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Quicky Pete notes

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Nov. 18, 2013 at 4:00 pm with 49 Comments »
November 18, 2013 4:00 pm

Pete Carroll —

–On bye:  we’re real happy we made it to the bye as we have. I think we’ve accomplished a lot to get to this point in some regards. in other regards, we haven’t done anything yet. we come out of this game and feel real good we’ve had a couple weeks in a row we’ve played real good football in al lthree phases and there’s still plenty of areas to improve.

With the return of the (injured) guys we felt their presence in the good ways and felt the rustiness as well, and we’re excited about the fact that we’re going to get some time off and get ready for a big game with these guys with a game under their belt (Russell, Breno and Percy, particularly)

It was a very good game on defense, gosh, we played really well up front. that was real obvious … hopefully we can recapture that when we come back and get the running game going on offense and head into the end of the season and do something special.

(Players will be off until next Monday)

The bye is always a time to take advantage of recuperating, but also to try to get better … we go in pretty healthy so by the time we come out of it we’ll be rarin’ to go..

Browner: we don’t know, hopefully by the end of the week we’ll know more. He’s got a serious groin pull. It’s legit, it’s not just a pulled muscle, he had some tissue damage, they’re talking 4 to 6 weeks at best. (from injury date)

(Message to team about being gone): It’s really important for us, one, to realize the truth of where we are and what’s happened, so they’re clear about and we’ve done well, we’re in good shape right now. we talked about where we’re strong and what we want to add to when we come back. I think it’s real important we compete all week long. that’s the message that they compete to get the most out of the recuperating from the game, and rehabbing … everybody’s got something that they’re working on, also that our guys get their workouts in this week so they can stay out of the mode of shut down, we don’t want to be in shut-down mode.  we’re encouraging guys to do all the different things to take care of their bodies, eat well and sleep right so that when we come back we don’t have any issues.

That also includes being conscious that they’re Seahawks and they have great awareness that they represent wherever they go and whatever they’re doing and we don’t have any issues coming off this week. It was a pretty strong message in a lot of areas we stayed on it and were very precise about how we want them to handle this week.

Kearse: felt better today but he did have a concussion and he’ll benefit obviously from this week. we think he’ll be able to make it.. he’ll have plenty of time to get well.

Scruggs and Tharold Simon have a chance to get back.

Percy? He’s a little sore, just normal, first time you get hit, he’s going to feel it. He’ll benefit from the break as well.

Run defense: It was  a dedicated effort to get guys in the right spots and be really disciplined about it and be very gap oriented so that if Adrian would  bounce around we’d be in the right spots, and also be really aggressive with our fits, moreso than we have in the last month or so. I thought we got great play out of Tony McDaniel and Red played his best game for us. It was really clear how forceful he was on a number of plays. It was really Tony and Red who made a big difference this week.

The consistency of their intensity was great, it was really obvious.

Wagner: He’s at his best right now. I think it took him a couple weeks to get back going (after injury). K.J. was really on it and Kam was a big factor, too. All those guys were really contributing … to the intensity and aggressiveness. That’s where we want to be as we finish off this season.

Sherman (hip): He’s fine. On TD pass: Between the two of them, Earl could have helped him out, too. They both got beat on the play action, the little juke they made on the play. Either one of those guys could have helped.

The pass protection was the best it’s been. That was the first time we felt like that. Russell had more time than he realized. He did a fine job of making things happens when he moved, but there were some times he didn’t have to. That’s a little bit new in the last couple months.

13-game home win streak: Since the first day I talked to these guys, if you want to have a great football team, you have to dominate at home… in this particular situation with the stadium and the crowd we have, it’s an extraordinary factor so that we can hopefully get in position to play playoff games at home.



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  1. doubledink says:

    playoff games at home.
    I like the sound of that.

  2. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I’m glad to see they’ll be back at practice Monday. Hopefully they’ll practice some on Thanksgiving and Black Friday too. It sucks that they play their toughest regular season opponent, the one who has an opportunity to ruin so many things from them, after a bye. But it is what it is.

    Also, it’s good to finally have some news about Browner. 4-6 weeks isn’t too bad. After all it’s already been a week. Then, after the bye, it will be two weeks. Maybe we’ll have him back for the final home game, or two, so he’ll be in game shape for the playoffs.

    All in all, things are about as good as they can be. Moreover, this might sound silly to say, but I’m glad that we have a loss. Trying to go 16-0 is too distracting.

  3. Just a couple of quick thoughts. Definitely holding out hope that Browner can be back before the season’s out as the most optimistic view, having the full Legion of Boom ready for the playoffs would be the best. A 1st round bye would make a big difference here.

    Curious to see how Scruggs and Tharold Simon can have any impact or even work their way onto a roster, because people would have to be cut to add them.

