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Morning links: This is the new normal

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 4, 2013 at 5:40 am with 72 Comments »
November 4, 2013 12:41 am

Good morning.

Another had-it-all-the-way special for the Seahawks.

Let’s start with three takeaways from Sunday, then the links.

1. Run defense is a problem. The Seahawks had dipped to the middle of the pack in the NFL in rushing yards allowed coming into Sunday. After another opponent ran for more than 200 yards, Seattle dipped to 19th in the league in rushing yards allowed.

After having fit and identification problems Monday against the Rams, the Seahawks had tackling problems Sunday against the Bucs. I’ll give Mike James, who was running hard, some credit in addition to detracting from the Seahawks. Still, it needs to be fixed. Monday night Red Bryant admitted the Rams kicked their butt in the run game. Sunday, he didn’t want to talk about it much, which is rare for the affable big man.

“Right now, we’re in a little bit of a funk in the running game,” Pete Carroll said. “We’re not tackling very well. We’re trying to take the ball away so much that we’re not tackling very well. Until we fix that, we’re going to continue to struggle. It’s real obvious to me, what the difference is. We’re kind of going for too much, and trying a little bit too hard, and I think we can fix that. We’ll see if we can get it done. I didn’t notice it as much last week, but I think that’s really what’s going on. There’s a lot of yards after first contact by the running backs, so we need to do much better there.”

2. Despite getting pulverized (again), Russell Wilson manned up Sunday (again). It’s easy to point out sack totals and other offensive issues, but what we don’t have a tally on are all of the aches and pains Wilson must have at this point. He took a beating Sunday after taking a seven-sack thumping Monday.

“I feel good,” Wilson said. “I got hit a few times, obviously.  I got hit pretty good a couple times here and there. You just get back up and keep playing. That’s the thing. I try to be as tough as I can be, just to help our football team win.  We made some plays today, which was awesome.”

3. It’s hard to foresee the Seahawks continuing to get away with this. Seattle was minus-3 in turnovers Sunday and needed a franchise record rally to beat a winless team. They haven’t played a clean game since the Week 3 blowout of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Do these rallies prove the Seahawks are resilient, as they keep claiming? Of course. Do they show some warts? Absolutely. As Richard Sherman said afterward, “A win is a win, is a win, is a win.” Since Week 3, the Seahawks have played one team with an above .500 record, the Colts, and lost. The other five teams are a combined 13-28.

Links to our stuff:
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> Golden Tate made another big play Sunday, this time on the punt return.

> Doug Baldwin steps to become a go-to guy and has a big day.

> Former Huskies Mason Foster and Daniel Te’o-Nesheim were disappointed following the loss.

Other links:

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> 710 ESPN Seattle writes about Wilson surviving “troubling trends.”

> USA Today looks at the Bucs’ jump pass for a touchdown.

> Also from USA Today has this game story.

> The view from Tampa.

> More from Tampa, this time on dealing with Russell Wilson, where DT Gerald McCoy says, “Dude is 5-6. It’s not fair.”

> on the Seahawks’ comeback.

> The Saints were “sloppy” and lost to the Jets in New York, leaving the Seahawks at least 1.5 games up on everyone in the NFC.

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  1. pabuwal says:

    The Seahawks certainly haven’t looked as dominant in these first 9 games as they did in the second half of last year. The problems are on both sides of the ball. These is time to fix that of course. Maybe it started with the second half of yesterday’s game.

    But if they don’t, I doubt they will be seeing the likes of Chad Henne, Matt Schaub, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Carson Palmer, Kellen Clemens and Mike Glennon in the Playoffs to bail them out.

  2. Southendzone says:

    Just did a quick re-watch on the NFL game rewind after going to the game yesterday.

    Biggest thing I noticed is that in this game, Mike Rob was having a big impact as lead blocker for Marshawn. You can see this most obviously in the OT drive, but there are others too.

    This run game just looks like last year if you watch it, and that’s the foundation for Hawk’s offense. Once it gets going with 2 or 3 plays of 7, 11, 13 yards, all that other stuff gets opened up for the team.

    There was talk that M.Rob wasn’t going to have that big of an impact, I challenge anyone to watch the run plays he was in on and say his presence isn’t making a huge contribution to the team.

