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Carroll the best Hawks have had?

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Nov. 20, 2013 at 7:54 am with 87 Comments »
November 20, 2013 7:54 am

Brock Huard of 710 ESPN Seattle sent out this tweet: “It’s easier to say after the fact and after a Super Bowl, but four years in, Carroll is the best coach in franchise history.”

The best start of any season will cause a lot of “best-ever” discussions concerning the Seahawks. And this is certainly a fair one.

Brock was in the press room when he considered sending that tweet, and cast about for opinions before he hit the “send” button. The discussion followed a predictable examination of contenders. That Chuck Knox could get his first team in ’83 to the AFC championship game was a stunning achievement. And the team’s eventual decline was surely influenced by the Behring ownership. He helped energize this area’s NFL fans and put together a .559 winning percentage.

Mike Holmgren took the Seahawks to their only Super Bowl, and six playoff appearances in 10 seasons with a .538 winning percentage.  His arrival from Green Bay made some of the same statements of  instant legitimacy as did Chuck Knox’s years before.

Carroll has the Seahawks with their first back-to-back double-digit win seasons. His .586 record is the highest in franchise history. Fan engagement is at an all-time high. And while every team has to deal with recycling and a finite “window,” there seems to be reasons to feel that this could be built to last, or at least reasonably regenerate.

As the discussion continued, it was clear that Carroll’s success is obviously influenced by a luxury some of his predecessors did not always enjoy – a fully collaborative and symbiotic relationship with his general manager. The acquisition of talent by John Schneider and the application of their skills by Carroll has made the Seahawks not only the most talented roster in the NFL, but also one of the youngest.

It’s hard to separate Carroll and Schneider when handing out bouquets. But there should be many to go around by the time the season is over.

–The Seahawks edged the Broncos in the AP NFL power rankings. They moved in front of Denver even though the Broncos defeated previously unbeaten Kansas City. The Broncos have the Patriots up next and must play Kansas City again on the road.

— I thought Dave Wyman at 710 ESPN Seattle had an excellent look at some of the less obvious elements of Percy Harvin’s first appearance as a Seahawk. He pointed to six plays he either made or influenced that accounted for more than 200 yards.

– The Bleacher Report makes a case for Pete Carroll as NFL Coach of the Year. Kansas City’s Andy Reid is an obvious front-runner, but there’s time left, too.




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  1. yankinta says:

    I like Andy Reid but Kansas City already had like 6 Pro Bowlers and a great Defense before he got there. They just needed an NFL Caliber Starting QB. I think Alex Smith would have led them to a winning season, even without Andy Reid since their Schedule is Sooo Easy…. Pete should have won it last year, I hope he gets it this year.

    15-1 record will definitely do it for Pete and RW,,,and possibly Earl getting DPOY and JS getting GM of the year….

  2. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    The season is still too early. Before we can ponder if Carrol is the best head coach in Seahawks history I think that we have to see how this season ends.

    I do, how ever, credit Pete with building the most competitive roster–from top to bottom–the Seahawks have ever had. Albeit, I’m a little too young to fully recall the 70’s and 80’s era Seahawks. Still, it seems that with Russell Wilson, the legion of Boom, etc., Carrol has arguably assembled one of the best, deepest, rosters in Seahawks history–if not league history.

  3. CDHawkFan says:

    One of the reason I am really looking forward to the San Fran game, imagine the reaction of the fan base when Harvin gets 150+ all purpose yards and 2 TD.

    They are going to kill Harbarf and their FO for not getting him.

  4. yankinta says:

    DisplacedSeahawkFan,, if you’re gonna give credit for RW,, I think JS deserves most of the credit since JS is the one that brought RW to Pete’s attention. JS was the one that went to Wisconsin Games in 2011 and watched him operate in person. JS was the one that wanted to pick RW in the 2nd round but Pete admitted told JS to clamn down and wait until 3rd round. As a result we got a STUD MLB, too… :)

    But I do agree with you. Pete has always been known for being Defensive Coach and he’s built the Best Defensive Seahawks Team in the history of Seattle. :)

  5. SlickToxic21 says:

    Since 1976 there have been many star players that have come through Seattle. Whenever there’s a list compiled of the best Seahawks of all time, it includes the usual ones….Easley, Largent, Tez, Walt, ….some lists include Warner, Alexander, John L Williams, Jacob Green, Blades, Dave Brown, Hasselbeck…and some even include the shorter tenured players like Lofa, Hutch and Galloway..or one of my favorites, Chad Brown.
    Anyways, it’s pretty wild to think that after the next few seasons, that there are so many current players on the roster that may be included in this list very soon, if not already…..
    Wilson, Lynch, Miller, Tate, Percy, Okung, Unger, Clem, Wagner, and of course Sherman, Earl, Kam, and Browner.
    Great time to be a Seahawks fan!!

