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Morning Links: Everything is puppies and rainbows

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 18, 2013 at 5:30 am with 194 Comments »
November 18, 2013 12:17 am

Good morning.

Well, things have gone worse, no?

The Seahawks head into the bye week with the best record in the NFL as its only 10-win team.

Sunday, just about everything worked. Arguably, the Seahawks’ run game was the worst part of the day. That’s not an overall concern, obviously, since they came into the game as the No. 1 rushing offense in the NFL.

One quick housekeeping note: I start a week-long furlough today. So, I’ll about out of commission during the bye week. Dave Boling, and others, will be handling Seahawks stuff.

It’s a quiet week. Pete Carroll is available Monday, but that will be it for the week.

Talk to you next week.


Our stuff

> My game story looks at the Seahawks getting it done in all facets Sunday as they head into the bye.

> Dave Boling writes about the jolt provided by Percy Harvin.

> John McGrath looks at a stout day for Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner, who helped shut down Adrian Peterson.

> Our photo gallery from the game.

Other links:

> 710 ESPN writes that less is more for Russell Wilson, who was ferociously efficient Sunday.

> says Seattle rode big plays to the win.

> Here’s another photo gallery from the game.

> Game story from the Everett Herald.

> SI’s Jim Trotter writes about Harvin’s debut.

> Here’s a recap from ESPN:

> A video of that Russell Wilson flip pass to Marshawn Lynch.

> The 49ers lost to the Saints on a final-play field goal. Ahmad Brooks is not happy with the personal foul called against him.

> The Saints, meanwhile, move to 8-2. They go to Atlanta next week to beat up on the atrocious Falcons before coming to Seattle for a Monday night game that could decide home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

> The Broncos handled the Chiefs, 27-17, to allow the 1972 Dolphins to pop some champagne once again.

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  1. Will Dave be doing a MMQB chat?

  2. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    So Pete is giving the team a complete week off? Then, the team will return to practice on Tuesday the 26th? Also, I’m assuming they’ll have a day or two off for Thanksgiving too?

    If that’s correct, I think that’s too much time off before an all too important Monday night game against the only team in position to wrest the #1 Seed–and playoff home field advantage–from us. If we come out rusty New Orleans will jump on us early. Add to that that New Orleans is really the only team this season that can break our home field win streak. I hope Pete knows what he’s doing.

  3. edstang45 says:

    Enjoy yer week off Todd, …I hate bye weeks though (sigh)…does warm my heart to see SF in trouble now to evenmake the playofs, Dec 2 is going to be the biggest game of our season so far. All we have to do is play our game at home to keep the puppies and Rainbows. Go Hawks

  4. During the 2005-06 season, I was getting up an hour early for work to have more time to read Seahawks news. Now I’m getting up two hours early. I’m afraid as the playoffs near, I won’t get any sleep at all. Anyone know where I can get an IV drip for coffee?

  5. boycie99 says:

    There is no arguing on our record before a Bye as pointed out by Tod in the previous post but I am curious our record after the Bye week, which from memory isn’t as good.
    Im kind of with PC and wished we could keep on rolling. I know some of the guys welcome the rest and its good to recharge ahead of the final push but we seem to be otherwise pretty healthy so don’t need the break to get guys back.

    Would have been nice to keep the machine rolling as we seem to be in the grove on all 3 phases of the game.

  6. HeatherHawk says:

    So it would have been a little better for standings if the 9ers beat the Saints, right? So why I am so gleeful every time the 9ers loose? I just can’t bring myself to root for them. Thanks for the f-bomb close-up Harbaugh, my 5 and 7 year old had some questions about that one. You’re a real treat.

  7. Southendzone says:

    Just watched the 9er/NO game on the quick rewind. That personal foul call on the Brees hit was pretty close, really it looked worse because of how small Brees is, his whole body jerked from the impact. If that same hit is on a big QB, it’s not gonna get called.

    NO looks really tough, SF played a lot of 3 man rush and tried to contain their passes in the 5-6 yard range.

    SF looked a lot like the SF we remember from the last 2 home games, Kap is having to call time-outs to avoid delay of game penalties, Kap is pretty much throwing short to mid-range stuff. I think our match up against SF is far superior to NO.

  8. chuck_easton says:


    NFL teams don’t take Thanksgiving off, as evidenced by the 3 games played that day. Traditionally they have their regular practice and then the players can go do dinner somewhere.

    The team will practice both on Thanksgiving Thursday and black Friday.

    OK, slept in my brand new Wilson away game jersey my family got me for my birthday last night! Happy camper here.

    If that is what we can expect from Harvin on a regular basis, I’m on board.

    We can start talking about the next game later in the week. Already hearing on NFLN Early show how great the Saints are and how they are the better team. So, it appears that all is right with the world.

    Seattle is going fine, and they are still being underestimated by the national media.

    Oh, and the morning coffee tastes sweeter this morning!

  9. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    A Seahawks win, coupled with 49rs tears and fresh brewed coffee. What a great way to start off my Monday morning!

  10. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Thanks Chuck. Makes me feel better.

  11. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Chuck slept in his new jersey. That’s amazing.

    Chuck when you get new sneakers do you run around outside to show your family how much faster they make you?

    BTW – Ahmad Brooks clotheslined Drew Brees. 15 yards all day long.

    Dude… what’s your deal?

  12. HeatherHawk says:

    Sleeping in your new (presumably unwashed) jersey, soaked with the sweet smell of victory. That’s just plain adorable.

  13. TallyHawk says:

    Nice to get a couple comfortable wins heading into the bye. I would normally be a little concerned about the first game after a bye but think with it being on Monday night and essentially for HFA they will be ready. It’s going to be a long couple weeks waiting for the next game.

  14. RDPoulsbo says:

    I think this team deserves a week rest. Not to get healthy physically, but to recharge mentally. The late bye is a gift they deserve. Come back fresh and look to clean up some mental mistakes.

    Hope your doing something fun this week Todd. Ski season if open early, so that might be how I spend next Sunday without any Seahawk game.

  15. CDHawkFan says:

    Chuck, that is all your comments about Harvin? After all you have been saying and that is it?

    For some reason I thought of you when he caught that pass and almost had that kick-off return.

  16. chuck_easton says:


    That’s all I have to say about Harvin. I just wanted him on the field and producing to show that he is worth the contract. He showed me.

    What more is there to say other than I hope he stays healthy. I note the announcers were already talking about him having problems with his hip and having to have work done by the trainers during the game and how Seattle needs to limit his time on the field because he’s so small and fragile.

    But if he can stay healthy and produce like yesterday, even in limited touches, I’m OK with it.

  17. sluggo42 says:

    Ya, I can just see RW taking a week off, lounging in his GQ sweaters in his living room watch Jerry springer during the days off…

    Harvin tilts the field. So with baldy, Tate, beast, and zack oh, and the little fellah, that makes 6 field tilters. The beauty of what Harvin brings is the parting of the blue sea. He gets doubled, period. That means everyone else is one on one.

    Plus, Bevell already knows of ways to get him the ball, so he will get his touches for sure. And after he returns every kickoff 50 yards, we will score every time we have the ball!

    Remainder of the year will be fantastic!

  18. CDHawkFan says:

    To be fair, I think of STTBM whenever our OL gets compliments from the announcers, especially Sweezy. I imagine him going ape sh*t and things being thrown at his TV.

  19. TallyHawk says:

    I thought the sideline report of him being sore and having work done was a bit misleading. To say that as if it was fact was wrong. My first thought was he was just trying to stay loose. He wasn’t playing every snap so he has to stay moving. He didn’t show any ill effects that I saw and it sounds like he made it through the game just fine.

  20. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    I thought the brooks penalty was clearly a valid penalty. If you read the rule and look at what they’ve been calling, that’s gonna get called for sure.

  21. CDHawkFan says:

    Tally, that gal on the sidelines was terrible yesterday. She goofed up on the Harvin issue saying he was having medical issues, but as Harvin said after the game, he was just staying loose as he wasn’t sure when he was going back into the game. A lot of guys get on those during the game.

    She also said that maybe the ‘cold’ was affecting the players…Hello this is football and its the PNW in November, not even close to Green Bay in January.

  22. banosser says:

    Last nite on the NFL Network Marshall Faulk when asked why Kaep had regressed, he stated all the second yr qbs have regressed.. Luck, RGIII, Russell Wilson.. SAY WHAT?? Yet again lips moving and no clue about what’s coming out…

    and the next one of them actually ads the ‘ly’ to an adverb I’ll fall off my chair..

  23. daveboling says:

    pabu … not sure I know how to set up the chat … but I will be adding to the insider blog today from Hawks headquarters. We’ve got Pete at 3, and I’ll get you some quick stuff out of there before starting my column for the paper.

    On the Harvin topic. I think I was most impressed by the comments out of the locker room. Almost everybody in there made comments about how Harvin “changes” things, and what a “difference-maker” he is. So many talked about how hard he worked to get back and how hard he practices. Genuine stuff. Mike Rob said he’s never seen that kind of speed on the field. Baldwin talked about how he has such great hands, but then runs like a bruising running back once he catches it.

