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Morning links: Wilson “surrenders” to survive

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Nov. 1, 2013 at 6:15 am with 60 Comments »
November 1, 2013 1:50 am

Good morning.

Dynamic, mobile, creative Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson talked “never-say-die” attitude in the middle of last week.

Monday night, he had changed his word choice to “surrender.”

Wilson was sacked seven times by a salivating St. Louis Rams defensive front, who poured salt in the Seahawks’ most gaping wound, then stomped on it.

The Seahawks’ offensive line continues to be the top issue for 7-1 team at the midpoint of the season. Timelines for the return of Pro-Bowl left tackle Russell Okung and right tackle Breno Giacomini appear to be clarifying, as both are making progress. Okung could be back at practice Friday. The NFL trade deadline passed Tuesday with moderate conjecture (the Seahawks were rumored to be pursuing Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen at one point) and no offensive line reinforcements.

Which leaves the Seahawks trying to find a remedy with current personnel.

“We have a long haul here, we are just at the halfway point of the season,” Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said. “These are the guys we are going with and we have to fix it. We are trying. We knew that these guys would be a difficult matchup for us, so we tried to help them, but it just didn’t work out as well as we liked. This was a very tough night on the quarterback.”

After often scrambling to counter the pressure from offensive line’s inability to pass protect in prior weeks, Wilson took the turtle approach Monday night. He had fumbled twice the week before when being clobbered from behind. The Seahawks’ offense had a turnover in every game this season coming into Week 8.

Against the Rams, Wilson curled and covered up when he felt Rams defenders in his personal space.

“I don’t think he scrambled less,” offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said. “I think you’ve got to give the Rams credit. They did a really nice job of trying to keep him in the pocket with some of the pressures that they brought. You saw, there were a couple times that he was able to escape and get outside, but they did a really nice job at keeping him in the pocket.

“The number one thing that we’ve been preaching is taking care of the football. Obviously, interceptions and turnovers, fumbles, those kinds of things have kind of plagued us the last few weeks. And he’s had a few fumbles in the pocket. So we talked about those plays where he’s in the pocket and it comes to a chance where there’s no chance anymore, we used the word  ‘surrender’, but surrender to protect the football so that we don’t give up a bigger play than is already happening for them. I think he did a good job of that. He protected the ball and we didn’t turn it over. He didn’t give up any play and say, ‘Okay, I can’t get out of the pocket,’ there was just no chance to get out of the pocket so he protected the football.”

In the process, what has been Seattle’s No. 1 offensive weapon this year, Wilson scrambling to make things happen, was muted. But, he also didn’t fumble to give the Rams anything easy.

Later today, we’ll take a look at just where those seven sacks came from.


> I wrote about the link between Wilson and Tampa Bay quarterback Mike Glennon.

> The Kitna name is being carried on at Lincoln High sophomore quarterback Jordan Kitna (his father, Jon, is the coach).

> USA today writes that “outcasts and underdogs” fuel the rise of the Seahawks defense.

> The AP wrote about the struggles of the Seahawks’ passing game.

> Here’s San Francisco tight end Vernon Davis on one of the dozen nonsense shows on ESPN saying Seattle is the loudest place to play:

> The AP also writes that Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman have apparently slowed their smack-talk.

> talks to Golden Tate about his two touchdowns, and he says he hadn’t been asked about them since (he was asked about them Monday night, however), “It comes with the territory. I mean, haters make the world go ’round,” Tate said.

> A film room look at Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson and Patriots end Rob Ninkovich from SI’s Greg Bedard, who were ranked No. 1 and No. 3, respectively in Bedard’s edge rusher rankings for last week. No. 2? Robert Quinn of the Rams who torched the Seahawks (Chris Long tied for sixth). St. Louis was No. 1 last week in Bedard’s pressure rate chart, and the Seahawks are second in his season-long pressure rate chart. Lastly, the Seahawks’ offensive line is rated the worst in the NFL by Bedard’s numbers.

> Here’s Mike Holmgren on 950-KJR saying some interesting stuff, per usual, about the Seahawks. He’s fresh off hip surgery. Holmgren starts talking specifically about the Seahawks around the 9-minute mark.

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  1. DreadHawks says:

    Todd, any chance throwback uniforms will be used this weekend? With the celebration of the 83 team and the Bucs being in town it would seem appropriate.

  2. pabuwal says:

    Is it better to have 150 yards of offense and no turnovers or 350 yards of offense and 2 turnovers?

    When Wilson has to completely carry the Offense, that’s the choice they will have to make.

    I’d rather go with the latter.

