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Quinn: ‘We were disappointed from a run-game standpoint’

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Oct. 31, 2013 at 6:10 pm with 10 Comments »
October 31, 2013 6:10 pm

Here’s what defensive coordinator Dan Quinn had to say Thursday:

(On evaluating Earl Thomas’ play this season…)  “I think he’s really on it in terms of the exact technique of what we want, the mindset from practice to the game. You guys are out here for reports on practice and I don’t know if you can sense the intensity he brings out to practice. So it starts for him in the walk-through. When he gets on the grass, he’s all business. It really carries over in to the game with the way he prepares and the way he plays. He’s off to an outstanding start and is someone we kind of targeted in terms of the way he had an offseason and the way he wanted to go about it. It’s lining up for him exactly like he’d like.”

(On the biggest evolution in Thomas’ game since his rookie season…)  “The speed has always been there, number one. You felt how fast he practiced. I think now the experience of seeing the routes and now being able to play the technique where before he might have just reacted when the play happened to now, he understands – you’ll hear him talking on the field in terms of a split or an alignment or a formation, that’s the biggest thing I see. Because the intensity, the desire, the will has always been there with him. You saw that at Texas and then it carried into his first year, how hard he practiced and played. Now, the added factor of experience and the recognition and I think that’s the biggest difference.”

(On the recognition being evident in Thomas pointing out the wheel route to Bruce Irvin before Irvin’s interception in St. Louis…)  “Yeah, perfect example of that. And that’s one example of many where he really sees the information and now can say it. Often times in the meetings, he’s one of the first ones (when we ask), ‘What is this?’ He’s the one to call it out. So, couldn’t be more fired up about a guy in terms of his preparation, the attitude and his mindset that he brings to our team.”

(On Thomas being 24 years old…) “Yeah, he’s a rare guy, he really is. The whole mindset, attitude, everything – I really can’t say that enough about him because we see what he brings on Sunday but there’s a lot that goes into him getting ready to play and he really has the right approach about it.”

(On the Rams’ running game after looking at the tape…)  “It’s something for us that we’re certainly disappointed in terms of our standard. One, let’s give them credit because they did a good job. For us, it wasn’t just one thing to say, ‘Boy, if we had just done this one thing better…’ We lost the edge on two occasions, we lost the inside twice where our gap control wasn’t just quite right. So it wasn’t just one thing that we didn’t have just exactly tight like we normally do. But I’ll give them credit and it’s certainly something we’ll work moving forward. We take a lot of pride in terms of the stoutness and edge-setting and we play big guys inside so we have a real style that we play to and we were disappointed from a run-game standpoint.”

(On the Rams’ patience in the run game and if it was a different pace than Seattle’s defense was used to…)  “I think with their team, they’re more of an inside running team so maybe some of the ones that wound back were normally the play might bounce outside and you could set the edge easier, where some of them came back inside.  But it was a lot of what they had shown prior to that so that’s why we maybe had some frustration in the run game where it wasn’t totally a new scheme that we brought out for the game.”

(On guys over-running plays as well vs. the Rams…)  “Yeah, that kind of goes back to them being a solid inside running team. We kind of brought it up and went through it back on the sideline and at half. Thought we played better in the third quarter but they got us on a couple runs – the first one in the fourth quarter when it got outside. So those are things for us to come back and practice and fix and for us, each week, there’s things to emphasize and that’s one for us this week.”

(On Mike Glennon throwing the ball so much and if that’s a product of the Buccaneers being behind or just their style of play…)  “I think some of them were a function of them being behind because they’re really a committed running team. They’ve got a real style about them and how they do. But some of them came towards the end of the game in some of the games and there were some close ones too. But I think it was more function of how the game develops. You guys know sometimes it’s more of a wide open game and other games it’s really close and they’re going to play it close – not them in particular but in the league – and that’s one of the fun things about coaching in the NFL is every week it’s on and the competition and the new things that happen, that’s one of the things we enjoy most about it. I think it was just more function of how the game went.”

(On Bruce Irvin’s play…)  “Yeah, you guys were here in camp too, but I think we saw what we thought he could be at linebacker, you know, through the training camp, through OTAs. He didn’t play in a lot of the preseason games but if you watched practice and had been out here, you’d say, ‘Okay, he has all the things we’re looking for to play outside linebacker.’ He can rush, he can drop, he can play guys man to man. So when he came back, we were hoping he could pick up where he left off in terms of the skill and that kind of stuff. So for him, fired up for him because he came back and it carried on right through to the regular season.”

(On the last two plays at the goal line stand vs. the Rams…)  “On the first play with Heath [Farwell], I thought just a really aggressive, good tackle by him down on the goal line. Then on the next play, it was just us taking a shot and going ahead and being aggressive at the end of the game. You can really gain something from that as a player. Everything’s on the line, right here to win it. You can gain something from that as a player, going through that. They stood up exactly like we think they would.”

