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Thurmond announcement expected tomorrow, plus more on possible replacements

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 25, 2013 at 5:07 pm with 79 Comments »
November 25, 2013 5:42 pm

The four-game suspension of Seahawks cornerback Walter Thurmond for violating the league’s substance abuse policy is expected to be made official Tuesday. The Seahawks will make a corresponding roster move then.

Some options to replace Thurmond and cornerback Brandon Browner, who is reportedly facing a one-year suspension: Veteran Antoine Winfield, whom the Seahawks have not officially signed yet. Winfield has not worked out for the Seahawks since the end of training camp.

Former San Francisco cornerback Perrish Cox, who was in a few weeks ago along with Michael Huff (Huff signed with Denver), rookie Tharold Simon, who is expected to begin practicing this week after being out with a foot injury since rookie minicamp and DeShawn Shead, who is currently on the Seattle practice squad.

Also, Marcus Trufant worked out for the Seahawks today.

Byron Maxwell had an increased role last week with Browner out. He and Jeremy Lane will step into the mix at cornerback with Thurmond and Browner unavailable.

As for Browner, Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter of ESPN are reporting that he will be suspended for a year. Browner injured his groin two weeks ago against the Atlanta Falcons. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said Browner was expected to miss 4-6 weeks. Though they had not yet, the Seahawks were and still are expected to place Browner on IR.

In the bigger picture, Browner, who is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year, is all but done in Seattle.

Browner was also suspended the last four games of last season for a PED violation.

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  1. I am embarassed for both of them (and selfishly mad/upset with each, too).

    I hope Winfield has kept himself in good shape and is ready to sign.

    I’m not too stupid to know he can’t replace anyone on the outside, but I want him in the nickel from now until the first game in Feb.

  2. Sherman and ET can market something new for just the two of them… maybe the legion of All Pro studs? Not a catchy name, but at least it’s honest.

    The other clowns like BB and one of my former favorites in WTIII can say they are the legion of goons or something?

  3. bulldog80 says:

    Legion of Doom….ausses. Cut em both and send a message, enough is enough.

  4. There’s still Chancellor BObbyk! HE isnt suspended or dead! Just not making too many big hits these days….

  5. chuck_easton says:

    And now we know why the team didn’t put him on IR. If they IRed him he would still get the remainder of his salary.

    Once he’s suspended he doesn’t get paid.

    It’s a small victory but Seattle just saved a few hundred thousand in payroll.

    And it means Browner doesn’t get a cut of any potential playoff money.

  6. Southendzone says:

    We can make it with the guys we got. If Tru comes back it just reinforces that this is our season of destiny.

    Reports are that Winfield may not be interested.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Winfield retired, it’s not a surprise he’s not interested.

    As others have said, Browner is done in Seattle and likely the league as a whole.

  8. edstang45 says:

    BB should be ashamed as he already went through this as we all know. this actually helps our salary cap issues, find a replacement in the draft and have a rookie contract. hate to say this and may not believe it but this could be a blessing. We don’t need this crap every year. Tell em goodbye and get on with the next man up.

  9. Jerks have no respect … For the game, the fans, the coaching staff, their teammates and ultimately, themselves.
    It’s come to a point that I don’t want to read the stories.
    If the team starts to slide, BB and WT will be the Teflon.
    Selfish arses.

  10. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    Not surprised by the Browner news. I’m upset about it though. The WT suspension is upsetting. The dude hasn’t had a complete season yet, and once his health seems to have come around, he goes and jerks the team around like this after they’ve been patient with him. It’s just upsetting.

  11. The Browner case is sad, but I suspect he knew his time was limited anyway. He’d been benched once, was playing ok…not great but not terrible. The tough one for me is Thurmond.

    Here’s a guy that had a horrible start to his NFL career and finally when he gets his opportunity he screws it up. I sometimes wonder if it’s a result of having a really young team or just plain foolishness by a few players. Either way it is something we really, really need to work on.

    I know PC’s vision for this team is that it is a long running “program” and not a team…there is a definite distinction. In the Tim Ruskell era it was always “character” first. Somehow PC needs to find a middle ground. Maybe through some sort of front office position that is staffed by a former, very respectable player. Someone to coach/counsel these guys on the mature way of conducting yourself. I don’t know the answer but I would honestly say this subject is our weakness. Time to address it.

