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Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Nov. 19, 2013 at 9:52 am with 45 Comments »
November 19, 2013 9:52 am

Russell Wilson’s 4th quarter passer rating is 93.8, with 4 TDs and 3 INTs (half of his 6 for the season). That’s 9th in the NFL. Those comparing that to Kaepernick will note that his fourth quarter rating is 41.3, 41st in the league.

Other stats of note: The Seahawks lead the NFL in penalties with 87 (played 1 game more than non-bye teams). Team passer rating: Seahawks 106.6; opponent passer rating, 68.7. Receiving yards of Marshawn Lynch (222 on 24 catches) is the most since he’s been in Seattle — with five games left. NFL rankings: Seahawks #1 pass def. #3 rush off. #3 total def; Lynch #2 rush yds. Wilson #5 pass rate; Hauschka #1 scorer. Lynch #1 non-kick score.

Russell Wilson’s 11-game rush totals of 72-409 is nearing his 16-game total of  2012 — 94-489

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  1. Here’s a good link with the passer ratings by quarter and half –

  2. Nice job by Irvin – he seems to be showing more maturity

  3. Nice article on the Percy Harvin influence:

  4. PugetHawk says:

    Thanks for all the links guys. Good stuff.

  5. Dave, Kap is 41st in the league??
    That’s a lot of Backup QB’s that have a better rating..

  6. edstang45 says:

    Great times to be a seahawk fan baby. ….

  7. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Only 2 team stats matter right? (I think I’m ripping off Sando with this)

    3rd down conversion % (offense)
    Red zone TD conversion % (defense)

    Hawks rank 10th (39.6% 3rd down conversion) and 3rd (38.4% TD allowed in red zone).

    Saints – 5th and 25th (60% red zone TD’s allowed) – yes 60%!! That means they suck in base D (red zone D is almost ALWAYS base).

    Niners – 17th and 22nd – whatevs.

    Detroit – 8th and 5th – surprising how good that is.

    Carolina – 1st and 3rd. No team has a better combination than that. Watch out for them Panthers ya’ll.

  8. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Sorry – correction – Hawks 4th in red zone D. Carolina 3rd.

    Also – I believe Russell Wilson holds the record for the number of records held by a 2nd year player.

  9. yankinta says:

    FINALLY!!! A Well Respected Site – Pro Football Focus – Agrees with me….. and it only took 1.5 years… lol :)

    “The Best Young QB in Football”

    “Andrew Luck was the first overall pick, and the guy with all the hype attached to him. The ready-made storyline of replacing Peyton Manning was too good to pass up for most, and his performance has been good enough that most can’t really see past that. Take both players in isolation, however, and I think Russell Wilson is the better of the two. It’s obviously a moot point, because we can’t do that to any degree of accuracy, so we’ll just stick with what we saw in this game. Wilson was ruthlessly efficient against the Vikings, taking advantage of the situations he found himself in and making plays when things broke down. His passer rating for the game was 151.4, and it was 149.3 when under pressure. The little flip pass to Lynch harked back to the best of Brett Favre, moving out of pressure’s way and drawing a player to him before splitting a couple of Vikings for the score. Maybe we can’t sensibly separate Luck and Wilson, but at the moment Wilson makes fewer errors, while still making plenty happen on his own.”

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I especially like this part of that article r3cusant.

    “Wilson is already squarely in the discussion for NFL MVP this season, up there with front-runners Brees and Peyton Manning. After Wilson’s masterful performance Sunday, when he earned a passer rating of 151.4 (out of 158.3), the second-year Seattle quarterback passed San Diego’s Philip Rivers and now has the NFL’s fourth-best passer rating through 11 weeks this season at 105.1.”

  11. So for the first time Seahawks history they have double digit wins in back to back seasons. We are uncharted territory here fellas, both for the team and for us as fans. We’re not sure how to act. Should we be taking this one day at time like the team needs to or is it okay to be talking about HFA, the Superbowl, and for some of us, the HOF? Last night they were saying that Tom Brady took over as starter and took his team to their surprise Superbowl appearance in 2001. Wouldn’t it be something to follow a team that has gone on that kind of a run? That’s 12 seasons now of continued competitiveness and multiple superbowl appearences. We can only dream of sucha thing. I guess we’d at least know how to act like we’ve been there before. Right now I have no clue.

  12. Seattle is probably the team no one wants to see coming up on their schedule…but Carolina isn’t far behind. We may not miss them in the playoffs but at least they’ll have to come all the way across the country to play at Clink.

  13. chuck_easton says:

    Nothing is set in stone about playoffs. Though not likely, if Carolina wins out and Seattle loses to the Saints, SF, and one of the other three games Seattle would have to go East to play Carolina in Charlotte.

    That is why the Saints game is so vital and why I still don’t understand some people on here already having it in the win column.

