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October 29, 2013 1:26 am
Russell Wilson spent a lot of Monday night on his back. / AP photo
Russell Wilson spent a lot of Monday night on his back. / AP photo

Good morning.

The Seahawks dash out of another road stadium using words like “fortunate” while the home team explains that they should have won, after Seattle played cover-0 on the final play, blitzed and had a pass fall incomplete on 4th-and-goal from the 1-yard line with time running out. Seattle 14, St. Louis 9.

Seattle is 7-1 at the midpoint of the season. It’s the best start in franchise history. It just finished four road games in five weeks. It has four total road wins, one more than the regular season of 2012.

Yet …

The opener at Carolina, well, you could reason that it was Week 1 on the road against a very good defense.

The comeback in Houston? Well, the Texans were possible Super Bowl material, or so many thought at the time, and the Seahawks played a very strong second half after a dismal first.

Monday night? Didn’t carry the same feel.

The Rams dominated the ball. They ran 71 plays to Seattle’s 40. They had the ball for 38:09 to Seattle’s 21:51.

St. Louis running back Zac Stacy gouged the Seahawks for 134 yards on 26 carries.  That’s one yard fewer than the Seahawks offense had all night.

“They ran it right down our throat,” Pete Carroll said.

Asked if how he felt hearing his coach say that, Red Bryant was in agreement.

“It’s the truth,” Bryant said. “They did a hell of a job today. They controlled the line of scrimmage. They did all that and still came up with a loss.”

A little defiance there from Bryant, but he’s right. All of that, and yet the Seahawks, again, still won.

Some thoughts and quotes before the links:

> The offensive line was terrible. Russell Wilson had little edge protection from LT Paul McQuistan and right tackle Michael Bowie. JR Sweezy had problems at guard. Even Zach Miller whiffed on a protection. The Seahawks are in survival mode with the line until Russell Okung and Breno Giacomini make it back, assuming they both do.

“We have a long haul here, we are just at the half way point of the season,” Carroll said. “These are the guys we are going with and we have to fix it. We are trying. We knew that these guys would be a difficult match up for us, so we tried to help them, but it just didn’t work out as well as we liked.”

Carroll said the tried a “million” different ways to protect Wilson and none worked.

> Marshawn Lynch: eight carries, his fewest since Oct. 2, 2011. Lynch again was used as a decoy at the goal line. Twice, Wilson kept the ball for outside runs after faking the handoff to Lynch from the 1-yard line and was stuffed. On third-and-goal, Wilson completed a 2-yard pass to Golden Tate. Lynch sprinted off the field and sat on the cooler. He put a towel over his head. Several teammates came over to him, as well as Pete Carroll. Shortly after, Lynch was up and congratulated Wilson and Tate on the score.

He was also the first to hop over the bench and check on injured Sidney Rice when Rice was on the trainer’s table.

Carroll was asked postgame what he thought of Lynch’s body language the past two weeks after goal-to-go situations where he didn’t get the ball and appeared visibly upset by it.

“I don’t have any idea,” Carroll said. “He’s a competitor, he wants the ball, he wants to put the ball in the end zone, he wants to help us win. He got the ball eight times tonight. He didn’t have a chance tonight. We couldn’t get him the football.

“That’s not enough for him to be a factor in the game and he was frustrated by that. I am, too. We were both frustrated. We were sitting on the sidelines together frustrated that we couldn’t get him going in the game.”

I had a conversation with one of the Seahawks’ team leaders who told me they saw Lynch’s upset communication with the sideline last Thursday when the call was for play-action at the goal line and again today. He said they had no problem with it (and laughed about the gesture during the Arizona game) because the team knows Lynch is not a selfish player. They pointed out Lynch runs as hard as possible and only wants the ball in those spots because he thinks he can score, which helps him shoulder a big load for the team while trying to help it win.

One other thing that should also be noted is Lynch’s ongoing skilled blocking. He whacked Chris Long in particular on one play Monday night. Those aren’t the actions of a selfish player.

> Golden Tate knows he screwed up with the 30 yards of showboating to the end zone. As Carroll pointed out, the most unfortunate part is that Tate’s preening overshadowed an outstanding play, one that provided the winning score for an anemic Seahawks offense. Common phrases from Tate postgame: “lesson learned” and “act like you’ve been there before.” He said it won’t happen again.

> Carroll didn’t have a prognosis on WR Sidney Rice who hurt his knee and head, which caused him to leave the game and not return.

> MLB Bobby Wagner was back on the field after missing the prior two weeks with a high ankle sprain.

> Two programming notes: Today is the trade deadline at 1 p.m. The E:60 on Lynch is on tonight.

Golden Tate did the spectacular and stupid in one play during his 80-yard touchdown. / AP photo
Golden Tate did the spectacular and stupid in one play during his 80-yard touchdown. / AP photo

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  1. Each year under Carroll the Seahawks run defense had started strong and in a game around Halloween the team gets gashed and doesn’t recover. I hope we didn’t see the start of that last night.

    Malcolm Smith didn’t seem to get many snaps which seemed to hurt the defense. Obviously it’s fortunate they were playing Kellen Clemens. Competent QB play wins the Rams the game.

    The Seahawks went out and spent all that money on a luxury like Percy Harvin yet couldn’t resign Frank Omaiyle as the backup LT? The line play would be different with him in at LT. If there is any complaint I have about the OL is they had no plan at backup LT. I’m fine with the starting 5 they have when healthy.

  2. Southendzone says:

    Agree pab about a lack of attention to the line in the offseason. I wonder what the depth chart said back in September behind Okung. These are my best guesses

    “Some Guy”
    “Entry Pending”
    “Wait and see”

  3. Frank Omiyale is actually a FA right now. He started one game last year against DeMarcus Ware and played some against the Cardinals in Week 1 when Sam Acho was owning Okung. I thought he played well in both games.

    And he’s not better than McQuistan??

  4. Sarcasticus says:

    Perhaps it is time to shake things up. Is Bailey truly worse than McQuistan? Put him at LT, Mcquistan back at LG, and move Carp over to RT. He wasn’t great there, but he wasn’t any worse than Bowie. Besides, Bailey, McQuistan, Unger, (I would put Jean-Pierre in at RG), and Carp is a line you can run behind.

    The best thing about last night’s win is that it was a win. Other than that, it was perhaps the most unwatchable, embarrassing game since the Browns game when Lynch was out during warm-ups.

    As far as questioning the defense, step back off the ledge. Check the score and the ToP. The offense did them no favors keeping them on the field so much.

  5. Kellen Clemens

  6. montanamike2 says:

    I thought Frank Omaiyle played really well when Okung went out last season, i wish we’d bring him back. I freaked out when Sherman went down and he didn’t look the same when he came back, i’m just glad he came back at all instead of being carted off the field. I’ve never seen Wilson under siege that bad, i know the Rams always play us tough but that was ridiculous!

  7. TallyHawk says:

    I’ve thought the o line play was improving a little bit until last night. That was terrible. What bothers me most though is that the game plan/ play calling appeared to stay the same the whole game. Also has sweezy made it through a game without a penalty? Why does he not get benched for a series or two like breno did last year when he was a penalty machine? I know they don’t want to risk their back up center but Lem is more than capable at guard why not put him in there?

