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News, notes and quotes: Seahawks prepping to be without Unger and Bryant this week

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 4, 2013 at 4:02 pm with 21 Comments »
November 4, 2013 4:02 pm

Pete Carroll said that center Max Unger and DE Red Bryant are going through concussion tests. The team won’t have an answer on their availability until Thursday or Friday, so they will prepare as if those two are out this weekend in Atlanta.

Other quick hits from Carroll:

> In the video above, he talks about the run defense.

> Carroll said he thought part of the problem for the run defense was it trying to strip the ball too much, but, when he went back and looked, he concluded that was an incorrect assessment. He again said fits were part of the problem.

> Carroll pointed out that three weeks ago, against Arizona, the Seahawks gave up 30 yards rushing. “Then we jumped off the cliff here,” he said.

> He again pointed to Golden Tate’s punt return as a turning point. “I think after the punt return, we were alive.”

> Carroll said the offensive line was much better. “We just executed much better.”

> Percy Harvin is still day-to-day. Sounded like he won’t play this week.

> Carroll said Russell Wilson is all right and will practice this week with his normal reps.

> Carroll said he tries to give certain players freedom, like he did with Troy Polamalu, to accentuate their gifts. This was in response to being asked about Golden Tate fielding the ball at the 4-yard line on his punt return. He’s moved to a point with Tate that the reward outweighs the risk, though he said Tate still does some “knucklehead” things.

> Breno Giacomini and Russell Okung are still on schedule to practice Wednesday. Carroll said it’s “not likely” Giacomini will be ready this week. Again, Okung can’t come back until Nov. 17.

> Carroll said they don’t allow hazing in the lockerroom. He’s felt that there were no problems for them with that topic and has asked around to be sure.

> He said the receivers were “a little shaky” early in their first week without Sidney Rice.

> He’s waiting for a response from the league on the Earl Thomas pass interference call. Carroll still feels Thomas played it “perfectly” and is unsure what the issue was. As far as the defensive backs playing physical and the referees being aware of that, Carroll said, “I think there is something that comes with reputation.”

> Carroll called the team a “work in progress.” He was asked if that’s a good or bad thing when they are 8-1 and said he thought it is “wonderful.”

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  1. I think the OL improvement had more to do with going against crappy players than good ones with respect to Tampa not being nearly as good on its DL as the Rams were last week.

  2. TallyHawk says:

    It’s not hard to be better than the ram game since they were so bad that game. They had nowhere to go but up. The shots RW took this game were as bad as they’ve been all season. Something has to change he can’t keep getting hit like that in the pocket.

  3. TallyHawk says:

    Also why did Bailey get snaps? I know it was only 4 but why now? The o line play has been horrible since okung and breno went down. I’m just confused as to why when they will be back after this next game did they finally give him some play.

  4. HawkyHann says:

    Is Robery Gallery available?

  5. lol HawkyHann, not sure if you’re serious, but that’s a good idea in theory. He retired last year after New England pretty much leaned on him. Dude was about as washed up as you could get.

    As bad as the offensive line situation is, it wouldn’t hurt to kick a few tires on a few remaining free agents. Sean Locklear and Jared Gaither are two serviceable tackles, and are definitely upgrades over what is there now.

    I think the Falcons game is going to wind up being a disaster with this O-Line. Sure, they’re ranked pretty poorly in rushing, but their starter was also out with an injury. I really hope they can slow down steven jackson.

    I know Sherman and R. White are gonna be pumped up for this game.

  6. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I posted this on a thread from yesterday before realizing another six or seven threads had started. This was to add to a discussion if Earl was one of the best if not the best or if he was even in the top five. My opinion, he is the best and our D would be toast without him.

    Check NFL net, ESPN. They are all saying ET is having his best season and is the best FS in the league. Yes, he overran several plays yesterday, but has been a huge factor in the amount of turnovers and wins we have this year. His tackling has improved from years past and his picks are up. Outside of Russell Wilson, Earl is the one player we can’t afford to lose if there are to be any serious deep playoff run opportunities.

    The two TD’s were aided by the weak pass rush and the QB scrambling around for extra time making plays, ala Russell Wilson. Our D made a rookie QB look like the second coming of Wilson. Nobody is talking about the invisible man, Bruce Irvin. Did he even make one tackle yesterday? He had a huge game against the Rams and was strangely absent yesterday. I think the Buc’s coaching staff schemed him out to keep him from being a factor.

  7. jboard1 says:

    Boy, these injuries are worry some. Someone please tell me everything will be ok

  8. Mo–Good links.

    I still don’t believe ET is consistent enough to be All-Pro. He’s been burned for too many TD’s and his tackling is often poor. He made such a pathetic attempt to tackle in this game, at one point he tried to hit a guy–making no attempt to even try to wrap him up–and fell down almost in a fetal position. It was one of the worst plays I’ve seen from a FS.

    As I said, he’s played three terrible games out of nine, and to me his awful tackling, his overrunning of plays, and his inconsistency in coverage drop him below Weddle and Berry and others, despite his amazing speed, range, and skill.

