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Seahawks 41, Vikings 20: Postgame reaction thread

Post by Kenny Via / The News Tribune on Nov. 17, 2013 at 4:29 pm with 63 Comments »
November 17, 2013 4:30 pm


Byron Maxwell, top, and Walter Thurmond take in the laugher at CenturyLink Field.
Byron Maxwell, top, and Walter Thurmond take in the laugher at CenturyLink Field.

All right. There it is: 10-1, and a bye week. The Seahawks put together their second consecutive blowout, dominating the Vikings in the second half of a 41-20 win.

With two weeks off, and everything rolling, let’s take a quick look back and then forward with our questions today:

1. Who gets the game ball in the win? Who is the goat?

2. How do you grade the team so far heading into the break?

3. What should be the Seahawks’ biggest focus during the bye week?

4. Now that we’ve seen Percy Harvin, what are your expectations of him?

5. Which team poses the biggest threat to Seattle moving forward, and why?

As always, don’t just limit the discussion to these questions … what else is on your mind?

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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    We are rolling now…end of story.

  2. 1. Russell Okung (nice seeing him and not worrying about a good RDE killing our franchise QB). No Goats in a blowout.

    2. A-

    3. Getting healthy, relaxing, then getting in a few good workouts and refocusing on what should be a Super rest of the season.

    4. Impact.

    5. Themselves.

    6. Seneca Wallace

  3. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Glad we have two weeks to prepare for the Saints. 9ers just handed their 4th loss and the division is ours!!
    Saints game for all the regular season marbles.

  4. thursday says:

    Rollling! And Percy provided a big spark, I must say. Also, Whiners lose. Good day. :)

  5. 1) Weekly game ball for Lynch. PH for blocking like a stud and not getting a major injury…RW. Baldwin. Okung. Bobby Wagner. No goat–were 10-1.

    2) depends. Underperforming but 10-1. Incomplete.

    3) same as it ever was; discipline, consistency, the o-line.

    4) he’s gimpy. RW and he lack chemistry. But damn, He can Block! He’s gonna be good! ( no sarcasm!)

    5) they all do. Seattle can’t pull away fast, and the line still has issues. But it’s NO I worry about…and the Giants, Cards, Niners, Rams…it ain’t over till its over…

    6) Bobbyk—Why?!

  6. Southendzone says:

    Whoa, those 49er fans use some bad language on their message board.

    That slow motion of Jim Harbaugh screaming the F word at the end of the Saints game might be my favorite thing that ever happened.

  7. bird_spit says:

    RW gets the game ball. What’s up with Richard Sherman, got burned early…

    A much earned bye week. Could be happier as a long term hawk fan.

    These guys need to rest, take care of the body, and prepare to take on the Saints. 49ers are not done…AZ surging…hawks need to win out.

    Harvin is special. Hope he stays healthy.

    The saints are the next one up as we hope to go 1-0.

    Russell Wilson has to be considered for league MVP after winning the Super Bowl. He is spectacular and consistent week in, week out. Hawk fans, we are lucky to be watching the team over achieve..

    PC knows how to get the best out of them…go hawks.

  8. wasn’t all clean – but if you expect utter perfection, you will almost always be disappointed. overall, a dominant win over a sub-par team.

    Can’t quite believe we are 10-1 and getting healthy, w/a break week over Thanksgiving no less. This team can beat anyone in the league. Why not 15-1?

  9. 1. Who gets the game ball in the win? ML. Who is the goat?
    2. How do you grade the team so far heading into the break?
    3. What should be the Seahawks’ biggest focus during the bye week?
    NO gameplan.
    4. Now that we’ve seen Percy Harvin, what are your expectations of him?
    2 TDs/game.
    5. Which team poses the biggest threat to Seattle moving forward, and why? NO, they’re next.

  10. The absolute ONLY criticism I can come up with is TOO MANY PENALTIES. I look at the 7 penalties for 96 yards and get a little mad. You can’t give a team a free 100 yards.

    Other than that… Super bowl bound. Win 3 of the next 6, preferably winning vs NO, @SF and @NYG – and home seed is all but clinched.

