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Seahawks 27, Bucs 24 (OT): another ugly win for Seattle

Post by Ryan Divish on Nov. 3, 2013 at 4:24 pm with 87 Comments »
November 3, 2013 4:42 pm

Michael Koenen, Golden Tate

So the Seahawks won again today. They are now 8-1. It wasn’t pretty. In fact it was ugly, like Bea Arthur ugly. However, with the Saints losing today, they are in the lead to grab the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

It was the biggest comeback in franchise history. They had never come back from a 21-0 deficit. The chat was bipolar as usual.

Let’s get to it …

1. Where do you see this team right now? Is the record folly? Can it improve? Will it improve?

2. When they were down 21-0, how angry were you?

3. Game ball goes to?

4. Which aspect of this team do you think needs to improve the most?

5. Do you take any solace in an 8-1 record considering how much the team has struggled?

6. What are your expectations going forward?

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  1. pm

    anyone else feel like this was kind of a good game for our season?

    total, crazy adversity going down to an 0-7 team, keeping our heads and coming all the way back. plus – we got our run game back; our passblocking was much better in the 2nd half, and our D got every key stop we needed to.

    It was unbelievably stressful to watch (and probably to play in too), but I don’t hate this win. On some levels, gives us both a wake up call and confidence that we can win any game. much better feel to this game than last week, for me

  2. pabuwal says:

    Why does this run defense collapse every year right at Halloween?

  3. Bevell needs to give the damn ball to the best damn player on this damn team when they are in the damn redzone. We have had the luck on our side, that won’t happen all the way to the super bowl.

  4. they got their act together in the 2nd half though pabs.

    but yeah, bad run D is just a killer. not only does it keep their offense on the field, it’s demoralizing, because you’re being out-physicaled in the most physical of sports.

  5. If I didnt know better I would say the nfl wants the games to go down to the last play.

  6. I don’t feel like that was a lucky win at all. The Rams win was more lucky – b/c they had 4 chances to win from inside the 10.

    We played real poorly, and dug a huge hole, but then we completely outclassed them and dug the entire way out of it. There’s something in that.

  7. Screensmoke says:

    Team showed alot of heart coming back- o line played better- run defense was sub par- Russell made some mistakes but came through in clutch – BEAST is a bad ass! Plenty room for improvement ! Key to game for me was when beast got the 1 st down in a critical situation Late in game- he is amazing RB- that 3rd play was all him!

  8. looking at Todd’s tweets to the right – hopefully Marshawn doesn’t make this an issue. the guy had 25 touches today. it’s a team game, and we won. kicking the FG was the smart, safe thing to do at the end.

  9. pabuwal says:

    Maybe the Offense found it’s way against a decent defense, but the reality is they will lose those type of games if the run defense continues its side and they play a game against a playoff level QB.

    It’s fortunate they have been playing Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Scahub, Mike Glennon and Kellen Clemons.

  10. stats worth noting. after the terrible start (and note that part of it was due to Kearse’s fumbled KO), we outscore the 27-3, and at the half TB had almost 300 yds of offense, and we had just over 100.

    final numbers are TB – 350; Seattle – 415.

  11. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    We aren’t playing to our potential. The way the offense played when it was down 21-0 is the way it needs to play all game long, every game, for the rest of the season. Moreover, the offense needs to be able to step it up to another level if it hopes to win the Superbowl–our defense can’t do it all by themselves.

    Game Ball goes to Tate. Since Wilson has another year (I think) on his contract, Tate is the most important person on offense we need to re-sign.

    Our run defense is wretched. In an effort to improve our pass rush, I think we neglected run stoppers. We are paying for that now. As far as our Superbowl hopes go, our run defense will be our undoing.

    All I can say is that I hope this win wakes us up. We obviously didn’t wake up after that narrow St. Louis win last week. If we can come this close to losing at home against a winless team we obviously have flaws and weaknesses. We’ll lose next week against Atlanta if we don’t compensate.

  12. jbltzfk says:

    We have no chance next week at Atlanta . . .
    Game ball to Golden Kearse. . . .

  13. CDHawkFan says:

    Pdway, the Titian game should have been a wake-up call, that was the worst game of the year before the Rams game, now you have this one to add to the list. They haven’t been playing well since last year and that is what is most frustrating. Sure they have injuries, but so does every team. My only hope is no team (very few) can look good all season, so hopefully they will peak or at least get better in Nov/Dec.

    Our LB aren’t playing well against the run. A few regulars said a couple of weeks ago that Bane was playing well. To that I say WTF? Others look at Wagners numbers and say what a great player he is because of all his tackles, but most MLB rack up tackles. I see him picking the wrong gap all the time.

    I hope Bevell gets asked about the last INT when the whole stadium was calling for ML. Dude, you look like an idiot the last 2 weeks. BTW, the Titian’s ran all over the Rams, again, why didn’t ML get more carries last week you frickin’ idiot. Quit trying to be cute.