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That definitely was some good stuff by Holmgren. I especially liked what he said about Cable and the O-line.

  4. jboard1 says:

    What is everyones opinion of this game on sunday? Are you expecting a big win for the hawks? Will you be happy if they win, but its another stinker like last weekend and they only win by 3 points?

  5. HawkfaninMT says:

    I don’t care what the score is as long as it is a win.

    That being said, I want no injuries and I want the OL to show improvement. I want The offense to move the ball consistently and to score TDs in the Red Zone.

    Defense continue to dominate, and shut down the run

  6. jboard1 says:

    That’s where i was trying to aim my question…what if they dont move the ball like last weekend? What if they only score defensive points and still win? Will the feeling be ah, it’s fine we are 8-1…not worried…? I ask because i am getting slammed from people for me being a bit reserved moving forward. I think we all need to see improvement in this team offensively (which i think we will) to really feel good about them hitting their stride. I have friends bashing me because they think it’s not ok for me to need to see improvements. We are all fans, we all want to the same thing, but to reach the ultimate goal, they must improve offensively

  7. Dukeshire says:

    “… dozen nonsense shows on ESPN…” Todd, I love you for saying this. Aside from the actual games, ESPN is nearly unwatchable.

    DreadHawks – Seattle won’t be wearing throwbacks this season. Teams have to petition the league in March (I believe) to wear them for the coming season. Seattle hasn’t made any requests.

  8. Hawkenstein says:

    If they win in the same fashion as Monday night…I will be worried. That type of play won’t cut it for some of the other upcoming games. Saying that though. .. I think they bounce back with a convincing win on Sunday.

  9. jboard1 says:

    Agreed Hawkenstein. I think they are too good to not adjust and continue with the missed assignments as they did against the Rams. I won’t be at this game, but i’m hoping the 12’s bring it like it’s the 9ers again. Sunday can’t come soon enough

  10. montanamike2 says:

    No injuries and a win, last year we went on a tear after looking mediocre. I can’t wait for our Tackles to get back.

  11. montanamike2 says:

    In the second half.

  12. wallinator says:

    Interview with Jon Kitna talking about Coaching at Lincoln and his time in the NFL On the Double with The Double S Xpress @DoubleSXpress

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t see them playing In the same fashion as Monday night simply because they won’t be facing the same Defensive line.

    Even without all the other mistakes, (the Seahawks made Monday night) the Ram’s played us very tough, (in both games) last year too. They are just a tough matchup for us.

    I see the Seahawks bouncing back big time against the Bucs.

  14. montanamike2 says:

    12th man will show up this week.

  15. HawkfaninMT says:

    Curiosity strikes me…

    @duke: Maybe you have read up on the rulebook regarding throwbacks… What if the Hawks-Broncos make the SB. Think they would allow it? That would be sooooo cool. Old AFC West times jerseys… The NFL/Broncos/Seahawks/Profit Sharing would make a handfull of cash over the jersey sales as well

  16. yakimahawk says:

    Tampa’s D is not that bad ranked at #14 and being on the field for the most part of most games. But their O is horrid. I think the Hawks get back to running the ball and controlling the clock. I see the first shut out of the year…SEA 20 TB 0

  17. yakimahawk says:

    @ Georgia…Totally agree, the Rams are the worst match up for us in the NFL easy. Last year we scored 13 in a loss and 20 in a win, for a 16.5 point average…That’s it! And we had Okung and Breno for both of those games.

  18. montanamike2 says:

    I think the Rams have a bright future, we’ll have to draft well to stay ahead of them in years to come. NFC WEST is scary for years to come.

  19. FleaFlicker says:

    Part of me is predicting a similar game to the 58-0 beatdown last year when the Cards came to town.

    That loss was so bad, it got Wisenhunt fired. The Bucs players may see a similar opportunity to be rid of Schiano.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    HawkfaninMT – That would be awesome. I don’t know about throwbacks during the playoffs, but the rules do say they can only be worn twice in a single season.

  21. yankinta says:

    I completely agree with Vickerson….That was ugly!! This is not European Basketball nor Soccer!! There’s no place for Flopping in the NFL!!

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Although I’m very happy to get rookies like Sherman, Baldwin and Wright in 2010 it would have been nice to have drafted this guy instead of Moffitt.

    We sure can use a player like this now-

  23. You can only have 1 alternate uniform combination, so unless they get rid of the wolf greys, we won’t have throwbacks, unfortunately.

  24. I’m pretty positive there is a rule about no throwbacks in the playoffs.

  25. chuck_easton says:

    To Follow up on what Duke was saying about throwback uniforms and to answer HawkfaninMT’s secondary question.

