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Seahawks 33, Falcons 10: Post-game reaction thread

Post by Kenny Via / The News Tribune on Nov. 10, 2013 at 1:04 pm with 130 Comments »
November 10, 2013 1:06 pm
Golden Tate doing Golden Tate things.
Golden Tate doing Golden Tate things.

OK, well, that was a bit more like what everyone has been expecting to see from the Seahawks.

On the road? 10 a.m.? Riddled with injuries? Trap game? None of it mattered.

Seattle returned to the scene of last year’s playoff loss and thoroughly dominated a much different Falcons team than the one it faced in January.

Let’s get right to the breakdown:

1. What was the biggest difference today compared to the past few weeks?

2. Who gets the game ball for the win? Who is your goat?

3. What impressed you most today with the game plan and execution?

4. What facet of the game was most concerning?

5. With the team getting healthy and a bye coming after Minnesota, what are your expectations going forward?

As always, feel free to add any more thoughts on the Seahawks below …


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  1. Big statement game here.

    This is hands down the most complete game they have played this year.

  2. 1. What was the biggest difference today compared to the past few weeks?

    The defense!!!!! Finally got themselves playing well early and didn’t get beaten up on the road – Gave the offense a chance to do what they do

    2. Who gets the game ball for the win? Who is your goat?

    Game ball – Beast and RW — Goat, was there one? maybe Avril – a few bad penalties, but that is stretching it

    3. What impressed you most today with the game plan and execution?

    Finally decent execution – not always perfect but was better.

    4. What facet of the game was most concerning?

    Pass rush is still my frustration – they either don’t get home enough or the get spread out, I want to see more consistency from them

    5. With the team getting healthy and a bye coming after Minnesota, what are your expectations going forward?

    Same as has been – gonna be in every game – just gotta be ready to play for the whole game, not just parts – today was a great start

  3. Disappointed we are getting no SF – Carolina game Dang it!!!

  4. Southendzone says:

    1) Either ATL doesn’t have the personnel to execute a great run stuff and a pass rush (like STL) or the O-Line played better. Either way that’s the key. Maybe STL is just our kryptonite.

    2) Tie: Tate/Lynch. No goat because nobody seriously underperformed.

    3) Sticking with the run w/o the use of read option and being successful. This game will give future opponents a LOT to think about, like our going over the top when you stack the box.

    4) None really, would have liked to see a bit more pressure, maybe Browner’s injury. Groins aren’t something you come back from quick.

    5) MIN isn’t gonna be easy next week. If we make it to 10/1 it’s full-on driver’s seat from here out cause after the bye we will be fielding the team we expect to see for the next 3 months.

    Great game this week. This is what Hawk’s fans wanted to see. We’re at the brink of something special.

    What time is the plane getting back? Anyone wanna visit VMAC tonight for a welcome home party?

  5. 1. The biggest difference was that our offensive line got to play a defensive line that sucked. That being said, our guys still stepped up and played well – although we all know they aren’t capable of playing that well if they were going against the likes of Quinn and Long (if they do – they first need to prove it). The competition they were going against was the biggest difference.

    2. The Beast set the tone early.

    3. They did what they were supposed to do – beat an inferior team. Just because they are better than the Falcons, you still had to prove it on the field and they did.

    4. The biggest worry is simply getting the job done against better competition, for me.

    5. From day one, I have expected that this is the year the team wins the Super Bowl. I don’t know why today would change that fact. Absolutely jacked about getting Okung back.

  6. Difference is – OL did a great job on both run and pass, and defense shut down the run. Nuff said.

  7. 1) Biggest difference? Firing on all cylinders–discipline. Hell, even after two horrible calls on what should have been sacks, Seattle kept their composure. Number two biggest difference was the offensive line actually blocked in both the run game and in pass pro. Also, Bevell mixed up the playcalling and stayed one step ahead.

    2) Game balls to Lynch (again), Lemuel Jean-Pierre, and Golden Tate. And Micheal Robinson; I wish we’d brought him back sooner. His play shows just how bad Coleman and Ware were at FB. Honorable mention to Kearse and Baldwin, and the entire defense.

    3) What impressed me most about the gameplan and execution was that we played Seahawk Football: we ran to set up the run, and stayed one step ahead of the defense at all times, dictating the tempo of the game on both sides of the ball. Atlanta was on their heels on both offense and defense the entire game–we attacked them on both sides of the ball. Bevell did a very good job–with some hiccups–at not being conservative and predictable. Also, the discipline to play assignment correct football was amazing. Best game thus far this year.

    4) The line was and still is a concern, but they played far better than usual. Lets see if they can keep improving. One game doesn’t prove they fixed their problems. The pass rush was still an issue, but good enough.