  3. edstang45 says:

    Better get out of this “Funk” by dec 2nd. Better get this O-Line thing fixed, can we count on Okung to stay healthy for the remainder of year once he gets back..RW shows he’s tough every game but yesterday he was pounded!! After a few really hard hits I was amazed he wasn’t injured, this can’t continue. Our pressure has to be more consistant were making ave QBs look great. And why do we continue to go away from the beast on the goal line after “Beast” mode carried us down the field. 1st and goal at the 3 should be ML’s play. No need to try to trick the D just pound it in for a SCORE. Bevell you forgot the mustard …go get it we got this….

  4. jbltzfk says:

    Maybe it was just my eyesight, but the Buc’s OL seemed to dwarf our DL, and their DL ditto our OL.

  5. pabuwal says:

    I don’t blame Bevell for Wilson’s INTs. A championship quarterback cannot throw two red zone interceptions. The offensive coordinator has to trust that he won’t.

    I’m hoping once the injured players on offense comes back, Wilson won’t have to feel so much pressure to carry the team and his turnovers will decline. But when he’s making plays and producing yardage, he’s also turning the ball over a lot.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I couldn’t say it any better then Terry Blount from ESPN-

    “The Seahawks are a little like the guy who jumps out of a plane and, just for fun, doesn’t pull the parachute until the last possible moment. It’s scary, but it sure is exciting.”

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree. You can’t blame Bevell for Wilsons INTs in this game. I can’t remember Wilson having any red zone INTs last year. At least not like this year.
    Also, although Wilson didn’t get sacked in this game he had a career high in QB drop back pressures at something like 55%. His average for the year is something like 39%.

  8. The_12TH_Hawk says:

    I will also support the notion of getting back to what we are. Force the emphasis on the run game early and as much throughout. Let the team feed off the attitude of lynch and give everyone the sense of Beast Mode. After re-watching the game from home I paid particular attention to the run game. Overall we were coming off the line on offense and Mike Rob was pancaking defensive lineman. However, our D line was get pushed around and swallowed up. I’d hate to say it, but we need to take a look at what San Fran had to do to rediscover themselves. Go Hawks!

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Maybe it was just my eyesight, but the Buc’s OL seemed to dwarf our DL, and their DL ditto our OL.”

    When you suck for so many years like the Bucs you can load up your line with high round draft picks. Much like the 49ers have.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yep, Just look how well the 49ers are playing since they got blown out twice and Gore was upset at the coach for not running more.

    I agree, we need to do the same.

  11. HeatherHawk says:

    I don’t know very much about play-calling, but I find myself yelling at Bevell for half the game. “BEVELL YOU IDIOT, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”

    Russell Wilson could throw 4 interceptions in a game and still be perfect in my eyes.

    That’s just the way it is.

  12. RDPoulsbo says:

    I suspect the run d it’s having problems more that the front 7 rotation is complete with Irvin in the mix. A lot of pass rushers and to few run stoppers in the game. In any case, that’s the biggest problem that needs solving. Pass protection is worse, but it’s not going to be fixed until injuries heal.

  13. Southendzone says:

    1st INT looked like Russell’s fault. He had some pressure, threw it about 3/4 side arm and was off target.

    2nd one was a garbage, stupid, horrible, ridiculous, asinine, egotistic, and just plain ****ed up play call by Bevell. Half the people in my section were calling for his head after that call. Totally wasted opportunity when our run game is clicking. Beast mode would have walked into the endzone untouched if they ran it.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Willingham was one of the worst College football coaches in history.

    “Kearse, Foster and Te’o-Nesheim are among six players from the Huskies’ winless 2008 team who have started in the NFL this season.”

  15. pabuwal says:

    Did Bevell have Jeff Tuel or Russell Wilson out there?

    If this team is going to win the Super Bowl, Bevell has to trust that Russell Wilson will play like Russell Wilson at the goal line and not Jeff Tuel.

    That being said, Wilson was tremendous on the last TD drive of regulation. That’s the Russell Wilson the team needs to be dominant.

  16. ChrisHolmes says:

    Does anyone think that the defensive running game problems yesterday could be due to the 1-day shorter week?

    Let me explain.

    Against the Rams on Monday night we sucked stopping the run because of missed assignments and guys not being disciplined in gap control (that’s my understanding anyway).