    It’s one thing to be confident. It’s quite another to be cocky.

    The Saints aren’t going to come in and roll over. They still have not so happy memories of a January day in 2011 when they had to come in as an 11-5 Wildcard to play a 7-9 ‘division champ’ and had there lunch handed to them. Don’t think they have forgotten that day. And don’t think they won’t be coming in with a huge chip on their shoulders.

  14. FleaFlicker says:

    Three home games left. Three home wins guarantees HFA. Tough competition to get theree. Saints. Cards. Rams.

    Rams always manage to take us into the 4th quarter. That’s the scariest game on the schedule, IMHO.

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Our toughest remaining games,(imo) will be-

    1- Giants
    2- 49ers
    3- Rams
    4- Saints
    5- Cardinals

    All these teams could be in the playoff mix when we play them so there is no letting down. It’s time to start stepping on necks like all great teams do, starting with the Saints.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- I think we will get HFA, however if for some reason we don’t it’s not the end of our Super Bowl dreams this season.
    This team is built to win anywhere, anytime and if that means going on the road to do it then that will just make it that much sweeter.

    Really though I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we win all of our remaining games.
    This team is just that good.

    Believe. Trust in Wilson.

  17. yankinta says:

    Great Article!! Finally some Facts and Respect for RW and Seahawks…. :)

  18. I could care less about HFA until after the Division is wrapped up. For one big reason – it doesn’t totally matter.

    in the last 11 years – only 8 total #1 seeds have even made the SB. of the remaining 14 teams that qualified 11 were division winners and 3 were Wild card teams. (Might be 12 and 2)

    It is far more important to win the division and concentrate on that – and then concentrate on 1. being as healthy as possible and be playing your best football when the play-offs hit. then get the right match ups.

    The last time NYG won – they were by no means the best team but they had a GREAT pass rush and DB’s and then they played all pass first -pass often teams – good luck of the draw and played great when they had to.

  19. RDPoulsbo says:

    xcman, it might not be a majority, but 8 of 22 is definately a plurality. Those 14 other teams were the 2-4 seeds piled into a single group. Besides, the last time Seattle had HFA, they did pretty well in the playoffs. In either case, the Colin Trainwreck Express is at full speed. 2 losses/Seahawk wins and they’re done for. It’s very possible the division will be wrapped up before they meet in 3 weeks.

    If anyone needs an alternative to reading power rankings, here’s a good one for you:

  20. My point it – it is not a death sentence to NOT get HFA – ESPECIALLY with this team – they are playing better than average on the road and would be able to compete no matter where they play.

    YES – HFA would be awesome and give us a leg up to the SB – but it is not the ONLY way to get there and going on the road for ONE game in the play-offs doesn’t bother me. The 2005 team it would scare me to death! This team – not nearly as much.

  21. A graph plotting where NFL teams fall relative to how good their offenses and their defenses are in week 10:
    Notice that SEA’s D is stronger than NOs, but their offense is better than SEA’s. It should be close to this for Week 11 also. I don’t know if the BB injury cancels the Jabari Greer IR, I’m not sure how good NO’s DB depth is…

    Also, the graph from last Sunday’s NO/SF game:
    That bad call on Ahmad Brooks killed SF’s chances. NO got lucky…

  22. thursday says:–nfl.html

    the article is more or less garbage, but the collective hand wringing by Niners fans is pretty funny

  23. Wow! This is the perfect synopsis:

    “The Seahawks offense always looks better on paper than on the field, better on the highlight reel than in real time and better while slowly building an overwhelming second half lead than when trying to get the snowball to start rolling.”

    I also loved this line:

    ” Big plays usually include a Russell Wilson triple lutz. Referees should assign bonus points for artistic expression.”

  24. raymaines says:

    Funniest Thing I Heard On Sunday:

    Seattle is at the Minn 2 yard line, the crowd is dead quiet and just before the snap somebody yelled “Stop freakin’, call Beacon!”

  25. montanamike2 says:

    That is funny.

  26. Southendzone says:

    I’m a big believer in intangibles or ‘magic’ if you want to call it that as far as NFL seasons go. There was magic in ’05, it started with our come from behind win at home vs Dallas.

    Last year there was magic too, I’ve pinpointed the catalyst as when Sherm got his 4 game suspension overturned.

    This year, I’m not sure if the magic has happened yet. It might have, when Mike Rob came back. It still could be something yet that we never expected that’s still coming.

    so abracadabra, let’s win a goddamn superbowl.

  27. tealskin says:

    Agree MRob is important but don’t forget Percy.If he hangs together it’ll be showtime.

  28. confucious says:

    There have been very few games that offense and defense have played well for the full 60 minutes. It seems that the defense plays well and the offense struggles, Or the offense does well and the defense is average. More the first than the latter. I think they had their most complete game against the vikings, who have 2 wins.