(On the play calls and if they wouldn’t have worked to go all out like they did if the Rams had called a different type of play…)  “Always. Yeah, that’s part of all of what coaching is – you think of it as let’s go take our shot. Certainly on the defensive side, you know, let’s go take our best play and our best shot here.”

(On Heath Farwell’s stop…) “Yeah, earlier in the year he made a terrific play in goal line vs. Denver when he knocked a ball out on goal line and Brandon [Browner] returned it for a long one. So yeah, he’s our goal line guy.”

(On the four man rush vs. St. Louis…) “I think one of the things that’s helped us is now that we’ve had a few weeks to have guys work together. I know that may sound unusual but as a rusher, who’s the end or who’s the tackle or your running games or doing stuff together where you have to get some time accumulated together. Clem [Chris Clemons] wasn’t here, Bruce [Irvin] wasn’t here, Cliff [Avril] missed time – so now with those guys all now being available, they’ve had more practice ops together so I think that cohesion’s a little better.”

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  1. raymaines says:

    I think Seattle and K.C are both headed for a really crappy game.

    Except that Seattle already had their bad day and they beat St. Louis and look forward to Tampa Bay, @Atlanta and Minnesota while K.C. plays @Denver, San Diego and Denver in the next three weeks.

    I don’t mean to sound like an arrogant jerk, but it really sucks to be from any place other than Seattle right now.

  2. montanamike2 says:

    Smith shouldn’t be allowed to play,at the very least this year, if i did what he did i’d be doing time. So much for Harbaugh’s moral “high ground”.

  3. NYHawkFan says:

    I’m still trying to figure out why we do so poorly against the Rams. Was is some sort of perfect storm; too much time off following the Arizona win? Did we not take the Rams seriously? Power rankings go to the Hawks head? It wasn’t just a bad performance, it was painful to watch the Rams game. We seemed inept in so many areas. Maybe I’m wringing my hands because I’m having to reevaluate whether the Hawks are as good a team as we hope they are.

    I haven’t lost track of the fact that we beat the Rams and that we’re 7-1, but when Quinn simply says he was “disappointed in terms of our standard,” that’s an understatement wouldn’t you say? If we don’t have a couple of breakout performances against lesser teams real soon, I question whether we will beat SF or the Saints. And that would be tragic.

  4. NYHawkFan says:

    * did so poorly

  5. ChrisHolmes says:

    “I’m still trying to figure out why we do so poorly against the Rams. Was is some sort of perfect storm; too much time off following the Arizona win? Did we not take the Rams seriously? Power rankings go to the Hawks head? It wasn’t just a bad performance, it was painful to watch the Rams game. We seemed inept in so many areas. Maybe I’m wringing my hands because I’m having to reevaluate whether the Hawks are as good a team as we hope they are.”

    I think in the simplest terms it was a game where the guys didn’t execute well, and those failures prevented the offense from maintaining any sort of momentum or sustaining any drives.

    Defensively we gave up a ton of rushing yards, sure, but we limited them to 9 points. So that’s a win. The rushing issue – that was, again, poor execution and poor gap control, and those guys know it and will fix it.

    The offensive side had multiple failures. The OL didn’t block well, obviously, but we’ve been able to survive that in the past because of perfect execution in other areas – Wilson making plays with his feet, guys catching every ball thrown their way, and no penalties.

    Well, we had plenty of penalties to call plays back, guys dropped key passes that would have kept drives alive, and Wilson wasn’t able to get outside of the pocket when the line blew it.

    Add all that up and you had an offense that couldn’t sustain a drive.

    What I do NOT think is responsible is anything you listed: time off, power rankings, or any of that nonsense. These guys are pros, and they just didn’t execute on a play-by-play basis.

    You can survive a game with a failed execution here or there. But when you repeatedly fail on every single offensive possession – fail to catch the ball, fail to run without a holding penalty, fail to get block the DL and continue to allow sacks – then you’re going to fail as a whole team.

    We escaped with a win when we really had no right to it. But we have something the Rams lack: explosive playmaking ability. They kept us down all night – save for one play. And it was a play they couldn’t make and and haven’t been able to make all year. The Rams are simply not an explosive team. So… 10 seconds of football saved the game. Praise Wilson, Tate and Baldwin (for attracting the safety).

    I still believe in this team and their potential. They haven’t put together a really complete game yet. The OL is struggling and we’re missing starters. Those guys will come back. And with any luck, Percy will be playing too.

    There’s a lot of *good* to look forward to. Let’s see how this weekend goes.

  6. Right – I think the Rams game came down to a couple things, a ChrisHolmes points out – – some key errors (drops, penalties), and unusually bad match-up issues with our Tackles vs. their DE’s.

    I’d still like to think our offense has some ways around those bad match-ups, and maybe they’ll figure something out scheme-wise until Okung/Breno get back – but that’s the key question for the rest of this season, can our O-line play at a level that’s high enough to get our team where we want to go.

    Even though our D had a bad game against the run in this one game, I’m not worried about that side of that ball.

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