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Morning links: Trufant prepares to face team he previously rooted for

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 8, 2013 at 6:15 am with 60 Comments »
November 8, 2013 1:47 am

Good morning.

Desmond Trufant has been the Atlanta Falcons starter at right corner since he was drafted. He’s been solid. He snagged his first interception last week when Cam Newtorn tested him deep and lost.

Trufant will be facing former UW teammate Jermaine Kearse on Sunday. Kearse said the two have known each other through football since fourth grade.

I wrote about Trufant for today’s paper.

Dave Boling has a notebook filled with interesting things. He followed-up with Richard Sherman about being NFL commissioner, heard from Russell Wilson on his health and talked to Lemuel Jeanpierre about taking over again at center. For all the talk about the Seahawks’ backup linemen and their problems, Seattle should be thankful its had Jeanpierre as a very solid backup center option. Boling also chatted with Breno Giacomini.


> John Moffitt was on KJR yesterday. He had a very interesting discussion with Mike Holmgren during one segment, where they acted as if Moffitt came in and had to tell Holmgren he was going to leave football. Holmgren countered what Moffitt said with a story about stopping excellent Green Bay tight end Mark Chmura from quitting football.

> ESPN writes that Max Unger and Red Bryant are still out of practice.

> Inside the huddle with John Clayton talking Seahawks.

> The focus at is on the offensive line.

> Also, looks at the Tony Gonzalez vs. Kam Chancellor matchup.

> A look at the run defense over on, too.

> 710 ESPN gets to the bottom of rookie Ryan Seymour’s troubling haircut. No, Seymour is not being hazed nor did he lose a bet. He chose that haircut. Unconfirmed is whether he drives an ’87 Camaro to practice every day.

> Gonzalez tells the Atlanta Journal Constitution that nothing is out of bounds in the lockerroom.

> Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan says takes the blame for his recent poor play.

> Falcons wide receiver Roddy White expects to play Sunday and says he’s not out to settle a score with Richard Sherman.

> The Vikings beat the Redskins on Thursday night, but Christian Ponder was hurt during the game. Minnesota now has a long break to prepare for Seattle on Nov. 17.

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  1. I listened to Sherman last night on 710. He talked about how nitpicking an 8-1 team was a little oxymoronic. That’s not really a word coming from a Stanford grad but I can barely spell myself. Nonetheless, I get what he’s saying and tend to agree. Hawk fans don’t know how to respond to 8-1. Great problem to have and I think a lot of the local media to their credit has cooled their jets on this as the week has gone on. I think if we can get this win in Atlanta this weekend, a lot of fans will be good with it and will focus less on what’s wrong, more so on what’s right.

    Is it Sunday yet?


    P.S. It’s Blue Friday. Don’t forget to sport your Hawk gear today!

  2. If Wagner isn’t near full recovery, I’d love to see more Malcom Smith. I understand he had 140 tackles last year, but if I had one concern about him it was his pass coverage, never more evident than last year against the Falcons in the playoffs on the final drive. KJ Wright isn’t the greatest in pass coverage either, but he does so many other things well and is healthier that you have to keep him there. Of course, Smith is a little diminutive which could be a tough go against Gonzalez, but his speed is undeniable.

    The Falcons are not a 2-6 team. With the exception of Julio and Abraham, much is the same. They look at this game as a benchmark as to what they really believe themselves to be and also as a building block for next year.

    I’m hopeful of a blowout so everyone can rest a little easier, but in reality, it’s all about another ‘W’ however ugly it may be.

    I hope we run, run, run it down their throat, wear out THEIR defense for once and set up the play action for the second half, take some deep shots.

    Either way, it should be fun.

  3. yankinta says:

    lol,, has anyone shown this to Sherman?? I just read it for the first time…. smh…

  4. Sarcasticus says:

    If I was the d-coordinator, I would run with 3 corners and put Browner inside on Gonzalez. Play ET over the top and Chancellor in the box effectively making Kam the third linebacker. I would do the same to Graham in a couple weeks when NO visits the CLink.

