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Morning links: Are Seahawks prepping for Real Rob reports?

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Oct. 21, 2013 at 6:00 am with 158 Comments »
October 21, 2013 10:41 am

Good morning.

We’re going to start today with some adjustments (hopefully, improvements) on the blog.

The feedback I’ve received about links, how many, etc., has been about split. Some want more. Some say they don’t care. So, to try the impossible task of satisfying as many as possible, I’ve added a bunch of links to the right of this post.

These will be standing links. They are divided into categories: Our coverage; Seahawks coverage from other outlets; coverage of the NFC West and general NFL coverage. Also, I created a Twitter feed which follows all the Seahawks players on Twitter, plus dozens of people dispatching NFL news. We’ll have that widget up shortly, also in the right sidebar.

In addition, we’ll continue with Morning Links, where I will pull out a hand full of links each day. If you want to check out all those other places, they are just one click away on the right.

On to the day.

As we posted last night, the Seahawks are bringing fullback Michael Robinson in for a physical Monday. Obviously, the Seahawks are thin at that spot after Derrick Coleman hurt his hamstring Thursday night. Spencer Ware has been out since Week 2 with an ankle sprain.

If Robinson is healthy, it seems a logical move. He knows the system, is big in the lockerroom and will be taking a large pay cut after being released at the end of camp.

And, a reminder: The Seahawks don’t practice until Tuesday this week because they are playing Monday night.

Also, our Dave Boling wrote about the Seahawks’ special teams.


> The Everett Herald says the Seahawks will go 15-1.

> ESPN says the Seahawks are reaching their pass-rushing goals.

> St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford tore his ACL Sunday and is out for the year. His backup, Kellen Clemens, is a turnover machine.

> The Indianapolis Star’s Bob Kravitz says the Colts’ defense stole the show in Peyton Manning’s return. The Colts have beaten Seattle, San Francisco and Denver. Andrew Luck had four touchdowns in last night’s win over the Broncos.

> San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh says Aldon Smith could return to the 49ers in the “next couple weeks.” They have gotten their act together with four consecutive wins following a 1-2 start.


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  1. FairbanksDoug says:

    Awesome posting the standing links, thank you Todd!

  2. seahawkfan97 says:

    The new side links sounds awesome Todd. Can you make any mechanical adjustments to the blog, such as edit or comments under the original comment so yankinta and others can feud without us having to read it unless we want to and also we can have a/a few specific conversation/s in any given thread/ I know never happy…Cannot wait for the realrobreport and mike rob back on the field.
    15-1? A very real possibility barring injury and a letdown/turnovers. Atlanta and N O is the only obstacle I see and the Saints are here and the hawks are not doing so well. And we owe them a butt stomping. Great day to be a hawks fan

  3. djbargelt says:

    Todd: Excellent job providing all the links to the right of the post! Great selection for all of us who appreciate the additional reads on not just the Seahawks, but our division, etc.

    Glad to hear MikeRob may be back. Now Marshawn will need to hide out again in the locker room to avoid Mike’s cam!

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Is Harvin still practicing this week?

  5. grizindabox24 says:

    Georgia, I doubt we know for sure about Harvin until he actually steps on the practice field.

  6. Smart move with the Twitter stream of the Seahawks players.

  7. Those Colts’ 3 victories are tainted – they got Denver at home which helped them; they got us at home with a lot of zebra help; they did win at SF, but it was the week after we gave SF a concussion.
    I was pleased that the Colts won last night, but the AFC remains a four headded race with Cincy, KC and Denver thrown in.
    I have no preference which one we meet in January.

  8. My God, what do the Colts have to do to show some people that hey are for real? Those victories are tainted? Just because they played at home? And they beat SF at SF after a loss, the first time in the Haurbaugh era that they have lost two weeks in a row – in other words, they are a team that has shown they bounce back.

    As Yankinta would say, here are some facts: Indianapolis has beaten Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver. Those three teams, besides being at the top of everyone’s Power Rankings, are 17-1 against the rest of the league. And that one loss? That was SF’s loss to Seattle.

    The Colts are a very good team. Andrew Luck is an elite quarterback.Get over it.

  9. yankinta says:

    jbltzfk,, I agree with you. Denver has 31st ranked Passing Defense coming into the game and they dropped 2 for-sure interceptions by Andrew Luck, which would have shifted the momentum, twice. And the ball bounced the Colts way, at least 4 times….having said that, Colts defense is very good. They deserve to be Top 10 D currently and getting closer to Top 5 D, if they can keep playing this way. :)

    I actually predicted the Colts would win because Jim Irsay a genious, imo. Maybe at least for this game. He knew that Manning chokes in big games,, and he made this game bigger than it was for Manning by having said what he said previously….

    Here are some facts for those that may not have known,,,, Peyton Manning is 9-11 in playoff, with 8 early exits….that single Superbowl winning playoff run that he had,, he had 3TDs and 7 ints,,, you could argue that the Defense won it for him….and in that Super Bowl,, he beat Rex Grossman,, not an actual NFL QB…

  10. Actually, I would say the Colts are the new Seahawks – great at home and mediocre on the road.

  11. yankinta says:

    OrrObb,, lol just read what you wrote.. :)

    Yes, Colts are definitely a good team. I’m not arguing that. I’ve always said Luck had weapons and good players around him,, while the entire nation was saying Luck had no one around him and he’s the only reason they won 11 games last year. Now where are those people?? :)

    Luck is playing like a Top 10 QB this year,, I’m pretty impressed….he’s improved a lot from 2012. :)

  12. yankinta says:

    pabuwal,, don’t forget they lost to Miami (one of their 2 losses)…at home, and the Miami D was ranked 22nd at the time….