  6. yankinta says:

    As I watched the MNF game, and watched Luke Kuechly closely,, I saw that even though he’s really good, I saw that most of his tackles came from chasing down plays after his opponent gain a ton of yards. I don’t know if that’s a sign that he maybe overrated. If he was a true Stud MLB like Ray Lewis,, he’s should be stopping them before they gain several yards….

    That was the knock on him last year, which is why I thought Bobby Wagner deserved the D-ROY ahead of Luke,,, Although Bobby didn’t get the official award, many sites like Sports Illustrated and Pro Football Focus gave him their D-ROY awards….

  7. Hey, no cut and paste quotes? I’m liking the blog again.

  8. I like Pete a lot, but it’s a tough call to make, because of the societal and cultural changes then to now. Chuck Knox became head coach not long after I became a Seahawks fan (1981), and he took the team to the point of great respect, and solidified both my NFL and Seahawks fandom. That was from 200 miles away in an era of all-print news and not a great deal of television coverage.

    We now have 24 hour access, places like this where you can bury yourself in information and discussion, and just a lot more saturation than we did back then.

  9. No other coach in this team’s history has come in day one with a plan and made it work quite like Pete Carroll has. It took Holmgren 7 years to get his team to the SB, and inbetween those years there was a lot of mediocrity and losing. The Chuck Knox era got off to a fast start, but he had nothing to do with bringing in a lot of the talent that was already on that team when he got to Seattle. Names like Easley, Green, Nash, Bryant, etc. were already there.

    Pete Carroll came in with a plan and a direction, and then he and Schneider proceeded to build this thing to where it is now. No other coach/regime in the history of this franchise has built up from the ground and then put together a team like this. All that is missing is a Super Bowl appearance. Pete does that, and yeah, I’ll call him the best coach Seahawks history.

  10. montanamike2 says:

    This is the most exciting team in the NFL.

  11. montanamike2 says:

    It’s all about the rings!

  12. yankinta says:

    WOW…. I really like this guy,, more and more…. He’s Perfect for RW…. I’ve been impressed with him since last year and been watching his games closely…..

    I hope he runs 4.65 in the combine,, which would cost his stock to drop to late 1st round…

    My Top 3 Draft Wish for 2014….

    1st Rd. Mike Evans
    2nd Rd. Guard
    4th Rd. Trade for 2015 3rd Rd Pick.

  13. SlickToxic21 says:

    Well put Sekolah! The Carroll/Schneider regime has turned this team from an average team to a Super Bowl quality team in 3 years.
    The future looks bright, and although anything can happen….between the drafting and coaching….and the fact that players now WANT to play in Seattle….there has never been reason for so much hope.
    I mean when we can have a team that is 9-1, with so many injuries, now starting to get healthy, HFA looking real good….and some fans are still complaining…well I think we’ve got a shot at something real special here.

  14. I’ve always what felt that for the most part what set’s great NFL coaches apart are their great quarterbacks. Pete has done a great job of putting together a very good football team but they would be no where near as great as they appear to be without Russell Wilson. When you look down through NFL history the combination of the great coaches and their QB’s is an amazing thing to look at. I think that Chuck Knox, just like Pete Carroll put together a very good football team but he was limited by the QB play of Dave Krieg. I liked Dave and everything but was nowhere near the caliber of his great contempories like Montana and Elway. I have always wondered how Chuck would have done if the Seahawks had been successful in aquiring Warren Moon for him. Holmgren was able to build a pretty successful team too. But it took him a while and I’m not sure they were ever as complete as this team appears to be. I think his mistake was trying to build around offense rather than build a defense first like Knox and Carroll did.

  15. SlickToxic21 says:

    Yeah, you certainly don’t hear anyone talking about the greatest coaches of all time, without a top QB….
    Walsh – Montana
    Shanahan – Elway
    Johnson – Aikmen
    Holmgren – Favre
    Noll – Bradshaw
    Shula – Marino

    Some coaches have been overrated because of their QB’s, but not too often are QB’s overrated because of their coach

  16. montanamike2 says:

    No one can doubt he dismantled this team and then built it back up, in an amazing few years.