  8. I had Frank Omiyale thoughts several times during the off season and now in season – its true he is still available, but no team (incl. Seahawks) seems to want him. Doubt its a money thing.

    As many of you know, I am loudly in favour of starting Lemuel Jeanpierre over JR Sweezy at RG. It wouldn’t cure everything, but might be an improvement.

  9. Remember back in the draft when many were saying ‘why did we spend a 2nd round draft pick on a RB when we have so many other needs’? O-line was one of those needs. And before you start with the hating – I think Christine Michael is terrific. But hes not helping us at all right now.

  10. sluggo42 says:

    Sweezy had two screw ups early that hurt.

    I can’t wait for slave to post up an epic meltdown about how crappy this line is, cable and Bevell, and I will agree with him, before he even posts it?

  11. 7-1 and a ‘W’. I’ll take it.

    I’m still waiting for the offense to come around, pass protect better, etc. but the reality is we’re atop the NFC and control our own destiny and you have to admit, it’s still better than playing from behind in catch up mode.

    We’re not going to make a trade, I doubt we’ll sign someone off the street…basically it comes down to the guys we have and the coaches to coach them up.

    Fortunately, the Bucs are coming to town, Percy should be back and 5 out of the next 8 are at the Clink.

    Take a deep breath and relax. We got through a tough (ugly) one last night. We’ll be all right. Just got to go 1-0 next week. Chill Seahawks fans. We’re not playing our best ball right now, but the schedule sets up nice despite not being at full strength. One game at a time.


  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    For some reason this game feels like a loss.
    I guess this is what you get when you match the top pass rushing D-line in the NFL against the worst pass protecting O-line in the NFL.

    I haven’t been complaining about our o-line as much as others of late simply because of the injuries and because they were still run blocking ok.
    Now It seems like they can’t do either and that’s going to get us in big trouble moving forward if they don’t at least fix the run blocking.

    As I said before Jeff Fisher is a very good coach and has his team, (the youngest in the NFL) ready to play us hard every time out.
    If the Rams ever get a good QB,(and Bradford isn’t one imo) Look out NFC West.

  13. ChrisHolmes says:

    I thought Sweezy’s holding call on Lynch’s 15-yard gainer on 2nd-and-10 was a turning point. It seemed like, at that point, Bevell gave up on the run because he knew that (a) the OL couldn’t block for crap and (b) even if they did block enough for a running play to work, it was going to be because of a holding call.

    I felt like I could actually feel Bevell’s frustration with the OL on every playcall after that. It felt like him saying, “Okay, so you’re not just bad this week – you’re pathetic. I can’t trust you guys to get me a single yard in the running game without a penalty being called, so I’m just not going to trust you at all. Go Russell. I don’t know how you’re going to do it, and I’m sorry the OL can’t give you the help you need, but go find a way to win this for us.”

    I felt so disappointed watching it. I’ve been saying this for weeks, when folks were making jabbing comments about the offense not looking good because maybe Wilson can’t see his receivers, or maybe the receivers weren’t getting open, or whatever… I looked at the film, I gave you guys a review: it was the OL holding this team back.

    Well, they held us back tonight all right. Back into the stone age.

    I don’t know how you “fix” a problem like this mid-season. I’m not sure you can. And I’m not sure either one of our tackles will be back in time to help, or if their return actually will help.

    This isn’t Bevell’s fault either. So get off him.

    This OL just stinks.

  14. bulldog80 says:

    Chris I disagree on bevell. Until our tackles get back our offense should look a lot more like Kansas city’s. Screens, draws, flare outs, and runs. They’ve won 8 games that way and we could as well, and without killing our qb. His job is to call plays that work with the personnel he has, not the personnel he wishes he has.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Smith isn’t going to get many snaps so long as Bruce Irvin is at Sam and playing as well as he is.

    To echo the general sentiment here: this o line is simply awful. Sweezy and Bowie are turnstiles. This is as bad as the ’08 unit. Breno and Okung cannot get back soon enough because until there is significant improvement there, this team will have a very short post season.

  16. “The Seahawks went out and spent all that money on a luxury like Percy Harvin yet couldn’t resign Frank Omaiyle as the backup LT? The line play would be different with him in at LT. If there is any complaint I have about the OL is they had no plan at backup LT. I’m fine with the starting 5 they have when healthy.”

    Totally agree. Of all the personnel move this team has gotten right – back-ups at Tackle are a huge miss. No way McQ can play Tackle at this level, he just doesn’t have the athletic ability. And Bowie is a 7th round pick rookie being thrown in against top ends. For a team this good, you’ve got to have better options.

    Ugliest game of the past two years I think. But, the win still counts and we’re 7-1.

  17. My 2 cents is like everyones, obviously. The o-line is garbage, and i do not know how they can fix this without different personnel. Pete mentioned last night that “this is who we have so we have to fix it”. That is a scary thought. I still feel like Bevell didn’t do enough to adapt play calls to how bad the O-line was playing…but again that could just be on the personnel they have.

    Tate, thanks for the 2 td’s, but as we all talked about the other day with him, he continues to be a dipsh*t and a showboating punk. He says he learned from it, but i wont believe until i see because he’s been doing this for years now.

    I feel like every team we have played this year has had one or two elite pass rushers. So how good is tampa’s pass rush? If they are decent in the least, i am worried. I do not know how they will be able to block anyone at this point. So ya, i’m nervous going forward because of the line. It all starts and ends in the trenches, and ours is a mess.

  18. dirtbiker_joey says:

    Hey, our worst game was still good enough to beat a very good game from the Rams. This was a road win in the division. Yes, it was ugly, but come playoff time, the only things that matter are:

    1. if we won or lost each of the 16 regular season games
    2. how are we playing now (i.e. going into the playoffs)
    3. how healthy we are

    We already have a better road record than last year. We have held serve at home. We have our starting tackles coming back soon (very soon, hopefully). Harvin will be on the field very soon.

    With Tampa coming into the Clink this weekend, the Hawks will be pissed about their performance last night. If we see another clunker on Sunday, I’ll be worried. But for now, I’m only mildly concerned.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Bevell’s two consecutive naked bootleg calls at the goal line was as desperate and inept play calling as I’ve seen in a very long time. Regardless how awful the o line had been playing, you give it to Lynch there with Mike Rob leading the way, on first down.

    Also, is anyone else surprised that Wagner wasn’t flagged for unnecessary roughness / helmet to helmet, on the 3rd and goal play (second to last play of the game)? He can in well after the whistle and speared the ball carrier. Seattle got away with one there.

  20. “I thought Sweezy’s holding call on Lynch’s 15-yard gainer on 2nd-and-10 was a turning point. It seemed like, at that point, Bevell gave up on the run because he knew that (a) the OL couldn’t block for crap and (b) even if they did block enough for a running play to work, it was going to be because of a holding call.”

    I thought the same thing. Both of the calls on Sweezy early on seemed to take away any shot an early offensive rhythm.

    Still thought we went away from the run much too early. It’s pretty clear, esp w/the O-line in its current state, that if we can’t run the ball, our offense isn’t going to do anything (other than an occasional piece of RW magic – which you can’t rely on as a plan of attack). Even w/these back-ups at Tackle, we’ve normally been able to run it some, so they should have let Marshawn have more shots at it.

