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Cable: ‘We’re developing some really cool depth’

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 6, 2013 at 5:21 pm with 30 Comments »
November 6, 2013 5:21 pm

A quick chat with offensive line coach Tom Cable:

(On if he is looking forward to Giacomini and Okung playing again…) “Well I’m looking forward to it yes, but right now we have to stay the course and keep trying to do better each week with who we’re playing with. And they’re getting better, which helps. And the big picture, we’re developing some really cool depth.”

(On the offensive line’s performance last week…) “There was some improvement, yeah. We still got him hit after throws five times, no sacks, which is really cool, ran the ball for a bunch of yards, which is really cool too. But, we still got to keep him from getting hit.”

(On if it was the Buccaneers pressure or the offensive line not finishing their blocks the reason why Wilson got hit five times…) “Some of its pressure, some of its finish. I kind of look at it as it’s always finish.”

(On the success of the run blocking against the Buccaneers defense…) “I think the players are really understanding what we do in our system. The communication, the feet, those kind of things really kind of plugged in finally, if you will. And then they presented a huge challenge with all that pressure and zone pressure and line movement and all that. But they handled it well.”

(On Alvin Bailey…) “He did fine. He played a series. It was a two-minute series at the end of the first half and handled it really well.”

(On how encouraging was it for him to see an improvement in the offensive line’s blocking abilities…) “Well they’re all grown men and so there’s a sense of pride about you and as a man, you do not want to let your team down, like we did the week before. It’s just a start. We have to play better this week.”

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good to hear Cable being optimistic with regards to the O-line, and more importantly weathering the storm and staying the course until the injured gets back.
    Much better then blowing things up like some folks around here are constantly preaching.

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    A lot of Love in the comments section for Moffitt. Although I have mixed feelings about him I think he is wonderfully talented in other ways.
    Peace and Happiness to you Moffitt.–nfl.html

  3. Of course he’s optimistic; whaddaya expect him to say, “Gosh, I sure blew every single one of my personnel decisions over the last three years, and this line is the worst in the NFL. We’re stuck with these no-talent ass-clowns due to my insistence they could play. Well, now we know they cant, but since were stuck with em, Ill just have to keep trying (and failing) to coach them up. But you cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Carrol has already told me next year theyre bringing in some G’s and T’s to compete, and drafting one of each–and I dont get to have much input, I just gotta coach up who they give me. That is, IF I keep my job past this season. Heck, Im just glad to be here after the GIANT FLOPS Carpenter, Moffitt, and Sweezy have turned out to be”.

    THAT would be Cable speaking the truth; but you wont hear it.

    At least the line looked improved from the week before. Here’s hoping Im full of it, and they come together to achieve mediocrity at least by seasons end…

  4. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    “Really cool”

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Here’s hoping you never become a coach STTBM, you would fail miserably.

    Now back to our regular programing.

    I wish they would play Smith more.

  6. Screensmoke says:

    Actually-I think STBMM for what I know of him would be an excellent coach- who knows I wouldn’t be surprised if he allready is.

  7. Screensmoke says:

    Sttbm- my bad – one of these years I’ll get it right

  8. Georgia–I believe in calling a spade a spade. That said, I would definitely not be this sarcastic or harsh when coaching players–at any level, but especially not kids. I believe that Carrols positive reinforcement works the best, and thats what I use in teaching my son. I point out what he’s doing wrong, but I dont say “your doing it wrong”, I say, “Almost, just a little more like..THIS..there you go, nice job…” I also adhere to a 5-1 ratio of positive comments to anything close to negative.

    People dont put their entire personality across on a blog. At least, I dont. You’d be surprised if you met me, believe me. And I think thats true for a lot of folks here.

    I tend to vent on this blog–its one thing they are for–and a lot of my frustration is due to the statements of other bloggers whose opinions I disagree with. The constant Kool-Aid lens that many view the line through really gets my blood boiling…obviously…

    I still cant get over the “really cool depth” line…Carrol is rubbing off on Cable, and it makes me wanna puke…lol! If thats “Cool Depth”, Gawd save us…

  9. Screensmoke says:

    The line should be interesting this week if max is out- i hope we can make it through it. At this point if we loose not the end of the world- most concerned for RW staying healthy- we really need to be paying attention to this due to the fact of how many hits he has taken. He may not be as sharp as he has been considering he could hardly take his pads off after game last week- big time dose of marshawn this week will help.

  10. Thanks Screensmoke. Appreciate the support.

  11. Screensmoke says:

    Your welcome MT-I am involved with a lot of coaching these days- girls v ball – basketball and soccer . The big man blessed me with 4 daughters so that’s my thing- obviously football is my passion but their is nothing I enjoy more than coaching my daughters! My oldest is real heavy into v ball and it has been amazing watching her grow in the sport – anyways enouph said about that- as much as we all argue and debate on this blog we all love the hawks and the best game in the world by far American football! I think the hawks win by 14 this week – the talking heads think we are ripe for a loss -I’m not buying it,

  12. montanamike2 says:

    I think we come out swinging too, we just got embarrassed at home and that game reminded me of the second half of the Bears game where we started to click. I hope Lem is up to the task.

  13. Screensmoke says:

    MT2-I’m with ya- the good news is he has allready been out there runnin it. So that should help- I spent one summer at glacier national park when I iwas 18- what a beautiful place- nothing like the big sky country!