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This is already turning into another Luck/Colts thread again, Lol.

  14. HawkfaninMT says:

    Something about the Broncos losing puts a smile on my face…

    Old AFC West habits die hard

  15. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk,, what else is there to talk about?? Seahawks are on a mini-bye and we all know they have no room for improvement,, they’re great!! lol :)

    But seriously,, after seeing that Pass Rush for the first time this season, All my worries have been alleviated. But Carson Palmer is a non-mobile QB so sacks numbers of us were inflated, imo…. but Pete said Pass Rush will improve each week as they figure out how to use our Rushers as we get deeper into the season,,

  16. tealskin says:

    Georgia, think its because they just played a “big” game. Defense won it for Colts last night. And some really bone-head plays by Broncos. Luck looked good, not great. Peyton looked very ordinary which is a compliment to Colts. Don’t think the Broncos made enough adjustments to account for what Indy was doing.

  17. yankinta says:

    wow Denver was down 3 OL for that game last night. Maybe I was too quick to give credits to Colts D….

  18. HawkfaninMT says:

    I do see a bit of a blue print for success against the Broncos. Colts played Press Man, and got pressure with their front four. Broncos had trouble getting off the line, threw timing off with Peyton, and the front four got to him several times.

    Chiefs are going to give the Denver a run for their money in the AFC West, especially at Arrowhead. Up til last night I have thought the AFCW was Denver’s to lose, but maybe the Chiefs are the more complete team. If Denver has to go on the road through out the playoffs I do not see them in the SB. Going to NE in the cold, then KC in the cold would be tough for Manning, historically speaking

  19. grizindabox24 says:

    yankinta, it is true that Denver was without 3 starting OL, but it is not like it just happened. Their top 2 centers were hurt in the preseason and Clady only played a couple games. 4 of the 5 that started for them vs Indy have been playing together as starters for more than half the games so far. I think Indy either needs more credit or Denver less for poor game prep.

  20. grizindabox24 says:

    I am still not sure that KC will be able to score enough points to win in Denver or win a superbowl.

  21. HawkfaninMT says:

    I feel like the KC/Den division games will split… But if things play out like they are KC would win the diviiosn. Den would be the 5 seed, and get no home play off games unless the 6 seed meets them in the AFCC. Long ways off, but I did not see anything like this being a possibility in the AFCW

  22. trout_hound says:

    I knew Peyton could be beat, and Indy showed how, should we happen to get to play them on the last day of the season. Still, without that fumble and a couple of bonehead penalties, he almost pulled it off.

    I for one am stoked they may big MRob back, and not just for the Real Rob Report. Coleman is doing OK, but MRob is the MAN! He just makes the men around him better with his leadership and attitude. Bummer he has to play for the vet min, but hey, getting paid over 800k to bust heads is still nothing to sniff at.

  23. yankinta says:

    grizindabox24,, that’s not true. Right tackle Orlando Franklin only missed the Colts game,, he’s played the first 6 games…. :)

    I agree that KC Offense has no punch. Alex will play it safe to the Death.

    I think that we’re all forgetting Tom Brady and the Pats. I still like them and Bengals to come out of the AFC,, The Pats should improve a lot as they get their players back from injuries..

  24. trout_hound says:

    By the way, all these qb’s going down is a bummer for their teams, but good news for us. Cutler going down is going to demolish the Bear’s chances to compete. So really its the 9ers and the Saints we have to battle for home field advantage.

    The Rams on the other hand may be signing Tebow, so that adds a twist:

  25. montanamike2 says:

    Awesome about bringing Mike Rob back! Team chemistry will start clicking.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Indy has beaten both Seattle, Denver, and SF; they’re a very good team.

    As for the notion that the “entire nation” saying Luck had no one around him, that sounds more like the Bradford / Rams narrative than a team with TY Hilton, Reggie Wayne, and Donnie Avery.

  27. thursday says:

    Not surprised at the Colts result, Broncos defense is a mirage.

  28. I get so tired of “you’re posting too quickly” comments when I haven’t posted anything in quite awhile. Nevermind what I wrote…

  29. chuck_easton says:


    I really like the new format. I’ll second that I love having the player’s tweets posted. I’m not into that whole birdie thing so it’s nice to have a place to go and see what the players have to say.

    Look forward to getting some reports about how Harvin looks. I mean really, what does he look like? Has anybody seen this guy? Will there be one of those “do you know me?” type infomercials to introduce him the first game he suits up?

    I know it’s just a technicality but I laugh when somebody says it will be great when the team gets Harvin back. He’s never been, so he never left, and there is nothing to come back to.

    I will just be happy to see Seattle FINALLY getting to take that huge investment out for a test drive and see what it might be able to do.

    It has been like opening your present on Christmas day to only find out the most important piece is on back order and won’t be available until July.

  30. RDPoulsbo says:

    Good idea on the twitter feed. I rarely go out of my way to check it, so having it available on the blog would be a nice feature.

    It’ll be nice if they get Mike Rob back. I always felt they should have kept Ware or Coleman on the PS since it’s not likely other teams would bother picking up a FB.

    I’d hope St. Louis would have some sense of pride and pass on him as well. It might actually make sense though. That o-line is crap. If you’re going to sacrifice a QB to get through the season, might as well use a guy who’s career is already washed up.

  31. Seahawkfan78 says:

    I respectfully disagree Duke. Indy is a good team. They have lost to a Miami and San Deigo. Miami currently 3-3 and San Deigo 4-3. When you lose to those type of teams at your house. You are not a very good team IMO.

