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Carroll: ‘We have to get our game right’

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Oct. 31, 2013 at 10:24 am with 19 Comments »
October 31, 2013 10:26 am

Comments on Darrell Bevell an offensive lineman J.R. Sweezy are toward the bottom:

(Opening…) “First off, what’s really important coming to mind is that we’re getting home coming to play in front of our fans at CenturyLink. The point about that is one obviously we love playing here and our fans have been incredible, but what has really been noticeable the last few weeks on the road are the people turning out for us wherever we go. When we’re leaving here they’re here for us, when we get back late at night they’re here for us when we’re showing up, and the 12th Man is extended well beyond CenturyLink. I know our coaches and our players all really appreciate what we’ve had. Back in Arizona was a great crowd, we had another one last week and they went crazy. They waited all the way until we left after midnight. The spirit of the 12th Man is everything is everywhere, and it’s really exciting and fun for our guys. we appreciate the heck out of it. Sometimes all it is is a horn honk at the bus so we don’t get to give them a whole lot, but it’s pretty cool and we’re really excited about that… This week comes quickly to us obviously with playing Monday Night. We’re cranking to get this thing going, the game plan is well under way, it’s a really important plan for us and we have to get moving. There are some areas that we want to improve on obviously from last week. We’d like to keep the winning going, we’d like to play better and perform better, so there is some stuff that they’re working on. I didn’t mention much after the game and all about what Bruce Irvin did in this game. Bruce had a fantastic game for us. he was all over the place, he had eight tackles, and he had a sack and a forced fumble and a pick. He just looked really comfortable playing the position and all of the different things that we’re doing with him. If there was a thought that this was an experiment at one time, it’s totally working out and we’re really excited about what he’s doing. a lot of guys played well, but I just didn’t mention him and I thought it was worth it. As we track his return to us, and the transition that he’s gone through, he’s doing some really cool stuff. so I just thought that was worth noting. This week getting ready again, we have some areas we have to improve on. We really made mistakes in this game that hurt us.

Defensively in the run game a number of time, and the corrections that we made did not hold during the game as well as we’d like and they continued to run the ball. The rest of it was fine, our effort was good, we were hauling tail around, making tackles and making plays and stuff, but we just misread some things and didn’t fit things the way we normally do. It added up to a lot of running yards and they did a really good job to take advantage of that. It kind of happened on the other side too; we made a lot of mistakes in this game. this is a really important week for us to get back to really being fundamentally solid and on point, on both sides of the football. It was interesting that the special teams were dead on it all the way across the board. They had a great game for us, so there were no problems there, it just happened on offense and defense, in particular upfront on both sides. Our focus really goes there and we want to see if we can improve our play… Tampa coming in, they come off of a little break here, and I know that they’re going to be dying to get their season going and rolling in the right direction. This is a very tough football team, they’re very physical, and they had a very rigorous start their first four games. They were in every one of those games and could’ve won them all. They’re very difficult to take and I know they want to get back going again and get rolling so we know that they’re going to get their best shot. They’re very aggressive on defense; they have a lot of playmakers and highlighted guys that make plays. They’ve turned the game over on offense to Mike Glennon, and Mike has done a great job starting off. He’s thrown the ball more than anybody in the history of the league in his first four starts as a rookie from what I understand stat wise. That’s a big statement about what they feel about him, and how they trust him to handle their game, and he’s done well so far. We know that we get a wide open attack on offense, we have a very aggressive attack on defense, and one of the most fit special groups that we see in terms of their speed, and it matches up very well with us. We’re going to take this opportunity to come back and get this second half started very seriously. We have to get our game right, and our ball right and I’m hoping that’ll turn and translate into a real nice win for us.”