  12. RDPoulsbo says:

    Just wow. The nerve of Browner to take issue over PED’s when he’s still being suspended takes some balls. If there was any flicker of a chance of resurrecting his career after this just went up in smoke. He just proved without a doubt he can’t be trusted on anything.

    You’re fight chuck. Thankfully, it means he will also bee denied a ring should the Hawks win it all.

  13. This put some serious stink on the success this season, and it looks like it’s gotten to a point where regardless of what the team accomplishes this season, it’s going to linger. Won’t be a shortage of interesting news tomorrow.

  14. Dave Boling says:

    RD … I was also struck by Browner’s indignation … still want to hear confirmation of the details

  15. Browner has been in the leagues substance abuse program since he was with Denver in 2005. In order to get a 1 year suspension, this is at least his third time testing positive. I wonder how long the team has known, especially since he has supposedly exhaustes his appeals. Maybe that’s why Pete was saying he wasn’t sure how long Brandon would be out in his presser last week.

  16. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I guess Browner has a serious drug addiction.. Very sad to hear. I hope he kicks his habit, hes a young man with lots of life to live. Its very unfortunate but we now must move on.

  17. Maybe it’s another leaking sample cup scenario. One can only hope.

  18. If you are addicted to marijuana, you should shoot yourself in the face because you are weak.

    I can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t marijuana and something like meth.

  19. Browners play may have been affected by the looming suspension. He was playing fantastic football before his suspension last year, and never seemed to get back to that level. Now we know one reason why; I know I’d be a little off with that trouble hanging over my head.

    And the cheap shots from folks regarding his supposed penalties is sad. Rag on him for failing 4 Substance Abuse tests, but he didnt commit that many penalties. Plus, quite a few calls were bogus.(yeah, he got away with some too, but so does Sherman).

    If he gets suspended I expect Seattle to release him when they can (not sure they can do that just yet).

  20. EzraMelech says:

    I am disappointed by Browners denial without elaborating. However, that being said, things are kind of fishy with and other media outlets. I don’t want to be tagged as a conspiracy theorist, but I’m beginning to question some reporters/stations actions. I’ve always laughed at the people spouting off about East Coast Bias and Seahawks getting no respect. Now, I’m actually beginning to wonder. Yesterday, reported in a Headline that Thurmond was being suspended for P.E.D’s, but hidden in the article it stated non-ped use. They corrected the Heading much later after damage had been done. Today, in an article about Winfield coming back, they made an error saying that Browner was going to drop the appeal and serve the suspension, instead of Thurmond. That error was also later corrected. Now this is coming out with Browner- first P.E.D. use, then substance abuse and his suspension has gone from 8 games to 1 year suspension. All of this during a bye week, when Seattle now is 2 games up on the rest of the NFL. is also hyping fact that Saints could knock off Seahawks. Again I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist. But most of the time, where there is smoke, there is fire!


  21. Everybody needs to get over it. Those two won’t be in the locker room any time soon. Focus on who is.

    As long as the core is intact (Wilson, Lynch, Sherm and Earl) we’re fine.


  22. edstang45 says:

    BB is history, not going to waste pity on a guy who had the world at his beck and call. Big time money, stature that comes from being an possible all pro. He throws it away to get stoned on whatever his drug of choice is. He is replaceable, take his penalties and go get high somewhere else. I hope Thurmond learns a valuable lesson and sees what is at the end of this road. If theres others on this team let BB be the lesson if they can’t learn then clean house. Enough is enough. Consider this incident every players last chance.

  23. Pete does an excellent job of preaching the “compete” mantra and the players have bought in. Matt Flynn got beat out. TJ Housh got cut. He hasn’t shown favoritism to his former USC players. Everybody has an edge because the know they can be replaced by a backup for poor play. When it comes to this PED and drug stuff, though, there hasn’t been consequences. Guys don’t take it seriously. They should come to work tomorrow and both Thurmond and Browner’s lockers need to be cleaned out and empty and they need to be cut. Maybe guys would understand that this is some serious stuff and it effects the team.