  32. yankinta says:

    Seahawkfan78, yup yup. I agree with you. Colts are a good team but not a very good team. They should make the playoff.. Good Teams should make the playoff while very good teams usually get first round bye…. :)

  33. ChrisHolmes says:

    “I do see a bit of a blue print for success against the Broncos. Colts played Press Man, and got pressure with their front four. Broncos had trouble getting off the line, threw timing off with Peyton, and the front four got to him several times.”

    I was wondering when a team was going to step up and figure out Denver defensively.

    Manning is one of my all-time favorite players, but his arm is not what it once was. They’re an intermediate-to-short passing team (“dink and dunk” is what I believe a Colts player said in post-game). They don’t have much deep ball, big-play potential in them. Press-man with pressure, disrupting routes, hounding receivers like fleas… It was a good and smart game-plan by Indy.

    And Denver still scored 33.

  34. Southendzone says:

    Colts are looking very strong, if Wayne is truly out with an ACL that is huge.

    I’m not sure if anyone in the league right now runs and catches the slant route more dependably than Reggie Wayne. He is a 1st down machine with that play and an integral part of the Colts offense.

  35. ChrisHolmes says:

    Don’t know if anyone has taken a look at the standings lately, but I thought there was some interesting statistical nuggets to be gleaned this morning:

    Only the Bears, Cowboys and Broncos have scored more points than Seattle this season. That surprised me.

    Only Carolina and KC (two teams with very good front 7’s) have allowed fewer points than Seattle.

    Our point differential of +75 is good for 3rd. The other two teams ahead of us? They reside in the AFC West. Not sure anyone saw that happening before the season started…

    We’re a strong team offensively, defensively and with special teams.

    We’re 3-1 on the road. I love that stat…

  36. Seahawkfan78 says:

    Question: How are the Seahawks going to be able to keep Bennett? He has been well worth the 4.8 Mil that the Seahawks gave him for one year. And he has been playing hurt this whole time.

  37. BobbyK – when you get that response from the website, wait a few seconds and simply hit refresh on your browser. Your comments are still scored in the browser and will then post. If you get that notice again, just rinse and repeat.

  38. comments are still stored in the browser I meant to say

  39. RDPoulsbo says:

    Indy might have good starters, but their depth is thin and Luck just lost his top target for the season. Wayne is a huge part of their offense they can’t replace. When Wayne left the game last night, so did their offense.

  40. trout_hound says:

    Just saw that the Packers signed former Hawk Chris Harper off waivers from the 9ers. Wonder if Rogers can make him a star?

  41. trout_hound says:

    I agree, we need to give Bennett a two year extension NOW.

  42. The only real phony on that Colts team is Trent Richardson…he blows! Great move by the Browns to get a 1st back for him. He’ll be out of the league in a few years. I’m serious, he’s really bad.

    Maybe the Browns could unload J. Gordon with Wayne out for the year.

    Yes…today will be a really slow Hawks day. Might as well talk about the rest of the league.


  43. WiscCory says:

    If the Seahawks are going to end up 15-1, they will have to improve the pass protection. Turnovers, if not fixed, will result in a couple losses.

    M-Rob news is exciting, and will likely improve Beast’s YPR average.

    I’m anxious for hte Harvin update tomorrow, however more interested in Breno’s status.

  44. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Yes I was thinking the samething about Bennett being on a 1 year deal. We may have to sacrifice some other players (Browner,Breno) to keep him around next year.

  45. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Indy will win their division and currently have the second best record of all the AFC division leaders, second only behind KC. After looking at their remaining schedule, I see only two potential losses which would have the Colts finishing at 12-4. KC at 7-0 still has to play the Broncos twice as well as a Dec. 22nd game against the Colts. They could go 14-2 or drop down to 12-4 as well.

    Colts have scored second most points behind Broncos in entire AFC and their D has given up the third fewest points in the AFC. The Colts are a very good team, although losing Bradford at RB could hurt them down the road.

    In other news, the Seahawks are 6-1 and have a game coming up one week from today on Monday Night Football, against a backup QB.

  46. I think Browner, Rice and Miller are the guys that take a hit to resign guys like Sherman and Bennett.

  47. ChrisHolmes says:

    “M-Rob news is exciting, and will likely improve Beast’s YPR average.”

    @WiscCory I’m not sure I buy that.

    Someone went through the numbers last year and found out that Lynch’s YPR was lower when Robinson leading the way.

    The way I read this signing, Seattle doesn’t want to have to alter it’s playbook. The FB might only seen 30% of the snaps on game day, but you’d rather have a servicable FB and be able to call ALL your plays as opposed to being forced to eliminate some plays from your gameplan because you’re missing a FB.

    And with Miller healthy I’m sure Bevell would rather have him as a receiving weapon off the LOS.

    I like M-Rob and all that, just like everyone else, but he’s not markedly better at his position than the guys we have, and he’s not as necessary of a piece for the success of the running game. Lynch is excelling out of single-back sets this year and his YPR out of single-back sets is nearly a yard better than when he has FB leading.

    I think it’s cool to have Robinson back for nostalgia and fan-favorite purposes, but I just don’t see it as an upgrade at the position. This, to me, has more to do with the availability of the plays in the playbook on game day.

    Maybe I’m wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.

  48. Dukeshire says:

    Seahawkfan78 – For what it’s worth, they lost to SD on the road. And from where I sit, it would take a very good team to beat three of the best teams in the league (of course, “very good” is subjective.) No matter…

  49. montanamike2 says:

    Bennett is playing through rotater cuff damage that he sustained last year but played through it, he’ll need surgery at seasons end. He might be going for it just for the ring. He is super distruptive, i’d love to be able to hold onto him if the price was right.