    I don’t think anybody questioned his talent. But I think a lot of us on the outside wondered how he’d fit in … would he be a distraction? Early indications are that he’s a hit with his teammates.

  24. chuck_easton says:


    I would NEVER root against any player that is on the field and wearing a Seahawks uniform. Once Harvin took the field he became one of my 53 favourite players. I was against him sitting on the sidelines collecting money for 4 months.

    To me Harvin was like getting a new Ferrari for Christmas only to find out the engine won’t be delivered until July. You have to see it sitting there doing nothing but collecting dust in the garage every day. After a while you start to resent it being there taking up space.

    Now the engine is finally installed and we get to take the super sports car out for some runs. Happy as can be.

  25. Speaking of second year starters regressing, the fans of the Redskins and 49ers place little blame on the QB and all the blame on the OL.

    Who doesn’t blame the OL out there? Although we know that Wilson showed why he is head and shoulders better than the others because of the magic he made without 3 OL and his TE out there. Those other 2 can’t do that unless things are perfect.

    One read and run only gets you so far….

  26. montanamike2 says:

    Absolutely right Pabuwal.

  27. yankinta says:

    Love this article… Thank you Bud Grant!!! :)

    I have seen enough to conclude that Russell Wilson will be a future HOF,,..

  28. Displaced…i agree with you on the time off. I really hope Pete knows what he is doing and hope they can come out strong after the time off.

    My only worry from yesterday was Sherm. He got burned a couple times, one causing him to committ a penalty, the other was a TD. Hopefully it’s nothing, but it’s rare, so i just wonder if his hip was actually hurting him or possibly it was just a bad outing for him. Something to keep an eye on

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Sherman guessed wrong on the double move, and paid for it. They other time was in zone and he’s not a very good zone cover. I really don’t think there’ anything to worry about with him. If he’s had simply been beaten and his technique was sound, that would be an issue.

  30. Thanks for your thoughts Duke. Always good to hear others opinions, and to calm my nerves :)

  31. SlickToxic21 says:

    I hate bye weeks. Especially when the ‘hawks are on a roll.

    However, to be 10-1…and be able to give the players that just came back from injuries an extended break to gear up for the stretch drive, well that’s probably a good thing.

    I do agree though that the game against NO, now becomes the clincher basically. Win that game, and we should have HFA throughout. Lose it, and we don’t control our own HFA destiny. Still might get it, but we don’t control it….New Orleans would then control THEIR own destiny.

    So hopefully Pete doesn’t give the boys too much time off in the next week+

  32. tealskin says:

    Sherman was burned bad on the one for TD. The foul call was kind of ticky tack. Have the feeling he was not taking Ponder, or the receivers, seriously enough. Probably a good thing in that it keeps him a little more down to earth. Don’t think the LOB looks as together without BB.

  33. On the Sherm TD – It’s possible they took advantage of one of his tricks – something they saw on tape or whatever and got him to bite again.

    Film study sometimes works both ways – but you notice they didn’t get many opportunities after that

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wilson already is the best Seahawks QB of all time. And barring injury Wilson we be a future HOFer.
    And I don’t need 10 years of watching him play to come to that conclusion.

    So glad we didn’t sacrifice all those draft picks for this immature and over hyped QB.
    Poor Cousins is just wasting away on the bench.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Rather than reacting, Sherman guessed wrong that Wright was going to break his route off, and tried to jump it. I’m certain that route was called in an attempt to take advantage of his aggressiveness. He needs to sty disciplined, and I’m sure he learned a good lesson there.

  36. yankinta says:

    Speaking of Great Young QBs…. I watched the Eagles game and came away highly impressed with Nick Foles. Back in 2011, I watched a ton of his games when he was at Arizona and thought that he could be a really good QB one day,,,Now I’m convinced that he’s for real. I think He will lead the Eagles to the playoff this season.
    16TD and 0 ints,, WOW

    This dude will be added to the Young QB’s Fold by the end of this year…. He’s already ahead of CK, RG3, and Cam. He’s neck to neck with Andrew Luck, imo. Of course RW has been on a whole different/much higher level (since mid 2012 season), without a doubt in my mind.

  37. Hall of Fame talk is silly for a 2nd year QB. I love Wilson and consider myself to be one of his biggest supporters early on, but HOF chat is ridiculous. Seriously, who cares?

    All that stuff is gravy. The only thing that matters is winning the Super Bowl. Largent was great, but no Superbowls. Cortez was awesome but we barely sniffed the playoffs with him here. Big Walt was the real deal, but again no trophies.

    I try to understand speculating on HOF credentials, but I just can’t. Terrell Davis looked like a shoe-in until he got hurt. I think once a player retires can you realistically look at his body of work, then determine whether or not their HOF worthy. Until then…


  38. chuck_easton says:

    Darn, I was hoping to have some time to enjoy this feeling of sunshine happiness, puppies, rainbows, and lollipops. But if we ARE going to discuss the Saints game aready, here it is.

    The Monday night game against the Saints is for all the marbles in more ways than one. Win that game and Seattle has a 2 game lead on the Saints with 3 to play. Also win that game and it would give Seattle a 3 game lead in the Division with 4 to play.

    Usually the next game is the most important game on the schedule. This time it is more true than ever.

    It’s hard to believe we are talking a ‘must win’ game for a team that is 10-1, but the truth is that Seattle wants the road to NY coming through our home in January. To ensure this the next game really is a must win.

    I don’t see any scenario where the Saints lose to Atlanta on Thursday night. So they will come into Seattle with a 9-2 record and having a mini bye of 11 days rest compared to Seattles actual bye of 15 days rest. Not as great of an advantage for Seattle as some here thought or hoped for.

  39. chuck_easton says:

    Sorry, two game lead on the Saints with 4 to play and the tye breaker. Seattle would only have to go .500 and the Saints couldn’t take HFA even if they won out.

  40. Snap counts for Minnesota game

    Posted by Bob Condotta

    Here are the snap counts for the Seattle-Minnesota game.

    The blowout meant liberal substituting in the final 10 minutes or so, and lots of snaps for backups. There were 52 snaps for the Seattle offense, 70 for the defense.

    J.R. Sweezy was the only player to take every snap. The returning Russell Okung, Breno Giacomini and Max Unger took every snap until the final two possessions.

    And Percy Harvin officially played 19 snaps (Pete Carroll mentioned 16 after the game but said the goal was to stay right around 20).


    J Sweezy, 52

    D Baldwin, 49

    R Okung, 45

    B Giacomini, 45

    M Unger, 45

    R Wilson, 42

    G Tate, 38

    Z Miller, 35

    J Carpenter, 31

    M Lynch, 30

    P McQuistan, 28

    M Robinson, 25

    P Harvin, 19

    R Turbin, 17

    L Willson, 16

    R Lockette, 15

    K Davis, 11

    T Jackson, 10

    L Jeanpierre, 7

    A Bailey, 7

    J Kearse, 3

    C Michael, 2


    K Wright, 61

    K Chancellor, 59

    E Thomas, 59

    R Sherman, 59

    B Wagner, 56

    W Thurmond, 54

    C Clemons, 50

    C Avril, 44

    C McDonald, 44

    T McDaniel, 41

    B Maxwell, 40

    B Mebane, 40

    M Bennett, 38

    B Irvin, 37

    R Bryant, 35

    M Smith, 25

    J Lane, 16

    C Maragos, 15

    J Johnson, 15

    H Farwell, 13

    M Morgan, 12

  41. Nick Foles is such a fraud it’s ridiculous. He just played the same Defense that let Christan Ponder light them up. He faced a parade of bottom 10 defenses this year and has just one not in the bottom 10 left (Cardinals at home). Kelly’s system also ensures the QB will put up big numbers to the detriment of the Defense. There really isn’t a huge difference between Flynn and Foles. I can guarantee he will NEVER do to the Seahawks Defense what Andrew Luck did to them a few months back.

    The Seahawks have just finished the soft part of the schedule. There are no more 1-2 win teams left (they have played 5 already – most in the NFL). They face 3 teams with winning records (NO, at SF, Arizona) after having played 4 so far (at Carolina, SF, at Indy, at Arizona). The other 2 teams are at NYG and the Rams. The final 5 games will be far tougher than the first 5 games. There are no easy games here.

    The team is 10-1 but the first 11 weeks have proved nothing compared to what the next 5 weeks will prove in terms of this team’s readiness for the Super Bowl.

  42. montanamike2 says:

    Terrell Davis looked like a shoe-in until he got hurt.

    Great point. 12th man better bring it in a couple weeks on MNF.

  43. Beating NO will not quite clinch HFA. We would have to win two other games to clinch HFA as things stand right now. It does not matter where those wins come from as long as we beat NO.

