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Sunday Primer: Lynch, AP and kickin’ it with Hauschka

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 17, 2013 at 2:07 am with 52 Comments »
November 17, 2013 10:28 am

Good morning.

Marshawn Lynch
Marshawn Lynch is second in the NFL in rushing. / AP photo
Adrian Peterson
Adrian Peterson was the NFL MVP last season. / AP photo

Today, we will be lucky to watch two of the best backs in the league. Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson will be banging away all afternoon at CenturyLink Field.

I wrote about that for today’s paper.

Our Dave Boling talked to kicker Steven Hauschka, who has been on-target this season. Turns out Hauschka can do more than kick. He went to Middlebury College (this is a small school for very smart kids in Vermont), where he played Div. III soccer before later transferring to NC State, where he played one season with Russell Wilson.

There’s a lot more to Hauschka’s story, and you can read it here from Dave.

Seahawks links:

> ESPN writes about the Seahawks enjoying a long home stretch (as are reporters).

> has five matchups to watch today.

> also has a look at special teams, which will be a big deal Sunday. The best punt coverage unit in the league, which belongs to the Seahawks, will face the best punt returner and the best kick returner.

> Jim Souhan at the Minneapolis Star Tribune writes that the Vikings were right to move on from Percy Harvin and Antoine Winfield.

> The Star  Tribune also says Seahawks OC Darrell Bevell is heading for a head coaching job.

> Lastly from the Star Tribune, they say Pete Carroll and the Vikings were a missed connection.

The primer:

Non-Seahawks game of the day

San Francisco at New Orleans, 1:25 p.m.

Drew Brees
Drew Brees is well on his way to his eight consecutive season throwing for more than 4,000 yards. / AP photo

The result of this game will influence the Seahawks’ position one way or another.

The view from San Francisco.

The view from New Orleans.


Seattle Week 10 highlights


Flashback video of the day

“When the NFL beats him down, it’s a shot of love from home that gives him the courage to go on.”


Today in bacon

Pumpkin rice crispy bacon balls. Because, of course.


Today’s weather

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 12.13.54 AM












Recipe of the day

Wild rice casserole. Apparently, this works in Minnesota. Sounds good here on a cool day.


Chalk talk with Brock Huard of 710 ESPN

Jermaine Kearse’s touchdown on the throwback pass in Atlanta.


Poll position

Do you think Marshawn Lynch will actually retire this offseason?

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This week’s schedule:

N.Y. Jets at Buffalo10 a.m.CBSRalph Wilson Stadium
Atlanta at Tampa Bay10 a.m.FOXRaymond James Stadium
Detroit at Pittsburgh10 a.m.FOXHeinz Field
Washington at Philadelphia10 a.m.FOXLincoln Financial Field
Arizona at Jacksonville10 a.m.FOXEverBank Field
Oakland at Houston10 a.m.CBSReliant Stadium
Baltimore at Chicago10 a.m.CBSSoldier Field
Cleveland at Cincinnati10 a.m.CBSPaul Brown Stadium
San Diego at Miami1:05 p.m.CBSSun Life Stadium
Green Bay at N.Y. Giants1:25 p.m.FOXMetLife Stadium
Minnesota at Seattle1:25 p.m.FOXCenturyLink Field
San Francisco at New Orleans1:25 p.m.FOXMercedes-Benz Superdome
Kansas City at Denver5:30 p.m.NBCSports Authority Field
Monday, Nov. 18   
New England at Carolina5:40 p.m.ESPNBank of America Stadium

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  1. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Still wish I knew Brandon Browner’s injury status. It would be a pleasant surprise to see him listed as healthy and for him to play today. Based on the dearth of information, we can’t completely rule that slim possibility out.

  2. CDHawkFan says:

    Displaced, what have you heard that gives you that much hope about BB?

    From what I read, he is probably out (I am guessing) 6-8 weeks, which gives him a chance to be back for the playoffs, but no warm-up and that would mean he couldn’t have a set back at any point.

    I am guessing he is 50/50 to be ready for the playoffs, so do they keep a roster spot for only 50/50 without a warm-up? I hope they will if those are the odds. He kicks the crap out of most WR physically and I would like to get in the head of whomever we play.

