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Jeff Fisher: ‘Our division is very, very talented’

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Oct. 24, 2013 at 10:14 am with 23 Comments »
October 24, 2013 10:14 am

Here’s what St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher had to say today on a conference call:

(On if they have addressed the loss of Sam Bradford and moved on as much as they can…) “Yeah we had to address it. We addressed it Monday with the players, and then gone ahead and went through the process as it was documented and we reported. We brought Austin Davis back and signed Brady Quinn. With the Monday Night Game having the extra day yesterday helped us a little bit. We got an early start with the quarterbacks and got them on the field. Kellen Clemens is a smart guy and a great teammate and we’re going to cut him loose.”

(On what has he seen from Kellen Clemens from this point that gives you hope as you move forward…) “He has a real good understanding of what we’re doing. He’s been in the system for a long time, he was in the system at New York with Brian Schottenheimer, and he has a real good command of the offense. He’s been great in the building, on the practice field with the young guys, he expects a lot from the younger players, and he’ll get it from them.”

(On the Seahawks’ defense…) “They’re very, very talented in every area. Up front, linebackers are playing good, you can’t say enough about the secondary play, and it’s very impressive to watch.”

(On it not being an ideal situation for Kellen to make his first start against the Seahawks’ secondary…) “A few weeks ago we played Houston and they were the number one rated defense, last week we played the number three ranked defense, and now we’re playing the number two ranked defense. So we have another challenge on our hands.”

(On if he’s putting in anything more because of the Monday Night game or do the players already know what is at stake…) “They know that. I’m not sure how many players I have on the roster that haven’t played in a Monday Night game, probably most of them, but we’ve had some experience with a Thursday Night game. We’ll talk about it as the week goes on.”

(On if there are certain areas on the team where he’s looking for more improvement as they move forward to the second half of the season…) “I wouldn’t highlight specific areas, I’m just looking for overall improvement, and we’re seeing that. We’ve seen that over the last couple of weeks. That’s kind of where we are right now is just improving, and when you lose your starting quarterback everybody has to step up and do a little bit more, and that’s where are focus is.”

(On the success that the Rams had last year in the division and if he has seen that carry over at all to this season…) “Well we’re 1-1. Ask me again at the end of the year. Our division is very, very talented. We’ve watched a lot of Seahawks football against a lot of teams this season and they’re very impressive, and for them to play the 49ers the way they did, it’s going to be a tough stretch for us.”

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  1. After football coaching, Jeff Fisher has a far lucrative career in doing seminars teaching people how to present mediocrity as top-end quality.

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I like Jeff Fisher. I think he is a very good coach. I just don’t think that Bradford is the answer there at QB.

  3. Southendzone says:

    Hey wait, when do we get to question the mantra that Fisher is a good coach? He’s got a talented defense, what’s believed to be a quality QB, and an avalanche of high draft picks due to the RG3 trade but what has he put on the field?

    Any playoff teams? no
    Any performances in 2013 that make you say “Whoa, look out for STL, they got it going!”, no

    I’m not saying either way, my only way to evaluate is watching their results which don’t shout out to me that he’s a good coach.

  4. HawkfaninMT says:

    I’d say Fisher is a good coach. That is all. He seems to me to be the type of coach that will lead his team to 9-7 records, a good 11-5 record and a deep playoff run once in a while to keep his job, then back to mediocirty and the so-so picks that come along with that

  5. 6 winning seasons in 19 years as a Head Coach. He delivered a playoff win in just 3 of those years. He is paid $7m a year, the same as Carroll. Carroll has delivered a playoff win in 2 of his 3 full years with the Seahawks.

  6. Pete has lead his teams to 4 play-off appearances in 7 years as an NFL head coach and looks to be well on his way to making it 5 out of 8. Now he just needs to get a superbowl. I’m expecting that this year too.

  7. chuck_easton says:

    St. Louis was considered an up and coming team at the start of the year. This was based on their strong finish in 2012, the drafting of Austin (who was supposed to be the next Fitz, Megatron, Marshall…and has done NOTHING), there strong defence, the FA signing of guys like Long for the 0-line.

    Unfortunately St. Louis got hit with the big injury bug.

    Can’t blame injuries on the coach, unless it’s Parcells running over his player on the practice field with his golf cart (Really, it happened a couple of years ago).

    Remember, when this season started there was talk about the possibility of three NFCW teams getting into the playoffs. Then Arizona and St. Louis decided to remove themselves from the conversation.

  8. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Jeff Fisher is so good he got Vince Young to win games…

  9. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – 1st post; funny. 2nd post; spot on. I’ve never been quite sure where the narrative has come from that Fisher is a “good coach”. Out of context, yes, he is. He’s in the NFL. But his success in the NFL does not support the praise he receives.

  10. RDPoulsbo says:

    It seems like a lifetime ago when I met Fisher back when I lived in Nashville and he was coaching the Titans. He is one of those truely good people in the world. There’s really nothing bad to say about the guy. Tried to make me a Titan fan, but his efforts fell short. That’s when I knew I was going to be a Seahawk fan for life.

