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WR Walters released

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 9, 2013 at 2:42 pm with 31 Comments »
November 9, 2013 3:08 pm

The Seahawks have released WR Bryan Walters and signed DT Michael Brooks to the active roster.

Without Red Bryant and Jordan Hill this weekend, this moves gives the defensive line some depth.

The Seahawks will have four active receivers Sunday: Jermaine Kearse, Doug Baldwin, Ricardo Lockette and Golden Tate.

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  1. pabuwal says:

    Time for Channel 83 to go primetime.

  2. ChrisHolmes says:

    Sounds like a lot of beastmode, RealRob and the I-form.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Boy oh boy, that is a thin group at receiver.

  4. FairbanksDoug says:

    Must plan on doing an awful lot of running the ball. Which is good by me. I hope they sign him back, shortly after we get the line healthy again.

  5. Southendzone says:

    No worries whatsoever about the receivers tomorrow. It’s all on the O-Line and defense. those 4 guys can get it done.

  6. Our “depth” at WR is even more thin that the “hair” on this guy:×2.jpg

  7. Doug Baldwin Jr

    “@Seahawks have released WR Bryan Walters and sign DT Michael Brooks to the active roster”

    Day before the game? At the hotel?


    I agree with Baldwin. It’s just like when Numbskull released Urban in ’05. BS. At least the team in ’05 had a Matt Hasselbeck to go to the organization and have the nads to tell them off – and the organization had the guts to agree with him because it was the right thing to do; and people respected them b/c of it (more of a Holmgren supporting Hasselbeck type of thing than Numbskull being a “team player.”).

    There’s a difference between doing things the right way and being a jerk. Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy just made a roster move that shows they are asses and could care less about human behavior (even though they seem to lie and say the opposite). They are great at talent evaluations – but this move sucks. It’s not like they released Jordan Kent and signed Reggie White.

    You can make an argument that “compete” prevails – but what about the receivers who are close knit? Does this make the few remaining WRs closer to the organization by seeing a BS move like this? If you were Golden Tate and a FA would you stay with Seattle for a hometown discount after repeatedly seeing moves like this?

    There’s a difference between making a move that will help your team win and making a move for the sake of it.

    Does anyone here really think that releasing Walters and signing Brooks is going to be the reason this team gets a win tomorrow or goes to the Super Bowl? All I know is that nobody cares – except for the players who will only think less of the organization they play for.

    I hate the Whiners but I remember an instance where Keena Turner (OLB) was released by them in their heyday and they brought him back at his former salary instead of a new and reduced one (a few hundred thousand difference) and all the players talked about what a “class” move that was and made people care about the organization more. It wasn’t a situation where they saved millions (like some necessary moves are today even in comparison to today/then standards). They simply did the right thing and we know that the players on that team respected them because of it (i.e. tried even harder b/c of the faith/loyalty) based on comments from them then and after their playing days.

    Many here will whine about players making too much, but what if the average person here was on a team at a job and made $50,000 per year and was fired a day before a big presentation… does anyone think that “team” would have a better presentation by adding a new “$40k person to the team the day before? after having been with that person for many months before?”

    If you think you wouldn’t be affected by this at your job, go ahead and call me a hater. Yes, as a 30+ year fan I have a proven track record of hating the Seattle Seahawks.

  8. FairbanksDoug says:

    Oh hell.. I agree with Baldwin! I just don’t know how it was handled. I don’t know what they felt their choices were. Maybe they dragged it out as long as they could in hopes they would feel better about that defensive line, but in the end they felt like they had to do it. Maybe it really did bother Mr. Happy, and the Duke Boy letting someone go like that. Maybe they talked to him and at least let him know they have every intention of signing him back assuming nobody else picks him up. Maybe they even gave him a seat to watch the game on the field right there on the wide receiver bench. Maybe he is gonna sit up with Duke Boy in a Club house seat. Still maybe they sent him home in a coach seat on the next flight out. Don’t know enough about how they handled it for me to form any opinion. I do believe Mr Happy is a players coach, and the Duke Boy has enough class and tact to handle it right though.