  14. Screensmoke says:

    I could be totally wrong- but man it sure looked like a lot of holding going on with that Tampa bay o line- anytime you have 3 turnovers- down by 21and comeback and win you have a lot of heart- ugly win but I’m proud if that comeback – I hope unger is ok- that is big!

  15. 1. Where do you see this team right now? Is the record folly? Can it improve? Will it improve?

    A good team that really needs to step up for the whole game or close to it. None of this playing for just a half – Yes it can improve and I believe it will.

    2. When they were down 21-0, how angry were you?

    Very!!! The defense was playing the below the level of the competition – The offense had turned the ball over and had 2 huge drops – and Kearse didn’t even get hit hard and lost the ball!!

    3. Game ball goes to? ML – enough said

    5. Which aspect of this team do you think needs to improve the most?

    The line play on both sides – and the defense in general – it is my opinion they have played the worst the last 2 weeks

    6. Do you take any solace in an 8-1 record considering how much the team has struggled?

    Yes – 8-1 is huge!!!!! especially how they have played

    7. What are your expectations going forward?

    Teams are going to blitz us until we stop it – we have to get better at it. The defense HAS to stop the run better and get themselves off the field – NO MORE 7-8 on 3rd down conversions against

  16. MEhawkfan says:

    1. The record isn’t folly, but the way the team plays sometimes sure as hell is. It seems in the first half they played to TB’s record today and forgot the “on any given Sunday” thing.
    2. Angry? I was ready to bury Pompeii.
    3. Game Ball goes to Marshawn Lynch.
    4. Game ball still goes to Marshawn Lynch.
    5. Leaning strongly toward coaching…
    6. They should be 9-0. Some teams (ahem, Colts) get a HFA call or two from the refs. But no solace needed, this is a good team. I think they’ll play better going forward.
    7. 15-1

  17. Screensmoke says:

    I agree – wags hasnt played well last couple weeks- kj wright played better in the middle when he was hurt even though he is slower- Malcolm smith needs to be on field more- I hope they figure it out.

  18. Everyone needs to get off of Bevell on the goal line – last week ML # was called TWICE and RW didn’t give him the ball – how is that Bevells fault. RW said it and so did PC. Those are fully on Wilson.

    On todays play – the whole left side of TB line bit on ML getting the ball – if RW makes a better throw (or sees the safety) thats a TD – EXACTLY because the Defense was SURE ML is getting the ball.

    Yes I want Beast mode to get the ball on the goal line – but sometimes he is best as a decoy

  19. DanielleMND says:

    Why was Lynch furious this week? He had 20+ carries, 100+ yards, and we won. Awesome runner, but his attitude is starting to suck.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Does anyone else get tired of this, (You know what) when it appears to him that the Seahawks may lose?
    The biggest dip $hit so called fan that I have ever read on this blog.

    “Comment From RADEoN
    haha wait until Seattle goes to san francisco. this is going to wind up being a 9-7 season”

    HAha RADEoN- I hope the Seahawks spoiled your party Loser!!!

  21. pabuwal says:

    Can anyone get a Bobby Wagner breakdown going this week?

  22. I can only imagine the incessant pissing and moaning that must’ve taken over the game chat. I’m sure it will take over this blog for the next week as well.

    Beast Mode gets the game ball. Thought Mike Rob and the O-line played very well also. I wonder if anyone gives the O-line some credit this week. Run defense was concerning again today. The team certainly needs to pick up their game if we want to make it to the SB. And get some guys back. Regardless, 8-1 and leading the field for HFA. It’s going to be tough for a team to come in here and beat the Hawks in the playoffs. No chicken little here.

  23. CDHawkFan says:

    I think the last 2 weeks doesn’t prove Beast Mode is best used as a decoy.

    Also, just give it to him a few time to see, what is wrong with that?

    I think there is some crap going on behind the scenes, ML does seem to take himself out of the game a lot to catch his breath, he doesn’t practice much which comes across as preferential treatment by PC, but then they don’t feed him much around the goal line, let him flip off the coach. Hope I am wrong and that they are all on the same page.

  24. Well Georgia – I believe there was someone who said we would only win 2 more games after the Indy loss. well we have won 4 straight since I believe

    so whatever- they could totally fall apart or they keep winning games – all I know is that if/when we get in the play-offs, winning so many close games will be helpful because the players know they have been there- done that before-

    Of course we are going to have to play better for more than a half or a few possesions against better teams but until they show otherwise – these guys have stepped up when needed

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- RADEoN loser has yet to apologize to DanielleMND for his typical stupid sexist comments directed at her from last year.

    You look really stupid right now RADEoN. Lol.

  26. MEhawkfan says:

    Yeah, Lynch takes himself out of the game at times, but who wouldn’t after carrying five or six guys for several yards. They guy’s legs are always moving and churning. He never quits and, in my opinion, deserves a breather whenever he takes one.