  50. montanamike2 says:

    I fear no team from the AFC on a neutral field.

  51. I don’t think Browner makes that much so not sure how much of a “hit” he takes, but totally agree with Miller and Rice looking like guys that are going to have to take a cut to stay. Good guys, guys you want on your team. Making too much to keep the bigger guys around. (see Mrob)

    I am looking forward to MNF :) could be another game for us to shine. I just have a gut feeling we will lose one more game somewhere – which doesn’t bother me as long as we beat SF and NO. If beat SF, that gives us the tie breaker and an extra game up on them.

  52. yankinta says:

    joreb,, yup yup,, that’s what I’ve been saying since the day after the trade…. But the entire nation was eating up what ESPN was selling…. they all thought it was a steal and a very few of us thought it was a BUST… :)

    MikeFromNewJersey and Seahawkfan78, I agree that we should extend Bennett next year but our priorities gotta be Earl and Sherman, in that order, first,, agree?? Plus I’m sad to let Rice go but he’s just too expensive….

  53. yankinta says:

    xcman,, Miller will not be let go…. JS/PC were smart to have Miller’s Cap Hit so low for next year…. I think he only counts like 5-6 Mil, that’s a steal to have him at that price.

    We all saw how terrible Julius Thomas (TE for Denver) was at pass blocking last night…. Catch Passing TE that can block well, are GOLD…,, imo

  54. jchawks08 says:

    ChrisHolmes, I totally agree with your assessment, not to mention the facts about M-Rob. My buddy was essentially laughing at me when I heard this news and told him it wasn’t a big deal because in this offense the FB doesn’t play a huge role.
    So no, you’re not wrong. hahah I couldn’t have said any of that better myself.

  55. MoSeahawk12 says:

    No fun to be a Rams fan with losing your starting QB for the season, the World Series and the Seahawks coming to town. They do play pretty solid D though.

    From Peter King MMQB on SI
    9. I think it could be an ugly Monday night next week for the Rams. Coming off a 30-15 loss in Carolina, St. Louis now must play backup Kellen Clemens against the Seahawks. And the have to share the city with the Cardinals, assuming there is a Game 5 of the World Series. Imagine that—the Cards starting .9 miles away from the Edward Jones Dome at 7:07 p.m. Central Time, the Rams starting at 7:40 CT against the mighty Seahawks in a game they’ll have no business winning if you consider the quarterback matchup.

    More King Love.
    a. The impact of Chris Clemons. The Seattle front seven is dangerous enough—but with Clemons approaching peak form after offseason knee surgery (much less famous surgery than Robert Griffin III’s) it’s hard to figure out who offensive coordinators should game-plan to stop on that Seattle front. For individual talent, Seattle and Kansas City have the biggest-impact front sevens in the league.

    And last King
    3. I think offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell is doing an excellent job with the Seahawks’ offensive attack (27.3 points per game), despite a makeshift offensive line. That’s the overriding plus in what I see in Seattle. The minus: Russell Wilson’s getting hit too much. Waaaay too much. When you see Wilson hit, he looks like Gumby; he always gets back and never seems to limp. But he’s been sacked 20 times, and by one count, was sacked or hit significantly 19 times at Arizona Thursday night. That’s playing with fire. And 8.3 rushes per game … too many. When I see a quarterback run as much as Wilson has (41 times in his last four games)—and I don’t think he wants to run; he’s being forced to by the rush in many cases—I see trouble down the road.

  56. WiscCory says:

    Chris – first, let me tell you I appreciate your posts. Lots of facts to support your thoughts.

    I have seen some of the numbers in past threads on the amount of plays MRob was actually on the field, and the average per rush comparisons. That clearly does support the team’s decision to part ways earlier this season.

    However, I base my hopeful comment more on subjective evidence: the injuries on the line this year, and some questionable choices I’ve seen lead blockers making this season. I think, current state, MRob would have an impact different than the historic numbers might indicate.

    Either way, at the cheaper cost, it’ll be good to have MRob there with Beast on and off the field. I hope he signs.

  57. yankinta says:

    Yup Yup, ChrisHolmes, I got killed for sharing those facts when M-Rob was cut right after the traning camp a couple of months ago. smh….

    I guess I am a believer now to the quote below… lol

    “Seattle Seahawks: What? Yes, I know the Seahawks played the Thursday night game and ordinarily wouldn’t be a candidate for this post. But an unusual streak involving the Seahawks is threatening to become interesting. The Tennessee Titans’ loss to the San Francisco 49ers means that all six teams the Seahawks have played this season have subsequently lost the following week. At some point, that streak will shift from coincidence to notable fact. Maybe it already has. Regardless, the Seahawks play hard and hit hard, and evidence is growing that it takes some time to recover from games against them.”

  58. WiscCory says:

    Also, thinking about 4th and 1 plays….I want MRob leading the way.

  59. xcman,, Miller will not be let go…. JS/PC were smart to have Miller’s Cap Hit so low for next year…. I think he only counts like 5-6 Mil, that’s a steal to have him at that price.

    so thats your opinion – which isn’t necessarily anywhere near what the Twins think – I am guessing they value Thomas and Sherman MORE than they value Miller/Rice.

    Time will tell – none of us know what they are thinking or how they will manage the cap for the next few years. It will be VERY interesting. AND we never know who we are going to be able to get to sign a 1-2 year deal in hopes of getting a bigger deal down the road. See Clem, Avril, Bennet, . . . . .