    Yesterday it looked simply like broken tackles. Our guys were there, they just missed tackles. And to me that seems like, at least in part, that could be due to fatigue and lack of recovery time.

    One day might not seem like much, but consider that before the Rams game Seattle had several days off thanks to the Thursday night game. Your body and muscles get used to recovering on a certain time frame. You shorten that by a day and it can make a difference.

    I’m not saying that had everything to do with it, but in the little bit I saw of the game (and the rest I listened to on the radio) it seemed like our guys just weren’t wrapping up well. The assignments were better, we just didn’t get it done. I think fatigue and lack of recovery could be a factor.

    As for Wilson – no QB, not even Peyton Manning, goes a career without red zone INT’s. He is human, no matter how much we wish he were perfect.

    I, for one, still love the kid. And I think his attitude – never believing they were out of it even when they were down by 21, and leading that TD drive at the end of each half, speaks volumes about his leadership and attitude. The kid’s awesome. I’m glad he’s ours.

  17. montanamike2 says:

    One thing for sure, RW is a comeback king, dude has the heart of a lion. We need to stop spotting teams a quick 14 points off the bat. That call where Earl had his interception taken away was total BS! Todd’s #1 is spot on, our run D sucks. I feel better that we got back to ourselves in the second half, hopefully as we get players back we get better on O. Right now we are playing poorly and still winning! I hope we are playing well at the end of the season because that’s when it counts the most.
    I can’t wait for Harvin to start returning the ball because Kearse is just plain scary, but not in a good way. Tate looked pissed and he stepped up. I wish we hung on to Stephan Williams.

  18. banosser says:

    A lot of the run defenses probs yesterday was terrible gap integrity by Wagner… either he ran himself out of the play (many times) and wasn’t there, or he couldn’t get off the block (many times)

  19. mquinn73 says:

    Todd – good article as always. You’re doing a super job. Keep it up!!

    Three valid points.

    The run defense is a systemic failure. Pete is wrong – it’s not down to individuals ‘trying too hard’… it’s down to the collective. Either the personnel set or the formation or the play calling, I don’t know, but something is clearly wrong. Mike James got his first 100yd game since high school… I honestly think that we need more effort on a consistent basdis from our big guys – specifically Bryant and Mebane.

    Offensive line – still a mess, with very few indications of any incremental improvements week-to-week. Bowie actually seems to have regressed from his earlier form. But he’s a 7th round pick so we’ll cut the guy some slack and hope that he can improve enough to take the starting position from Breno next season. Bailey did well enough, but to me he’s going to develop into a guard, not a tackle. Carpenter…. man, I do not want to call him a bust yet, but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck… Surely there are
    players not currently with a team that could come in and do a job for us?

    “It’s hard to foresee the Seahawks continuing to get away with this”…. true. I think we all know that this team has ridden their luck through the first 9 games of the season, albeit we’ve had a few injuries too. It could so easily be 5-4 rather than 8-1, so for that we’re thankful. But it’s not inconceivable to see us finish 4-3 from here on out – and 12-4 probably doesn’t get home field advantage.

  20. mquinn73 says:

    Regarding the play-call on our second last drive in regulation where Wilson threw his 2nd interception at the Tampa 3yd line…. who do we blame for that?

    Should Bevell have called a run play rather than an option? Was the play the right call, but RW took the wrong option (i.e. passed rather than hand-off)?

    If they’re in the same situation again, what do Bevell & Wilson do differently (apart from the interception, of course)?

  21. thursday says:

    Agree that missed tackles was the culprit in the run game yesterday. We were making the joke in my section that they were afraid of getting MRSA or something. Other thing is that pi call on Thomas taking away his interception was garbage. I really think if that hadn’t happened, the game would have gone a different way early.

    I do think that when you have a record like this, you have a target and other teams, no matter how bad via their own records, are going to get up to play you.

  22. montanamike2 says:

    Everybody brings their “A” game against us.

  23. The problem is, we don’t bring our “A” game against anybody – ever.

  24. I am, and always will be, a devoted Seahawk fan.

    But I do not feel confident in this team.

    They are unpredictable and play bad football more often than good football.

  25. montanamike2 says:

    Last years team inspired more confidence.