    5) My expectations are high, but everything hinges on the line. We go as far as their play allows us, no further.

    6)Seattle is better off without Rice. I hate to say that, as he was a true Seahawk and made some great plays, but he just didn’t have it anymore, and Kearse and Baldwin are flourishing with the extended playing time. Tate has also stepped up–he’s limited only by his opportunities. This offense is far more explosive without Rice. I wish him well, but the silver lining in his bad break is we’re really taking flight on offense.

    7) Its about damn time!

  8. WOW – what a play by Cinci at the end of regulation

  9. Southendzone says:

    sidebar: Shouldn’t Cinc have gone for 2 and won it outright?

  10. I never really thought MRob was all that important. I knew he was fine/solid, but never thought there would be much of a drop-off without him. Afterall, he’s just a FB (like that one guy was “just a guard”).

    However, he’s a key/important player. That’s an example of it being pretty stupid that he wasn’t brought back earlier. He’s clearly and by FAR a million times better than either of the clowns we were going with at fullback. Sometimes saving a few bucks (not like it was saving multiple millions – especially after week 1) isn’t what you thought it’d be.

    Big welcome back to MRob!

  11. Game ball to Lem J-P. Way to step in and lead that offensive line to a solid game. RW had time today, run blocking was there, great, complete game all around.

  12. Also, I thought it sucked that in the live chat, a couple folks were bagging on Walter Thurmond for getting beaten on the play where he recovered and forced a fumble. Earl Thomas made a lame attempt at a tackle and missed, and if not for Thurmond playing sound football and not giving up, that play could have been a TD that would have been more ET’s fault than Thurmonds. ET has backside contain, and help over the top on that play, and for the third time in the game missed a tackle the FS simply has to make.

    Regardless of what many here think, I love ET. But I believe in calling a spade a spade, and his tackling form is the worst I have seen in a FS. Its awful. He’s got to do a better job of wrapping up–to me it looks like he doesn’t even try to wrap up. And before you guys repeat your tired refrain that ET’s missed tackle don’t matter because he makes plays no one else can, those missed tackles weren’t on plays no other safety could make, he just missed tackles he should have had–so that excuse doesn’t fly.

    Its especially wrong to bag on Thurmond on a play ET made a greater mistake on. Ive been hard on Thurmond, but he played a very good game today, as did Sherman and even Byron Maxwell. Those two–Maxwell and Thurmond–really stepped in well for BB.

    Saw Micheal Brooks make some plays too. Lookslike I was right when I said perhaps a D-lineman suffered an undisclosed injury, leading to Brooks getting called up; McD hurt his hammy early, and it may have been bothering him before the game.

    Brooks was needed, Walters wouldn’t have been needed at all. Tough call, but one the had to make.

  13. With the way the line was playing, when Unger is healthy, if the situation arises again (I hope not), I wonder of LJP steps in at center and Unger fills in at guard.

  14. And yes, ET overall played a good game, better by far than last week. He’s great. I just think he shouldn’t be given a free pass for sloppy play and mental mistakes.

  15. Unger is a better center than guard. If anyone moves, Lem should play guard (if they wanted both centers on the field at once).

  16. RADEoN–While I love Lem, he doesn’t know the calls like Unger does. However, Ungers tricep appears to be really torn, and is seriously affecting his play. He’s like a one-armed man out there. Its possible Lem keeps starting. I just xpect Cable to play Unger cause that’s his style. I thought Lem played a fine football game today.

  17. Bobbyk–Its no coincidence that the Special TEams has looked a lot better with M Rob back as well. He’s a huge piece of the puzzle, and they better hold onto him. Ill be pissed if they don’t bring him back next year. While Ware and Coleman are good players, they aren’t good FB’s. At least one of them has got to go.

  18. Maybe the only thing good about the concussion of Unger is that it gives him extra time to heal with respect to other parts of his body. He’s never been a bruiser so he needs all of his strength.

    So excited to watch the Hawks kick the crap out of the Vikes and go into the bye riding high.

  19. The_12TH_Hawk says:

    1. What was the biggest difference today compared to the past few weeks?
    –Solid effort on run defense, but prove the discipline next week against AP.

    2. Who gets the game ball for the win? Who is your goat?
    –Golden Tate, multiple outstanding plays that deflated the Falcons hopes.

    3. What impressed you most today with the game plan and execution?
    –I feel like it took 2 weeks for the coaching staff to honestly take that reality check. They did exactly what we expect of them, play to your strengths. And you must evaluate each week what those strengths are based on injuries.

    4. What facet of the game was most concerning?
    –Penalties, poor decisions on those personal foul calls.

    5. With the team getting healthy and a bye coming after Minnesota, what are your expectations going forward?
    –Get healthy, and continue to improve. Keep preaching “What’s Next?”

