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Morning links: Seahawks drinking the healing waters

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Oct. 22, 2013 at 6:00 am with 58 Comments »
October 22, 2013 1:24 am
Percy Harvin should soon be able to do more on the field than just sign autographs. / AP photo
Percy Harvin should soon be able to do more on the field than just sign autographs. / AP photo

Good morning.

For a supposed off-day yesterday, the Seahawks were pretty busy.

Fullback Michael Robinson was in for his physical. His friend Chris Clemons tweeted a “welcome back” to Robinson, making it sound like the Seahawks have signed him.

In addition, the Seahawks announced that wide receiver Percy Harvin has returned to practice for the first time since being placed on the PUP list after Aug. 1 hip surgery.

Head coach Pete Carroll said last week he thought right tackle Breno Giacomini had “turned a corner” after having knee surgery Sept. 30. The Seahawks are also now less than a month from the first possible return date for Pro-Bowl left tackle Russell Okung (toe), who would be eligible to return from the short-term IR Nov. 17 against Minnesota.

Meanwhile, other teams are dealing with serious injury issues. St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford is out for the year. Indianapolis wide receiver Reggie Wayne is out for the year. Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler is out at least four weeks with a groin tear and linebacker Lance Briggs is out at least six weeks because of a shoulder fracture.

All of this and the Seahawks have just two games left against teams that are above .500 (New Orleans and San Francisco).

Our John McGrath totaled a lot of this up in today’s column, where he also says there should be no rush with Harvin considering the opponents coming up.

Caution is advised with Harvin. He’s capable of creating electricity every time he touches the ball, but also capable of creating suspense every time he’s tackled: Will he bounce back up? Or will he hobble to the sideline? Harvin sat out the last half of 2012 with an ankle injury, the first half of 2013 with a hip injury.

An Iron Man, he ain’t.

Still, there’s a reason the Seahawks guaranteed Harvin about $25.5 million – and surrendered a first-round draft choice – to acquire him in a trade with the Vikings. On those occasions, the huddle breaks with Russell Wilson at quarterback, Marshawn Lynch at running back and Sidney Rice and Golden Tate lined up wide, Harvin’s place in the slot gives the defense a fifth dimension to consider.

In a programming note, let’s chat today at 12:30. The schedule is a little different this week because of the Monday night game, so we have open lockerroom late morning Tuesday. I would expect to see Harvin and Robinson standing in there with broad smiles.


> ESPN looks at the schedule getting better for the Seahawks. They play their final road game against the Giants in New Jersey on Dec. 15. If they clinch homefield throughout the playoffs, their next road game, if there is one, would also be in New York, Feb. 2, at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. That’s the Super Bowl, just more than 100 days away.

> If you haven’t visited NFL Savant yet, there are some interesting Seahawks stats there. For instance, the majority of their passes short and to the right side.

> Peter King and the MMQB crew start a series that looks at head trauma in football, from high schools to the NFL. Richard Sherman will be writing on this this week for the site.

> This, from a man you may remember, was pretty close to how I felt about the Monday night game.

The NFL has a bit of a dilemma on its hands. The play on Thursday nights is little better. That can be attributed to the short week, though, that doesn’t change the fact play on Thursday nights isn’t very good. Last night was atrocious. There was discussion afterward about how reductions of practice from the reworked CBA in 2011 have influenced the overall play this season. To see Steve Young, Trent Dilfer and Ray Lewis all agree right after the game that something is wrong was eye-opening.

> The daily Hawkville report from Clare Farnsworth said Russell Wilson and Harvin worked out together Monday.

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree with McGrath about Harvin. No need to get him on the field right away. Minnesota or Atlanta perhaps would be nice so he can get a couple games under his belt before the Saints and 49er games.
    In fact it’s looking good that we get everyone back before the Saints game.

  2. At least the announcers were far better than the ignorant, misinformed, and lazy Mariucci and his team of morons on the NFL network Thurs game. Those guys were perhaps the worst I’ve ever seen last Thurs.

  3. yakimahawk says:

    Last night STTBM. Both the Vikings and the Giants looked absolutely terrible on MNF, when the Vikings come to town in less than a month it’s going to be real ugly, the Giants aren’t scary even at home.