    I don’t think he will be on the Hawks next year, I think he will cash it in this offseason. Either way, we know he gets called for interference a lot, doesn’t have the best technique, but I would think he would be near the top of the list of guys you wouldn’t want to play against if you are a WR because of how physical he is off the line and just in general.

  3. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I haven’t heard anything–one way or the other. I was expecting an announcement yesterday about Brandon Browner, but one didn’t come. Besides Pete saying that Browner’s injury was substantial, I haven’t heard anything. It could be a subterfuge, but who knows?

  4. edstang45 says:

    Again great stuff Todd, love the videos. Thanks Glad to see BB is not on IR, hope he makes it back for playooff run. Good game for Harvin to get some hits and shake off some rust, Then the bye to refresh and get ready for two big games..Go Hawks

  5. rynehawk says:

    That’s a lot of 1pm games this week ;)

  6. Southendzone says:

    Yeah Rynehawk, I was about to make the same comment, are those games supposed to be listed in EST or PST?

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Todd for the John L. Williams video. My favorite Seahawks RB/FB of all time.
    Imagine what he would have done running behind Walt & Hutch.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Ditto what Georgia said. Loved John L. When Warner went down his sophmore year, he filled in unbeleavably.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Although my favorite Seahawk FB/RB all time is Mack Strong.

  10. For me choosing between John L. and Mack is like the silly Wilson/Luck debate. Both are/were great and I love each of them. I really can’t pick between the two and with either one you really can’t go wrong (although the greatest Seahawks FB moment, for me, was the Dan Doornink game when we beat the Raiders in the play-offs).

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Mack Strong was awesome too and definitely my favorite football name of all time.

  12. one thing that’s not debatable, John L. and Curt were the best RB duo we’ve ever had, if only for a too short time.

  13. Southendzone says:

    Read a few articles on groin injuries, most say 3-6 weeks, but this one says up to 12, it seemed to be the best of them as it described the healing & rehab process.,0,793512.story

    Seems like they could get BB back this year.

  14. montanamike2 says:

    Last night i said that i hoped for a statement game today. While i’ll agree that it’s pretty hard to make a statement at home against a bad team, what i meant is that we’ve appeared mortal these last few games at home and i’d rather we crushed the Vikes and re-installed that fear that was Clink. We did it on the road and we can do it again. If not i’ll settle for a win.

  15. montanamike2 says:

    If they do wheel out Ponder, he’s playing with a dislocated shoulder!

  16. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I always liked D. Fenner

  17. sluggo42 says:

    Pd, I would bet a few would argue that mike rob and beast are the best…

  18. seatowntp says:

    sluggo, I don’t know if the Seahawks have ever had a more physical combination. I know that Strong and JL were physical, but have we ever had a beast like Lynch?

  19. There is no way we should be rooting for the Niners in my opinion. The goals at the start of the season (in order):

    1. Win @ Home
    2. Win division
    3. Secure #2 seed
    4. Secure HFA

    In this debate of who to root for tomorrow, the goals are:

    1. Handle Minnesota. Don’t snooze on them. There is talent there and right now there is not a soul that thinks they have a chance tomorrow which gives them the best motivation they’ve probably had all year. The Vikings will play us tough…watch.

    2. Root for New Orleans. You have to like our chances more to win at home, on Monday Night with RW’s home record

    as opposed to

    Rooting for San Fran…then thinking that we can just go down there and clean up when in fact it has been quite some time since we’ve gone to SF and won period.

    Even IF the Saints were to beat us and SF…we’d still have the chance to get the #2 seed as I don’t see the Lions or NFC Least losers catching us (although I really don’t think the Lions are getting the attention they deserve.)

    If the Niners pull off the miracle, then our odds of falling to a five or six increase. If the Niners lose and we can build the NFC West lead…

    we stand to have a 1st round bye and IMO that is the goal (in order) after the other two and before gaining HFA.

    It’s just my opinion, it seems like simple math, but if someone can make me see otherwise, I’d be willing to consider it.

    Is it game time yet?


  20. raymaines says:

    and one more thing that annoys me…

    Every one of Seattle’s east coast games are early starts, but SF gets a late start in New Orleans. Gurrr!