  27. CD – I agree that it doesn’t PROVE is best used as a decoy!!! I am just saying that AT TIMES he should be used as a decoy

    As far as last week goes – its on RW that the beast didn’t get the ball not Bevell – thats my only point

  28. A few people mentioned it on the blog and I asked Todd about a week or two ago on the chat – but it appears to me that our linebackers are better when it’s Wright in the middle with Irvin and Smith on the outside, in comparison to Wagner in the middle with Wright and Irvin.

    I think Wright is better in the middle than he is outside and this team is much more athletic (LBs) when Smith is on the field.

    After what has happened with Lynch and the play calling, I think you feed the Beast. Period. Great teams can do things when the other team knows what’s coming at them and still can’t stop them. I think you feed the Beast at least on first down. It’s not like we’re debating a 4th and goal call here.

  29. CDHawkFan – I agree.

  30. How do we know that Lynch was even mad? Or WHAT he was mad about? Because Todd sent out a vague tweet? Could just be the same horse spit there was last week with the media trying to make a story out of Dez Bryant’s first supposed blow up. Trying to create a story rather than report it. Plain lazy.

  31. chuck_easton says:

    Actually happier about this game than the Rams game. The 2nd half of this game is what we expect to see from this team.

    It was clear by the middle of the 3rd period that Seattle was going to win and was the better team at the end. (well it was the Bucs).

    As bbmate said, it’s going to be a ‘real fun’ week on this blog and a whole lot of griping going into the Falcons game.

    But on an even brighter side, who saw the Saints going into NJ and laying an egg against the Jets today? :)

  32. 1. Where do you see this team right now? Is the record folly? Can it improve? Will it improve?

    It’s all about the injuries. Is Unger out? Are Okung, Harvin & BG coming back SOON? Apparently Lynch has a knee issue. How serious is the knee? If it’s at all serious, it’s time for Michael to replace Turbin on the roster. Turbin hasn’t been real good this year. We lose Lynch, I’m afraid it’s all over.

    2. When they were down 21-0, how angry were you?

    3. Game ball goes to?
    Wilson honorary mention, somewhat tainted by the 2 picks.

    4. Which aspect of this team do you think needs to improve the most?
    OFFENSIVE LINE (PASS BLOCKING). The D line needs to improve against the run also. Another thing that concerns me is that in the last 2 weeks we barely beat perhaps the worst team in the NFL & also barely beat a mediocre St Louis with their back up QB.

    5. Do you take any solace in an 8-1 record considering how much the team has struggled?
    We’ve done it with the injuries. Good for them!

    6. What are your expectations going forward?
    It’s ALL about the injuries at this point. I’m not a Doctor, so am hesitant to make a prediction.

    Is there any way to pick up quality players in the NFL after the trade deadline? if the injuries don’t heal fast, we need as many quality O linemen as we can get, at least 1 receiver, & if Lynch’s knee becomes a problem, we could need a rb.

  33. Agreed Bobby – but lets look at REality – we know that we are struggling blocking right now and I wouldn’t call our line a “great team” right now. Yes we SHOULD be able to get the ball in, but we have not been able to.

    If you look at the play that RW runs it in on first and goal – the DL all went for ML – RW keeps the ball and goes for the TD

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wright just sucks at coverage. We need to see more of Smith imo.

  35. CDHawkFan says:

    X – no issue with decoy, just seems like its happening too often, nearly all the time near the GL.

    As far as Bevell, 8 carries for ML last week in a tight game. The Titans ran all over them today and its been the biggest issue for the Rams all year. Bevell should have been able to figure out something for their 8 man box. Bevell’s been screwing with ML for some time.

    Again, do the coaches want him more conditioned as they have made comments, if so, why give him most days off. Seems to go against comPete. I can see either/agree with either side with having special rules for your work horse, but as Bobby said, feed the Beast.

  36. MEhawkfan says:

    Remember the 3rd and 3 play in the 4th where they gave it to Lynch. He was met by three Bucs almost at the LOS, and he still powered forward to get the first. The O-line ain’t the greatest, but Lynch is.

  37. NO loss was big. Just need to keep piling up the wins until they get healthier.

    I’d pump the brakes on benching Wagner. I could potentially see the team being better with Wright at Mike and Wagner as the Will, but I’ll trust the coaches here.

  38. “Pdway, the Titian game should have been a wake-up call, that was the worst game of the year before the Rams game, now you have this one to add to the list. They haven’t been playing well since last year and that is what is most frustrating.”

    I think it’s kind of a stretch to say we haven’t played well since last year. It’s the NFL, and we are 8-1, and that includes a 29-3 stomping of the Niners.

    And I feel like we kind of re-found our mojo today after we dug that 21-0 hole for ourselves. I know TB is a poor team, but they played well today (and played like a team w nothing to lose, which makes them a little more dangerous), and we had to really buckle down to out score them 27-3 after point in the game – and we did. And we did it the way we like this team to do it – big chunks in the ground game with Lynch, and timely runs/passes by Wilson.

