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Carroll: ‘We’re excited about moving ahead’

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 11, 2013 at 5:48 pm with 21 Comments »
November 11, 2013 6:12 pm

Here’s what Pete Carroll had to say today:

(Opening…) “Well after meeting with team and looking at the game, we were real pleased obviously with what happened. We had a very good, all around effort. We really thought a lot of the good work started up front, on both sides of the ball and kind of fed off of the line play and it really gave us a chance to have a really good ball game. We played well in rush defense like we had hoped to change and the same on the other side of the ball. We rushed for over 200 yards is a big deal. So a lot of things worked well and we’re excited about moving ahead and happy to be coming home again.”

(On Brandon Browner’s prognosis…) “It looks pretty serious. We’ll know more later in the week here. He’s got a substantial groin issue. We got to figure it out.

(On if Browner is out for the rest of the year…) “We’ll find out. We’ll know in a few days here.”

(On the cornerback rotation game…) “Everything worked out fine. Walter [Thurmond] jumped right in there and then he went into the nickel spot, Max [Byron Maxwell] played, Byron Maxwell and he did a very nice job again, made a couple of really nice plays. Those guys have always performed really well, when called on and we feel really good about those guys. They’re tested, they’ve started games, they’ve played a lot, Jeremy [Lane] can play as well. So we’re in good shape at the position. Of course if we’re going to miss Brandon [Browner], it’s going to be significant because he’s a terrific football player for us. But, we do have really capable guys to step in.”

(On Percy Harvin being activated today…) “Yeah. Percy [Harvin] is officially activated and so that lets you know that he’ll be going after it this week and see how far we can take it and if everything works out well, he’ll practice Wednesday and we’ll start the process. This would be considered phase three.”

(On what it feels like to be 9 and 1…) “It’s a very upbeat feeling around our locker room right now. These guys are excited to see Russell [Okung] and Breno [Giacomini] are back in, Max [Unger] comes back to us this week and hopefully, if everything works out right during the week those guys return, there’s an chance that all three of those guys could play this week for us and the potential of Percy [Harvin] coming back just adds to that. So it’s a time when the push is really on right now and very intense time during the season, for all of the clubs; trying to put it together to get situated well here at the end and to have that kind of boost is big for us. It does make the focus of the young guys that have played is really obvious to us too. We’ve come a long ways with our guys, they play good football and they can play and they can play in this game this weekend and we’d be fine. So that just adds to the depth and really our options and opportunities to keep guys fresh and hopefully be strong during the finish of the season.”

(On what Harvin would need to do in order to convince Coach Carroll that he’s ready to play…) “He’s just got to practice every day and all that he has done in the rehab work has paid off and that he can sustain through each day and it’s really the next day that we always look at. He makes his day and then, ‘How does he feel the next day,’ and we’ll just see how that goes. To us, it’s not a pressured decision. We’re going to try again to really consider all of the factors and make sure we’re doing this right and make a real good choice as we get our information.”

(On Red Bryant…) “Red [Bryant] is okay. He’ll be working with us, if everything goes well tomorrow. In his rehab work, he’ll be working with us on Wednesday some and we’ll see how that goes. He and Max [Unger] are still day-to-day, but they both look like they’re going to make it back.”

(On the bye week being crucial to the players in terms of giving injured players more time to recover…) “It could yeah. It does. There’s a whole other week there that you could see that it’s really two weeks that you could buy. So we have that in mind and we haven’t rushed in any of these decision and we’re not going to rushing them now and we’ll just take the information and evaluate each guy and find out what it means and knowing that we’re okay. We’re okay where we are and so we’re not pressed to make a decision hastily you know?”

(On Alvin Bailey…) “He handled. He handled it really well. He’s a real bright kid, which really helps. He was able to play on the right side and left side and all that and jump in and jump out. So that’s really challenging for an offensive lineman and he handled it really well. He played good football for us and was physical, he had some key blocks at right guard and at tackle and that’s hard to do that. So he’s come a long way. It’s really a tremendous asset to us right now.”

(On if Bailey had been alternating playing guard and tackle during the preseason…) “Yeah he had been moved around. Yeah those guys have kind of been shuffled around a lot. So Tom [Cable] felt comfortable about it. Tom [Cable] would say, sometimes he has guys… he says, ‘He can only play on one side.’ That has not been the case with either Michel [Bowie] or with Alvin [Bailey]. So it’s been great for them to be able to have that flexibility for us.”