  21. Personally, I’m rooting for the Saints and 9ers to pound the crap out of each other. It’s pretty simple: Seattle beats both and reaches all our goals. Looking a bit like the wheels are off the 9ers offense – I hope that holds true today. I’d love for them to implode and not even make the wild card. Saints surely will drop a game or two in the home stretch. But again, all we have to do is win…

    About to head to the game… bit of a trek from Oly.

  22. princeaden says:

    pdway, I may sub in the combo of S.Smith and David Sims as the best Seahawk duo of all time, albiet a short tenure. For mr, Juhn L. was one of the best alltime Seahawks period.

  23. I got to meet John L. Late in his Seattle career. He was very nice to my sister and me. Very quiet, humble man. He posed for crappy Polaroid pictures with us and signed autographs, and listened to a couple geeky teenagers gush about their favorite team…

    He’s my favorite FB for Seattle, because he could block even better than Strong, yet was an explosive runner and receiver in his own right. Plus, his first year, Knox wouldn’t give him the ball–and in College John L was the man; he had to block for Warner all year, and he learned it on the fly.

    We’ve been blessed with great FB’s in Seattle; John L, Strong, Weaver, Mike Rob. Heck, even Owen Schmitt did okay after leaving us, and the guy who couldn’t beat out Strong, Heat Evans, won two SB’s and made the Pro Bowl…

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM, remember that wicked stiff arm that John L had? Once he got that big Bear paw on the defender it was over.

    Lynch has a good stiff arm too, and for a QB Wilson has a good one.

  25. seahawk44 says:

    Mack Strong is the FB that led the way for the only Seahawk RB to lead the league in rushing yardage and be the NFL MVP. And it seems that the RB that did that only 8 years ago, doesn’t get the respect he deserves, since his name is rarely mentioned in these types of discussions. Shaun Alexander, it is too bad you got injured after signing a huge contact and tarnished your legacy with the 12s.

  26. All right, I analyzed what the records would look like for 8 different scenarios that include today’s SF/NO game, our upcoming game vs. NO, and our upcoming game vs. NO. I assumed that all of us (SEA, NO, SF) win all other games. Big assumption there. But at any rate, here is what the standings would be:

    After this weekend if NO beats SF
    Sea 10-1
    SF 7-4
    NO 9-2

    4 end-of-season situations:
    We beat SF and NO……… (Sea) 15-1, (SF) 10-5, (NO) 13-3
    We beat SF, lose to NO…. (Sea) 14-2, (SF) 10-5, (NO) 14-2
    We beat NO, lose to SF…. (Sea) 14-2, (SF) 11-4, (NO) 13-3
    We lose to both……….. (Sea) 13-3, (SF) 11-4, (NO) 14-2

    In all the above, we win the West. In two, we also get HFA. IMO, the most likely situation is #3, we beat NO but lose to SF. We get HFA in that one.

    After this weekend if SF beats NO
    Sea 10-1
    SF 8-3
    NO 8-3

    4 end-of-season situations:
    We beat SF and NO……… (Sea) 15-1, (SF) 12-4, (NO) 12-4
    We beat SF, lose to NO…. (Sea) 14-2, (SF) 12-4, (NO) 13-3
    We beat NO, lose to SF…. (Sea) 14-2, (SF) 13-3, (NO) 12-4
    We lose to both……….. (Sea) 13-3, (SF) 13-3, (NO) 13-3

    In 3 of the above, we win the West and have HFA. But in #4, the best we can hope for is a wildcard slot. I think it likely we beat NO but could lose to SF, which would still give us HFA.

    Conclusion: SF beating NO today gives us more ways to get HFA. But we risk getting nothing more than a wild card slot. But I think we have a better chance of beating NO at home than beating SF on the road, and in that case it does not matter who wins today, SF or NO.

    But this is all speculation anyway since there are other games being played that are not considered here. As others have said, just root for the Hawks to win today and let the rest happen in due time.

  27. The Sunday NFC Wildcard game will be the early one.

    It would be a travesty for this team to have to play in that game on the road.

  28. Seahawk44–I was thinking the same thing. Alexander was one of the top 3 backs in the league for 5-6 years, and its too bad his lis franc injury robbed him of his speed, and the big contract made him gunshy.