    We’re still gonna get back Okung and Breno – and maybe we’ll even get something from Harvin.

    Biggest concern to me is one we’ve all seen, all those runs by two teams in a row, right up the gut of our defense. Agree that that is an area for real concern.

  39. I just took ten minutes to slowly compose my reply to the questions, only to be told that I was going too quickly. FYI, I WAS NOT GOING QUICKLY.

    Gimme a break.

  40. NewJerseyHawk says:

    Good win, since they didn’t get any calls from referees, had turnovers and needed the offense to overcome a large deficit….This will bode well later in the year. I didn’t see the need for Michael Robinson and wanted to go younger, but clearly was wrong, in 2nd half, he and Marshawn are attacking the line of scrimmage….would like to see Turbin run behind Robinson and see what type of production we would have.

    Biggest game of year was Jets helping our by beating Saints as well…That takes more pressure off Seattle and if they win both Saints and Niners, everything goes through Seattle. I don’t think the Niners are certain they will beat Seattle, although the last 2 weeks of run defense is a huge red flag….Seattle needs to start faster and make teams throw the ball.

  41. “I just took ten minutes to slowly compose my reply to the questions, only to be told that I was going too quickly. FYI, I WAS NOT GOING QUICKLY.

    Gimme a break”

    when that happens, hit refresh, and then hit ‘retry’ when they give you the option. that works for me.

  42. Lynch has been held out of practice for years. He has a chronic back issue besides whatever else might be bothering him. PC can say whatever he wants, but no everybody on a team is going to have the same exact rules. Beast doesn’t need to compete for playing time. Seems like that would go without saying.

  43. chuck_easton says:

    moo, short answer to your question about picking up players, NO.

    Long answer:

    Once the trade deadline passes there are only three ways Seattle could get players.

    1. Sign a guy of another team’s Practice Squad
    2. Pick up a warm body that’s currently on the street.
    3. Look through the list of players that are cut this week and see if any of them are passed over by the 30 other teams ahead of Seattle on the waiver wire list.

    Any of those three choices are not likely to yield anything that is better than what is already here.

  44. As far as Bevell, 8 carries for ML last week in a tight game. The Titans ran all over them today and its been the biggest issue for the Rams all year. Bevell should have been able to figure out something for their 8 man box. Bevell’s been screwing with ML for some time.

    8 carries out of 40 plays that 20% of the offense – if he was given the 2 goal line carries – like he was supposed to thats 10 and 25% of the offense. Pretty high %.

    the issue was 2 fold – the Defense NEVER got us the ball back last week for the entire game – the offense never got a chance to get in a grove. Then, when the had chances the offense didn’t execute very well either. ML wasn’t ‘Ignored” last week like some like to point out

  45. *not everybody

  46. RDPoulsbo says:

    1: Yes and no. If Seattle were playing even a .500 team, they’d be losing right now. It’s a very good thing that they are playing the soft part of their schedule at a weak point for them. They can and will improve when injuries heal. Run D is my biggest concern after this game, but the pass protection is still bad. Good thing they were playing against a crap D.

    2: Pretty angry. This was another game they should have played with Wilson with a ball cap on in the 4th quarter. The offense was ok even with the TOs, but the defense is supposed to be the strength of this team and they let a backup QB and backup RB move the ball at will.

    3: Game ball goes to Lynch. Feed the Beast! Stop being cute and run the ball! That’s the strength of this team and pass pro is the weakness. Give it to Marshawn!

    4: Pass protection is what it is, it when guys get healthy, it will improve. It’s run defense that’s been letting bad teams have hope these past 2 games though. That can’t happen. The front 7 rotation has gone out of whack with everyone back and healthy. Now they need to figure out how to make it work.

    5: Never look at 8-1 and feel bad. They’ve been fortunate in a few games, but look at it as 37 years of karma after everything that’s gone against this team.

    6: 2 more very bad teams to head into the bye and they should win both. It’s time they get healthy and get back to playing Seahawk football the way they do best. Collect wins and punch out the Saints and 49ers when they come back fresh. Perhaps the bye is what gets them the reset they need.

  47. . “Pick up a warm body that’s currently on the street.”

    So, is there any scenario where that kid having issues on the Dolphins could become a Hawk? They would have to release him for that to happen?

  48. CDHawkFan says:

    Not ignored, but I think the following lets us know that everyone, including Bevell (who is in a best position) should not let that happen again.

    — Pete Carroll made it clear during his midweek Q&A session with the media that he was as frustrated as anyone – including Marshawn Lynch – that the team’s leading rusher got only eight carries in Monday night’s oh-so-close victory over the Rams in St. Louis.

    In fact, during the flight back from St. Louis as Monday night was becoming Tuesday morning, Carroll sat with Lynch and shared his frustration.