  60. Screensmoke says:

    Frisco- that’s the team we need to worry about. Who cares about AFC.the 2nd best team in the NFC is waiting like leopard in the tree waiting to pounce- like the rest of the fans on this blog I despise the 49ers but they are the real competition that’s dam good!

  61. yankinta says:

    xcman,, it’s not mutually exclusive…. they don’t have to cut Miller to extend Sherman and Earl.. :)

  62. Whether or not it has a huge impact on Lynch’s YPC, I agree that the impact of having MRob back would be those short yardage situations this team has had some issues with.

  63. Screensmoke says:

    His experience alone makes it well worth while. The guys a big time leader and team player and he is fresh- case closed

  64. aelliott11 says:

    The good news about SF is they still have to play Carolina, New Orleans, and Washington. On the surface, that looks easy, but Carolina is tougher than people give them credit for. They’ve been slowly finding their mojo, and their front 7 is enough to shut down the niner run game.

    New Orleans is on the road – tough game for SF in the dome.

    And Washington is finding their groove now too. And that’s in DC.

    I have hope that 2 of those games are losses for SF. And if not, we’ll have to take care of them ourselves in SF on Dec 8.

  65. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Yes of course I agree, Earl & Sherm first, then Bennett are our most important guys to resign..
    Also I think they will somehow find a way to keep Miller because Miller is too important to this offense.. I think Rice and Tate could both be on the bubble next year. With the emergence of Kearse along with Percy and Baldwin, their may not be a need for Sidney and Golden. We also have to give Russell a big pay day so his money has to come from somewhere.

  66. chuck_easton says:


    Check out Miller’s actual cap hit for 2014. It drops dramatically. He has proven to be vital to this offense as evidenced by the lackluster performance the two games he was out.

    Miller gives Wilson that big target over the middle. He is also one of the BEST blocking TE’s in the game right now. You can’t replace a guy like that.

    Rice is showing signs of producing the past couple of games and I only see things getting better if/when Harvin is on the field. You can’t double team both of them and I think Rice is going to be seeing a lot more single coverage. BUT Rice is a guy I see being brought in for that little chat in the off-season about agreeing to a contract restructure or agreeing to be playing elsewhere.

    Browner pretty much makes the Vet minimum. You can’t pay him any less. The question is going to be does he think he can get more elsewhere? If he thinks he can, and somebody out there is willing to give it to him, then he will be playing elsewhere. I keep reminding people that Browner played three years in the CFL. A CFL DB (even one of the best in the league) makes around 50K a season. The Vet minimum is paying Browner 10+ times that. He’s making more money now than he ever has in his career and he’s about to hit that 30 year old wall.

    Tate is the one that has me concerned. I think everybody wants him to stay, but the question will be is he willing to stay at a price the team can afford or does he want to follow the money? Time will tell and at this point it could go either way. It isn’t enough for the team to want to keep him. He has to want to stay and be willing to agree to the contract terms.

    The team is going to have to find a way to pay Thomas. End of story. He’s one of the best, if not THE best Safety in the game right now and he’s only three years into his contract.

    Sherman is the wildcard. Nobody in their right mind questions his talent. Nobody would complain with paying him pretty much anything. But the question is, can the team afford to pay him what he wants and DESERVES to be paid? That will be the hard part, but we have an excellent cap management group that works for this team.

    It would stink to lose Sherman, Browner, or both, but it also does no good to have the best and highest paid CB’s in the league if you can’t afford to put a decent team around them. Look at the Bucs. Hay, they can pay Revis. Hay, he’s still the highest paid CB. Boo his team stinks and he will never win anything.

    The team needs to keep a decent and motivated group and that sometimes means not giving the BIG BUCKS to a few.

    The cap isn’t going up significantly anytime soon.

    The announcers were talking about Dallas being in Cap Hell as early as next season.

    I don’t want Seattle to ever get so enamoured with one or two guys that they sacrifice the team just so they can pay the individual, no matter who that individual is.

  67. sherminator says:

    I agree that you have come up with a good solution to the links “problem”. Thanks for the great job you are doing with improving the blog.

  68. ChrisHolmes says:

    @WiscCory Thank you so much for the kind words. And yes, I am in agreemen with you: at a cheaper cost he’ll serve a good role for us. He’s a veteran, he knows the scheme, knows our team, and I’m sure he’ll be happy to come back (imagine if this team wins a Superbowl with M-Rob coming back week 8… he’d be a pretty amazed and happy guy I would think).

    @chuck_easton Tate is the guy who worries me the most too. I want him to stay. I see a playmaker when I watch him. He’s explosive. Cat-quick. He’s learning his craft and I think he’s only going to get better. He provides a target that is bigger than his frame (he’ll go after balls aggressively, and I like that a lot). Good hands. Good attitude. I hope there’s a place for him beyond this season.

    Last thought: If M-Rob causes Bevell to call a better play on 4th and 1, I’m all for it… Please, no more empty backfield QB sneaks.

  69. yankinta says:

    My question is even if we sign M-Rob,, will we cut him once our Full Back comes back from injury?? We don’t have room for 2 Full Backs on this team…

  70. Seahawkfan78 says:

    Duke, your right “very good” is subjective. And it could be that I’ve been drinking to much coolaid. But I think the colts got to play 9rs, Seahawks, and Denver at the right time to be able to win. 9rs – played the Seahawks the week before. Seahawks – missing 4 starters on the line, 5 O starters if you want to throw Harvin in the mix. Denver – Missing both tackles and trying to break in a new center again.