  44. Screensmoke–To reply to your comment in an earlier thread, re Harvin and negativity among fans; I don’t know what that comment was about. The live chat was spirited and mostly positive, and the post-game comments even more glowing.

    And only myself and one or two others mentioned Harvins blocking. My comments regarding Harvin were genuine; His play–especially his blocking–really impressed me. While blocking is 90% mental, some guys–like Michaels–struggle with technique. Not so Percy Harvin. To me, it’s pretty clear PC and JS place a high value on WR blocking. Harvin is the real deal.

    I think everyone is thrilled to be 10-1.

    There are still some kinks to work out–namely how to replace BB without resorting almost entirely to soft zone, the O-line as per usual, and the penalties—but this is one hell of a football team.

  45. Boling was the first to mention Harvins blocking on the live chat.

  46. Dukeshire says:

    That’s presuming that NO doesn’t lose after the Dec 2 game. So no, it doesn’t clinch, but it puts them clearly in the driver’s seat. Just where they want to be.

  47. chuck_easton says:

    Agreed Pilot. Beat NO and Seattle could go 2-2 the remaining 4 games and still clinch HFA regardless of what NO does with their remaining games.

    Beat NO to go 11-1 and SF would have to go 5-1 the remaining games while Seattle would have to lose its 4 remaining games for SF and Seattle to finish tied. Same for Arizona. As both Arizona and SF play each other AND the both still have to play Seattle, it is highly unlikely they can both go 5-1 while Seattle goes 1-4.

    This next game is the linchpin to knowing how Seattle will finish the season. Win against the Saints and we really can start talking HFA, play-off opponents, and potential SB opponent.

    Lose against the Saints, and the team is back to pins and needles, scoreboard watching, hoping for help from other teams, and generally not having their own destiny.

    So, the NO game is that important. Now you can see why Duke, myself, and others were saying a SF win yesterday would have put Seattle in a better place record wise.

    Now I’m glad I was able to get tickets for me and the ‘monster’ to go to the Arizona game on the 22nd. That game really just might be for the Division and HFA whereas a few weeks ago it didn’t look that important.

  48. banosser says:

    Boy… I sure would have liked to see Bowie get tose RG snaps….

  49. banosser says:


  50. GeorgiaHawk says:

    And Wilson will be a shoe in for the HOF, (barring injury) like I stated earlier.

    We all new Walt, Hutch and Easley were shoe in HOFers ,(barring injury)before we had to see them play their whole careers.
    Unfortunately Easley didn’t make it and didn’t get lucky like Sayers did.

    I don’t think it’s silly to speculate this or many other Seahawks related things. That’s what fans do. At least the ones that can allow themselves to enjoy the ride.

  51. chuck_easton says:

    I also find myself in a quandry for next Monday night. I’m not a big Bob Griffin fan because I don’t think he’s that great a QB. He’s good, but he’s proving he isn’t the type that can put a team on his back and carry them to victory.

    I’m really not a Kaepernick fan and I detest the 49rs.

    So, I’m going to find myself rooting for a Washington win over SF on Monday night football and having to sit through several hours of announcers gushing over how great Bob Griffin is.

  52. No, a SF win wouldn’t have put them in a better place. If Seattle loses to NO, I would bet they lose that SF game as well – especially when SF would be playing for the division. Yesterday showed that SF Defense is elite – it slowed down Brees in his comfy dome and created points – despite having a remedial passer back there playing like he didn’t belong in the NFL. How good would that SF Defense be with the Seahawks Offense?

    So I would say if Seattle loses to NO, they then lose a mere 6 days later at SF in the scenario with the division at stake – which puts SF in the driver’s seat for the division. SF’s remaining schedule is very soft. As it stands now, it would take a 2012 Houston Texans like collapse for the Seahawks to not get that bye.

  53. Everyone should watch this and let it sink in how lucky we are to have RW. Not only on the field, but off. Just look at Kaep…seriously…i have no words…

  54. yankinta says:

    pabuwal,, how many times have you and I strongly disagree on things?? lol. And we both know who always come out ahead…. I’m just saying… :)

  55. chuck_easton says:


    Love the enthusiasm for Wilson and the HOF. But there is no such thing as a ‘shoe in’. Even if Wilson doesn’t ever get hurt. Even if he plays 10-15 years at QB. He doesn’t, yet, have those spectacular numbers that would allow the voters to consider him HOF worthy without also adding a Lombardi or several. Marino is one of the few QB’s to get into the HOF that never won a SB. Fouts is another. Moon is the closest thing to a Seattle QB to have done it.

    For Wilson, either it’s going to be several Lombardi’s or he’s going to have to really pick up on the stats. I fully believe he can do it. But nothing is assured at this young stage of his career regardless of how many more years he plays.

    Look how long it took to get TEZ into the hall. And was all because he played for Seattle teams that where beyond bad and never won anything.

    But, I asked for a Wilson Jersey because I fully expect him to be the QB of this team well into the 2020’s, whereas the second choice was Lynch who is great, but likely only has 2 more years as a Seahawk before the team moves on.

  56. yankinta says:

    joreb,, HOF talk is not ridiculous…. There are those that can see far ahead and then there are those that can only see the Obvious. But then there are those that can’t even see the Obvious. GeorgiaHawk and I are in agreement. We’ve seen enough of RW to make that conclusion. You seem to be in one of the two latter groups,, wanna take a guess?? :)

  57. chuck_easton says:

    My previous Jersey was Hasselbeck, so I’m partial to franchise QB’s. More likely they are going to be around for several years. Less likely You end up wearing a Jersey of a guy that now plays for another team. Worked for Hasselbeck until 2011. Then he went ‘rogue’ and took the money from Tennessee.

    I figure I can wear the Wilson Jersey with pride for the next decade. Got it in an XL so I even have room to ‘grow’ as I get older.

  58. trout_hound says:

    God, please keep Earl Thomas healthy. Watching Maragos was a bit unsettling in the fourth quarter.

  59. banosser says:

    It’ll be difficult for the Saints to sweep Carolina…

    SF will be playing to get into the playoffs on Dec 8.. they’ll be playing just as hard as they would if it was for HFA… I just hope the refs don’t bend us over that day..

  60. chuck_easton says:


    Watching the entire 2nd team D was unsettling. Great depth as a whole, but when you see the entire 2nd unit in it becomes clear that even a team as bad as the Vikings 1st team can look good.

    The team can afford to have a sub here and there, but I only want to see the entire 2nd unit on the field again either in blowout games or possibly against the Rams after having already clinched everything possible.

  61. If the Niners don’t make the playoffs, our path to the SuperBowl gets a little more favorable. The Saints at NO would be tough, but do any of us really fear the Cards, Lions, Bears, Eagles, Cowboys? I’ll admit, I wouldn’t want to go back to Carolina any time soon, but get Cam at Century Link and I’m not too worried.

    San Fran is our nemesis. I still don’t think that we’ll win at SF in December, but I hope I’m wrong. Had they won yesterday, it’d be even more troublesome. As it is now, we’re in the catbird’s seat for a 1st round bye and possible HFA through out. The other way would’ve been sketchier.

    As it is, everything went as planned yesterday. Now let’s hope the Saints can somehow lose at Atlanta in prime time and the same for SF @ Washington on MNF.

  62. doubledink says:

    The contrast is striking, isn’t it? The mental toughness coefficient is off the charts for RW.

    I agree that HOF talk is too early but the thing that could be a difference maker for RW in the unfortunate absence of Lombardies is if he has a very tilted win-loss record. I think that would sway voters.

  63. WilliamPercival says:

    Good call Pab.

    I would be shocked if the 9ers don’t go 5-1 to finish it out. They are near full strength and have cake for a schedule.

    Saints barely beat the 9ers at home on a borderline call (Brooks), where Gore dropped a game winner..

    Saints have a TOUGH sched beginning with Hawks away, and the surging Panthers (twice) along with the Rams in STL. That will tell us a lot.

    In any case, we’re in the drivers seat and it feels great to see the 9ers sucking for air.. Wouldn’t have it any other way…

  64. chuck_easton says:


    Agreed. The odds are very likely that Seattle will drop a game (or two) between now and the end of the season. It really comes down to which game(s) they lose.

    While we would all love for them to go 5-0 and finish 15-1, it hasn’t happened much at all in the NFL.

    When I start doing my armchair coaching and planning I look for all potential scenarios that have Seattle finishing 13-3. Anything below that and a 1st round bye is in jepardy. Anything above that and HFA is in the bag.

    So, I only look at 13-3, who else could be close to that, and how the tiebreakers fall.

  65. bulldog80 says:

    You guys asking “I hope Pete knows what he’s doing” makes me LMAO! Even know, at 10-1, against the injuries, you still ask that? Give me a break!! This is the best coach and GM this team has ever had and you guys know it! Take a pill, sit back, relax and enjoy.

    Can you imagine what the Saints staff is thinking right now looking at our game tape? Rob Ryan is going to be scared coming in here. I’m really glad this is a home game.

