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Morning links: The Beast and the ball

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 11, 2013 at 5:33 am with 105 Comments »
November 11, 2013 5:33 am
Marshawn Lynch ran for a season-high 145 yards Sunday. / AP photo
Marshawn Lynch ran for a season-high 145 yards Sunday. / AP photo

Good morning.

The complete game people have been waiting for arrived Sunday in the Georgia Dome.

The defense — outside of penalties — was dominant. Marshawn Lynch dominated on the ground. Russell Wilson was upright and crisp throughout the game, taking one sack, which was really his fault (and cost them three points). Special teams never gave Atlanta returner Jacquizz Rodgers a chance.

The Seahawks gained a season-high 490 yards.

A few takeaways:

> Golden Tate is becoming a reliable weapon. His play is finally catching up to his confidence and Tate is becoming one of the more dynamic playmakers in the NFL because of his return ability to go with one-handed touchdowns and other big plays. Tate is an interesting character. He speaks with desperation, as if time to become a star in the league is running out on him. He showed a lot of restraint after making plays Sunday, which makes it appears Pete Carroll’s message of letting his ability to do the talking is starting to sink into his head. At least for one week.

> After being knocked around the past two weeks, an adjusted offensive line took care of Wilson. He was hardly hit Sunday. Now, he’s a week away from a bye week. If the Seahawks end up 10-1 heading into the bye week and are able to use the Minnesota game as a tester for Russell Okung, Breno Giacomini and Percy Harvin, well, they couldn’t ask for much more.

> Rookie tackle Alvin Bailey played left tackle on third down and even moved to right guard when J.R. Sweezy had to come off late in the game. Bailey played both sides and positions in college (though much more guard than tackle), so he said it wasn’t a big deal to move spots. “I’m just enjoying myself,” Bailey said. “The older guys on the offensive line do a good job of keeping us rookies in line and helping us out as much as they can. I’m having a blast and we just have to keep on rolling.” Bailey said his chance to play “came earlier than we thought” once both tackles were injured.

> Lastly, from my view, the only other team the Seahawks have played that is as hapless as Atlanta was Jacksonville. Despite their records, to me, Tampa Bay is clearly better than Atlanta at this point. The Falcons have no playmakers on defense and zero run game.

Our stuff:

> Here’s my game story, focusing on the Seahawks getting back to basics with Lynch and a run-first game.

> Golden Tate had a strong day for the Seahawks.

> The throwback pass from Lynch was part of a day of big plays for the Seahawks offense, which made it happen with backups once again filling out the offensive line.

> Our John McGrath wonders if crutches will let the Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl.

> A photo gallery from yesterday’s game.

Other links:

> Video highlights from the win.

> Pete Carroll’s postgame press conference.

> Russell Wilson’s postgame press conference.

> says the dominant Seahawks finally show up.

> Sunday blitz video wrap up of the game.

> The AP says that’s more like it for the Seahawks.

> 710’s game in review.

> says the Seahawks took care of business in Atlanta.

> The 49ers were beat up in their loss to Carolina which put the Seahawks 2.5 games up in the division.

> SI’s Jim Trotter says the Panthers are a contender in the NFC.

> The Rams blew out the Colts in large part because of a bad day for Andrew Luck.

> Columnist Mark Bradley of the AJC says Sunday was the Falcons’ worse loss under coach Mike Smith.

> Here’s the AJC’s game story that says Atlanta’s season just took another “gruesome” turn.

> Photos from the AJC.

> Peyton Manning will be getting an MRI, though he didn’t specify for what.

> Jake Locker is out for the season, giving the Titans a double blow as they became the first team to lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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  1. TallyHawk says:

    Win out at home and HFA is locked up. Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!

  2. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I was looking at the Vikings record. Although they are only a 2 win team, they’ve lost a lot of close games. The Vikings game could be a trap game if Adrian Peterson gets on track.

    If he plays Sunday, I’m wondering is Harvin will live up to all the hype. Frankly, I think we are fine without him. Moreover, I wonder if he’s going to throw tantrums and become a distraction if he doesn’t get x amount of balls thrown his way each game.

    Still, I’m stoked. It’s possible to go into the bye week at 10-1. Before the season began even my most optimistic predictions never foresaw that. Go Hawks!

  3. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    So true Displacedfan so true.