    “We were both sitting in frustration over the exact same issue,” Carroll said on Wednesday. “We didn’t get the ball to him in ways that we had hoped to because of the way the game turned out. There was no intention at all. Unfortunately, we didn’t get him going.”

    You have to go all the way back to Week 2 in 2011 to find a game where Lynch carried fewer times for fewer than the 23 he had against the Rams – six for 11 in a 24-0 loss to the Steelers in Pittsburgh. His previous lows this season were 17 carries (four times) and 43 yards (in the season opener against the Panthers in Carolina).

    “That’s not how we play,” Carroll said. “So hopefully we’ll do better this time.”

    That would be in Sunday’s game against the winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers at CenturyLink Field

  49. Thanks, pdway!

  50. averagejay says:

    1. Where do you see this team right now? Is the record folly? Can it improve? Will it improve?

    Very Lucky. Barely winning when it should be a blow out. I can only hope it gets better.

    2. When they were down 21-0, how angry were you?

    Grinding my teeth

    3. Game ball goes to?


    4. Which aspect of this team do you think needs to improve the most?

    Offense = Turnovers Defense = Run stop.

    5. Do you take any solace in an 8-1 record considering how much the team has struggled?

    Yes very fortunate.

    6. What are your expectations going forward?

    I just don’t know. I thought the play would have improved by now, but I guess it is just win baby.

  51. chuck_easton says:


    Possible but unlikely.

    Miami has put Martin on their reserve/non football illness list.

    He could demand his release. If he did that he would have to be put on waivers ( any player that is released after the trade deadline must pass through waivers).

    So, IF Martin demanded his release, and IF the 30 other teams ahead of Seattle on the waiver priority list ALL passed on him, Seattle could claim him off waivers.

  52. Although it got lost in the personal foul taunt – but it’s the second week in a row that the Hawks easily could/would have lost if Tate didn’t make a huge play. The punt return today was incredible and gave the team a huge boost.

  53. Ok – looking back at it I think the game ball could easily be given to 3 guys.

    Beast – RW – Tate.

    All made plays when we HAD to have them!!

  54. 1. Where do you see this team right now? Is the record folly? Can it improve? Will it improve?

    A mirage. 5 of these wins have been, bad, ugly. Hopefully improves, but it seems to be getting worse (aside from the W’s)

    2. When they were down 21-0, how angry were you?


    3. Game ball goes to?


    4. Which aspect of this team do you think needs to improve the most?

    Run D. It has gone extinct the last 2 weeks.

    5. Do you take any solace in an 8-1 record considering how much the team has struggled?

    Sure, we can still get homefield, but right now I feel like we lose at home, in the playoffs, against a good team.

    6. What are your expectations going forward?

    No clue, this team is not right. I cant tell if its the end, or if they are about to turn a corner.

  55. edstang45 says:

    wow what a game.. every one points out the failures of this team. The o-line is struggling, very weak, the D is giving up yards at a alarming rate,. The offense is not playing well for 4 quarters. This game caused me to have three Cardiac arrest but I did survive it. But I choose to see a team which right now finds away to win when there not playing very well. In the past we would be in a 3-4 game losing streak hoping to turn it around. We are not playing up to potential but yet were 8-1, better than the alternative. We can still turn things around and start playing a dominating game. I gotta trust PC and even Bevell to get it done and when this team starts clicking we have put ourselves into a great position. We need to be playing our game by Dec 2nd. We chave to continue to win ugly until then. Okung and Breno, will make a difference and hopefully we’ll be back play great football by the time the saints come to town. 8-1 is better than 5-4 or 4-5

  56. pabuwal says:

    How about instead of worrying about the OL we worry about a Defense that can’t get off the field 2 weeks in a row against 2 low end QBs?

  57. We could worry about both.

  58. Screensmoke says:

    Feed the beast!- nothing personell to anyone on this blog but would have to question your football IQ relating to marshawn Lynch with any of his on field football play-he is a man among boys out there and a rare breed

  59. NOBODY has questioned his play!!!!

  60. 1. Best record in the NFC. I am happy with that.

    2. I thought they could/should still win – but getting worried.

    3. The players from the ’83 team honored at the half.

    4. The offensive line. Wilson is taking too many needless shots. The run defense is demoralizing too – but at least that isn’t potentially severely injuring our franchise QB.

    5. I think it’s awesome to be 8-1 with some of the (correctable) problems that we’ve been having.

    6. For Okung and Breno to make our line above average and to still win the Super Bowl.

  61. Marasim says:

    One thing I notice this time, that is different then last Sunday, they look pissed at halftime. Defense and offense. Look as they stop complain and decide to win this game. As if Robinson said: who do we have and who do we need.

  62. “How about instead of worrying about the OL we worry about a Defense that can’t get off the field 2 weeks in a row against 2 low end QBs”

    true – but they did at least pick it up. Bucs were 7/8 on 3rd down conversions at one point, and finished at 8/15. in the 2nd half we got every stop that we had to have. defense was a big part of the hole (though they got 2 tough breaks with the Earl pick, and then the Kearse fumble putting the ball on the 20), but w/out the D in the 2nd half, we don’t win the game.