    Simon’s still a relative unknown to me, but I’d like a bit of a refresher on what Scruggs did last season, if anything stood out.

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t think the Saints will be their toughest regular season opponent.
    In fact I don’t think the Saints will tougher then the 49ers and Giants on the road or the Rams at home.

  5. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Scruggs has lots of potential and should be a factor next year. He is basically a poor man’s Michael Bennett at this point. A DE on running downs and a DT on passing downs. I like him and expect goods things next year.

  6. sluggo42 says:

    I think we beat the saints too. They just lost their best corner didn’t they? The whole bar went ewww when they showed that guys knee/ ankle whatever the heck that was go all a whacky. They don’t have an answer for our offense. Their LB is the Heater. It’s the clink!

  7. Actually, I think the Saints will be the toughest test. I see the Seahawks Defense struggling against the higher-end QBs.

    There are 9 QBs excluding Wilson with a QB rating over 90. The Seahawks have yet to face any of them.

    There are 13 QBs who have a rating between 80 and 90. The Seahawks have faced 6: Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Mike Glennon, Andrew Luck, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Colin Kaepernick. The Seahawks struggled against Glennon and Luck but shut the rest down.

    The Seahawks have faced 5 QBs below 80: Palmer, Clemens, Schaub, Ponder, Henne. The Seahawks shut these guys down for the most part.

    During the first 11 games, there have been many times I was glad the Seahawks were facing an average to below average QB. I think there were many plays to be made by higher end QBs against the Seahawks. I think this will be the case when the Seahawks face Brees. The Offense will have to put up 25+ to win this game. I am confident they will do it, but if the Seahawks win by double digits, it will be because they put up 40+ against a very good Saints Defense.

  8. freedom_X says:

    I’ve got some practice squad questions. Today, Bob Condotta discussed on radio what Seattle could do if Browner were put on IR, or Seattle lost another CB (not that Seattle has to do anything for more than a week.)

    He mentioned that activating DeShawn Shead from the practice squad would be a likely option. Condotta said Seattle is probably paying Shead more than the usual PS member to keep him from leaving. Here’s where the questions come in:

    1) Practice squad members can get more $$$? Last time I recall, they had fixed salaries. So nowadays they can be paid a negotiable rate? Seems like that could be a salary cap loophole?
    2) PS members can decide if they want to leave or not? I vaguely recall this being discussed before – if another team wants a PS member, can’t they just claim them and offer them veteran minimum contract (or better?) Or do PS members have the right to refuse to join another team’s active roster?(perhaps Condotta meant only joining some other team’s practice squad, but I didn’t think that was a very realistic scenario.)

  9. freedom_X says:

    I don’t think it particularly surprising that higher rated QB’s perform better than lower rated ones. If you look at any defense in a vacuum, on replay, you can always find something that a opposing QB could have exploited.

    The question is whether that QB could do it in actual game conditions. A perfect QB (perfect decision making, average to above-average physical ability) would in reality be practically unstoppable if the rest of the talent around him is NFL-average. I would say Peyton Manning most closely approaches this ideal.

    To point out the obvious, road games in tough, unfamiliar arenas, with potential weather effects, are actual game conditions that mitigate against a QB achieving that “perfect” decision-making regardless of the opponent’s quality.

  10. hawkfan777 says:


    That was one if the better posts I have read on here lately. I hope your wrong and the Hawks kick the Saints A$@ but your points were spot on.

  11. If the Browner injury is of the 4-6 week variety, there’s no way I’d IR him. Let him be inactive every week. It’s not like it’s wasting a roster spot – the team can’t play everyone and every week there are healthy players who are on it each week anyway.

    Plus, the team is finally getting healthy so it’s not like there are a bunch of guys not playing each week because they are hurt.

    What if anything happens to Thurmond or Sherman? All of a sudden the overall CB depth is would look pretty bad. I’d hate to have a fully healthy Browner watching from the sidelines in the play-offs. That would be stupid.

    Even if he’s out the full 6 weeks – that still gives him the final regular season game against the Rams to shake off the rust and then (hopefully) get another 2 weeks off with the first round bye in the play-offs.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Pabs- How has Brees and Co. done on the road this year? Average at best.
    That’s not going to get it done at the Clink with the 12th man imo.

    BTW- I’m sure we will be seeing plenty of that historic beast mode run from a few years back against the Saints in the playoffs.

    I’m looking forward to that!

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    And why should this team be afraid to play top QBs? Last year we beat Rodgers, Brady, Romo, Cutler, ect…
    We have the best Secondary in the NFL and a top 5 QB in Wilson, so bring it on with regards to playing the top QBs.

  14. tealskin says:

    Wasn’t Graham out for much of the first half of season? How did Carlson do against the Hawks yesterday? Graham is atleast twice the TE that Carlson is.

