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Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 4, 2013 at 11:22 am with 13 Comments »
November 4, 2013 11:22 am

Not many surprises here. Pete Carroll mentions Breno Giacomini and Russell Okung will work this week. Percy Harvin is still day-to-day. Carroll is still irritated with the run defense.

Reminder: We will be chatting at 2 p.m. today (maybe even 1:45, traffic pending).

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  1. Carroll also said that OT Russell Okung “will get some work today” but reminded again that Okung cannot return until the Nov. 17 game against Minnesota, so the task this week is to simply continue on the process of getting him ready to return then.

    He said OT Breno Giacomini will also “get some work today” and that they will “take advantage of this day” to see exactly where Okung and Giacomini are. But he also said that Giacomini will likely need at least a week or two of full practice before playing in a game and that “it will likely be a couple more weeks before we can get that done” to get him back on the field.

    And he said of WR Percy Harvin that Harvin will “run really hard” today and then they will assess where he is, saying that he remains “day-to-day-to-day.”

  2. Doesn’t Harvin have to be moved to the 53 man roster this week though?

  3. chuck_easton says:


    The team has 21 days from the first day Harvin practices to either move him to the 53 man roster or shut him down for the season.

    Harvin’s first practice was Monday October 21. The team must activate Harvin on Tuesday the 12th or IR him.

    Even if the team moves Harvin to the 53 man roster on the 12th they could still choose to have him inactive on gameday so they could choose not to play him against the Vikings on the 17th and give Harvin until after the bye week to get ready.

    My guess is he won’t be activated this week and will miss the Atl game. He will be activated next week and will be inactive on the 17th.

    The first time we may see Harvin on the field is Monday the 2nd at home against the Saints.

  4. I believe he has one more week. If he is not ready they will place him on inactive each week until he’s ready

  5. SaigonSun says:

    Does anyone here think RW is intelligent enough to call the offensive plays? I know I am in total minority when calling for Bevell’ s dismissal but,I firmly believe we will be much better team without him.
    The best thing for us was Bradley taking the job in Jax. Now, it’s Bevell’s turn to leave; also,Cable needs to be demoted too.

  6. rramstad says:

    Saigon, on the one hand, the suggestion is patently ridiculous… the offensive coaches have people with computers, images of the defense, all the tape on the opponent, analysis, and so on… reams and reams of information, some of it real time, that they use when determining what play to call in particular situations.

    Conversely, it’s quite common in some college offenses, and even specific NFL offenses (like Payton’s offense) for the offensive coordinator to provide a play concept — which often has two or three different parts — and the quarterback in the huddle actually expresses all of these parts to the team, and then selects the one he wants to run at the line of scrimmage as an audible.

    This is an easy way to allow the QB to make some meaningful contributions as they can see some things out there that others cannot, in particular, if the LB are set in a way that makes him think they are coming hard in run support at the snap, or if they are set passively as if they will be going out in coverage. The QB can also see if the defense has changed personnel in response to the down and distance or in response to offensive personnel changes.

    I would love to see them use RW in a slightly more sophisticated way especially in the red zone. He should be able to do some more audibles or have some more flexibility.

    Conversely, even on just the simple two read option plays in St Louis when RW kept the ball both times, there was disagreement from the coaching staff indicating that on at least one of them that the clearly correct read was to give Beast the ball… so I can see where they might not be all that eager to give RW more decision making.

  7. edstang45 says:

    I think it silly to be calling for the head of both coordinators. On a 8-1team if we lost the games and were 4-5then I’d understand it. ..but we found a way to win playing teams who were fired up to play us being there benchmark to have something to make there season not a total loss. But we did win. Thats the amazing thing. When have we ever been in this situation. …..chill and enjoy being 8-1baby

  8. chuck_easton says:

    Totally agree rramstad,

    Wilson is a great kid. He’s very intellegent. And he is always working to improve on his game and his mastery of the offense.

    But, he’s still only a 2nd year player.

    I think given time Wilson has that inate ability to be an on field coach in the style of Payton Manning.

    But, we are already beginning to see situations this year where Wilson is trying to do too much. The team was more successful last season when Wilson wasn’t put in the position of feeling like everything was on his shoulders.

  9. blueshq says:

    Do the rest of you get the block that says to login / register & pay every time you try to read a TNT article from the links here?

  10. doubledink says:

    This team last year had by this time lost some very winnable games by failing to close them out. At times they looked lost on offense as well. Then they got hot for the last stretch. I think they will get this thing fixed and start smoking some teams soon.

    just think, after this week we only have 2 more road games. Sweet.

  11. HawkfaninMT says:

    It was about this time last year that I was calling for Bevel’s head… I am happy to report that at the end of the year I admitted that I was wrong. I will not be the poster calling for the ousting of any coaches midseason this year.

  12. Bevell occasionally falls back into conservatism, and his redzone offense needs improvement, but he’s moving the ball despite an o-line that is simply atrocious, so I give him credit.

    We can’t really judge him or his system until the line is at least avg. I have been his loudest critic, but I don’t want him to leave. Now, if Cable goes I won’t cry..

  13. raymaines says:

    Johnny Unitas was one of the best QB’s that ever played, super intelligent, and he essentially invented, or created, the Two Minute Drill. He was one of only two men who I’ve ever had any sort of a hero complex about, but even if he were alive and in his prime today he wouldn’t be calling his own plays. The game has changed and the good old days are gone.

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