    Other thoughts
    I think they hit everything I was looking for from my post on Saturday:

    “Offense: Pound the Rock! Seattle can run and can run great. Even with a patchwork offensive line, Tom Cable and his boys have proven they can get the run game going. And stop insulting Marshawn Lynch and the offensive lineman inside the 5 yard line. Balanced with heavy play action and 3 step drops, DangeRuss will keep the defense honest.

    Defense: Short and sweet! The “L.O.B.” is the strength. Stack the box and stop the run and force them to beat our strength.

    Finally, like I said last week. Feed the Beast! The attitude of Beast mode has been missing throughout the team until the 4th Qtr. Not only do we need to get him going early, we need to let him pound it across the goal line. Get Nasty, Get Filthy, Get Beast Mode! “We All We Got!” Go Hawks!
    Falcons 10 – Seahawks 27″

  20. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I seriously dont think Unger has a torn tricep.. If he did it would be impossible for him to play.

  21. STTBM – I guess I see that play different – WT totally blew coverage and had ET not stepped up to make a play to slow him down WT wasn’t actually racing after the play and he would have never had a chance to make the play

    I guess we can say both screwed up and they got lucky they were there together

  22. officialkf says:

    1. What was the biggest difference today compared to the past few weeks? Offensive line looked great! The defense looked like it should.

    2. Who gets the game ball for the win? Who is your goat? Lynch is a beast!No Goat!!!

    3. What impressed you most today with the game plan and execution? Healthy helping of run game! You need it to set up explosive plays. It worked flawlessly, keep it going!

    4. What facet of the game was most concerning? Browner injury and Avril yelling. What was that about?

    5. With the team getting healthy and a bye coming after Minnesota, what are your expectations going forward? I Thin k the Saints and 49r’s game look tough. We need to beat the 49’s handily!!! Every other game is not as important.

  23. Southendzone says:

    I think Okung’s gonna be back this week. That change alone is going to be an enormous impact on the team. If Giac/Harvin get in that’s pure bonus material.

    Feels like Unger might miss another though. Lem did good work today so we should be OK there.

  24. Apparently defenses can hug the QB, but they’re not actually allowed to tackle him.

  25. Goat is the refs. The Atlanta touchdown drive was a joke. Hawks players were laughing. A great over all win.

  26. Ungers tricep has been kept wrapped, and you can see he doesn’t have his usual strength. Im sure its only partially torn, but obviously that’s bad enough. Im happy to ride with Lem, but we’ll see if Cable agrees…Id sit Unger at least until after the bye.

    On ET/Thurmond–Yep, both made mistakes on that play. Were lucky Thurmond stripped that ball and got it back. Legion of Boom played well today, overall, but against inferior competition, just like our O-line. We’ll see how this team handles SF, NO, and AZ and the Rams…

  27. I thought Wagner played very well today, but I did see the middle of the field wide open a lot. Did Malcolm Smith get onfield much? I don’t remember seeing him…

    Anyone have Coaches all-22 film who can tell me if they thought Wags played well?

  28. Next Sunday SEA hosts Vikes at 1:25, then the bye week and then they don’t host NO till the following Monday (like 5:30), then they go to SF on a short week – Sun @ 1:25.

    SF just picked off Newton to S.Smith pass and brought it back to the 24 and now SF is threatening to score…

  29. Spectacular TD catch by Tate with the defender holding his right arm down. He one handed it with his left hand and somehow got his feet in.

    This is the same team that went down 21-0 at home against a winless team last week, so when they win big on the road you need to give them credit.

    Some of you seem determined to not enjoy the season at all unless and until the Hawks win the Superbowl. Have fun and enjoy the games.

    And holy cow, is Russell Wilson any good or what? He is so accurate, especially with the deep ball. And Kearse!


  30. 1. Offensive Line

    2. Offensive Line

    3. Offensive Line

    4. Offensive Line.

    5. Continued improvement and fewer mental penalties.

  31. raymaines says:

    Whoever would have thought the O-Line unit that’s down three guys would use a six man rotation? Alvin Bailey played all over the line and looked pretty good to me.

  32. Carolina defense is stopping SF but Cam is awful and cannot hit the broad side of a barn. Consistently misses open receivers. We are not going to get any help from CAR.

  33. thursday says:

    Nice call on whoever was picking the Rams to upset the Colts. Maybe some of the hype on them can be toned down lol.

    This was a great game though. Pretty mistake free and playing how I know they’re capable of playing. Refs tried to keep the Falcons in it, but obviously we were having none of that.

    Go Hawks!

  34. You guys don’t have NFL Red Zone? I get it from comcast for an extra 8 bucks a month.

    You wouldnt need to “listen” to the niners game if you had Red Zone.