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Carlson played well imo. I was impressed with his play and I have been a big critic of him in the past.

  16. confucious says:

    Winning the time of possession battle is the best defense for a great opposing quarterback. Our oline and Marshawn need to have a dominating game. Hopefully they have a great week of practice after the bye to knock off the rust. It would be nice to see some consistency develop in the run game. That, combined with RW and our exceptional recieving corp, would be as close as a guarantee to a super bowl as you can get.

  17. sluggo42 says:

    That’s right, TOP…
    Brees can’t score without the ball and sitting on his bench.

  18. tealskin says:

    My mistake. Graham wasn’t injured but the point remains, the Hawks aren’t good at midfield pass-coverage and are very vulnerable to TE’s.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That’s because (tealskin) Wagner and Wright can’t cover worth a crap. Or at least can’t cover consistently.

  20. What more could we ask for? 10-1 and two monster games coming up. Chances to shove the nearest national competition down another notch. The N.O. game will be huge. A win erases any remaining doubters. SF the following week: the opportunity to administer the coup de grace to a hated enemy on his own field and put him out of the playoffs.

    After 30 plus years of watching other teams do it, I get to see us do it.

    Go Hawks!

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Well said Snappa.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I like this part of the article blocis-

    “The Best Young QB in Football

    Andrew Luck was the first overall pick, and the guy with all the hype attached to him. The ready-made storyline of replacing Peyton Manning was too good to pass up for most, and his performance has been good enough that most can’t really see past that. Take both players in isolation, however, and I think Russell Wilson is the better of the two. It’s obviously a moot point, because we can’t do that to any degree of accuracy, so we’ll just stick with what we saw in this game. Wilson was ruthlessly efficient against the Vikings, taking advantage of the situations he found himself in and making plays when things broke down. His passer rating for the game was 151.4, and it was 149.3 when under pressure. The little flip pass to Lynch harked back to the best of Brett Favre, moving out of pressure’s way and drawing a player to him before splitting a couple of Vikings for the score. Maybe we can’t sensibly separate Luck and Wilson, but at the moment Wilson makes fewer errors, while still making plenty happen on his own.”

  23. Part of the reason the ‘top’ QB’s are rated high is because they haven’t played a game vs. Seattle.
    Conversely, some of the ‘lower’ rated QB’s have a lousy game vs the Seahawks on their record thus contributing to their low rating.

  24. Seahawks just announced they re-signed QB B.J. Daniels to practice squad and released OG Zach Allen.

  25. I’m with you Georgia…..

  26. montanamike2 says:

    Sluggo’s right, the Saints just lost their best corner, they’re looking for bodies on the streets.

  27. montanamike2 says:

    I like our chances with them coming to Seattle, also the Rams and Cards.

  28. Good to hear Scruggs is nearly back. I’m really rooting for him and Mayowa. Glad PC is giving Scruggs a shot to play this year.

    Tharold Simon? Dude hasn’t even practiced, so I don’t care one way or another.

  29. chuck_easton says:


    PS members must be paid a minimum weekly salary. But that doesn’t stop a team from paying a member of their PS more than the minimum. This happens when a team has a particular player on the PS that they are concerned about losing.

    There have been instances of teams paying a PS player they really want to keep the same salary as if they were on the active roster.

    Hope that answers your question.

  30. DanielleMND says:

    We’ll have to play our best game of the season against the Saints, but it’s a winnable game.

  31. Wagner is getting better in cvg; he didn’t play well his first couple games back from injury, but he’s playing well now. Wright is a run stuffer, and a limited athlete, but he’s smart.

    I expect to see more Malcolm Smith than Wright vs NO–at least, if Quinn has a brain. NO is a passing team, and Wright just ain’t good enough in cvg.

  32. And Irvin is really good in cvg. I think we’re okay vs Graham. Cover him with Irvin short, and Kam deeper.

  33. sluggo42 says:

    Cam and co just beat the pats. N.O. Is going to have a very hard time beating us, then them, and the rams on the road. They do not have an easy schedule period. And for that matter neither do we. It was big in my opinion that they beat the niners…

  34. raymaines says:

    Looking at the schedule closely, if the Seahawks win out at home they get the division and HFA no matter who else wins or loses. Winning in SF and/or NY would be even better of course. Go ‘Hawks.

    As an aside, the phrase “Being in charge of your own destiny” seems oxymoronic to me. If it’s “destiny” then you’re not really in charge, right? If you are in charge, then it’s not really destiny.

  35. freedom_X says:

    Thanks Chuck. That must also mean PS players can’t be claimed and forced to play for another team – they have the option to decline offers to go on another team’s active roster (though in most cases, players wouldn’t refuse, I’m sure.)