  11. “2. How do you grade the team so far heading into the break?

    that’s a tough curve KLM, how do you get A in your class?

  12. Only winning the SB gets an A…

  13. First time in franchise history the Seahawks have had 2 consecutive 10+ win seasons.

  14. Does KC go into DEN and win?

  15. 1. Who gets the game ball in the win? Who is the goat?
    Wilson. If there was a goat, it would be Sherman, but there wasn’t one. I felt that pass int call against him should have been a non call.

    2. How do you grade the team so far heading into the break?
    Taking the o line injuries into account, I would say “A”. Not taking them into account, I would say “B”.

    3. What should be the Seahawks’ biggest focus during the bye week?
    Getting 100% healthy. I still believe that injuries would be the only thing to keep us out of the super bowl.

    4. Now that we’ve seen Percy Harvin, what are your expectations of him?
    Sky’s the limit. I don’t remember Sidney Rice ever having as much impact as Harvin did on 2 plays today.

    5. Which team poses the biggest threat to Seattle moving forward, and why?
    New Orleans.

    As always, don’t just limit the discussion to these questions … what else is on your mind?

    1. I wish my father was alive to see this.

    2. I think RW is only a couple years away from being the #1 QB in the NFL. There is not 1 QB I would trade him for today.

  16. WiscCory says:

    10 wins after 11 games. That is superb.

    KJ Wright was awesome today.

    Pass protection was very good.

    It’s going to be a LONG LONG break until the New Orleans game. Bummer.

  17. One other comment: with AZ & ST L improving we actually have a pretty tough schedule to finish out. Good news is 3 wins almost certainly clinches the #1 seed, & 2 might do it if we beat New Orleans.

    I am somewhat assuming that the starters are unlikely to play much the last couple weeks (AZ & St L) unless something goes terribly wrong in the next 3 games.

  18. “First time in franchise history the Seahawks have had 2 consecutive 10+ win seasons”

    Nice little stat there. Sure is a great time to be a Seahawk fan!

  19. seahawk44 says:

    Percy Harvin is one of those players that anytime they are in on the play, good things will happen.
    Today in just 4 plays I saw an impact as a decoy pulling safety on Baldwin catch, sell out diving backwards while being interfered with on.a long ball, a spectacular grab on a one handed reach catch and a long return where he showed his extreme speed.
    We have a truly special kinda player here on a 6 year contract. Please stay healthy, Harvin.
    Go Hawks!

  20. sluggo42 says:

    The Percy era has already begun. Just his presence affected the kicking game already, and he is pulling double teams already, affecting the offense in a positive way too.

    It’s a good thing…

  21. Goat is the niners. Can not even win when we need them to.

  22. Kearse got a concussion. Any other injuries?

    The Hawks need to beat the Saints to get the best record in the NFL so they can play 2 at home to get to the Superbowl. The Saints have only two losses, and the Seahawks are the only team on their remaining schedule good enough to beat them.

    Wilson is the man. Both his TD passes were fantastic. Lynch was good, the defense was good, and Bobby Wagner was great.

  23. Screensmoke says:

    The thing that i find interesting is nobody is mentioning p harvin kick return and huge 3 down catch led to 14 PTs – he is huge addition to this team and nobody knows it yet- a lot of people say if he stays healthy- well he’s healthy today- the best playmaker in the NFL and he is on our team.yes we are a great team without him but we will be amazing with him – Those plays he made today were huge-i am totally fired up right now- all you people on this blog who allways want to look at the negative can basically kiss my ass- tired of reading all the B.s on this blog this year when we r 10/1- possibly best team in the NFL- if I pissed anyone off on here after reading post- don’t worry about it- I’m not worth it- I’m out- enjoy the ride AMIGOS- guess what every reciever in the nfl especially on our team better be a good blocker or they won’t be around long – it’s called having some balls and getting the job done – that’s what u do! Wow

  24. 1. Entire team gets a game ball, plus coaching staff. Goat is Jim ‘Summer’s Eve’ Harbaugh.