  35. Hope Browner is OK(?)

  36. thursday says:

    i have a site and i’ll probably watch it in the second half. but i’m not not sure it’s exactly ~legal~ so idk if i should mention it here lol

  37. NFL Redzone only shows TD highlights?

  38. I was WRONG about the Colts this week. Yanks prediction was prophetic. Rams put a whoopin’ on Indy, so…

    Does this mean we have to listen to more Luck bashing or will we all be freed as a result of new found, quiet humility? Can it actually be done?

    Oh yeah…VERY NICE win today in the ATL! Agree with most everyone as far as their most complete game of the year on both sides of the ball.


  39. God, Yanks is going to be insufferable this week. . .

  40. 1. What was the biggest difference today compared to the past few weeks?

    My question is: Did the coaches finally make all the right adjustments, or does Atlanta really suck that badly; or both? I didn’t realize the Falcons were this bad this year.

    2. Who gets the game ball for the win? Who is your goat?

    Wilson & Lynch share this one, with Tate getting honorable mention. Again, don’t know how much was him & how much was the Falcons are just dreadful, but Thurmond did a great job when Browner went down.

    3. What impressed you most today with the game plan and execution?

    Everything on the GP. Execution: I’m starting to think that Wilson is going to be one of the top QB’s to ever play the game before it’s said & done (assuming he stays healthy).

    4. What facet of the game was most concerning?
    Browner getting injured.

    5. With the team getting healthy and a bye coming after Minnesota, what are your expectations going forward?

    Superbowl! They need to be careful how they integrate Harvin; Tate & Kearse are both turning into pro bowl caliber players.

    One other thought: we’ve had a very small sampling, but I’d like to see more of Michael & less of Turbin.

  41. redzone does a great job of flipping from game to game. They usually stick with a game that is interesting and will switch during important parts of other games. At the end of the day they show EVERY touchdown that day.

  42. MEhawkfan says:

    That was just an all-around great game. It was fun to watch the Seahawks excelling at all facets of the game.

    They seemed to play assignment-correct football.

    Game ball should be a three-way split between O-line, Tate, and Lynch. (Wilson gets a complimentary game ball every game.)

    What impressed me the most is Bevel actually called three running plays in a row down around the goal line. That was a good score–one that has been a long-time coming.

    I’m still worried about the short-passing game over the middle. The D still seems soft in this area.

    My expectations stand: 15-1

    Just a thought, but man, what a buzz-kill the Big Blue Horseshoe’s fall from grace must be for the media.

  43. I’m trying to post a comment 30 minutes after my last one, and I couldnt post because I got an error that says “you are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” What BS.

    “NFL Redzone only shows TD highlights? ”

    No no no. Not even close.

    They show red zone plays (inside the 20)live. At this time of the day, they pretty much show the most important game, live. Then they switch to any other game that has a red zone play, when those happen. You see every important play, and most of them you see live.

    So right now Red Zone is showing mostly the Niners game, and the Denver game.

    Red Zone alone is worth 8 bucks a month. But you also get the NFL network, so you can see the Thursday night games. And 5 or 6 other sports channels, like MLB and NBA networks.

  44. Carolina looks like they have a great chance to knock off the Niners. Would you guys like that? I would.

    I’m following the game on Red Zone. Go PANTHERS!

  45. SandpointHawk says:

    @ joreb…No because Rams put a whipping on the Colts we are going to hear about it…Book it.

    Humility is an unknown commodity to that gentleman…

    Moving on…Great win, this is the team I’ve been waiting to show up all season. Some will find fault but we are 9-1 and I’m going to enjoy this feeling…

  46. Another note, great to see Hauschka showing the leg strength and hitting that 53-yarder no problem. That guy has been money this year. An under rated guy on a roster loaded with talent.

  47. I am not sure I want to see any more trick plays where Lynch has to throw the ball. That lateral to Wilson looked ugly and could have ended up badly.

  48. Panthers lead the Niners 10-9 with about 10 minutes left!

  49. CAR defense is smothering the niners. Nice if they can win – in case of a tie between us and SF, the CAR game would be our tie breaker for playoff seeding.

  50. raymaines says:

    I guess I’m rooting for CAR, but it would be fun to have the whole darn season riding on the SEA/SF game Dec. 8th

  51. The Panthers are about to become my new 2nd favorite team.

    Panthers have the ball and a 10-9 lead. Just over 2 minutes left. Wow.

  52. Let’s Go Pamphers!

  53. raymaines says:

    Yankinta also picked Carolina over San Francisco, then took his first chance to distance himself from the SD over Denver prediction. Maybe he post from work and he’ll have Vet. Day off.

  54. sluggo42 says:

    9ers LOSE

  55. INT. Panthers win.

  56. raymaines says:

    Go Dallas!!! Please.