(On Paul McQuistan switching from the tackle position to the guard position…) “He’s been around though. That’s not as big of an accomplishment for Paul [McQuistan], but it’s still challenging. He owns our system; he knows what we’re doing, what we expect from the spot. So that’s easier. But for the young guys to do that, that’s a lot to ask.”

(On if he will design a nickel pass blocking package…) “We might. We might. Tom [Cable] referred to it as, ‘Going to the bullpen’ at this point. So we’re kind of into to baseball analogies.”

(On if Sweezy was briefly hurt during half time…) “He was just kind of gassed out at half time. He had the fluids. Went down and tried to get him caught up. So by the time he got through the half time process and got a little bit late getting back out.”

(On Christine Michael’s performance…) “Oh it was terrific getting him out there. We’ve been looking for our chance. We saw what we saw in preseason, that he’s got exceptional quickness and he’s got big play ability in him. He needs these plays to grow with us and really so we can all feel comfortable with him in there. It was a great opportunity and he did a really good job with the chances that he had. Cool.”

(On the areas that Christine Michael would need to show to play more…) “All of the areas really. All of them and he hasn’t had a chance to really be tested. The biggest challenge is pass protection for him right now. Not only knowing who he’s blocking but blocking them and he hasn’t had a lot of opportunities in live situations. So it’s going to take him a while there. It’s always the hardest challenge… the most difficult challenge for the running backs is just knowing who to block and the confusion of the pass  protections. But in reading the running game, he just needs reps. He just needs turns. He’s going to be an effective player. He’s got a lot of juice when he gets the ball in his hands.”

(On if Robert Turbin had an issue with pass protection in his first year playing for the Seahawks…) “Yeah I would’ve said exactly the same thing, but Turb [Robert Turbin] really came on fast and he’s such a strong guy and so stout, that he really took to the blocking and matter fact in this game, I don’t know if you guys picked it up but they had a blitz coming one time, right up the middle and he picked it up. Stoned the middle linebacker and did a nice job. We all praised him for it. He’s an accomplished blocker now. He came along much quicker than most guys do, for whatever reason.”

(On how fulfilling it is for him to be 9 and 1…) “Standardly I’d say, ‘We haven’t done anything yet.’ No I think that it is the fact that at this point, if you win nine games, you haven’t done much with the season in the opportunity that are here. We’ve got more games we have to win and we’ve got a lot of work to do to finish it out. We have a chance to really do something special in this division, we need to take advantage of every opportunity, win every game going down the stretch and when those division games come up, those would be enormous. We’re just going to try to deal with them like we always do and this game right here is a championship opportunity for us right here at CenturyLink and we got to do everything we can to get it done.”

(On what has changed in terms of starting and finishing games…) “Well we‘ve had some really good starts on the road this year. We have not been flailing along here in the first quarter of games. We’ve had some good starts, going all the way back to… think about the Indi game, we had a great start in the Indi game and all that. That’s not an issue for us. It isn’t a road game challenge to try and get going. I think we’re way beyond that. Playing on the road does not seem to factor fright now to what we’re doing. We love playing at home and it’s a blast playing here in home town and all, but our guys are tuned in. I think it’s the maturity of our team and how we approach the games, knowing the rhythm of the travel, understanding what it takes to get ready to play the football game, regardless of where we’re playing. I think all of that, we’ve really grown and we’ve found a consistency to it. You might be asking this about when we played at home, ‘How did we start like we started against Tampa?’ So each week is different, but we have been ready to play. These guys are determined to turn out their best effort and they’re trying in every way they can to focus on the game, and the preparation and the buildup and the lead into, so that we can perform really well. I don’t know. Maybe I noted it to you guys last week, but Atlanta was a great starting team. They were the best starting first quarter team in the league this year right now and so we mentioned that and we knew that they might give us their best shot in the first quarter. We kind of neutralized it out and got going. But we actually didn’t score very much right away. But I think we’re growing up and I think we’re understanding what it takes and that’s a big asset.”