    I really hope they show up for this game. I am making the drive over to ATL for this and would really hate to get thrown out of the stadium for screaming at the team.

  5. I could not care less how many tackles Wagner makes. The defense is effective only when each of the eleven players covers their responsibility, plays their gap, and has the confidence that the other 10 guys will do the same. That may mean fewer tackles for one player, but better defense overall. Part of the problem in the run game seems to be guys trying to do too much and make the big play, at the expense of their assignment. Wagner certainly seems to be guilty of this. Did all the hype from ROY voting get to him? Does he feel like he needs to do more because he finished second? He’s a good player, but he’s not Earl Thomas and needs to get back to fundamentals.

  6. ET gave up two TD’s and whiffed badly on three tackles at least. These were plays any decent FS should have made. Wagner didn’t play well, but he didn’t make as many or as bad of mistakes as Thomas.

    Also, his problems seem to be more technique and over aggression, which should be easily correctable. I have faith in Wags.

    By the way, Smith plays WLB, and will be pushing Wright to the bench. Wright just can’t do pass coverage, he’s far too slow. I expect to see a lot of Smith going forward.

    And yeah, ET is a fine football player. I think he’s just trying a little too hard to make big plays. He needs to get back to playing sound, assignment-correct football. Perhaps he needs some tackling drills, so he can practice proper tackling technique–ie, wrapping up!

    Both he and Wags need to practice fundamentals, but I have all the faith in the world in them both.

    My vote for Defensive player of the year is split between Sherm and Watt at the moment.

  7. aelliott11 says:

    I would really love two things this weekend: 1) the Hawks make a statement and blow the Falcons out. I’m talking under 50 yds rushing and less than 200 yds passing.

    And 2) the Panthers go into SF and put a beating on the whiners.

    Make it so.

  8. Aelliot11–Amen!

  9. CDHawkFan says:

    Unfortunately they have helped create some of this nitpicking with the win in OT vs the Bears, then the 150 – 30 over 3 weeks, then the comebacks in the playoffs. A young team you expect to get better with experience.

    I think that might be the issue with Wags, expecting him to get better. He was 80% there as a rookie, well ahead of where you would expect, but there were issues as I remember him still choosing the wrong gap a lot when we were gashed on the ground vs San Fran, Falcons, Minny, etc. You would hope he would improve and I haven’t seen it, those instincts just don’t seem to be there for him and his speed/athletic ability help mask it at times. Wags isn’t putting himself in position to make many ET like ‘mistakes’ as he can’t get off blocks or is choosing the wrong gap and is getting run by.

  10. ET definitely had a bad game this past weekend – ignoring, of course, the PI that should have been an INT. But through nine games he has been the best defender, maybe the best player, on this team. His range allows him to do things that other safeties cannot, and is one of the keys to the success of the man-press coverage that Browner and Sherman are so good at. ET makes this defense work and is gaining recognition as the best safety in the league.

    As for his tackling, it has been unfairly criticized on this board for too long. After all the complaining this off-season, I have really watched ET, and I just don’t see it.

    ET is the best player at his position than any other on the team, except maybe Sherman. ET is a better safety than RW is a quarterback. He is a better safety than Beast is a RB. You get my drift.

    Lock up ET and RW, and this team is competitive for the next decade, regardless of who else is put around them.

    So, let’s cut him some slack for one bad game last week.

  11. HawkfaninMT says:

    I think Sarcasticus is on to something here. Looking at the schedule, the way they defend TEs is going to go a long way in deciding how this season plays out. They have Gonzalez, Graham, and Davis coming up in the next 4-5 weeks. This game is a great chance to try putting a CB on the TE to see how it works. Talib manning up Graham is the only way he has been slowed down thus far this season. That may be the blueprint need to slow down that offense.