(On the defense being really tired after game and if conditioning was an issue…) “No I don’t think that was the case at all. I think the fact that it was such an emotional finish had a lot to do with it. It’s rare when a bunch of guys get that opportunity to stand up at the end of the game, and they expended every ounce that they had. I think that’s really what we were talking about in the locker room afterwards. I know Earl Thomas, Chris Clemons and some of the guys had given it everything they had to get that finish to come through. That’s a very special moment for a group of guys out there. you don’t get that chance many times to have to stand up against it play after play after play after play, and then get the win like you want to with exceptional effort and play. I think that was the expense that happened. It was the culmination of the whole game that occurred we had 80 plays too or something like that on defense. That was a lot for us. On the other side of the ball, the offense is really fresh so we’ll counter it that way.”

(On losing Sidney Rice…) “Well it affects us because he’s a guy that we’ve gone too for a number of years here. we trusted the heck out of him, he’s a terrific football player, he’s a great catcher, he really knows the system really well. he’s been around Darrell Bevell for so long that he really has it mastered, and so he helps other people around him play well and adjust and things as need be. I was sick for him, and I know it was a very unusual situation because he didn’t think he was hurt that badly. It wasn’t a real violent play that took place, but it just caught him exactly wrong, and nobody thought that he was that seriously hurt until he took the MRI and they found out that his ACL was in trouble. It’s very unfortunate, and he’s been a big part of it so we’re going to miss the heck out of him. But as always this is where it calls for the next guys. So Doug Baldwin steps up and Jermaine Kearse steps up to fill in, and we’ll move up Ricardo Lockette and count on all of those guys to take up the slack. When you have a veteran guy like that that we’ve counted on for a long time that’s big in the system you’re going to miss him.”

(On Percy Harvin…) “He’s still with the rehab guys today. We’ll see how that goes and we’ll see what tomorrow means.”

(On Earl Thomas…) “He played a really complete football game. He had a lot of opportunities to make physical plays, real explosive plays that he kind of specializes in with his quickness and his mentality of going after stuff. It was just a complete football game is what he played. He might have had six or seven highlight plays in the game of just firing up and making big time tackles and stuff so it was really cool to see him do that. He was a big part of the goal line situation too down there. He did a great job.”

(On a possible setback for Percy Harvin…) “With the workload that he’s had to endure to get back and get in shape, there is going to be some stuff and he’s been a little bit sore from last week so we just want to make sure that we don’t go too far too fast. We’re looking for the long haul thinking here in his recovery so we just want to make sure that we can manage our way through that. We’re being very careful, and he didn’t do whole lot last week, he did very little. It seems like it’s best to keep him in that mode for a little bit longer. We’ll see.”

(On there being more missed tackles vs. Rams…) “Numbers wise it didn’t come out like that. We actually took ourselves out of position some and the ball carrier went running by us more than we had the tackle opportunities. I wish we would’ve had the chance to miss the tackles. We just weren’t as sharp, and they did a little something with their game plan that was nice. It wasn’t brand new stuff, but they executed really well, and once they saw it working they stayed with it. We didn’t adjust as well as we would’ve liked and come through consistently. We did some, but not enough, and so they had a big day on us.”

(On if he puts more emphasis on defense in the 4th quarter when he’s evaluating…) “We put tremendous amount of emphasis on finishing. That’s a huge deal for us in all phases, and all aspects of our play, and it’s certainly is amplified at the end of the game on either side of the ball. There was a stat that somebody put in front of me about protecting leads in the last two minutes of a game, and it was a tremendous stat that we showed that is really a statement that we would like to stand for. We would like to be able to execute at our best when it’s all on the line at the end. If it’s the defense or the offense or whoever has the chance to make that situation come to life, we really do champion that one for sure. That’s huge, that’s a huge deal to us. I think that there’s a whole mentality about finishing that takes a long time to hammer home, and how you do it and how you get it done, and why you spend so much time emphasizing it. One, it’s obvious that it’s a critical situation, but once you start to grab hold of that it really can take shape and you can become a great finishing team. We’re trying to learn how to do that.”