    A Pro Biwler for sure, but not the best. Still, he has that potential.

    I also don’t believe the talking heads calling him the best have watched every snap he’s played this year, as I have. He makes plays no one else could, but he also makes mistakes too.

    Not bagging on him, just tired of the homerism rampant here. Him and Tate are the first guys I ever REALLY wanted us to draft out of college that ended up Seahawks, and I love the both of them.

  9. pabuwal says:

    Speaking of injuries, Rodgers out and Wallace in at QB.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Your homerism stuff is getting old. You seem to not be able to see the whole picture for some reason.
    Perhaps you are just wired like RADEoN.

    Good thing you are not a Giants fan. We would never know that they won two Super Bowls recently if we trusted you as a Giants fan.

  11. No way I would take Berry or Weddle over ET. ET has also been voted All Pro so there’s no way that can be taken away from him.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sept- 2012-


    “Danielle shut up, you called me an idiot for saying wilson should sit. get the hell off this page.”

    You say you don’t know who Danielle is? You knew back in Sept 2012.

    Typical RADEoN. Can’t even recall his posting.

    Do you want me to show you some more?

  13. So… who is the direct backup to Red Bryant?
    I was really hoping we’d draft a guy who could fill his role, since our run defense seems so dependent upon Red being healthy. And let’s face it, expecting him to be healthy for an entire season is foolish.
    If we’re going to run this 3/4 – 4/3 hybrid defense, that requires a stabilizing run defender at end, we need to have someone on the roster who can fill in effectively when Red suffers his inevitable injury.

    This was a concern going into the season, as was a backup for Okung.
    Both these positions were basically ignored… unless they had plans for Jessie Williams being Red’s backup.

  14. Screensmoke says:

    I think sttbm is pretty accurate on earl grade- pro bowler yes -all pro – possible – but like he said he does have some bad games-accept for that interception that was called back he was definately sub par yesterday- he is definately a bad ass! And MO is right our team would be in a world of trouble if he went down and I think he will be all pro very soon as long as he stays healthy. I sometimes wonder how long he will hold up being so small- hopefully for many years. I think he may have as much HEART as anyone who has put on hawk uniform when it is all said and done.

  15. Screensmoke says:

    Bobby k- my bad didn’t know he allready recieved all pro.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- I accidentally hit the Flag comment on Flea Flicker. I just got a new phone and was scrolling down on the comments and I some how hit Flag comment on Flea Flicker.

    Lol. Just disregard it Todd.

  17. raymaines says:

    Some of you guys are funny.

    No, everything is NOT okay just because the ‘Hawks are 8-1 but really guys, relax and enjoy the ride. None of us are going to be fired if the ‘Hawks lose a game and I worry that some of us are a little over invested in all of this. I don’t want to see any of us in a video like that goofy Cowboy fan after last years game.

    We all agree the O-Line needs help, injuries are mounting, and ET isn’t perfect but the ‘Hawks are 8-1 with a 1.5 game lead over SF & NO, with seven games to go and a soft schedule in front of them. Rejoice and enjoy the drama that is the NFL, the ultimate reality show.

  18. HawkyHann says:

    My biggest nightmare is having to see Tarvaris take the field. Please keep Russell healthy. Seeing Seneca Wallace goes to show how quickly things can change.

    Can we just pound the rock non-stop until our oline is average at pass protection?

  19. Georgia, are you literally retarded? Do you have no friends or family? I guess it makes sense that you don’t, considering you have time to dig through year old posts in an effort to try to own me. No wonder you come on here looking for sympathy.

    I’m just being realistic. The hawks are a very flawed team right now, and if they play like they did the last three weeks against the tougher teams in the league, they will rapidly accrue losses.

    I understand your homerism, and I embrace your excitement, the record shows a powerful team on the highway to the first seed in the nfc. That being said, it’s still mathematically possible for this team to go 8-8, and with the injuries mounting, it’s not out of the question for them to lose some games. I have ATL, SF, NYG and NO circled. Very worried about those four games. Missing Unger only makes it worse.

    Trust me, I hope they finish 18-1. That being said, if they don’t get some consistency on both lines, this season will not end as we all hoped.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Actually RADEoN I got lucky and found your post the first place I looked. Took all but 10 seconds.

    BTW- With regards to you, (from here on out) I am going to try real hard to take George Bernard Shaw’s advice-

    “Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it”

    However there are no guarantees after happy hour.

  21. Georgia, in the immortal words of Bobbyk, “why are you such a Dick?!”.

    Typical alcoholic, you’ve managed to alienate folks like me who used to enjoy discussing Seahawks with you.

    Guys, ET is not playing at an All-Pro level THIS year, which is what I’m talking about. He fits our D, and I don’t think I’d trade him either; I just feel he isn’t playing quite as well as many here are saying, that’s all. Y’all are acting like I pooped on your rug because I said ET had 3 poor games…talk about overreaction…

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