  4. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Great stuff Todd –

    In total agreement on Tampa. They’ll beat Miami tonight (Tampa is a 2.5 home dog!) for W #1.

    Very complete game – little bit of sugar in every phase. Golden Tate is gonna get paid…

    Never seen a LT rotation based on down and distance. That’s incredibly creative – hopefully the Cable haters can acknowledge something positive there.

    Oh and that Panthers win looks pretty solid now doesn’t it?

  5. Amazing how having 2 WRs that don’t get owned in single coverage makes the OL look that much better.

    Wilson rarely held the ball over 3 seconds the last few weeks.

  6. NYHawkFan says:

    I missed the game yesterday. Anyone know if there is a rebroadcast? Thanks!

  7. montanamike2 says:

    Awesome weekend. We can’t take anyone lightly and now we finally clicked and look like the team from the 2nd half of last year despite every other player being injured. The losses of our rivals was the icing on the cake. It also makes me feel better that teams that played us hard are much better than the record would indicate.

  8. The only rebroadcasts I know of is if you have ST on DirecTV or subscribe to NFL Game Rewind.

  9. montanamike2 says:
  10. NYHawkFan says:

    Thank you pabuwal. I would have to miss the best game in weeks. Dang!

  11. Game notes from ProFootballFocus…..

    09.00 – Seahawks at Falcons Game Notes

    – The three highest graded players were Jonathan Babineaux (+6.4), Marshawn Lynch (+4.9) and Tony McDaniel (+4.2)

    – The three lowest graded players were Paul McQuistan (-6.0), James Carpenter (-4.0) and both William Moore and Peter Konz (-3.5)

    – The Seahawks got two rookie tackles significant action and while the more experienced guards struggled both Michael Bowie and Alvin Bailey can be proud of their work. Bailey certainly opened some eyes in not allowing any pressure on his 16 snaps in pass protection.

    – On the return of Roddy White to action he ran 39 routes. That was second on the team to Harry Douglas who ran 30, with Darius Johnson (18) seeing more opportunities than Drew Davis (13).

    – Russell Wilson was under pressure on 30% of his passing dropbacks. That was the lowest amount of pressure he has faced all year.

  12. montanamike2 says:

    The NFL network rebroadcasts games but i think that’s Directv exclusive.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Seems like we’ve been playing top 10 defenses every game this season so it was nice to get a break from that yesterday.

  14. montanamike2 says:

    It seems on quite a few plays i noticed Carpenter getting targeted as a weak link. So glad to see the rookies step up, i don’t know if he’s still not in game shape but, my patience with him is starting to wear thin.

  15. aelliott11 says:

    Wow, I breezed through the comments on the SF Gate article. Funny how quickly fans are turning against Kaepernick (and even Harbaugh). He was garbage yesterday. The formula for beating the 9ers is simple: take away Vernon Davis and play them tough against the run. Not many teams can do it, but Seattle should be able to. I hope we pound them into the dirt in Dec!!

    And I really hope the Hawks don’t let this win go to their head. They’ve been playing down to the their competition the last month, except for yesterday. Playing a horrible Vikings team, at home, with the bye week and Saints/Niners looming… this MN game is critical! No trap game!

  16. yankinta says:

    Man,, I was soo close!!! :)

    I predict a blowout on the road at 10AM, Seahawks win 33-13…. :)

    Read more here:

  17. Southendzone says:

    I just watched the condensed game of SF/CAR on NFL rewind. Carolina looked GOOD! If you watch it you won’t find SF playing like crap and giving the game away, CAR did a great job.

    Kap had maybe 3 or 4 bad plays, but they were running the ball reasonably well inside.

    That Carolina defense is strong, that’s a team you don’t want to be down to, you get down more than 2 scores to the Panthers and you’re in big trouble.

    Funny thing about Kap is that since they’re not letting him run much this year, they traded out a “Game Manager QB” for what was supposed to be a dynamic QB, then they limit Kap and turn him into a game manager!

    The hit on Eric Reid that gave him a concussion was a pretty huge one by the fullback.

  18. aelliott11 says:

    By the way, I’m glad – REAL glad – we already played the Panthers. They’re coming together at the right time and are scary tough on D.

  19. Screensmoke says:

    All of a sudden I really like our young depth at o line-interesting?

  20. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I hate the 9’ers with passion but to be fair. They will be a much different offense when Crabtree returns. They also will be out for some serious revenge against us.