  36. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – Wright and Smith don’t play the same position: strong vs weak side. If you want to see more Smith, it will come at the expense of Irvin, which has zero chance of happening. Irvin is playing at a very high level, right now.

  37. Dukeshire says:

    raymaines – I’d love to engage you in e metaphysical debate about that, but I fear the blog would collectively yawn. However, and in short, it’s an empowerment to be in control of ones destiny, not some divine entity. Let’s not confuse destiny with fate. (Sorry y’all, carry on…)

  38. seahawksteven777 says:

    For those that worry about the Seahawks coming off the bye week, remember this: the Saints are coming off of a mini bye week themselves from playing on Thursday night. Besides, Seahawks are at home and they’ll be pumped to play well.

  39. WK 11 Game Win Probabilities/Scores:
    .49/30 IND @ TEN .51/27
    .43/14 NYJ @ BUF .57/37
    .26/20 BAL @ CHI .74/23
    .22/20 CLE @ CIN .78/41
    .20/16 WAS @ PHI .80/24
    .58/27 DET @ PIT .42/37
    .53/28 ATL @ TBB .47/41
    .79/27 ARI @ JAX .21/14
    .24/28 OAK @ HOU .76/23
    .50/16 SDC @ MIA .50/20
    .30/20 SFO @ NOS .70/23
    .52/13 GBP @ NYG .48/27
    .11/20 MIN @ SEA .89/41
    .22/17 KCC @ DEN .78/27
    .32/20 NEP @ CAR .68/24

  40. “Winning the time of possession battle is the best defense for a great opposing quarterback.”

    That is an often misunderstood concept. TOP is great for closing out a game but it is not a strategy for overcoming a potent offense. The game is designed to give equal number of possessions, so regardless how long you keep the ball the other team will eventually have it. And for explosive offenses like NE, NO, and GB (before Rogers went down), they do not need much time at all to score. The theoretical maximum a team can possess the ball is about 20 minutes, so even if you manage to hold it that long – which is a rarity – you would still give the other team a possession within a half.

    In fact maximizing TOP can backfire – here is an example:

    1st half you receive and possess for 20 minutes, score a TD. The other team possesses for 10 minutes and scores a TD. Score is 7-7.

    2nd half other team receives and scores after 4 minutes. You possess again for 20 minutes and score. Score is tied 14-14, but now you must kick it back and they have 6 minutes left. They run the clock down and kick a FG.

    They win, 17-14. Your TOP = 40 minutes, other team TOP = 20 minutes.

  41. SandpointHawk says:

    TOP Week 11…

    Vikings 34:09 Seahawks 25:51

    Of course we can’t call Ponder great by any means…

  42. edstang45 says:

    remember saints play thursday night then not again til Dec2, they have the long break also so if your worried about the bye, the saints too have a sort of bye. This is a must win in my opinion and the Saints are comming Here!! They should be more worried about the Hawks at home than Hawks fans worried about Brees and Co. Whiners should have won that game in the Dome, the Saints eecked out the win..the Beast will be Beasty, and the Saints D is in trouble baby…Hawks win Big!!

  43. sluggo42 says:

    TOP majority to a crappy offense against an elite offense of course can be misleading. But TOP advantage to a gnarly offense that puts 40+ up against a decent offense to a visiting team against a really good offense does the trick.
    Perfect example sandpoint, of the opposite, which was our last game. The variables being the skill levels of each offense.

  44. Winning the time of possession battle is the best defense for a great opposing quarterback. Our oline and Marshawn need to have a dominating game.

    Even if our Offense eats up the clock – the struggles we have had is when our DEFENSE can’t get themselves off the field because of inconsistent play or stupid penalties to keep drives alive – It was a HUGE problem vs TB and the STL games and even in the first 1.5 quarters Sunday the Viks looked like a decent offense – then FINALLY they stepped up and got stops and got themselves off of the field.

    If we want to beat NO – we have to move the ball on offense AND limit the drives that they have. If we let them move down the field and extend drives then it will be a tough day!

  45. Duke shire–I’m pretty sure Smith has been used at both weak and strong side, and with Wright moving to weak side but not being able to cover worth a damn, it makes sense to put Smith and Irvin infield at the OLB spots, even moreso because NO is fast and may use Two TE’s downfield.

    The WLB will still end up in coverage. Wright is terrible in coverage. Smith is better at run support than Wright is at coverage.

    Just my two cents.

  46. tealskin says:

    So TOP may, or may not, be an indicator of domination. So basically it is useless as a predictor of outcomes. Just another statistic in a sea of them. Fodder for whatever point somebody wishes to make. Just like most total yards in a game. Final score, end of story. How you got there is like picking over the bones.

  47. tealskin – true indeed.

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