    Whether it be BB or Chancellor, I would like to see someone lined up on top of Gonzalez all game and jamming the buhjeebuz(yep it is a word) out of him all game long.

  12. yankinta says:

    Bobby Wagner tweeted this yesterday…. it made me smh…. C’mon Bobby, you gotta ignore the NOISE!!…. Focus and prove them wrong,, pay no attention to those that are saying our Run Defense struggled after you came back from your injury……

    There are those of us that still believe you are one of the best MLB in the NFL…. just get healthy and FOCUS!!

  13. Good luck to John Moffitt. He’s funny enough to get some kind of media gig. As a selfish Hawk fan obviously I was hoping for something else but it’s rare that people have the guts to “ignore the noise” of what everyone else wants from them and choose the path that feels right. I can respect that.

    I just want to say thanks again this morning to Stanford for beating the Oregon Fashion-show-istas last night. There has got to be money laundering or something going on in Eugene. Dig a little deeper and find something for cripe sakes so we can bring that place back down to earth. USC’s punishment was effective.

  14. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Agreed OrrObb, Earl has made so many big plays this year, game winning plays that one off game shouldn’t matter. He’s been a much better open field tackler this year by a lot. I can overlook the two TDs last week as I place a lot of blame on the D line for making a rookie QB look like Joe Montana back there. When a QB has that much time, even the best DBs can get burned and give up touchdowns. Go back and look at those two tds again and you’ll see the Bucs QB has about six plus seconds to scan the field, roll around and scan again. He doesn’t face much pressure at all. The dude was what 14 out of his first 16 or something.
    Without Earl, Sherman and Browner play more zone and we lose at least three more games from earlier in the season. Nothing wrong with ET. He is our most important player outside of Wilson.

  15. RDPoulsbo says:

    Putting a CB on Gonzales is probably a good idea, but I think Browner needs to stay outside. He used the sideline to his advantage and you just can’t do that in the slot. It might be better suited for Lane or Maxwell though.

    Now I know what PC was concerned about with the bad haircut potentially being a result of hazing.

    Unger and Bryant still out is concerning. They could really use Big Red for defending the run and Unger to call the line protections. Hopefully, this will be the last week of playing Russian Roulette with Wilson’s life.

  16. RDPoulsbo says:

    There’s a good reason why Earl was going low for tackles and it has nothing to do with potential fines. Having 220+ pound RBs coming full steam at a FS isn’t an ideal situation. The front 7 simply have to do better defending the run. Earl shouldn’t be the one having to make those tackles.

  17. Agree 100% on the Browner on a TE game plan. NE did it against NO and Jimmy Graham and totally shut him out. Kam cannot cover Tony G or Jimmy G, and those two are the biggest mismatch against us. Furthermore, we have the depth and talent at CB to still lock up the WRs on both teams.

    I know NO is a few weeks off, but I really hope Carroll does not give the player the bye week off. Maybe give them a rest from actual physical practice, but keep them in meetings, film study etc so they dont lose their edge. They looked terrible last season against Miami after the bye, and were awful in STL after the mini-bye this season.

  18. I like the idea of a big and physical guy like Browner being on some of these great TEs. Kam cannot cover the likes of Graham and Gonzalez (not many can, that’s why they are so great) but a guy like Browner could/would, IMO. I partially like this idea because I think there’ wouldn’t be much of a drop when it came to Thurmond replacing Browner on the outside against those two teams. I know it’s not conventional, but I like the idea/concept. Defensive coordinators have come up with other ideas in the past that were crazy and worked (look at what Bill Walsh did to Marino in the Super Bowl).

    STTBM – You’re right that ET isn’t perfect and he didn’t have a good game week last week (would have had a nice pick if not for a bogus call). However, there is no FS better in the NFL. None of us would take anyone at that spot over ET. If anyone would take a different FS – all they’d be doing is making the team worse.