  66. chuck_easton says:

    And I started the season with the feeling that Seattle would finish 12-4 or better as I didn’t see them taking a step back from 11-5 and I just felt they would be at least one game better with another year together for this young team.

  67. tealskin says:

    Can’t understand how anybody could seriously talk HOF about a QB that has played 1 1/2 season. Just too many variables beyond anyone’s control. Gues it’s ok in a world of fantasy leagues but not the real one. Willing to wait a few more seasons before losing my rationality on the issue.

  68. I had them at 11-5. The next 5 are really tough. We know about NO and SF, but don’t look now…the G-men are playing better since acquiring Beason from Carolina with very talented skill position players. The Cards are in the thick of it and their defense is playing pretty good right now. The Rams have been pretty tough as well obviously, so I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet.

    1-0 every week, 1-0 every week, 1-0 every week.

  69. chuck_easton says:


    To bring you back to reality, go spend some time watching NFLN and the four letter network. Some of them still have SF going to the SB (as a Wildcard, but still). They all have the Saints or Carolina getting a 1st round bye (whichever of those teams takes the NFCS).

    And all I heard last night was how dominant the Saints D was against ‘a very good SF team’.

    Posterboard material! Keep the team hungry. Tweet this all to Sherm! We need that chip on the players’ collective shoulders for another few weeks.

    Good news is, there is no such thing as a ‘trap game’ for some time if ever. The next two games are really the biggest two games of the season. Plays right into Pete’s 1-0 philosophy.

  70. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck, you need to look at all the numbers and not just passing yards.

    Look at his passer ratings the last two years, his wins, his come from behind victory’s, his performances when his o-line is in shambles.

    There were a lot of folks out there that said he would have a sophomore slump but he’s only gotten better.

    He is arguably a top five QB right now, maybe a top three.
    And you know he is smart and has the work ethic unmatched by all players in the NFL except for a few.

    He also has an outside shot at winning MVP this year.

    I sure hope Wilson wins some Super Bowls but he doesn’t have to win any to be in the HOF.
    Remember Kennedy? Didn’t he make the HOF? Defensive MVP? And that was on lousy Seahawk teams.
    Wilson has a great team around him and he is a great QB. It’s easy for me to say he will be in the HOF barring injury.

    The only other way I see Wilson not making it in the HOF is if he pulls a Tiger Woods on his Wife. So keep watching film Wilson because we don’t want that to happen.

  71. chuck_easton says:


    When we are having this conversation 10 years from now I’m sure we will be in agreement.

    But I also look at things from a pragmatic standpoint. If Wilson goes out and blows out his knees, arm, head in the next few weeks does he have the credentials to be in the HOF RIGHT NOW? Nope. So, he’s not a shoe in for anything.

    I know you love him. I think you’d marry him if it were legal in Georgia and both you and he ‘went that way…’. But the fact is, he’s just in his second season. He’s a mile or so into what will be a marathon. Let’s not annoint him anything until at least mile 24 or so.

  72. SaigonSun says:

    I can see us beating on NO and the Whiners in SF ( no, I’m not a psychic… just a psycho) Kidding aside, I am kind of uneasy with the Giants’ streak. They can be beat on their turf; just, it won’t be as easy as some may think. After that game we still have to play the Lambs and the Tards at home. I imagine it may be easy to lose focus for the last two games. Hope not.
    Back to back 10 win seasons….. I LOVE IT !!! Waited thirty years for this day to come ! WOW

  73. SlickToxic21 says:

    Good thinking chuck…..I made the mistake of buying various jerseys….Wistrom, Carlson, Curry……and before I knew it….they were gone (or just didn’t live up to expectations)
    I also have a Sydney Rice jersey….and he’s probably gone after this year.
    I had my Hasselbeck….so that was good……made sure I had my Wilson, Lynch and Thomas…would like to have a Sherman, Chancellor, Wagner….and maybe an Irvin, Harvin and Tate……..but it gets expensive, and no telling for sure who’s going to re-sign. I’m safe with Chancellor and Harvin…but who knows.
    So I decided to buy a jersey with my name and number on it…Cuz I know I’m going to be “with” the team for a long time.

  74. chuck_easton says:

    Next record to either be tied or to fall for this team. Seattle’s best season record ever, 13-3 in 2005. Here’s to hoping for at least a tie of that record, and allowing even the slightest dream of beating it.

    It has been the season for records to fall (both good and bad records). Don’t stop now boys. You’ve alredy tied your second best season ever 11-5 (last year).

  75. chuck_easton says:

    sorry! Knock wood. Throw salt over shoulder. Spin three times to the right, three to the left…

    Still have one more win to get to tie last year. Don’t anger the football gods! I would have to live outside if the team were to now go 0-6 because of that gaff.

  76. montanamike2 says:

    I thought we’d go 12-4 at the seasons beginning, now 14-2 or 15-1 is within reach. We got to 9-1 with a totally gimpy team that just got healthy and is loaded with talent. Harvin has already changed the way teams kick to us. I hope RW gets many trophy’s and then we’ll see HOF one day.

  77. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- You missed the part on my posts where I say barring injury.

  78. tealskin says:

    Chuck, Not yet. They’re 10-1. I’m seeing 13-3, but hoping for better. The last 5 more tough than the first 11.

  79. SlickToxic21 says:

    I don’t want to sound like another certain poster here….but I had Seattle at anywhere from 12-15 wins this season….at the start of the season.
    I really thought they could/would be that good….even though they had a tough schedule, and specifically a tough road sked.
    That was also when I thought Percy would be playing from the start, and that they wouldn’t have so many injuries to their O-Line.

    That said, I (as us Seahawk fans tend to do), have been worried about pretty much each and every game that they played. Oddly the first game I really felt like I could kick back, relax, and enjoy a blowout…was the Tampa game……the game that ended up giving me the most gas, heartburn, anxiety, hives and rashes!

  80. chuck_easton says:

    Georgia, I got that part about ‘barring injury’. But there are other variables that also fall outside Wilson’s mental strength, intellegence, drive to be better, and such. And that is the opinion of the voters.

    All of whom are sports journalist. It isn’t enough for we that think Wilson can do no wrong to decide if/when he should ascend. The people with the power must determine him worthy. If Wilson were to continue on his current pace, win no superbowls, win alot of games, and have average to good numbers, there would be a debate on whether he’d ‘done enough’.

    I don’t know if you recall, but there was debate about Marino getting in without having won the big one. There was debate about Elway until he cemented his place with two late career SB wins.

    There is currently debate about several former QB’s that may have SB titles (Dilfer, Warner) and those that don’t but have decent numbers (McMann, McNair, Trent Green, Drew Bledsoe), on whether they ‘did enough’.

    The HOF is a tricky thing. I personally don’t think Roethlesberger should ever be considered (but that could be my bias against him and the Steelers), but he’s talked about is if he is already a future HOF’er because he has two SB trophies and has played in three SB’s in his career. Same with Eli Manning. Would you consider Flacco a sure thing HOFer? He has a SB ring.

    And then if we go to our own, Shawn Alexander is the next Seahawk up for consideration. He’s eligible this year as a first ballot candidate. Great numbers, but he doesn’t have that ‘it’ factor that will wow the voters. I’m guessing he doesn’t get in this year, and may not for some time, if ever.

    Don’t count chickens Georgia. Wilson has a long way to go before he wins over the rest of the world. Sometime in the 2030’s you can come on here and boast how you predicted this ‘waaaayyyyy back in 2013′. But for now, I’ll wait to see how the next decade plays out.

  81. It’s all about getting the multiple Super Bowl wins, which is what I am assuming Georgia was counting on. Wilson was held back from playing for the national title at Wisconsin by a Defense which allowed last minute comebacks and was held back from a Super Bowl last year by a similar type of defense. Hopefully, that all has changed.

    If Holmgren didn’t get pass happy (Hasselbeck 50 passes??) in the Super Bowl, Alexander might have been named MVP and his inclusion in the HoF discussion would be a different story.

  82. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m having serious doubts SF will even make the playoffs. The injuries have been mounting, especially on both sides of the trenches. Iuapti is just the latest and it’s not looking good. The Cards are in decent shape to steal that last playoff spot from them with a home game week 17. If SF loses to RG3-7 or St. Louis in the next 2 weeks, it’ll be all over for them.

  83. tealskin says:

    RG3-7. Love it!

  84. ChrisHolmes says:

    It is amazing to me that Arizona is in position to steal a playoff spot from the 49ers at this point, but they are.

    Fine by me.

    I haven’t read through all the comments in the past day, but did anyone else notice the graphic FOX put up (I think in the 3rd quarter) that showed Wilson’s accuracy on passes traveling longer than 20 yards? He was 50%, best in the NFL.

    He sure seemed willing to take shots yesterday.

    Harvin really changes the passing game. So does Okung.

  85. tealskin says:

    Seems that RW is trusting his receivers to make the plays more. That pass to Baldwin for TD was prime example. Don’t know what changed for him because he used to be more cautious.