  26. davidste says:

    I am confident in the team and am relatively unconcerned about the struggles against “lesser” teams. Here’s why. The only statistic that counts is wins and losses, everything else is simply for analysts (pro or amateur) and gamblers. I have only been in Seattle since 1996 and I’ve seen two statistically dominant teams on championship runs fall flat in the postseason and go home empty. The 2001 Mariners and the 2005 Seahawks. I therefore LOVE the fact that this team is playing poorly, getting horrible calls from the refs, struggling with injuries, having the best players make shockingly bad plays, having hormonal coaches manage the clock poorly, etc. etc. and have found a way to win in each case. It is that experience, that heart, that attitude which we need and have been lacking in other teams in other runs.

  27. HawkfaninMT says:

    I felt like the OL played better, and if blame needed to be placed on any one position group it would be the DL.

    That being said,, can someone enlighten me on the different OL combinations played yesterday, and what one everyone felt performed best? I notice Unger out, and Bowie get hurt and sit out for a time… When did bailey play and what position?


  28. Beast mode would have walked into the endzone untouched if they ran it.. Go re-watch the play!!! totally not true

  29. “As for Wilson – no QB, not even Peyton Manning, goes a career without red zone INT’s. He is human, no matter how much we wish he were perfect.

    I, for one, still love the kid. And I think his attitude – never believing they were out of it even when they were down by 21, and leading that TD drive at the end of each half, speaks volumes about his leadership and attitude. The kid’s awesome. I’m glad he’s ours.”

    Right, I think we all feel that way. Re the 2 picks yesterday – I think the first one was kind of a bad one, bad throw, behind the receiver. The 2nd one was a mistake, but of the kind that, as you note, happens to every QB. And it was a helluva play by the DB.

    And you could see that once we got the run game back, the offense really found a rhythm that had been missing for weeks. We’re not built for success on offense right now w/out getting something from the run game.

  30. chuck_easton says:

    Wash, rinse, repeat…

    Can the team make it through two more supposedely bad teams in November? Will the odds finally catch up to them?

    Can the issues be worked out before the schedule gets harder in December?

    Will the team be in the playoffs? Will it matter with their current performance even if they do make it? Is this a 13-3 or a 10-6 team?

    Stay tuned for more exiting and heartstopping episodes of…


    (filmed before a live, loud, and getting pretty pissed off audience)

  31. DreadHawks says:

    As frustrating as it is watching these games, these were games that in the past we lost. Now we are winning them. Hard to ignore 8-1 but dang guys, can we just put together a complete game? Does anyone besides me get the feeling that the Hawks are playing a bit of possum here? Playing vanilla football in order to lull other teams i.e. playoff teams into a false sense of dominance. I’m hearing all kinds of trash from friends who are 9er fans about how lucky we are and how they are gonna crush us in SF. To quote Russell Crowe in Gladiator, “on my word, unleash hell!” Hoping thats what Pete is gonna say. Go Hawks!!

  32. Maybe i’m a glass half-full guy, but I’m feeling alright about the team this morning. Felt like we finally got back to our identity on offense, in an adverse situation, and that we will build on that 2nd half up through our bye week. And then, finally, we get some key guys back.

    I think we already knew about our quarterback, but the whole team showed moxie and resilience in digging out of that 21 point hole. There were no drops in the 2nd half, and the defense dug in, when it had too. I believe TB had less than 100 total yds in the 2nd half.

    IMO, a win like this adds more confidence to the team going forward than a game like the blowout over the Jags – because it shows them that when there is no margin for error, and the pressure is on, that they can make it happen.

  33. thursday says:

    @davidste yes, mte. that’s also when i started following the Seahawks 97ish, but that aside, i have seen many statistically dominant teams slay during the regular season and then choke in the postseason simply because they can’t seem to win when things get tough.

    just look at the 05 super bowl team for example. horrible ref calls sunk them in the big game. does anyone really think that this team would let that happen?

  34. one other point – as we all know – almost no team stays on fire for 16 games. The key is to be good enough all year to ensure playoff position (and of course HFA if you can), and then be playing your best all-around ball at the end of the season. I still think we can get to the path, and even if these wins are close, we are still in the pole position for HFA all the way through.