    Previous from MontanaMike…

    Agreed MNF crew had to be embarrassed. Honestly, it felt like a grid kids game at best. If those 2 teams don’t play better against Seattle (which they will) they will both lose by 50

  4. Why does Hutch’s twitter account have a pic of him in a Hawks uniform? Traitor

  5. HawkFromDay1 says:

    On one play last night I saw the following 5 failures:

    1. Giants o-line let 3 Vikings DL’s in the backfield (fail)
    2. All 3 Vikings proceeded to whiff on sacking Manning (fail)
    3. Eli threw a dying quail off one foot(fail)
    4. Giants receiver continued his deep route, and didn’t work back to the ball (fail)
    5. Vikings defender jumped the route (hooray!) and dropped the pick (fail)

    I elected not to watch the next play… such a stunning collaboration of ineptitude.

  6. TallyHawk says:

    The Hawks are just as much if not more to blame for hutch leaving. They didn’t have to let him test the waters.

  7. Yankinta–I was comparing last night with our thurs game. My point was the Nfl network coverage and announcers were so bad, they nearly ruined the game. So Ice Fisherman was using some hyperbole. Obviously he never watched our 2-14 season when our offense couldn’t cross the fifty yard line or complete a pass to a wr all game. In the history of the nfl, that was the worst offense.

    So no, while very bad, last nights game was nowhere near the top for worst sporting event.

  8. I enjoyed the Thur night coverage of the Seahawks. Especially the post game show. Seemed like lots of fun to me. Who cares how well informed they are. And even at that they were far better than Tim Ryan or Moose or whoever we get week to week on FOX. Didn’t watch much last night but I have my doubts that well informed should ever be included in the description of an ESPN broadcast. Its all just fun and entertainment. Enjoy the show.

  9. yankinta says:

    dcbeeh,, TallyHawk took the words out of my mouth. I was also going to add you can blame that Stupid GM that we had at the time. It was all his doing!!

    I don’t agree with McGrath about Harvin. If he looks good in practice and if the Docs say it’s fine,, there’s no need to play it safe. Let him play!!. I like the Mentality of the Locker Room. It’s not about our Opponents, it’s about SeaHawks Football and the standard associated with it. I want to see him this coming Monday. That’d be a great Debut on national TV.

  10. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Whoa now – let’s not blame Hutch.

    Tim Ruskell messed that up horribly. Instead of franchising Hutch for like $6.8M he “transition” tagged him for like $6.2M.

    I thought it was the dumbest thing ever – until we traded a first round pick for Deion Branch. And then when we drafted a LONG SNAPPER in the 5th round with a chronic back condition (never played a down for us). And then when we kept 2 KICKERS on the roster… etc. etc.

  11. yankinta says:

    HawkFromDay1,, why did you have to mention his name?? I was trying to avoid it! hoping to refer him as our Stupid GM from last century….

  12. madpunter88 says:

    I loved last night when Mike Tirico said midway through the third-quarter, “these two teams are just playing awful football” or something to that effect. You rarely hear that kind of candor from the announcers because they are trying to sell a product to viewers. It was just painful to watch.

    I don’t like the Thursday night games because even though they are nationally broadcast and primetime they have more the feel of a preseason night game than a SNF/MNF telecast. The production is not as good and the games often come off sloppy.

    Interesting that Steven Hutchinson has a photo of himself in a Seahawks uniform on Twitter. He did, after all, go to the Super Bowl with the Hawks and have his best years with the team. Raising the 12th Man flag soon?

    HawkFromDay1: that was a wonderful synopsis of the Ruskell era. What if Ruskell had been GM with Ken Behring as owner? Then it would really have been awful.

  13. The only thing I blame Huthinson for is signing that poison pill offer. He should have been happy he wasn’t franchised so he was able go out and find the best offer. Instead he signed an offer sheat that made it impossible for the Seahawks to match it. That I didn’t like.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Hutch is wearing a ‘Hawks uniform, correct. If he were a “traitor” seems to me he’d likely have on Viqueens purple.

    All these injuries just reinforce how ridiculous an 18 game schedule would be.

  15. yankinta says:

    rlc,, we don’t know the full story to blame Hutch of anything. It’s very likely that Vikings asked him to sign that poison pill offer, if he wanted to get paid like the highest Guard in the NFL. What would you do, if your own team doesn’t want to pay you but another team has made that offer? I know, I’d take it because my own team has already dissed me.

