave Boling addressed in his column today. From Boling:

So the tweeters and bloggers and bleeters want answers.

And all the Screamin’ A. Smiths and the like on national broadcasts are painting the Seahawks as caricatures, as if Cheech and Chong are starting at cornerbacks.

But before tarring the whole group by association, let’s clarify that this is not the Legion of Bong.

While the Browner reports were breaking Monday, safety Kam Chancellor was  speaking to school kids and raising money for Toys for Tots. And Earl Thomas was  probably playing the piano for old folks at a church someplace.

 So if you demand blame, I’d lay the bulk on the guys who made the decision to break the rules, although they were well aware they were open to testing, and their absences by  suspension would threaten what promised to be one of the best seasons in team history.

Young guys make errors in judgment. So does everybody else from time to time. This will cost them both far beyond the paychecks they’ll forfeit.

Boling does remind that Walter Thurmond and Brandon Browner were given several chances by the Seahawks, yet they still chose this path.


> Art Thiel writes this situation is a distraction for the Seahawks.

> 710 ESPN says that the Seahawks have begun to move on from the suspensions.

> Here’s a scouting report on Monday night’s game from

> takes a look at “the next man up,” Byron Maxwell.

> Here is Carroll’s press conference from yesterday. He talks again today.

> Yesterday was Jon Ryan’s birthday. Not sure this picture is considered a present by anyone.

> There is a post at Pro Football Talk that suggests, very loosely, that Browner may have been wrongly moved into Stage 3 of the substance-abuse program. Again, this is suggested with a truckload of caveats, so, tread lightly with it.

> The 49ers activated WR Michael Crabtree.

> A film room look at the Titans, Chiefs, Cowboys and Panthers over at MMQB.

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  1. wallinator says:

    Good morning #12th Man!! Another day closer to Thanksgiving, football, & yes Monday Night Football in Seattle! Here’s a link to our Monday interview with former Seahawk Paul Moyer & former WSU QB Jason Gesser!

  2. confucious says:

    Well put Todd. Time to move on.

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I thought we pretty much covered everything concerning the suspensions? I’m with Carroll and the team, time to move forward. Hey did anyone else hear that we have the best team in the NFL? And we are about to put a whooping on the Saints come Monday night? Just thought I’d ask. Lol.

  4. Todd, thanks for giving us the cliff notes on the TNT articles, since they are blacked out for us if we don’t pay for the “paper”.

  5. rcknrog11 says:

    Good luck Hawks! Thrill the world!!
    Go Hawks!

  6. How about the blame be leveled against the immature and unthinking individuals who are repeatedly committing these “lapses of judgment?”
    I think the big issue is that while there are league penalties occurring, we aren’t seeing many, if any, team generated penalties occurring. Yes, we need players on the field to win games, but we also need to know that all the players on our roster will actually be available to play when we need them. Obviously, the locker room is incapable of policing themselves in this regard, so it is time for the coaching staff to take over this role until the team develops the leadership to handle such issues on their own. I’ve witnessed star players being sat on the sidelines, traded and just let go because their performance and playing attitudes weren’t up to the performance standards of the team. The players should be aware of what it takes to be a Seahawk. I’m all for positive motivation and support, but it is important that the entire team understands that their individual actions have consequences. Team consequences, I’m not talking about league or public opinion consequences, I expect to see team consequences. Visible, public, team-generated consequences.

  7. yankinta says:

    Yup Yup, Totally agreed with Pro Football Talk!! Browner will win this appeal or sue the league. I definitely would. He should be back by the playoff and help us win a SuperBowl. He definitely deserves a ring, after contributing our 10-1 start (Best in History) this year….

  8. RDPoulsbo says:

    It does fall completely on the player. Every year, there are numerous examples of players not just in the Seahawk organization what happens when you break the rules. Still, there’s players who go out and break those rules every year. Pete needs to do better weeding out the bad apples, but as he has said, he’s going to keep looking for guys needing second chances. That’s how Seattle was able to get Clemons and Lynch.

    I think some people, including many in the national media want Pete to go full on Schiano on the team, but look at the results in Tampa with that approach. Turning the Hawks into a soap opera in front of all the cameras might be what these people want, but it’s not what’s best for the team. Besides, we don’t know what was said behind closed doors.

  9. Blame should be solely put on Browner and Thurmond. I work for the government and I get random drug tests, the only difference is I”m not making millions. I would love to smoke weed, but I don’t just to keep my 5 figure salary, these assholes can’t stop for millions, plus teammates aren’t counting on me like they are on them. If I get popped it’s one and done, I don’t get to have 2-3 positive tests before I’m repremanded. If you get popped once, why would you think you could get away with it in the future. F’n idiots, I’m sorry, cut them both, send a hard message. I understand that weed should be legal, and I think eventually it might be, but right now it’s not. Deal with it, I have too.

  10. I get the whole Browner thing about having to show up for tests when he’s not in the NFL and that is Bullsh.., but he did however test positive again, so it just proves he’s still an idiot. What is he going to do, get his suspension reduced to 4 games? It’s weed man, not that hard to quit. Your career is short as a football player, just wait til you retire, then puff all you want. I don’t get it.

  11. How can he come back and help us on the play-off run if he is on IR? Pretty sure that eliminates him from any play-off activity. – now if the team doesn’t put him on the IR . . . . . .

  12. RDPoulsbo says:

    Putting Browner on IR helps him and only him. They get to serve their suspension on IR (even if he doesn’t collect a paycheck). Getting his suspension reduced while the Hawks also play in the playoffs means hell be in the clear for another team to sign him next year with his suspension already served. As far as I’m concerned, they should just cut him to deny him a possible chance to wear a ring.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Schizo is doing fine in Tampa now that he has gotten rid of a few malcontents.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Darn phone changed his name on me.