    I don’t think you can say teams have ‘figured out’ Wilson – but I do think we’re not going to see 100+ yard scrambling days anymore – teams are clearly spying him, as any smart defense would do. I’d still like to see more screens and other short passes to the RBs when the pass rush is this intense. I suppose that’s the area where Harvin lives, so he should help, assuming (and it’s a big assumption) that he’s game ready when he comes back.

  21. “Bevell’s two consecutive naked bootleg calls at the goal line was as desperate and inept play calling as I’ve seen in a very long time. Regardless how awful the o line had been playing, you give it to Lynch there with Mike Rob leading the way, on first down.”

    yeah, ridiculous not to give the league’s #2 rusher a shot at a one-yard run there. i’m not one to usually pile on Bevell, but I disagreed with a lot of what he tried last night.

  22. yankinta says:

    I’ve been saying since before the draft,, that we need a DT like Jesse Williams to help stop the run. My worst fear may have come true. Our Run-D between the Tackles is the biggest weakness for our Team,, to make it to the Super-Bowl.

  23. FleaFlicker says:

    Can only speak for myself here, but that game was emotionally exhausting to watch. Good call, Sarcisticus, it felt very similar to that 6-3 loss at Cleveland a couple seasons ago.

    Tate’s play was a bonehead move….but then consider a couple data points. Remember when cool-customer Andre Johnson got in a fight on the field? Remember last week when Steve Smith made a point after the game to talk trash about the Rams’ secondary? What’s the commonality? Courtland Finnegan. He was out last night, but I would bet a paycheck that the young corners for STL are learning to play the Courtland Finnegan way, i.e. like punks. Not excusing Golden’s showboating, but in context, I think I understand where it’s coming from.

    Three cheers for our defense. On the field for almost 40 minutes and over 70 plays. Gave up zero touchdowns. In years past, this game would have been a monster loss. But they bent bent bent, but never broke. If our Offense had been able to get just a few more first downs (whether by actually blocking a DE, or Tate/Kearse/Rice not dropping balls that hit them in the hands) the Rams would never have even sniffed 200 yards of total offense.

    Whew!!!!!! We won. We’re 7-1 with three road games and five home games to go. Exhale….

  24. Run D has been fine up until yesterday. And they held the line at the end of the game inside the 5. I think the poor run defense yesterday was a result of a bad TOP equation, and a bit of an aberration. If more teams beat us w/the run, that opinion may change. But yesterday was the first time it was noticeable to me this year.

  25. A collapsing run defense would kill any hopes to beat SF in December. Okung and Giacomini will be back by then which will solve a lot of OL problems.

    But a collapsing run defense will be a huge problem.

  26. yankinta says:

    pdway,, Run D has been fine because no one has really tried to run it up our throats…. Rams knew our weakness well. They did try and succeed. You can Bet that 49ers will Run it down our Throats 50 times,, on Dec 8th!!

  27. Think the Seahawks were listing to too many people on this blog about going to St Louis and cleaning house.

    They pretty much kicked the Seahawks butt last night and Seattle got lucky to win this one. 1 short drive and 1 big play was it for Offense and the D let them run and pass all over just tightened up near the goal line for several field goals, and a GREAT Goal line Stand. way to finish D.
    Lynch had 8 rushes and none on the goal line What the Freaking F, Mike Rob is back and he was in on the goal line the playcalling is piss poor right now.
    Thought we were a “rushing” team?, yet against one of the worst rush D’s in the league we don’t even try to run the ball.
    Need to get back to Seahawks football ASAP and run the stinking ball and quit trying to be cute and fool the D, get back to smashing the will out of the D. Keep up with running Wilson on the Goal line and he will get hurt,it’s just a matter of time, then where will we be?
    So what they stacked the box, 1 broken tackle and off to the races. Need to at least try to run the ball. How many times did we pass on 1st down instead of running it? Need to get the run game going to set up the pass not pass to set up the run.
    As much as I hate to bring this up but our nemisis the forty whiners got away from who they were early this season and started throwing the ball and they lost 2 games when they went back to running the ball they are looking much better.
    Run the Stinking Ball Bevill get back to basics the pass will open up.

    In the end its a W we’ll take it.
    1st place after the First 1/2 of the season.

  28. Ya agreed on the run d getting worse as the year goes on. Seems like the past couple seasons its been that way. It’s good up until november and then goes down hill. SF will dominate the game if Gore gashes us like the rams did last night.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Why does it seem like every week we play against a top 10 D-line?

  30. Georgia…that’s what i’ve been saying. Seems like every team we face has the best pass rushers on the planet. I think there is a theme going on here…. our o-line is pathetic and makes average pass rushers look elite

  31. djbargelt says:

    It’s hard not to believe that JR Sweezy is not “teachers pet”, ( Tom Cable ). No way else to explain the decision to keep him over Moffit. Always had the feeling Moffit’s goofy nature didn’t play well with Cable. Next years draft? O-Line, O-line, O-line!

  32. Screensmoke says:

    Not buying that!- one bad game on run D- we get some kind of offense whatsoever we will be fine against run-

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hopefully we can weather the storm until Okung and Breno gets back. Even then the pass protecting will be bad but hopefully not this bad.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    Teams only have the luxury to run it that much if the game clock isn’t a factor. That is, multiple score leads and controlling the TOP mitigate teams’ ability to just run it time and time again.

    Moreover, the run D came up huge when the had to witch is impressive considering they were on the field for nearly 40 minutes last night.

  35. Screensmoke says:

    Rams pass rushers are not average – lead nfl last 2 years in sacks-Quinn most underrated pass rusher in NFL- no brainer

  36. Dukeshire says:

    While Breno and Okung can only help this inept line, let’s remember that the line wasn’t playing at a terrifically high level before they went down.

  37. I didn’t necessarily meant he Rams have average pass rushers…but it just seems like every team they have faced has elite pass rushers that abuse our line

  38. Golden Tate ‘may’ be the healthiest, most talented WR on the team right now, but his immaturity is not only going to cost him in his check book but it may cost him an opportunity to stay with us moving forward. He just can’t grow up fast enough for me. Stealing donuts, crack back blocks (thought he may have learned from Larry the Great) last week, taunting and always asking forgiveness for his showboating is tiresome. When you’re on the road, take care of business and get the heck out of there. Taunting infuriates the opposing team, crowd and our team as well. It’s just really stupid. I know we’re young, but playing with composure gets you more opportunities. I’ll ride the Tate wave until the end of the year, but if he doesn’t come back, it wouldn’t bother me at all.

  39. Southendzone says:

    What are the chances there is some kind of rift between Bevell and Marshawn given the middle finger from the AZ game, then the asinine play calling from the 2 yard line last night?

    Was Bevell trying to put on the big-boy pants and put Marshawn in his place? I don’t know, I don’t think it’s likely, but I do think it’s possible. I sure hope not because there’s no place for that kind of ego battle in this organization.

  40. Screensmoke says:

    MauMau- exactly- case closed!u r on point!onceagain u r all over it-read his comments and move on- BUCS next week-

  41. re the pass rushers – I think that’s just the league – most teams have a pretty good rusher going against at least the LT (Rams have two good ends, which isn’t necessarily the norm) – – that’s why LT’s get drafted high and paid well. McQ just can not hang w/the quick DE’s he’s facing. And many times it’s not like he’s getting a block and then getting beat, which would give Russell a couple seconds, he’s just getting beaten immediately which blows up the play. happened to Bowie plenty last night too.