    My opinion is that this team is better with Smith on the outside and Wright in the middle than having Wright outside and Wagner in the middle. At least that’s how I have felt for about a month.

    Before Bobby gets his feeling hurt – he should understand it’s more of a compliment to what Smith has been doing on the field and not because I think he’s a bad player (because I think he’s dang good).

  19. FleaFlicker says:

    It’s got to be tough for those guys on a certain level, having so many wins and getting nothing but negatives from the press. To paraphrase Jerry Rice on Rich Eisen’s NFL Podcast this week, “You don’t ‘luck up’ for an 8-1 record.” But still as fans, we’re all over them.

    Here’s my two cents: 8-1 is great, but I think the underlying frustation that many of us feel is “would you take this team to the playoffs?”. And I think the way the team has played the last few contests….the answer is NO.

    But we’ve got to keep the faith, and rest assured that the big wins give us a bye & homefield (hopefully…knock on wood…salt over shoulder….hail mary full of grace….) and most importanly the breathing space to get the ship righted for a full speed charge into January.

    Remeber what Pete keeps saying about Harvin: we’re saving him for when we need him down the stretch and into the playoffs. It’s all about playing the best ball in the 2nd half of the season.

  20. I think the idea of sliding Browner inside to cover the TE is a good one. He has better size and physicality than Thurmond and better athleticism than Chancellor.

    I will be interested to see how the ‘getting more snaps’ for Malcolm Smith and Alvin Baily works.

    I will be happy if Lemuel gets to start at C and does a good enough job that he can get some attention and possibly displace Carpenter or Sweezy at G. Can’t understand why he never gets into the conversation for competition at G.

  21. I think Harvin is being saved for the New Orleans and/or 49ers game – it gives him more time to heal and means that those teams would have no tape to show how the Seahawks will use him.

  22. I wonder if Sherman would demand/request to cover Graham. Put our best on their best. Thurmond and Browner covering the outside vs N.O.

  23. ChrisHolmes says:

    “I partially like this idea because I think there’ wouldn’t be much of a drop when it came to Thurmond replacing Browner on the outside against those two teams. I know it’s not conventional, but I like the idea/concept.”

    I agree, for the same reasons. I think if we didn’t have Thurmond it would be a different story, but we do. And he can cover on the outside. I’d much rather see Browner on the inside vs. Gonzalez and Thurmond on the outside vs. Harry Douglas or whoever the decided to trot out on that side. I think Thurmond wins that.

    If we leave it to Wagner and the other LB’s to cover Gonzalez along with Kam, he’s going to have 100-yard day.

  24. MoSeahawk12 says:

    There’s a lot of 8-1 teams we could totally switch places with…..oh wait, there’s only one team in the NFC with that record. Carry on. Nothing to see here.

    The fact that we’ve never been eight and one and many fans have been cheering for these guys most of their lives, I know I have for thirty plus years now, leads to some breath holding I think. Let’s face the facts here. We’ve been disappointed many, many times and it’s hard to let that go and trust again. I’ve chosen to let the past go and enjoy this season as it plays out before me. These guys have won eight out of nine, plus the four wins from the preseason and one playoff win from last season. That’s thirteen wins out of fifteen games. Sure the preseason doesn’t count, but going back even further to last season and these guys won eleven plus a road playoff game. Twelve wins last year to go along with eight so far this season. That’s twenty wins in a season and a half. When was the last time you as a fan you were able to see that?

    It’s great that the expectations are high and these guys have proven to be worth the dedication. I think there is a lot of nit picky things from the fans and some media, yet most former professional players seem to think these guys are one of the best teams out there. The guys that played look at the eight and one record and know how tough it is to get there. This team has talent, skill, heart and time to correct most of the issues we’ve seen. I think they take care of business and make us all proud.

