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Reports of Walter Thurmond suspension for bad test

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Nov. 24, 2013 at 9:15 am with 91 Comments »
November 24, 2013 9:21 am
Walter Thurmond (28) of the Seattle Seahawks celebrates his fourth-quarter interception for a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings at CenturyLink Field in Seattle on Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013. According to multiple media reports Sunday, Thurmond will serve a four-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy.
According to multiple media reports Sunday, Seahawks corner Walter Thurmond will serve a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.

Reports of a four-game suspension of cornerback Walter Thurmond cause concern over depth at a position already weakened by the groin injury to starter Brandon Browner.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported the violation is of the league’s policy for non-PED substances. Thurmond’s four-year career had been sidetracked by a series of leg injuries. With Browner on the sidelines, Thurmond had the first interception of his career last week against Minnesota.

Cornerbacks Byron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane have seen action as substitutes at cornerback this season. DeShawn Shead is the lone cornerback on the practice squad.

The Hawks have this week off and return to action in an important NFC game Dec. 2 against New Orleans, the No. 2-ranked passing team in the NFL.

Thurmond got his lone start last season when Browner was serving a four-game suspension for a bad PED test.


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  1. thursday says:

    I was just starting to really like this guy too, seemed like such a character, but dang, this is not cool. Not a good example of staying focused for what the Seahawks are trying to accomplish here.

  2. terrible timing. probably just cost himself a ton of money. This was his best chance yet in his career to prove his talents. And we need him badly against NO. Huge dropoff from him to Maxwell/Lane.

  3. Ridiculous. When are these guys gonna learn? I mean he sat there and watched Irvin, Browner, Moffitt and who knows who else deal with suspensions for using banned substances. What a dumbass mistake for a guy who has been needing to prove he’s worth the hype the past few years. although I may cool off later, right now my feeling is cut him. I don’t care how good he was/is/or could be. I don’t care if we “need” him. F-that. Next man up. Bye Walter. My tolerance of this stuff as a fan is stretched thin at this point.

  4. Dave Boling says:

    Hard to fully judge without details. That he reportedly is not appealing seems at least a tacit admission of guilt initially. If Browner is, indeed, a 4-6 week injury as Carroll suggested, that would mean he could be out until the Arizona game on the 22nd. Facing New Orleans and San Francisco with a short-handed secondary will be an obvious challenge.

    Maxwell and Lane have done well in their time on the field but it’s unlikely they’ll go with just three corners, and if Shead is brought up, it will be his first appearance. Shead (pronounced: Shed) has looked impressive in practices. He’s 6-2, 220 and very athletic. He has the look of a safety, to me.

    It’s starting to seem like an annual holiday event, having secondary players suspended for bad tests. Fair to point out that the players themselves, not the staff, created the motto: “24/7 Leave No Doubt.” The message was that you’re representing the team no matter where you are, and you need to be accountable to your teammates for your decisions. The motto was adopted after bad tests by Browner and Sherman (reversed on appeal) and Bruce Irvin weakened the team.

  5. Thanks Dave. Always enjoy your insight and reporting. Top notch stuff, good sir.

  6. I can not believe this is happening again! Right at the worst possible time, come on.

  7. tealskin says:

    Not going to defend him, and it’s terrible timing, but if it was pot, it’s not a huge deal. I’d say it would be a bigger deal using PEDs and the penalty is the same. Not advocating pot use but lets get real, there are pot rallies going on. Didn’t cut Sherman or Browner over PEDs and you want to cut Thurmond for pot?

  8. The Hawks have carried this guy through multiple injuries since he’s been in the league. They get paid back like this. Cut him.

  9. AKhawkFan says:

    Time to start begging Winfield to come back to the league. Snag a championship at the last possible second of his career.

  10. AKhawkFan says:

    Also, Tru is on the streets.

  11. AKhawkFan says:

    I also wish Blackmon was still floating around, but….

  12. Dave Boling says:

    Yeah … remember all those cornerbacks they had in August! Carroll said last week that Simon might be back to practice this week. I can’t imagine he’ll be anywhere close to being game ready. However, Shead has been out there every day and seems to come up with a lot of plays on scout teams. He’s a real a big, physical guy. They made it clear they liked him by giving him a raise over what the typical practice squad guys make

  13. Southendzone says:

    Really if it was pot or he’s shooting up heroin directly into his jugular vein, I don’t care. To me I’m not indicting for his actions, but the result of them and the fact that they are completely avoidable.