  17. yankinta says:

    MoSeahawk12,, THANKS for the Links!! It’s so great to watch those groups that are interviewing him on TV. You can tell by the sparkle in their eyes that they know RW is a Special Special Player…..

    Man,, I still remember Jumping off My Couch,, Screaming like we just won the SuperBowl,, when we picked RW with 75th overall pick in 2012. At that same time, RW was telling JS on the phone the John had made the BEST Decision of his life!! WOW…. mms.

  18. I think the best one ever is Belechick/Brady. Man what a run they’ve had and are still having. Probably next in my mind would be Walsh/Montana/Young. Their run wasn’t too bad. I think Johnson/Aikman could have gone a lot further than they did without the interference and jealosy of Jerry Jones. Going way back the Lombardi/Starr conbination wasn’t bad either.

  19. Wouldn’t it be something if the Carroll/Wilson combination was added to that list of greats. I’m kind of counting on it now.

  20. doubledink says:

    Their building of this juggernaut is what separates Carroll from the other coaches. We should remember that is was Carroll who had/has the final say. He selected Schneider not the other way around.

    He didn’t inherit this team. He built it

  21. aelliott11 says:

    I loved Holmy, but the reality is he came in and inherited a mediocre team, added some weapons and then got to the Super Bowl. Under his watch, they had as many blown draft picks as good ones, and the team quickly fell apart after the 06 season.

    Carroll inherited a total mess, flipped the roster over 110%, and built a young, dynamic, exciting team full of promise, depth, and future stars. If they can keep the team together, or most of it, they’re set up for a good long run.

    +1 for Pete and John S.

  22. montanamike2 says:

    He didn’t inherit this team. He built it

    So true.

  23. montanamike2 says:

    Equally fun is watching Harbaugh and SF spiral down. Does he keep his job if they don’t make the playoffs?

  24. chuck_easton says:

    For me, any discussion about the best coach in Seahawks history begins with Chuck Knox. It was Knox that took a below average expansion team and gave them legitimacy in the NFL.

    Right on his heals, I would have to put Carroll. If Pete can get the team to the promised land he jumps right to the top of the list.

    Holmgren is a distant third. Too loyal to older players. Bad draft choices. Wouldn’t allow his ego to admit when there was a mistake made in taking a certain player. Sure he was the coach of Seattle’s only SB team, but with the talent on the O-line, with the then best RB in the league, and with a very competent QB in Hasselbeck the team should have had more than just that one good year. Also, Holmgren gets too much credit for putting that SB team together. If you go back and look at it the majority of the stars on that team where acquired AFTER Holmgren was stripped of his GM duties.

    So, for me it’s a tie. Old school Knox and new school Pete. I can honestly say that if Chuck Knox were transported to 2013 he would have no clue how to deal with today’s athletes. He wouldn’t be nearly as successful in today’s game.

  25. I think one of the reasons they they started to fall of so much after the 06 season is that they were too old by that point and also, Tim Ruskell is an idiot. But it took Holmgren’s team too long to get to the top. After their first forway into the play-offs with Hasselbeck’s “We want the ball and we’re going to score” game, they should have been ready to compete for championships right then, but they were never quite good enough. They didn’t quite have it until the 2005 season and by that time it was kind of one and done thing.

    That is why I am so excited about this team. They look to be right ready now and I’m believeing that we are looking at a nice run here. Very unual for the Seattle sports scene.

  26. Southendzone says:

    KJR had a cool interview with Marquand Manuel this morning. I forgot all about that guy but he talked about his injury in the superbowl and how up to his injury he was in the zone. He knew EVERYTHING that PIT was going to do and was playing light’s out.

    Said he looked in his backup’s (Etric Pruitt) eyes and knew he wasn’t prepared for the moment.

    Also the morning show is doing a contest for tickets but you gotta know all 4 interview people from the 2005 team, they are going to do 1 a day. I don’t know who yesterday’s was, if anyone can help out, post it here!

  27. TallyHawk says:

    If this team gets to the super bowl it will IMO be the best team in franchise history. The one thing that separates this team from the 05 team is the expectations entering the season. In 05 there were no Super Bowl expectations. They were starting year 7 of holmgrens 5 year plan. This team was 30 seconds from the NFC championship game at the end of year 3 and started year 4 as a legit contender. If they don’t at least get to the Super Bowl the season to me will be a failure and go right next to the 01 mariners.