  21. montanamike2 says:

    I just went back and looked up the reactions from SF fans, their world is crumbling in. aelliott11 was right it’s hilarious.

  22. FleaFlicker says:

    Those young guys on the O-Line gutted out some tough games against STL, AZ, and TB. They took their lumps, made some mistakes, and apparently are learning. The run blocking yesterday was vastly improved. As the starters get back, we’re going to have some great depth at the right time of the year. Let’s see how the season turns out before everybody starts stomping their feet to fire Tom Cable. Offensive lines are grown over the course of the year; it takes TIME and REPS for everybody to settle into the system.

    And another reason we win: the DT kid that was brought up from the Practice Squad…made the second or third tackle of the game! And I believe it was for a loss. Thank-you, John Schneider. Depth keeps the W’s coming.

    So Bailey was rotating behind the Sweeze? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that Sweezy’s first game of the year not taking 100% of the snaps?

    And Yank: credit where credit is due….you called some pretty big games this weekend. What’s the crystal ball say for Vikings?

  23. HawkfaninMT says:

    Al-Vin Bail-Ey Clap-Clap-Clap,Clap,Clap…

    To early to start calling for Alvin Bailey to get some playing time as a starter over Carpenter, or at LT with McQ at LG? (Obviously assuming Okung is not ready to go)

  24. rramstad says:

    49er fans have to be upset with Harbaugh for letting Alex Smith go. It’s highly amusing that the Chiefs are undefeated and the 49ers are falling apart.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    It’s fun to see everyone so happy, and they did play a pretty good game, but it was against a very bad team. The o line looked significantly better, against a very poor Atlanta d line.

    And despite what some have suggested, home field is *not* wrapped up. Not until they get past NO on Dec. 2 (and they take care of everything else, of course).

  26. WiscCory says:

    It’s not too early to start asking for more Bailey and Bowie (at G), once the starting T’s are back on the field!

    Also, MULE played awesome yesterday!!!!!!

  27. WiscCory says:

    As did M-Rob. I am SO thankful he was still available a few weeks ago.

    He is invaluable.

  28. thursday says:

    I watched the second half of the niners game and that win was definitely all on the Carolina defense, that and Kap obviously not being the kinda clutch qb that Wilson is. ;p Panthers offense basically did enough to win, but they looked worse than the Niners offense tbh

  29. aelliott11 says:

    ESPN article mentioned that Percy will play against MN. Did I miss something? Is that official?

  30. FleaFlicker says:

    Duke: agreed. No such thing as HFA until you get that little “z” annotation on the ESPN standings chart.

    New Orleans is no joke. They set an all time record for first downs last night.

    80 snaps. 40 First Downs! 40!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. “Amazing how having 2 WRs that don’t get owned in single coverage makes the OL look that much better.”

    Agreed. Tate keeps getting better, and Kearse is looking more dangerous than Rice was at the time he left – – both of those guys really made plays for RW yesterday.

    Atlanta may be a poor team right now – but a dominant win on the road is meaningful no matter who you are playing.

  32. another note – whether his grumpiness was justified or not (I think it wasn’t), it was sure nice to see Marshawn smiling and happy on the sidelines yesterday. He still sets the tone for the play of the entire team, and when he’s on and gets just a little room to run – -that’s when the Hawks roll. again, as many have noted, getting MRob back brings us multiple dividends.

  33. RDPoulsbo says:

    I was quite pleased with the line rotation. Unconventional, but it got their best pass protectors in the right place on passing downs. That would be a problem against better defenses since you’re giving away what you’re planning to do pre-snap, but it will work for now while the starters get back. Bowie replacing Sweezy while McQ kicks Carp to the sidelines when Okung goes to the sidelines will probably make for the best o-line the team has for the year. Breno is still a weak link, but he’ll improve on what Bailey is giving the team right now. Bailey and and Sweezy might still be the future, but they’re not ready right now.

  34. FleaFlicker says:

    The 49er fan threads are just delicious.

    And a shout-out to raymaines making a post on the Niner’s board:
    “I don’t think you watched the last two games in Seattle. The 9ers got their fannys served to them on a silver platter both visits. 42-13 last year and 29-3 this year.”

  35. The 49ers fans are going crazy. They are placing blame on their OL and their Offensive Coordinator. So are the Colts fans. Is that just what fans do?

  36. bulldog80 says:

    What was Avril all pissed off about yesterday?