    I’m pissed that this is something that could potentially derail a lot of what the Hawks hope to accomplish this year. We’re a deep team and can absorb the loss of a starter, but you lose 2 at the same position and it really throws a wrench in things.

    I also think STTBM is right in the earlier post that you don’t just get suspended for a 1st time positive test for non-PED’s. So this is something that he had at least a 2nd chance to prevent.

    Just need the Hawks to win the next 4 games and at then who cares?

  14. STL is sure playing like they want to dictate who he seeded where in the play-offs- actually playing like we thought they would at the beginning of the season

  15. Dukeshire says:

    A retired Winfield does nothing to fill a right corner depletion.

    I work with a guy who played safety or the Ducks, before Thurmond got there, but is still very close to the program. He’s knows Thurmond well, and be his telling, this has been coming for a while.

  16. raymaines says:

    This sort of career path didn’t work out very well for Leroy Hill and I don’t know why WT would think it’s going to work any better for him.

  17. banosser says:

    just wow… this potentially will cost us everything this yr..

    selfish.. cut his ass

  18. You would think that Thurmond would wait till after the December 2 MNF game against the Saints before he starts his four game suspension.

    He can appeal the suspension for this coming week, then drop the appeal immediately after the MNF game and agree to immediately serve out his four game suspension.

    Since he screwed over the team and the fans by still doing drugs, he can at least make up a little and agree to appeal for one week or make a deal with a league that will allow him to play in the MNF game, then take the suspension over the four remaining games afterwards. If there is one game the team really needs him is this coming one.

  19. Seattle loses to Saints because of this? No but it sure doesn’t help. Let’s see what Shead can do. Sounds big and physical just like Sherman/Browner. Could be another Shermanator waiting in the wings. We already know what Maxwell/Lane can do. Not great but not terrible either. Not sure Shead is any better but against J. Graham and Brees it’s gonna have to be above average coverage to slow down their offense. Glad the game is in Seattle. Not the end of the world but disappointing after Thurmond’s play in place of BB.

  20. m2mnelson says:

    “this potentially will cost us everything this year”

    Wow, I love reading these comments. Losing Walter Thurmond could cost us the Super Bowl. Lol! Everyone needs to relax and remember that Carroll and Schneider have built the deepest team in the league and the next man will step up. At the same time, it seems logical that Thurmond will be getting pressure to appeal the ruling to buy time until Browner comes back.

  21. daveboling says:

    Thurmond tweeted: “I’m disappointed in myself for letting my teammates and family down.”

  22. Yeah. I just received that Tweet, too.

    He can appeal and still be back for the playoffs, assuming he’s suspended 4 games.

  23. banosser says:

    Disappointing?? Infuriating!!

    We had our heel on the NFC’s throat.. and with one selfish act it has been removed and all those teams have been reinvigorated and injected with a renewed sense of confidence… Saints, AZ, Rams, Giants, even the 9ers… I’m afraid this will prove to be the turning point in this season… Devastating imo..

  24. bird_spit says:

    I’m more concerned with the appearance of the lack leadership on this team. They, unfortunately, need to regain it..I’d cut him, and make a statement.

  25. AKhawkFan says:

    Winfield would fill the role of nickel corner, while Maxwell played right corner. It’s better than what we have right now, but whatever.

  26. chuck_easton says:

    This wasn’t one selfish act. It is only after a 3rd positive test for illegal recreational substances does a player get the four game suspension.

    That means this is his third positive test in his short career.

  27. chuck_easton says:

    And now Thurmond is in Stage 3. Any future positive test is an automatic 1 year suspension.

  28. thursday says:

    lol guys, at least remember that we played the last games of the year without browner and thurmond last year and destroyed the niners in one of them. it’s terrible timing, but i’m not on that cliff of oh great we’re screwed yet

  29. yea but that was in Seattle and Kaepernick is no Brees.

  30. Yes it has to be many positive tests to equal a four game suspension. The timing suggests the tests were after all the previous PED violations and possibly after the team leaders stepped up and said no more drugs to the team.

    That’s why I share some of the frustration of those above. It’s not what he took, it’s that he was so stupid to take it in light of all that had gone before. Does he have an addiction? Who knows. But taking it in light of all that emphasis against it shows a potential large problem with him in the long term.