  9. mindnbrad says:

    Reality check, BobbyK. It IS a business. DougB understands that.

  10. I think that’s kind of an overreaction to the release of a guy who’s been on the team for how long? It’s not like Walters is a 10-year veteran. And yeah, PC/JS are pretty cold and cutthroat when it comes to who stays and who goes, but I know you know that’s part of what has made them so effective at putting together a contending roster. And adding another D-lineman for tomorrow’s game may not be the tipping point for a championship, I agree, but it fits their pattern of always maximizing every single roster spot toward what they think they need to win a given game. It’s just how they run things.

    Agree that they probably could have handled it better/differently, but I don’t think they’re “asses” either.

  11. CanuckFan says:

    Hey Georgia – meant to get back to you a day or so ago… We’re in Atlanta and will be at the game tomorrow if you’d like to pop by, in Section 134, Row 18, Seats 12/13 – we’re always game for a beer (or two, or…)!

  12. WilliamPercival says:

    Bobby Yak- give it a rest. If you don’t think this is a biz and it’s all about player feelings, then you’re delusional. Good move by FO here to get so Depth at DL..

  13. Its no biggie….. Walters didn’t play but a handful of snaps and the same will likely happen to Michael Brooks. Its just a little bit of churn at the bottom of the roster.

  14. It is a business. No disagreeing wit that.

    However, put yourself in that position (on either end) — are you going to say human emotions are exactly like a “business” and do not affect anything?

    I’m not trying to knock Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy personally – as all head coaches and GMs do the same thing. I realize it’s the way it is… I don’t know the specifics of the release either.

  15. I forget – why do you call him Duke Boy, again? Did he go to school there or something?

  16. Walters was being paid handsomely to be a big boy and not cry over the fact that it is a business, so I would not worry too much about his feelings. BTW, that handsome amount was at least $465,000 / year (not sure if he is 2nd year or 3rd year salary).

    There is a great scene in the movie Money Ball where Billy Beane talks about how to tell a player he is off the roster. Basically, no different from what JS/PC did.

  17. chuck_easton says:


    Schneider, as in the star of the original Dukes of Hazard? Anyone over 35 should know that.

    And Walters will almost certainly end up on the PS on Tuesday if he’s not re-signed to the 53 after the game.

  18. Southendzone says:

    We can’t cry our eyes out and get our panties in a bunch for every roster move the Hawks make. Walters was back on the roster for what… 2 weeks? He’s probably a great guy and I hope he gets another shot with us or another team.

    Yeah he looked nice in the pre-season but the Hawks decided they needed Brooks active more than that 5th WR. Probably the right move, can you imagine this line protecting long enough for RW to get to his 5th read?

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks CanuckFan, looking forward to it.

  20. I think Brooks was cut, even from the practice squad, earlier this season. I would imagine that Bryan Walters gets resigned down the road, if not by the Hawks, by someone else. Maybe the real thing to be concerned about here is Red Bryant’s health. These guys at the bottom of the roster understand what the deal is. Even at this level, they’re making more money per year than most of the readers of this blog. They are fighting for every chance they get–and we, rightly, cheer them for it. To my way of thinking, Bryan Walters can’t feel that bad about getting cut, especially if he has a chance of getting back with the team. I think the Hawks take pretty good care of the guys they cut. They all seem to want to come back.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Glenn Campbell- Gentle On My Mind.

    “It’s knowing that our playoff door is open”
    “And our home field path can help”
    “That makes me tend to leave my playoff worries”
    “Rolled up and stashed behind my couch”
    “And it’s knowing I’m not shackled”
    “By forgotten Seahawks teams”
    “And the way they always broke our hearts in time”
    “I hope this FO keeps us in the playoffs for a decade”
    “With many Super Bowls upon or minds.”