(On more challenges throughout NFL protecting the QB with sacks up across the NFL…) “I don’t know that that has changed, I don’t know that it’s that much different. I think that it’ll go in waves here. I think that everybody will not allow that to happen. We’re working hard too as well. There is nothing different that is happening defensively, people aren’t scheming differently than before. I don’t really have much to say about it, but I don’t think that anything has changed drastically.’

(On most glaring mistakes on offensive line…) “The glaring ones were missed assignments when we actually had a chance to make a play and we missed an opportunity. There were a number of those, enough of those to make it feel bad. It wasn’t always the offensive lineman, backs missed a pick up here and there, and we missed a couple of things with the tight end helping out and chipping and stuff like that. It was enough that happened that really made it a very hard night. It was kind of like what happened on defense. There were enough bad plays that occurred on defense to give them a bunch of running yards. I don’t know why that happened other than we just have to execute better, we have to be more fundamentally sound, and communicate better so that we don’t miss those opportunities, but it was a glaring part of that game that made a big difference.”
(On Doug Baldwin…) “It was nothing by design it just happened that way. We love what he does. We’ll get him involved by throwing it to him, but he’s in the offense and he’ll be a big part. He’ll have more opportunity with Sidney not being in there now. We’re excited to see him start in a game, and play, and Jermaine Kearse play a bunch and all of the guys add to it.”

(On Russell Okung and Breno Giacomini…) “Matter of fact they are out there playing real strict attention to what’s going on. Russell has a chance to come back, I believe Friday for the first time, and Breno is chomping at the bit, he’s getting really close. Russell he’s got a process to get through, but I think the first day that he can practice is Friday. Breno is really day to day right now. I would think by next week he would be pretty active in what’s going on. So we’ll see what that means. I can’t project it, but I think that’s what we’re looking forward to.”

(On Russell Wilson “surrendering” the play to protect the ball…) “I understand that that was kind of taken differently. I thought he said it exactly right. What we tried to grab hold of last week is that there are opportunities for him to take care of the football first. If he could recognize that by the nature of the rush and the situation that he was in, we were going to try to do a better job of that. He did a great job of that, more so than the week before he was rushed and had opportunity to where he could have gotten in trouble with the football. The key to us winning that football game is that he did that, and we didn’t give the ball up. The point is that he just was more conscious of putting the ball away and making sure he finished that play with the ball not getting out. That’s all that meant, as opposed to maybe the ball being wild and he’s spinning and running, and getting hammered. I think he recognized the situations; we looked at every one of them. I think the first fear is that he’s not going to try as hard to make the plays he’s going to make. That’s not what he was talking about, and that’s not what we understand about that at all. It was just how he put the ball away when the hits were happening. I thought he did a fantastic job of that and won the football game for us. If we would’ve given them the ball one time we wouldn’t have won. That’s the first age this year that we haven’t turned the football over, and it had nothing to do with the rest of the game. I thought that in those situations he did a great job, and he just told you exactly what it took to get that done, he understood it pretty clearly. That’s another example of Russell fixing something. I’ve told you before when something comes up and it’s a big issue, and we need to do something about it he fixes it, and he did. Hopefully he continues to take care of the ball like that and it’ll help us win the next game.”

(On if sacks are a result of holding ball too long…) “No. I don’t think that at all.”

(On any changes along Offensive line…) “No we’re still trying to grow and do as well as we can with these guys. We’ve committed here for the right reasons and to the right guys, and our guys are ready to jump in when we need them. We need every snap we can get to stay together and develop the continuity that it takes to really function really well.”

(On importance of this Wednesday’s practice…) “It is important. Today was a combined day. We start off the week on Monday and we get to the truth of what happened on a normal week. So today we had to kind of divide that meeting up, and so we did it, got to it, talked about it, showed all of the plays and the stuff we needed to attend to, and then broke off and came back and started off the day for the week’s preparation of competition Wednesday. It’s really important. I think that we have to learn how to let the stuff go one way or the other, big game, bad game whatever, so that you can focus on the next on so we’ll try to demonstrate that again. We’ll find out how we practice today. We’re in a different mode today again because it’s a short week. It’s not the kind of running around practice that we normally have on a Wednesday, it’s a different focus for us, but it’s crucial that we do a really good job of this. Most importantly we need to go to today and focus on what’s happening. That’s what we’re trying to get done.”