(On the Michael Bennett penalty…) “I need to talk to the league about that. Hopefully I’ll find out by Wednesday. The way it was described to me again was that if you’re on the ground you can wrap the quarterback up, but you can’t lunge at him. Well that was the decision that we lunged at him, Michael wrapped him up if you look at the tackle. So I’m anxious to see what the league says because we need to know. He was on the ground crawling in a sense, and that’s kind of all he had. I want to learn that too, and I don’t know the answer on what the league says. I’m not going on what happened in the game, I want to wait and hear what they evaluate afterwards.”

(On if the referees ever communicate with him when calling the hitting a defenseless receiver penalty…) “They’re not going to say it out loud, but for the most part if the official is on my side, I’ll eventually get to the discussion of it and we’ll figure it out with what they say because we always want to know what they saw. If it happens across the field I’ll ask the guys on my side and during a timeout they’ll go ask and bring back the information. That’s not nearly as in depth as you need to know. So they’re very, very good about that and they really do want to share the information and let you know, and depending on how you communicate with them sometimes they’ll tell you more stuff than other times. On Bruce Irvin’s hit right there on the sidelines we got to talk about that. There were some opportunities there and the official thought he clearly led with the crown of his helmet and made contact with the guy. It wasn’t necessarily the helmet to helmet, he just thought that he led with the crown of his helmet and targeted him and hit him. We had a little disagreement about that, but I don’t know that I’m right. In the heat of the battle I’m thinking we’re generally right on our side.”

(On how he addressed the run defense issue…) “You’ve heard me say it’s always about the discipline of the fits. Every play for the defense has an assignment on where the guy should fit the run. That’s one element that could get sloppy or misread and then unfortunately misplayed. That always happens in games. Run defense starts with discipline, that’s the first part of it, but you can be discipline and be in the right spot, and there’s a blocker and you have to defeat the blocker and make the play. What you count on on defense is guys playing so hard that they’ll come off blocks and make plays where in essence they should’ve been blocked by design in the play. That’s the finish, that’s the last lunge, that effort and relentless approach to getting to the ball carrier that can escape you. Just watching the league right now, you can see a lot of plays running through defenses that you’re kind of surprised that they’re making so many yards, and they’re ripping through and the tackling looks like it’s not quite as sharp. So we emphasize really all three of those areas. We emphasize on the discipline of the fits, we emphasize the nature of coming off the blocks, defeating the blocks to make the play even when you might not be the key guy, and then the essence of tackling, which is being in the right mind frame to knock the hell out of somebody. Really we had to approach all three of those areas and you asked for one and I gave you three.”

(On Bobby Wagner’s performance…) “Bobby was very solid, he played very aggressive in the game. K.J. Wright played an excellent game and the two of those guys really got after it, we were really pleased. Bruce Irvin as well, the linebackers played very well in this game.”

(On getting Marshawn Lynch going and what are the reasons behind that…) “The entire function of the guys upfront has really stepped up after the Rams game. That was a call of focus for those guys that really was obvious and everything just stepped up. It stepped up and Max was part of that change, he really led the charge a couple of weeks ago, and he wasn’t even there this week. The whole group has really accepted the challenge of flying off of the football and maxing out every opportunity that they have to get their blocks made. You could just see the improvement and consistency. James Carpenter played a very good football game and really finished plays really well. Lemuel JeanPierre came through, J.R. Sweezy played a tremendous game too effort wise at finishing the last little aspects of the blocks and things that got Marshawn Lynch that extra little space that he could get in the secondary. Marshawn has done exactly everything right, he’s played rock solid competitive from the first time we’ve handed him the ball until now, he hasn’t changed one bit. His opportunities have benefited from what’s going on upfront, and it’s the growth and the communication, and the focus and all of the stuff that’s happened. We’re getting better which is really, really exciting because here comes the tough finish part of the season. It’s a combination of those things that got it done and we look like we’re running the football like last year right now. These last couple of weeks we look like we did in the last seven or eight games last year. That’s when everything fit together at it’s very best so hopefully we can capture that. If we do play some new guys, I’m hoping that that will all stay with us and we’ll keep growing.”