  14. montanamike2 says:

    Turns out there are a lot of bloggers from here.

  15. Would you expect him to say that they suck? It is what it is. I still think they’re a decent line and good enough to win a SB with if Okung, Breno, and Unger are reasonably healthy.

  16. raymaines says:

    Remember last week we were discussing that Seattle could finish 14-2 and be the 5th seed, wild card team? There would be a communal puke in the great northwest.

    Can you imagine how happy we would all be if Seattle put together a solid game and beat the crap out the Falcons, Carolina edged the 49’er’s and Dallas beat the Saints. Maybe the best weekend in Seahawk regular season history.

  17. Screensmoke says:

    Nice/ that would be great!

  18. Screensmoke says:

    MT2- allways enjoyed people I’ve known from MT- not surprised lot if hawk fans there

  19. hawkmanj says:

    I’m thinking the only way Cable makes a statement like that is Okung and Breno must be close…..Did he say, “Depth”??…..Bwaahaha. I almost fell of my chair..! I’m still laughing….OK, the OJT the rookies been getting is positive…..and the w/l record hasn’t suffered, which is cool. But, that pass blocking is weak at best. It’s been bad. It’s been looking like a sieve weekly. What, we’re blind..? Usain Bolt wouldn’t have time in that pocket…! Although, no sacks and 200 rushing yards is improvement….which is positive. You gotta protect the Franchise QB, we’ve never had one. Be nice if he was able to stick around for a while. He’s going to be something Special…! Go Hawks…!

  20. freedom_X says:

    Maybe Tom Cable might be sweating it, if someone could prove that Schneider and Carroll handed Cable 3 draft picks and let him pick whoever he wanted with no influence or oversight.

    That is, if somebody could actually prove it, as opposed to a concocting a conspiracy theory that allows a fan to put all the blame on a scapegoat coach while exempting friendly Uncle Carroll from any culpability. A pattern repeated over and over on this blog for years.

  21. Todd Dybas says:

    Hey, folks.

    Just as a point of reference, this is what Cable said last week after the Rams game. We had it in the post about the seven sacks.

    “I didn’t think we had any rhythm on offense,” Cable said. “Our tempo, rhythm, continuity in staying in drives really lacked. Then we got into a situation where we struggled protection-wise, so then we can’t stay on schedule. We didn’t play very good offensively and were very fortunate to win obviously.

    “We got our tails kicked, so own it, learn from it and then be better all week in preparation for the next one.”

    Cable was asked there is something specific occurring.

    “We’re getting run by,” Cable said. “It’s a matter of that depth in the pocket is just closing in from the outside, so we’re getting run by specifically.

    “We have to execute better. No excuses. We just got our tails kicked and we’ll learn from it and be better this week. At the end of the day, we have to play better.”

    Read more here:

    — Todd

  22. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    @raymaines…that would be “really cool”

  23. edstang45 says:

    Every team in NFL as it’s issues, things they have to play through and the goal is to get through these issues, and get better buiding for the playoff push. some teams lose their QB. Our O-line is our biggest problem right now, Our excellent Defense is getting run on all of a sudden. Some guys sound like they hate certain coaches and hate this or that. But Hey were 8-1 best record in NFC. Can we say we are in best position in franchise history with this o-line with this coaching staff, Would guys be happy if we win the SB or would they complain that we only won one and nit pick and say we suck at this we suck at that whine whine whine. Be happy boys we are the Team to beat period, no body wants to play the hawks in a one game showdown

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “People dont put their entire personality across on a blog. At least, I dont. You’d be surprised if you met me, believe me. And I think thats true for a lot of folks here.”

    That makes a lot of sense STTBM and I’m Sure it goes the other way too. Many folks that appear to post mostly homer stuff may have already done their venting in another way like at the TV on game day.

    I know I do. I do so much venting on game day that it would make your posting here look like it was from mother Theresa.

    Infact now that Todd has posted that funny Taser story I think I will get one and warn everyone to stay away from me during the game. That includes my girlfriend.

  25. Screensmoke says:

    Let’s just win this week – one game at a time baby !

  26. Even if we win this week, and I think it’s entirely possible, the bottom line will be the game at SF (unless they lose, say to NO). Someone already pointed out we will loose a tie-breaker with SF if we have the same W/L.
    So, SF, or bust! By then SF might well be at full strength, but we probably will, too.
    I remain optimistic. . . .

  27. Sttbm, I wouldn’t take it personally. Georgia lambastes me in one post then agrees with me the next. It’s the nature of the beast that is open discussion, especially when you have so many random people scattered.

  28. tealskin says:

    I would say that the general sentiment on this site is that the O-line sucks. Even when Okung and Breno were playing there was much left to be desired. It isn’t that I disagree with STTBM, it’s just gets to “whats the point”? You know, beating that poor dead horse. Not to cramp anyone’s style but would rather read something a little more upbeat.

  29. SaigonSun says:

    I like GeorgiaHawk ( sometimes), he is alright when he is not waterboarding himself with that Lynchbourgh,TN moonshine. After the ” happy hour” …. anything goes. I was married to a bitch like that ( she was a female though) .LOL

  30. Teal, I understand that, but sometimes you need to say it like it is. The team certainly has room for improvement and it is not taking the chances to get tuned up against bad teams.

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