(On the mindset of Marshawn Lynch…) “No. He and I sat on the plane the other night coming home. We were both sitting in frustration for over the exact same issue. We didn’t get the ball to him in ways that we had hoped to because of the way the game turned out. There was no intention in it at all. Unfortunately we didn’t get him going. That’s not how we play. Hopefully we’ll do better this time, sometimes it happens, and it was unfortunate for a lot of reasons, but I share the frustration with him. I don’t mind one bit him being frustrated about that, I was too.”

(On the NFL possibly taking away TDs for taunting…) “No I think that’s a terrible thing to do. I think it puts too much pressure on the officials to change a game like that. The actions that the league took in this case were warranted exactly, but I think that would be a terrible thing for an official. I think it’s terrible in college football to put it on a back judge to have to figure out whether they should take the touchdown away in a game. Wasn’t there a play here with Jake Locker a few years back when he threw the ball in the air or something like that? That was horrible, that was a horrible call to affect a game, which should just not be part of what the official has to call. Throw the flag, do the normal thing, and then take care of business afterwards. Taking a look at that situation, just to say it again, that’s not the way we want to present who we are and we’re all about. It was a mistake that Golden Tate has totally taken accountability for and all of that. I just wish it wouldn’t have happened for a lot of reasons. The statement that he made, and that we make about it, I hope is clear. There is no place for that in football, we don’t need that at all, and that’s not part of this game at all. He gets the regular scrutiny that he should get, and he’ll take it.”

(On the first half of the season and how does he feel about where the team is…) “Well we’ve accomplished all that we could with what was left after the Indianapolis loss. It was really important that we finish this first half; we do look at the season in quarters to keep the perspective of what’s going on. We’ve accomplished a lot at the halfway point, but we are so far away from playing the way we’re capable of playing that it’s exciting to see where we can take it. We have to find the focus to make the very most of today, and that’s what we got to do every single day through this thing, and just keep on taking it one step at a time, and keep marching, and correct the things that we can correct, and control the things that we can control, and the things that we can we leave them outside and we don’t mess with them. If we can do a good job a good job of that we’re going to have a pretty darn good season, but it’s a long ways from being over right now, it’s just the halfway point. I’m happy that we finished it as well as we could have, I’m excited about the start of the second half. To me it’s the beginning of the finish is where we are right now. It’s the first game in the finish aspect of the season, so we’ll see where we go with it.”

(On winning four of five road games…) “I think that’s a big accomplishment. We were 2-3 on the road last year at this time. I think that’s a big improvement on a football team. I can totally feel it and see it in the way we approach, in the way we show up on game day, and t in the way we have played. It’s been a much more consistent mentality, and it’s given us a chance to win the games that have been very hard. They’re so hard to win. How that one looked, or if you go back to the Houston game, it’s so difficult to get those games, and we would’ve done anything to get that Indianapolis game. Regardless of what it took in the finish. We get stronger, we get smarter, and we have more resolve I think as we move forward with the history of these first halves. We’ll see what happens.”

(On the NFC West…) “It’s the middle of the season so we don’t know. I have no idea. You can’t tell anything right now I don’t think. I think everybody is capable of beating everybody else. People are healthy enough that they could put out good games, so we’ll have to just keep taking it one step at a time for everybody. I think everybody has a chance to have a very successful season in our division. Our teams are tough so we’ll see what happens.”