(On if that’s the key to Marshawn Lynch’s success…) “Not always because sometimes he doesn’t need that even. Sometimes he just makes the first guy miss. There were a couple of plays where the free safety came off of the edge, should have hit him in the backfield and he froze him, got through him and made three or four yards. It was a great run just to get to the line of scrimmage. The idea is to make the defense move, make them move, get them in motion and he reads accordingly and takes advantage of the spacing that comes from that. He does it all types of ways. He jumps over them sometimes, he breaks through them, he gets clearer shots at it, and he gives us a great variety of ways to get it done.’
(On Breno Giacomini and Russell Okung…) “Yes because they practiced last week and they got through it and they finished mostly practicing with the service team, but they got great work with our first guys and they’re ready to practice. Unless something comes up tomorrow they’re going to be scheduled and they can go.”

(On if Paul McQuistan will slide back to guard when Russell Okung is ready to play…) “We’re going to use all of the options, and it’s going to be very competitive which is great. It’s just the way we needed it to be at this time. Guys are competing for playing time, young guys too. Just because those guys come back doesn’t mean that they have to play the whole game, they haven’t played in a while, so we can easily see rotations to keep those guys fresh. We’re fortunate that we might be able to do that.”

(On what are the reasons for the improvements to the offensive line…) “It’s been a little bit of everything, it hasn’t just been one thing. Tom Cable has really got their attention, I think we stopped worrying about all of the other issues that were at hand and we went back to the running game as opposed to always being concerned about the pass protection that we were having problems with. I think our focus really lasered in, and I think we knew that if we did that the rest of the things would fit together better. It was a process of the growth as well, we kind of had to be kicked in the tail a little bit before we took this next step. We took a step back to take a couple of steps forward and we’re going now.”

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  1. raymaines says:

    “Just because those guys come back doesn’t mean that they have to play the whole game,…”

    I’m thinking this comment was mostly aimed at the incoming right tackle and the left guard position, but the incoming center should pay attention too.

    I don’t know the mood in Vikingville but I think they are about to run into a buzz saw.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    I have to say that Bruce Irvin has really impressed me this season. His recognition in coverage is remarkable at LB for having so little experience there. He, Wagner, and Wright ought to be very good together for several seasons to come.

  3. montanamike2 says:

    I’m in heaven this week.

  4. montanamike2 says:

    I think Detroit and Carolina will overtake SF and New Orleans down the stretch.

  5. “James Carpenter played a very good football game and really finished plays really well.”

  6. montanamike2 says:

    What does that mean in English when translated from Petespeak.

  7. MEhawkfan says:

    That’s tough news on Browner. A serious groan pull can take 6 to 8 weeks to recover from. If that’s the case, he likely won’t make it back during the regular season. This is kind of like deja vu all over again for Thurmond.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    montanamike2 – Means “we moved McQ to LG and played Bailey at LT, and Carpenter came to the bench.” Or some such…

  9. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Flynn back with The Pack. Matt “Boomerang” Flynn

  10. MoSeahawk12 says:

    From the nobody really cares files…

  11. MEhawkfan says:

    Bet they’re hoping for “deja vu all over again.”

  12. Really happy with Irvin as well. He played some safety in college so he does have some experience defending passing routes.

  13. Will be interesting to see how the defensive stats pan out over the rest of the year. Hawks are 3rd in points allowed per game behind KC and Carolina. Have to think KC will fall with 2 games left against Denver. Also Carolina has Patriots and 2 games vs Saints. I bet we end up on top once again.

  14. Yank – congrats on the INDH pick! Curious how you’re doing for the year – are you entered in the Pick’em contest??

  15. freedom_X says:

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  16. montanamike2 says:

    Even though it wasn’t a huge reach, i’ll still give credit to Yank. I think he would have come on and manned up if he was wrong and it does take ca hones to make a prediction, i’m not sure if he would have given the response everyone wanted to hear but his predictions were on par for what we all wanted to happen this weekend. At this point, there is no one that i’d trade RW for, no one.