  37. yankinta says:

    I wonder where are all those Seahawks Fans that were ready to jump off the ledge the past 2 weeks?? lol

    I never had a doubt,, been saying let’s not over-react….. I knew/predicted it would be a blowout win by us,, and it was that easy… :)

    I predict a blowout on the road at 10AM, Seahawks win 33-13…. :)

    Read more here:

  38. ChrisHolmes says:

    Well, if you would have told me, before the season, that after week 10 we’d have a 2.5 game lead on SF, I don’t think I would have bought that.

    You win your division first. HFA second. I like where we’re sitting. 9-1 is pretty sweet.

    Duke’s right: ATL is a bad team. Injuries and a serious lack of talent and depth have hurt them tremendously. But – if you’re really the better team, you have to win a game like this, with this kind of spread in points and yards. And we did it. On the road, no less.

    So I think it’s a pretty positive thing. Especially after the last two weeks, escaping with wins against teams that really outplayed us.

    And I agree with Duke on another thing: it’s all going to come down to that Saints game. That’s the biggie. That’s going to tell us a a lot.

    There’s a high probability that those two teams will be seeing each other again in the post season.

  39. raymaines says:

    Colin K. is sprinter fast, but he’s not particularly elusive. This year D Coordinators aren’t being surprised by read-option plays and CK is playing more from the pocket and he struggles. I don’t think he’s very good at reading defenses and quickly going through his progressions, certainly not as good as RW. He’s strong as an ox, and is pretty accurate but I’m not sure he’s all that much better in the pocket than Alex Smith. I think Jaws might have been a little optimistic.

  40. Vernon Davis is the X factor in the 49ers offense. When he goes out they struggle.

  41. yankinta says:

    raymaines,, yay!! you finally agree with me…. I’ve been saying Jaws is GARBAGE since he listed Luck and CK ahead of RW after 2012…. I’ve been saying they’re Wayy Overrated!! :)

  42. yankinta says:

    Luck and CK are not in the same class as RW,, not even close….

  43. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t think it will necessarily come down to beating the Saints. The Saints played a great game last night,(at home) against possibly one of the worst passing defenses in NFL history so that was a perfect storm for Brees and Co.
    We are a little over halfway through the season and the Cowboys defense has already set an NFL record for allowing four 400 yd passing games.

    The Saints on the road are a lot different team. Average at best and that won’t get the job done in Seattle.
    Even if the Seahawks lose to the Saints at home they will have the best chance Imo to get the best record in the NFC.

    The Saints still have to play the 49ners, Panthers twice, and the Rams on the road, who I think will be a tougher game for us then the Saints will be on Monday night.–nfl.html

  44. montanamike2 says:

    GeorgiaHawk it’s true that the Saints aren’t the same team on the road and that’s a brutal schedule. I know we played a bad team yesterday, but we had injuries of epic proportions, Walter Thurmond is turning into mini sherm.

  45. MEhawkfan says:

    While HFA is not wrapped up, I like the Hawk’s chances. Besides the Monday night game in Seattle, N.O. has Carolina coming up… twice, and that front seven of the Panthers is scary good. I think San Fran loses at New Orleans this coming Sunday. Then they have to get by St. Louis. I’m betting Fisher out-coaches Harbaugh. I think Seattle needs to worry about N.O., San Fran, and St. Louis but two of those being at home should work to the Hawk’s advantage. I would not be surprised if they go 15-1 down the stretch.

  46. RDPoulsbo says:

    I think the Saints game will be for all the marbles. That loss by SF was huge in that it wiped out the possibility that a tiebreaker could go down to SoS or SoV. Seattle owns the common opponents tiebreaker even if they lose down in SF. I also don’t think they can win in NO next week, which would effectively knock them out of the divisional race anyway. Of course winning out would be preferable, but the Hawks will need that win to make sure they don’t lose the head to head tiebreaker.

  47. montanamike2 says:

    For sure the Saints game is uber important but, i don’t think their schedule is a bit tougher too. I hope we go 15-1 too.

  48. montanamike2 says:
  49. montanamike2 says:

    SF is crumbling down!!!

  50. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Also the Saints have one of the worst rushing offenses.
    I just don’t see them doing that well against the Panthers, Seahawks, and Rams on the road, and the 49er game is no given either.