    People forget that he rushed back from the injury to carry the ball for a Seahawk record 40 times vs GB, while still obviously hampered by the imjury. He followed that performance up with his toughest performance of his career, rinning for more tha 125 yards and 2 TD’s vs the number 2 rush D in the NFL at that time, the SD Chargers. He ran through people in that game, and IMO, those teo games were his finest hour.

    He deserves more respect, despote his wimp-out the next year.

  29. MoSeahawk12 says:

    John L was the man. He blocked like a bull and was shifty, quick and had great, great hands and balance. One of my all time favorites players as well. Thanks for the video Todd. Brought back great memories.

  30. Geogia–yeah, that stiff arm was as good or better than Weavers “baptism”!

  31. Tate has a good one too!

  32. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    @Pilot, Dude you have way too much time on your hands.. We just need to win every game! every sunday! every championship game!

  33. well said about #37 STTBM

  34. rramstad says:

    Absolutely rooting for the Saints. It will be easier to beat the Saints at our house than it will to beat the 49ers in SF. Also, if the 49ers lose to the Saints, and we beat the Saints, it’ll be another team in common that we defeated that they lost to (Panthers) and another NFC win for us that’s an NFC loss for them.

  35. can’t quote bring myself to root for the Niners, I’m hoping the Saints lay a beatdown on them. sometimes the heart trumps the brain.

  36. agree w STTBM re Alexander. his great years deserve to be remembered.

  37. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Agreed STTBM. While none will ever confuse Shaun with Marshawn, he was a huge part of one of the most successful periods in Seahawks history. He had games that he just took over. Especially on Monday night, prime time games. I doubt we’ll ever see the TD numbers he put up from the running back position in this current version of the NFL.

  38. MoSeahawk12 says:

    The niner game won’t be easy as we haven’t won there since 2007. Clearly that will be a major challenge. Seahawks in the drivers seat for the rest of this season. They take care of business and win, it doesn’t matter what any other team does. They have the opportunity to take the division and the NFC standing up without help from anyone. Much better position as we all know from years past how frustrating and helpless it feels when hoping other teams beat teams ahead of us to maybe get us in the playoffs. I doubt coach Pete even mentions the other teams and hopefully we’ll see another focused, strong effort against a better than they look Vikings team that has nothing to lose.

  39. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Besides, I can’t even think about rooting for the 9ers as it would be like rooting for the Raiders back in the day when we were in the AFC West. How many here would’ve or could’ve rooted for the Raiders? Ever??

  40. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Nothing personal Todd.

  41. seatowntp says:

    How about SA scoring five (5) first half touchdowns vs. the Vikings on Sunday Night Football! That was a show. He certainly appeared to play better when in the spotlight.

  42. seatowntp says:

    Mo, I certainly understand what you are saying. I root for whatever scenario is best for the Seahawks. About the Raiders. . . they have become so irrelevant that I can cheer for them now. The Broncos, however, are a completely different story. I still hate them!

  43. Beat the Vikings.

    Could care less about Whiners and the Drew Brees team. One is going to lose. That’s all I care about.

    In a normal weekend, both would probably win.

  44. Todd Dybas says:

    Hey, folks.

    Sorry about the schedule. Though I’ve been here for a bit, old habits die hard.

    Thanks for pointing it out.

    Mo, no one who likes the Raiders is in position to take offense to anything. I appreciate the courtesy, however.

    — Todd

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “How many here would’ve or could’ve rooted for the Raiders? Ever??”

    Before the Seahawks became a team I did.

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Looks like McCoy is out with some kind of hamstring injury.

    If Lynch becomes the NFL rushing leader this season and the Seahawks win the Super Bowl that would be a very rare thing to happen in modern Super Bowl history.

  47. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RG3- 26 yards passing at halftime.

  48. grizindabox24 says:

    Go Hawks

    Go Saints

  49. MEhawkfan says:

    Nice Sunday format, Todd. The blog looks great.

    From the totally random department: TB is pounding the crap out of the Falcons, which in itself is not too surprising given the state of things down in Oh Atlanta. Still, it was no fluke the way TB played the Hawks. I think Seattle’s win in that game was a lot more impressive than most folks gave them credit for–and no little feat in itself.

  50. sluggo42 says:

    What a bunch of boring morning games

  51. montanamike2 says:

    Guys i’m off again to meet the lads, i’ll catch up with you later. Sometimes it takes a while, GO HAWKS!!!

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