  15. yankinta says:

    xcman, if Browner has Zero chance to come back and play in the playoff, why wouldn’t Seahawks cut him or put him on IR.

    The fact that they chose not to do anything Browner’s roster spot tell us that the FO is waiting to see which direction it takes…. meaning if the appeal is heard by next wk and if the suspension is reduced to 4 games, then he’ll be back fro the playoff. :)

  16. Sounds like most of the hand wringing is done…good.

    I’ve seen here that Sproles might be out again…good.

    You know we’re going to have some sort of plan for Graham (which doesn’t necessarily mean we will stop him) so he’ll have to work for it…good.

    Colston is a solid big, but very little speed. I’m not too worried about him…good.

    The guy that I think is the wildcard is Kenny Stills. He’s been quiet the last few weeks but is explosive. Think T.Y. Hilton, Mike Wallace…that type…guys with speed. I don’t know who will match up on him but that kid is a play maker. Brees will look for him deep IF he has the time. We must put great pressure on Brees with some seriously exotic blitz packages. All the guys on the D Line really need to rise up, feed off the crowd and get inside of Brees head. It’ll be hard to do b/c the guy is just flat out good.

    5 more days…


  17. yankinta says:

    joreb,, wow thanks. didn’t realize Sproles might be out. That’s huge for us, especially we might struggle with our new nickel CB….

    I’m still thinking that it will be a blowout win by us. blowout = more than 2 touchdowns…. I am thinking I’m an alone wolf on this….am I?? :)

  18. I am wondering how Shead deal works out. Has he already been pulled up or are they waiting?

    Why put BB on the IR if he is going to be suspended – can’t you still replace him if he is suspended?

    OR – are the planning on putting him on the IR instead of waiting for what is coming down with the suspensions?

  19. @TruBlu: Nailed it!

  20. yankinta says:

    LOL, but this dude is the opposite YankinTa… :)

    Seahawks will struggle at home vs. Saints

  21. yankinta says:

    xcman,, this article is just for you. it helped me better understand. I think it will help you too. :)

  22. YANK – 1. I was saying he COULDN”T help us, as you suggested, because the reports say he is going on the IR.

    2. aren’t multiple reports saying that the appeal was already heard?

    Granted they are just reports – which lead to my other post – the team (PC) has already said they are activation Shead – but until BB’s spot is open there isn’t anywhere for him to go.

  23. thursday says:

    Ugh that Thiel article. Just trotting out the same stuff as the mainstream media. Trying to count Sherman’s overturned suspension, Moffit’s late paperwork and two guys who tested positive outside the organization. Really? It’s three guys with legit suspensions under Carroll’s eye here, three.

    @yank I have a hunch that it might be a blowout as well. I think they come out mad and I think the weather and 12th man going for a record again will be a factor. Not to mention the Harvinger lol

  24. this will really be an interesting game if it snows!!!!

  25. jacobhawkr says:

    Off topic. But could the Seahawks clinch a playoff spot with a win and either a Arizona or San Fran loss this weekend?

  26. thursday says:

    Some forecasts are saying snow, well, at least two that I’ve seen. I believe we won the last snowy game in the Clink.

    A blowout would also convince doubters like that CBS sports guy and his bs about unconvincing wins over the Texans and Bucs. The Bucs are now playing better and most people are recognizing it and we caught the Texans before they imploded. Timing is everything.

  27. jacobhawkr says:

    My playoff question arises from a Rich Eisen tweet stating this. I would think if both Arizona and San Fran lose it would take a Seattle win to clinch a spot. But I haven’t done much research into scenario.

  28. SeenThisB4 says:

    There have been so many seabirds suspended for illegal PED use recently, it seems systemic. Pete Carroll should be suspended for a year for not doing anything effective about it.

  29. yankinta says:

    SeenThisB4,, you would love that right? lol keep wishing and hating. I still feel sorry for your coach getting embarrassed and getting suspended last year. It was too bad for Fans but he definitely deserved it. :)

  30. SeenThisB4 says:

    Yankinta: Well, he deserved it as much as Carroll deserves it now.

  31. yankinta says:

    SeenThisB4,, lol like I said keep wishing because it will never happen, whether he deserves it or not. :)

  32. RDPoulsbo says:

    jacobhawkr, that is correct. They’d clinch with a SF + AZ losses AND a Seahawk win. A Seahawk win OR Dallas, Philly, and Detroit lose 1 more game, Seattle would get a 1st round bye if they win the division.

  33. yankinta says:

    Speaking of who wins and who loses this weekend,, My 3 Upset Specials are…. :)

    1) ARI over PHI
    2) Titans over Colts
    3) Rams over 49ers

    Of course as for our own Seahawks game, I am thinking 37-17 (easy win) for us.

  34. The Seahawks clinch a playoff spot if they win and either Arizona or SF loses.

    Payton suspended for a year wasn’t funny. What was funny were the Saints fans, Brees and Payton feeling they were wronged. That was hilarious because they got exactly what was deserved.

  35. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Nice link thursday. I think Sherman would more than be up to the task of covering Graham.

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m thinking Seahawks-45 Saints 20.

  37. Southendzone says:

    yak, I can see the Rams beating SF, that’s a realistic upset pick and should be an interesting game to watch. Hopefully FOX carries that one, but their schedule rarely aligns with the game I want to watch.

    I don’t think the Titans can get it done at Indy though, I just don’t like that team with Fitzpatrick at QB.

    I could easily see that AZ pick coming true as well.

  38. SlickToxic21 says:

    Seems to me that Carroll and Co. should definitely be held accountable IF there is nothing done about these incidents. IF it was proven that there was some way that Carroll could have done something to prevent marijuana use, PED use, AND how he responds AFTER the fact.
    If players don’t get help, and are allowed to continue on with the team and re-offend then it’s got to be on the coaching staff, IMO.
    This is definitely not the only team, or the only players smoking dope and taking PED’s….but they are in the spotlight because a)they have had a number of players caught lately and b)they are the top team in the league right now.