  16. yankinta says:

    Luck gets my respect for owning up….this dude really is a good guy. It’s not his fault he isn’t accurate throwing on the run,, only RW can do that at high level with consistency…

  17. ChrisHolmes says:

    “I don’t like the Thursday night games because even though they are nationally broadcast and primetime they have more the feel of a preseason night game than a SNF/MNF telecast. The production is not as good and the games often come off sloppy.”

    @madpunter88 That is why the NFL is talking about changing the Thursday night schedule. You may have read an incorrect “rumor” about a 2nd Thursday night game, but the reality is the league is negotiating to turn over most of the Thursday night broadcasts to other networks who would pay a ransom for the rights to those Thursday night games.

    What that means is we might see Fox, CBS, NBC or ESPN doing most of the Thursday night games. If that happens I think we can expect an improvement on the broadcasting (maybe no the gameplay, thanks to the short week, but at least the way it’s presented).

    I, personally, would love to see Dan Fouts and Ian Eagle calling the Thursday night games, for instance…

    “All these injuries just reinforce how ridiculous an 18 game schedule would be.”

    @Dukeshire Exactly. I was thinking the same thing. This happens every year (and did last year as well). There’s a point where there’s a spate of injuries, and it makes it so blatantly obvious that an 18-game regular season schedule is absurd.

    I encourage all of you with Twitter accounts to tweet the commish on a regular basis. Send a written letter to the league office if you have the time and means. Let them know: we, the fans, do not want more than 16 regular season games. The injuries are devastating enough as it is.

  18. Seahawkfan78 says:

    Lockette is a Seahawk again

    ShowtimeTate Golden Tate
    RT @RicardoLockette: Proud to be a Seattle Seahawk again #home

    ShowtimeTate Golden Tate
    RT @hegotit1977: @RicardoLockette welcome home my friend Lockette the rocket is it still channel #83 bro lol
    about 13 hours ago

  19. yankinta says:

    Wow, I had respect for Pat Kirwan but this dude is just another over-reactor!! smh…

  20. RDPoulsbo says:

    Last night’s matchup was the FailBowl. It sounds like I didn’t miss much by choosing not to watch any of it.

    I saw that Mike Rob is signed (unofficially) though the Lockette one has me scratching my head. Harvin’s goal is to get back by Monday. Even if that becomes unlikely, Lockette is the fallback option?

  21. tealskin says:

    Has Lockette improved in some way while we weren’t looking? This team doesn’t need more receivers. How about some O-lineman. That would be encouraging.

  22. CDHawkFan says:

    RD, I think Lockette is signed to the practice squad which means he will be gone again in 3-5 weeks as they are always moving guys on and off the PS. This doesn’t have anything to do with Harvin.

    After training camp the PS was; Michael Brooks, Cooper Helfet, Ty Powell, Ryan Seymour, DeShawn Shead, Sealver Siliga, Jared Smith & Bryan Walters

    I’m not sure there are many of the above still make up the 8 slots.

  23. The team needs anyone who can take a 10 yard pass and turn it into an 80 yard pass. They need anyone who can catch an 80 yard pass period. That’s one thing Luck does have over Wilson.

    For all the hype about Harvin, he hasn’t had an NFL Catch over 53 yards which baffles me.

  24. chuck_easton says:

    So much REAL football to discuss here.

    1. I agree with Magrath. No need to rush Harvin. He needs a few weeks of practice against our DB’s to get into football shape. If the team brings him back too soon we risk losing him for the later games and, dare I say it?, the play-offs (knock wood, throw salt over shoulder, don’t tempt Karma, mustn’t anger the football gods).

    2. Having MRob back will do more to improve the offense than anyone realizes. Yes, he’s JUST a FB. But he is a monster on ST, he is one of the best I’ve seen at picking up the blitzes and right up there with Mack Strong in that area. And Lynch LOVES running behind him. I see Lynch going over 100 for the first time the very first game MRob plays.

    3. Best line I heard last night “Freeman didn’t impress in his first pre-season game with the Vikings”. And that was what last night was. It doesn’t seem fair for teams to get an extra pre-season game in the middle of the year.

    4. The only ‘power ranking’ that matters is which team is #1 on Superbowl Sunday right after the game. Everything up until then is just how people will react to the past weekend. KC and the Colts both look dominant RIGHT NOW. Who knows where they will be come January. Remember the 49rs were the pre-seaon champions.