    @yank – re the run D, as I said, if it happens again, I may change my opinion, but yesterday was the first time this year, and every team tries to run at least a bit – none had success until yesterday. And I think it was situational. As long as Mebane and McDonald stay healthy, I like our run D for the most part this year.

  42. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m not going to get started about the o-line. Everyone knows I think every player starting right now shouldn’t be, even with the injuries, but the FO chose to ignore the need in the offseason and so we’re here today.

    To put this game into perspective, it was the first time since 1983 that a team won an NFL game while gaining less than 150 yards. Pretty pathetic. This was a game they should have won easily, but they just plain didn’t show up for this game. The win was most important, but there shouldn’t be a single player that should feel good about it.

  43. Unbelievable how spoiled we got with Walt at LT all those years. Amazing how important Okung is to this team now.

  44. montanamike2 says:

    I don’t know if Mike Rob was out of game shape or what. We have faced some of the most elite pass rushers and there are less of them ahead, but i don’t know if that will help at this point. I’m ticked at Sweezy and MQ just doesn’t have the talent. What a strange feeling, conflicted i guess, feeling like we got crushed and somehow we get the win?

  45. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Ok bright side time:

    1. Another road win against a division opponent – those are gold.

    2. No turnovers – Russell just ate the ball on every sack and never put us in a bad position.

    3. Clean special teams – really exceptional performance from Ryan. Actually thought the Rams special teams was excellent as well – Zeuerlein (sp?) has a phenomenal leg.

    4. Bruce Irvin is getting better and better – he keeps outside contain so beautifully and funnels runs back inside – just so rare to see that discipline from such a good pass rusher.

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Our O-line was ranked #31 Oct-9th.
    We are probably ranked around #40 now with several College lines ahead of us too.

  47. chuck_easton says:

    I didn’t post much on last nights game last week. There was entirely too much looking past this game and just counting it as a win.

    Something told me trap game but I didn’t want to get jumped as being a bad fan.

    So now that the game is over:


    7-1 record
    4-1 on the road. Guaranteed .500 record on the road which is good for this team.

    5 of final 8 games at home.


    If Seattle plays like last night I see them losing to the Saints at home, the 49rs on the road, Atlanta on the road, and possibly the Giants on the road.

    I think they can grind out home wins against the Buc, Viks, Rams, and Cards.

    So, with the play we are seeing now I put Seattle’s finish at 11-5. That will be good enough to make the playoffs, but it won’t likely be good enough to win the NFCW, and Definitely won’t be good enough to even talk about Home field advantage.

    This is what I was saying last week. There is still way too many games to be played for people to be talking HFA, SB, or even Division.

    At best the team will likely be a Wildcard and play all their post season games on the road.

    That is the reality that we are looking at.

    Some thoughts from last night.

    I know he is univerally dispised on here, but last night showed why Rice is our #1 WR. Kearse isn’t ready and Tate is Tate. Flashy but inconsistant and still a bonehead.

    I still say the Moffitt trade was a huge mistake. Not because I like Moffitt, but because Sweezy just isn’t an NFL calibre starting RG. Moffitt would at least been servicable.

    The team has to get through TB and then they will likely get Breno and Okung back for the Vikings. That should help things. McQuistain should be moved to RG and Sweezy needs to sit. Carp hasn’t been great by any stretch, but he’s definitely outplayed Sweezy. Sorry Georgia, I know you love you some sweez, but it isn’t working. That should at least make the O line workable.

    I know everyone is just raring to get Harvin out on the field. But honestly what would/could he have done last night? Absolutely nothing. Unless the O-line improves Harvin is just going to be a high priced spectator to the Russell Wilson Sackathon that is going to be held each and every weekend.

    Those are my thoughts. I’m not content with another season of just being happy that the team has a winning record and makes the plyaoffs. But I think that is what we are looking at.

  48. Dukeshire says:

    Not universally, I am a fan of Rice and agree with you.

  49. Okung and Breno won’t fix what ails this line, as it sucked before they went out. The problem is Cable and his insistence on playing Carp and Sweezy (not to mention his Epic Fail talent eval).

    He’s also an idiot for not finding a way to get Lem some playing time at G earlier–even last season. Lem has more football understanding and skill than Carp or Sweezy, yet only comes in due to injury. Consequently, he struggled when thrown into the game awhile back at G. Given the chance to beat out either G in camp, I can’t see how he could have failed to beat them out.

    Now we’re stuck with the no-talent bums Sweezy and Carp at G, a sixth round rookie at RT who can’t pass pro, and ancient backup G quality McQ at LT.

    This is on Cable. The mans work has resulted in a line with no worse injuries than Denvers, yet ours is the worst in the league–even though our line has so many draft picks, three of them no lower than a high second. Total fail. Compare also to the Rams line play with lesser talent. Total fail at building the line.

    For those of you who ragged on me constantly when I backed up my negative analysis of Cable, the personnel decisions, and the line play– and it was pretty much all of you regulars–you all can kiss my ASS!

    I was right then, I’ve been right the whole damn time, and I’m right now–and you know it. Cable and his line are likely to prevent us from winning the Super Bowl.

    Facing reality may be uncomfortable, and admitting a negative situation is negative may no be fun, but it beats being in denial of reality like most of you.

    And trust me, no one wanted to be proven wrong worse than me. This stinks. But at least I can trust my ability to see reality and use reason; the rest of you must feel even worse now that you’re so rudely awoken from your Koolaid opiate dreams..

    Welcome to reality; it’s a biitch, ain’t it?!

  50. grizindabox24 says:

    I believe that RW made the decision to keep on the goal line both times. As for MRob, the Hawks just don’t have that many formations and plays with the FB position, part of the reason they released him in the first place.

  51. yankinta says:

    Thank God we have Russell Wilson to lead us to 7-1 with an inept O-Line. The 31 other starting QB would not be able to do what he’s done so far. This is what I call a Top 3 QB material!! :)

  52. grizindabox24 says:

    Also, watching everyone jump off the ledge is damn funny.

  53. Moffitt sucked too. Basically, the only lineman Cable has brought in who aren’t garbage in every way are Okung and Lem.

    That’s pretty amazing. Two first round picks, an inherited second round guy, a third rounder and multiple late round picks, plus a refusal to use FA to find competition equals this debacle…

    Tom Cable for President!

  54. wazzulander says:

    Despite struggling to stop the run, which I think was due in part to missed tackles, it was a nice job overall by the defense. ET and Irvin were really incredible all night, and what a stop by Farwell at the end! Obviously, the O-line was a disaster, and I agree with other posters calling for more screens/draws to counter the blitz. Gruden mentioned the WRs weren’t getting much separation and that adding Harvin would help make teams pay for loading the box, but I’m not sure it matters who is at receiver if your lineman are completely whiffing or missing assignments letting guys in un-touched.

  55. Not jumping off ledges, just blowing off some steam built up from all the bashing I’ve taken here this year.

    Hawks WILL fix this next year, with or without Cable. It’s just frustrating to see our season hinge on this atrocious line.

  56. RDPoulsbo says:

    LOL STTBM, that’s pretty hillarious, but spot on. People are tired of hearing me complain about the o-line and I’m tired of complaining about it. I’m just going to do my best to refrain from going off about it until after the season. Can’t promise, but I’m trying my best.