  25. I’m not so sure Browner can handle any of the TE’s by himself. In fact, I kinda think he’d get a lot of PI’s called against him if going 1-on-1 with those TE’s. His straight line speed is phenomenal for as big as he is, but as soon as he’s asked to cover inside and rotate hips, he tends to grab player and get PI called on him. I think big TEs and little fast guys in the slot are our biggest challenges to the secondary.

  26. I think its OK to be happy and proud about our team being 8-1 and at the same time recognize and have some concern for some of the issues the team has shown.

  27. I hear what you say joreb – but I think the thought is that Browner would be better at ‘flipping his hips’ than Chancellor – but not as fluid as Thurmond. But with Thurmond we are back to the size and physicality issue.

  28. Jerry Rice knows better than anyone that you’re judged by your rings, and not solely on your numbers (like an 8-1 record).

    Until Manning finally won a Super Bowl with the Colts, he was still considered a loser when it mattered most (Jan/Feb) even though he’d get the Colts to double digit wins 11 times in his last 12 years as their starter (and 8 of those years they won between 12-14 games each season).

    We want to see our team win a ring. That’s all.

    I haven’t been as negative about 8-1 as many – but the way we’ve played the past few weeks does make you wonder (although I think things will get much better when our tackles get healthy).

    Personally, if we had been playing our best ball – I think that would set us up for a bit of a letdown later when we don’t want it. The way things are going are setting the team to keep trying to improve and will only help them later when we want the even bigger wins.

    I’m kind of thrilled that they know they are 8-1 and yet have major improvements yet to make in a few areas. It keeps a fire lit, IMO.

    I still think we’re going to win the Super Bowl this year.

  29. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Going to be a tough game to win this week with a banged up line. Who is the backup center if Lem is starting?? They had that guy Spitz earlier in the year but now hes gone. Also big Red is probably out too.

  30. Great post BK…I agree. Let’s get hot in December like we did last year and see how far we can go. Get everyone back to full strength, open up the playbook a little and get Christine Michael going so Lynch is well rested for the stretch run.

  31. “I think Harvin is being saved for the New Orleans and/or 49ers game – it gives him more time to heal and means that those teams would have no tape to show how the Seahawks will use him.”

    I’m starting to get Chuck_Easton pessimistic about Percy, wondering if he’ll be back in time (and in game-ready shape) to be a real game-changer at all this year. I’m taking the attitude that anything we get from him this season is a bonus.

  32. Playing as poorly as we have the last few weeks and to be 8-1 is great. If we can somehow keep home field advantage – it’d be huge in the play-offs. I may not trust going to play Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, for example (i.e. elite QB), but I’d certainly feel much better about playing that type of elite QB if the game were in Seattle.

  33. I meant to mention this earlier…

    One of the other cool things that came from Sherman in his interview with 710 last night at Lucky Strike was how he talked about how cool it’d be to have a Helmet Cam put on Earl and run it full speed.

    He said a lot of times when things are super slow-mo’d that it distorts the reaction time defenders now face when tackling offensive players. With the game continuing to evolve and newer, cooler technology becoming available, could you imagine how cool it’d be to see what the players see?

    It’s been said here many times, but Sherman really is a true gem. He’s articulate, intelligent and very thoughtful. I think when it comes time to re-upping his contract, he like many of the better Hawks are going to take a little less money to keep this group intact so that they can have longer sustained success and hopefully multiple rings to show for it.

    Anyway, if you get the chance, go to 710’s website and check out the audio link from Sherm’s interview with Danny O’neil and the gang. I think it’s great stuff.


  34. Sherman and ET are two guys you simply pay when the time comes due. I’ve read a bunch of stuff about “you can’t pay everyone” and I agree but I’m pretty sure I’d keep Sherm/ET over anyone else on defense.

    Really, are our LBs worthy of top dollar or could they realistically be replaced by someone from the draft in the coming years?

    Last off-season people were talking about how a guy like Wright must be kept. Really? Is he elite at something that warrants being paid many millions of dollars? I don’t think so.