    Teams must petition the league prior to the start of the season to wear throwback uniforms. That has been further complicated this season by a new ruling that teams MUST wear their current helmets.

    Teams can no longer go to older looking helmets when they wear their throwbacks. So, NE can’t wear the old Red and White with the White Patriot helmet. That is also why you saw GB wearing their old throwback Jerseys and pants but their current yellow helmets with the G and the stripe removed.

    TB can’t wear their old throwbacks because they’d have to wear the Creamsickle Jersey and Pants with the current Pewter helmet.

    Denver can’t go to their old ORANGE CRUSH look because that uniform had a lighter blue helmet with the big D on the side.

    Seattle, even if they petitioned to wear the throwbacks, would have to wear them with the current dark blue helmet.

    Also, as for the Alternate Third Jersey, teams can only wear the alternate Jersey two times during any one season. Seattle wore them in Texas and in Arizona. No more Wolf Grey Jersey’s this season.

    Now the alternate grey pants can be worn as much as the team cares to so they can still mix/match with the blue, white, grey pants. Just for the remainder of the season it is the away white and home blue jerseys.

  26. SaigonSun says:

    Jonathan Martin won’t be back to play for Miami. Should we go after him? Can a trade be allowed after the trading deadline has expired?

  27. chuck_easton says:


    Short answer NO.

    Trade deadline is over. No trades.

    Miami can cut Martin. But after the trade deadline has expired ALL players cut from here on out must go through waivers no matter how long they’ve been in the league.

    This stops the nudge/nudge, wink/wink, release of a player with the full knowledge that the player wants to sign with one of the better teams.

    Oh, and remember that the order of preference in waivers is no longer based on last year’s finish. It is now based on current standings.

    Jax, TB get first pick. As Seattle is currently #1 in the NFC they are currently 31 on the waiver list just ahead of 8-0 Kansas City.

    Any player of any value or talent will not make it to Seattle any time soon. This team’s only options are players that everybody in the league passed over and guys on the street.

  28. chuck_easton says:

    Further on Jonathan Martin. The NFLPA is investigating the matter in relation to alegations of bullying by other players.

    Miami can’t even release Martin at this point. The only two options available to them are to continue to carry him on their active roster or place him on the Inactive/non-football Injury list so they can gain a roster spot.

  29. HawkfaninMT says:

    Bullying sounds a little high school to me. Martin is a grown man and I am sure there are ways he could have prevented this. I will be shocked if the Dolphins are punished in any way because of hazing or bullying.

    (Mike Gundy voice) I am a man! I know there is no way I would allow myself to be put in such a position that I would walk out on my job simply because my co-workers are being meanies to me.

    This guy plays on the Offensive Line and he sounds as soft as our defense with Jennings and Wilson as our starting corners were.

  30. Can anyone here tell me the rules governing what protective cups the players may wear?

  31. chuck_easton says:

    Well, not to jump to any conclusions here, but there are under currents of this being a situation where the NFL might have it’s first active player who just might be gay or his team mates think he is gay and are making things difficult.

    There is more to this story than the big guy had his feelings hurt and he just isn’t tough enough to take the ‘good natured ribbing’.

  32. Mental illness has more to do with it than being soft or tough.

  33. chuck_easton says:


    None. Football doesn’t allow the use of cups. Sounds strange, but when my son went from Hockey, where they are mandatory, to football where they are not allowed it took him some time to get used to not wearing one.

    The reason is that the placement of the cup could cause worse damage if someone were to go full force with their helmet into the cup.

  34. HawkfaninMT says:

    @bbmate: I suppose I should have said barring mental illness on martin’s part. Given a mental illness he gets a pass from me

    @Chuck: Interesting that thought did not even occur to me. If that is the case, I am still not sure a punishment would come the Dolphins way beyond the team having to do “sensitivity training” of some kind.

  35. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    We just need to destroy Tampa an get some rhythm back on offense. I’m actually happy about Monday’s game. We needed to eat some humble pie. This will only help us out in the long run. Let the entire league forget about us and consider us underdogs, I like that!!

  36. MT, I heard that he had some sort of breakdown. That to me suggests some significant mental illness or stress, but I don’t know the details of his situation.

  37. banosser says:

    “What is everyones opinion of this game on sunday? Are you expecting a big win for the hawks? Will you be happy if they win, but its another stinker like last weekend and they only win by 3 points?”