  28. SlickToxic21 says:

    It’s gotta be close to unprecedented to have this quality of a team after missing on so many top picks (not just this management, but in the last several years)……
    Giving up a 1st for Branch
    Curry, Carpenter, Tubbs, Spencer, Stevens, Lo-Jack, Jennings

    Most teams build slowly with 1st rounders and key free agent signings…this team did it despite missing on a lot of 1st rounders.
    That’s pretty impressive!

  29. yankinta says:

    Southendzone,, yeah…. I’d like to forget but I cannot forget about Marquand Manuel getting hurt.

    I was Sooo MAD at Tim Ruskell and Holmgren for Wasting away a 3rd Rd Pick on David Green (QB from GA),, instead of drafting a backup Safety…. That would have been the difference, enough to win that Super Bowl…. smh…

  30. “RW was telling JS on the phone the John had made the BEST Decision of his life!”

    That doesn’t sound like RW…more like, “when can I get our playbook and keys to the film room”…

  31. Macabrevity says:

    After the big three of Knox, Carroll and Holmie, I always liked Dennis Erickson. He put together some offensive teams that were fun to watch even if we never got over the hump of mediocrity.

  32. I don’t believe you can say Carrol is our best coach ever–yet.

    He has won what? Two playoff games?! While he has rebuilt the team–with help from JS–into the most talented team in Seahawks history, the season isn’t over.

    One thing both Holmgren and Carrol have that is often overlooked is a great owner, and the ability to use his bottomless pockets; not only for player salary, but for facilities, trips, perks, extra staff, etc…also, in the days before modern free agency, it wasn’t easy to stock a roster with talent quickly. You had to build through the draft, not patch holes in FA. It was also damned hard to get FA’s to sign here, for various reasons, not least of which was that our owners (Nordstrom and then Behring) rarely paid anything close to market rate for players.

    Knox had to deal with teams like the Niners, who in the days before a salary cap used mob laundered money to buy championships. Their offensive line alone made more per year than Seattles entire offense, from what I heard. Yet he made us contenders for most of a decade, despite lack of funds and the other handicaps I mentioned.

    Holmgren dismantled a playoff-caliber team, and instead of blowing it up, tried the slow-change method; it took 4 years to implement, but then we had a fine team from 2003 thru 2007. I don’t blame Holmgren for 2008-2010; those lost years lie squarely on the weak shoulders of Tim Ruskell, the NFL’s second-worst GM of all time (next to Matt Millen). He took us to the SB and IMO called a great game. The refs and Stevens failed us all. Holm greens only mistakes that day were not giving the ball more to SA (who ran for 95 TD’s anyway) and forgetting about Joe J, who didn’t need to be open to catch passes.

    As I said, with JS’s help, Carrol has rebuilt a terrible team into the most talented team in the NFL. But he still makes coaching mistakes, and IMO, the jury is still out until he can make this team greater than the sum of its parts; so far this year they are less than their sum. If/when Carrol wins a SB, THEN I will agree he’s our top coach; for now he’s behind Knox and Holmy but gaining fast..

  33. 95 yards. Holmgren. Freaking stupid autocorrect.

  34. TallyHawk says:

    Chuck, if I remember correctly holmgren was stripped of his gm duties before the 05 season so he did put most of that team together and should get more credit than ruskell IMO. That said I agree that they definitely under achieved until that season. That’s why no one was expecting anything from them going into the season. As for the 84 team they started out hot but lost their last 2 games which cost them the division title. While they were a talented team the faltered when it mattered most. I also agree about Knox giving them legitimacy. No matter what this team does his teams were the teams of my youth and they will always be the ones I remember most fondly. To this day my only jersey is a throwback 80.

  35. Manuel illegally agreed to a contract with GB before FA even began. The NFL looked the other way, as usual–especially since it involved GB.

    He then played poorly and was cut before he played out his contract; then he went to Carolina and wasn’t much good there.