    On a side note, I wonder if all testing is done randomly, fairly and consistently. Is every player being tested, and are they tested as often as the next guy? Or are there players that don’t get tested for a year or two, while some guys are being tested monthly. Anyone know the procedure for this? I can’t help thinking there are guys that are “gambling” that they’re not going to be tested any time soon, and figure they’ll be able to get away with some stuff.

  39. SeenThisB4, I know you are just commenting here to try and rile Seahawk fans up. Trolling if you will. But this is what I have to say. These are grown up men here. Pete is their boss, not their baby sitter. If I don’t obey the rules on my job I get fired. It should be the same for them. They’ve had meetings. Pre-season meetings, weekly meetings, players only meetings, a meeting before the bye week. They know the rules and chose to break them anyway. Very selfish on their part. It not only hurts them, it hurts their team. and it hurts the fans who have been rooting for this team for many many years and think that maybe they finally have something going here for a change now after many years of frustration. No, there’s no one to blame here but two stupid and selfish football players.

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good article thursday. Their defense is going to have a much more difficult time slowing down Wilson and co.

  41. yankinta says:

    Southendzone,, that 49ers at Rams will be on Fox in Seattle, for Sure. As for CBS in Seattle, the 10 AM game will be Patriots at Texans…. I am hoping that game will be a blowout and the network will switch over to Titans at Colts right after half time.

    I agree that Fitzpatrick isn’t trust worthy for an upset pick 2 weeks ago. That’s why I didn’t pick against the Colts back then. But Fitzpatrick played well last week and I think he’s getting a hang of it now. Titans will adjust the D to pressure Luck into making a ton of mistakes this game. Luck is showing the world the past 3 weeks that he’s a byproduct Reggie Wayne (Future HOF). That’s why I think Titans have a chance. Plus they know AFC South can still be had since the Lucky Streak for Colts have run out.

  42. raymaines says:

    Right now it’s possible either AZ or SF could finish the season at 12-4 and the other finish at 13-5, as they play each other one more time. If the Seaweeds beat NO and lose the rest they would be 13-5, and I don’t know who has the tie breakers.

    If Seattle wins any two games they would be 12-4 and have at least a wild card spot. If they beat NO and win any two other games they have the #1 seed.

  43. MoSeahawk12 says:

    raymaines, I’m guessing you meant 11-5. I don’t see this team losing many games the rest of the way. They are in the drivers seat for the remainder of the season. Best record, playing all the teams that are below them. They win, none of the tie breakers matter. Winning this week is a great place to start. Saints have a tough rest of the schedule and I just don’t see the Cards getting by us at home as well as the 9ers.

  44. raymaines says:

    Ooops.. Sorry. Yes 11-5

  45. HawkyHann says:

    why am i so scared the chronic is going to be blazed up big time tomorrow by some players. Can Walter restrain himself from sparking a phattie before his Thanksgiving meal? I heard Leroy Hill is hosting Turkey Day at his casa and BB is spinning records w/ a guest apperance from Koren Robinson.

  46. RDPoulsbo says:

    If AZ and SF lose Sunday and Seattle wins Monday, at worst, Seattle would be 12-4 and AZ and SF would be 11-5. That’s how they could clinch the division this week. I don’t think both AZ or SF lose and it’s easier to look at it as 2 Seahawk wins is the magic number.

    I keep hearing that NO is turning up their running game of late because they were able to run against Dallas, Atlanta and a SF defense missing 2 of their 3 starting d-linemen. Here’s my golf clap.

  47. RDPoulsbo says:

    I keep thinking there’s only 4 games left. My mistake. In any case, 2 wins is the magic number. NO and SF. Make it happen!

  48. I am very surprised that most Seahawk’s fans, without having heard any evidence, jumped all over the Browner for his drug charges. I thought he is innocent until proven guilty? In fact, the more information coming out of the NFL, shows that Browner clearly is getting screwed by the NFL. Not only the poor guy did not do anything wrong, but also he is getting screwed by not playing for his team in the playoffs.

    I hope he sues the NFL and wins. Also, I am not giving up on Browner being banned playing for the Seahawks in the playoffs.

    You heard it from me, first.

  49. yankinta says:

    This is a MUST READ for those that are interested in getting in-depth knowledge of Defense Schemes…. plus it talks about how easily Cardinals D Destroyed/Exposed Andrew Luck……

    If you think about it, RW defeated that same Defense pretty Easily,,on the road (18 for 29, 235 yards, 3TDs, 0ints, 122 rating). That is just AMAZING!! That’s why I’ve been saying RW should be the MVP and he’s definitely a Top 3 QB in the league today!!

  50. yankinta says:

    Ummm CYRREEN,, you weren’t the first.. Maybe you should scroll up and read the comment posted at 7:12 AM… :)

  51. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Have you ever gone one entire day without mentioning Luck’s name? Seriously, get help, rehab or something.
    The mad on is played out.

  52. RDPoulsbo says:

    Someone please, find yank a Colts blog so he can find his forever home. I can attach photos of crying children if that would help.

  53. Southendzone says:

    If Browner fights the NFL and pulls off a decisive victory (no supsension), or even a marginal victory (4 game susp), it’s going to be a major boost to the team, and I don’t mean having him back in the playoffs, I mean in terms of the confidence and swagger this team is gonna have behind it.

    It happened last year with Sherm winning his appeal, he came out sooo confident and fired up after that, if BB does it too, that can and will be the intangible spark that gets us to the superbowl.