    Luck seems to always be trying to out do Wilson. Now he has finally succeeded by getting three red zone ints in one game to Wilsons two. Lol.–nfl.html?vp=1

  51. Luck is getting killed by having no running game whatsoever. He’s not the the type that will carry a team without balance. Few QBs can and none of QBs with 3 years of experience or less can.

    I’ve seen Luck as having a Matt Ryan type of ceiling. Put a good surrounding cast around him and he will appear to be “elite.” But his play will be solely dependent on the surrounding cast.

  52. grizindabox24 says:

    Hawks will be in good position if Panthers-Saints split there 2 games.

  53. chuck_easton says:

    ailleot11 and Sandpointhawk,

    That ESPN article is speculation. Carroll said that Harvin will resume practice this week. And the team must add him to the 53 man roster by tomorrow or they have to shut him down for the season.

    At no point has anyone from the organization said Harvin will or will not play this weekend against the Vikings.

    The good news is that once Harvin is added to the 53 the team is required by league rules to include him on the Injury report. So if he’s limited, out, or full participant this week you will know. You will also know on Friday his status for Sunday’s game. OUT, DOUBTFUL, PROBABLE or if he’s not listed then he’s considered full go.

    But again, that doesn’t mean Carroll won’t decide to not activate him on Sunday just to give a couple of more weeks of practice to get Harvin game ready.

    The only time we will know for sure is when the team declares their inactives 1 hour before kickoff on Sunday. If Harvin isn’t on the inactive list, he’s dressing for the game.

  54. I think Harvin will be active for this game and get a few snaps in. They can’t just bring him out cold for the Saints game.

    I’d hate to see a 1999 Joey Galloway type of situation, but between Bevell and Wilson I don’t see that happening.

  55. RDPoulsbo says:

    I agree pabs. That’s the failure of the current NFL offensive mindset that puts so much emphasis on the passing game with the run game only an afterthought. Only a small handful of QBs can pull it off, leaving the vast majority of teams working with failed blueprints for building a winning team.

    Wilson would have nowhere near the success he’s having if not for Lynch. The same could be said for Cap with Gore, Alex Smith with Charles, Cutler with Forte, etc. Eventually GMs and ownerships will catch on that balance is a better way to go rather than trying to emulate Arena football.

  56. montanamike2 says:

    Harvin is tweeting like mad about coming back, i know he wants it but i’d rather hold him out until after the bye. PS i don’t follow twitter, only spoonfed re posts.

  57. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Coach Pete said that Harvin will be activated from PUP list today.

  58. MoSeahawk12 says:

    on 710 ESPN Brock and Danny about thirty minutes ago. I’m sure Todd will have links up soon.

  59. Southendzone says:

    I’ve been ready for worst case Percy situation from the minute he got the 2nd opinion on his injury in the summer. That is he never plays a down for us and we have to figure out his cap issue for years to come as well as regret what “could have been” with this year’s 1st round pick.

    Anything above and beyond that, I’ll be OK with it.

  60. montanamike2 says:

    Southendzone, that would probably cost us Tate.

  61. SandpointHawk says:

    Chuck I understand that. Is that official? No. But is is where the speculation came from, and I believe that answered the question that was asked…I suppose I should have clarified that “The speculation stared with…” but I tend to give posters the benefit of the doubt and figure they will see that themselves. Sorry to bother you…

  62. grizindabox24 says:

    Mike, how does the situation SEZ described cause the Hawks to lose Tate? The Percy cap situation is the same whether he plays or not, so are you saying Tate is gone no matter what because of Percy?

  63. chuck_easton says:


    Harvin has to be activated from PUP today or he has to be put on IR tomorrow.

    Again, him being put on the 53 just means he has completed the three week allowable limit of the ability to practice and not be counted against the 53 man roster.

    Moving Harvin to the 53 just means the team feels he will be ready to play at some point so they are prepared to carry him on the 53.

    It may very well mean he’s playing this weekend. But it doesn’t quarantee anything.

  64. chuck_easton says:

    And the same goes for Okung and Breno. They will practice this week. Okung can be activated from IR/designated to return or he can continue to remain on IR/designated to return if there is no chance of him playing. If Okung is put back on the 53 someone will have to be cut.

    Breno has remained on the 53 this whole time. He will either suit up on Sunday or be inactive for another week.