  25. yankinta says:

    pabuwal,, I’d take several 53 yard catches over one or two 80 yard catches.. :)

    chuck_easton, Power Ranking matters throughout the season,,especially to those that are bored and wanna find out who the Seahawks Haters are in National Media….

  26. yankinta says:

    This voting panel is full of Over-Reactors… smh

  27. Seahawkfan78 says:

    I say, IF Harvin is cleared to play by the medical staff and knows the plays. Let him play. Just bring him in slowly like they did Clemons. Let him get acclimated to the speed and the defense that isnt just ours.

  28. Harvin only has 3 career catches of 50+ yards.

  29. wazzulander says:

    Yeah, Ruskell is an idiot and deserves blame for not franchising him, but Hutch is a complete tool for going out of his way to screw us over. And now he’s putting a Seahawk pic on his “poison pill” twitter handle?? Screw off, jerk!

    Glad to see MikeRob back. Not even for the x’s and o’s, but because he was such an integral part of getting us to the elite level where we are now, and if we do walk away from this year with some shiny new jewelry he has more than earned his share already. Plus, more RealRob reports please!

  30. grizindabox24 says:

    People biatching about Seattle’s placement in power rankings is too funny. Apparently if Seattle is not #1 it is a travesty.

  31. Heard John Clayton on ESPN710 yesterday afternoon discussing how he was going to vote in the power rankings. Clayton said he would put KC on top because they have the best record (despite playing a weak schedule so far, which Clayton acknowledged). He also said he would put the Colts ahead of the Seahawks because of the win.

    Dave Wyman countered with the question: on a neutral field, who would win, the Seahawks or Chiefs? Clayton said the Seahawks. Same question about the Colts, same answer. So, if Seahawks would be beat both teams on a neutral field (i.e. is the better team), why put them lower in the power rankings? Because of the better record (in the case of KC) and the head-to-head-win (in the case of Indy).

    In other words, the power rankings don’t seem to be based on which teams are better, at least in John Clayton’s mind. They’re fun to look at and talk about, and I love seeing the Seahawks on top, but power rankings are meaningless

  32. chuck_easton says:


    You forgot the rest.

    If Seattle isn’t #1 in everybody’s eyes, the Colts aren’t properly labled as pretenders because they just happened to get ‘lucky’ and beat three of the best teams in the league, and if Russell Wilson isn’t recognized by every sports personality in the world as the best ever and a reincarnation of Unitas, Montana, Y.A. Tittle, all in one little package THEN it is a total travesty.

    Some of the youngins on here don’t remember the ‘bad old days’ of Seattle football where the team was just struggling to get any recognition at all.

    I’m just happy the East Coast media finally learned how to spell Seattle and have apparently figured out the city has indoor plumbing, electricity, and there aren’t wolves roaming the streets.

    Baby steps…

  33. ChrisHolmes says:

    I don’t care about Harvin’s amount of bombs in his history.

    What I do care about is having a guy on the team that the opposing defense worries about, and a guy who can consistently get separation and be an open target for our QB.

    We don’t need a bunch of long bombs. But if we can put a guy on the field who can consistently turn a 7-yard gain into a 20-yard gain, or a guy who can consistently get open on 3rd down, that’s important.

    Long bombs are great and all that, but the vast majority of NFL passes happen in the first 20 yards after the LOS. Harvin excels in that area…

    I can’t wait to see how Bevell uses him and teams defend him.

    And perhaps more importantly: Harvin’s presence on offense should open things up, a little bit, for the other guys (although if they can’t get open one-on-one that’s not Harvin’s fault).

  34. I think if you were to look at Harvin’s long pass plays you would find they are short passes and long runs. That’s what he does. Long bombs are not his forte.

    I say if he’s healthy play him. Pete Carroll has never shown a tendacy to rush injured players back too soon. If anything it has been just the opposite, keeping them out one more week just to be safe. I think he is very conservative in that regard. For that reason I would be surpriced if he plays aginst the Rams. If he does though I would say it means he is ready and not being rushed.

  35. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Very very happy that MikeRob is back, have been calling for this a long time. My guess is that MikeRob and the Hawks had a handshake agreement for his return when he got healthy. I say this because he didn’t sign with anybody else when im sure he could have. Now we have a need and a well rested ProBowler to fill that spot.
    Also big props to D.Coleman for doing such a great job at FB and also on special teams, he earned his pay and showed he belongs on this team. That guy has overcome so much just to make and stick at this level, great job DC!!! Get healthy and see you soon back on the field.
    I figure Ware goes to IR for RealRob and Walters goes back to the PS when Percy comes back. Also maybe they signed Lockette to the PS just in case somebody claims Walters of waivers.