  24. “If you are addicted to marijuana, you should shoot yourself in the face because you are weak.

    I can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t marijuana and something like meth.”

    Congratulations. You get the award for dumbest comment of the day. That’s really saying something on a day like today when people are upset.

    I find it somewhat hypocritical for people to be acting holier than thou when there have been numerous discussions of beer and drinking on this blog. People in glass houses.

  25. An earlier commenter said that Shead (pronounced shed) was playing extremly well on the practice squad, and could fill in nicely. Also, Tharold Sirmon was recovering from his foot injury, and might be available. He looked pretty good in his limited pre-season play.
    Life goes on. . . .

  26. trout_hound says:

    I for one wasn’t expecting Browner back this year or next anyway. Anyway, it is probably for weed, which happens to be legal in Seattle. Right now Thurmond is the bigger knucklehead. Heres to hoping Winfield wants a ring.

  27. thursday says:

    @ezra mfte. i try to resist the conspiracy thing, but frankly, i don’t see this kind of terrible reporting with any other team. it’s like they’re trying to keep the PED rhetoric in people’s heads to create doubt should we “go all the way”

  28. DanielleMND says:

    Biggest game of the season coming up, and now all of these distractions for the team.

  29. I wonder if Pete Carroll is losing this team. Will he be the first Coach in Seahawks football History to drag our team down? We need the people from Seattle to start questioning his Leadership on the radio station let him “HEAR “the 12th Man. Go Hawks from New Mexico.

  30. EzraMelech says:

    To be perfectly fair, Pete can preach till he is blue in the face, in the end it’s players responsibility for what they put in their body. From the news we have heard, Pete has addressed this on multiple occasions and so has the team leaders. We can’t lay “all” the blame at Pete’s doorstep. I agree there should be consequences, however for most part the NFL itself took care of that. Not much more PC can do. I also believe Pete believes in giving people every chance to succeed, even when that means giving 2nd and 3rd chances from time to time. Who are we to question his motives, especially when we don’t know whole story.

  31. Simon never suited up for training camp, let alone played in preseason. The guy is at least a few weeks away from even contributing on Special Teams. Shead may help, and Lane will play. But its going to be tough to keep the Saints in check with backups.

    Sherms going to have a boring day. They wont even look his way, they’ll have their worst WR on him all day. Lane and Maxwell will be tested. ET better stay deep.

    RADEoN–A little harsh? A little ignorant? I think maybe so…Todays strains of marijuana are ridiculously stronger than those of the 60’s…Ive read they are more than 100 times more potent. And yes, the newer stronger stuff can be addictive, to some people. As with any substance–and really anything in the universe–there is no free lunch; theres a cost for everything.

    Who knows if dude’s addicted. Regardless, he’s fouled up his career.

  32. bbmate, if you are weak minded enough to get addicted to a drug that has been proven to have no chemical addiction effects, then you are a sissy.

    The reason I said meth or any amphetamine, for that matter, is because of the injury history with wt3. Methamphetamine causes a decrease in bone density which would lead to broken bones.

    I sincerely doubt that’s the case, but there’s no concrete statement about what drug he consumed.

  33. STTBM, still, THC doesn’t develop physical dependence. If you are willing to throw an NFL career down the drain to smoke weed, then you need to get your ass kicked by your teammates. BB knew what the risks were, and he put the desire to get high over his teammates. I lost a lot of respect for him, and we will never see him play another down in the nfl. Rarely do you get second chances in this league, let alone third.

  34. RDPoulsbo says:

    I enjoy my beer. Good thing my work allows it off hours and I don’t go driving when I drink. That’s pretty much the rules for the NFL as well. MJ isn’t allowed for my job either and they test for it. It doesn’t matter how legal it is in this state, I’d get fired if I did test positive. It’s simple really. Like your job? Follow the rules.

  35. EzraMelech says:

    RADEoN, I don’t know where you get your information, but let me set things straight for you.

    published in Addiction Science & Clinical Practice:

    “… Marijuana produces dependence less readily than other illegal drugs. Some 9 percent of people who try marijuana develop dependence compared to, for example, 15 percent of people who try cocaine and 24 percent of those who try heroin. However, because so many people use marijuana, cannabis dependence is twice as prevalent as dependence on any other illicit psychoactive substance.”