    When you get a superstar, you pay them and keep them (like Numbskull failed to do) even if you have to allow a few middle of the road players to leave and replace them with young players, like Mr. Happy isn’t afraid to go with).

  35. Jayson Jenks wrote an interesting piece in the Times this morning

    He reminds us that of the last ten Super Bowl winners, none looked like champions every week. Even the 14-2 Patriots in 2003 got blown out by Buffalo 31-0 in their opener. Last year’s Raven got blown out by Houston and lost three of their last four. The year before, the Giants had a four game losing streak and were 5-3 at home!

    The point is, nobody will argue that this team hasn’t had some clunkers. As long as they can peak in the playoffs. With The projected returns of Okung and Breno, plus a new boost in the form of Harvin, this team is set up for a nice run. They have overcome adversity in the form of injuries, poor play, and bad luck.

    I’ll take a team that has weathered a storm or two over one that cruises into the Super Bowl at 18-0 without ever having been tested. We all remember the 2007 Patriots.

    Going 16-0 and winning 42-10 every week would be amusing for a few weeks, but that’s just never going to happen.

  36. Southendzone says:

    Ok I think we are allowed as fans to want more from the Hawks. They can be a lot better than this.

    I thought this article about RG3 was pretty awesome from mmqb. My favorite quote is:

    “Great quarterbacks have a scientific understanding of how each route works in relation to the others, and how they’re all designed to leverage different defensive looks and find holes in the coverage.”

    That’s where I want to see RW at. A mad genius in the pocket with sick athleticism as his back up plan.

    I Recommend this article:

  37. Whatever happened when the NFL refs reviewed ET’s pick vs TB that was called a PI (bogus?)

    Kroy Biermann and Julio Jones are IR’d, and Sean Weatherspoon was IR’d with late return like Okung, so I think he’s out for this game. S.Jackson (hamstring) returned two weeks ago and R.White (knee, hamstring) is expected to play. As far as Tony G, SEA needs to do the same thing that NE does to unstoppable forces – stop them. NE double-pressed them off the LOS like he was a gunner, took him right out of the game. SEA could do that and keep him doubled wherever he goes. When he finally gets 5 yds downfield keep Kam between him and the goalline and bracket with Irvin, Smith or Wright under.

  38. RDPoulsbo says:

    There’s a lot of guys that are expendable, but ET and Sherman are not. I’d add Mebane as a 3rd on defense. In the grand scheme of things you still have to draft well and trust that young guys to step up if any team is going to maintain success in the salary cap era. At LB, the backups have already shown they can step up and replace starters if given the chance. I’m not all that worried about losing anyone there or a lot of the d-line for that matter if they can keep drafting well.

  39. doubledink says:

    People don’t quit organizations, they quit people. Just sayin.

  40. RDPoulsbo says:

    Yes, I’ve been very critical of the o-line even while trying to be understandable about the injuries, but the problem is they are just plain stinking it up. As a byproduct of that, it puts Wilson at a much higher risk of being knocked out of several games if not sent to the IR. Should that happen, you can kiss any SB hopes goodbye. GB was just 1 1/2 games back of Seattle before last week with an outside shot at home field advantage at Lambeau. Then their bad o-line protection caught up to them and they’ll be lucky to get into the playoffs at all.

    I do think they are SB bound, but the protection problems just plain have to be fixed. Even getting to league average will be enough to get to the big game, but they aren’t anywhere close to that right now.

  41. The NFL ruled that the PI on ET was called incorrectly, as the video showed Earl was not attempting to arm bar the receiver away from being able to catch the ball, but was merely attempting to establish where the receiver was while looking towards the ball.

  42. Someone mentioned “elite quarterbacks” and I just kinda thought, “ya know, RW isn’t really looked at as an elite quarterback on paper, but what makes him so good is the unmeasurable stat of drive to win.” he can make intelligent gains with his feet, and even smarter improvisation when plays break. Simply put, the dude doesn’t lose.