  54. yakimahawk says:

    Right…? Just like Bill Belichick needs to go to prision because Aaron Hernandez committed murder. They had numerous violent threats against other players from Hernandez and Belichick and there admin did nothing. We have had 3-4 legit suspensions. Quite frankley I think Pete Carroll is doing an ALL-PRO job of coaching and managing these players. If a player smokes dope PC can do nothing to the player the process is from the NFL. They are currently doing more to communicate with their players than the NFL asks them too. Their punishment may be never getting their job back and dropping milions in future earning income potential. I post here very infrequently because I just dont have time and because of all the opinionated chatter. You have to believe I know some people in that ORG that say behind closed doors Carroll is very communicative about this stuff and has a installed a high level of accountability. He just does not scream and put them down. Just some insight…

  55. yankinta says:

    Wow,, I was talking about how AMAZING it was that only in his second year, RW Easily defeated a No.1 Defense,, on the Road (18 for 29, 235 yards, 3TDs, 0ints, 122 rating)….

    Yet some people chose to focus on Andrew Luck….. smh… that’s what I call brainwashed!!

  56. thursday says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious that Wilson is better than Luck, RG3 and Krappernick at this point. Not sure how you argue differently. And that’s with a bad Oline for half the season and not nearly the so-called weapons at receiver the other guys have.

    But I mean, is anyone other than mainstream sports media saying otherwise? Those guys will make excuses for anyone not named Wilson.

  57. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Luck! Luck! Luck! I’m tired of Luck!

    How about some RG3- Lol.

  58. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I think it all stems from the time Luck didn’t sign his headgear during freshman orientation.

  59. Dukeshire says:

    I challenge you to go the rest of the season without talking about Luck. No one here cares.

    That was a nice breakdown of the Cards defense. What ought to be taken away from it however, is how complicated their front 7 can be for an o line to protect against. It reminds me a lot of Greg Williams’ Saints defense from a couple years ago.

  60. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Aldon Smith, that wasn’t very rehab like. Poor RG3 hurt above the knee.

  61. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good insight yakimahawk. I get the feeling that if you take Carroll’s team and give it to any other coach there would be a lot more problems.

    I think the NFL should be commending Pete Carroll for doing an excellent job with players that most organizations wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole, and some of the Carroll downer fans around here just don’t seem to get it for some reason.

  62. SlickToxic21 says:

    “On a side note, I wonder if all testing is done randomly, fairly and consistently. Is every player being tested, and are they tested as often as the next guy? Or are there players that don’t get tested for a year or two, while some guys are being tested monthly. Anyone know the procedure for this? I can’t help thinking there are guys that are “gambling” that they’re not going to be tested any time soon, and figure they’ll be able to get away with some stuff”


  63. chuck_easton says:

    Browner tested positive and was given a 1 year suspension. Even if he appeals and wins, the appeal is the length of the suspension and if he should be in Stage 3 (1 year suspension) or only in Stage 2 (4 week suspension). The nature of the appeal could mean the end of Browner’s NFL career or the ability for him to find work next season.

    Nobody except a few on here that like to view the world through their unique outlook think that Browner is going to get off completely. He’s appealing the length of the suspension. He’s already lost the appeal to have the positive test thrown out.

    Also, as Todd has said several times and has been reported by many other news outlets, with our without a Browner suspension, the team has decided to move on, place him on IR, and move Snead up to the active roster from the PS.

    I know that a certain person on here will go on and on ad nauseum that this won’t happen or they would have already done it. The fact is the team doesn’t have to make the move until the last possible deadline of this Saturday. Snead is already practicing with the team and has been for the entire year. There is no rush to activate him.

  64. yankinta says:

    thursday,, yup Thank you. I completely agree with you. I’m just sick of all the excuses for the other guys not named Wilson.

    Dukeshire, I do not accept your challenge. Sorry. lol I’m just so happy that we have the BEST QB for the next 10 plus years…. It’s not even a competition how much RW is better than the rest of the young QB. Having said that I can’t wait to see how Foles does against this Cardinals Defense (one of the Top D),, although he’ll be at home.

  65. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m not sure if it’s still the case, but I believe every player gets tested twice during the season on a random basis, something like 8 players per team each week and once more for everyone during the offseason. If they are in the banned substance program (not PEDs) they get tested a lot more, like every other week. I haven’t heard of anything different, but I believe that’s still the case.

  66. Singularitarian says:

    How come nobody is talking of Percy Harvin not practicing?

  67. yankinta says:

    p.s, Dan Graziano has been completely cured from being Brainwashed!! Here’s his MVP Watch. He is now Loving RW like a true Seahawks Fan…. :)

    This East Coast Writer can’t wait to move RW into 2nd spot…. should happen next Wed.

  68. chuck_easton says:

    If they make it to Stage 1 of the Substance Abuse Program they can be tested up to 10 times per month.

  69. chuck_easton says:


    Because there can only be so much angst and hand wringing at any given time.

    Harvin will be day-to-day for the remainder of the season. He may or may not miss more games. At this point he’s on the Lynch and former Rice practice schedule of not doing it and saving it for games.

    If Harvin isn’t suited up on Monday THEN we can move on to that crisis.

  70. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good question SlickToxic21.

    I sometimes wonder if the NFL tests the Seahawk players more often simply because it is legal in the State of Washington to smoke pot.

    It would be nice to have more inside info on how all this testing is done. And how often it is done. And who does it. And if they are Niner fans.
    OK forget that last one.

  71. Dukeshire says:

    How do relentless posts about Luck have anything to do with Wilson? They don’t.

    Singularitarian – It was discussed yesterday, a bit. I think the consensus is that he’ll be day to day the rest of the season.

  72. yankinta says:

    No,, I love talking about the Young QB class from 2012 or Young QB’s in general…..

  73. Southendzone says:

    PED tests are random for players and I think they can occur with any frequency and at any time. If you follow Hassleback on Twitter, he seems to be tested every other month.

    The Substance Abuse ones are on some other type of schedule, less frequent, and I’ve heard it’s at the same time each year, unless of course you fail one, then all bets are off and they test you whenever they want.