  65. chuck_easton says:


    I understand you were simply providing the ESPN link. I tend to voice that position of reality so that we don’t have to listen all week to constant questions about will he/won’t he? Should he/shouldn’t he?

    And then if Harvin doesn’t play on Sunday there is the inevitable letdown about WHY ISN’T HE?????

    The team has no reason to let on about Harvin’s status at least until Friday’s final Injury Report. Even then they have no reason to tip their hand about Harvin’s potential playing status until 1 hour before game time.

    Better to let the Vikings do all the wondering this week about whether they should be preparing for Harvin.

    I will be thrilled the first time I see Harvin actually on the field. But until he lines up for an offensive snap on gameday, he doesn’t exist.

    What’s so wrong with that approach?

  66. yankinta says:

    RDPoulsbo,, you keep saying RW is this good because of Lynch…. yet we’ve seen multiple games where our OL was dominated and the Lynch was shut down,, and even asked RW took over.. How many games has RW carried this team to a win without the running game??

    That argument is getting old,, and one that usually comes from those that’s been brainwashed by National Media…. As true Seahhawks Fans,, We Should Know Better….. smh…

  67. SandpointHawk says:

    Not a thing Chuck. If we have learned anything from the past, Pete will keep them out the extra 15 days until after the bye week. That has been his pattern with injuries. As motivated as Percy is to play against the Vikings I do believe Pete thinks in longer terms than any revenge motivation PH might have…

  68. yankinta says:

    pabuwal,, read my post above…. RW can and he’s the Real Deal… proved it at Carolina, at Houston,, etc… :)

  69. Even if a run game that is known to be great does not play well in a specific game, it still has to be respected which opens up opportunities for the passing game.

    No one respects Donald Brown and Trent Richardson. Bradshaw might be a different story but he’s clearly broken down at this point.

  70. yankinta says:

    pabuwal,, that’s a good point,, except RW took over in the second halves after the other team knew that our Running game had non factor and that RW will have to start throwing the ball and making plays to come back and win it…. and Guess What?? He did it over and over again….

  71. grizindabox24 says:

    Malcolm Smith…3 snaps

  72. Southendzone says:

    Hawks knew Harvin was big risk big reward. They took the gamble, and now here we are.

    It’s surprising as Schneider came from Green Bay where those kind of trades totally go against he grain of what they do as a team. The Green Bay model is pick up cheap players and stockpile picks.

    If it costs us a player due to cap issues that’s all part of the bargain Schneider signed us up for when he made that trade.

  73. grizindabox24 says:

    SEZ, they knew the cap implications PH would present when they extended him

  74. yankinta says:

    grizindabox24,, yup yup,, Wagner is getting healthy! I’m glad and I never doubted his abilities…. :)

    Southendzone,, John Schneider came from Green Bay but don’t think he thinks like them. We Struck GOLD with our GM…. He’s the Real Deal, he has his own way and he will do his own things do our benefit…. We would not be where we are without John Schneider,,,, the best GM in the league, Hands Down!

    PH will be huge for us,, I’m glad we traded for him even if he hasn’t played yet,,, :)

  75. RDPoulsbo says:

    yankinta, I have never said RW is not good or great. Sure, you can pick out a few games where he did put the team on shoulders and won, but that’s just not a formula for consistent success. Rodgers, Peyton, Brees, and Brady are the only QBs I think are able to do it while most other teams are chasing fools gold.

    So what if Wilson can’t. That’s not how the team was built and they are having success because they aren’t following the crowd. Don’t take it as bagging on Wilson because I’m not. It’s a balanced threat that has a better chance of succeeding. I’d rather have that than the inconsistenties of teams like Detroit, Atlanta, Cincy, or Dallas.

  76. yankinta says:

    RDPoulsbo,, you did not say that RW is not good or great. But you did say he’s only this good because of Lynch. Which is what people usually say,,which is Completely Inaccurate,, as I already pointed out. There are those that still say RW is a game manager, unable to carry a team like Rodgers, Peyton and Brees….

    We simply know that isn’t true. Maybe he hasn’t it done it for more than 2 years but, he’s definitely has carried the team to a win on his back alone,, multiple times when the running game was completely shut down…. All I’m saying is, Let’s Trust our own eyes and not what the National Media or Andrew Luck defenders tell us….

  77. RDPoulsbo says:

    Wilson isn’t just a game manager, but he wouldn’t be this good without Lynch and that’s not debateable. The Houston and Tampa games as well as a number of games in the 1st half of last year would likely have been losses without Lynch.