  63. sluggo42 says:

    I ignored the game blog today, and made only one post at halftime. My post said, we will win this game.

    I think we finally turned to corner. The light didn’t go off, it went off a few weeks ago, the players figured something out. Even with baldwins drops and kearse s fumble, you could sense a collective, let get our s$hit together. And they did. They played the second half how we need them to play.

    I could biotch about a lot of picerty sniperty crap, but I’m not going to. It’s all about a fans love for his team right now, and I am damn PROuD o,f our boys right now. They surpassed the greatest comeback game and held on foe the win. They owned th e second h alf and made me scream my head off at the bar.

    He’ll ya!

  64. Screensmoke says:

    The players from 83 being honored= brilliant bobby k-I agree!

  65. pabuwal says:

    Last year the Texans started 11-1 and they had a stretch near the end where they barely beat 2 bad teams in Jacksonville and Detroit.

    Then the bottom fell out. I’m not saying that will happen here, but it’s definitely a cautionary tale when a team is barely beating 2 bad teams.

  66. JZombie says:

    There was improvement on penalties as well. 6 for 67 yards still looks like a lot, but at least one we can agree was rubbish. I’d say there were a few no-calls as well, but seeing that number lower than the last few weeks is still a positive.

  67. What a crazy season. Love the 8-1 record, but this team plays some awful bad football.

    Interesting talk about the LB situation. I have always liked KJ better in the middle. Wagner played OLB in college, so definite possible to switch those two. Also agree that Malcom Smith needs to get on the field more.

    I thought that Lemuel did a nice job filling in for Unger. More fuel to my fire in thinking that he should be playing – and not Sweezy.

    Very interested to hear the injury situation with Unger. Did RW get injured at the end of the game? Looked like maybe he did to me.

    If I have to seer PC shrug and say ‘well, we didn’t fit our run gaps just exactly right’ one more week I will puke.

  68. I agree there’s cause for concern, pabs, but wasn’t a lot of the problems Houston was having – well, wasn’t it mainly due to players not playing as well? Like they peaked too early? And, mainly, I don’t think they had major injury concerns all over aside from Johnson?

    I think a lot of our problems with the tackles will get fixed when Okung and Breno come back. Sure, Breno is going to suck in pass protection as usual, but at least he can run block on one side to go along with Okung being a stud on the other side. But the run defense is definitely reason to worry, but there’s still time to fix it (when it had been good).

    Malcolm Smith is not our 4th best linebacker as we watch this team from week to week. He’s one of our best and that means he needs to see more of the field at the expense of one of the guys already out there who isn’t playing at as high of a level.

  69. Not sure who said it – but second half was the best half of Seahawk football in a long time.

  70. bigjimusaf says:

    I was at the game and actually noticed ML yelling at someone. It intrigued me enough to spend mot of the second half just watching him. He is CLEARLY angry about something. Even when the Hawks were down inside the 10 and RW threw the interception, ML came off to the sidelines and to me ML was smiling and laughing as if to say “see what happens when you don’t give me the ball!” He also tracked PC down and kind of told him that also. Also there were plenty other players trying to calm him down during his sideline sits. Something is definitely up!

  71. rynehawk says:

    Lynch had 10 carries for 65 yards at the half. He was eating up ground whenever he got the ball. His final numbers looked normal, but they fed him the ball in OT (which is a good thing). My issue is they should have balanced that out and ran him more frequently through the game, especially in that goal line situation.

    I was shaking my head a lot in the 3rd and 4th quarters when we had opportunity to feed the ball to Lynch and take over the game on the ground, but we just seemed resistant to it. I imagine Lynch was feeling the same way. They couldn’t stop him (or anyone else on the ground).

  72. montanamike2 says:

    Stressful win but i’ll take it! I had a few mini strokes but the alcohol kept my blood thin. When we play bad and other teams play lights out, and we still win, that gives me hope going forward. There were Buc’s fans behind us taunting and talking crap, they split lickity split after the game.
    Funny how i felt worse last week after a win then when we lost to the Colts. I feel we had some momentum going in the 4th. Happy for the win. 1 game at a time.

  73. Just because they eked out a win over one of the worst teams in the NFL AT HOME doesn’t put my mind at ease. The way they won over the Texans isn’t a good feeling. Nor the rams.

    They’re sneaking victories out, which is good, but they’re getting gashed on defense, which is supposed to be the strength of this team. Now Unger is set to be out for who knows how long… I’m not exactly confident right now.

    Keep calling me loser and resorting to personal attacks, please. Let me show you some facts:

    Without poor play calling by Houston and a timely pick six from 25, the game @HOU is a loss.

    They beat the titans by 7 points. They should have hammered that team into the ground.

    If Sam Bradford hadn’t gotten injured, the game @STL was a loss, probably in blowout fashion.