    I feel pretty confident saying that the Hawks don’t get tested more often for substance abuse than anyone else who’s in the same phase of the drug program. Meaning if they’re not to stage 1, they get the same tests as all the other clean players.

  74. Singularitarian says:

    AHh. Just seems like the hip thing was the type of surgery where you are back to good or it didn’t work. If he’s having to sit out of practice because of his hip, then the surgery did not work, or he’s playing too soon.

  75. MoSeahawk12 says:

    No you love to bring up Luck’s name every ten seconds. Wilson stands on his own. Go talk Luck on the Colts blog.

  76. yankinta says:

    WOW,,, just saw this… Unbelieveable!!

    RW is doing all this with a 31st Ranked OL in Pass Protection. Amazingly amaze me…. :)

  77. chuck_easton says:

    He’s still experiencing soreness and swelling in the hip. He was visibly limping during the Vikings game and was trying to keep it loose all game through treatment from the trainers and use of the stationary bike.

    So, he’s not 100%. He likely won’t be 100% for the remainder of the season. It now just comes down to his ability to play (games not necessarily practices) through the pain that will be there for a while.

  78. Speaking of Kaepernick, he took the concept of 1 read and throw to a new level Monday night. He only looked towards Josh Wilson and threw to the WR/TE he was covering nearly every play.

  79. yankinta says:

    Updated Picks…. Of course, the Great Jaws (garbage) and Ditka (both Seahawks Haters) picked against us. Like Richard Sherman said Ignorant Idiots…. smh….

  80. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol- If Peyton Manning has another bad game in KC and Wilson shines Monday night things could get very interesting for MVP down the stretch.
    You here that Chuck? Lol.

    “He has now lost to Andrew Luck and Tom Brady on the road. His ankles look as though they were welded back on by Dr. Frankenstein. And, whereas the conversation the first two months was about whether he was headed for the greatest quarterback season ever, the conversation as December dawns is about whether he can win in the cold.”

  81. doubledink says:

    Pete’s presser yesterday was perfect. He is keeping it all in perspective and all indoors. I for one do not want him to go Schiano on this team nor do I expect it. I’m sure they are taking effective action but we won’t see it from the sidewalk. His use of “disappointment” was fitting and privately I bet he would add “embarrassing”. But at this stage all you can do is move on. Curious as to what the league will do.

    This team is SB bound due to his ability to inspire other’s castoffs and keep the entire depth chart ready to start among many other things. I see a 35-20 beatdown going away with a NO TD in garbage time. Go Hawks!

  82. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That’s funny pabs and so true.

  83. I think Pete’s problem is that he is too nice. He is optimistic and trusting and chooses to see only the best in people. I’m not saying he should change because most people flourish in that kind of inveronment. That’s how you get the best out of people. You challenge them to succed and then watch them do it. But there are always those who will take advantage of that kind situation (see Reggie Bush family and booster) and get everyone else cast in a bad light. But if you control people too much you also limit the ones who can accomplish so much when given the opportunity. I don’t expect him to change because that is who he is and that is how he built this amazing football team we’re watching. But along with that, he is going to get burned every once in a while by those who can’t be trusted.

  84. rramstad says:

    Thiel has admitted to me in email that he often writes things just to stir the pot. He has indicated he doesn’t like the Seahawks or pro football in general, and that he enjoys enraging Seahawks fans as it “sells newspapers”. I emailed him a few years back because he had gotten some basic facts wrong, and I threatened to go to his editor if he didn’t make a retraction in print — he gave me some crap about how I was taking his article out of context, basically was a weasel, and when I complained about the tone of the article gave me the information above.

    He’s Bayless with less influence or followers…

    ** From the NFL


    Seattle clinches a playoff spot with:

    1) SEA win + ARI loss or

    2) SEA win + SF loss or

    3) SEA win + ARI tie + SF tie or

    4) SEA tie + ARI loss + SF loss + DAL loss or tie + CHI loss or tie or

    5) SEA tie + ARI loss + SF loss + DAL loss or tie + DET loss

  85. doubledink says:

    The silver lining is that he does such a good job of “next man up” that they are able to move on quickly.

    In all of this I really feel for Browner the most. He really cost himself big time. All of his hard work for his payday only to flush it. Thurm is still young enough to rebound. Sad, really.

  86. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk,,, How do we make the MVP Voters aware that Peyton Manning is doing all this behind the Best O-Line (Pass Protection) and RW is doing all this behind the Second WORST O-Line (Pass Protection)….

    That stat alone should clearly tell them who the True MVP of NFL is….

  87. seahawkNJ says:

    We get it dude…you have a big boy crush on RW. We all think he’s great, so you’re trying to sell him to the wrong crowd. Move along.

  88. yankinta says:

    No, you don’t get it Dude. You’ve been brainwashed and saying you’d rather have Andrew Luck than RW.

  89. Its always sad when you see people make bad choices that you know are really going to cost them. I heard a teacher say one time, “you don’t learn anything from the second kick of a mule.” Browner’s been kicked three or four times now and he’s just not getting it. Hopefully Thurman can. I wonder though, its apparently been at least 2 times for him too.

  90. Dukeshire says:

    yankinta – I’ve been saying that? Prove it. I’ll save you the time, I haven’t been.

  91. seahawkNJ says:

    Sorry…you must have the wrong guy. Calling out your man crush doesn’t imply anything about Andrew Luck.

    Doesn’t seem out of character for you to put words into someone else’s mouth.

  92. chuck_easton says:


    Do not engage. It’s the only way. We all know that there are two on here who would get down on a knee and propose marriage to Wilson. And somehow if the rest are not as totally and madly in love with everything he does, says, wears, eats…we somehow just don’t get how totally fabulous he is.

    Apparently it isn’t enough to just think Wilson is a really good young QB and has a bright future ahead of him. You must forsake all others. You must not covet thy neighboring team’s QB. You must speak ill and wish nothing but complete failure on all others or you are not a true fan.