    It’s not a simple yes or no that he can play like Rodgers or Peyton. There are degrees to his ability here. He’s certainly better than Romo for example and he’s constantly depended upon to win games. As for Luck, I highly doubt he’s going to take the Colts to the playoffs now that Wayne on the IR. Again, a degree of ability. Luck is very good, but now that he’s lost his most targeted weapon in the passing game, he’s severely limited in what he can do.

  78. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree with yankinta. Lynch is very good, however Wilson would thrive in almost any situation imo.

    And who would you rather have now Wilson or an injured Rodgers? Or a one play away from being injured Peyton Manning?

    I know the media FAB 4 are Peyton Manning, Brees, Rodgers and Brady, however I would rather have one of these QBs on my team if the game was on the line.
    The clutch fab 4- Wilson, Eli Manning, Big Ben, and Luck.

    Something to ponder-

  79. RDPoulsbo says:

    To put another way, if you put Wilson on the Colts at the beginning of the season, would they have gone 8-1? Probably not. Better than 6-3? Probably.

  80. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Also some folks around here posted that Wilson wouldn’t be as good without Rice. Look how that is turning out.

    The Seahawks have more then just a very good RB in Lynch, they have a good RB system.

    I don’t want to lose Lynch however Wilson will be just fine without him.

  81. Lynch is very good at identifying the hole and accelerating into it. He is also very good at setting up blocks.

    When Lynch runs, the holes look much bigger than when Turbin runs. I attribute that to Lynch’s work.

    When he got to the Seahawks in 2010 he lacked in all of these areas. Between 2010 and 2011, he lost 10 pounds to gain speed and acceleration (and somehow kept the trademark power) and he credited Tom Cable with teaching him how to run within the system which allowed him to create his own lanes. Midway through 2011 it all came together for him and he became one of the top 3 RBs in the NFL.

    I do think the Seahawks have a good “running system”, one that is made much better with Lynch’s abilities.

  82. jawpeace says:

    It was awesome watching the whole team come out crisp for an East Coast time road game!

    It looks like the Hawks might be getting some momentum. We will see after this weeks game. I wonder if the bye week is going to hurt that momentum?

    I know fans are anxious getting the injured players back- Okung, Unger, Percy, and Breno; but would it not be better to give them all two more weeks of healing time. Then have them fresh for the final 8 games! That is 5 regular season, 2 playoffs (Bye week) and the Super Bowl! :)

  83. yankinta says:

    RDPoulsbo,, you bring up a good point about Luck Missing Wayne…. Yet, only last year,, this argument/excuse was the other way around… People were saying, Luck has no weapons around him and he’s able to win….. I’ve been saying that Luck had Future HOF WR named Reggie Wayne,,

    But now these same people are using the same excuse saying Luck is playing bad because Wayne is done for the season….smh,,, I mean,, c’mon Make up your minds!! is Wayne good or bad or Old?? Is he the reason why Luck is a good QB or not. You can’t choose both sides as your excuse for Luck,, that’d just be silly childish argument..

  84. Luck lives rent free on this blog.

  85. yankinta says:

    RDPoulsbo,, and if you put Luck on this team,, we’d not be 9-1. We’d be 4-5 with this Backup O-Line and Lynch being a non factor in half of the games we’ve played so far….

  86. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- We met a few Seahawk fans on the way to the game and back taking the MARTA rail system.
    One couple we met on the way is friends with Wilson. He played Baseball with him in Richmond Virginia and they attended Wilsons wedding.
    Just so happens we ran into them on the way back after the game. They said Wilson took the time to chat with them after the game.

    We met another family from Mississippi that were big Seahawks fans. All in all I was so proud of the 12th man that day. Especially GeorgiaRay.

  87. yankinta says:

    pabuwal,, nah,, just trying to help those that’s been brainwashed about RW and Luck…. :)

    Wait,, weren’t you the one that posted this below comment, last Thursday?? I have not heard your apology or admittance that you were completely wrong?? :)

    There is NO way the Rams beat the Colts in Indy, especially with Kellen Clemens at QB. Indy is virtually unbeatable in that stadium.

    We all hope that Carolina can beat SF, but I don’t see that happening either. Although, it wouldn’t be anywhere as surprising as STL over Indy.