  71. chuck_easton says:

    Oh, and I never did say I’m all for MRob being brought back if he passes his physical. It was a strategic move to cut him. You don’t pay a guy a guaranteed $2.5 million to be a FB. Also you can’t have that guy on the opening day roster or his salary is guaranteed for the season. Especially if he isn’t healthy enough to play.

    Now the team can see if he’s in football shape. If he is, we all know what he brings to the offense. Also, any contract he gets now will be reduced, pro-rated for the remaining games, and not guaranteed. Again, a win for the team.

    The business side of football stinks, but the Seahawks Organization has shown the ability to make the tough calls while not being so unfeeling that they end up with disgruntled EX players (well except for Housh who refused to buy in, and Winslow who thought he was worth more than the team wanted to pay him).

  72. Seahawkfan78 says:

    If they are shopping for a new FB yank, I am guessing one or both (ware and coleman) are going on IR.

  73. Dukeshire says:

    That’s true enough. Nature of the game, though. And there’s still so much football yet to be played this season, it’s only now beginning to unfold.

  74. Seahawkfan78 says:

    very true, I hate these longer weeks. On Sat, I already wished it was next Monday so I can watch them play again. So I had to settle with all the games I recorded on my DVR.

  75. Just a question, but how many redzone and goalline plays was MRobb in on in comparison to his overall plays he accounted for?

    Also, enough with the AFC talk unless it’s the superbowl because I don’t see any of those teams on our schedule.

  76. Seahawkfan78 says:

    Not sure TruBlu, but he did account for a lot, (it seemed like anyway) 3rd/4th and short plays that where converted into 1st downs last year.

  77. ChrisHolmes says:

    @Seahawkfan78 My thought as well. If you’re going to sign M-Rob, someone is going on IR. They won’t cut another player at another position and keep 3 FB’s, two of which are banged up.

    I would guess Coleman to the IR. Hamstrings can linger. I would expect Ware to be close to returning from the ankle sprain by now. I mean, if his sprain is THAT bad, then I can see him going to the IR…

  78. I am assuming that Browner will want to get paid like the other 3 members of the secondary. And if that’s the case, it won’t happen.

    Zach Miller is due nearly $6m next year which also won’t happen.

    If they think that Tate is a high level NFL starter (and he has to become much more consistent to get there) then I can see them easily giving him a $5m a year contract and him staying.

  79. Southendzone says:

    Chuck Easton I think you described future cap impacts very accurately. We can realize some savings on Rice, no question, but Tate & Sherman are going to be huge question marks. I think Tate is a great part of our WR group and would love to see him. He’s earned a solid next contract from someone.

    Sherman however is going to be looking for a “God” contract. I haven’t ever crunched the numbers & don’t know if he can be fit in or not. Guess that’s why teams have guys employed as cap-managers.

  80. Seahawkfan78 says:

    I see Tate going to a place like New England unfortunately.

  81. Bobbyk – I think the ‘posting too fast’ restriction happens when someone else is posting at the same time. I don’t post that often and I occasionally get that comment even when I haven’t posted all day.

  82. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Screensmoke agree.

    I really don’t care much what happens in the AFC and some of the over hyped teams there.
    I watched the 49ers/Titans game and the Titans simply got dominated. And it looks like the 49ers will be getting Smith back soon. If the Seahawks aren’t careful they could easily lose this division to them.

    We also have the Saints and Packers to contend with for best record in the NFC.
    It’s nice though that the Bears and the Lions lost.

  83. yankinta says:

    WoW, Luck is sooo inaccurate he caused Reggie Wayne to tear his ACL… Wayne’s done for the season,, smh…

  84. GeorgiaHawk says:

    LVHawk- I thought that too for awhile but it has since happened to me early in the morning several times when I am pretty sure no one else is posting.

  85. rramstad says:

    The MRob on the field equals Beast getting fewer yards is totally misleading.

    MRob was often on the field in short yardage 3rd or 4th down situations, and him being on the field is obviously a key to the defense that we’re almost certainly running the ball.

    So, when he comes on the field, the DBs come up, the linebackers come up… everyone sells out to stop the run. Beast might still get to the second level on those plays — short yardage with MRob in and the formation giving away that we’re running the ball — but the second level is only two or three yards past the LOS!

  86. grizindabox24 says:

    Avril, Red, and Mebane are other guys that could be gone to free up cap space for next season along with Rice.

  87. ChrisHolmes–Youre missing the point. MRob comes in often in obvious rushing situations, where everyone in the stadium knows we’re gonna run. IE, short yardage, just trying to pick up a first down or salt the game away/run out the clock. That skews your stats badly.

    Also, with our offensive line as poor as it is (worst in league, or next to worst), Seattle has been unable to run on third and more than a yard. Last week was the first time they tried in since the Niners game, I believe–and they failed MISERABLY. This team has been unable to get a yard–or even half a yard–when they absolutely had to. Coleman and Ware have been utterly pathetic in lead blocking–I haven seen a single competent block, though there had to be at least one, didnt there?!

    This offense may not have needed a FB much IF the offensive line improved on last year, but since the line has backslid/disintegrated, they need one now.

    I would argue that having a competent FB to pick up two or three short yardage first downs a game would make a huge difference. Also, bringing in a FB from time to time in other situations and occasionally calling a pass play would keep the D guessing, which would open up the entire offense.

    Right now, were so predictable its sad: If Lynch is in, its 90% a run. If he’s got Coleman or Ware in, its a pass. If Lynch is on the sideline, its 90% certain a pass.

    And if youre using a FB as lead blocker on short yardage even 1/2 the time, and your avg to first down was 1 or 2 yards, having a 3.0 ypc avg with a FB blocking is damned impressive–more impressive than 4.8 ypc without a FB.