    Just ignore their cute little crushes. I’m looking forward to the deathmatch between the two of them to prove who is really the truest and bestest BFF fan. Because really, there can only be one.

  93. SlickToxic21 says:

    I read this forum every day….and I don’t recall anyone saying they’d rather have Luck or RG3 than Wilson…..especially after last season.
    The media, yes, they give more play to those QB’s……not us.
    Continue posting on your predictions, love for the team, etc….but stop posting how you told us all how Luck would be a failure, or that Russell is better than the other young QB’s. We know. We get it. We’re with you on the R-Dub love! No one to convince here. We’re with you man!

  94. wazzulander says:

    “It would be nice to have more inside info on how all this testing is done. And how often it is done. And who does it. And if they are Niner fans.
    OK forget that last one”

    Stranger things have happened, don’t forget the whole IRS/tea party conspiracy that was actually legit. I would be surprised but not stunned to find out the Seahawks are tested more than other teams. Surely those numbers are out there.

  95. yankinta says:

    I guess I don’t blame those that’s been Brainwashed…. it’s not just them on this blog. It’s pretty much the entire country. And even today only a few has been cured….

    Mike Sando’s new article came out this morning.

    “Has Wilson claimed young QB crown?”

  96. There were a lot of guys here saying they’d rather have Luck over Wilson last year but that all ended after the Bears game last year.

    Since then, it’s been all Russell all the time.

  97. seahawkNJ says:

    Haha…thanks for shaking me out of it Chuck. Happy Thanksgiving all.

  98. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- It’s not my fault you have been about six months behind on Wilsons progress for the last year and a half.
    You should be happy this week though because your man Flynn made a comeback on the Vikings.

  99. yankinta says:

    lol, there are those that know football and recognize talent (obvious talent)… Then there are a couple here that don’t know much about football and has no ability to recognize talent,, instead they resort to insults and name callings…. i.e Chuck_Easton… :)

    Sore Losers can provide NO facts and resort to name calling because they have been trounced so badly…..

  100. WWRD?

    Russell is a team guy. His focus is on the team. He could care less about individual awards (like many here). You like Russell? So do I. So does everyone here pretty much.

    Be like Russell. Avoid the noise. 1-0 every week. It’s really all that matters.


  101. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I wouldn’t say it totally ended by the Bears game pabs but it pretty much ended after the playoffs when our defense was the reason we lost a chance to go to the Super Bowl and not our rookie QB.

  102. rramstad says:

    wazzulander, I hate mixing politics on this blog, but you brought it up. As it turned out, the IRS was targeting a lot of groups, not just patriot or tea party groups, many liberal groups were targeted too. This has been going on for decades — many political groups attempt to get non profit status and the IRS has always looked at them closely. This is a non story — something that’s been going on forever, and someone to stir the crap goes “my fringe group is being oppressed” and suddenly it’s a story?

    “The Internal Revenue Service targeted liberal groups as well as conservatives seeking tax-exempt status, a Democratic congressman charged on Monday after the agency acknowledged the inappropriate practice continued until last month.

    Rep. Sander Levin said the term “progressives” was included on IRS screening lists of applicants for tax-exempt status made available to Congress on Monday.”

    Many other links exist, this is just one that popped up in a quick Google search.

  103. rramstad says:

    BTW, I am going to flag every comment that is a personal attack — either that names a particular individual or in context is aimed at a particular individual and calls them an idiot or other derogatory term. I am also in those flags going to suggest the poster be banned or restricted. I’m tired of reading personal attacks on the board that suggest a particular poster is smarter than other posters. It’s juvenile and a waste of our collective time. If other posters want to flag comments that are like this, it might result in action…

  104. It is a useless argument about MVP for any sport the award very rarely if ever goes to the ACTUALLY most Valuable player – The Hiesmann is the WORST at representing the truth about who the BEST player actually is.

    it goes to the person with the gaudiest stats on the trendy team – – How come Defensive players rarely get mentioned for the award even when the rightfully have earned a spot, and had SPECTACULAR seasons??

    That is way I don’t worry about it – I like the ones the players vote on for their own teams. Usually goes to the guy who has most helped his team. both on the field and off.

  105. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Russell Wilson would never condone, hang out or be friends with someone like you yanker. You put everyone down and act like you alone only have football knowledge. Any time anyone doesn’t 100% agree with your opinion, they are amateurs, sore losers, don’t get football and don’t know much in general. There isn’t one person here that brings up Luck, well except you, every day all day. Everyone on this blog loves the Seahawks and we all think Russell Wilson is the real deal and the guy that will lead us to a Superbowl championship one day, maybe soon. Nobody here wants Luck or has been brainwashed into thinking otherwise.

    By bagging on other QBs, you seem to think that makes Wilson look better as if he can be the ONLY great QB in the league. News flash, there are thirty two QBs playing this week. Many of them are great and some are even better than Wilson due to nothing else than experience. Wilson always shows respect when discussing other QBs and is humble when speaking about his own success. He doesn’t need to knock others down to make himself look better. For someone that loves, loves, loves Wilson as much as you do, maybe take a lesson from him and act with some class and dignity.

  106. MoHawk – My hero!

  107. GeorgiaHawk says:

    We are all Seahawk fans here, it’s a no brainer that Wilson could care less about individual awards, ( and that’s part of what makes him great) however we are fans, we don’t play for the team, we can celebrate individual player accomplishments.

    I did when Easley won Defensive player of the year. I did when Largent had all the passing records. I did when Largent made the HOF. I did when Tez was Defensive player of the year. I did when Tez made the HOF. I did when Alexander was MVP. and I will when Walt makes the HOF.

    So what’s so wrong about celebrating Wilsons accomplishments?

    Just because Chuck is deep in his Straw man mode again doesn’t mean I won’t be posting great stuff about Wilson, Carroll and the best team in the NFL,( Seattle Seahawks) moving forward.