(On the responsibility for getting Marshawn Lynch going…) “It’s a lot of things. The execution doesn’t allow you to get him going. When you go 2-11 on third down, you don’t get first down again. There’s a good likelihood that he gets the ball on first and second down when we get those new series. It’s a number of things. If you’re asking me who we should blame, I’m not in to that. It’s not a question of that, it’s just the game and how it comes off sometimes, it doesn’t always work out the way you want it to. We would like to play for a lot more than 45 plays. Get us 60 plays and we’ll show you how it worked out. It just didn’t happen.”

(On Ricardo Lockette…) “Well he just kind of got caught in the numbers game. He’s always been a tremendous high potential guy. He has great speed, he has fantastic catching range and hands, but he’s a very inexperienced football player. He did not come out of college with a lot of background so he was behind trying to catch up all of the time. He’s had his moments with us and we really appreciate what he brings. The experiences that he’s had in the other two clubs that he’s been with seem to have broadened his sense and awareness and stuff. When we got him back out here, he jumped right back it. He recalled what we had done, he didn’t get confused by the new systems, so he’s put himself in a chance to compete to be part of this team. We know that he has great range and great speed and we love that he adds to the group.”

(On Darrell Bevell having total control on play calling…) “I’ve always been involved. I’ve always been involved going into the plan with absolute trust in the process with what he does, and all that our caches bring on offense, but there is times because I want the games to go in a particular fashion. I try to do it really well which means doing it in between series and halftime when the breaks are there. I try never to influence him in the middle of his sequencing because that is a terrible thing to do to a play caller. There has been a couple of times where I’m like ‘oh no’ about a call, but for the most part, 99.9 percent of the time he’s rolling. He takes input from all of our guys, particularly from Tom Cable in the run game. So we work that connection. We’re on the headsets together and I hear everything that is going when the offense is on the ball. We have a way now, we’ve been together long enough that we work in a very fluid sense, and I think he does a fantastic job at calling plays. He mixes beautifully, he maintains the balance that we want, he knows how to make the big calls, and he knows how to go for it. I love the way that Darrell Bevel calls the game. But there are times when we might say with this much time left with the way we’re playing on defense, let’s go this way, or that way. So we just work together on it, and it’s a very good open conversation that we have. I will say that maybe there is a handful, maybe three or four plays, that I might influence, and sometimes it’s a little bit more than that, but rarely it’s any more than that.”

(On the thought of taking a timeout at end of rams game…) “Yeah, sure. We were in that discussion from the beginning and I liked the way it was going, I liked the way the tension, and I thought it was going to come down to us beating them on the last couple of plays. I thought just the drama of it helped us. We think that we could’ve saved 20 or 30 seconds in there, and we could have, but I kind of liked the way that it was going and I wanted to take it right down to that last play. I thought that was freakin’ awesome, I loved it.”

(On Heath Farwell in game on stand…) “Yeah we were in goal line defense. He plays in the goal line package, and he made a great play.”

(On thought of giving J.R. Sweezy a break early in game…) “No he came back well. The hands that slipped to the facemask, that happens. The hold was a legit hold, both penalties were legit penalties, but we’ve committed to him. We think that he is a fine football player for us, and he has to work his way through getting a little wiser about when to and when not to. Had it happened another time early on maybe? I’ve done that in the past. I don’t mind sitting Breno Giacomini down or the fellows down every once in a while if we have to. I didn’t think that that warranted it then. Really more after when we’re doing the jumping offsides and we’re sloppy at the line of scrimmage to get our guys a chance. Or the real late hits that a couple of our favorite guys had had over the years, but not in that situation.”

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  1. John_Schneider says:

    Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback. Pete and I frequently read this blog, but rarely comment.

    We realize that there may be a slight personnel issue on the offensive line, and we tried hard at the deadline to get a deal done. Unfortunately, nothing worked out. Denver was unwilling to part with Louis Vasquez, and those idiots down in San Fran wouldn’t even listen to our offer for Mike Iupati. We also inquired about Evan Mathis, since the Eagles suck and aren’t going anywhere, but they wouldn’t accept a straight up trade for Ricardo Lockette.