  58. vichawkfan says:

    Kapernick walks off without shaking Newtons hand. All class again.

  59. Wow. Panthers look great. They beat the Niners for us!

  60. ChrisHolmes says:

    Watched the whole game. Came away impressed. Clearly the most complete game we’ve played.

    Obviously Atlanta isn’t a good team right now, but still, when you go on the road and beat a team like that, it’s a good sign.

    I thought Marshawn ran really, really well. I thought the WR’s really stepped it up today and won some battles. I thought the defense played well for the most part.

    Wilson was his usual cool, calm self. I don’t know if it’s possible for a 2nd year kid playing QB, but it seems like the national media are already taking this kid for granted. Like he’s just expected to do this at this point. I’m really appreciating his play. He dropped some balls in some places today where all you can really say is they couldn’t have been thrown better.

    And Tate.. What more can you say about the kid? I keep saying, he’s just cat-quick and an amazing playmaker. He proved it again today. He’s my favorite WR.

    It was a fun game to watch.

  61. bird_spit says:

    Which is bigger, hawks win, or whiners loss? Friggin great day in hawkville

  62. CDHawkFan says:

    9ers have a few tough games coming up, NO away, Washington away, the Rams who play them tough.

  63. SEA & STL stomped ATL & IND, AZ is about to beat HOU, and SF lost to CAR. What could be better for an NFCW Sunday?

  64. The Seahawks week one win against the Panthers looks a little better now, doesn’t it?

    That Panthers D is brutal. They handled the Niners bigtime.

  65. sluggo42 says:


    Line played well today, I guess we don’t need to fire cable this week.
    All the regulars played well as I expected them to.
    Happy to see Baily getting some snaps… Very happy
    With Tate becoming scary, Percy will really add more danger by loosening coverage on Tate. ’twas nice to finally see me som christin… He could really become a scary back up, no disrespect to turbin, but cristin REALLY does have a turbo.

    Really excited to have everyone coming back in the next 2-3 weeks.
    Quite something to see the team peaking in the last quarter of the season, while nobody else is looking as good.

    War hawks

  66. SaigonSun says:

    Great day!

  67. Yes, excellent job by the offensive line today. And Mr Beast Mode.

    The 2nd half of the season is underway, and the Seahawks still have their best football ahead of them. Enjoy it my friends!

    This is looking like a season for the AGES!


  68. Really solid performance all the way around, another east coast win. Combined with Carolina stuffing the Whiners, can it get any better? Well, yeah, let the Cowboys beat N.O. and home field throughout looks a lot closer.

  69. way to go Carolina . . .love seeing the Harbaughs lose almost as much as the Hawks win (almost that is). Niners with 151 yards of total offense. Happy Sunday to Hawks fans everywhere.

  70. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Mixed feelings about the Cowboy vs. Saints game tonight. If the Saints lose then Carolina and the Saints are tied for first place in the NFC South. As far as the playoffs go, I think I’d rather face the Saints than Panthers–the way the Panthers D is playing right now. The way the Panthers handled the 49rs tonight, I definitely believe the Panthers are a sleeper team that could have a deep playoff run.

  71. chuck_easton says:

    9-1 sounds good.

    5-1 on the road and guaranteed winning road record for only the third time in Seattle’s 38 year history sounds better.

  72. “Niners with 151 yards of total offense. Happy Sunday to Hawks fans everywhere.”

    Yes indeed!

    I imagine the Hawks will be looking closely at what he Panthers D did in that game and making sure they learn from it. If the Hawks can beat the Niners in San Fran, that would be the biggest win in years.

  73. We have 4 games left that will fine our playoff picture – Minn, NO, STL at home and @ SF – I think we will be favored in all of them but they will all be tough games I think. The Minn game worries me the least

    Arizona is now looking at making the playoffs – we will see if they keep up the play or poop themselves

  74. thursday says:

    Carolina’s offense is sketchy, but their D is nasty. We gutted that game out where SF couldn’t.

  75. CDHawkFan says:

    Displaced, the Saints are probably the one team that could get in the way of the Hawks having HFA throughout the play-offs, we want them to lose.

    As far as Carolina, they did play well (their D did, not their O), but we will have to play them at some point if they continue to be that good. If being they key word, its 2 months away.

    I would think a win next week (10) basically puts us in the play-offs, fun to say in early Nov.

  76. averagejay says:

    1. What was the biggest difference today compared to the past few weeks? Effort in all phases of the game.

    2. Who gets the game ball for the win? Who is your goat? Tate/???

    3. What impressed you most today with the game plan and execution? Bevell finally got it right. The plan was flawless.

    4. What facet of the game was most concerning? Not sure

    5. With the team getting healthy and a bye coming after Minnesota, what are your expectations going forward? Great opportunity to close out and hold court for the playoffs.