    The offense is 27th in the league in passing. This is more due to the offensive line collapsing than anything.

    The defense has gotten gashed for 134 yards last week.

    The defense got gashed for 158 yards today.

    Both running backs were 2nd string or worse.

    Both running backs had lackluster quarterbacks handing them the ball.

    The quarterback last week, Kellen Clemens, was the leading passer in the game with 158 yards. Wilson threw for 139 yards, 80 of which came on one reception to a receiver who put in a ton of work after the catch. The offense did absolutely nothing for the entire game against the rams, and nothing for the first half against the hapless bucs… Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

    I understand that you need to resort to personal attacks because we have a difference in opinion, you have no real fallback option.

    I would like to see what people were saying if they fell flat like this against the Saints, the Niners in SF, and hell, the Giants are even playing decent ball now…

    I don’t feel like the sky is falling, but I do feel like this team is a 6-3 or 5-4 team dressed in an 8-1 teams record (based on the assumption that HOU and STL could have and SHOULD have been losses, and I’m still on the fence about today), but the errors are correctable.

    And what exactly did I say to DanielleMND? And who is DanielleMND?

  74. And thanks xcman. He acts like I was the only one in the live chat who was discouraged about the game today.

  75. bigjimusaf – Thanks for the info on Lynch having been at the game today. You can tell he’s not happy and not just from announcers. Players regularly keep seemingly going to him to check on him because he “ain’t” happy about something.

  76. streamhawk says:

    1. Where do you see this team right now? Is the record folly? Can it improve? Will it improve?

    The record is legit. We expected this team to kill it this year; it is doing so even without some of its stars. Hawks will get better at stopping the run because this is a chronic midseason issue and Carroll is committed to resolving it.
    Hell yes we will improve! We are determined to keep winning and we are very talented at key positions. Our defense must figure out the run stopping issue first, then everything else will follow. Our record is no fluke because we are a damn solid team across the board. I would love to meet KC right now!

    2. When they were down 21-0, how angry were you?
    I was angry. My 5 year old was even worried – he even started mentioning that “#7″ for San Fran. I told him it’s just a game (I didn’t believe myself).

    3. Game ball goes to?
    Beast Mode
    4. Which aspect of this team do you think needs to improve the most?

    Wide receivers. They aren’t getting consistent separation. Our oLine will improve naturally.
    5. Do you take any solace in an 8-1 record considering how much the team has struggled?
    No. See question 1.

    6. What are your expectations going forward?
    We figure our major struggles out. We go on another killer blowout streak. We lose to one more team – not at San Fran. We secure HFA throughout playoffs. I can’t foresee beyond that.

    Read more here:

  77. grizindabox24 says:

    I actually feel like the Hawks got some mojo back in the second half, best they have looked in weeks.

    Everyone wants to knock Wagz about his play today, but Tampa worked KJ over pretty well also.

  78. thursday says:

    I wass there and totally exhausted right now, but I wouldn’t call this an ugly win. Sure I was seeing red when we were down 21-zip, but they came back from that, without the help of turnovers or flubs. That isn’t luck. When the offense got going, they moved. And the defense took their best shot and then started coming up with stops. I wouldn’t call it ugly like the Rams game was ugly. Not at all.

  79. Figuring out how to fix the run defense is a lot easier said than done. If it were as simple as flipping a switch, every team would do it.

  80. By the way my concerns stem from the seahawks playing playoff teams.

  81. Screensmoke says:

    Radeon- live in the now- what your saying could be said just about every team in the NFL – games are close in this league every week- the hawks happen to win most of close ones this year is it all luck or a fluke I don’t think so.we are a great team this year 8 and 1 and Rollin – we have plenty of room for concern and improvement but we are damn good.enjoy the ride!!!!it almost sounds to me tgat you wish we would lose just do you can spew your poisonous cancer causing gass(radon). You call yourself a fan of the hawks – I don’t think so- if so u are an embarrassment – sorry for going off people but I’m tired of the Radeon smoke screen

  82. jchawks08 says:

    I don’t usually answer the 6 questions because I get stuck in the comments. So here goes.

    1. Where do you see this team right now? Is the record folly? Can it improve? Will it improve?

    The 8-1 record is hard earned. Maybe 2 easy games? Football is tough. They’ve looked like SB contenders more times than they’ve looken like a run of the mill team. We’ll get healthier, and things will improve. Couple of rough games in a row, but we won. 8-1 is friggin’ awesome!

    2. When they were down 21-0, how angry were you?

    Pretty dang irritated more than anything. I was uncomfortable the whole game. I thought they had a great chance at coming all the way back and they did it. Complete Jeckyl and Hyde halves.

    3. Game ball goes to?

    I’ll say Lynch. In Overtime he was a complete stud. Ran as hard as ever all game long.