    I also have experience with family members being chemically dependent. It started with MJ and then progressed to harder drugs. I will agree that MJ is not as addictive as many illicit drugs but to say it isn’t addictive is plain hogwash. MJ is both Physiological and Psychologically addictive. SCIENCE has proven it multiple times over.

    You cannot even make the claim for alcohol being non addictive.

  36. jchawks08 says:

    Carroll losing this team? For real? No. He can’t babysit 60 guys 24×7. This is all on Browner and Thurmond. Browner played his last game in Seattle the moment he pulled his hammy. Sad that he’s going out like this. Maybe he can go back to the CFL. I couldn’t care less at this point. Good ridance.
    Thurmond is another story. I believe this is his 1st suspension, though I’m also aware it takes 3 fails to get suspended for the ganja. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, he learns from this, serves his 4 games, and comes back strong as ever. I’d love to see him keep his nose (cocaine perhaps?) clean and continue his up and coming career. In Seattle. And he should come nice and cheap next year. Silver linings. lol..

  37. Looks like Washington won’t be doing the Hawks any favors the way they’re playing SF tonight.

    Gotta get the job done on our own terms.

  38. DanielleMND says:

    “We need the people from Seattle to start questioning his Leadership”

    No, we don’t.

  39. What an f-ing joke. So disappointed. He is defintely gone now and cost himself some serious coin from the hawks or another team. And i hope nobody is excited about Tru being back. Hate to be negative but he is washed up and couldn’t even make the Jags roster. The deepest part of this team has now become thin. Grrrr

  40. jchawks08 says:

    Niners are playing well tonight, which yea, sucks. But we have a 3 game lead on them and AZ. Color me unconcerned.
    The thing I hate most about this crap is being the laughing stock of the rest of the league. Go ready the comments on the articles for Browner/Thurmond. So much joy from fans of other teams. We’re cheaters, drug addicts, liars, and general scum of the earth. It’s irritating what a bad apple can do for a teams reputation. I take solace in the fact that this is an A.D.D. era and in a month, people will have forgotten about the Hawks and their drug problems. I hope anyway..

  41. bulldog80 says:

    RDPoulsbo thank you for that. Very eloquently stated

  42. “… Marijuana produces dependence less readily than other illegal drugs. Some 9 percent of people who try marijuana develop dependence compared to, for example, 15 percent of people who try cocaine and 24 percent of those who try heroin. However, because so many people use marijuana, cannabis dependence is twice as prevalent as dependence on any other illicit psychoactive substance.”

    That doesn’t say anything about physical dependence. It says dependence. Physical dependence is a different thing. It’s not completely understood, but it doesn’t produce nearly the physical withdrawal as many other drugs do. For example, it is possible to actually die from alcohol withdrawal.

    RADEoN, I wasn’t arguing that marijuana is particularly physically addictive, but if you are an alcoholic than you can develop a dependence on almost any drug. It doesn’t have to be alcohol. I don’t think being an alcoholic means that you are weak or a “sissy”, and I certainly don’t think you should shoot yourself in the face because of it. You are sounding like an immature neanderthal if that’s truly your real opinion.

    “I enjoy my beer. Good thing my work allows it off hours and I don’t go driving when I drink. That’s pretty much the rules for the NFL as well. MJ isn’t allowed for my job either and they test for it. It doesn’t matter how legal it is in this state, I’d get fired if I did test positive. It’s simple really. Like your job? Follow the rules.”

    That’s all well and good, and I already said he should’ve quit until they can get rid of the rules or he retires. But anyone here that drinks alcohol and criticizes him for using whatever is a hypocrite on some level. The NFL has no business testing for recreational drugs. These guys aren’t flying planes. And they’re perfectly willing to pump them full of drugs that likely do significantly more damage to their bodies so that they can go out on the field and make them money. Hypocritical anyone?