  57. chuck_easton says:

    STTBM, I have agreed with you on the 0-line. The problem is with the coaching. Sweezy is not now, nor has he ever been ready to be an NFL starter. Yet Moffitt is let go so there can be no ‘controversy’. Moffitt may have said or done something behind the scenes to get on the coaches bad side, but at least he can play the guard position.

    Carp is another issue. I’ve tried to be patient. I’ve tried to say that he just needs time. But come on guy! You are being paid good money to play a game that requires you to be big and strong, not big fat, lazy, out of shape, and imobile. You would think the guy would take some pride and put down the fourth helping of ribs. Note to Carpenter. It’s called a salad. I know you are from the South, but vegetables aren’t meant to be eaten deepfried. Carp needs to be given an ultimatum for next season since we are pretty much stuck with him this year. Come into camp about 60 lbs lighter and in better condition or don’t come in at all.

    Funny how all the talk was that Breno stinks, yet the rookie that is being groomed to replace him does the best statue immitation I have ever witnessed on a football field. Last night I saw the end two or three steps into the backfield before Bailey even moved. He needs to find some bench time.

  58. Screensmoke says:

    Chuck Easton no disrespect your way but I disagree- what I see today is a 7-1 team 1 st place in the NFC with home field advantage-yes we played horrible but we got lucky and won another one onthe road.could we possibly play any worse other than not having any turnovers – I don’t think so-this team will be fine as long as we stay in the present and get back to hawk football- it truly is one game at a time- I think the players,coaches, fans – all of us for the most part forgot this this week- I think u r absolutely right on about trap game.we are so lucky to pull this out- this truly could be the game that gives us home field -I so grateful for the win!

  59. Yeah, Poulsbo, I just had to vent at the regulars here who dogpiled me this year…I’m more pissed than they were that I’m proven right; and I’m more pissed at them than the line, because the line is what it always was; a sows ear masquerading as a silk purse.

    Besides, Sluggo asked for a rant; can’t dissappoint my only “fan” now can I?! Lol!

  60. RDPoulsbo says:

    Cable didn’t bring in Okung. Cable was still in Oakland in 2010. Lem is ok, but we’re still not all that good even for a backup.

  61. PugetHawk says:

    Sell out your front 7 for run defense and force the receivers and Wilson to beat press coverage. The Rams dictacted how the game was going to go with the most aggressive defensive play-calling we have seen all year.
    Receivers can’t drop passes, Bevell should run more screens and draws to slow the pass rush, and McQuistan should be a BACKUP GUARD ONLY!
    If anyone here thinks this was just a speed bump and that the D-Bag that is Schiano isn’t working to replicate the Rams plan, you’re dead wrong.

  62. Screensmoke says:

    Yes our online is a joke- but wow- how do you explain 7-1 start4 of 5 on road- just pure luck-WRONG not buying that?

  63. Chuck, it’s Bowie at RT not Bailey but I smell what you’re stepping in! Yeah, Breno is not good, but Bowie isn’t ready. Fat Carp is looking like a major bust. Sweezy will take 4-6 years to get good, if at all…Cable has too much power and has failed utterly with it. Fire him, or at least take away his roster input….

  64. Poulsbo–you’re right. So Cable has failed to draft or sign a single starter quality lineman in three years….Wow; just..Wow…

  65. chuck_easton says:

    Screensmoke, I am also grateful the team managed to win a game that they had every right to lose.

    But the reality is the effort shown last night will not beat the Saints, the 49rs, the Falcons, or even the Giants who are playing better.

    I stick by my final year end prediction 7-1 at home (loss to the Saints). 4-4 on the road (team will lose the three remaining road games). Final finish 11-5. SF will likely finish 12-4 and once again take the division by one game. No Division, no home playoff games and definitely no HFA which means no SB.

    After what we witnessed last night every team Seattle plays for the remainder of the season knows the formula for beating the Seahawks is 8 in the box. Stuff the run. And bring the heat on every pass attempt.

    I am waiting for this team to prove that position wrong, but a good home game against TB and the Vikings isn’t enough to show me this team can play toe to toe with the Saints, 49rs, and Falcons in Atlanta. The best hope at this time is a win in NY against the Giants for a 12-4 finish but that likely won’t be enough as a win by SF in their home gives them the tiebreaker even if both teams finish 12-4.

    Hate to be the downer, but Seattle was exposed last night. 8 in the box and Seattle can’t do anything on offense. The D is good but they can’t be on the field for 3/4 of the game against good offensive teams like NO and SF and hope to only give up 3 FG’s.

  66. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Moffitt can at least play the Guard position.”

    Not so sure about that.

  67. Chuck – I love reading your stuff as I do all the old timers (Duke, BobbyK, PDWay, Stevos, Georgia, STTBM, etc) but your general attitude as a sports fan seems to be to constantly point out and take the negative path and if you are proven right, you can come back to all the “idiot optimists” and tell them how much life sucks. Maybe just the nature of being a smart guy is to look at everything in life from all angles, but you certainly seem to harp on the negative angle in all situations and are more than willing to point it out when it happens.

    STTBM – you maybe “right” on the OL but for all the wrong reasons. What do you expect when the line features 3 backups? I never heard you say one word about the depth or what the team would do if they lose a Tackle. You have only focused on the interior starters. The starters aren’t the problem here.

    If healthy, this line (Okung, Carpenter, Unger, McQuistan, Giacomini) is enough to win a Championship. There is no such thing as a great OL anymore. Every fan (except the 49ers) talks about how much their line sucks. The loss of Steve Hutchinson damaged Seahawks fans so much, they pack up shop if they have average Guard play.

    The difference with the Broncos injuries and the Seahawks is the Broncos have WRs and TEs that win one on one matchups. Every Seahawk fan knows the Seahawks WRs get owned by decent man CBs. This isn’t news. We talk about it before the games on the live chats. Whether they have Rice or not it doesn’t matter. Although, Tate is a beast on one on one jump balls.

    And a QB like Wilson will probably always be among the league leaders in holding the ball. A shorter QB has more limitations in the pocket than a taller QB. It’s just the nature of the beast and something all of us pre-draft Wilson advocates knew we would have to live with when he was drafted.

  68. chuck_easton says:

    Georgia, he’s a hell of a lot better at RG than Sweezy. I would be better at RG than Sweezy and I’m 50 years old 5′ 9″ tall and only weigh 195 lbs. At least I would be able to fall in front of the DT and try to trip him.

    Sweezy isn’t ready to start at the NFL level and no amount of love and praise for the guy by you or Cable is going to convince me otherwise.

  69. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck, Formula or not, you have to have the talent to make it work and the Rams have the talent. And a very good coach in Fisher.

    They almost beat us up in our house last year too so this isn’t anything new imo.

  70. Southendzone says:

    This is the point where Paul Allen should be hiring an independent consulting firm to review every single snap this season for the O-Line and figure out how to fix it.

    Come on Paul, you can afford it, the team needs it, and the fans DESERVE IT!

  71. Screensmoke says:

    I agree chuck that definately could happen- but I think last night was a fluke- teams have been stacking box all year against us- marshawn had 8 carries- that can’t happen- like maumau said earlier- one miss tackle he’s gone- I truly think the play calling was horrid but not as bad as our O line nothing could be that bad.with our line this bad y gave to call the game better!