    With Browner and Sherm we saw it coming a bit due to leaked info. Usually these are a surprise such as the case here (with the exception being the annual leaking from agents about competing draft prospects). Just sucks and really hurts us.

  31. I think Maxwell or Lane can cover well enough, but it’s gonna take some work from ET to really lock it up. It’s nice having him patrolling the backfield, but doesn’t look like it’ll happen

  32. Just got back from Dallas and come back to this crappy news? Yuck!

  33. Come on, Walter. What were you thinking? We don’t need this. We need every playmaker we have for the rest of the season, which is starting to look pretty damn tough.

    Best wishes to Byron and Jeremy and Shead. You get the opportunity to face Drew Brees, an opportunity Walt apparently just didn’t want enough.

  34. FleaFlicker says:

    Not going to judge a man for ingesting a substance of his choice. But I will judge a man that knows the consequences for this team and makes the bad call anyway.

    This is not a matter of morality or whatever, it’s a matter of taking your job seriously. The NFL workplace has rules. Follow them. Not hard. Wait until February to light one up for chrissakes….

    Facing Drew Brees (who has NEVER lost on Monday Night), down two starting caliber DB’s. Unacceptable!

  35. WilliamPercival says:


    What did you gather (details) from your Ducks Alumni friend? Did Walt have history with a specific drug?

  36. I’m not throwing in any towels. Maxwell and Lane are good and have some experience. Shead is promising and one or both of our top 2 cb’s will be back by the playoffs. If Carolina can beat N.O. (quite possible) we could drop one or even 2 of these last games and still have hfa. And don’t forget we can win on the road too these days.

  37. sluggo42 says:


    I am personally feeling screwed over. He screwed the team, the coaches, and us. I can’t imagine anyone on the team being so stupid to do this to ” this season”. This isn’t just another year in some NFL town. This is the #1 rated SB bound team of a very special season…. And he wrongs us all. After everything else, and, knowing tha BB is already out.

    I’m not alright with this, in any way shape or form. It’s like getting cheated in by your wife… It’s just not cool no matter how you want to spin it.

    We will be fine, as a team, but he has betrayed out trust in the most Inopportune Time imaginable…
    I remember going into this break feeling uneasy that somebody would mess up… I thought the coaches would have spoke about this…

  38. Wow I would much rather have our secondary than the jets secondary, and the jets kept the saints in check, and also won.

    I think we are going to be in for a pleasant surprise when NO comes to town and we see Maxwell fit in just fine. I’m sorta concerned about Lane coming off of special teams because of how well he has been playing there.

  39. Cut WT3 – WTH! No way, you don’t make/keep a championship team by cutting your best players. Sit him for his 4 games just like you did BB, keep him practicing and working out and then bring him back against he Rams who just beat the Bears 42-21. What’s also stunning to me is the Cards being up on IND 34-3 with over 4 min left in the 3rd. CP is beginning to hit his stride there. SEA better not be rusting this bye week, these last reg season games are gonna be tough, tough, tough!!!

  40. yeah, cutting him is the definition of cutting off your nose to spite your face. let’s make ourselves a worse team because we’re mad that his suspension has just made us a worse team.

    doesn’t mean we can’t all be very disappointed though.

  41. banosser says:

    “SEA better not be rusting this bye week, these last reg season games are gonna be tough, tough, tough!!!”

    ya think.. esp now being down 2 of our best 3 CBs..

  42. Ewalters7354 says:

    I understand Drew Brees is coming to town,but that doesn’t just spell loss.I mean,the reason Winfield was because he didn’t want to cut Lane or Maxwell.Also didn’t these guys start in place of Browner and Thrumond?Didn’t the Hawks win all those games?These guys can play.Please stop panicking as if the season is over.

    P.S. the hawks offense is smoking…

  43. Ewalters7354 says:

    Sorry guys…the reason Pete cut Winfield was because he didn’t want to cut any of those guys…stupid iPhone

  44. edstang45 says:

    Crapola…..PC and JS should make a statement now and trade this guy as soon as he comes off suspension, or cut him. Mistakes are one thing but this team as been warned and too many guys have gone down this road. As part of being paid BIG BIG dollars for playing in the NFL, comes the obligation to yourself to remain clean as a condition of employment, just like everyone else who holds a job. Forget about screwing your teammates, Take away his income and send him packing and others may wake the hell up!! How can he be so stupid!!!!