    While his injury cost us, the refs werent gonna let us win, and it was Boulware who just missed defending the ball on Shittsbughs converted third down and thirty…not poor Etric Pruitt. That’s the play that broke our backs–that and the bogus pushing off penalty on D-Jack in the end zone, and the insane penalty on Hass for an illegal block when attempting a tackle…

    Manuel can kiss my ass. He could have stayed and been a good player, instead of hosing us and heading to GB…

  36. TallyHawk–My only jersey up till this year was an 80 practice jersey. My brother gave me a D-Jack jersey and an SA Pro Bowl jersey that my wife wears cause she still thinks SA was the cutest Hawk ever (baaarf!)…

  37. yankinta says:

    Audible,, Watch this video,, posted by MoSeahawk12….

    He really did admit to saying that to JS right after he was drafted,,, on TV….it shows how much he believes in himself…. :)

  38. Getting back to the next draft, I expect us to take the best player available in the following areas, no certain order: OL; CB; Safety. We need depth at those three positions, due to age and salary cap room. Everything else is bonus.
    Now it may be that some of our IR guys, like Sirmon, will fit in, but I’m not savvy on such.

  39. HawkfaninMT says:

    OT: If the season ended with Carolina and SF getting a Wild Card and winning their first round game… Would you rather see Car @ Seattle or SF @ Seattle?

  40. yankinta says:

    LOL, I think Dan Graziano is finally catching on. He seems to be unable to contain his Love for RW,, just like the rest of us…. he’s mentioning RW every chance he gets. I bet he moves RW to No.2 Spot on Dec 4th.

    Under 2nd place Drew Brees,, he wrote
    “Brees is only 203 yards and eight touchdown passes behind Manning, which is fairly incredible considering Manning has spent the season on pace to break all those records. At this point, the only thing stopping Brees and Manning from making plans to take the Sopranos sightseeing tour together in early February may be the next guy on this list.”

    Under 3rd place RW, he wrote
    “You know the kid in school who always has the newest stuff? You finally get a cell phone, and the next day he brings in an iPad mini. You get your driver’s license and a used Nissan Sentra, and he pulls up in a new Range Rover, even though his old car was already nicer than yours. Russell Wilson is that kid. After winning nine of his first 10 games, Wilson this week got a 10th win, welcomed his two starting offensive tackles and his best wide receiver back from injury and now gets a week off before playing three of his final five games at home. Somebody’s living right. And, oh, by the way, leading the NFL in completion percentage on throws 15 or more yards downfield. Wilson’s got it all and is only getting better.”

    Under 9th place Marshawn Lynch, he wrote
    “This is the guy for whom Russell Wilson would vote if he had a vote, which he doesn’t, but that’s just the kind of dude Wilson is. He’s a team player whose own awesomeness doesn’t impress him as far as you know, and he’s smart enough to realize what he’s got in a backfield mate with Lynch. There are going to be days when Wilson needs to plug all of the variables into his own mental computer and figure out the exact parameters of the next four throws he needs to win the game. And there are going to be days when they’re up big because of special things Wilson did in the first half and the way to win is to hand it off to a running back who can’t be tackled or tired in spite of an over-reliance on Skittles as his primary source of nutrition.”

    mms = :)

  41. TallyHawk says:

    STTBM, perhaps that’s why SA ran so soft(until the goal line). He was trying to protect his pretty little face.

  42. yankinta says:

    joreb,,, lol. Thanks I needed that laugh. I like johnny Manziel but he still needs to improve his accuracy. Playing with Mike Evans is a huge plus for him since Mike Evan has the biggest catch radius,, almost similar to Calvin Johnson.

  43. MoSeahawk12 says:

    That article is looking way too far ahead and comparing him to Wilson is pretty goofy. Manziel has a ton of growing up to do and I don’t think he has Russell’s mental fortitude to be in the conversation. Let’s see if he comes out, is drafted and to what team and even earns the starting job before we jump to winning Superbowls. He isn’t even on the same planet as Russell and to compare him to Wilson is insulting to say the least. What a lame article. Poor journalism strikes again. Probably a scout for the Raiders, Browns or Jags.
    Good laugh joreb.

  44. chuck_easton says:


    Too many Seattle fans think the 2005 team was Holmgren (GM) and/or Ruskell. In fact there where 4 GM’s that had a hand in making that 2005 SB team.

    Bob Whittsitt 1997-1998 Brought in Walter Jones (LT), Chris Gray (RG) (2 starters)

    Holmgren 1999-2002: Offense: Stevens, Hasselbeck, Alexander, Hutchenson, Bobby Engram, and Tobeck (C) Def: DD. Lewis (7 starters on SB team – only one on Defense)

    Bob Ferguson 2003-2004: Defense – Wistrom, Manuel, Boulware, Trufant, Tubbs ST: Rouen (P) Brown (K) (7 starters on SB team)Also brought in D J. Hackett who had a role in the SB.