  86. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- Wilson is winning over the rest of the world much faster then some Seahawks fans think.

    What a lot of us Seahawks fans knew about Wilson last year at this time the national media is finally discovering it now.

    You can’t hide a Gem for long. Even if it’s in South Alaska.

  87. I didn’t read all the comments so someone else may have mentioned this already, but I love the comment from Earl Thomas regarding Percy Harvin’s speed.

    “He kinda looks like me out there…but on offense.”

    THAT is the quote of the month.

  88. HeinieHunter says:

    Oh mercy, Mr. Percy! After the kickoff return the Vikings pooch kicked it and we started on the 35. With that speed, evasiveness, and catch radius you have to double Harvin on every play. Other receivers are going to thrive. Percy tilts the field without touching the ball. Early Xmas present for the 12’s!

  89. raymaines says:

    and Unicorns!

    I want kittens and Unicorns too.

    Somebody on the radio said RW’s height is going to have to be recalibrated. We all know he’s really five foot ten and one.

    Lawd, show me some Percy!

  90. tealskin says:

    The whole Luck/Griffin, too-short Wilson narrative is playing itself out. The sports media is finally getting into real-time and discovering there’s a whole different world out there. Now the Hawks just have bring it for the rest of the season (and post) and the whole “gets no respect” mantra can be jettisoned.

  91. montanamike2 says:

    I bet in the future more shorter QB’s get drafted because of this kid.

  92. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wilsons career passer rating is 102.1 and getting better.
    Last year it was 100
    This year it is 105.1 and getting better.

    See how that compares to the best career passer ratings.

  93. GeorgiaHawk says:

    My bad, this is Pro-Football Reference passer ratings where Wilson’s rating was 109.1 last year.
    That’s even better compared to the best.

  94. slicktoxic says:

    RG3-7?? I feel I should get it…..but sadly I don’t.

  95. SandpointHawk says:

    I’ve only seen the 100 for last year, and I see it all the time…

  96. slicktoxic says:

    Ah nevermind….cuz the skins are 3-7……got it!

  97. chuck_easton says:

    Yep Georgia. We agree. Wilson is looking great. Only 10 more years of this, throw in a Lombardi or 5, add a few Pro-bowl appearances, and I think we could safely state he is a candidate for the HOF.

    Now, are we going to have to go through this debate each and every week for the next decade? Just wondering so I can schedule you into my diary. :)

    In other words, you are preaching to the choir. We all love him. Even those of us that had our doubts about starting an unproven rookie back in 2011.

    Let’s enjoy the ride and see how far the kid can go before we have him retired and slipping on that yellow jacket. There is a heck of a lot more I would like to see him bring to the organization before he rides off into the sunset and has his sitting for his bust.

  98. Art Thiel said about Percy Harvin yesterday, “That was just the movie trailer, wait until you see the whole show!”

  99. Wilson will be in studio tomorrow on NFL Total Access.

  100. HOF talk for Wilson is nuts. He is a 2nd year player and has not nearly paid the dues that those guys who actually have been voted in paid. Yes, RW is very good but out of respect for the guys who have paid their dues to get in, let’s let RW actually earn his spot in the hall.

  101. RDPoulsbo says:

    slicktoxic, the Redskins are 3-7. I stole it from a friend who was a die hard fan until this morning when he went on a long Facebook rant about everything from RG3-7, the head coach, ownership, the team name and the costs of ticket prices at FedEx Field. Nothing was sacred. Now he’s trying to pawn off the tickets he’s bought for the rest of season. Hillarious. In my 12 years of living in DC, the only thing that brought me as much joy as a Seahawks win was a Redskins loss.

  102. chuck_easton says:


    Did you send your friend his membership application for the 12 man club? It’s never too late for others to see the light. And he would get the added bonus of joining the club in the good times. He won’t have to go through the 3 decades of pure hell that some of us others had to endure! There’s room for everyone. But you do have to tell him, no trade backs. Once a Seahawks fan, always a Seahawks fan. We don’t take kindly to bandwagon jumpers and we are not the flavor of the month. To belong to this club is a lifelong committment.

  103. tealskin says:

    RG3 seems like a decent guy but the misfortunes couldn’t happen to a better owner. Except maybe Jerry Jones. Don’t envy the pressure RG3 has been under considering what they did to get him.

  104. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Pilot, Chuck, or anyone else that doubts Wilson. Would you trade Wilson straight up for any other Seahawk in the past? Including the HOFers?

    Do you think that any other Seahawks player ever would help this team better at getting a Super Bowl victory that all us hungry/sleepless Seahawk fans covet?

    I don’t.

  105. RDPoulsbo says:

    Naw, just a quick reminder that Seattle is 3-0 vs. the Redskins in January. I never let an opportunity pass by to remind the DC faithful that they never could beat Seattle in the playoffs.

  106. doubledink says:

    or Jim Irsay

  107. I wouldn’t trade Wilson for ANY player in the league. He’s perfect for Seattle and I’m ever so grateful we were finally able to DRAFT a franchise QB.

    The only stats I care about him right now are Wins and Losses. I also have a profound appreciation that he’s kept us in every game (never lost by more than a TD).

    I’m not saying he’s the greatest (yet). I’m not even saying he’s the best player in the league (yet). What I am saying is that from a fan’s standpoint, he’s been the easiest to root for my whole life…by far…so far.

    Regarding the jersey talk earlier in the thread…I developed some personal rules after spending $ foolishly on previous players that didn’t last.

    1. I will only buy a jersey from a player that the Hawks drafted (unless it’s a classic jersey or HOFer)

    2. I tried to justify it as a 10 year investment. $250 for an authentic spread over 10 years is only $25 per year or less than $2 per game (easily worth it).

    I love Lynch. I think I will learn to love Percy, but their Hawks jerseys won’t be purchased any time soon.

    I have a Russell jersey (blue) and would like to add Earl (gray) and Sherm (white), but I’m not in a rush.

  108. Ok, so it’s really only 1 rule. #2 is just justification for spending a ludicrous amount of money for something that’s rarely worn…especially in the off season.

  109. tealskin says:

    Georgia, Yes RW has done very well. Its a matter of maintaining some perspective. When my stocks keep going up, I get nervous. Corrections happen. When records indicate certain trends over time, you have to consider there are some kind of laws(?) at work. When a performer exceeds historical norms, chill a bit. Yes he can be a best ever, but let’s talk in a couple of months, or years.

  110. TallyHawk says:

    I thought the MVP talk last week was premature but talking HOF is crazy. I’ve been a fan of RW since he made FSUs defense look silly as a freshman and have no doubt he has what it takes to have a HOF career but let’s slow down a little. He may not have crazy stats but he will hopefully have a hand full of rings like aikman. That’s what I want more than any individual awards. Get those rings the rest will follow.

  111. chuck_easton says:

    Yes, but we are trying to reason with Georgia who somehow has come to the idea that Wilson can singlehandely win each and every game for the Seahawks even if 10 of us joined him on the field on Sunday.

    I don’t want anyone but Wilson under center for Seattle today. I don’t see a time in the next decade or so where I would want anyone else.

    But to be honest, he hasn’t done enough, yet, to even be added to the big three QB’s in Seattle history (Zorn, Kreig, Hasselbeck).

    Give the kid time. The last thing we would want is the meltdown we are seeing in DC and SF due to the heavy pressure being put on those two QB’s.

  112. Come on, Wilson’s already better than “the big (mediocre) 3″

  113. Listening to espn radio. Latest knock on Wilson is that he does not throw it enough. Problem is they look at the numbers and can not figure out how he does it. I just smile when I hear that. Just keep telling the world he is not this or that. Its like a secret we are not trying to keep.
    They said Wilson has slumped this year. Been inconsistent. These people are paid to talk about sports.
    Last year this talk made me a little mad. Now its somewhere between a grin,smile and a chuckle.

  114. tealskin says:

    Chuck, Don’t think RW is capable of a meltdown, but he is of some sub-par performances. He’s still somewhat human, I think.

  115. Hey guys, maybe we should write Wilson in on the All-21st-Century Team, even though we still have 86 years left!

  116. Dukeshire says:

    Seattle is second in the league in scoring. I’m not sure I want Wilson throwing more. I’d like them to continue to remain balanced. It’s a formula that is working.

  117. GeorgiaHawk says:

    There’s only two other Seahawk players that I thought would be sure fire HOFers,(barring injury) before I thought Wilson would be in their careers and that’s Kenny Easley and Steve Hutchinson.
    I’m sticking to my guns on this one.

    BTW- I think we have several potential HOFers on this team. I think Earl Thomas is very close to Wilson as a can’t miss. Sherman next, followed by Lynch.

    Now if the Seahawks start winning Super Bowls we may see six or more HOFers from this team.