  35. Southendzone says:

    Hey Chris Holmes, go re-watch the game on rewind, I know you said you bought that package a few weeks back. That RB of Tampa Bay wasn’t breaking tackles, he was running through pretty sizable open lanes on the inside. Time and time again.

    It feels like something is going wrong schematically or our guys are getting manhandled. That’s the kind of blocking SF uses to destroy people, we need to figure it out quick.

  36. pabuwal says:

    I’m not concerned about the OL at this point. I’m concerned about this run defense. It would be terrible to finish 13-3 or 14-2 and have to travel to Dallas in the Wild Card game, all because they let Gore run wild on 12/8. Kaepernick is not beating this Defense if Gore is held in check.

    The Sunday NFC Wild Card Game is the early game this year. If they play Dallas I would think that would be on Saturday Night but if it’s another team (ie Eagles), I would think it would be the Sunday early game.

  37. seatowntp says:

    I realize that I am going to catch flack for this post, but I believe that some of the Seahawks poor play is attributable to Pete Carroll’s ideology. His posit that games are won in the fourth quarter appears to be reflected both in the Seahawks sense of urgency and in their overall performance. I wonder if he instilled the belief that games are won in the first quarter, if the Hawks would perform more impressively throughout the entire contest?

  38. doubledink says:

    That play that RW threw his 2nd interception on was designed for a 6′-4″ Sidney Rice, not a 5′-11″ Doug Baldwin. You give 5″ plus jump ability and RW mentally adjusted his throw a little lower and the safety was able to go up and get it. Everyone in the world was reading Lynch for that play so Bevel tried to be less predictable. Not that I agree with it. At that point I think they needed to impose their will on them. That almost broke our back.

  39. “Kaepernick is not beating this Defense if Gore is held in check.”

    Yeah, I agree with that. Very hard to stop any decent offense when you can’t consistently stop the run.

  40. chuck_easton says:

    I know he isn’t exactly popular around here, but I do agree with Peter King’s Fine Fifteen today.

    1. KC (9-0)
    2. Colts (6-2)
    3. SF (6-2)
    4. Denver (7-1)
    5. NE (7-2)
    6. Seattle (8-1)

    Sure Seattle is ahead of the 49rs in the standings. But based on how each of these teams are playing RIGHT NOW I think Seattle would be hard pressed to beat any of the five ranked above them and would struggle with the two ranked right after them 7. GB (5-2), 8. Saints (6-2).

    IF Seattle is playing at their talent level I think they can beat NO and SF. If they choose to continue playing at the level of the past two weeks, maybe not so much.

    Seattle is an enigma right now. Sure they are 8-1 and lead the NFC by 1.5 games. But is this a team, right now, that you would be confident in picking to go all the way? Right now, and I am almost throwing up typing this, I would say SF is the team to beat in the NFC.

  41. baggenstos says:

    Couple things: 1) The OL needs to get healthy (we will not beat good teams in this state) 2) The defense is trying too hard, just tackle the guy and get the punt (I don’t think they trust the offense to score)

    But most importantly, and I wonder if others agree, this team does not seem to be having fun anymore. At the begining of the season I loved watching them make a hit and get excited. It was obvious that they loved being on the field and I am not so sure they have felt that way during the last few games. Maybe it is the presure of winning (and needing to continue) or the presure of bad press when they do/say something immature or injuries or something else but it is sad to see because I felt our enthusiasm was one of the things that set us apart and it is lacking right now.

    Pete – make the game fun for them again!

  42. doubledink says:

    I am a lot more content this week than i was last Tues. Throughout the course of the season all teams will have their ups and downs. This team is still finding a way to win their down games. I’ll take it. They will get healthy and get this fixed.

  43. pabuwal says:

    King’s Top 5 is Ridiculously STUPID. How can he put the Chiefs as number 1 after that performance against Jeff Tuel & Company. They lose that game badly if Thad Lewis (who?) started. And that’s not even considering the other backup QBs they have just squeaked by.

    Instead he applies a ridiculous double standard to ranking the Chiefs and Seahawks. How do you explain that one Chuck?

  44. MEhawkfan says:

    Southendzone in the second post pointed out the positive role Mike Rob had yesterday, and I agree. He blocked well for Lynch. On one play in particular that went around the left side, I saw him cut a defender about five yards into the run, which allowed Lynch to sprint past him for another five or six.