    Tim Ruskell 2005 – Offense: Joe Jurevicious, Sean Locklear Defence – Fisher, Darby, Sharper, Tatupu, Herndon ( 7 starters)

    the 22nd starter Mac Strong had been on the team since 1994.

    So make up of 2005 SB team by GM:

    Holmgren 7 ( 6 Off 1 Def )
    Ruskell 7 ( 2 Off 5 Def)
    Whittsit 2 (both OL)
    Ferguson 5 ( 5 Def) (and both kickers)

    Mac Strong from 1994. (Off – FB)

    So, Holmgren was only responsible for 1/3 of the Superbowl team. Whittsit/Ferguson had as much to do with that team as either Holmgren or Ruskell did.

    But everybody always talks about the 2005 team being the team that Holmgren built. Sure he built much of the offense, but Holmgren had ZERO eye for defensive players.

  45. SlickToxic21 says:

    The best part about this team, is that they are built to stop anything and everything that is thrown at them….and they are able to win in a variety of ways….which is probably why it’s been a little frustrating for us fans watching them “struggle” to their 9-1 record.

    They can stop the run, they can stop the pass, they can force turnovers….and on the offensive side, they can win with the pass, the run, turnovers….AND they can beat you with their special teams…with Tate and now Harvin, and Ryan and Haushka…and their coverage with guys like Lane are fantastic.

    How do you NOT win the Super Bowl?!!

  46. As Cervantes said, “All comparisons are odious”. I know Brock’s job is to bring in listeners but Holmgren was an outstanding coach. Knox was an outstanding coach. Carroll is an outstanding coach. I think it’s better to talk about the unique way each did their job instead of trying to rank one over another. Also, timing is important. Holmgren’s “the system is everything” and patriarchal approach worked well all the way from Bill Walsh onward (in terms of coaching, not gm). The really unique thing about Carroll is he uses a competitive and collaborative approach in everything. Even that make a wish foundation thing. It seems like he was trying to do that the best it could possibly be done. And John Schneider uses the same philosophy. His scouts must feel like they have the best job in the world. The guys they find are going to play if they outcompete the vets. Am I remembering wrong or didn’t the retiring scout pick both Alvin Bailey and Bowie? Schneider came from the ranks and knows how to treat his people. Similarly Carroll makes an atmosphere that assistants want to be there as well as players. His approach seems to be a perfect fit for the way the game is now.

  47. surelyyoujest says:

    Chuck, I think Leroy Hill was also a Ruskell pick (same year as Lofa).

  48. surelyyoujest says:

    Coach Carroll is successful because he not only understands scheme and X’s and O’s, he’s able to overlay an overriding philosophy on top of that for the organization. It trains the mind how to think, so that there is a single mindedness amoung both that players and coaches so that everyone is on the same page. No alternate agendas, no mixed messages… all comes from Carroll’s fundamental philosophies as to how to conduct yourself, how to practice, and how to play the game.

    I do not know of a single other coach that embeds as much overriding guidance on a football program. He has this thought through from top to bottom. Every coach or front office person that leaves will take this with them, so there will be a Carroll “tree” before too long. Gus Bradley spews all of the same tenants as Carroll as if he’s been cloned. However, most “trees” are based in the X’s and O’s philosophies, not in the “how to guide and run a football organization”.

    Carroll is unique. And it’s working.

  49. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this before…but much of the success of Carroll and Schneider is due to what is unarguably the best ownership ever of a Seattle sports franchise. Mr. Paul Allen sets the tone and creates the environment and stability for success. Pete may be the best ever coach, Schneider may be the best ever GM…those things may be decided this year. But Paul Allen is the catalyst, and if we win the Super Bowl this year, they better damn well make the first statue outside Clink be of Mr. Allen.

  50. ChrisHolmes says:

    I believe in a couple more years there won’t be any question about who the best Seahawks coach of all time is.

    Or who the best Seahawks QB was.

  51. Agree w/chrisholmes. And pretty much everyone else on here. What Carroll/Schneider have done, in completely turning over a roster in 2 yrs, is amazing. He deserves even more accolades than he is getting, mostly I think, because there is still a fan contingent around the country that has an almost unnatural dislike of Carroll. Those of us who remember how sad-sack the Jim Mora Seahawks were, know how far we have come in a really short time.

