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Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 4, 2013 at 1:53 pm with 10 Comments »
November 4, 2013 1:53 pm


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  1. Are the Seahawks looking at the headlines to much, buying there own hype?

  2. Why do the Seahawks always go to an empty backfield on 3rd down? Seems to limit their opportunities when they do this and helps the opposing teams D

  3. Dave Boling says:

    We talk about it all the time

  4. I saw the comment about Incognito and stuff… I’m friends with an ex lineman for the Dolphins, who knew them and played with them, and this is what he had to say:

    Attention Dolphin Fans (<– when winning). Listen closely. Richie Incognito is being portrayed completely false. All I hear is he is the ring leader in this crap and it is just far from the truth. Yes, he gets on players and jokes around, AND SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE. This is the truth, there is not "BULLYING" its just some initiation into a close brotherhood in the NFL. funny haircuts for a week, rookie dinners, etc….WE ALL HAD TO DO IT. You get the occasional rotten apple, aka Martin, who doesn't want to be a part of it. Yes, Richie was hard on martin sometimes, but he was hard on everyone! And it was all in fun and he was not the only one who jokes around… this "$15,000" Vegas trip is a trip the Offensive lineman hold every year. It is mandatory to go.. for camaraderie. You are not obligated to go if you have a family emergency etc..but is planned MONTHS in advance. he is just being a baby and i know first hand. The media knows absolutely NOTHING. He never "singled" out Martin, because he jokes with everyone. I know bc i was there for 4 years and with Martin. What you dont know is Martin is an EXTREMELY sensitive person..well, the NFL is comprised of men, not boys.

    And for this $15K richie demanding money crap…LOL, THE media are brainwashing jokes. The trip to vegas is planned MONTHS in advance, we order a private Jet etc…book hotels, clubs..the whole 9 yards. EVERYONE pays in advance….when the trip finally came, Martin backed out…WELL GUESS WHAT?! ITS ALREADY PAID FOR BROTHER… unfortunately, and yes it sucks, but he lost out on the $15k and it was relayed he isnt getting paid back…..THE MEDIA IS THE BIGGEST JOKES AROUND, THEY KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT THE SITUATION. somebody post this crap up so ppl know…im tired of reading "sources" …i was there first hand for multiple years and Martin was there too…he is being a complete baby about the situation.

    Oh yeah and lastly, the Dolphins organization are a bunch of softy liars and it starts at the top with Jeff "liar" fireland. The coaching staff joke with players just the same, if not more… they say serious crap to us that WOULD NEVER FLY in regular working conditions…i like how they deny anything and then when shit hits the fan, they tell Incognito to leave….LOL, typical Dolphins.

    Reminds me when I sacrificed myself on the field and blew my foot out, not once, but TWICE, Both requiring surgery, Same play blew my back out requiring Rods, disc removal, and screws just so I could walk normal (Still cant walk normal to this day). They kicked me to the curb and wouldn't pay me my contract. It wasnt until the NFL made them pay just this month telling them they dont have a choice…its the law….A YEAR LATER! Jeff Ireland is the biggest Joke to NFL football. They should stop pointing the fingers at Richie, and start taking some blame themselves for a matter that doesnt even exist. Thats the dolphins for you…

  5. pabuwal says:

    Incognito was suspended because of the voice mails he left and those clearly crossed the line.

  6. Southendzone says:

    Ok fine Radeon, but where in the initiation process does leaving voice mails with racial slurs come in?

    If the transcript of that VM as reported by espn is true, you’re looking at behavior that would lead to instant termination for workplace harassment in basically any job in the USA.

    Just try to imagine this in your workplace, say you’re Caucasian and have an African American co-worker. You call their phone and leave them a message calling them a racial slur. You think this kind of person is even employable in the year 2013?

    That quote above just sounds like sour grapes from a disgruntled employee. Maybe he does have a great argument against the Dolphins from a personal perspective but none of that broken foot broken back stuff means a thing with respect to the Martin incident.

  7. rramstad says:

    Not to mention that if that source is real, in the above post, they are a freaking idiot, as they’ve left enough identifiable details in the post that someone with good knowledge of the team could figure out who it is…

  8. Southendzone says:

    Ya Ramstad, in fact anyone with 20 or 30 minutes to spare could probably google the solution to who is that person.

  9. I love Nebraska Football and try to make a home game most years (I live much closer to there than Seattle). I even attended the university due to my passion for Nebraska football and still have friends in Lincoln who have a better pulse of the team that most national people do (in addition to my own following of the program – which, sadly, is becoming a joke these days and stinks b/c of it). With that being said, aside from Lawrence Phillips, there aren’t many people who are frowned upon as human beings as much as this clown. He was a moron in college and he’s continued to be a moron – or so it seems.

  10. C M.Pouncey is MIA’s best OLer, LG R.Incognito is their 2nd best performing OLer. MIA’s LT J.Martin is having a terrible season. If you look at just the OL’s contribution to win percentage added MIA is in bad shape, 2nd to last (31st). For comparison, you can see that SEA ranks 27th. Tannehill has already been sacked 35 times and hit 53, so losing Incognito might improve Martin’s (2nd rd pick in ’12) performance, but will end up weakening MIA’s left side, overall. Too bad for MIA fans. Ho-hum…

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