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News, notes and quotes: Harvin still not practicing, Okung and Giacomini getting close

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 1, 2013 at 1:51 pm with 34 Comments »
November 1, 2013 2:05 pm

Some quick hits from today at the VMAC:

> Percy Harvin had a second MRI, which Pete Carroll said came back fine. Harvin didn’t practice again today.

“We’ve been quiet with him,” Carroll said. “A little sore from last week. Just making sure we won’t waste our opportunity with him on the practice field.”

Carroll was asked if he regretted starting the clock on Harvin.

“Not yet,” Carroll said. “If he was on our team and banged up, we certainly wouldn’t mind keeping him as one of the inactives. If that’s what it ends up a few weeks from now, that’s what it is. We’re hoping to get him back.

“He was fine a week ago, ready to go, the wear and tear of the comeback got him a little bit, so, we’re just slowing him down.”

Did he need any further attention?

“Yeah, doctors have looked at him. We did another MRI to make sure we were seeing everything right. There was no complications, so we’re just bringing him back.”

The Seahawks have until Tuesday, Nov. 12 to activate Harvin or he will have to stay on the PUP list the rest of the season.

> Left tackle Russell Okung didn’t practice today, the first day he would have been eligible to, but may work out on the field Sunday and is scheduled for practice next Wednesday. Carroll said Breno Giacomini should join him Wednesday.

“For sure by Wednesday (Okung) will be out doing some things,” Carroll said. “We’re real encouraged every day he’s worked he’s shown he can handle it.

“Breno will be back about the same day. Looking like the same day those guys will come back to the practice field and start working, then we will have to determine what that means.”

Okung can’t play until Nov.17 against the Minnesota Vikings. Giacomini can come back as soon as he’s ready.

> Marshawn Lynch practiced and Carroll said Lynch is ready to go Sunday, something everyone expected all along.

> Earl Thomas missed practice Friday because of illness. Carroll said he expects Thomas to be fine for Sunday. He came into the VMAC and they sent him home.

> Asked about Lynch, Carroll quickly answered, “He’s going to get more involved than he did last week. I’ll say that. That was not right. We have to play better so he gets the opportunities.”

Injury report:

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 1.42.04 PM


Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 1.42.20 PM

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  1. I hope Russell gets some time to throw and WRs have a solid week but this game should be all about feeding the Beast and playing sound, fundamental, hard hitting defense.


  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree joreb. Back to basics.

  3. pabuwal says:

    The Percy Harvin thing is ominous. We might not see him back until December.

    But the reality is, if the Seahawks get their starting Tackles back for the Vikings game and Kearse can develop some consistency, Harvin is simply a luxury that might not be needed.

  4. Screensmoke says:

    The Percy situation is making me nervous-I wouldn’t think you get another MRI unless he is having some pretty serious discomfort – I wouldn’t be shocked if he isn’t back for awhile atleast another month – I would love to be wrong about this!

  5. RDPoulsbo says:

    I still think he’ll be back before the bye week, but I’m not that nervous about the situation. I think he’ll really help the offense, but gettign the o-line is more important. He won’t be able to do much anyway as long as defenses are living in the backfield.

  6. Well be lucky to see Harvin play for a month, and likely won’t see him hit his stride and play a full game untill the playoffs.

    They need to be extra cautious with him now–can’t afford not to have him in the playoffs.

  7. And unless that line improves dramatically, even Calvin Johnson wouldn’t save this team.

    What needs to happen is two TE’s helping on the line, and Kearse and Baldwin to step up.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- The O-line will improve dramatically when Breno and Okung are back.
    BTW- When has Calvin Johnson ever saved his team. He puts up big numbers however the Lions still fall short every year.

  9. doubledink says:

    slice, ouch, slit, ouch, drip, drip, slice, ooh…
    one thousand and two…

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think that now Rice is gone Baldwin and Kearse will be much more productive knowing that the FO won’t be trying to get Wilson to force feed it to Rice, ( even though Rice couldn’t get much separation).

    I think Baldwin and Kearse, ( if Kearse doesn’t go back to his dropsy days) have been more then ready to step it up.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    As great as Lynch is I hope Christian Michaels doesn’t fade away because Lynch thinks he has to be the man all the time.

  12. pabuwal says:

    Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald are great if they are under rookie contracts but after that I don’t see how you can win with WRs AND contracts of that caliber.

    Any decent QB will look inflated with a WR like Johnson or Fitzgerald which means their contract will be huge. I can see the QB and WR take up nearly 1/3 of a team’s cap in that case. There just is no way a team like Detroit can win consistently with that handicap.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Totally agree pabuwal.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Great article on the best Safety, (who is also a great tackler) in the NFL.

  15. chuck_easton says:


    I know Rice was not burning up the stats, but that is more than a little revisionist history there.


    You do know that Tate has more passes his way per game (not catches) than Rice. Rice was only being thrown to about 2 to 3 times a game on average.

  16. sluggo42 says:

    Whenever you have a joint surgery the recovery involves a few points that feel like a re-injury. I breaking loose the final bits of scar tissue, and atrophy. I’ve had 3 shoulder jobs, and now need another thanks to thinking a 2×4 could support my 225 lbs of bristling muscle. Each time, you think you’re good and you rou it up a bit and something feels like it pops or snaps a bit, but a week later, it’s good again.
    Recovery from this doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s scary getting back to full go.