    2. Agree with A-. Hard to argue with 10-1

    3. Rest up and get ready to practice hard. Need a full team effort against the Saints.

    4. Sparkplug

    5. The Saints are the best team on the board for the rest of the regular season, although I’m wary of the Giants.

  25. Screensmoke says:

    Nice to c a few people get it

  26. I believe I heard that RW’s qbr was the highest of his career.
    Goat is the backup defense letting them score another td.
    Best record ever = A with me.
    N.O. should be biggest focus because they pose the biggest threat to our goal.
    Have Mercy Mr. Percy!
    I think we missed BB today. Is that why we played so much zone? We need to keep everyone focused and out of trouble through the bye.

  27. Southendzone says:

    No wonder Percy looked so fast, he had a tumor and his appendix out in the offseason!

    He’s like a fine tuned street race car that sheds ALL unnecessary weight. I bet his toenails are clipped super short too.

  28. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Nice job Screensmoke. 10 and 1 does speak louder than ever. I think you will find more positive than negative this week….and next with the bye. It is funny how much cracking sky comments appear around hear. I chalk it up to 35+ years of disappointment. This team wants to fix all of that!

  29. S. End, I love the weight savings humor!

  30. sluggo42 says:

    His toenails are carbon fiber

  31. ChrisHolmes says:

    Wilson for prez.

    Marshawn for VP.

    But seriously… wow. How can you not be impressed? Wagner drops a sure pick-6 only to get another INT a couple possessions later.

    Just a fun, great regular season game to watch. Wilson made play after play. Harvin showed EXACTLY why he’s such a weapon; you cannot overlook him, and if you pay too much attention to him, guys like Baldwin rob you blind with TD catches.

    Defense looked like the mantra all week long was quite simply, “Wrap up AP. Just wrap him up. Whatever you do, stay disciplined, and wrap him up. And we’ll win.” I haven’t seen a Seahawks team tackle like that in quite some time. They seemed determined. And they were good.

    Fun game. Great game. Lynch was badass. How can you not give the guy the ball inside the 5 yard line from here on out?

    Happy Seahawks Fan.

    And Okung was nice to have back…

  32. I bet he has holes drilled in his knee pads!

  33. Screensmoke says:

    Mohawk12-your money!-appreciate it!allways enjoy what u have to say- Go Hawks

  34. The snap counts will be interesting. I saw Carp at LG in the goal line package.

  35. Wasn’t that 3 consecutive possessions that we took the ball away from them in their end of the field? WOW!

  36. Speaking of 3 consecutive, how about how they gave the ball the Lynch 3 times in a row, and he scored his first TD?

    I love it. We have our linemen back. Run it right at them! Lynch shrugged off that hit at the goal line like it was a little kid trying to stop him.

  37. I loved RW’s “flip” pass to ML for the TD. He described it on the radio as a short stop to second baseman flip.

  38. NYHawkFan says:

    Hawks receivers have to be some of the most underrated in the league. Time after time Tate, Baldwin, Kearse have made some amazing clutch catches. Add Harvin to the mix and the Hawks are a nightmare to cover. Of course having The Beast and Wilson makes our offense complete. That’s why we’re we’re 10-1, our balance is the key. Same goes for our defense. Secondary is top notch and DL is pressing opposing QB’s. Such a great time to be a Hawks fan!

  39. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Very very happy to be 10-1 at the break.. A couple of things that still need improvement is our pass protection. Sweezy, Breno and even Okung struggled at times….Also our pass defense was weak today, Ponder at times was picking apart our zone defense.
    So there is still lots of work to be done but im very happy to be where we are.

  40. ChrisHolmes says:

    “The thing that i find interesting is nobody is mentioning p harvin kick return and huge 3 down catch led to 14 PTs”

    I dunno if no one is mentioning it.. I saw the same thing. Critical plays. His 3rd down catch was huge and led to points. And the kick return before the half was the key in giving us a chance to take some shots. Without that kick return, we probably run out the clock to end the half.

    And maybe even bigger in my mind: his presence on the field totally occupied the saftey on Baldwin’s TD pass. He sucked the safety right into the middle out of his right slot position. Baldwin got one-on-one and left his defender with is ankles buckled. TD.

    Harvin changes this offense in a big way. Teams are afraid of him, there is no question. Great presence. Great impact.