    It does seem Wagner had some problems. More than a few times, I saw him eaten up by linemen and unable to get off blocks. He also appeared to have trouble against the pass. He made the tackles but not before a positive gain. Along with run defense, Seattle seems to be struggling a little with the short passing game over the middle.

  45. MEhawkfan says:

    My thoughts exactly, pabuwal. But disrespect is a good thing for motivation, right?

  46. chuck_easton says:


    I feel they CAN get this fixed. I’m not willing to say that they WILL get this fixed.

    The next five weeks (four weeks of games and the bye) pretty much make or break the season. Does this team figure out how to throttle the next two teams that are a combined 3-13 or do they struggle like they did against the last two teams that have a combined record of 3-14?

    Can they get back to playing at a high level in time for December 2nd? Will they be ready for the trip to SF the following Sunday on a short week?

    The remaining games after SF are really inconsequential (NYG, Rams and Cards at home). If Seattle comes out of the next four games with a 8-5, 9-4, or 10-3 those last three games get them into the playoffs but there will be no home games.

    It’s looking like the late bye is both a blessing and a curse. The team gets that rest just before the big push. But it is apparent the tanks are empty right now.

  47. Southendzone says:

    Totally agree Chuck, hate to say it, but SF is the cream of that crop above. They should be the NFC favorite to get to the Superbowl as things stand right now.

    As far as the rest of that list, I think we could beat KC and IND, maybe NE, and lose to DEN & SF (on a neutral field).

    In CLINK we would beat them all except DEN, I think Manning could handle the noise. We already know that in our stadium, Kapernick curls into the fetal position and gets a dozen delay of game penalties.

  48. I have much more confidence in the Hawks at this point in the season than I did last year at this time.

    I have full confidence that they will correct their schemes on defense. They have done a good job of doing so in the second half of games and have shown the ability to do so in the past. There are no physical issues on defense – just technique.

    I believe some of the play calling is to make sure that opposing defenses have different looks for similar down/distances to scout/prepare for throughout the season. We can’t always run Lunch inside the 5 yard line.

    EVERY team has their concerns/issues. New Orleans just lost to the Jets and still have to play Carolina twice, SF and SEA. SF has to play Carolina then NO and the Redskins on the road. KC has played 5 straight QB’s who were projected to be backups in training camp. We are 8-1 and still on track to secure HFA where we only have to win TWO games to reach the SB. We are playing OK, not great. Finally, we have a team that we KNOW can win any game at home or away if we play our best. Let’s enjoy the ride. Go Hawks.

  49. chuck_easton says:


    KC is the only undefeated team. That puts them automatically at the top.

    They still play Denver 2x, San Diego and a couple of other very good teams. Either they fall, or they prove they belong.

    I agree with you that I don’t think KC is the best team in the NFL right now. If it were my rankings I’d have

    1. Indy
    2. Broncos
    3. SF
    4. Seattle
    5. KC
    6. NE
    7. GB
    8. NO

    But I still have Indy, the Broncos and SF all playing better ball than Seattle right now.

  50. MEhawkfan says:

    The Hawks were able to overcome: 1) A ridiculous PI call on Thomas that should have been an INT; 2) Two interceptions in the red zone that likely would have been daggers to the heart of a lot of teams; 3) A fumble by Kearse on the kickoff that virtually assure TB 7 points.

    Just one of these might have broken the will of a lesser team. There’s certainly more power in this team than any of this week’s rankings will reflect.

  51. From Condotta:

    —- There were 63 offensive snaps — 23 more than last week — and 69 on defense.

    — J.R. Sweezy and Kam Chancellor again played every snap, and remain the two Seahawk players who have played every snap this season.

    — The WR snaps make it clear the team’s predominant offensive formation had three wide receivers.

    — Malcolm Smith played 22 special teams snaps but didn’t play on defense after having been a starter for much of the season but losing his job to Bruce Irvin, and then when Bobby Wagner came back healthy.

    — Alvin Bailey’s four snaps were his first since the Jacksonville game.

  52. So next week, the Seahawks face the “non-elite” Matt Ryan (who looks like a stiff without his 2 stud WRs), a team with no running game and a RB who has not run for 100 yards in 15 previous tries sgainst the Seahawks.