  43. I have gained so much more of a respect for Wilson in the last month than I thought possible (not even factoring in that he sent my little guy an autographed photo a number of weeks back).

    The guy loses Rice and has never played with Harvin which means that his WRs, as a group (not saying Baldwin or Tate individually), basically suck in comparison to most others groups of receivers in the NFL.

    His tackles are the worst in the NFL. I can’t imagine a worse duo than McQuistan at LT and *David at RT.

    Nevermind the fact that the only reason the left guard has a job is because he was a former 1st round pick and the right guard has his because the guy he was fighting for the job hated football and was/is a quitter.

    And never once has Wilson been a whiner.

    *David (refers to David Bowie – who could probably do just as good of a turnstile impression as our very own Michael Bowie at RT in the NFL).

  44. OrrObb, Mo, etc–You guys haven’t been paying attention. That was ET’s THIRD terrible game of this year, out of nine. He’s not playing consistently well–he had two bad games in a row, vs, Indy and Hou, and again played badly overall in the Bucs game. That’s not good enough to make him the best FS in football, not even close, no matter how good he played in the other six games.

    RDPoulsbo–ET whiffed on several tackles because he’s little and got owned. He wasn’t aiming low, he just used bad technique, making no attempt to wrap up and take the guy to the ground, instead hitting them with his shoulder like a missile, and accomplishing nothing except making himself look foolish.

    All he has to do is not overrun plays, and practice form tackles. Its not like he doesn’t know the proper way to tackle someone bigger than you, he just got sloppy. And his position coaches need to be on him about it.

    ET is not the best FS in football this year. He’s not close. But he could, and should be; there’s no one with his speed or instincts. He’s just got to play smarter and more fundamentally sound.

    In our Defense, he’s perfect. We need him, and not Weddle or Berry. But if Im building a team for RIGHT NOW, Im taking Weddle. If Im building a team for the future, Im taking Berry. But for THIS Seattle D, its ET or nothing. He’s the fit.

    Bobbyk–No, and that’s been my point; Wright is not, and never will be, an elite player. In fact, good as he is, I think our D runs better with him coming off the bench for sure run downs only. He’s smart, and plays fundamentally sound, but he doesn’t have Wagners athleticism. Wagner just needs to play more assignment correct. I don’t see Seattle breaking the bank to keep any of their LB’s. While Wright is a glue guy, he’s no star. He’s the guy you keep around as long as you can to backup MLB and WLB, and when he gets to be worth too much, you let him walk…and get another smart, hungry, athletically challenged steal in the middle rounds…

  45. doubledink says:

    I don’t think any of us are in a position to determine another person’s motives, even for their career choices.

  46. Bobbyk–I agree re Wilson and the line, but not regarding Tate and Baldwin being sucky in relation to anyone’s starting WR’s. They are perfect for us, because Tate can play all the positions, as can Baldwin and Kearse. And as we saw last week, Baldwin makes a great FL playing off Tate, and with Kearse at FL and Baldwin in the slot, Seattle performed quite well.

    I think youre going off expectations, not reality. Tate and Baldwin played well, and I expect them both to improve this week. For one, Baldwin wont be so nervous to strt the game.

    I think Baldwin is gonna do great starting at FL, and Tate is Tate. He’s becoming a star…

  47. And Harvin isn’t being saved for any game…he’s not recovered sufficiently to practice two days in a row, so they set his timeline back a bit. He will play when he’s100%, not before.

  48. FairbanksDoug says:

    I personnally think that characteristic of being like a “missle” is by design. I think when there are others in pursuit the first, or ET, goes in to bust the ball loose and slow they runner down at the very least. I personnaly like that missle characteristic. I remember a fumble ET recovered after Sherm applied the missle technique, everyone loved it then.

  49. aelliott11 says:

    STTBM, the coaches, the media, the pundits, and most fans disagree with your assessment on ET.