    Chuck should have realized by now that the last time he went into his Straw man mode ,(Wilson/Flynn competition) he looked like one of the biggest fools on this blog.
    Some folks never learn, however I won’t be trying to influence folks around here,(with Straw Man arguments) to ignore him, that’s their choice to make.

  108. RDPoulsbo says:

    At least Seattle players aren’t getting arrested. Minnesota has 3 arrests in 3 weeks. The latest guy thinks he can beat his DUI by challenging the implied consent law. Good luck with that.

  109. arrests :( how many days until the beast mode trial – month from today? I am not looking forward to that day :(

  110. wazzulander says:

    Didn’t mean to get political, just using it as an example of nefarious activities at high (regulatory) levels, where you would never think it could occur. Tim Donahey probably would have been a better example.

    Its just hard for me to believe that the Seahawk players are committing these violations at such a higher rate than other teams. Carroll giving 2nd chances may have something to do with it, but most the other teams give 2nd chances to guys with tons of upside as well. I would love to see some proof that the system is equitable.

  111. CDHawkFan says:

    This Browner thing is interesting. He was never given a 4-6 game suspension (given after a failed test at Stage 2), so going into Stage 3 (the stage where you get a 1 year ban) he was never given the opportunity to clear his record with 2 clean years.

    Duration: A player will remain in Stage Two for twenty-four
    months or two full seasons, whichever is shorter. Completion of Stage Two: A player who completes Stage Two without being advanced to Stage Three will be afforded the same status as a player who had never by Behavior or a Positive Test been referred to the Intervention Stages.

    He must have missed a test to leap frog from Stage 1 (no suspension) into Stage 3. But with his detour to Canada and the complexity of the rules and out clauses, it will be interesting to see who wins.

    Chuck, I think we are hoping that his appeal won’t give him a 4 game suspension. I think we are hoping this is looked at as his 1st pop. If he shouldn’t have been in Stage 3, then a clean record for 2 years in Stage 2 would put him back to the start of the program.

  112. People hate on each other more often when this team is 10-1 than when it’s 3-8. If someone doesn’t hold your point of you (anyone) they must be stupid and worthy of hate. Sad that people aren’t allowed opinions without being personally attacked. Good thing everyone one here has been 100 percent right on everything they have ever posted.

  113. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I here you BobbyK, sad that we can’t celebrate our favorite team or players on this blog without some folks trying to shoot you down.

    Good news though that the blog snipers usually go away for awhile when confronted.

    This is cool-

  114. Screensmoke says:

    Rammstadd- act like a man. Your post is an embarrassment to the hawk nation-suck it up and don’t take it personal – this a football blog for crying out loud -no one on here takes things personal – we r just venting and having a good time- Monday can’t come soon enough- let’s role!!!!

  115. I get the whole thing that Browner probably shouldn’t have been in phase 3, but he was. So I’m assuming he was tested up to 10 time a month? How stupid do you have to be then to go ahead and chief on some weed then? If you are that dumb, I really don’t want you on my favorite team, same for WT3. Seriously, you get popped once, that should be a wake up call, to do it again (and again for Thurmond), that is just some arogant, pompus, egotistical state of mind where you think you can get away with it. Send a message and just cut both thier asses. Go Hawks.

  116. doubledink says:

    I would add, don’t be the thought police either. The past few days some of us have raised legitimate concerns about the climate of the locker room and if it is enough to get the team punished by the league for repeated violations; but some on here act as if we are calling for the wholesale execution of the entire organization. Sheesh.

  117. grizindabox24 says:

    Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN 2m
    Seahawks waived CB Perrish Cox one day after signing him.

  118. Southendzone says:

    CDHawk, EXACTLY! Not only is there a strong argument to be made that he should only be in-line for a 4 game suspension, there’s a reasonable argument to be made that he was at phase zero and this year’s test should only move him to phase 1, meaning zero suspension.

    Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  119. grizindabox24 says:

    Tim Booth ‏@ByTimBooth 1m
    According to NFL transaction report, #Seahawks have waived Perrish Cox and activated DeShawn Shead from the practice squad.

  120. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The Legion Of Dumb. Lol.

    Check this article out. It makes me think of nates view, which I agree.

  121. seahawks12thman says:

    Aaaaaahhh! How refreshing, this is the blog I used to love…to hate.

    Seriously though, we’re all pretty damn passionate Hawks fans here, or we wouldn’t be addicted to this site. No matter who you are (okay except for the douche NOs troll) thank you for posting here. It really makes me view our situation from multiple perspectives and I enjoy that because God (my x(‘s)) knows I’m not always right…

    And Happy Thanksgiving to you all (again…cept for douchey Bobby Bouche); I’m thankful for this blog, no matter what it’s nice to come here and find info, opinions and links about our Hawks. And Todd, keep it up, I love to read the transcripts! And Dan you $hit just rocks.

    And just for this week it should be:

    Geaux Hawks!

  122. RDPoulsbo says:

    Cox was a castoff 49ers CB. Almost as bad as being a castoff Philly CB. All they’re looking for is a warm body in case of an absolute emergency. Guess he was a pretty cold corpse.

    Oh well, perhaps Simon will be activated soon.

  123. SeenThisB4,

    The only way Carroll would be on par with the Sean Peyton debacle would be if Carroll or his coaching staff were the ones to give Browner and Thurmond the drugs. That’s why he was suspended for an entire year and the same reason why Carroll will not be suspended.

    Carroll’s only crime was to give high-risk players a 2nd chance. His philosophy means we’ll always have players with issues.

    Carroll uses football as a vehicle to change lives, which makes him a humanitarian, not a thug who was conspiring to deliberately injure opponents…so nice try.

  124. GeorgiaHawk says:

    doubledink- my view is that this is all very minor stuff compared to the big picture, the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl.