  43. I thought marijuana was legal in Washington?

  44. vichawkfan says:

    Add Dan Patrick and Tony Dungy to the list of big media types that were talking today about WT3’s suspension as PED related. We have a cheating problem according to Dungy. Yikes.

  45. edstang45 says:

    bbnate c’mon I don’t think theres a holier than thou attitude here. Having drinks at home watching a game is not the same as blowing a test for illegal substances in the midst of a SB run. People are just tired of this failing test stuff, when you know your being tested regularly. It’s been well defined by the league. It’s multiple times by BB. A lot of us as fans have the right to say what we think, as it is just our opinions of stupid behavior. If nothing else we fans of the Hawks are tired of this and just want it to stop. If that means we have no patience for players who behave this way it’s on them not us. I love this team and have always thought BB was a big part of our success and have cheered him on every week. But he brought this on again not me. I for one am overnight ready to give up on him and move on

  46. MoSeahawk12 says:

    It’s pretty funny how everyone here assumes it’s for weed, but no one knows anything about what he was busted for. Probably won’t as the league is always pretty vague with the explanations. It doesn’t really matter as he took something he wasn’t supposed to and got caught, again. He’s gone and left his teammates high and dry as well as his career with our team. He won’t find too many teams interested in his services. Some have commented that weed is now legal in Washington so it shouldn’t matter, but that doesn’t matter as it’s illegal in the NFL. I really hope someone on the team finds the source and weeds it out. See what I did there?

  47. MoSeahawk12 says:

    In other news the Redskins are awful. RG3 looked terrible. They ran quick screens all night. It was like watching high school football. Didn’t expect much from them, but they are easily one of the worst teams in the league. Looks like the niners ended up having a bye this week as well.

  48. EzraMelech says:

    MJ is legal in Washington. However, it’s still illegal nationally. Also (whether you believe it is right or wrong) more and more work places believe that you as an employee represent the “company as a whole” as such many companies view anything you do during work or outside of work reflects upon your employer. Thus many jobs can and will fire you for anything they believe to be detrimental to that companies image.

    I’ve personally seen, as well as heard of people being fired for posts on twitter or Facebook which most would claim is private information. I also had a friend who was fired because he attended a party with other co-workers and got a little to inebriated and badmouthed one of the bosses. The Party was a private affair, which just happened to include co-workers. That mattered little he was still a representative of the company and as such was fired.

    I personally believe what you do in your private time (for the most part) is your business. However, more and more this is not how companies view things.


  49. thursday says:

    Idk how anyone can say the NFL has no business anything. They can do whatever they want in terms of dictating your behavior if you work for them. As can most other companies that don’t have HALF the clout of the NFL. Fact is, you know the rules and you break them, clearly you don’t want a job. You can sit back and say they have no business doing this and that, but that’s your opinion and they don’t care because THEY make the rules.

  50. Adderall is speed. It used to be called Dexedrine which is related to methedrine. It was marketed for weight loss back in the 70’s but due to abuse fell out of use. It resurfaced with a new name and a new purpose but it is still an amphetamine with abuse potential. Not sure how or why it classified as PED. Not that this has anything to do with BB’s current situation but people taking it are probably more interested in getting high than performance.

  51. bird_spit says:

    These guys need to put a lid on the whole thing, and chill. The team is moving forward. We dont need distractions, just hard cold steel focus on the goal.

  52. seahawksteven777 says:

    Pete is a coach, not a guy that watches everything the players do 24/7. There’s only so much he can say or do. He’s not an addiction counselor.

  53. sluggo42 says:

    I could give a horses arse that pot is legal in the state. Would you guys drop that sorry line.

  54. All the pundits in the media and the wannabes on this blog can shove it. The Hawks are gonna kick ass.

    I’m sick of the hand-wringing.

    BB, I loved you, man. Best of luck. Whatever.
    Thurmond. Whatever.

    Rest of the team: it’s the Saints. Crush them.

    And, “Corn,” with all due respect, if Pete’s the first coach to “drag the Seahawks down,” he’s also the first coach to get them to 10-1 ever.

    And frankly, I don’t think we have much reason to complain about marijuana use, if that’s what it is. We live in a state which has decided it’s cool. True, maybe the NFL thinks not, but socially, we’re sending major mixed messages here.