  50. Dukeshire says:

    Whether Thomas is the best FS in the game right now is subjective. But to say he’s had three (or any) terrible games this season is wrong. He hasn’t had any “terrible” games, by any measure. He’s not perfect of course and has made mistakes, as every play has and does. Despite that, he’s playing at an incredibly high level, overall, and continues to be *the* player on defense that every OC has to account for.

  51. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Agreed and still say we have several more losses this season if he doesn’t make those critical plays that he makes every week. Instead of 8-1 we’re maybe 4-4. His INTs were in the red zone with the other teams close to scoring. We lose the Panthers game, the Texans game and the Rams game.

  52. MoSeahawk12 says:

    No Red, or Unger this week.

  53. SandpointHawk says:

    Yeah, I was with STTBM on the O line, but really my man you need to stay away from ET and the Defense…

  54. ET not even close to being the best FS? Sure sounds like someone got spit in their Wheaties.

    I agree with Bobby that ET and Sherm are players you have to pay. They are clearly the two most important and difficult to replace players on the defense. Wright can walk if someone else wants to throw a bunch of cash at him.

    It seems that many people here have missed the overwhelming trend of at least the last 10 years. The team that wins the SB is the team that is healthy and playing the best when January/February rolls around. Not the team with the best record in the regular season. In fact, the last team with the best regular season record to win the SB is the 2003 Patriots.

  55. ET and the Defense…

    I will stay away from ET but not the defense as a whole. We were down 21-0 to TB and it was 90% or more on the defense. They allowed the worst offense in the league to stay on the field FAR to often in the 1st half. as a matter of fact – they got them to punt on the first possesion and then didn’t stop them again in the first. To allow that team a 90 yard drive in the first have is just plan bad/horrible/inexcusable!!!!

    They gave up a 10 play 90 drive and then an 11 play 84 yard drive right after that. I will give them a little out because one of those should have ended with the ET pick – but still, they can’t let offenses have consecutive 80+ yard drives.

    I get tired of people blaming the defense being tired in the first half because they are on the field too much. End of 3rd quarter fine but not in the first half – ESPECIALLY when our offense had zero 3 and outs. It’s the defenses job to get themselves of the field not the offenses.

  56. BBmate – EXACTLY and hasn’t it been like 8-10 years since the winner was less than like 12-1 odds to win it. once you get to the play-offs – its a crap shoot.

    It comes down to:
    Health – momentum – match-ups and most years you have to get a little lucky somewhere along the way. (see Balt @ Den last year)

  57. GeorgiaHawk says:

    What STTBM is missing in regards to ET is that ET can get to a spot that no other Safety in the NFL can do.
    And because of that ET won’t always have the best leverage to make the tackle.
    Why fault a guy that can at least make it to a spot that no other Safety in the NFL can do?

  58. Southendzone says:

    I’m not buying the ET issues either. Vs TB, he definitely seemed to give up 1 or 2 medium depth passes, and I saw one of the missed tackles you’re referencing.

    However he didn’t give up the 200+ yards of rushing. He didn’t let Glennon have a reasonably comfortable pocket, and he DID make a beautiful INT that was nullified by Mike Carey’s beautiful crew of refs.

    ET3 is probably my 2nd favorite player behind Marshawn, and could even overtake him with a solid year.

    STTBM, I don’t think you’re objectively judging him, you only see his bad plays, ever since last year’s ATL game.

  59. Dukeshire says:

    What STTBM is also not considering (seemingly) is that over the past 3 games ET has *had* to come up and take on a RB, due to the failure of the front 7. No FS is capable of protecting the top end and contain the run. Although that’s exactly what Thomas has been doing.

  60. xcman, I really think most people severely underestimate the importance of how teams match up. It seems that many assume that if team A gets beat by team B and then team B gets beat by team C that team C mnust be better than team A. And so on. Match ups matter, and so do a million other factors that change week to week.

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