    I’m not worried about Harvin a bit.

  17. pabuwal says:

    Rice may not have been force fed the ball but I’ve always wondered when Wilson drops back and starts holding the ball for what seems like forever, what does he see out there.

    Either he isn’t seeing the field when these guys get open or they just aren’t getting open.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- I think they have been force feeding Tate too. It seems like when ever a franchise QB comes in the NFL they first have to appease to the veteran players. In this case Rice , Lynch, Tate, ect…

    Then after some time those veterans fade away and are replaced by others that are all in with the new franchise QB.

    At least that’s the way I see it.

  19. chuck_easton says:


    Since the subject was brought up:

    Player Passes completions drops average intended per game
    Tate 54

  20. chuck_easton says:

    Let’s try this again:

    Player passes completions drops ave attempts (per game)
    Tate 54 32 1 6.75
    Rice 35 15 1 4.37
    Miller 24 15 0 4 (only played 6 games)
    Baldwin 30 23 0 3.75
    Willson 15 10 0 1.87
    Kearse 13 8 1 1.62

    So, Baldwin was already getting close to the same amount of balls a game as Rice. Kearse would likely be the benifactory of Rice’s absence.

  21. Rockyseahawk says:

    C’mon man. He is throwing to whomever is open. I don’t think he has the luxery of throwing to certain players for “appeasement”.

  22. chuck_easton says:

    Looking at the attempts per completion and dropped passes it would seem that as I said the other day if the team needs a completion on 3rd down, throw the ball to Baldwin, Miller, or Willson

    Baldwin 76.7% of the balls his ways he caught with 0 drops
    Willson 66.7% of balls his way he caught with 0 drops
    Miller 62.5% of balls his way he caught with 0 drops

  23. right – but if nobody is open, and you have to throw the ball a little up for grabs in a one-on-one situation, do you throw it to Tate, or the other three receivers you mention?

    Tate may not be the most consistent of our bunch, but he’s pretty clearly the best at going after the tougher catches imo.

  24. bummed about the Harvin news, it’s looking you were on the money on that one chuck_e.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    When has Wilson ever held the ball “forever”, let alone had the time to do so?

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I know this is not what some want to hear but after Rice ,Lynch and Tate are gone Wilson and this offense will thrive like never before imo.
    Franchise QBs need to be totally in charge to thrive.

  27. Skavage says:

    The only reason this game doesn’t scare me like last week is because I think the team got a big scare last week….if that makes sense. :)

    That said, we have GOT to do two things to win this game. 1. We need to pound the rock. Feed the Beast. Even if it means only 1 or 2 yards a carry in the first half, that kind of punishment will wear down a defense come third and fourth quarter.

    2. We need to use play action ROLL OUTS for every pass we take unless it is a quick slant or such that only requires a snap and throw. Anything else we gotta get RW out of the pocket. Make their fat guys run, get the tired out, then see number 1 above. If we do that and win the turnover game we’ll win the ballgame. I’m thinking 27 to 13.

  28. Whats up with Jeron Johnsons hamstring?

  29. RDPoulsbo says:

    I think the Lions will win the North this year primarily because the Packers and Bears have too many injuries to overcome.

    That said, I’ve never been a fan of highly paid WRs because too many things have to go right before they get their hands on the ball. It’s why I was so anti-Crabtree back when he was in the draft and the ram was rebuilding. I still think that applies to anyone thinking of drafting one in the top 10 picks.

    As for Rice, he’s overpaid and so is Harvin. Hopefully, they can re-sign Tate at a reasonable price but I’m not sure if it will happen.

  30. I like the “concept” of Percy Harvin, but so far, for the Seahawks, he has been nothing more than a concept. He cannot come “back” for us because he’s never been on the field for us.

    I look forward to seeing him if and when he comes, but I’m getting pretty sick of hearing about his every twitch.

  31. Get the OL right first, then get the #1WR “hood ornament”.

  32. Georgia, your full of it as usual. Tate by all accounts is a great teammate, as was Rice. These guys all want the ball–they are competitors–but there have been no issues with their attitude.

    Rice wasn’t getting the ball for two reasons: 1) the line stinks so no time for routed to develop, and 2) Rice has lost a step.

    To say Wilson and our offense would be better without Tate is asinine. To imply he’s getting the ball due to tantrums is unconscionable.

    Tate is getting the targets because 1) he’s a great, steady player with toughness and speed 2) he’s earned everyone’s trust that he can go up ang get the ball even when totally covered. So if no ones open, Wilson’s gonna throw him a ball and let him have a shot.

    Stats need interpretation; how many of the passes thrown Tate’s way were in coverage? How many were nearly impossible to make? I will point out he has only one drop despite all those targets and incompletions.

    Judging by your comments on this thread, you’re beered up and looking for a fight. What the hell has happened to you this year? Seems you even try to pick fights with even your blog friends…

  33. Dukeshire–from time to time Wilson will hold the ball far too long. Often he does some scrambling to buy time, then waits too long, and the window to run for yards or throw the ball away closes.

    He’s great, but he seems to overcompensate for his mistakes from the previous week. For instance, one week (Indy?) he’ll tuck and run for yards; the next week hell not scramble past the LOS scrimmage till his window closes…then the cycle starts over again.

    Most of this would instantly disappear with even an avg line. But I think Wilsons qb coach sucks and influences him into thinking too much sometimes.

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