  72. doubledink says:

    I still can’t get over how we led or were within 3 pts for the entire game and Lynch only gets 8 touches. That is inexcusable.

  73. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- you are right Sweezy isn’t ready at this time to start in the NFL, however then what does that say about Moffitt, (who couldn’t win the job).
    And how come Moffitt isn’t starting right now for Denver? Is he even activated for the games?

  74. Screensmoke says:

    Apologize for my poor grammar etc- I phone is killing me

  75. RDPoulsbo says:

    pabs, I know there are 3 backups, but the problem is McQ at LT and Bowie at RT aren’t even backup quality players. McQ and Bowie are getting blown up on a regular basis and not just by guys like Dockett and Quinn. Long was having a horrible year until last night. By no means can they be considered servicable. Wilson bailing them out week in, week out is the only reason it hasn’t come back to bite them.

  76. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    7-1 and the sky is falling. listen i understand the O line looks like crap. however with okung and the gman back the line play will improve. i think this
    is on the coaching more than anything. you can not call such a horrendous game and blame anyone but coaching, too many times i watched the tackles getting beat with no help from a back or TE. let’s face it you have a back or TE chip the DE to slow them down, not once did i see that happen.

  77. chuck_easton says:


    Yep, I fully admit that I tend to look at the worst possible scenario.

    As I said last week, it is the lawyer in me. Any lawyer that guarantees you will win your case is a bad lawyer. A good lawyer prepares for the best, but always plans for the worst outcome and advises his client of the worst outcome.

    That is what I’m doing here. I see Seattle as being very vulnerable right now and it all comes down to the line.

    I do agree with you that getting Okung and Breno back will make things better. The Tackle play these past couple of weeks have been horrid. The guard play is worse, but we are playing the guys that were supposed to be there so it looks worse.

    The question is going to be once Okung comes back at LT what happens to McQuistain? Does he move back to LG and send Carp to the bench or does he move to RG for Sweezy.

    What I see happening is McQuistain going back to LG as that was the position he started at until Okung was hurt. I really think that Sweezy can be covered up if he has Unger on his left and Breno on his right. Sweezy is too raw to be playing with a rookie on his right.

    Carp unfortunately has let me down. I was one of his biggest supporters. I just felt that if he could overcome the injuries he would show everyone what the coaches saw in him. But he hasn’t made any attempts to get into shape. He’s big, but he’s slow, and he can’t move that big stomach of his to even get in the way of a speed rusher.

    So, yeah, I’m negative. And after 37 years of rooting for this team I will continue to be negative until they can finally win the big one. Until then they are a team that has never won anything.

    Call me a bad fan all you want, but I am not going to come on here with sunshine and happiness when it is clear that the emperor has no clothes. Somebody has to say it.

  78. I agree the backups aren’t good backups, but that wasn’t the point I was making. I actually agree with STTBM that Lemuel should be in there instead of Sweezy.

  79. doubledink says:

    Moffit could pass protect circles around Sweezy. Cable just needed to find what motivated him. Cable is a old-school, head-butting, hard-nosed coach like Singletary. Thats why he failed as a head coach. The game has left those guys behind. You have to be able to get the most out of your guys no matter where they come from or what type of makeup they have.

    The game has so much money in it now it draws all types of people who are able to play, not just the brute force thugs of yesteryear.

  80. Chuck – no one’s calling you a bad fan, but just a guy that sees the glass as always half empty. But like you said, it probably does make you a better lawyer for considering all angles. That way your client is always prepared for all outcomes and you manage their expectations accordingly.

    I get all of that about being a Seahawks fan and never winning the big one. And in this NFL, the team that looks great in the regular season usually doesn’t win the SB. All it takes is one injury or a bad day in the playoffs to derail months of optimism.

    But if you can’t be optimistic about this team, then what can you be optimistic about in life?

  81. Sarcasticus says:

    They were able to run the ball so much because they had the ball so much. The best way to keep the opposing team from running it down or up our throats (neither sounds pleasant) is to control the clock and the scoreboard. Lynch touching the ball 8 times contributes greatly to the other team’s ToP.

  82. doubledink says:

    I’m with you Chuck. So far, all this team has done is the talking part. Showtimetate is exhibit A.

  83. doubledink says:

    If Russel Wilson wasn’t such a class act I think one of these huge pass rushers would have crushed him by now. I can’t help but think if he had an attitude like Tate, he would be dead by now.

  84. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Despite all the Doom and Gloom regarding the O-line Wilson is maintaining a 99 passer rating. Now that’s incredible!

    And we still have the best secondary and a top Defense.

    And the best record in the NFC with a favorable schedule ahead.

    If the O-line can just get back to the level it was playing at the end of last year we will have a good chance to make a deep playoff run.

  85. Report on Fox:

    Mentioned on @FOXSportsLive Percy Harvin was on track to play vs STL until hip flared up Thurs. Pumped brakes. We’ll see how he does this wk

  86. Southendzone says:

    Tate’s taunting penalty I have no concern about. That is so easy to fix and Tate is arguably our best playmaker at receiver. Not to mention the great job he’s done as a punt returner.

    I bet you won’t see that out of him again this year. If we could only be so sure we won’t see the O-Line perform like last night again this year as easily.

  87. GeorgiaHawk says:

    doubledink- Moffitt was so gassed and out of shape he couldn’t make it through the 4th qtr.

    They simply couldn’t count on him to be condition to play a full game much less a half.

    It’s too bad because I really liked him as a person and was hoping they would have kept him for depth or even continue to rotate him with Sweezy.

  88. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Bevell’s two consecutive naked bootleg calls at the goal line was as desperate and inept play calling as I’ve seen in a very long time. Regardless how awful the o line had been playing, you give it to Lynch there with Mike Rob leading the way, on first down.”

    No question. You have to man-up there and pound it. I was surprised by the call, and even more surprised by the followup call.

    But, as you say Duke – it was desperation. I think at that point in the game Bevell had zero trust in his line.

    A couple other thoughts I had:

    1) Is it me, or is Irving looking really good at SAM? Damn he is fast.

    2) Earl Thomas redemption game. Human missile. I thought he was everywhere and was a real difference-maker.

    3) Marshawn made an amazing one-hand stab on that screen pass. Is it just me, or are his hands getting better?

    4) Kearse cannot drop that slant pass.

    5) With the OL playing as poorly as it is, I think those slants and other quick routes are going to have to be Seattle’s bread-and-butter on offense for a while. And the only guy who has shown he can consistently get open with that stuff is Tate. Which is why I think Harvin’s presence is going to make a difference as well: he should be able to get some separation on similar routes. A couple of cat-quick dudes like those two guys are going to have to help RW by getting open fast and consistently.

    Seattle is going to have to adjust their passing game a little bit and start going with some quick-release stuff. They have to allow Russell to get rid of the ball really quick, because this line cannot block at all and RW has no time to progress through reads.

    If Harvin and Tate can be on the field at the same time and get separation on some quick stuff, I think we could move the chains.

    And yeah, I’m in agreement with some other folks here too: against these stack-the-box, aggressive defenses we’re seeing and we’re going to continue to see, we have to implement a screen game, and run some draws and other similar concepts. We’re going to have dink-and-dunk and be fast with execution, because the OL is just not there. They might as well be sitting on the sideline.

