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Anatomy of seven sacks in St. Louis

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 2, 2013 at 4:01 pm with 17 Comments »
February 9, 2014 1:20 pm

Seven sacks and seven first downs Monday night for the Seahawks offense against the Rams.

Offensive line coach Tom Cable was not pleased.

“I didn’t think we had any rhythm on offense,” Cable said. “Our tempo, rhythm, continuity in staying in drives really lacked. Then we got into a situation where we struggled protection-wise, so then we can’t stay on schedule. We didn’t play very good offensively and were very fortunate to win obviously.

“We got our tails kicked, so own it, learn from it and then be better all week in preparation for the next one.”

Cable was asked there is something specific occurring.

“We’re getting run by,” Cable said. “It’s a matter of that depth in the pocket is just closing in from the outside, so we’re getting run by specifically.

“We have to execute better. No excuses. We just got our tails kicked and we’ll learn from it and be better this week. At the end of the day, we have to play better.”

Let’s take a look at those seven sacks:


1. Robert Quinn gets his first of the night.
Down and distance: 3rd-and-5.
Culprit: Paul McQuistan.
This was more of a coverage sack. Wilson had lots of time before Quinn eventually grappled his way past Paul McQuistan.



2. William Hayes wins the race.
Down and distance: 1st-and-10.
Culprit: Michael Bowie.
Hayes drove toward Bowie and was able to get under and inside of him. As soon as he pivoted Bowie out, Wilson was meat. “I have no idea what Seattle is doing on offense,” Jon Gruden said after the play. “Nobody blocked on the right side.”




3. The Mighty Quinn.
Down and distance: 2nd-and-10.
Culprit: Max Unger.
Quinn looped into Unger on the stunt and blew past him to snag Wilson.


sack44. The Mighty Quinn, part II.
Down and distance: 3rd-and-15.
Culprit: Paul McQuistan.
Quinn blew past McQuistan on the outside, then cut back in to snag Wilson again. ESPN almost missed this sack live since it was replaying Quinn’s other sack from the play before.




5. Big hitter the Lama, Long.
Down and distance: 3rd-and-2.
Culprit: Zach Miller.
Long zoomed by Miller who simply wasn’t capable in that instance, and the Seahawks had extra protection on the other side.





6. Long vultures one.
Down and distance: 1st-and-10.
Culprit: Lack of communication.
Long was chipped by Michael Robinson, then picked up by Marshawn Lynch. Long ends up with the sack credit when Wilson steps up, just barely out of the end zone, and Long reaches out to yank him down from behind. The real problem was that linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar came untouched and almost sacked Wilson for the safety. Also, note the graphic at the bottom of the screen at the snap.



7. Long finishes his exceptional night.
Down and distance: 3rd-and-7.
Culprit: Michael Bowie.
Long versus Bowie one-on-one on the edge and Long blows by, angles off Bowie and sacks Wilson for the Rams’ seventh and final takedown of the night.

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  1. raymaines says:

    I don’t really know, or have an opinion, about any of this but I’m anxious to see the TB game on Sunday to see if the coaching staff has figured anything out. The Seahawk talent level isn’t going to be any different than last Monday, but the coaches can up their game.

    TB seems to be a less talented version of the Rams and I want to see how the ‘Hawks respond. This should be a 100%, kick butt, mauling, but that’s what I said last week too. Go ‘Hawks!

  2. montanamike2 says:

    We’re highly motivated for this one. For the record i don’t think Cable is a bad O-line coach, just a bad at talent evaluation.

  3. Strategicdust says:

    “We just have to execute better” is the mantra of coaches everywhere when they just don’t have the talent.

  4. Tampa Bay isn’t really like St. Louis….. The Rams have 25 total sacks – the Bucs 17. The Rams have two very good pass rush DE’s (Quinn w/7 and Long w/4). The Bucs top sack master at the moment is Lavonte David – a light and fast OLB – he has 5 sacks. Next is Adrian Claiborn, a DE with 3 sacks.

    Also helping, the Seahawks will be at home tomorrow – this makes the o-line job easier.

  5. Hey Todd – nice job. Really enjoyed this post. It would be nice to see this again (with fewer sacks to dissect).

    Any chance we could flip this the other way, and dissect sacks by the Seahawks?

  6. Southendzone says:

    Cool post, love the still pics helping tell the story. This would be a cool recurring feature highlighting signifcant plays from the prior weeks game

  7. This is GREAT stuff – I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!

    The sad thing is I actually think our line is getting worse – they are starting to press to much and making mistakes

  8. This is one of my favorite posts ever on a TNT site. Great job, Todd! It was a fun watch/read.

    I think the tackles (and OL overall) play better simply because the Rams have better ends (and overall DL) than the Bucs. Add to the fact that the Hawks will be playing at home, and the OL is going to look much better. Book it. That doesn’t mean they are good by any means though – just hopefully acceptable enough to get a win, which they should.

    Heal up fast, Mr. Okung. This team needs you. You don’t make all the difference and the rest of the line needs to play much better, but getting you back is a huge step in the right direction.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Nice post Todd!

  10. Southendzone says:

    Wow, look again at #6, the Rams have EVERY possible outlet covered in that play. Robinson leaking from the backfield, if he gets the ball he’s getting tackled for no gain. Zach Miller in the middle of the field, if he gets the ball, maybe a 3 yard gain.

  11. People like most of us can watch the games and say “this or that” but it’s gotta be crazy during the week trying to match things up if you’re the offense or defense. The Rams did some things “schematically” to get the Hawks wondering, in addition to having ends simply much better to the Hawks having bad back-up tackles.

    For example, I think Long is one of the best DEs in the NFL (against the run and pass) and yet we have a TE on him on one of those sacks (Miller). I doubt (sarcasm) Cable and crew figured that they would just player Miller over Long all game long… (as we saw didn’t happen)

  12. I notice that one Mr. Carp wasn’t listed as a culprit.

  13. JoeinKirkland says:

    This was a great post Todd. I really enjoy the use of the pictures to help diagnose what happened on each sack. I hope you continue using more posts like this. Greg Bedard on MMQB does something similar each week and it is one of my favorite segments.

    I think it would be awesome if you could do something like this each game looking at a “game-changing play of the game” or something.

    Thanks again. Keep up the good work!

  14. Oldslow says:

    I do not have the “all 22″ feature, and anyway I haven’t had the stomach to watch a replay of that debacle anyway, but I did notice in the photos above, that our guards seem to be in pretty good position. In #2, Sweezy does not have anyone to block to the inside, and he could have helped with a double team with Bowie, but I assume the line call did not call for that.

    In general, I was surprised that an adjustment was not made in the second half to have a TE or FB lined up near the tackles to help with the blocking. I realize that to do that every play is too predictable, and limiting to an already ineffective offense, but the only time when I can recall them doing it was on the play where Quinn circled back on a stunt past Unger (#3).

    The pictures in this thread are much appreciated, Todd. Good job.

  15. BTW, Todd, I agree with everyone else here. This kind of analysis is awesome and would be greatly appreciated in the future. I really liked these type of posts while you covered Huskies football.

  16. Todd Dybas says:

    Hey, folks.

    Thanks for the comments.

    We’ll try to continue this and are looking at other features for the second half of the season, now that everything is better situated around here.



  17. SandpointHawk says:

    Todd, you’re doing a great job…

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