  36. Just taking a peek down the road at the schedule and playoffs-(yes, I said playoffs) It looks like the toughest teams left on our schedule are the Saints at home and the 49ers in SF. The 49ers have to go to the Saints, and the rest of their schedule is like ours. If we don’t beat the Niners, and we both finish 14-2, then with the tie breakers, we end up as a wild card team. Our two losses would be to the Colts and the Niners. Their two losses would be to the Colts and the Seahawks. Our schedules are exactly the same except for two teams– they would have played the Packers and the Redskins (and presumably won) and we will have played the Vikings and the Giants. Based on strength of opponents, we lose the tie breaker. We would be the fifth seed in this scenario. That makes the game in San Francisco very important!

  37. ChrisHolmes says:

    Every game is important.

    It’s gonna be a dogfight for home field advantage.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s going to take 14-2 this year, minimum, for HFA. Myabe 15-1.

    But boy oh boy… if we get it, who wants to come play in our house?


  38. montanamike2 says:

    I concur!

  39. montanamike2 says:

    2 most important games left, the Saints and the Niners.

  40. RDPoulsbo says:

    Harvin does his best working underneath and getting the YAC. That sounds like WCO to me, as Minnesota used while he was there. It might change in Seattle with their run heavy scheme with throws over the top, but I doubt it. I think he’ll do a lot of what Baldwin does. If he plays Monday, I think 2-3 touches should be fine. Get him some action without pushing too hard.

    Monday is going to be ugly for St. Louis, especially on offense. No running game to speak of and they’re going to trot out one of the worst backup QBs in the NFL against Seattle’s defense? This is one where Wilson should be putting the ball cap on by the 4th quarter.

  41. Dukeshire says:

    Don’t be reasonable pabuwal.

  42. ChrisHolmes says:

    @RDPoulsbo Agreed. Tarvaris should be playing the 4th quarter.

    These are the kind of games I look at to see if a team has the killer instinct, to see if they really are as good as we think they are. A lot of teams play down to their opponents. I want to see us throttle the teams that we should. Kind of like the Jacksonville game…

    Lambs to slaughter.

  43. emperorzook says:

    Is there suppose to be a link or picture with this?

    This, from a man you may remember, was pretty close to how I felt about the Monday night game.

  44. When does everything ever play out like it’s supposed to? Teams stumble.

    Patriots lose to the Jets. Remember they lost at home to Arizona last year.

    Remember last year when the Giants came in and beat SF? Killed ‘em. Also lost and tied the Rams last year.

    The Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens were 10-6, including losses to Philly and Cincinnati.

    Don’t be surprised to see each of these teams lose a game they shouldn’t. 13-3 will be good enough for HFA, depending on tie breakers. If the Seahawks can win out, and split the NO and SF games, finishing 14-2, they are a lock for HFA.

  45. You are correct. Teams do stumble. I guess I was worried that if we lose to SF, and that is our only loss, and both us and the niners win out and finish 14-2, we loses the tie breaker. So no HFA. Gotta beat the Niners.

  46. montanamike2 says:

    After watching MNF last night, i’m pretty confident TJ could beat those 2 teams.

  47. HawkFromDay1 says:

    So unconcerned with NO or SF right now when this team stil has such a long way to go, and so many areas to improve

    What I’d like to see Monday:
    1. A clean special teams game – haven’t seen one in a while.
    2. 3rd down conversion at 75%+
    3. Red zone TDs at 100%
    4. Marshawn over 100 yds
    5. Under 20 yards of penalties
    6. Some improved O-line play

  48. montanamike2 says:

    I hope to see all those things too HawkFromDay1.

  49. chuck_easton says:

    For all of our complaining on here about how the offense is performing this season, about how bad the WR’s appear to be, about the O-line (in general) I looked at the league stats and I saw some things that would suggest things are actually looking as promising as Rah Rah Pete suggests.

    10th in Overall Offense
    2nd in rush Offense
    25th in pass Offense
    4th in yards per completion (when we throw it goes a ways)
    10 in overall passing yards per game.
    5th in Intereptions given up.

    All this with the 24th ranked O-line in the league. And this with Wilson being the 22nd ranked QB in the league. This with our best WR statistically (Tate) being the 31st best WR in the league.