  77. IND doesn’t look so good without R.Wayne…

  78. Vernon Davis and Eric Reid both went out with concussions today. Doubt they are back for the NO game next week – seems like concussions are two-week deals these days. I don’t see SF winning without Davis. That offense just falls apart if Kaep doesn’t have Davis, even with Boldin in there. And Gore is done, definitely not the back he was even last year. If SF falls to 6-4, and we win at home to go to 10-1, the NFC West race is essentially over.

  79. Southendzone says:

    Take it easy OrrObb! Don’t sleep on the 49ers for a MINUTE! They got crabtree coming back which will help and they still have that great O line and defense.

    Now we are in a great position but it could all go to hell if we play bad against MIN this week.

  80. Sarcasticus says:

    Just got home from the game. That was fun! I am now sitting down with a beer to watch the game on the dvr. I am really hoping the coverage caught Bruce Irvin jumping over Harry Douglas between plays. It was great! He just ran up behind him, grabbed his shoulders and leaped him.

    Seahawks fans owned the stadium. We were so loud and it was great to wave bye-bye to the Falcons fans as they exited early! Go Hawks!

  81. montanamike2 says:

    Awesome day! We win, whiners lose, what a great veterans day weekend.
    I’ll be floating on cloud 9 all week. To think that we were a hair short of being 10-0. Thank you Panthers. It also makes me happy to see that the Rams are a lot tougher than their record indicates. I hope the whiners spiral downwards. We have to lock up Tate, him and Harvin could be nightmares for years to come. Kearse looked good today too.

  82. DreadHawks says:

    Theres mutiny amongst the fans in SF. Perfect NW football weekend thus far just need Dallas to win. You have no idea how hard it is for me to root for Dallas. Go Hawks!!! Great game

  83. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Cool note from after the game from SI.

    After the game, the soon-to-be-retired Gonzalez swapped jerseys with Seahawks CB Richard Sherman.

  84. edstang45 says:

    just a note..Manning was injured being tackled/sacked attempt around the ankles in front of ref no flag, we get flagged whenMcDaniels sacked Ryan around ankles not blowing into his knees, consistancy is all I ask, it can’t be a judgement call ankle tackles should be ok blowing into knees not. Ref needs to be fined in one of those calls for not making correct call…either way NFL needs to hold refs accountable ….Great Game…Go Hawks…Whiners suck

  85. I know, I know. And Giants, Cardinals, and Rams are all showing signs of life. Those last three games are going to be tougher than they look on paper.

    The Rams in particular, are looking more like the team many of us thought they were before the season began. Interesting that the improvement coincides with Bradford going down.

    But let me stay on this high for a little while. I’ve never been a fan of a 9-1 NFL team before.

  86. “We gutted that game out where SF couldn’t.”

    Totally right. And when you think about it there is really pretty much one crucial difference between these two very good teams — we have RW, they have CK.

  87. Just super glad we get STL and Ari at home – I always feel that division opponents are the toughest, even when you aren’t on the same level. They just know you better AND get up for the games.

    As far as playoff scenarios – and tie breakers – the week has gone well for the hawks

  88. The 49ers fans are blaming their inept passing game on their OL and their Offensive Coordinator.

    Sound familiar?

    I thought the Seahawks were playing a home game with the way the crowd sounded today.

  89. montanamike2 says:

    Although the talent isn’t quite the same, i thought the o-line looked better today.

  90. In many ways, CAR played SF like STL played us – took away the run game and then put extreme pressure on Kap. Kap was sacked I think 6 times in that game. The O line of SF looked as leaky as ours did against STL. The niners are definitely more vulnerable than I had thought, and that is especially true without Vernon Davis.

    At any rate, we now completely control our post season seeding.

  91. The O line did look better today.

    Hawks look like they are about to take off and dominate. Just in time for the second half of the season.

    All the way!


  92. The more I look back at the game the more I like how both sides of the ball played – each had a few mistakes but none of them really cost them.

    The OL and the LB’s did a better job of being assignment correct this week from what I could tell from the TV – not too many obvious mistakes – yes there were some but not like the last few weeks.

    Here is to getting healthy and having a good team that is improving

  93. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yes pabs there were a lot of Seahawks fans there today. What a game!

    And thanks again GeorgiaRay.

    BTW I’ve been spending sometime over at Niner Nation checking out their fans reactions to the Seahawks win and the 49ers loss-

  94. GeorgiaRay says:

    No worries GeorgiaHawk!! Glad I could help!!