  89. You don’t talk your way to a 7-1 record. This is a great team that needs to improve its line – but it can be done. I still expect to win the Super Bowl. We aren’t going to face Quinn and Long each week. Reason for concern? Yes. Reasons to be darn happy too? Yes!

  90. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Everybody just needs to relax. We won the game and thats all that matters. Let’s hope we learned some lessons from last night’s game and move forward with corrections. We are not as good as we think we are and thats ok because sometimes you need to eat humble pie.
    I actually thought Bowie and Carp played better then people are giving them credit for, McQuistan is the swinging gate who obviously belongs at guard not tackle. We should make a change at that spot this week because he is killing us over there. I mean Bailey cannot be any worse so why not give the kid a chance..Also I think when Breno returns I would move Bowie to RG and put Sweezy on the bench.

    Our Defense is rock solid and full of players. What a great goal line stand at the end.

  91. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk,, lol there’s nothing wrong with thinking/dreaming ahead. As for me, I would rather get a Stud Guard (future pro-bowler) in the first Round next year than a Tackle.

  92. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Tate’s taunting penalty I have no concern about. That is so easy to fix and Tate is arguably our best playmaker at receiver. Not to mention the great job he’s done as a punt returner.”

    Yeah, about that taunting penalty…

    I thought my wife’s perspective was pretty interesting and a bit refreshing.

    She doesn’t know much about football, so I’ve been explaining the game to her last year and this year (we met a couple years ago). She doesn’t understand why it’s okay to taunt in certain situations and not others.

    She sees RW get sacked a few times, and the DL are getting up and showboating, and my wife doesn’t get it. She’s saying to me, “The Rams are jerks! You can’t do that!”

    So then the Tate taunting happens. As he’s streaking down the sideline for the TD, and the flag gets thrown and I immediately knew what it was for, and I told my wife, “They’re going to call him for taunting.”

    And my wife says, “Well, the Rams deserve it. They’ve been jerks all night. I don’t have a problem with what he (Tate) just did.”

    Leave it to my wife to put things in perspective…

    We fans, who have watched this game all our lives, understand the rules and situations and such, so it’s not out of the norm for us to see defensive players living it up after a sack. And we don’t think anything of it. But to someone who doesn’t know the game, like my wife, she doesn’t see any difference between a DL showboating about a sack and a WR showboating for a touchdown. It just didn’t register with her that those two things were not equal.

    And she said to me, “So they’re going to call him (Tate) for ‘taunting’ because he’s making the other player feel bad? How do they think Russell feels after they sack him and then showboat about it? They think that doesn’t make anyone feel bad? That makes no sense.”

    So… I have no problem with what Tate did.

    And I’m pretty sure it won’t happen again.

  93. chuck_easton says:


    I’m still happy. 7-1 pretty much guarantees a playoff spot this season with how poorly the other NFC divisions are looking.

    Heck. The NFCW could still end up with both Wildcards if Arizona can keep up what they showed this weekend.

    NFCE – Dallas leads the division with a 4-4 record.

    NFCN – everyone is right around .500

    NFCS – Saints and then a big drop off to the panthers and falcons.

    So I don’t see a situation where Seattle isn’t in the playoffs.

    I just see a very hot SF team breathing down the teams back and I see a Saints team with only one loss

  94. Seattle can easily be a 14-2 wildcard team. Couple that with the NFC Wildcard Sunday game being the early game could mean a 14-2 Seahawks at 8-8 Dallas matchup as the early Sunday game.

  95. Jumped off the ledge hit the trampoline and bounced back up to the ledge.
    Bring on the Bucks

    on everyone wanting Lem to come in, he’s the backup Center so as much as we want to see him try at guard they won’t risk it.
    Team is deep everywhere but O-line needs to be fixed

    Harvin won’t be playing this week either, thinking next week at the earliest but probably the Vikings game. If they wait till the saints game I’m ok with it.

  96. Right – we are all only complaining today because our expectations are so high for this team, and we can all taste a SB appearance, if we can only get mid-level play from the O-line.

    Okung is such a key guy for us – it’s obvious and every one knows it, but it just gets underscored week after week after week. Not every team as a LDE as good as Long, but nearly every one has a quality pass rusher on the right side, and with Okung in there he mostly locks them down for the game, and it just changes everything.

    I think, like Chuck posted, I’m done with Carp too – I think he’s strong as a bull, but just doesn’t have the effort/fitness/intensity to be a good player in the NFL. What a total disappointment.

    Also agree w/the point re Harvin, if the line is playing like this, he’ll be a highly paid spectator (as Rice is these days) – b/c there will be no time to get him the ball.

    But . . . .let’s not lose sight of the fact that we did somehow get a win last night, and that bad/star-crossed teams like the Cowboys for example, always seem to lose those games. The 2013 version of the Seahawks wins them, and are now 7-1, that’s worth something.

  97. GeorgiaHawk says:

    ChrisHolmes- Great post! I didn’t even think to look at it that way.
    I take back what I said about Tate last night.

  98. “And she said to me, “So they’re going to call him (Tate) for ‘taunting’ because he’s making the other player feel bad? How do they think Russell feels after they sack him and then showboat about it? They think that doesn’t make anyone feel bad? That makes no sense.”

    You know what? That’s a really good point. What Tate did was not much compared to the dancemix length show that Quinn did after one of his sacks. It’s all what becomes custom and practice I guess.

  99. grizindabox24 says:

    Todd Dybas ‏@Todd_Dybas 19m
    Carroll says on 710 he talked to Marshawn Lynch on the plane last night and Wilson made the wrong read twice on the goal line. #Seahawks

  100. ballgame says:

    This thread is crazy. We have fans calling for Moffit, yet he has spent most of the season has a heathly scratch this year for Den. So that is 2 O-line coaches on 2 of the top teams in the NFL saying they don’t want the guy on the field. Cable is regarded has one of the top O-line coaches in the league, so I again I’m going to default to people in the league over posters on a blog many of which didn’t play above high school football and taking a guess here probably have no clue what protection schemes even look like. Now did the O-line play awful last night? Yes no doubt, but the Hawks got out with a win. That is game that almost all of the past Seahawks team loss. This team did not.

  101. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m angry with the play last night because this team has high expectations. It’s not lost on my that they are 7-1, but that’s going to turn if Wilson keeps taking the punishment he’s been getting. O-line protection simply has to get better, period. It’s not just about getting the win, but getting the win and keeping key players healthy for a deep playoff push.

  102. yeah, Wilson took a bunch more heavy shots last night. the kid always gets right up – – but I cringe each time. he’s such a baller, never complains, never yells at his teammates. he’ll take us to super bowls if we can just give him a little bit of time to throw . . .

  103. FleaFlicker says:

    Some folks have said that “Rams just showed everybody in the league how to beat us” by loading the box.

    That’s just fine with me. Game plans can and will be adjusted. I’d love to see a team like SF copy the STL blueprint and then get trashed by a run-heavy, quick slant game plan. You load 8 guys in the box, you are one missed tackle away from Beast Mode making a house call.

  104. doubledink says:

    That’s what I think Harvin will bring. He can make a team pay bigtime for loading the box.

    If they don’t fix this line, we won’t have a QB for the playoffs. Period.

  105. rramstad says:

    I think the playcalling from Bevell was terrible. He needs to adapt to what he has on the field, and what the opponent is doing. He did neither.