    As good of a man as Fisher is, his team sucks. Yes, there is a ton of talent in this division, but none of it extends inland from the coast. He has a long way to go to rebuild that mess of an organization.

  11. NYHawkFan says:

    Obviously, the team (Rams) is down in the dumps over loosing their starting QB for the season. We would be too if we lost Wilson for the year. Fisher is just trying to put a positive spin on bad situation. They face a very talented Seahawks team this coming week, and they’ve suffered a devastating loss. I hope they put up a good fight and make it an interesting game, as it’s being televised nationally. I hope Bradford has a complete recovery so that he can start where he left off and make the NFC West more competative.

  12. raymaines says:

    Our division is very talented….”

    Except for the, you know, St. Louis and Arizona part of it.

  13. Always liked Fisher as a coach; always a stand up guy and a tough but fair minded players coach. Came just inches from winning a Superbowl. I am however unsure about the last two ownerships with which he’s worked. No disrespect to the late Bud Adams, but heard he wasn’t the easiest bloke to work for.
    The Rams management hasn’t looked too great since the Greatest Show on Turf left town. I sure didn’t like seeing him come to the division though, knowing he’d bring toughness at the very least. Saw that last year winning the NFC west head to head battles, but not as much this year.

  14. “6 winning seasons in 19 years as a Head Coach. He delivered a playoff win in just 3 of those years. He is paid $7m a year, the same as Carroll. Carroll has delivered a playoff win in 2 of his 3 full years with the Seahawks.”

    Agree with all of that sentiment . . .

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If Fisher had coached in the NFC worst like Holmgren did he would have had around 12 winning seasons in 19 years of head coaching.
    He did have the best record in the NFC west last year of any coach in the division did he not, with arguably the worst talent?

  16. I’ve seen some speculation about this being an evaluation year for Bradford and how the Rams are now in the tough position of having to make a decision to commit to Sam or burn one of their many draft pics on a successor. I wonder if they had to do it again they’d just take RGIII. Image how fun it would be to have him AND Russell AND Kap in the same division.

  17. ChrisHolmes says:

    “But his success in the NFL does not support the praise he receives.”

    @Dukeshire Could not agree more.

    I think, for some strange reason, people (especially those in the media) mistake longevity for skill/talent/ability. There’s no question that Fischer has managed to forge a long career as a head coach in this league.

    But his record speaks for itself. He’s not a great coach. Maybe just *good enough* to get by.

  18. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    Georgia, he had the best record within the division, but he was nowhere close to having the best record. Unfortunately for Fisher, those other games count too.

    The ugly thing for the Rams for the first few games this season was their inability to run the ball. With all those picks, to let Jackson go to ATL and not replace him with a decent back has really hurt them. If they had a better running game, they would be showing progress this year.

    It’s too bad for the Rams, because the NFC is so off this year, it would have been a great opportunity for them to get some playoff experience. Just look at Carolina, they have a real shot at going to the playoffs, even after their rough start.

  19. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    Having said that, I think there are a number of coaches who have had greats quarterbacks playing for them, and that made them look like better coaches than they probably were.

  20. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Jeff Fischer in my mind is a solid and fundamentally sound coach. Not an innovator or going to change the way the game is played with any groundbreaking philosophical and tactical breakthroughs. But he’s not going to lose you games because of poor and unsound schemes and decisions either.

    Not sure why everyone is bagging on him here. Or what the relevance might be to anything that matters though.

    Give Fischer a running back, left tackle, one more receiver and a healtyh Sam Bradford (which is a lot that’s missing in terms of personnel) and this is probably an outside shot at being a Wild Card team. And one that could win one at home against SF or the Hawks if either has an Indy type game.

  21. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Also, if you switch coaches roles and gave Dick Vermeil the Titans team that went to SB 34 and Fischer the Rams that won it, do you think the game is as close at the end?

    I don’t. The Rams would have been more sound defensively under Fischer and there was no containing that offense. Martz probably made it more gimmicky and worse than it otherwise would have been.

    I think Fischer can win a Super Bowl IF you get him the talent. Which is a very big IF of course.

    I’d take PC over Fischer any day though, even including PC’s infuriating clock management and the multitude of in-game decisions that will routinely take points off the board and in critical situations.

    PC plays the brand of football that can produce a true dynastic run. And he has the talent eval skills and philosophy that are so unique and can sustain a decade long run.

    Fischer doesn’t bring that sort of thing to the table. But he is fundamentally sound and solid as a coach.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “6 winning seasons in 19 years as a Head Coach. He delivered a playoff win in just 3 of those years. He is paid $7m a year, the same as Carroll. Carroll has delivered a playoff win in 2 of his 3 full years with the Seahawks.”

    You can also say that Fisher had 6 losing seasons in 19 years as a head coach.

    He was 153-131 in the regular season, and 5-6 in the playoffs and had three 13-3 records.
    How many 13-3 records does the Seahawks have in their whole history?.

    He also lead his team to just 1 yard away from a Super Bowl win.

    His greatest accomplishment though is what HawkFromDay1 said. Getting Vince Young to win games, (or imo) winning in spite of having Vince Young at QB.
    I wouldn’t trade Carroll for him though. No way!

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