  17. seahawkfan97 says:

    Mo, I think Flynn was a gentleman and a good teammate and he deserves some credit/respect. I root for most all seahawks…past present and future! Anyone can flourish with the tools, reps and time to prove themselves(can flourish not absolute)…Brady seventh rounder if Im not mistaken, Wilson wasn’t to hot the first few games…kellan Clemons had a good game and looked like a tool against us. But we tend to do that to QB’s at times. And off point a bit but that ostrich looking chicken legged self-lovin, Im too sexy for my shirt fool down in SF, good til he has pressure…gotta love that….Go hawks

  18. CDHawkFan says:

    Guys, Yank also predicted at double diget victory in Indy, you know, the only game we lost. How wrong can you be?

    yankinta says:
    Oct. 3, 2013 at 8:41 am WicCory, I respect that. In any case, I don’t care how we win because I’ll take any kind of winning especially on the road,, but I do see us beating them by double digits.
    chuck_easton, I believe is in the same boat as you, kind of… he said either team will win by 3 points in the last minutes of the game. Let’s be sure to touch base on Monday,, since I don’t get on this blog on the weekends,,

  19. SEA ’13 OL Gap Runs Thru Wk10

    (D gap) 28 carries for 120 yds, 4.3 avg
    L-TE (PFF Performance rtg: -5.5)
    (C gap) 27 carries for 108 yds, 4.0 avg
    LT (PFF Performance rtg: -5.8)
    (B gap) 29 carries for 96 yds, 3.3 avg
    LG (PFF Performance rtg: -9.2)
    (A gap) 38 carries for 181 yds, 4.8 avg
    C (PFF Performance rtg: 0.7)
    (A gap) 43 carries for 167 yds, 3.9 avg
    RG (PFF Performance rtg: -6.2)
    (B gap) 44 carries for 250 yds, 5.7 avg
    RT (PFF Performance rtg: 1.6)
    (C gap) 28 carries for 154 yds, 5.5 avg
    R-FB (PFF Performance rtg: -1.8)
    (D gap) 36 carries for 142 yds, 3.9 avg

    Other Runs:
    QB Scrambles: 35 carries for 300 yds, 8.6 avg
    QB Kneeldowns: 13 for -17 yds, -1.3 avg
    QB Sneaks: 3 for 2 yds, 0.7 avg
    WR Runs: 2 for 12 yds, 6.0 avg
    Other: 3 for 20 yds, 6.7 avg

  20. I love PC. In fact, I respect and admire anybody that is consistently
    willing to think outside of the box and explore every option in order to succeed and be the best.
    Very intriguing concept, this nickel pass block package.

    My opinions on the state of our O-Line as it currently stands.

    My choice for MaxPro Pack, aka nickel pass blocking package, would be:

    LT Russell Okung
    LG Paul McQuistan
    C Max Unger
    RG Lemuel JeanPierre
    RT Alvin Bailey
    TE Zach Miller
    Beast Mode Pack aka Early Down Run Blocking Package, would consist of:

    LT Okung
    LG Carpenter
    C Unger
    RG Sweezy
    RT Giacomini
    TE Miller
    I think this is the starting group we need to move forward with:

    LT Okung
    LG Bowie
    C Unger
    RG JeanPierre
    RT Bailey
    TE Miller

    McQ and Breno will be too expensive for us to keep next year.

    Besides, McQ is woefully overmatched as a LT, even as a backup.
    His value is only as a guard, and $3M/yr is way too much for a mediocre starting left guard.

    Breno is serviceable as a starting RT, but Bailey is younger, cheaper, and potentially much better.

    Sweezy is barely adequate as a backup guard, but he plays hard, is still cheap, and has some potential, so I would keep him as insurance.
    Not at all impressed with Sweezy or Carp, so wouldn’t be sad if both were cut.

    JeanPierre is a must keep as backup center. But if we can find another viable backup center, I think JeanPierre is a huge upgrade over Sweezy. When you don’t notice that the 2nd string center is in the game in place of the starter, that’s always a good thing.

    From what I’ve seen, Bailey is quicker and has better footwork than Bowie, so I would rather start Bailey at RT and protect Bowie by putting him between Okung and Unger. Bowie can’t be any worse than Carp in pass pro, and has the size to be as good or better in the run game.

    If Okung or Unger get hurt, Bailey swings around to the blind side, Carp stays, JeanPierre takes over the middle, Sweezy comes in for Bowie at RG, and Bowie slides over to RT.

    We need to save cap space by cutting the 2 journeymen, plus Rice, so we can re-sign Tate and extend Sherman and Thomas.

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