    I have to agree with chuck e. There are still games to be played. A great game against a lousy team does not punch your ticket to the superbowl. Let’s not forget the couple of nail biters against the Bucs and Rams.

    That said, this team is the most balanced Seahawk team I have ever seen. They are on the threshold of “the door of greatness”. The key is in the lock and it’s halfway turned. When I speak of greatness, I’m talking Montana/Young San Fransisco or Brady-Patriots style consistent greatness.

    They still have some work to do. They have to become consistent on both sides of the ball. I think the saints,9ers, and rams are all potentially tough games. I’m looking forward to the Hawks walking through the door.

  29. sluggo42 says:

    I don’t think y’all understand the Percy effect that’s about to burst into bloom. We are talking about the most insane player last year prior to injury, joining a team that is blossoming on its own.

  30. I would say the offense has been every bit as good as the defense and the defense has been every bit as inconsistent as the offense.

    The defense has more complete talent around and should perform better, but the defense was more responsible for the struggles in the TB and equally responsible for the STL game

  31. confucious says:

    At times they have been really good. Not often at the same time. With everybody back from injury (barring Browner of course) I can’t help but think we are going to start to see some real consistency.

  32. The_12TH_Hawk says:

    Good read, especially the comments about Terry Blount by the readers.

  33. mengland says:

    I read that each player was given something to work on during the bye week. I’d love to know what those were.

  34. CDHawkFan says:

    The 12th Hawk, I’m not a fan of Terry Blount as I think he lags in news about the Hawks, all the other teams posts seem to be 2-1 or 3-1 vs Hawk news.

    I don’t see any comments on the article that you linked, can you explain what was said regarding the readers comments?

  35. edstang45 says:

    aaaaaah all is well now. Mebane has scored a Perfect score on this weeks Dancing with the Starters for the Belly Roll…..Now all that is left to do is win the SuperBowl…Go Hawks

  36. ChrisHolmes says:

    How good does that week 1 win over Carolina look now?

    This team just looked like a different unit on Sunday. Okung was effective and the line finally gave RW the time he needed to dice the defense. Harvin was limited but clearly a factor even when the ball wasn’t coming to him. His presence opened up the passing game a whole lot.

    How nice was it to see Miller finally able to run some routes?

    And Lynch might not have had a ton of yards, but I thought he ran effectively and I thought his scoring told the story. 3 TD’s. And seeing him motion out for the WR screen? That was cool.

    I am a firm believer in the idea that you cannot play your best football for 16 straight weeks. It requires too much concentration. It’s better to build steam and start rolling right before the playoffs. That’s what this team is doing. We’re getting healthy and hot.

    Good time to be a Seahawks fan.

    “This year, I’m not sure if the magic has happened yet.”

    I think it did @Southendzone. I think Harvin hitting the field was the magic moment. Everyone on the team, and every Seahawks fan, has been waiting for that move. And he delivered. Just his presence alone altered the game.

    The back-to-back-to-back turnovers? The shovel-pass to Lynch? Wilson absolutely shredding the secondary? It happened.

  37. I feel the Hawks don’t really show up until the second half and that worries me a little, especially when we are going to be facing the Saints after a bye in which I can see our team becoming even more complacent to start the game off. I don’t want a repeat of what happened last year in the playoffs, spotting our opponents scores before we get rolling. It will lead to the same result, we might squeeze by a team or two, but it will catch up to us and cost us.

  38. Screensmoke says:

    For the first time ever as a fan I’m not worried- amen – nice to be enjoying this team now in the present instead of thinking if we win these 2 games we could make it to the playoffs- live in the now and enjoy people!maybe as fans we need to learn how to do this since this new territory for us. I get that– GO GAWKS!

  39. CDHawkFan says:

    I have the same thoughts TruBlu. While it can be nerve racking, it sure if fun being the team that can come back from just about anything. I’ve been on the other side far too often and its painful, just painful to see another team coming back and you know you are going to lose.

    I was hoping they might add a SB vet or two this year to either calm the guys down, or make sure they are prepared at the beginning of the game. A Woodson/Freeney/Abraham kind of guy. I guess JS/PC didn’t feel that would work or was needed.

    Now just hoping they have learned their lesson from last year, but you do still see signs of it; falling behind or a similar slow start/not putting teams away. If I had to point the finger, I would more at the D as I feel they need to produce more 3 and outs than what they currently seem to do. Sure the O Line has been bad at times, but I give them a bit of a pass as they have had a lot of guys out.

  40. The_12TH_Hawk says:

    I am not a Terry Blount fan either. There were several comments left by readers asking for the article’s writer, John McTigue to train Mr. Blount the ways to write something informative and insightful about the Seahawks.

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