  45. Tough break for December. Who do we keep now? Much of the talk has been focused on keeping WT3 over Browner…now I’m not so sure.

    I don’t know much about Shead and don’t care for Maxwell. I hope Lane wins the gig for the next 4 weeks. I thought he played well last year.

    We’ll be ok. Russell and the gang will step up to help keep the defense off the field. Don’t sweat it. Disappointing for sure, but I wouldn’t dwell too much on it. Next man up.


  46. I am disappointed that he is getting a suspension – but I don’t hate the guy. He made a mistake (or 3) who of us hasn’t? It may cost him millions and a spot on this team or even in the league. He doesn’t need my hate piled on top of it. Just like when kids screwed up – was disappointed by in the long run, I still want the best for them

  47. This is not about hate, it is about getting rid of a liability. You cannot trust WT to be there when you need him. End of story.

  48. Dave Boling says:

    Yeah, I never got the impression Walter is a bad guy or anything. In fact, I think most of the guys admired how hard he worked to get back from all his injuries. That dedication makes it seem a little weird that a guy would risk suspension when he knows tests are always a possibility.

    From a competitive standpoint, I think the Hawks are better equipped to win without Walter Thurmond than they were without Russell Okung and Breno Giacomini. The timing is obviously brutal given the Browner issues, but they have a cushion in the division and some back-ups with experience. If the defense is made slightly more vulnerable, I’d say that’s more than compensated for by the addition of Harvin on the other side of the ball.

    As for cutting him … he’s going to be a free agent at the end of the season anyway.

  49. FleaFlicker says:

    Anybody catch that GB/MIN game? So glad we didn’t stick with Flynn. I think there is seriously something wrong with his arm, in terms of throwing strength. Dude had no zip on anything.

  50. I’m starting to fear that we might have to play one or more of our NFC West rivals in the playoffs. I remember some coach maybe Knox saying it’s very hard to beat any team 3 times in the same season.

  51. dirtbiker_joey says:

    After reading a lot of information on the Sam Hurd case the last few weeks, I wonder how prevalent marijuana usage is in the NFL. Not that we know the specific substance for which Thurmond has been suspended, but I wonder if there aren’t a whole lot of NFL players getting away with smoking pot. Especially given the physical pounding these men take coupled with the reputed pain management properties of marijuana, it’s something that many of us can probably at least understand, if not condone.

  52. TallyHawk says:

    Thank you Dave! Some of you need to go smoke some of Thurmonds goods and chill! Does this suck? Yes. Is the timing bad? Yes. Is it the end of the world or this season? No!! If this derails the train this team isn’t as good as we think. Personally I think they’ll be just fine. As for those of you who feel let down or wronged by this you weren’t. You’re just a fan. The people who should feel that way are him, his family and the coaches and players. Relax it’s going to be ok.

  53. AZ beat IND 40-11. Hope BB is back by the time we play them.

  54. FleaFlicker says:

    Good point about facing an NFC West team in the playoffs. If we get #1 seed and there’s one wildcard team left, that’s our match-up.

  55. What’s with all this Seahawks talk? Don’t you guys know the Colts got blown out and that bum Andy Luck was exposed as the next David Greene?

  56. There needs to be a rule change whereby, if an RB (or QB or WR) is running with the ball and gets slobberknockered helmet-to-helmet and is unconscious when he drops the ball, that the D-guy who hits him gets a penalty and possession remains with the offense…

  57. oldtallguy says:

    The 11 teams we’ve played have a record of 49-70-1. A winning pct of 41. The next 5 opponents are 32-22 for 60 pct.The best record we played is Carolina at 8-3
    NFC East 19-24
    NFC North 19-23-2
    NFC South 22-22
    NFC West 28-15

  58. Oldtallguy, what is your point? When you combine records, you fail to note that the florida teams they played account for 17 of the losses iirc. They won the games against bad teams, doesn’t take anything away from what they’ve done

  59. WilliamPercival says:

    Our FO will take full advantage of this situation by offering WT3 a 2 year deal with minimal fuarantee and lots of incentives. I can see Pete and JS planning this out over Turkey Dinner. Love how they just take the cards given and flip em into a winning hand time and time again.