    If Steven Jackson goes crazy next week, then there definitely is a problem that can not be solved.

  53. chuck_easton says:

    I agree. What we saw in the play of the team 2nd half yesterday was increadibly encouraging. A lesser team would have just said “hey, it’s not our day” and gone through the motions. This team kept fighting.

    As witnessed by TB having 300 total yards in the first half but finishing with only 350 total yards. While Seattle only had 100 total yards in the 1st half and finished with 400 total yards. 2nd half the defense held TB to 50 yards and Seattle racked up 300.

    If Kearse had held on to the ball on the kickoff and Thomas wasn’t called for phantom PI I think Seattle would have gone into half time either tied 7-7 or possibly ahead 10-7.

    The officiating crew yesterday made it clear they were not going to tolerate Seattle’s usual physical style of play by the DB’s and they called it that way. The good news is they also called it tight on TB, but Seattle’s DB’s have to play that physical style or they get beat.

  54. djbargelt says:

    Just win (ugly) baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. davidste says:

    “The next five weeks (four weeks of games and the bye) pretty much make or break the season”

    I disagree. There is simply to much precedent that teams come to championships from very diverse circumstances. Seattle could swoon and lose three of the next four to go 8-4 and end up 10-6 or 11-5. They could still go on a run- we know they can win on the road, we know they can come back. We know that RW or RS or ET or ML can make a spectacular play at the right time and win. Jeff Hoestetler has a superbowl. The 16-0 Patriots lost to Eli Manning and a hot, previously mediocre team. It is neither reasonable nor logical to state that this or that scenario is the only way.

  56. FleaFlicker says:

    I’ll second that, MEhawkfan.

    Good teams can win ugly. We didn’t have to play perfect football to come out with the W yesterday. January is a different story; but for now, every win counts and Okung, Giac, and Harvin are getting closer to real game action.

    Based on last few years, we seem to really hit our stride about this time in the season. Keep the faith….

  57. chuck_easton says:

    Is this opposite day? Usually by this time Pabs is calling me out for being too negative!

    There is still a lot of work to do, but I’m more optimistic after the 2nd half yesterday. The first half seemed like Seattle still thought they were in St. Louis playing the Rams. 3 halfs of garbage but that last half shows there is a potential for improvement.

  58. MEhawkfan says:

    Taking the Hawks out of their press game via PI calls is a worry. Although, the one on Thomas was a phantom call, I think it still impacted his game for awhile. I do think Browner struggles the most when the refs are calling it tight. Sherman and Thomas seem better able to roll with the tight calls. And Chancellor… just hit somebody once after the catch, and they’ll be hearing footsteps (and maybe bells) all day long.

  59. If I recall correctly, last year we were barely winning games, and then in the second half of the season we started blowing teams out. I’m not implying that that is going to happen this season, but just that prognosticating is a tough business. When you listen to guys that actually played or coached in the NFL (NOT you and me) when they talk about this team,(Mike Holmgren, Dave Wyman, Paul Moyer, Mack Strong) they all comment about how hard it is to win in the NFL and how remarkable being 8-1 is. No Holmgran coached Seahawk team was ever 8-1.

    We are at the beginning of a great run. It is okay to want it to be better. But holy cow, you gotta sit back and enjoy it. All this hand wringing and second guessing is getting old. Crack a cold one, put your feet up and take in the excitement and pleaseure that is Seahawks football in 2013. You could be a Jacksonville or Tampa Bay fan for gosh sakes!

  60. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m not as angry about the offense in this game as I was with the Rams game. There were some unfortunate plays, like the turnovers that can and must be fixed but they were able to move the ball even when they weren’t playing well. Tampa does not have a good pass rush, which saved the o-line from Sackapalooza like last week. Just need to get through 1 more week against a hapless Atlanta and hopefully things will be on track there.

