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Morning Links: Earl Thomas wants to give you some safety advice

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 9, 2013 at 6:15 am with 21 Comments »
November 8, 2013 10:44 pm

Good morning.

It’s not every day one of the best defensive players in the NFL is downtown in a makeshift booth. But, Earl Thomas did that for this somewhat corny video above.

We’re having Internet problems here in the Atlanta hotel, so we’ll be brief to start and may add to this post later.


> Double coverage of Sunday’s game from ESPN reporters covering the teams.

> The Vancouver Sun checks in on tight end Luke Willson, a native of Ontario.

> We wrote about Michael Robinson the other day. Here’s a take on his return from

> Focus is on Russell Wilson at

> Three subplots to the game from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

> Former Miami Dolphins star wide receiver Mark “Super” Duper has tested positive for signs of CTE.

> Very interesting article here from Robert Klemko at MMQB. He takes a look at the racial lines crossed (or not, depending on your perspective) in the Richie Incognito drama.

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  1. doubter says:

    Long time Seahawk fan now living in Tempe Arizona. I think he would have been better acknowledged here than he was at the Pike Place Market. That was hard, almost embarrassing to watch. Anyone else feel the same way?


  2. Nice article on Luke Willson. Real happy we drafted him. He seems to be a solid contributor who will only get better. Another amazing lower round pick.

  3. DreadHawks says:

    I can’t believe no one recognized him!

  4. RDPoulsbo says:

    To be fair, anyone trying to stop you around Pike Place Market are either trying to get you sign a petition, college students trying to do a sociology experiment on you, or just outright crazy. No one was going to believe who he was even if he outright told everyone of the people he met. He might have done better elsewhere.

  5. thursday says:

    The ET vid was hilarious. But wow at people who didn’t recognize him. Although Idk, I guess if you’re not a Seahawks nut, you wouldn’t.

  6. Southendzone says:

    Feeling terrible vibes about the game tomorrow. Feels like 25% chance of a win to me. Hope my spider senses are off.

  7. I’m thinking 90%+ chance of a “W” tomorrow.

  8. Yeah. That video killed me! lol

  9. MoSeahawk12 says:

    The last woman, “don’t talk to strangers.” That was funny. Maybe people don’t recognize him without his dreads. I mean, he shaved them off during training camp, but maybe the locals remember him with those instead of short hair. Regardless, Earl is an awesome dude. So glad he’s a Seahawk!!

  10. That was sad and painful to watch. I just hope that they edited out the people who DID recognize him–in the same way that the “Tonight Show” used to only show the idiots in the street who couldn’t answer simple questions because it was funnier. ET does look a lot different this year though without the braids…

    Hopefully, the ‘Hawks won’t play down to the competition like they’ve been doing.

    Here’s to rooting for the Panthers this weekend, who have been on a roll.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. That was awesome. He even told the one dude who he was and got nothing.

    Also, Todd, perhaps you’ve not been reading the blog: Thomas isn’t even one of the best FS in the league, let alone one of the “best defensive players” in the league…

  12. Carlsonkid says:

    Really sorry to hear that about Super Duper ; that man was a hell of a wide receiver ..

  13. The_12TH_Hawk says:

    OK, during my morning workout I spent 60 minutes mentally game planning tomorrow’s game. Play towards our known strengths.

    Offense: Pound the Rock! Seattle can run and can run great. Even with a patchwork offensive line, Tom Cable and his boys haveroven they can get the run game going. And stop insulting Marshawn Lynch and the offensive lineman inside the 5 yard line. Balanced with heavy play action and 3 step drops, DangeRuss will keep the defense honest.

    Defense: Short and sweet! The “L.O.B.” is the strength. Stack the box and stop the run and force them to beat our strength.

    Finally, like I said last week. Feed the Beast! The attitude of Beast mode has been missing throughout the team until the 4th Qtr. Not only do we need to get him going early, we need to let him pound it across the goal line. Get Nasty, Get Filthy, Get Beast Mode! “We All We Got!” Go Hawks!
    Falcons 10 – Seahawks 27

  14. jawpeace says:

    LOL the ET video was funny. I kind of understand the people not recognizing him. I would have, at least I hope I would recognize the man of whose jersey I own. The reason I kind of understand when I was young my mom who was a purchase agent was given a couple of Hawk tickets with a pass to the tunnel exit area after the game to get autographs.
    AH what good memories! Any ways when all the players came out of the tunnel in their civilian clothes I had a hard time recognizing a bunch of them with out their numbers. BTW it was the Colts game where Dan Mcguire made his first start and actually looked good.
    My favorite encounter was with Andy Heck as he was super nice and pulled me aside for safety as a cart went by and told me he had a sister who was also hearing impaired. My least favorite was probably Brain Blades as he was kind of snotty and was not going to sign for me or let me take any pictures except his mom and sisters made him. He stuck his tongue out for the few pics. Later after he was arrested for murder charges I thought about sending the pic to a tabloid.

  15. montanamike2 says:

    That Earl video killed me! Where do they come up with this stuff?
    I feel like tomorrows game will be a lot like that South Park episode where Timmy fights Jimmy, we are so decimated with injuries. I hope Wilson has a lights out game.

  16. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Michael Brooks up from the practice squad and BWalters cut just as I predicted with the DLine being thin.. Walters was likely to get cut next week with Percy returning. I remember Brooks from preseason being a poor mans Michael Bennett capable of playing 3DT and 5DE. Hope his fresh legs can help.

  17. Sarcasticus says:

    I think that commercial was so indicative of Earl Thomas’s play.

    Lack of Range – Just look at the way he hugged that corner. A great FS would have at least made it across the crosswalk to the other corner. He could have at least moved up the street a bit. Shameful

    Lack of Recognition – Just like biting on a playfake and failing to recover in time to stop the deep pass, Thomas was unable to truly recognize the safety people truly needed. Nevermind the people on the street never even recognized ET.

    Poor Tackling – This video is all about citizens able to move around Thomas as if he is standing still on a street corner. Who cares if he was in position to make the play (like no other FS), he whiffed yet again. This was an important topic that required tackling, and he failed at it.

    Frankly, I expect more from a supposed all-pro FS. Players studying this film for upcoming games will not be impressed. It is play like this that will probably lead to yet another loss at some point this year, and I will be the first to point to this travesty as reason why.

  18. Skavage says:

    Tomorrow’s game is definitely not a “trap game”. Everyone should be plenty pumped up for it and ready to go all out. This IS the team that knocked us out of the playoffs last year with flippin seconds left. If THAT doesn’t get your blood moving nothing will. I fully expect our defense to be wound up tight and ready to unload like a coiled cobra. Just hoping the offense can have the same intensity and focus.

  19. I usta work right near where ET had his stand. Same people different faces…

  20. Must be the same faces that showed up in Detroit for the Super Bowl.


    Nobody showed up (yet think they are the best fans in the NFL) besides a few of us.


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