    As for the now, I feel pretty good about having Max on the outside. He is one of those guys mentioned many times (by players/media/etc) as a starter on some other teams out there. Don’t forget how well Lane played last year when Déjà Vu BB went out for 4. He wasn’t Pro Bowl level but look at the scores from each of those games..

  60. NO is our biggest challenge, and we get them at home. Their major weapon is Graham, their TE, and we cover TE’s with a LB or safety, not a CB. We’ll survive. . . .
    If Dallas can beat NYG at NJ, so can we. . . .

  61. Sarcasticus says:

    Too bad Simon isn’t ready yet. I predict he will ultimately take Browner’s spot next year. Let’s go Maxwell.

  62. Monday when a certain person has access to the computer at school I’m sure we’ll hear about Luck getting blown out.

  63. vichawkfan says:

    Baldwin was very very defensive earlier today on Twitter regarding Walter’s screw up. This piggy backs on his comment two weeks ago when FO released Brian Walters to make room for a DT. I wonder if it’s Walters turn again in order to bring in a CB….and a month before X-mas to boot….hey Baldwin, why don’t you tweet how Walter’s f-up is taking food off another players table and get a grip.

  64. Tharold Simon is sposta come off PUP and be practicing next week per J.Jenks Seattle Times. He also wrote about WT3s teammates lining up behind him:

  65. Odds and Points, Week 12
    .41/27 PIT@CLE .59/11
    .21/24 TBB@DET .79/21
    .17/26 MIN@GBP .83/26
    .46/41 SDC@KCC .54/38
    .56/21 CHI@STL .44/42
    .58/20 CAR@MIA .42/16
    .52/3 NYJ@BAL .48/19
    .16/13 JAX@HOU .84/6
    .61/23 TEN@OAK .39/19
    .31/11 IND@ARI .69/41
    .40/24 DAL@NYG .60/21
    .63/(24) DEN@NEP .37/(14) minute left 3rd qtr…
    .59/ SFO@WAS .41/

  66. From the link above provided by KLM:

    Seattle played last year without Browner for the last four games after he suspended for PED use, something Sherman recalled in comments he made this morning on the situation while a guest on FOX Football Daily.

    “I think we move forward strong,” Sherman said. “We played like this before. We played like this the end of last year. We played four games with myself, Byron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane and we won those games by a considerable amount. So I think we will be fine. It will be great to get him back before the playoffs and make sure he gets his feet back under him. But I think we will get past it.”

  67. and Denver is melting down as well – so the fraud and the choke artist are going to be big targets this week

  68. bulldog80 says:

    I agree with cutting his ass. I’ m so sick and tired of premodonnas that have no regard for anyone but themselves. Even after all of these other suspended players this clown pulls this crap. They Need to make an example of this guy and get team back

  69. They don’t have team? they seem to have each others backs quite well.

  70. Wow – can I guess the off topics of the week – the overrated – the choke artist – and Flynn leading a comeback.

    What a crazy end to the game on Sunday night!!

  71. Yup – bad bounce for DEN…

  72. bulldog80 says:

    Meant “team back on track”

  73. yep – unlucky bounce for the broncos. not the blocker’s fault.

    Hawks now the only 10-1 team in the league . . .

  74. Interesting Xs & Os discussion about Kaepernick and Newton:

  75. seahawks12thman says:

    Wow; a lot of negativity and hostility around these parts. You’d think we were the worst team in the league with all the talk of cutting folks. I guess having a week off to sit around and stew in your own $hit is not a good thing. I for one truly enjoyed the games today. Being able to assess the other teams we might see in the playoffs without any anguish was nice. And to know (for the next week at least) that we have the best record in football is a pretty good feeling this late in the season, especially considering we have three more home games. Anyway, we all (unless you walk on water?) make mistakes, jumping to slit someone’s throat is just slightly overboard. Some of the policies in these sports need to be changed to match the direction society (and The Law) are (have) headed. I will leave that up to your personal dissection. I’d rather have somebody (hell anybody) smoking marijuana than popping some ‘legal’ severely addictive pain killers. All of you holier than though peeps seriously need to read a little more and attempt to understand before you go blabbing your mouths and spew nothing but hate. Like some others suggested, chill and enjoy your Hawks…If you are truly a fan…let it go. BTW, thanks Dave; trying to corral cats is insane, but I like your style.