  55. RDPoulsbo says:

    It appears the nickname I’m using for Griffin is outdated. RG3-8 is basically Kap without the backing of a defense and o-line. No surprise about the outcome here, but don’t think it means SF has turned the corner from their issues.

  56. bird_spit says:

    RW will give the 1-0 speech this week, and the distractions (Thurmond, you punk, and the freakin looser browner, just think what he lost, ) will be gone from the goal of stuffing the saints in a pipe and smoking them.

  57. rramstad says:

    Two random comments.

    Very disappointed on SportsCenter to hear the commentators say “with Browner’s suspension, that’ll be seven different Seahawks suspended for substance abuse in a two year period”. Not only were they lumping them together, they were also (I think) counting Sherman’s deal which was thrown out on appeal as if he counted towards the total.

    News flash. If something is psychologically addictive, it’s something you enjoy and want to do again… frankly, I find sex, sleeping in, bourbon, chocolate, and cheese to be psychologically addictive, but YMMV. There are signs that processed food, fried food, yoga, running, verbally abusive relationships are all psychologically addictive. Reefer Madness! I agree 100% that if an NFL contract says no MJ, and there’s testing, you are stupid to think you can imbibe and get away with it. Conversely there needs to be a long hard discussion in the NFL when Aldon Smith rams a tree wasted on booze at 7 AM on a practice day and has to voluntarily put himself into treatment, when conversely someone from the Seahawks apparently is playing Madden, ordering pizza, and smoking some weed before passing out in his apartment, and that results in a four week suspension.

  58. What really bothers me is that someone from the inside of the NFL is spreading the news ahead of the news being made public by the NFL. So yes, perhaps there is some sort of conspiracy…

  59. Those reporting from within the NFL could be violating the CBA – would be interesting to see how that shakes out. of course we will never know since it wouldn’t get reported. Wouldn’t want to tattle on a reporter but LOVE putting the screws to a player

  60. I’ve followed this blog for a long time and never commented but finally wanted to say something. For anyone blaming carroll; he’s not to blame these players are adults and are gonna do what they want. I dont see anyone blaming bellichick for hernandez killing people.

  61. seaturkeys says:

    I’d trade Browner and Thurmond for Okung, Unger, Giacomini, and Harvin.

  62. well put crett…

  63. Ever since Super Bowl XL I have questioned the legitimacy of the NFL. After watching that game I thought it had relegated itself to the same status as “pro” wrestling. No one from central command of the NFL (east coast) wants to see a team from southeast Alaska bring home the Lombardy trophy. That being said, when I was 20-something, I was purely capable of doing something as stupid as this, and especially if I lived in the only city in the US that has legalized the sale of pot. Mixed messages + temptations + immature prima donnas + a governing authority that will do everything in it’s power to make sure that a team from Seattle doesn’t win it all =’s a sketchy organization we call the NFL. That being said, BB and WT, good luck with getting your ship together, if in fact, your were stupid and selfish enough to actually do something this horrific.

  64. CDHawkFan says:

    How does a guy like this not get drafted;

    Brandon Browner Wiki;

    Browner redshirted in 2002 at Oregon State. He then went on to start in every game he played in for the Beavers. Browner was named to the Freshman All-America teams by the Football Writers Association and The Sporting News in 2003. He was chosen Pac-10 Conference Freshman of the Year and was a member of the All-Pac-10 second team. Browner added All-America and All-Pac-10 Conference honors from The NFL Draft Report in 2004.

    So 1st year playing he was Freshman All-America and Pac-10 Freshman of the year. 2nd year playing he was All-America and All Pac 10. He then went into the draft, but wasn’t drafted…That just doesn’t happen does it?

    Guys that get kicked out of programs still get drafted.

  65. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How does a guy like this not get drafted? Maybe he tested positive before the Draft, or had a history of drug use in College?

  66. Browner ran a 4.63 40 at the combine. That was rarely exposed with the Seahawks because Earl Thomas was back there to clean things up.

  67. Any chance we could tryout Asomugha? Maybe he would do some extra effort for the SB.

  68. Southendzone says:

    I’d like to know how BB gets to a 1 year suspension meaning he’s way along in the substance abuse protocol, w/o ever getting a 4 gamer for it first?