  118. SlickToxic21 says:

    Although I believe in the whole time factor, as Wilson’s career could end at any time….so to start putting him in the HOF, or even on the Ring of Honour, is definitely premature. That said, as much as I enjoyed watching Zorn and Krieg…..and loved Hasselbeck…..I am, after 26 games, convinced that Wilson is the best QB that we have had.
    The man is too talented, and too driven to turn into a “flop”. Injury is the only thing preventing great things from him.

  119. raymaines says:

    I said this yesterday, and my tongue was in my cheek, but I still kind of believe it:


    This is the first game I’ve seen in person for years and I swear to God RW is the best player in the entire recorded history of the NFL. No, I’m really not kidding. Other people have said ET looks better in person than on TV and I suppose they’re right but RW was the class of todays game by about 299%.

  120. From ProFootballFocus

    16.00 – Vikings at Seahawks Game Notes

    So the Seahawks got a lot of pieces back that didn’t click immediately in to place but still won going away against a Vikings team far from mailing it in. The reason? Russell Wilson is starting to get into the end of season groove he did last year and with a three game divisional lead that is a scary thought.

    – The three highest graded players were Russell Wilson (+4.8), Red Bryant (+4.4) and Brandon Fusco (+4.1).

    – The three lowest graded players were Christian Ponder (-4.7), Matt Kalil (-3.5) and Adrian Peterson (-3.5).

    – Russell Wilson was under pressure for a much lower than average 38% of drop-backs. In the end though it didn’t matter – He still managed a 149.3 QB rating when under duress.

    – Cordarrelle Patterson played a season high 45 offensive snaps of which 28 were pass routes. Before this 59% of snaps his season high had been 40% in week 10.

    – Standing in for Brandon Browner Walter Thurmond showed exactly why the Seahawks seemed untroubled by the big corners injury. Thrown at eight times, Thurmond allowed three receptions for eight yards and an interception.

  121. This one kind of crept up on me — who is the current league scoring leader? Mr. Haushka.

    And with 24/25 made FG’s, if he keeps up this pace, he should get a call from the pro bowl.

  122. raymaines says:

    and yes, I know, and GH knows, and everybody else knows time is a part of the equation and RW hasn’t had much of it but that guy really is good.

  123. The beauty is we understand if and when Russell needs to throw more he can do it. We have seen that. The fact is nothing has worked to stop Russell. Its now a good thing we lost all those lineman. Without them Wilson just moved the pocket and made play after play. The book on all great qbs is get pressure and hit them and you can stop them. This did not work against Russell Wilson and its very good news for the hawks.

  124. chuck_easton says:

    Yes, Wilson really is good! In fact, he’s more than good, he is approaching greatness.

    And once he’s done what he’s doing now (he doesn’t need to do anything better but I expect he will do even better) and once he doesn’t show any decline (not in his nature), for another 8 to 10 years he jumps right to the top of all time Seahawk QB’s and the big 3 become the big 4 with Wilson leading the way.

    He just has to do it for 8-10 years. That is the mark of a true franchise QB. right at a decade or so of leading the team. Matty just barely makes it as he was only the starter for 8 years, but he does hold the passing records and led the team to its only SB appearance.

    Once Wilson passes Matty up on the all time Seahawks QB record books (only a matter of time), he goes to the top of the list.

    Too many things can happen between now and the time Wilson passes the other three on the all time lists. I’m hoping none of them happen, but until he does hold all the records he is still a potential all time Seahawk great.

    My only point is, he doesn’t hold the Seahawk records yet, let alone the NFL records, aside from tieing Payton Manning for rookie TD passes.

  125. chuck_easton says:

    Just to update everyone on what the Seahawk records are:

    Most Passing Yards Gained: Matt Hasselbeck (29,579)
    Most Touchdown Passes: Dave Krieg (195)
    Highest Passer Rating: Russell Wilson (102.1)
    Most Passes Attempted: Matt Hasselbeck (4,250)
    Most Passes Completed: Matt Hasselbeck (2,559)
    Highest Completion Percentage: Russell Wilson (64.1)
    Most Games, 400 or more Yards Passing: Dave Krieg (4)
    Most Games, 300 or more Yards Passing: Matt Hasselbeck (19)
    Highest Passing Average Gain: Russell Wilson (8.20)
    Most Games, 4 or More TD Passes: Dave Krieg (7)
    Most Games, 5 or More TD Passes: Dave Krieg (3)
    Highest Percentage, Touchdown Passes: Russell Wilson (6.7)
    Most Interceptions Thrown: Dave Krieg (148)
    Lowest Percentage, Passes Had Intercepted : Russell Wilson (2.4)

    This is up to date and includes Yesterday’s game for Wilson.

    The reason us old timers still include Zorn in the mix is he was the first Seattle QB and he held the position for 9 years 76-84 and started every one of those years except 84. He was also the first Seahawks QB to win a playoff game and take the team to the Conference Championship game.

    But all of Zorn’s records are now owned by Kreig, Hasselbeck, and Wilson.

  126. yankinta says:

    LOL,, Pete Carroll said the team will leave for its break following meetings today, and then return next Monday. The NFL mandates at least four consecutive days off during the bye week. “But we give them a few more,” Carroll said….. I bet RW told him, “No thanks,, see you tomorrow morning at 7:00AM!!” :)

  127. If you want to see a qb who has limitations and is not very good look at Alex Smith. Broncos figured out Smith could not beat them and stacked the box. Smith looked lost after many years in the league. Collinsworth was almost laughing at Smiths skills.

  128. doubledink says:

    All true, Chuck. But in my book one ring will put him at the top of that list.

  129. chuck_easton says:


    Finally bringing the Lombardi to VMAC could put Ryan Leaf on the list of all time Seahawk QB’s. The good news is Wilson is the best chance we have as the other 3 didn’t quite get it done.

    I think Wilson will achieve where Matty just missed.

  130. doubledink says:

    Per those records it is obvious where Wilson rates. He already owns all of them that longevity is not figured in part of the equation.

  131. doubledink says:

    As MikeRob said, “Let’s go get some”.

  132. doubledink says:

    BTW, Chuck Knox had replaced Zorn with Krieg in ’83, the first playoff year.

  133. Chuck – nearly everything you are quoting rewards mediocrity which has defined the Seahawks franchise and their QBs.

    Hasselbeck had 1 good year out of his final 5. He had just 2 years of 10 with a passer rating over 90. He had a whopping 5 years under 80. His starting record with the Seahawks was 69-62. His passer rating was just 82. He was the very definition of mediocre because he stuck along way too long. And because of that, he owns all of these records. He was among the best QBs in the NFL from 2002-2005, but if he stuck around just for those years, he would not be on your list.

  134. Stats do not tell the whole story. Different rules now. Russell has the best numbers yes. Look at brain, feet,arm,leadership,drive/effort,clock management,ball security and heart. Wilson first in all these as a seahawk. Ill give Kreig a tie in heart. One more thing is how does one perform in big moments the answser is Russell last name Wilson. Just enjoy it.

  135. chuck_easton says:

    doubledink, and it is exactly longevity that defines a truely great QB. Wilson just needs to keep ‘getting some’ for a few more years and he will very likely hold every Seattle record worth holding.

    That’s been my point all day. Wilson is special, but to be considered an all time great (i.e. HOF consideration) a player has to do it for several years.

    Remember, that’s why Easley isn’t even considered for the HOF. Too short of a career. Same with some of the better RB’s in the league.
    The sad part is Bettis is being considered, not because he was that great a runningback but because he played so many years his numbers look impressive.

  136. chuck_easton says:


    Vince Young won rookie of the year, and was in the pro-bowl his second season. Is he considered a great QB?

    I don’t for one minute think Hasselbeck will even sniff a consideration for HOF at the end of his career. I hope that Wilson does, but he has to have a career before that. 2 years does not a career make.

  137. Wilson ain’t in the HOF yet, but it’s fun to dream. I’m with Chuck, let’s see him do this for more than a decade; I’m gonna enjoy the heck out of his career!

    Wilson has played remarkably well despite an offensive line that was atrocious through the first eight games. Who knows what he could accomplish with a decent line?

    Still, he missed on at least two deep throws in the first half, and that’s been fairly common for him. He’s not a robot, but a second year qb whos still learning and growing–and yes, still making mistakes. At least his mistakes usually aren’t picks; he’s thrown few of those.

    Some here have unreasonable expectations for RW–not to mention HomerVision goggles.

    I’m not sure he’s top-5 in the NFL, but he’s surely top-10, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. What a joy to watch him work his magic. May his career be long and successful…

  138. A truly great QB is great over a long period of time. The Seahawks have never had this. They’ve had QBs who have been great for short periods of time, which is what Wilson has been so far – except even better than the 2 best years of any other Seahawk QB.

  139. Chuck – I’m not referring to the HoF discussion – too early for that. Although I do think he gets there, I won’t be running around from the rooftops screaming it.

    My issue is your exclusion of Wilson from the Seahawks QB list.