  95. Worry some about the Saints, but they’re 2-2 on the road, losing to the Jets last week. The Jets ran the ball on them and DAL is too. When we host NO ML needs to have his best game of the season. Maybe SEA goes 40 runs and 20 passes, with PH, Tate, Kearse and Baldwin getting terrific yds/att, but ML, RT, & CM getting better. All depends on the OL perfecting their run-blkg.

  96. That was great the 2 Georgias were able to hook up.

    Part of the appearance of an improved line is now Wilson’s ability to quickly throw the ball deep to Kearse and Tate and their ability to beat the man coverage. That wasn’t there before Kearse. Before, Wilson would hold the ball, scramble and then take a sack.

  97. As much as I have criticized the Hawks offensive line, and as bad as the Falcons record is, Im going to take this game as what it is; one great game and a step in the right direction. Im going to give the line some credit; they weren’t great, but they were decent, in both run and pass phases. No one looked awful, though I think they used Miller solely as help for McQ blocking Abraham.

    Sure, maybe the line is the same terrible one that flat sucked vs the Rams, and this game was mostly due to the Falcons not playing well. But Im going to hope that the line is getting it together, and that Okung and Breno will be back for the NO game. If those things happen, this team is a sure-fire SB contender.

    I have to say, Carolina is the team no one wants to play right now, and I really hope we don’t have to play them in the playoffs. Their front 7 are ridiculous, perhaps the best if football, and since our line is our weakness, its their strength vs our weakness, and that’s never good…plus J-Stew is back, and will be kicking butt for the playoffs….

    A note of caution; the niners will have Crabtree, Manningham, AND Aldon Smith back with a couple weeks under their belt when we play them again, not to mention the likelihood of having Davis full-go as well. They aren’t going to be easy to beat. This line had better be ready to keep RW healthy, and Bevell had better gameplan to keep RW clean.

    The old saw is true; its not who you play, but when you play them…

  98. To me it just shows that many of their problems the last two weeks had mostly to do with their mental attitude and preparation. This team is about as bad as Tampa, and STL, but they had this one circled on the calendar for obvious reasons. They wanted it bad, and it showed.

    Now, we have to hope they keep focused and dont slip back into that same mentality next week against another “bad” team.

    Better keep focused on that run D with Adrian coming to town.

  99. Agree with everything you say STTBM, except J.Abraham plays for AZ this season and McQ had to block O.Umenyiora today…

  100. klm–Good catch. I knew that! Doh! Abraham tore us up in AZ even though we won…Umenyiora played well, better all-around player but not quite the pass-rusher Abraham is…

  101. You don’t ever want to peak too soon…I think too many of us discount that these are top athletes, with a lot of human factors, competing…I don’t care if it is Tampa Bay or New Orleans or the Rams. It is a little like baseball…long season and very fine differences between champions and also-rans. It is not easy to win this consistently…it is crazy, completely crazy, to think you will dominate week in and week out. 9-1 with a narrow on the road to a good team? Incredible. Enjoy it…now is not the time to nitpick.

  102. Narrow loss on the road

  103. It’s so damn hard to route for Dallas tonight!

  104. Look at it this way, blueshq: its not so much rooting FOR the Cowturds, its rooting AGAINST NO, lol!

  105. “narrow loss” is the FARTHEST thing from what happened in Atlanta today. Sure thing Vegas56. GO SEAHAWKS!!

  106. SEA’s loss to IND was narrow…

    I wonder who will be playing QB for MIN next Sunday? Thursday Ponder went out of the game vs DC late with a shoulder injury and Cassel finished the game. I wonder if we’ll see Freeman instead of Cassel if Ponder isn’t back.

    DC: 191 yds rushing and 281 yds passing, MIN: 91 yds rushing and 221 yds passing. MIN beat DC 34-27(!) MIN kicked the stuffing outta RG3. SEA’s OL hasta protect RW better than DC protected RG3…

  107. Well gotta hope for Carolina to knock NO off – doesn’t look like Dallas is anywhere near up to the challenge

  108. Man, I miss being at home in Seattle when my Hawks are laying down a game like this. The season has begun. Time to build momentum for the playoffs.

    1. What was the biggest difference today compared to the past few weeks?

    Three things: the offensive line, the offensive line, and the offensive line.

    For weeks I’ve been hearing how this O lineman sucks, or that one sucks, or this one needs to be replaced. Today, Coach Cable rotated his linemen at will. Rookies, veterans, starters, backups, makes no difference, because everyone was on the same page and the O line was clicking. They had chemistry today. Five playing as one.

    An O line is like a marriage. Most suck. And its not because the dude sucks or the woman sucks. Its because they can’t get on the same page often enough. Little things go wrong. They each are off balance with each other some of the time. When a marriage clicks, both partners get in synch, and its a beautiful thing. That couple can conquer anything together. It doesn’t always last long.