    The stats that say Lynch avg more per carry without MRob last year are misleading. They are a perfect example of the old saying about three kinds of lies; Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics. If you dont interpret them in context and use some serious analytical skills, stats are lies.

  88. grizindabox24 says:

    But I would also add, at least the Hawks are not in the situation that Dallas will be in for cap space next season. From reports I read, Dallas is anywhere from $25-$33 million over for next year. Romo’s cap number is crazy.

  89. ChrisHolmes says:

    @rramstad I agree, it’s wrong to infer too much from the YPR stat and the presence or absence of a FB, in particular M-Rob.

    I don’t believe M-Rob is going to make a noticeable difference in the run game. He’s a FB. It’s one guy. Success in the running game is much more a product of the entire Offensive Line working in concert to provide space (and Marshawn’s amazing effort to break tackles and drag defenders).

    The value, to me, in a FB is when a guy can not only lead-block for the HB, but also pass-protect and catch out of the backfield. When you can effectively throw the ball out of running formations, like the I-form, then you create a degree of uncertainty in the defense. To me, that’s an offenses greatest weapon: uncertainty. If you can make a defense hesitant then they are forced to slow down, think, analyze, and respond, as opposed to just being aggressive and attacking.

    M-Rob is experienced with our system, and that’s his greatest asset right now. He knows us and we know him, so Bevell can plug him in immediately and continue to run the entire offensive package.

    We rank #2 in rushing BTW… Pretty cool. We’re 4th in scoring (5th if you go per/game since Packers are on a bye). We’re moving the ball and putting points on the board. I think PC and JS have to be happy where this team is this morning.

    Something else to think about: When this season started and I looked at our schedule, I thought the first 6 games was our toughest stretch. On a road for some early starts, etc. And we suffered some key injuries.

    Well, now I think we’re getting into a softer part of our schedule, and guys are getting healthy. Meanwhile, remainder of the NFL seems to have taken a beating this weekend.

    You look at our schedule, and our health… if we can prevent any big injuries from here on out things look very favorable for us.

  90. jchawks08 says:

    LOL Yank, Yank Yank.. See, it’s comments like that that make people lose respect for the good items you actually do bring to the blog.

  91. Bennett is a stud, and Ive long championed him. I think Seattle signs him longterm after this season. The jury still out on Avril, Mebane, and Big Red.

    Zach Miller’s pay is lowered dramatically next year and thereafter; there’s no way they cut him. He’s here for the duration of his contract now, barring a freak injury or drastic drop in ability. After this year, he’s affordable–up to now we drastically overpaid him to land him.

    Rice is gone barring a large salary reduction.

    Tate to NE?! Never, ever happen. While he may leave Seattle, NE wont want anything to do with the Maple Bar Bandit, a guy who still cant run disciplined routes. They want disciplined WR’s over talent all day long in NE. Plus, they wont pay a WR diddly; its the Bellicheat way.

  92. Screensmoke says:

    Georgia – frisco scedule certainly doesn’t look too scary- I see 1 poss 2 losses max- maybe- I could also c them winning them all.we can’t make any mistakes

  93. ChrisHolmes–I agree, having a FB in once in awhile who can pass pro and catch passes is a big deal–and despite slowing a bit, I think MRob can do that for us very well. IMO, he’s an important guy to bring back–if he’s healthy enough to hack it.

  94. that’s a real tough break for the Colts – you wouldn’t think Wayne would have hurt himself that badly, watching the play. non-contact injury.

    I think the Colts deserve the praise they’re getting for beating three of the best teams in the league this year. Great QB play, and a better defense than I’d thought (Mathis still doing it at such a high level in his 11th year). That said, I still don’t view them as a SB contender this year. Next year and thereafter? Probably.

  95. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I think we all need to stop thinking about next season’s team and which 53 guys are on it. We have a chance to so something special this year so lets not lose focus on the task at hand.

  96. doubledink says:

    M Rob belongs on this team. Glad to see his phone is ringing. Short yardage conversion percentage should go up.

  97. The short yardage and goal line situations that MikeRob would play in make it irrelevant what Marshawn’s YPC might be with or without the fullback in the game. If he truly is healthy he could have a huge impact in those situations. And I think that would be great. And if he can help protect the QB a little, that would great too. I also like those plays when the give to him in a quick hitter as a change of pace once in a while. And he can catch a pass out of the backfield on occasion too. All of those would make him a great addition. But he does have to be healthy and that is what I’m hoping for.

  98. Screensmoke says:

    Sttbm – well said

  99. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I agree that the 9ers are a big threat and the rematch will be tough at their place. They have gone back to a heavy run, less pass game to limit the number of Kap throws. They look strong right now and will be getting two of their receivers back next month. We take care of them and the Saints and I think we will be in great shape for a deep playoff run. Rams will play us tough this week. Their D is playing well and with Bradford out, I see them stepping up to try and save their season.

  100. So, does anyone even know what was wrong with MRob in the first place? Seems like it was all shrouded in mystery, I mean, what was the big secret?

  101. grizindabox24 says:

    Mike, should a team sacrifice cap next season for a move that may make them borderline better this season? Would you like a Hawk team that is in a position to win this year or a position to win the next 3 years. It all matters. This also is not a specific comment on whether MRob is a good signing or not, but that every personnel move has consequences on what other moves can be made.

  102. chuck_easton says:


    It’s been kept pretty quiet, but MRob himself has referred to a severe reaction to prescription medication that caused him to not be able to do anything physical.