    There really are a ton of free agents out there, many of whom would be an upgrade over what we have – as most of you have already pointed out. We reached out to Frank Omiyale, among others, but he’s currently a roadie for the Zac Brown Band and didn’t really want to give up that gig.

    You may have read the rumors that we were trying to acquire Jared Allen before the deadline, which was true. He is just such an incredible athlete and amazing talent. Our plan was to give Sydney Rice back to Minnesota in a straight up swap with no hard feelings (I was kind of hoping they hadn’t seen the whole torn ACL thing), then convert Allen to offensive guard. We have seen amazing results with that strategy in the past. That one fell through when I read his contract and discovered that it is 100% guaranteed if he doesn’t play at least six games in the state of Minnesota. Have you ever heard of such nonsense?

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for all the support from the 12th man! I gotta run now, need to fire Tom Cable.

  2. yankinta says:

    lol,, John Schneider,, I thought you were on a College Scouting Trip to check out Minnesota DT Ra’Shede Hageman…. If you’re not,, you need to go check him out ASAP!! We must have him as our 1st Round Pick in 2014…. :)

  3. There is no way the the 49ers were going to give us Mike Iupati.

  4. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Just watched Pete’s press conference and came away with an appreciation of his coaching ability, demeanor and perspective. The fans and media have been going crazy with how bad the Rams game looked and asking when changes are coming. He basically said they’re going with the guys they have and started the first half of the season 7-1. They would have liked to get the win in Indy, but was happy with where they are. He said they have to focus on each day and then the next day as they prepare to face the Bucs. I started thinking about this team being 7-1 even though they were missing three and four(Miller at TE not an Olineman but damn important) starters on the O-line for what has become a pretty long stretch. Even now, still missing two starting tackles yet have won every game but one. They have won seven games in eight tries. No Seahawk team in the history of the franchise has done this. EVER!

    Sure we have concerns and our QB is getting sacked and hit at a record and potentially dangerous rate, but we’re still on top. That says so much and many of us, including myself have been quick to dismiss this fact and dwell on the negative aspects of a game that these guys actually won. Sure it’s not the first game that they have looked bad, but I’ve been watching this team since I was a kid thirty three years ago and I’ve NEVER seen 7-1.

    Coach Pete responded to a reporters question regarding blame and pointing fingers and he flat out dismissed her and said he doesn’t play that. That’s not what he’s about. I thought that was a very clear point and one that clearly is serving this team well based on the amount of wins this season and last.

    Long point here is that the poor showing from last week is gone and they can take the next step to get to 8-1. Not saying don’t question or have concerns, but also allow yourselves the opportunity to experience what is happening with our favorite team, right in front of our eyes! I certainly wouldn’t trade 7-1, first place with any other team. Very good opportunity to be 8-1 around 4pm Sunday afternoon.

  5. doubledink says:

    7-1 does feel real sweet.
    Let’s keep Russel upright.
    Go Hawks.

  6. ChrisHolmes says:

    LOL… that’s a funny post JS_Imposter. Worth creating the account. Totally.

    I just hope the Hawks win this weekend, because you don’t want to be the team that the Bucs get their first win against, at home no less…

  7. RDPoulsbo says:

    Hey John, can you get Tom Cable a Snicker’s bar? He’s not himself when he’s hungry.

  8. HawkfaninMT says:

    Zac Brown Band rocks… Saw them at the mandalay bay in Vegas a couple years back. Now they are coming to Missoula!

  9. averagejay says:

    RDPoulsbo…I second that. Good Post

  10. sluggo42 says:

    To all of you who love Tom cable, stfu.

    Who do you trust , Pete and John, or me? Duh I obviously know more just as several other here than they do. From my recliner I have gathered all the info I need to know he sucks and is the cause of all seahawk problems. SMH

    You are all obviously ignorant so just listen to me and learn. He sucks. Nuff said aight?

    See this is a blog where we are all experts, so telling me I’m crazy is just as foolish as me telling you he sucks..