    When an O line starts clicking together, reading each others minds, five playing as one without having to think too much, its a beautiful thing. A good line might get in synch for 6 or 7 games in a row — that’s called a winning season. A great line might get in synch for 10 or 12 games in a row — that’s called a playoff run. Most lines never quite get there, even though there are five outstanding athletes working hard, it never quite happens.

    This line is clicking now. And its only going to get better as Okung steps back in. Tom Cable’s system is in their hearts at this point and they aren’t over-thinking it, just hitting and moving as one. its a beautiful thing.

  109. princeaden says:

    Yankster, let me say that you nailed it this weekend. Well done. Now, please take this victory with a grain of humility. Pretend you are Steve Largent just this once, for the sake of everyone :)

  110. Sarcasticus says:

    I would be interested to see the snap counts for the offensive lineman. Bailey played a lot at LT and RG. It seemed like whenever it was an obvious passing down, they brought Bailey in and moved McQuistan inside with Carp coming to the sideline.

    Also, I was glad to see Michael get in the game. He stands on the sideline with his helmet on the whole game ready to go. He looked good. Maxwell played well.

    Seeing the game in person was awesome. Wilson looked really small and his fast ball was noticeably fast! The other thing that stook out was the play of Brooks off the practice squad.

  111. Yeah, I thought Brooks played well in preseason, and wasn’t happy to see him cut. I think he played well today too, so Im glad he’s ours. Clinton MCD has slowed down of late, but he flashed on a couple plays today as well. Bennett puts a lot of heat on the qb, and was robbed of a sack by a crappy, wrong-headed penalty flag. His impact on the game cannot be measured by game stats alone, that’s for sure.

    I wonder what Avril was worked up about on the sidelines, it took several coaches to get him backed away from whoever he was pissed at….

  112. bird_spit says:

    I’m just sitting here thinking…how good can the hawks become. 9-1, and not even close to playing up to the ability of all units. This is certainly a fairy tale season…and they have to be humble, as there is much to improve. Next 2 games at home…a much needed bye week. Should be a huge confidence for these guys..I can’t help but expect a blow out next week. Go Hawks!

  113. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Man what a great day for us hawks fans and me personally.. We kicked butt and the Panthers did too!!
    And now we should be getting some help on the line.
    Also kudos to our fans for doing another great job of traveling! Very loud and proud, just awesome to hear.
    Im going to be there against the Giants on the 15th and I cant wait.

  114. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    P.S. Who do we root for next week? 9ers vs Saints

  115. Is that some kinda astroturf there at the Superdome? It looks really awful!

  116. Will PH get any punt returns next Sunday?

  117. Can’t see rooting for the 9ers no-how…

  118. raymaines says:

    I never cheer against anybody. I cheer for the Seahawks and whatever other result will help the ‘Hawks the most. Thus, I would prefer the 49ers win next week. And if NE went into Carolina and stole a game from the Panthers, I’d be OK with that too.

  119. SEA’s interior run-game could have some troubles against K.Williams (2.5 sacks vs DC) esp, if they move him from UT to NT. Also, hate the thought of RW sandwiches between Williams and J.Allen or B.Robison.

    Kinda expect to see Freeman at QB for them. MIN TE Kyle Rudolph will be inactive for this coming Sunday with a broken foot, so J.Carlson will be their starting TE, (he had a good game vs DC, nearly 100 yds). SEA’s run-D will be getting A.Peterson at his peak performance this season.

  120. Very nice to not have my blood pressure maxed out again. The Rams must have gained some confidence after their performance against us. They may be tough to beat these final games, although I am confident about our game with them at the Clink.

    Despite our offensive line agonies, they played well today, and we may look forward to future seasons with the promise of young players like Sweezy, Bowie, and Bailey. They seem to be getting more comfortable with the system. I have never felt that the problems they have had are from a lack of strength or athleticism.

    We have only two away games the rest of the way, SF and the Giants (but MikeFromNJ will be there to offer support), which is lovely. Some tough teams, of course, but some real reason for optimism. Strange, though, as I have no experience at all with rooting for a front runner.

    Off topic, I have always been fascinated by poster’s various handles, and just today guessed that STTBM might mean “Stick to the Beast Mode”. Good advice, for sure. Mine is purely descriptive, as I am old (turned 70 this week) and slow (couldn’t outrun a rug).

  121. Haha Oldslow! Great guess but STTBM is “Slave to the business man”, which is what Josh Brown said he wouldn’t be when he signed with the Rams instead of the Hawks… apparently he thought Tim Ruskell was screwing him over….

  122. Speaking of handles… Isn’t it about time for JCIAB?

  123. OK, I’ll bite, whats JCIAB?

  124. SandpointHawk says:

    John Carpenter is a bust…

  125. I always thought John made pretty good movies. Ever see They Live?

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