    Run defense is indeed fixable, but nonetheless very concerning. They just let a backup RB run at will on them. That slowed the pass rush and let Glennon have more time than he should have had. If they’re going to fix the defense overall, it’s got to get back to stopping the run with the front 7. I think it’s all on the coaching staff to fix the rotation and that might make some players unhappy with less playing time. Irvin is once again good against the pass, but he’s still a liability against the run. Avril’s playing time might need to be scaled back as well and add more guys who can defend the run better. They should be able to hold Atlanta’s offense in check, but the real test with the run defense will be against Minnesota and their ability to contain Peterson. It might also just be players and coaches need the bye to get away from the game and get a much needed reset and come back fresh.

  61. I saw some one write earlier that last years team “inspired more confidence”. Is that really true. How did we feel about the team after they lost back to back road games in SF and Detroit, then won 2 home games against the mediocre Viking and Jets, and then went on the road and blew another game in Miami? I still had high hopes for that 6-5 team but I’m not sure confident described at all how I felt about them.

  62. Curious to see the latest Seahawk injury reports as players get checked out.

  63. WiscCory says:

    I’m taking a new approach this week, becuase otherwise I find myself missing the joy of this special season.

    The Seahawks are 8-1. Rock On. And, there’s only 1 team with a better record.

    I’m not gonna bitch about the o-line, run D, missed tackles, etc. There isn’t a perfect team in the NFL. I do want to see Seattle winning 51-0 each week, but that just won’t ever happen.

    So, cheer’s to the 8-1 Seahawks. Let’s take one game at a time and do whatever it takes to win.

  64. Heard an interview with Joe Nash and Jacob Green where they thought that rotating all the Defensive Lineman as often as they do kind of disrupts the flow of the game. I can kind of see there point. They played the entire game. Maybe that is why the run defense has suffered so much. We have too many guys playing too few snaps.

  65. trout_hound says:

    A few thoughts. I know I have a few more grey hairs after that game. I kept up hope, because I’d seen them come back from that before though, which is different than past years as a Hawk fan. But damn it, its a lot more fun when they beat the living crap out of teams they should. Give the Bucs some credit, they played pretty damn good. That PI call on Earl was crap. Yeah, his hand did give the WR’s jersey a tug, but seriously? I think we can pin a lot of our run D problem on the linebackers. Wagner did a lot of gambling and crashing a gap rather than reading and reacting. Team needs to rest up, have some good practices, get a few bodies healed up, and come out ready to avenge our playoff loss last year with a statement win.

  66. montanamike2 says:

    trout_hound i noticed Wagner isn’t the same after his injury as well.

  67. Do the rest of you get the block that says to login / register & pay every time you try to read a TNT article from the links here?

  68. I can’t see blaming Bevell for calling that play in the red zone that resulted in a pick; Baldwin was wide open, Wilson just threw a terrible pass. He thre off his back foot, a wounded duck, when a rifle shot was needed. Plus, the TB player made a great play.

    I’m sure Bevell was gonna call Lynch at least once down there, probably the next play. And the one after that, if he didn’t score.

    The line is still our biggest problem. And remember, even before Okung and Giac went out this line was playing far below avg, so they aren’t a magic cure. Still, any improvement is welcome, so I can’t wait to get them back.

    Jean-Pierre played well for Unger. The rest of the line played better than last week, but face facts; this line is still awful.

    The Dline problems may indeed be schematic, at least in part. But to my eyes, our guys just got manhandled–they got their butts kicked every play. We need some beef there, and we better get a real stud DT next year…

    Doug Baldwin is money, no matter where he lines up. What a great player! Tate is a fine player as well.

    And guys, Rice is only 6′-2″ NOT 6′-4″!

  69. Mike Robinsonreally made a difference in the game. He did a great job blocking. I expect more plays with him onfield each week. Bevell needs to use him as a pass pro guy and as a receiver out of the backfield some too, in order to prevent teams frOm keying on him thinking run.

  70. The_12TH_Hawk says:

    Good read about Richard Sherman’s value vs other top tier CBs.

  71. jawpeace says:

    My one disappointment with Bevel was not the throw on first down at the goal line, but the lack of any trick plays this year. NOT ONE I can remember. Last year we had several and they produced nice plays. This year nada. Give the opposing Defense something extra to think about. Maybe Bevel is waiting for Harvin to get back before doing some trickery. But the lack of trick plays is a sad trick. I kind of remember the early years of the Hawks coach Patera(SP?) had the Hawks running something crazy once a week. It was pretty entertaining not knowing when that was going to be unleashed.

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