    BTW, anyone else have kids listening to Eminem these days? Check out the song “Monster” from his new album, a funny reference to a certain QB . . .who knew he was a fan?

  52. I think people are missing a key piece here. Besides Coach, General Manager, and Quarterback, there is another key to any regime’s success. The Kicker! Think about what sunk Jim Mora’s career in Seattle. Olindo Mare. ‘Nuff said.

  53. “It’s easier to say after the fact and after a Super Bowl, but four years in, Carroll is the best coach in franchise history.”-Brock Huard

    I don’t see where he mentions being a GM there? Maybe I’m reading it too literally?

    Holmgren is the best currently for my money, Knox was before my time. PC is coming up on his heels fast. PC seems to be far superior as a talent evaluator, but it’s hard to separate JS and he in this area.

    Holmgren coached a team that had a very, very good chance to win the SB. If it wasn’t for the NFL choosing the Blind Boys of Alabama as the officiating crew that is.

  54. sluggo42 says:

    I think chucky got it.
    Knox old school
    Pete new school

  55. Ruskell did very well his first year as GM–or at least his first offseason. He brought in a bunch of affordable defensive players that gelled and helped propel the team to the SB. Then he got a Fat Head and started fouling up, and began sandbagging Holgren…the results are history.

    And thank you to Chuck for showing the players brought in under Fergusons watch.

  56. Carrol has yet to make it to a Title game, let alone play in or win a SB. He’s had three winning seasons. He still makes dubious in-game decisions and struggles with clock mgmt, so he definitely has room for improvement.

    If he wins the SB this year, I will say he’s our best coach ever. I’m partial to Knox, like Chuck. I think Carrol is rapidly approaching Holmy and I hope passes him this year…

    Other than the penalties, I love the results of Carrols new age/new school style.

  57. Sandpoint–Thanks for the link on Walter Jones, Moore, and Tim Worley. That was funny that dudes Mom told him not to go to Oklahoma when Switzerland put his boots on the coffee table… Douche move!

  58. Our little secret is on the tv a lot this week. He is slightly better in front of the camera than Kapernick. Russell said he is a nba fan and used to like the Bulls. Asked who he likes now. His answer was he is waiting for the Sonics to return. So good.

  59. Knox put us on the map. I’m not much for ‘old school’ types, but I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. He really was the best IMO when you consider his full body of work. It was a shame that Warner couldn’t get back to being healthy…along with Easley…they would’ve been great for a really long time.

    Holmgren I’m thankful for taking us to the Superbowl, but quite honestly couldn’t stand him. He was a tyrant on the sidelines. He’d blow up, turn all red, was condescending and had no ability to develop depth. Plus, he spent too much time focusing on offense and not enough on defense. Losing Fritz Schurmur was a big blow, no doubt, but we just never really put the full package together. When you think about all those years in the NFC West and how inept the other teams were player wise, coach wise, etc…we should have been in multiple Superbowls in my opinion.

    Pete has the chance to be the best. He’s my favorite without question and I think he’s the perfect guy for Seattle and it’s fans. It’s too bad we couldn’t have had Piniella, McMillan or Karl and Pete all at the same time…that would’ve been awesome.

    And yes…I think barring any injury…Russell will get recognized as the greatest QB in our team’s history, but he needs at least 5 to 6 years of productive time with us…unless he wins a Superbowl before then. Then all bets are off.

  60. sluggo42 says:

    Ya know, I forgot that we have Anthony McCoy returning next year? Do we still own him? I really thought he was coming into his own till he got hurt.

  61. montanamike2 says:

    I think his contract is up because he was in Pete’s first draft.

  62. I’m sure McCoy will get a shot thru preseason next year if he heals. He really seemed close to a breakout year, and with the line struggles and the injuries to Miller, losing McCoy was a big blow.

    All I can think is how bad I want us to sign Tate, Baldwin, and Kearse to longer deals…

  63. “Russell said he is a nba fan and used to like the Bulls. Asked who he likes now. His answer was he is waiting for the Sonics to return. So good.”

    Just when I thought I couldn’t like the guy any more . . .