  140. Lets look at it this way. Lets say its 1994 and all current and past seahawk qbs are rookies. You are the gm. Who do you want. If you don’t think it is wilson you are wrong.

  141. yankinta says:

    lol,, someone is not sure RW is top-5 in the NFL?? That’s what I call Brainwashed!! :)

    He’s way past that. The dude is already a Top 3 QB in the League. Hands down!! Now he will compete for the top spot against Brees and Manning the rest of this season….

  142. Pabs: Hass had his 2006 season ruined by injury, but he was a great qb in 2007 as well. Stats don’t tell the whole story; I think he should be considered for HOF.

    Same with Krieg. He had the fourth highest rating among qb’s who started during the main part of his career, and his final year starting–8 regular season games plus the playoffs while a Lion showed he still had it. 13 TD’s 2 Int’s over those 8 games.

    I think it’s a crock he isn’t getting considered. He accomplished more with lesser teams than any qb of his time.

  143. Should Kerry Collins be considered for the HoF? What’s the difference between him and Hasselbeck?

  144. Hasselbeck for HOF? Give me a break. All credibility just flew out the window.

    Alexander has a better chance…by a long shot and still no shot b/c how his career ended. For 5 years he and LT were the best in the league.

    Hasselbeck has never been accused of being best in the league. I loved Matt as a person, pretty good QB but never felt like he was elite. He could throw a pick or turn it over pretty often which drove me nuts.

  145. chuck_easton says:

    We agree pabuwal. I can’t wait to watch Wilson for the next decade or so. I’m sure that sometime around 2030 we will be discussing his credentials and his worthiness to be considered one of the all time NFL QB’s not just one of the all time Seahawk QB’s.

    I expect it to be a fun ride, as STTBM said. But I want to enjoy the whole ride and not jump to any early conclusions.

    And to be honest, if Wilson were to have a career ending anything in the next year or so, he would go down as the Seahawk QB with the most non-realized potential for greatness.

    Dave Krieg wasn’t a superstar by any means. But he made the most of what he had. That is why he holds so many Seattle records. I was at a pre-season game in 1980 during his rookie year. When he came in in the 4th qtr I turned to my sister and remarked that we would be seeing him lead the hawks for years to come.

    So, I can understand all the love for Wilson. I saw it in Krieg when he was just fighting for a roster spot. He sat on the bench behind Zorn for 1980-1982 and didn’t get the starting job until halfway through 1983. Krieg played 12 years for Seattle then went on to be a starter for Kansas City, Detroit, and Arizona before ending a 19 year career as a backup. But he played 19 years.

    I put Hasselbeck ahead of Krieg in the Seattle hirearchy because he did more in a shorter period of time.

    I plan on putting Wilson ahead of both of them in about 10 years or so, if not sooner.

  146. Yankinta–RW has yet to reach the level of consistency of the elite qb’s on a regular basis (Brady, Brees, Manning 1 and 2, Rogers, etc). He may be leading the league in completion percentage over 20 yards, but he’s missing guys wide open for long TD’s far too often.

    There’s room for improvement. But he’s amazing. I expect him to be top 3-5 next year.

    He’s playing so well that it’s silly to be having this conversation, especially with a kid still in k-12…

    You and Georgia should relax; RW doesn’t need to get fitted for his HOF bust in Canton just yet, nor does pointing out areas he can improve in lessen the respect we all have for RW, his immense talent, and his incredible work ethic and intelligence.

    Not to mention he’s a great guy–No KaeperDouche he…

  147. Hass was a far better player than Collins. He also had quite a few fourth quarter comebacks. That’s like saying Kreig was no better than Ken Obrien…

  148. Im a huge hawk fan always have been. Hasselbeck is not a hof player. Im a huge wilson supporter he is not in top 3 yet. Manning,Rodgers, Brees. Dont forget Luck. Joking about Luck.

  149. I don’t want to talk about the end of Wilson’s career because then it’ll be over.

    I actually want to enjoy the ride.

    As of now, I doubt there’s anyone I’d take before him (and I’ve been a Luck #1A, Wilson #1B kind of guy).

    If I could go back in a time machine and either draft Elway or Marino moving forward – I wouldn’t care which I got (kind of like choosing between Wilson and Luck), as long as I had one. If you could put a good team around Marino, you know there’s no way he’d not win a Super Bowl if he could be reincarnated as a 22-year old.

    Instead of complaining or whining about who is the best – how about not caring and enjoying the fact that we’ve got a stud. I could care less what others think as long as we’re happy with our guy.

  150. GeorgiaHawk says:

    chuck- Why do you fear that there is a possibility that Wilson could become the next Vince Young?
    There is nothing in Wilsons behavior to suggest that that could happen. However their is enough evidence to suggest that he will follow a path similar to the better QBs in the NFL.

    I think perhaps you haven’t been looking at Wilsons whole body of work enough. Not just his two years in the NFL but his time in College too.

    There is nothing to indicate that Wilson will have anything like a Vince Young meltdown.
    And no, I don’t have to wait for that magical 8-10 years in the NFL to say Wilson is a future HOFer. I can clearly see it from his last 5 years in the NFL and College.
    Also I am not saying Wilson is the greatest QB in the NFL right now or ever, I’m just simply saying that he is HOF bound,(barring injury).

    I sure hope he becomes one of the greatest but I won’t go there until he wins a Couple Super Bowls.

  151. i need information on Browner asap… i’m nervous as hell about the new orleans game.

  152. I like Hasselbeck as much as anyone but he’s not even close to being HOF material.

    I liked him as much as pabs hates him or I hate Jim Harbaugh (as much as you can “hate” someone that you don’t know).

  153. Joereb–I could care about whether or not you think I have credibility. From many of your previous comments, calling mine into question is pretty funny.

    But yes, I think SA should be considered for HOF. I think he neede one or two more 1000 yard seasons, and his final year really tainted his legacy. Which is a shame.

    Plenty of folks who know a lot more about the qb position than we do called Hass a great qb for years. Including Troy Aikman, who said Hass IHO was top-5 in 2005, and had been for awhile. Ex players and coaches were still calling him that in 2007. Everything went to crap in 2008, but much of that was the team around him; Tom Brady couldn’t have won in Seattle in 2008-2010.

    But I only said they should be considered.

  154. You think I hate Hasselbeck but I did compliment his good years above, calling him one of the best in that time period.

    I only became a hater when it was clear it was time for him to go in late 2008. And then he managed to hang around for another few years.

  155. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Does anyone else think Krieg would be a HOFer if he had Wilsons hands?

    Hasselbeck would be a HOFer if he had Wilsons legs?

    And Zorn would be a HOF if he had Wilsons brains?

  156. I love watching Russell Wilson play. I agree that it is probably a little early to put him in a hall of fame discussion, heck its hard to get him into an MVP discussion. I agree with wigman that he’s kind of like our little secret here. Very few outside of the northwest really gets what’s happening up here with Russell and the Seahawks.

    When I watch him play, I like to compare what he does with other great QB’s Ive seen play over the years. The two I think I’ve settled on for now are Fran Tarkenton and Brett Favre. Tarkenton for his amazing mobility and escapability and Favre for his amazingly quick, instinctual thinking that makes stuff up that no one saw coming (including himself I think) until it happens. But I think he has a stronger arm and is a better athlete than Tarkenton and I think what will separate him from Favre are his study habits and work ethic. He will not make the kind of bonehead mistakes that Favre made over the years that cost his team. When Russell has a tough game, like the fumbles in Phoenix, he goes to work and fixes those things and you never see them pop up again.

    In reality I don’t think anyone compares to what Russell Wilson does. He is just completely unique. I don’t think there is anyone like him.

  157. chuck_easton says:


    Thank you for that. That is what I’ve been saying. But apparently not accepting that Wilson is already one of the greatest QB’s ever means you are a hater or not a Seahawk fan.

    I’ve only owned 3 Seahawk jersey’s in my 38 years as a fan. I’m not really into the whole jersey thing.

    1. Curt Warner #28 Old/old school with the mesh material that needed another shirt worn under it.

    2. Matthew Hasselbeck #8 – new/old school. Bought in 2003 when I decided Hasselbeck had the goods to get the team deep into the playoffs.

    3. Russell Wilson #3 – new school. Should be obvious. He’s going to be a Seahawk for years to come. He’s arguably the best talent Seattle has had at QB in a long time, and he’s likely going to go down as the best QB in Seattle history when all is said and done.

    But, you can’t look at the 1st two years of any NFL player’s career and know how it will end. Aikman was 1-15 as a rookie starter. Payton Manning as 2-14 as a rookie starter. Steve Young was so bad his first couple of years with the Bucs he got traded to SF. I think they all ended up with pretty solid careers.

    On the flipside, Rick Mirer looked like the second coming of Joe Montana his rookie season in Seattle. Vince Young was rookie of the year and was being talked about as the ‘next generation’ of QB elite. I don’t recall anybody mentioning them for all time awards.