    How you get to stage 4 in a 3 year NFL career?

  69. edstang45 says:

    BB was suspended 4 games last year Dude

  70. aelliott11 says:

    What is Pete’s schedule this week? Time for “Tell the Truth Tuesday”. He won’t – and probably shouldn’t – but I would love a forceful, sincere condemnation of this. Send a message to the team and the fans that we are on a mission this season, and the players need to hold themselves to a brutally high standard every week in order to achieve that mission.

    Also, what’s the plan? Tell me we’re not going against a top 3 QB and first-ballot HOFer with Lane and Maxwell?

  71. Southendzone says:

    4 games last year for PED’s, the substance abuse program is supposed to be different.

  72. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If the NFL is about to suspend a player for substance abuse and that player suddenly retires would the NFL be obligated not to disclose that the retired player was about to be suspended? If so that could help explain why a former Seahawks player suddenly retired.

  73. chuck_easton says:


    Somehow Browner was already in Stage 3 before he even came to Seattle. He did enough in College that he entered the Stages program while in his short stint in Denver.

    He’s been in Stage 3 and one strike from a 1 year suspension his entire NFL career.

    As referenced above, that had a lot to do with him going pro after only two years (3 if you count the red-shirt year) of college ball and then going undrafted.

  74. Southendzone says:

    I don’t really think they can put you in the NFL substance abused protocol before you’re in the NFL, shouldn’t matter how much he did at college.

    I guess stage 1 could have been at the NFL combine, that makes sense.

  75. chuck_easton says:

    Browner was in the Stages program back in 2005 while with Denver.

    He was already on the super secret probation list before he ever set foot in Seattle.

  76. What I dont get is “Elite” Athletes smoking anything.
    Smoking is detrimental to your lungs and would reduce the athletes abilities hence making them a lesser athlete compared to others.
    So of everything out there legal or not why smoke anything?

    How about that game coming up.
    MNF vs the Saints Chance to solidify the lead in the division and possible home field Advantage and lots of other football happening right now.
    Done with the suspension thoughts, next man up, coaches need to make a Great Defensive Game Plan and also Offensive Game plan, the world is not over due to 2 players issues.
    It’s going to be cold, wet and LOUD and the Seahawks are a Complete and Deep Team. We Got this!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving All!!! headed to Montana back for MNF

  77. “Idk how anyone can say the NFL has no business anything. They can do whatever they want in terms of dictating your behavior if you work for them. As can most other companies that don’t have HALF the clout of the NFL. Fact is, you know the rules and you break them, clearly you don’t want a job. You can sit back and say they have no business doing this and that, but that’s your opinion and they don’t care because THEY make the rules.”

    I’d be more inclined to agree with you if NFL teams paid for their OWN stadiums. Don’t come begging to the taxpayers for a handout and then try to claim autonomy! And they still have to follow the law regardless. They can’t discriminate in hiring practices, etc.. I’m not saying it’s illegal to drug test their players, but I believe it should be. That’s my right as a citizen. That’s how I can say that. I’d like the ACLU or someone with money to take this crap to court. I personally don’t see why you should be able to drug test your employees unless you can provide proof that being impaired while on the job could endanger lives, i.e a airline pilot.

    Even if they didn’t get taxpayer money, they are still a part of society and have obligations to it and its’ laws. How do people get to the games? Public roads? Public transportation? Do the police provide security? I personally think it should be illegal for them to test for recreational drugs. You’re certainly entitled to disagree. Unfortunately we as a society seem all too willing to hand over any amount of privacy IMO.

  78. “What I dont get is “Elite” Athletes smoking anything.
    Smoking is detrimental to your lungs and would reduce the athletes abilities hence making them a lesser athlete compared to others.
    So of everything out there legal or not why smoke anything?”

    First of all, you are ASSUMING that they are smoking it. There are other ways to administer marijuana.

    Secondly, there is no significant evidence that smoking marijuana has a significant, acute, detrimental effect on your lungs. Theoretically it makes some sense, but that doesn’t make it true. Just another assumption.

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