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “our” Lol.

  23. raymaines says:

    This is why we can’t, as in ABSOLUTELY can not, never ever, not even once, become emotionally involved with any one particular player. This is why I could not ever be a GM.

    Love ya, man. Thanks for crippling your mind and body. Hope everything works out OK. Write if you find work. Have a good life. See ya.

    The NFL is a totally suck ass horrible, miserable, awful, dirty, rotten way to make a living. They use and discard human beings more than any other business or activity on earth except maybe Somali pirates.

    Go ‘Hawks!

    Love ya Blue.

    Kick some serious Falcon butt.

    Impose your will.

    Rock and roll.

    Blah, blah, blah…

  24. Screensmoke says:


  25. confucious says:

    Holy crap Bobbyk. Really? It’s thoughts like that that have me paying taxes for lazy disrespectful miscreants to eat and have Obamacare. He is a big boy. If he was a better player, he wouldn’t have got cut. Don’t be a boob.

  26. Ewalters7354 says:

    No morning links Todd?? I mean it’s GAMEDAY!!

  27. GeorgiaRay says:

    Late notice but for anybody in the ATL who would like to go to the game today…I have a couple extra corp tix i can’t use, no charge, sec137; row22; seats16 & 17 (bout the 40)…Text me if you want to go and we’ll figure out where to meet to hand them off…253.861.3899 ‘Hawks fans only, preferably wearing colors!!

  28. averagejay says:

    confucious is right. The mantra of always compete is about roster changes at all levels and rightfully so. Skill and ability judgments are opinions. You may not agree, but next man up at one position = last man out at another position when you have a need.

    Don’t blame the team, blame the league. If the league offered unlimited roster spots this would not be a problem. But, they can’t. That would lead to the most wealthy teams having an unfair advantage.

  29. seahawkfan97 says:

    It was Bryan’s b-day on the fourth. He spent it as a Seahawk. Local boy born in Seattle. Walters has caught seven passes in an NFL game. We needed D-line help bummer for Bryan and good for Brooks. what happened to Benson Mayowa? Anyone? I don’t think I could handle the up and down ride of @ the end of the roster. Not knowing everyday if I was gonna make it to the end of the day! What an emotional ride!!!!! If I recall correctly hasn’t Walters made some nice catches? 3 for Seattle, thought it was more, must have been in the pre season….

  30. seahawkfan97 says:

    do the practice squad guys go on the road?
    Wife just woke up and wants to know when Im gonna go out and do something.. Can’t I just watch football all day and of course read about Seahawks/football until Ten AM??? Jeez!!!!
    Go hawks…

  31. Bobbyk–While Im usually one of the first to jump on an organization for releasing players in an inhumane manner, I think this time I will follow bbmates lead and wait until we have more facts. We just don’t know enough to judge.

    For instance, we don’t know what Seattle said to Walters beyond “Were releasing you”. They may be in touch with him, as they were with Mike Rob, and they may very well plan to put him on the PS if/when he clears waivers.

    We also don’t know if the defensive line may have had an injury or two they aren’t admitting to the league. There must be a real need for another D-lineman for them to do what they did.

    While its cold to release a guy at the hotel before a game, it may not be as cold as it looks on the surface. Also, as a slot WR, Walters isn’t really needed, as all of our WR’s can play the slot well, except Lockette. As good as Walters played in preseason and camp, he’s still behind Lockette due to his playing the slot and being small. He’s just not as valuable. However, tht may also help him clear waivers and come back.

    If you accept that its okay for JS and PC to rotate members through the PS squad they way they do, how is cutting a guy who is last on the depth chart of his position group the day before the game much worse?

    Yes, JS and PC have made mistakes, both in personnel handling and otherwise, but taking their whole body of work into account, I kind of doubt they just cut him and said Sorry Dude, don’t let the door hit you butt on your way out”.

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