    We could do all this would if, could if, should if stuff all week,(and unfortunately we are) but none of us really know for sure how this will all play out.

    I think it’s time to focus on winning the Saints instead of whining about the perceived climate of the locker room.

  125. rramstad says:

    Fascinating that Perrish Cox is gone already. So many surprises!

  126. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Audible- You have a gift with words!

  127. GeorgiaHawk says:

    rramstad- From reading the niner nation blog,(the other day) their fans were surprised that the Seahawks picked up Cox,(former 9er player) to begin with.

  128. Screensmoke says:

    Winfield in the wings- that’s what I’ve been waiting for – Antoine is the man-his experience alone reading offensive scheme is unprecedented.week to burn out the acid and he will be ready- nothin personal rramstadd – I’m just fired up to get Rollin after bye week – it’s been to long- Go hawks! Mo hawk your a bad Ass!

  129. If Cox is out, maybe Winfield in in?

  130. chuck_easton says:


    I take no offense to you personally! I enjoy our back and forth. I enjoy that you are so supportive of Wilson. I just like to provide the ying to your yang.

    I am a full supporter of the kid. I wasn’t so much a Flynn over Wilson guy as I was a guy that doesn’t like to start ANY rookie. If I were a fan of that team we can’t talk about I would have been saying that QB we can’t mention by name should not have started last season. As I said last year, for every Elway, Marino, Aikman, Manning that start right off the bat, there are more instances of too much too soon (Mirer, Aliki Smith, Ponder, Gabbert, Leaf, Vince Young).

    I want Wilson to end his career in the Manning, Aikman, Elway group. I think he has more than a few league awards in his future. I’m just not putting him there yet.

    It’s not a straw man argument to call you out on your man crush! I mean you’d have a real hard time denying it exists. I’m just going to continue to be there to pull in the reins and remind you to slow down a bit.

    Wilson will get there. We all know he will. I’m just not going to push to have it happen before it’s time.

    And if he does manage to get that award that you want him to have this season and not some season in the future you can come back and gloat some more.

    And to be clear. It is not you, nor has it ever been you, that I would invite people to ignore. You bring a lot to this board. I just love it that it’s so easy to get you riled up about your guy.

  131. I wonder if the Seahawks have heard something different back on Browner since they haven’t put him on DL like was rumored.

  132. I would feel much better if they signed Winfield. I hope he decides that a shot at a ring is worth it and that he’s kept in great shape.

  133. seahawkNJ says:

    I’m not too concerned either way. Maxwell is nice, and I like the edge that lane plays with. Browner was hurt anyway. I think in a few weeks we’ll see this as an upgrade. Let’s not forget ET in the back making everyone look better.

  134. bigmike04 says:

    Cox got cut hahahahahahaha…. Thank goodness, sorry why do the team need a player who denied having sex/rape a female who got pregnant & DNA confirm it was his kid..

    Winfield is better player keep his nose clean unlike Cox…

    THought is their diffrent outcome on Browner as this move doesn’t make sense..

  135. doubledink says:

    Along with Chuck, I enjoy what you bring. But when someone rebuts your statements with logic and facts it’s not whining. It’s call discussion. And stop trying to influence what others post, if it is within the rules, that is.

  136. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- you only get me riled up when you try to put the Yank hold on me and try to sell it to others.
    Just because you may see some similarities in us it doesn’t mean I share all the same opinions.

    BTW- I’m with you about priorities with regards to the Seahawks. The Super Bowl is by far the #1 goal. Everything else takes a back seat.

    Wilson is great for this team, however he is nothing that I would want to be around much in real life. Moffitt would be more fun to hang out with imo, but I’m a little lazy these days and I like to drink.

    Seahawks/Saints preview-

  137. GeorgiaHawk says:

    doubledink- Again what are your logic and facts?

  138. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW Chuck, Haven’t we all been waiting for something like almost 40 years for a franchise QB?
    Isn’t it nice that we will be in the hunt for a Super Bowl win for at least the next decade with Wilson?
    I would think you could allow yourself to get a little excited about that, no?

  139. doubledink says:

    The past days Chuck, I and others have listed plenty of parallels of accountability/responsibility in the world outside of football that could bring to bear team/organizational responsibility for the actions of their members. But let’s drop it, shall we? I have so moved on from this.

    I think Max/Lane/Shead will step up just fine. I wish Browner the best in his appeal.

  140. GeorgiaHawk says:

    doubledink- I didn’t think you could come up with any logic or facts. Maybe Chuck and others can try to help you since it seems you have a difficult time speaking for yourself.
    So let’s drop it is your answer? Lol.

  141. doubledink says:

    Perhaps you haven’t read the postings for the last couple of days.

  142. Hey Georgia…I didn’t mean to rile you. I like everyone’s contributions as it pertains to the Hawks. And, I’m all for celebrating Russell when it’s all said and done. Until then I guess I just care about the ‘W’ and think that other stuff can wait.

    If we beat NO 2-0 on a safety, I’ll be the happiest guy here. It might cost RW a MVP, but I’d rather get rewarded with an inside track to HFA throughout the playoffs.

  143. raymaines says:

    Perhaps BB served his 4-6 game suspension while he was in Canada ;)

    I’ve enjoyed reading all posts the last two days from people we’ve never heard of, who have never contributed anything positive and then indignantly over react when something goes wrong.

  144. Dukeshire says:

    “Wilson is great for this team, however he is nothing that I would want to be around much in real life.”

    Really? Holy cow. Man, I would *love* to be surrounded by that type of a person. Someone who challenges me to be better, all the time, *while* accepting me for who I am. Goodness sakes, this is why teammates put it all on the line for Wilson (everywhere he’s been): he genuinely cares without judgment. Or at least that’s what I’ve read / learned. (But it’s true, he’s not necessarily going to be encouraging one to hit Deschutes Brewery at 3:30 on a random workday, even though that would be fun…)

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