    4. Which aspect of this team do you think needs to improve the most?
    Um, both Lines?

    If Unger is out next week we’re in for another rough offense outing. No sacks today on RW, which was great, but he got hit hard multiple times. I hope this experience is making the OL better.
    D-Line, I’m not sure what the issues are. It’s like they are trying too hard sometimes. The D as a whole. So many great players I have confidence they’ll also figure it out.

    5. Do you take any solace in an 8-1 record considering how much the team has struggled

    8-1 and leading the NFC. Pretty much ’nuff said.

    6. What are your expectations going forward?

    I would expect both Lines to get it together. Pretty confident they will. We will have to limp that OL into the bye week and we could see both Okung and Breno come back the next game. With that, the running game and passing game will only get that much better.
    I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. This continues to be a special year with more Frachise firsts such as coming back from 21 down. Homefield Advantage throughout would be amazing. Let’s Go Hawks!

  83. 1. a. team right now: 8-1
    b. record folly? no, it is what it is.
    c. Can it improve? yes, 15-1 is better than 8-1.
    d. Will it improve? maybe, maybe not.

    2. how angry? Was not angry, more like worried.

    3. Game ball to: Michael James. (RW)

    4. needs to improve: All parts of the team: run offense, pass offense, run defense, pass defense, special teams. Players all need to improve passing, catching, coverage, running, blocking, tackling & QB pressure. Coaches need to improve their play calling and time management. Referees need to be better at calling penalties.

    5. take any solace in 8-1: what’s “solace?” Ecstatic that my Hawks are 8-1!!!!!!!

    6. expectations: Somewhere between 15-1 and 8-8. Right now my team is struggling with meeting expectations for a team with an 8-1 record. Can his team go into ATL next week and win? Sure hope so…

  84. Smokescreen, it’s not that at all. I’m just not sure what is up… they’re supposed to roll over these garbage teams, not go into the last minute with the game on the line.

    The things that go through my head are based 1000 percent on 4 games in the future. Atlanta and the giants are good teams that started off slow, and are on the east coast which is a formula for a loss for the hawks. Seattle traveling to sf, and no traveling to Seattle both have me worried.

  85. The_12TH_Hawk says:

    1. Where do you see this team right now? Is the record folly? Can it improve? Will it improve?
    The team has heart. The Seahawks could very easily be 5-4. We can always get better but it will take a little more disciplined football.

    2. When they were down 21-0, how angry were you?
    Everyone in Section 119 was about to dismantle our chairs and start a riot.

    3. Game ball goes to?
    By far Marshawn Lynch. I apologize to our best offensive threat (Beast Mode) because I really don’t think Bevell should call the offense inside the Red Zone.

    4. Which aspect of this team do you think needs to improve the most?
    Play calling
    5. Do you take any solace in an 8-1 record considering how much the team has struggled?
    Again we are really fortunate to be 8-1. But I will take it. Let’s Go Hawks!
    6. What are your expectations going forward?

    Read more here:

  86. Coach81 says:

    1. Where do you see this team right now? Is the record folly? Can it improve? Will it improve?

    I see the team as 8-1, leading the NFC. They win ugly, but they find a way to win. They could easily be 5-4, 6-3, or 9-0.

    2. When they were down 21-0, how angry were you?

    Angry wasn’t the word. Even if we lost, I wouldn’t have been crying about 7-2. Saw a lot of bandwagon fans on Twitter though…

    3. Game ball goes to?


    4. Which aspect of this team do you think needs to improve the most?

    Line play, on both sides of the ball. Need to be more physical. A lot of that (on offense anyway) is because of the play-calling. Defensively, Mebane and McDonald have to do a better job at the point of attack.

    5. Do you take any solace in an 8-1 record considering how much the team has struggled?

    Of course. An ugly win is better than a loss any day.

    6. What are your expectations going forward?

    I think Harvin will add an explosive playmaker to the offense, which will result in more 7-man fronts for Lynch. I think getting Okung and Giacomini back in the next couple of weeks will keep RW healthy. And I think our D is on the field less when our offense is playing well, so they won’t be as fatigued, and teams will have to pass to keep up, which plays to our strengths defensively.

  87. MoSeahawk12 says:

    The reality there are teams with good records and bad records. Any team can beat any other team any week. The “garbage team” mentality isn’t used by the players as they know every team has all star players, national championship players and plenty of pro bowl and all pro players. Sure Tampa is now 0-8 and it doesn’t look promising for the Jags to get more than one win if any this season, but as Chuck Knox used to say, “Those guys get paid too.” Not sure why after watching the first half of the season why anyone is surprised these guys aren’t blowing anyone out let alone the so called garbage teams. (Except the Jags)
    This team has massive O-line injuries and the D has been on the field a ton the past few games. Every team gets jacked to play the preseason media Superbowl favorites and punch them in the mouth. That will continue all year. For some of these teams, showing well against the Seahawks is as close to playing in a playoff game this season. Yes, they have many things to work on and improve, but 8-1 is what the record says it is. This has NEVER happened in the history of our franchise. EVER!

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