    I was very happy walking out of StL with a W… it meant HFA was still in our favor.. or at the very least it hadn’t been thrown away… As far as this coming game against winless TB… If there isn’t a big improvement in the oline play, with the increased focus and questions about their performance after last week.. then I would be very concerned going forward.. thankfully tho we will be getting Okung and Breno back in the next couple/few weeks.. and that alone alleviates much of my concern.. as long as we don’t give a game away in the meantime that we should win (TB, ATL, MN)..

    As far as the Dline goes… I once again expect a vast improvement over their performance last week.. I expect them to show up very focused and hold TB to <75 yrds rushing if not <50

    I see last week as one of the very few games where the lines didn't show up as focus as they should have been (were they going up against a very talented Rams defensive front.. sure, but that was utterly ridiculous).. and luckily they got away with it and pulled out the W… it might in fact have been worth it in that all those forty-whiner fans watching MNF who thought they were unexpectedly gonna be tied for the Div lead, ended up heartbroken at the defensive stand and final victory for the Hawks..

    That game 8 was actually a pretty good time to have a scare to refocus the Hawks leading into the second half and let Okung and Breno (& Harvin if his hip is ok) know that they better be ready and focused to come in and solidify the O for the stretch run into the playoffs..

  38. Ya i’d like this team to get back to making good teams look bad and making bad teams looks terrible. Like during their hot stretch last year. I want that back. It must start now, cuz like Pete says, it’s not how you start it’s how you finish. 2nd half of the season starts now.

  39. jawpeace says:

    Chuck if the new helmet with the old jersey is accurate then that is an idiotic rule. And no cup? The NFL obviously is ignorant of the Nutty Buddy. I saw on sports science(even though I am not as big as a fan with the bad science they used on the fail Mary catch)them swinging a baseball bat at the cup and the guy getting hit was totally fine.

    Okay I have been waiting all week for mid season grades and have not seen them. Here are my grades.
    QB- B+
    Rb- B
    OL- D
    WR- C
    TE- B-

    Dl- B+
    LB- B+
    DB- A-

    K- A
    P- A-
    KR- B
    PR- B
    STC(special teams coverage) B+

  40. chuck_easton says:


    From what I’ve read, the new helmet rule is a reaction to the concussion issue.

    The NFL doesn’t want a situation where a player wears one helmet all season long and for that one game in the throwback uniform he is given an entirely different helmet. Should a player suffer a head injury in the throwback game he could potentially claim that it was because he wasn’t wearing his regular helmet.

    The NFL has said that all players must wear the same headgear that they have worn all season. Nothing is stopping a team from painting all the helmets and then re-painting them after the game, or removing the decals and putting different ones on, but teams can no longer have different helmets during the year.

  41. jawpeace says:

    Just read that Tate was fined $7875 for taunting. I did not know the NFL had a taunt fine. Does it surprise me… No the commish fine system is a joke. It also would not surprise me that if he just created one.

  42. banosser says:

    I’m surprised it wasn’t $20k

  43. pabuwal says:

    Justin Blackmon suspended indefinitely – Substance Abuse Violation

  44. pabuwal says:

    Blackmon’s suspension begins immediately. He will be eligible to apply for reinstatement prior to the start of the 2014 season.

  45. Southendzone says:

    Blackmon AGAIN for substance? That’s horrible. What a wasted draft pick by the Jags. Feel bad for them.

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:
  47. jboard1 says:

    LOL Geogia, i just snicked like a 10 year old boy watching that GIF. That is just fantastic

  48. jboard1 says:


  49. yankinta says:

    The First FLEX of the Seasson….makes me HAPPY wont’ have to see Packers-Giants… :)

    I’m hoping they FLEX our Dec 8th game at 49ers or Dec 15th game at the Giants (if Giants are still in the NFC East Race)….

  50. jawpeace says:

    Stupid Blackmon. He just hurt my Fantasy team probably worse than he hurt the Jags. As how can you hurt a Jag team that is already sooo bad.

  51. pabuwal says:

    The December 8 game vs the 49ers won’t be flexed. Fox will protect that game so it will remain in it’s current spot.

  52. yankinta says:

    pabuwal,, CBS protected this game too but they ended up giving it up,, at least that’s what I heard… :)

  53. grizindabox24 says:

    Fox has announced that they intend to protect the Hawks-Niners game from being Flexed. Things can change though up until the 12 day deadline.

  54. pabuwal says:

    Fox has the doubleheader on 12/8. The doubleheader almost always out rates the Sunday Night Game. There is no way Fox is giving that one up.

    CBS did not have the doubleheader the week of Broncos-Chiefs, that belonged to Fox for Saints-49ers.

  55. doubledink says:

    The Niners already have 5 prime time games. no more are allowed.

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