    It’s a blog, go hawks, and fire cable… We are #32 at Oline

  11. chuck_easton says:

    Well we have no say in potential changes, we aren’t being paid to coach, evaluate player performance, actually play the game, or even storm the gates of VMAC.

    We might as well laugh.

    Yes, 7-1 is great. Looking for a positive outcome this weekend.

    And looking ahead to Okung and Breno coming back to make the 0-line a better unit.

    It will be interesting to read the comments on this site as the second half of the season goes along. Will the ‘don’t worry, be happy’ crowd carry the day? Will the fears and nightmares of the “Legion of Doom” prove to be founded? Will things fall somewhere in the middle?

    Yes interesting times ahead.

    Oh, and it is a Chinese Curse to say to someone “may you live in interesting times”. Interesting can be good or just as easily bad.

  12. SlickToxic21 says:

    I try not to question the experts…..Carroll, Cable, etc…but it is difficult with guys like Sweezy playing like he has been. I just can’t help thinking they either believe he’s the best option, or they still think he is going to turn a corner soon.
    I did think there was a good likelihood that they would try and trade for a G or T before the deadline….just because it would be a bloody shame to have such a promising season lost because of an inability to protect Russell. And I know they have time invested in their current O-Line………and they know they are going to have several contracts to start figuring out in the off-season…but again, I hope this isn’t the one thing that keeps them from the promised land!

    On a side note…..I can’t be the only one that believes that Aldon Smith better NOT play another game this year….or that Von Miller got off way too easy in his attempt to completely cheat the system!

  13. NYHawkFan says:

    Nice press conference. I’m very happy that we’re 7-1. The improved record is because we’ve learned how to hold on to a lead and win on the road. My biggest concern, however, is that we don’t appear to be improving week by week as a team. Yes, a number of individuals are doing fantastic, but the team needs to coalesce. We’re still making mistakes that should have been corrected earlier in the season. For example, Carroll said one of reasons the Rams game turned out as bad as it did was because of missed assignments. We’ve heard this one before. Plays are missed over not being assignment correct. Some of it can be attributed to being overly aggressive, especially on defense.

    I just hope that when we get some starters back, we have enough time to come together as a team, build up some momentum, and peak at the right time.

  14. I would like to thank all of you for being fans of this team. It’s an incredible honor to be fans with you. This is the greatest team ever, except for when they are not. So far this has been a good season, except when it hasn’t been. When we beat the 49ers 29-3 I was so happy until I saw someone miss a tackle in the last few minutes and then I was so miserable the following week. I hated that win. Then when we pounded Jacksonville, I was irate knowing that missed up on a chance to score a few extra points at the end. I hated that week too. When we stopped the Rams on the last play on Monday – well, I have never been so miserable. I wonder if we’re going to get the first overall pick this year?

  15. Ewalters7354 says:

    The hawks are 7-1 and have not even played their best game yet.That’s saying something.No matter what the stats may say in certain games,the final score is what it’s all about.WHEN Percy Harvin comes on board he will bring something deadly to this offense,but once Okung and Breno(bet you guys appreciate him now) comes back,imagine how dangerous this team will be.First half was a success,but we all know this team is way better in the 2nd half under Pete Carroll.To be 7-1 with this oline,really makes me happy.Go hawks!

  16. Ewalters7354 says:

    Lol @bobby

  17. raymaines says:

    EW7354: Actually the ‘Hawks have played their best game yet. They’ve played 8 games, and one of them was better than the others. That was the best game. Lets hope though there even better ones to come. My vote is those games would played on Dec. 2nd and 8th.

  18. Lol, Sluggo, Bobbyk, et al! You guys really crack me up! Thanks for the much needed dose of humor!

    But the line still sucks. Cable and Carrol are ultimately responsible for going into this season with a bad line and second stringers worse than other teams third stringers. They failed. Period. Sugar-coat that dog turd all you want, it’s still a dog turd.

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