    IF Harvin can contribute like we hope, and the O-line gets better with Breno and Okung, things could get scary good.

  50. MoSeahawk12 says:

    amen chuck!! Been watching this team for the past thirty+ years and have seen some good, some bad, some really good/great 1984 season, Superbowl, and some really, really bad. Thank you Ken Behring, Tom Flores, Tim Numskull and Jim Mora, However, when Paul Allen brought in Pete Carroll in and then John Schneider, it was more than a new coat of paint and a fresh start. It was a whole new beginning. A launching point that would gain serious momentum in a few short years. This team has been completely remade into a hyper competitive, talented and motivated group that’s fun to watch and not so fun to play against. We have budding superstars in all the important positions and a second year QB that exudes leadership, confidence and game changing ability that will propel this team into heights never quite reached by previous teams. Russell Wilson is already one of the best QBs in the league and is showing the fans and media that he is a winner at home and on the road. He may not be the best yet, but he is the best for us. I don’t think it really matters where the team is ranked or if our QB is in the top five. There are many good teams and several QBs that are still playing that have won Superbowls, MVPs and tons of games. Fortunately for us, we’ll get the chance to watch him compete, grow and hopefully join that list.

  51. “2. Having MRob back will do more to improve the offense than anyone realizes. Yes, he’s JUST a FB. But he is a monster on ST, he is one of the best I’ve seen at picking up the blitzes and right up there with Mack Strong in that area. And Lynch LOVES running behind him. I see Lynch going over 100 for the first time the very first game MRob plays.”

    I agree with all that. This is only going to make Lynch better, and he’s been damn good already this year.

    Once we get Okung back, and if Harvin contributes like we all hope he can, we will be the most well-rounded team in the league. Exciting days . . .

  52. ChrisHolmes says:

    I tell you what I want to see against the Rams… It’s simple: a win without injuries.

    I don’t care what the score is. At this point in time, just win and get out injury free.

    I’d be especially delighted, however, if we could throttle them in the process.

    I’d also like to see fewer 3rd down plays. Let’s make first downs on 1st and 2nd down. We’re an explosive team capable of getting yards in chunks. A high 3rd down conversion rate is nice, but I’d rather we get a few more 1st downs on 2nd down and so forth.

  53. yankinta says:

    grizindabox24,, I don’t think Seattle should be No.1 in Rankings. I think we should be No.2

  54. yankinta says:

    ChrisHolmes,, what I like to see the most in that RAMS game are:

    * Bowie redeeming himself, as our future RT against that Great Pass Rushers
    * Our D-Line showing that pass Rush for second consecutive week
    * Harvin playing a dozen snaps and getting on track with our Offense
    * RW throwing 2+ TD while getting hit a lot less

    in that order. :)

  55. jawpeace says:

    I disagree with many of you on the most important game(S) on the schedule and agree with the Hawks and Pete. It is the game we are playing this week. One game at a time and one victory at a time.

    Glad I was not alone last night. With my FF games all decided, I found myself completely bored with the game and actually quit watching it. As I turned it off I was thinking boy am I glad that I am not a Vikings or Giants fan.

  56. NYHawkFan says:

    Late to the party, but just wanted to add a couple of comments:

    First, I don’t see how injuries that occurred in week 7 have any bearing on the injures that may occur in the future, i.e. because of playing an 18 game season. Please educate me.

    Second, interesting insight MikeFromNewJersey regarding possible gentlemen’s agreement with Mike Rob to come back after he’s healed.

    Third, I’ve always felt that a major reason Hutch left Seattle was due to jealousies over the attention that Walter Jones received.

  57. raymaines says:

    For the life of me, I don’t understand how anybody could get all lathered up about the ESPN Power rankings. You have to respect that KC is undefeated. Indi has wins over SF, SEA, and Denver. Denver has, oh let me think, ah, Peyton Manning? So OK, maybe Seattle should be #3.

    Relax guys. Enjoy the ride. Let yourselves revel in the serious butt kicking of the Rams that will occur in just six days.

    I heard on the radio today that tickets for the game in St. Louis could be had for as little as $10 on StubHub. Hot Damn!! Unfortunately, round trip airfare from SEA to STL is north of $700 per ticket. I’d be tempted if my wife and I could both go for $700, but almost $1500 is too steep for me.

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