  64. Really nice insight to Earl Thomas. Very impressive young man. Amazing how many mature, intelligent athletes the Hawks have accumulated over the last few years. Not at all surprising how they are handling success:

  65. GeorgiaHawk says:

    joreb-Spot on with everything you said in your last post except for the Russell Wilson part that he needs 5-6 years to be the greatest Seahawks QB of alltime.
    Even if he never wins a Super Bowl Wilson will be the greatest Seahawk QB of alltime.
    In fact he already is right now. No Seahawk qb has accomplished more then Wilson overall.

  66. doubledink says:

    That has to be qualified with the statement, “within the same time frame of their careers” to be a true statement.

  67. sluggo42 says:

    Put a ring on it

  68. GeorgiaHawk says:

    doubledink- If a builder builds a house in two years better and faster then a builder that builds a house in 5 years who is the better builder?

    It would be great to win a Super Bowl or more, however Earl Thomas makes a great statement here with regards to the big picture.
    I feel bad for those Seahawk fans that live for only one thing, a Super Bowl win and totally disregard everything else the Seahawks have done.

    “If we win the Super Bowl that’s fine and dandy,” he said, “but I want to be able to look back at the journey and I want to think, ‘Man, I had a great time doing it. The Super Bowl’s the end product, but it’s not going to be any more enjoyable than the whole journey.”

  69. thursday says:

    Wilson gets it. He knows he’s the face of the team, like it or not.

  70. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Atlanta finally brings their A game Thursday?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they give the ,( average on the road Saints) a good game.
    This is a pride game for the Falcons and to show they support coach Smith.

    Falcons- 30
    Saints – 27

  71. slicktoxic says:

    I do agree with what Thomas had to say…..I’m hoping it’s going to be an extended journey….several years of being in contention for the SB…….but I gotta say, the sooner they win one, I feel it will take away the sting of SB XL……and just be so cool for those that have been wanting and waiting for soooo long! That’s all.

  72. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It’s funny how the 9er fans are all up in arms about Brooks hit on Brees, however they weren’t so much on Kams hit on Davis.
    And Kams hit on Davis was much more within the rules imo.

  73. It’s amazing how much faster it is to read, when I remember to skip most of the posts!!!!

  74. raymaines says:

    MikePDX says: “His [PC's] approach seems to be a perfect fit for the way the game is now.” and I disagree.

    I think PC is perfect for the way the game is going to be in the near future. PC is changing the game! He’s the most innovative NFL coach in the last, say, 25 years. He’s not changing the game in an X&O kind of way but in the way he treats players. He’s not the first guy that want’s to minimise turnovers and rely on a power running game, but he might be the first guy that treats his players like grownups and thinks a happy, healthy player is a better player. PC is so far ahead of his time that his genus probably won’t be recognized until after he retires.

    This ESPN article from last September is a well worth the read if you haven’t seen it yet.

  75. GeorgiaHawk says:

    My bad, I meant to say they were so much,(all up in arms) on Kams hit on Davis.

  76. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It’s amazing,(not really , more like amusing )how little I learn from those that have not much more to say then- “It’s amazing how much faster it is to read, when I remember to skip most of the posts!!!!”

  77. Didn’t expect you to learn from it – just skipped the ones that are regurgitating the same things over, and over, and over . . . . . . . … . Can read the first line and – Op – read that last post. You must think I was talking about you

  78. Georgia’s one beer over the line sweet jesus.

  79. GeorgiaHawk says:


    “Somebody To Love”

    “Has national media finally found Seahawks to love?”

    “Each morning I use to get up and die a little”
    ” I could barely stand on my feet”
    “I Took a look in the mirror and cry”
    “Seahawks what you’re doing to me”
    “I have spent all my years in believing you”
    “But I just couldn’t get no relief”
    “Somebody, somebody”
    “Can anybody find me a Seahawk team to love?”

    “This team works hard every day of their life”
    ” They work till they ache their bones”
    “By the end of the game they are ready to impose a will of their own”
    “I go to the fridge and get me more beer”
    ” And enjoy this big ride that we’re on”
    “Oh” , somebody , everybody”
    ” I think we finally found a Seahawk team to love.”

  80. GeorgiaHawk says:

    xcman- I value most of the posts here including yours when you are not devaluing most of the posts here.

    “Georgia’s one beer over the line sweet jesus”

    Thanks nate for the material. Remember you said a year or so back that this would be the Seahawks year. We are all coming down on you if it don’t happen. Lol.

  81. Sure thing, Georgia. I’ll send you an address to come to with your torches and pitch forks if the Hawks don’t get the Lombardi.

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