    Wilson has to be grinning ear to ear now that he has his tackles back and Harvin at his disposal.

    Of course, I don’t think he’s too happy about not playing the 4th quarter… And I don’t blame him.

  41. Glad to get the win and not have any new injuries. Nice to see our linemen return and get in some reps. Along with Percy, all will be ready and have their timing back after a nice rest and another week of practice. Perfect time for a bye. Get some rest, regroup and focus on this amazing opportunity to close out strong.

  42. SEA has to play better than it has on average this season to beat NO at home in two weeks:

    I would hope that RW & PH can spend as much time together as possible before the upcoming game.

  43. However, SEA should be able to beat SF at their place unless there are major changes between now and then (key injuries):

  44. montanamike2 says:

    Great win, th SF loss was icing on the cake. I’m ready to go to my neice’s wedding in Tahoe feeling great. Sorry a little buzzed.

  45. Really happy Pete took most everyone out in the 4th quarter. Keep RW and Marshawn healthy while Tavaris needs to stay sharp in case we need him. Also good to see Michael play a little and it’s nice to see Lockette contribute. Zack Miller also had 4 catches for 69 yards – good to send him out on routes rather than needing to keep him in to block all the time.

  46. 1. Who gets the game ball in the win? Who is the goat?

    I am going with Avril – did a great job at point of attack today and spent a lot of time chatting up guys between plays – a close 2nd would be Big Red – did a very nice job of collapsing the pocket today!

    Goat- the ref who didn’t call the PI on Minny when the guy totally was hanging all over Turbin at the end of the game – I don’t care if you are up by 20 gotta call that. or Maybe the total missed HOLD on Big Red early in the game

    2. How do you grade the team so far heading into the break?
    Grade – B and improving – we have been too inconsistent to deserve an A yet.

    3. What should be the Seahawks’ biggest focus during the bye week?
    Ways they can continue to use the strengths they have to beat other teams. – Study – study – study.

    4. Now that we’ve seen Percy Harvin, what are your expectations of him?

    Same as before he got hurt! = Dynamic playmaker – who can always make something happen

    5. Which team poses the biggest threat to Seattle moving forward, and why? any of the division games scare me – they always play well against us!!! anything could happen in any of those games. ANYTHING

    As always, don’t just limit the discussion to these questions … what else is on your mind?

    Magic Number is 3 to win the division!

  47. Just got to see the highlights . Great to see the nature boy at the game.

  48. toastmaster says:

    Just so happy for all of us fans and players who never gave up on our Hawks. Hawks continue to impress. I must say I wish we had the ref crew of this denver KC game then the one we had at ours. They dont seem quite as interested in PI and holding. . .

  49. Great game. Was at it, and it was a blast. Hard to really analyze due to missing certain things when watching from the stadium and some intoxication.

    One negative, found it interesting that Caro did not start, though he did play some. He certainly may be done here. Depends on how the rest of the line shakes out.

    That Baldwin catch was sick. Was sitting right there in the end zone where he caught it. Percy showed his value. Tate had a nice day. All in all, just took care of business.

    My hopes for the bye are that the team gets some rest and can reacquaint themselves with the players that have been out. NO game is big.

  50. MoSeahawk12 says:

    These guys take care of business against the Saints in two weeks, and the NFC is ours. The Saints look pretty tough and that game will be a huge test. At 10-1 with the 9ers sitting at 6-4 with five games to go is less of a concern. I agree with Carroll the bye week kinda messes up momentum, but it’s up to him and the rest of the coaches to refocus these guys in two weeks. I certainly didn’t expect the 9ers to lose four games, but hope we add a fifth in three weeks. Great week to add to an already great season to be a Seahawks fan!!
    Enjoy all.

  51. sluggo42 says:

    Good call Nate, I wondered about that too. With Baily and Bowie, and the return of the starters, Carroll my be dropping the final straw on his fat lazy arse to either close his pie-hole, or sit on the pine eating Bon-bons…
    He doesn’t seem to get it…

  52. sluggo42 says:

    I see a crisp and explosive team in two weeks, with all starters and Harvin clicking. The harvin factor , if managed correctly, will be big. Hopefully he understands he is one piece of the puzzle, not the only piece. So far he is exactly in the right frame of mind and I hope he “gets” how good the team is, and even more so with him. Everyone on the offense is very important and good. His presence enhances everyone else too.
    We could become a very difficult team to have to face for the Saints to travel to, not to mention th e 12th man. Imposing to say the least.