    I’m 100% behind Wilson as this team’s QB. There is nobody I would want right now, and that includes Payton Manning. Manning is the best QB in the league this season, but he’s at the end of his career. Wilson is at the start of his.

  158. Hasselbeck was a very underrated scrambler before EJ Henderson began the injury fueled decline in 2006. I think Hasselbeck really needed Wilson’s arm strength to be good for a longer period of time.

  159. STTBM – What you said about Alexander recently was spot on. He was unbelievable. What was it…something like 5 straight years of 15 TDs or more? It was ridiculous. Playing fantasy football, he and LT were the guys you wanted.

    Hass? OK…maybe losing all your credibility was a little harsh. My sincerest apologies. I’m as big a Hawk fan as anyone here. I wanted Hass to win it all and had it not been for a few questionable calls in the SB, we most likely would have, but his stats and overall inconsistencies were just not enough to get him to the Pro Bowl year in and year out let alone HOF. He deserves to be in the Hawks Ring of Honor IMO and ‘maybe’ have his jersey retired, but it’s a stretch at best.

  160. chuck_easton says:

    But this is a fun discussion. Much better than arguing about what’s wrong with the team.

  161. We could talk about the Colts?

  162. You just want to talk about the Colts QB again don’t you?

    Matt Hasselbeck.

  163. I don’t think there’s going to be much wrong with the team with a healthy Okung and finally getting to see Harvin in our colors.

    Okung is of the best LTs in the NFL and same with Percy at WR. That’s a pretty potent dose of greatness on an already good team.

  164. Art Schlichter.

    Jim Harbaugh was once a Colts QB too.

  165. SandpointHawk says:

    Where can I get some of those Homer Vision Goggles? This whole sting is just silly (and I cleaned that up)….

    Dave B. please hurry with the 3:00 presser update…

  166. yankinta says:

    BobbyK,, The MAIN DIFFERENCE Between Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson is,,,.. We have YET to see a Clunker from RW. Where we’ve seen a number of Clunkers from Luck.

    I’ve counted a Total of 4 Clunkers for Luck (3 in 2012 and 1 in 2013).

    @ CHI – LOSS 21-41 51% 1TD 3ints 52.9 rating
    @ NYJ – LOSS 9-35 50% 0TD 2ints 51.3 rating
    @ NE – LOSS 24-59 50% 2TD 3ints 63.3 rating

    vs STL – LOSS 8-38 61.7% 1TD 3ints 65.3 rating

    If you take out the stats from Garbage Time, they look a LOT Worse…. :)

  167. GeorgiaHawk says:

    ric- I agree with every thing you say except the-

    “I agree that it is probably a little early to put him in a hall of fame discussion” part.

    Putting Wilson in the HOF discussion is not saying he’s the best of all time. Barring injuries I just don’t see him not making it, regardless if he wins a Super Bowl or not, and I think he will.

  168. chuck_easton says:

    And as much as it would have caused a near riot on this site if we said this during training camp, I think it’s pretty obvious who the best RT on the team is right now…

    It’s that crazy Italian with the the anger management issues that a number of people were wanting to see replaced at the start of the year.

    So glad to see him back anchoring the right side of the line. We can talk about a potential upgrade in 2014. Just need the big guy there for the remainder of this season.

  169. SandpointHawk says:

    He’s Brazilian by the way, but Lynch calls him the Russian…

  170. Our little secret. Its cause he is short.

  171. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I like Breno and his dirt bag attitude. I think Sweezy will play better with Breno in there. That is if he would stop taking out his own man. Lol.

  172. wazzulander says:

    Of course time is a factor with HOF and Ring of Honor consideration, but I think we can say RW has been playing QB better the last 2 years than anyone ever has for the Seahawks. Krieg was good, but too hot/cold for me. And while I loved Hass, he would always make a few head scratcher decisions (like most QBs…) that left you wondering what he was thinking/seeing. And I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an athlete (or person) with all the intangibles like RW….whether its a postgame interview, or spending half his life watching film, or paying for rookies to fly to off-season workouts, or volunteering at the children’s hospital, I’ve yet to see the guy not come off as completely awesome. If ever there was a player I wanted see signed to a lifetime contract, Russell Wilson is that man.

  173. Just to add a little bit of perspective, I feel about Russell Wilson in year two close to the way I felt about Lofa Tatupu in year two. Actually, a little better. I never thought Lofa had the chance to be one of the best ever, but I felt very confident that we had our “defensive quarterback” for the next decade. Three Pro Bowls, 3 – 100+ tackle seasons, eight interceptions in three years, a few sacks sprinkled in there, those are almost Ray Lewis type numbers. Lofa was on his way to the hall of fame.

    But, Lofa wore down, his knees gave out, his body wasn’t big enough to absorb the pounding of an NFL career.

    This season, over the last several games, every time Russell Wilson’s diminutive little frame got leveled by a monster DT or DE, I had flashbacks to Lofa and what could have been. If RW can play behind a line that is at least average, he will be great for a long time. He doesn’t need a great line, because part of his greatness is what he can do when he’s on the run. But he also will not be able to absorb the types of beatings he has taken this year.

    I still proudly wear my old 51 jersey. The one that says Tatupu. But, I have also added a #3 to my collection.

  174. SandpointHawk says:

    OrrObb, Nailed it…

  175. I want to rant so badly. Let just hope he stays our secret. Hope he stays healthy. Enjoy it because we are going to win a lot of games.

  176. GeorgiaHawk says:

    OrrObb, missed the nail and hit his thumb…

  177. doubledink says:

    A QB doesn’t take near the punishment a LB does and the protection rules give an edge as well. But if you want to crown him, go ahead and crown his behind.

    Stay healthy, my friend.

  178. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Gee, I hope we don’t have to lose a few to win the Super Bowl.

    Anyone else keeping an eye on the Giants/Steelers possible come backs?

  179. that’s a good point Yank. RW certainly hasn’t had any horrible games, as evidenced by the streak of never losing by more that 6 points (or is it 7?). That is really an amazing stat.

  180. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree LVHawk.
    That’s why I don’t need 8-10 years to see that Wilson is HOF material, (barring injury).

  181. sluggo42 says:

    Good god, what a bunch of raging maniacs you’ve all become today!

    Let me spell a word y’all need to read JINX

    All this talk of what will happen in the future needs to stop. Let the man be. He’s pretty good to say the least. GH, ask the guy to marry you already! Sheesh!

    Answer me this, when Percy stepped,onto the field, didn’t everyone feel the earth tilt a hair to our side. Can’t everyone see where this is going? Our offense was already starting to get rolling. Now with the big tackles and out center back. Fat carp is off the field. MRob is back. Zack is getting some catches. Nobody knows where the play is going, but I can tell you one thing for sure. The ball is going to an impact player. We are going to score more than they are.

    We have a better defense. N.O. Isn’t going to beat us at home. They could lose to Carolina, and the rams.
    But don’t JINX THE GUY with anymore speculation.

  182. Russell Wilson is 21-6 as our starter…as good as it gets.

    He also has thrown for less than 200 yds in 12 games out of 27 reg season games.

    I love RW but those kind of stats are not HOF worthy…yet. I do care about wins as a fan, but the HOF is all about stats and championships.

    I think he has a great chance IF he continues on this path, but to talk about it a year and a half into his career is just ridiculous. You can say it now, but it’s not as if anyone here will look back in 15 years and say, gee (insert handle name)…I remember when you so accurately predicted that RW was going to go to the HOF and here we are!

    It’s pointless…give it up and I’ll do the same. How about a new topic…please?

    These next 2 weeks are going to be brutal. I can only imagine where this blog is about to go.


  183. GeorgiaHawk says:

    So Sluggo I suffer sometimes from premature speculation, lol. Big deal!

    Why would that jinx Wilson?

    Perhaps you and joreb would rather talk about Luck or how bad our O-line was?

    And the next two weeks will not be brutal at all joreb. The first week we have off. The second week we play an average road team. Nothing brutal about that.

  184. sluggo42 says:

    Premature speculation?
    You haven’t even ordered from the dinner menu yet!

  185. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Mark my words DeCastro will be a Pro Bowler this season and perhaps allpro.

    Imagine how good our O-line would be with him?

  186. vichawkfan says:

    I just landed tickets for the Saints game. Anyone tell me the best place around for pre-game beers/food and expected of time to get there before kick-off?

  187. raymaines says:

    vichawkfan: Personally, I don’t think you should go at all. In your own best interest I think you should just mail your tickets to me and watch the game on TV. I’m just looking out for you, Bro.

  188. Vichhawkfan…Hell, why chance it for the biggest game of the year so far? I’d hit one of the joints down by Clink at noon and just get yourself “ready”.

  189. Being mildly superstitious, I would be happy if everyone here used PC’s and RW’s one game at a time philosophy, rather than throwing H’s (HOF, HFA) around like confetti. Alternatively, another H (humility) would be welcome from some folks.
    Relax and enjoy the ride.
    Go Hawks

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