    Go Hawks!

  76. Ditto seahawks12thman!


  77. I’m more disgusted by the overreaction on this board than a professional athlete smoking pot. It’s a bummer for the hawks to be without Thurmond for sure, and yes, it is by his own bonehead actions, but get a grip people…this isn’t an irredeemable mistake. I hope Walter takes this time to reflect upon his mistakes and think more about the consequences of his actions. He’s still a Seahawk(and a heck of a player), and I still support the guy. Here’s hoping he’ll act more professional in the future.

  78. bigmike04 says:

    People need to take a chill pill,,, stop acting out like it the end of the world… So Walter Thurman get suspended for 4 games, Brandon Browner out 4-6 weeks.. It next man up… Isn’t that Pete Carroll saying next man up seeing as it all about competion & being ready to go when it your turn.. I do think Maxwell/Lane can handle Thurman job & bring up guy off PS can handle the nickle back position..

    Next man up..

    I do have question is their spot open on the roster?? Brandon Browner isn’t on IR, Thurman is suspended does that count against the roster if so than what will happen to bring up PS guy??

    This suspsension does help Pete Carroll & John Scheinder in long run seeing as they can get thurman back up money & not top DB money & thurman probably did cost himself money in long run…

  79. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    @bigmike…With Thurm being suspended it does open up a spot on the 53.

    I also agree that this is not that big of a deal on the field, hey next man up, go get the job down. If our pass rush does their job then everything will be fine..
    At the sametime I believe this could also be a big deal off the field.

  80. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The Saints may be the least toughest win on our remaining schedule.

  81. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I have been staying in Tampa this week and after watching them win in Detroit there is no way they will fire their coach now. They are legit despite their record. Arizona and the Rams are playing better then San Francisco and just may pass em up. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  82. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I wonder if Windfield would be happy just to play 4 games before getting cut again before the playoffs? That is if he and the Seahawks are even interested in this happening.

  83. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Playoff picture-

  84. What Walter did was foolish, it compromises the team somewhat and cost himself money on his next contract. For the Saints game?
    How much pressure we get on Brees with our front seven will be more important than if WT/BM/JL is back there. And at the CLink, our D Line will bring the heat, guaranteed.

    I think they will bring Shead up from PS to back up Max at RCB, and put Lane in the slot. Knowing that JS leaves no stone unturned, he probably already put out a feeler to Winfield to gauge where he is at, and made a call to Tru to see if he is in shape.

    I’m not worried, but WT will now get a much smaller, incentive-laden contract with min base and little guaranteed money. Something else the FO has to consider is that if he has a MJ problem, he could do it again, and if he gets popped next time it’s a full 1 yr suspension. A question JS would have to ask is if we want to risk a roster spot on someone that could suddenly be out for the year for drugs, and has a history of being injury prone.

  85. TallyHawk says:

    I can’t see bringing Trufant back. As good a Seahawk as he was he can’t play anymore. He couldn’t even make the Jags roster.

  86. jchawks08 says:

    Not sure how I found out about this just this morning by my little Filipina co-worker whom is a new Hawks fan, and of course loves Doug Baldwin. But yea, I’m on the side of the fence that says to chill the heck out everyone. Young men making mistakes. Wow, what a new concept!! Please note the sarcasm. Selfish move? Yea, I admit to that much. Especially if this really was his 3rd positive which resulted in these 4 games. He potentially killed his career with the ‘Hawks, as Dave mentioned, he’s a FA after the season.
    Thankfully we have the best depth in the league. 2 down at 1 position and we’ve got 2 other capable backups waiting in the wings. Waiting for their chance to shine for this team.
    So all of you calling for his head/termination/trade/cut/release, take a long look in the mirror next time before you overreact next time.
    We’ll be fine. Next man up! Go Hawks!

  87. grizindabox24 says:

    Georgia, if Winfield returns it will be for longer than 4 games. He will be here the remainder of the season.

  88. Not necessarily, Griz. Thats probably what Winfield is holding out for. Why should he sign with us, if were only gonna cut him when BB and Thurmond come back? He wants a shot at the big game, and if he signs with us, and we cut him at the end of regular season, he wont get on with anyone else. He’s waiting for a guaranteed deal through the postseason, and I dont blame him.

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