  53. bird_spit says:

    5. Which team poses the biggest threat to Seattle moving forward, and why?

    Hawks represent the biggest threat to themselves until the playoffs!

    This team can beat all of the remaining opponents. Hawks need to get/stay healthy. The oline needs to gel and play at high level before the playoffs. A bad game plan, and hawks can lose to the saints. Bevell/Quinn need to bring the A game. Players need to make it work. Go hawks.

  54. HeinieHunter says:

    RW is running this offense like a ten year veteran. Percy Harvin’s burst on kick return brings to mind Usiah Bolt. His ball catching is eye popping. Game ball to defense for shutting Peterson down and making Vikings throw, then ravaging them with picks. game over. Glad SF lost as we can now take care of “all family business” Monday night versus the Saints.
    Just be careful back home guys. No DWI’s celebrating back home. Keep your focus!

  55. KLM are you worried about a Saints team that lost to the Jets on the road? A team that gave up 20 pts to the 9ers at home?

  56. sluggo, I’ve been somewhat of a defender of Carp, but I’m no where near sold on him. I think he hasn’t been as horrible as some here say in 2013, but he hasn’t been very good either. The only reason I would possibly think he would be here in 2014 is that Breno and McQ are both UFAs. I don’t see either coming back for their 2013 salaries. Though one or both could come back for less. And there is the draft.

  57. Right now I just hope the Hawks can keep the same 5 starting O-lineman healthy the rest of the way. Continuity is undervalued by many when it comes to lines.

  58. sluggo42 says:

    Chiefs looking nothing like world beaters, just as many of us assumed with their patty-cake schedule. It’s teams like them that get brought back to earth when suddenly playing a quality opponent. They haven’t even been challenged until tonite. We aren’t like them, as many games have been barely won. I doubt we overlook anyone for the remainder of the year.

    I can see 15-1

  59. Not to be a pat-myself-on-the-back-fool, but I have thought that KC is overrated. I think they’re a pretty good team, but I don’t see them being 9-0 without a weak schedule.

  60. raymaines says:

    This is the first game I’ve seen in person for years and I swear to God RW is the best player in the entire recorded history of the NFL. No, I’m really not kidding. Other people have said ET looks better in person than on TV and I suppose they’re right but RW was the class of todays game by about 299%.

    Game Ball: RW. Goat: Maybe the ref that was cleaning his glasses while Turbin was being molested.

    Team grade: So subjective. They are SO talented that ugly wins can’t be graded very highly. How about a B+ for the team, AA+ for JS, and C+ for the coaches?

    Biggest focus in the next two weeks might be the offensive run game.

    After todays game, my expectations for Percy Harvin are unlimited.

    Right now the Saints pose the biggest threat to Seattle because SF kind of sucks and we have a tie breaker against the Panthers.

    Overall I thought todays pass pro looked pretty good and that Seattle looked more than good enough to beat NO in Seattle on Dec. 2nd.

  61. mocarob- bring your calculator and go to “Advanced Stats”, menu item ‘Stats’ then ‘Game Matchups’, load up NO as the visiting team and SEA as the home team, (and maybe check out the asian chicks sponsers), and go down to ‘OffEPA’ Offensive Extra Points Added and take the number found there, and add the opposing teams (negative)numbers found under ‘DefEPA’ Defensive Extra Points Added and see which team ends up with more extra points added. Or you can use the URL:

    Or you can wait till it’s near gameday and look up Advanced Stats (posted in NYTs) ‘game probabilities’. Game probabilities has pre-called every win and loss by the Seahawks correctly so far this season. It has called games wrong for other teams, but pretty much only when the odds were fairly close. Kinda spooky…

    SEA has to play against trends to win this game vs NO. I’d hope the coaching staff can put their minds together and knock out a gameplan that will catch NOs weaknesses (not many on offense) and put SEA in position to capitalize on their strengths.

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