    Read more here:

  88. RDPoulsbo says:

    yank, you could say the same for Stafford and Megatron. Ryan and Julio Jones. Romo and Dez Bryant. I just don’t favor that formula because those are a lot of cap eating players and it takes a ton of things to go right to make that connection.

    I think Luck is very good, but Wayne was a significant reason for him playing above himself. I also feel the same with Wilson having Lynch. With Seattle using more play action passes than almost any team in the league, you have to believe LBs and safeties crashing the LoS, leaving WRs plenty of room to work is giving Wilson a huge advantage he wouldn’t otherwise if they didn’t have a strong running game.

  89. yankinta says:

    lol,, okay so were you one of those people that said Luck had no weapons around him last year and he’s the only reason for Colts winning 10 games?? yes, or no?

  90. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk,, completely agreed!!,, People that are making excuses for Luck need to look at RW’s similar situation with Rice Out. I guess it’s difficult to help those that have been brainwashed…

  91. MEhawkfan says:

    The game never seems too fast for Wilson. I haven’t watched Luck extensively, but from what I have seen, it appears he may have that trait in common with Wilson.

    Wilson is a leader and has an uncanny belief in his ability to win regardless of what the scoreboard reads. I think Wilson helps instill that type of confidence in the rest of the team much in the same way Marshawn Lynch fosters an attitude of toughness that resonates through the club. I don’t know if Luck has that sense of unwavering confidence to the same degree as Wilson or if his confidence permeates his team the way Wilson’s seems to with the Seahawks. I’m sure Colts fans think it does. Regardless, I wouldn’t trade Wilson for Luck. In my mind, Wilson is the better quarterback… perhaps in large part because he is not supposed to be.

  92. SandpointHawk says:

    The newbie wants Pabs to apologize? ROFLOL…You haven’t earned that right yet son….

  93. montanamike2 says:

    grizindabox24, sorry to get back to you so late, i was out earlier. I think PH being injured to the point of never playing for us while Golden wants a payday for what he’s done this season. I think it would be a chemistry/ego issue. I think we’ll have PH and hopefully Tate for years to come.

  94. Looks like I was as accurate on the Rams/Colts game as Yank was the last time an NFC West team went into Indy.

  95. RDPoulsbo says:

    uh no. I never made that comment about Luck last year. Just that he was good, but Wilson was better. The high number of INTs last year was a red flag. If Luck is going to succeed, Indy better learn to run the ball. The same goes for a lot of teams around the league.

  96. Dukeshire says:

    My god, how low is ones self-esteem that it’s necessary to go back, unprovoked or challenged, find where someone made an incorrect prediction, and then bring it back to them? Especially when the person doing it has been as wrong as often as anyone else.

  97. raymaines says:

    I think the best we could say about the Seahawks is that **IF** the o-line were better #24 would be better, and if he were better RW would also be better, if RW were better the Seahawks might be undefeated, …

    If you didn’t know better you might think this was team game and every part affects and effected by the other parts more than any other sport. I hate the phrase “It is what it is” but you know what? It is what it is. RW has ML, ML has the o-line, etc. etc. …. and the ‘Hawks are going to kick some serious Viking butt next Sunday.

    I’m also predicting SF goes into NO and pulls off the the upset.

  98. raymaines says:

    Was it last week, or maybe the week before that we agreed it all about the hip? When PH’s hip is ready to go he should be thrown in and we’ll see what he can do. Same goes for the toe (RO), the knee (BG) and the head (MU & RB). If the doctors, coaches and athletes all agree about a guy being ready, then why in the world would you hold any of them back? Building depth is a byproduct, not a goal.

  99. raymaines says:

    I really should learn to proofread. Sorry.

  100. jawpeace says:

    Everyone needs to shut the luck up about Luck. Getting tired reading comments about him.

    One more injury at CB and the Hawks will be calling Winfield.

    Harvin has been getting all the media attention and rightfully so. But what abut Tharold Simon? Wasn’t he on the PUP and has to be moved or put on IR?

  101. yankinta says:

    SandpointHawk,, you have earned the right to suck up to Pabs though…. good job son. :)

    pabuwal,, I didn’t think you’d own up to it,, and I was right again on this prediction again,, :)

    Dukeshire,, unprovoked?? LOL man,, you are being ignorant again,, which is not a surprise…. maybe you should read the entire thread before you make such ignorant statments again… :)

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