    I am not sure what to make of Cable. I would absolutely agree that he does not know how to evaluate offensive line players in terms of acquiring new ones. I would also absolutely agree that he tends to stick with guys, perhaps too long, but some of that is the mystical “offensive line cohesion” that happens when a group of guys plays together for an extended period of time… he’s looking for the five guys to play as a unit and doesn’t want to mix things up.

    I do not know who to blame for the lack of depth on the offensive line. It does seem we went into the season with fewer quality players there than one would normally want. It is definitely true that there hasn’t been the same level of competition there as you’d get in other spots (cornerback, wide receiver, defensive line).

    McQ is a fantastic backup player, but has no business being a full time starter.

    Bowie might be great someday, but isn’t now. Which seventh round rookie tackles are great? Answer: none.

    Carpenter is an enigma. I wish we could figure out how to use him, and how to motivate him.

    The Mule should probably be starting.

    Unger really needs to fix the low snaps.

    Now, with all that said, it’s amazing that we’re 7-1 and in that sense I have to take my hat off to Cable and Bevell and everyone else involved with the offense and the team in general… there’s no other team in the NFL that could win this many games with the kind of “talent” that we have on our offensive line right now.

  106. We’re complaining because Seattle has failed miserably for seven years to field a decent line.

    Our line sucks because our players suck, period. Oking is great–NoT a Cable pick. Infer is great but injured–NoT a Cable pick. Fat Carps biggest asset is he’s fat…and he makes up for that by being very slow. Sweezy is lost and has no clue–only potential. Bowie is a low round rookie draft pick and no good. But Breno is also bad–he’s perhaps the worst RT in the NFL at pass pro, and he’s not even that good at run blocking.

    Even with Okung and Breno this line was an Ocean of Suck, and it’s going to stay that way till the personnel at least change, maybe untill the line coach changes…

    The line doesn’t suck due to injuries, they suck because the are bad players due to lack of talent and skill, and/or inexperience. And they aren’t getting better…

  107. Ah, phone editing…Unger not infer, Bowie is not good ( right now), etc..

  108. rramstad says:

    Mau, Harvin has to be put on season ending IR or activated by the Vikings game. They can’t wait until the Saints game, given when Harvin started practicing and came off PUP.

    “If Harvin’s not ready to go, the latest he could make his regular season debut would be in Week 11 when the Seahawks host Minnesota. The former Viking is probably going to do his best to make sure he doesn’t miss that game.”

  109. rramstad says:

    So STTBM, if the players are terrible, and the line is quasi serviceable at times, doesn’t that mean Cable is a great O line coach? I understand and agree that his evaluation skills are questionable… and I also understand and agree that he tends to stick with players too long or possibly plays favorites… but I find it interesting when people both state that the players are terrible on the offensive line and then also state that Cable is a terrible coach… but the fact that we can even remotely function with three starters missing (when Unger was out) is frankly pretty amazing given how poor our depth is behind the starters.

  110. bird_spit says:

    I just want to add one thing I have not seen mentioned.

    Hawks have issues, yes, we all watched the game last night, and its obvious.

    I just want to point to one guy who never gets mentioned, because he is the guy with the shovel who never stops working, and works his ass off every play he is in..Heath Farwell. Seems like his toughness is what the doctor ordered in the last couple of plays. He was right in there filling his gap, on the next to last play. He is a significant reason why the hawks won last night.

    Besides his special teams contributions, and his pre-season lights out play…he was definitely a significant factor in the W last night.

    Guys like him is what makes the game great.

  111. ChrisHolmes says:

    “You know what? That’s a really good point. What Tate did was not much compared to the dancemix length show that Quinn did after one of his sacks. It’s all what becomes custom and practice I guess.”

    Yeah, and that’s why I wanted to relay my wife’s line of thinking to you guys and try and put some of this in perspective.

    We’re so close to this game – we’ve watched for years. But it’s really refreshing, to me, to see things from an outsider’s perspective. My wife is a good counterbalance for me watching these games. She gets just as excited as anyone during a big play (she screamed her head off when Tate caught that pass). She just sees things through different eyes, and I value that.

    We’re 7-1. Maybe it wasn’t pretty, but it’s still 7-1.

    Let’s see what happens…

  112. Screensmoke says:

    Your right – Heath stop on goal line saved that game!

  113. “Yeah, and that’s why I wanted to relay my wife’s line of thinking to you guys and try and put some of this in perspective”

    My note along those lines. I have two boys, 12 and 14. The 12 y.o. is every bit the crazed football and Hawks fan I am. The 14 y.o., not so much, just not his thing. The three of us were watching last night, and my 14 y.o. without so much as looking up from his handheld game, yelled out, “Dammit McQuistan!” And I realized that if I owned a parrot, that’s what the parrot would be saying as well . . .

  114. freedom_X says:

    Nobody had a problem with the O-line in the second half of last year. I seem to recall the offense did pretty well during that time period.

  115. davidste says:

    Russell Wilson is so precocious that is is easy to regard him as a wily veteran like Brady, Manning, Bree and Rogers. But the fact is he is still learning and it shows. Like last night he decided to eliminate fumbles and do none of the improvisational scrambling that has made things happen in all of the other games where the line has been a sieve. We saw the result and he learned. Because he is great I believe that now he will be able to balance risky improvisation and surrender. I look forward to seeing the reprogrammed and rebooted Wilson 2.9 (second season ninth game).

    Wilson also makes us forget what a normal person is like in their early twenties. Tate reminds us.

    My wife put it in perspective for me also. She said “Taunting? You’re more obnoxious than that playing Scrabble!”

  116. sluggo42 says:

    Thanks Slave.
    I think Cable is the problem more so than the players. It’s his “system” that sucks. I’m NOT saying the players are any good either, but, maybe they could do better in a different system. I mean we are the 40th ranked o-line ! ( good one GH)
    That means we suck worse than every other team in the entire fricking league!!

    It’s clear that Cables system is junk, and it needs to be scrapped. Can it get worse? Uhhh, No, it can’t.

    I’m not too happy with Bevell, but at this point, I have to give him one half of an out, because the line sucks so bad, we really don’t know if any of his stuff could work.

    I am officially changing my name to TCIAB. TOM cable is a bust. He needs to go!

  117. And in totally unsurprising news, Moffitt is a healthy scratch every week. He sucks and Sweezy sucks.

    I don’t know how much input Cable has on the drafting of o-lineman, some seem to think he has autonomy, but that needs to end if he indeed does.

    BTW, I thought Carp was the best o-lineman on the field for the Hawks yesterday besides Unger. And it looked like he played a decent game to me. I didn’t focus on him every play though.

    I understood worrying about getting Lem hurt with Unger already hurting, but they need to not worry about that now. They’re gonna get RW hurt. Sweezy need to be riding the pine.

  118. Cable is respected around the league as an excellent o-line coach. More than anyone here can say. It’s more than fair to question his talent evaluation skills. I am at this point. I also have reservations with him and Bevell sharing the offense. Though that’s not based on anything solid.

  119. Listening to 950 KJR there is a lot of overreaction to Tate’s taunting call.

    Which is more significant?

    Golden Tate behaves in a stupid, juvenile fashion that results in a totally unnecessary 15 yard penalty?

    Golden Tate scores all 14 of our points that enable us to win the game!

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