    I have no idea what that might be, and as I’m not a Dr. and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, I can’t even begin to speculate.

  103. Everything is in postion for the Seahawks to win it all this year. The team needs to and will do whatever moves it needs to to make that happen. Then it will be time to worry about next season and the future. I think John Schneider and Pete Carroll have enough on the ball to make this a nice 4 or 5 year run (or more) and it will definitely test them to be able to pull that off. But for right now this is the season and only season I’m worried about.

  104. MikeFromNewJersey says:


    If it makes us better than yes it worth it. MikeRob’s potential signing has nothing to do with next year’s team or next year’s cap. If he signs with us im sure it will be for nothing more than the veteran prorated minimum. It’s a non issue really.

    Also we will lose a few players next year for sure, it happens all the time in the NFL. Good teams always get poached. I have total faith in JS/PC when it comes to finding talent and bringing in new blood. I’m not the least bit be worried or concerned about the future cap or team. As long as Russell is behind center we are in good hands.

  105. Screensmoke says:

    I apologize to any peter king fans up front- but he can kiss my IRISH donkey – he has KC atop his flaming fifteen and they havnt played a team with a winning record – what a joke7-0 against what? Come on!

  106. Southendzone says:

    STTBM, do you have real numbers to back up these claims (paraphrased)

    Lynch in = 90% run
    Lynch out = 90% pass?

    Just on feel alone from watching each game, this doesn’t seem right. For 1, they put in Turbin fairly often after a long run by Lynch, and when they do, they give the ball to him pretty often.

    As for when Lynch is in it’s a run, the TNT post of snap counts from last Thurs game says Lynch was in for 51 snaps. Your claim Implies there ought to be ~46 total runs in the game for the Hawks, NFL game stats says there were 34 total run attempts.

    I don’t think we’re quite as predictable as you claim.

  107. seahawk44 says:

    My sentiments exactly. …MikeFromNewJersey

  108. grizindabox24 says:

    I will also add that the Hawks cap number for next season will most likely be less due to a decrease in cap rollover from this season.

  109. RDPoulsbo says:

    Colt’s offense last night: 333 yards before Wayne’s injury, 1 yard after Wayne’s injury. They are likely to struggle now that teams can just focus on Hilton. As for running game, what running game? I think Tennessee has a good shot at winning that division now.

    Anyone hear the latest on Breno’s status? Maybe then they can look at moving Bowie over to LT and McQ back to LG. There’s gotta be a point where they get as many guys back in their original position so they will be ready to go when Okung returns.

  110. grizindabox24 says:

    So this means that any signing since the initial 53 man roster is reducing the cap for next season by lowering the rollover.

  111. seahawk44 says:

    Sacrifices to the roster will have to be made in years to come in order to maintain the looming Seattle dynasty. If it means the defense gets weaker in order to give Wilson the money he will deserve and to sign good offensive linemen that can protect that investment then so be it.

  112. yankinta says:

    jchawks08,, lol but it’s true. I try to use as many Facts as possible and this is a fact… :)

  113. grizindabox24 says:

    44, Hawks will have to make sacrifices well before RW is eligible for a new contract.

  114. yankinta says:

    jchawks08,, even the Colts Fans in the comment section on ESPN are blaming Luck for this. They all agree it was a horrible throw… :)

  115. yankinta says:

    Someone said if Reggie Wayne cannot come back and retires after this season,, Luck will be known as the QB that ended Wayne’s HOF career….smh…

  116. Screensmoke says:

    Here’s a fact- seahawks blog! Not colts blog. Who cares about luck?

  117. yankinta says:

    A ton of people care… scroll up and start counting them. :)

  118. yankinta says:

    RDPoulsbo,, I wanna see how Bowie does against RAM’s D-Line (Top 5 D-Line). He struggled last game and he needs to redeem himself…

  119. RDPoulsbo says:

    There’s not much Hawks related news today with no game last Sunday. Might as well talk about the NFL in general. The rest of the NFCW games were snoozers, so why not Denver vs. Colts? We should have more to talk about tomorrow if/when Real Rob signs and Pete talks.

  120. Screensmoke says:

    I don’t think they care as much as you think bud!:-)

  121. Southendzone–No stats, it was an exaggeration. I should have qualified my percentages, or just said Most of the Time, rather than an exaggerated percentage.

    And I meant to qualify that statement by saying In Run-likely Situations…if its a down/distance likely for a run, with Lynch in we usually run, without Lynch its usually a pass.

    Turbin only had what–one carry?–last week. It seems to me, the vast majority of Turbins snaps are not runs with him carrying the ball, and the Defenses know this, but its only my opinion (memory?) I have no stats to back that up, and its possible I am all wet.

    On the playcalling issues, the conservatism shown by Bevell the last few weeks was largely absent this week. But I was surely getting tired of seeing every first down play after a pass be a run, generally delayed and up the middle….

  122. Screensmoke says:

    I’m still stuck on the fact that you actually think tennesse is going to comeback and win division over colts- mind boggling !

  123. RDPoulsbo says:

    Yeah, Bowie wasn’t that good against Dockett, but Dockett does that to rookies. Wilson likes to scramble to his right, so they might as well keep the weaker proection on the left side so he can booleg or scramble to the direction he’s most comfortable with.

  124. yankinta says:

    Screensmoke,, lol ok, if you say so…. so let’s talk about your last Post. I agree that KC doesn’t have any quality wins but they deserve to be on top for being the last undefeated team. But most people know they can’t go far in the playoff without any offense,, so we should let them enjoy their 15 minutes of fame.. :)

  125. Southendzone says:

    There are bad throws in every game, every week by nearly every QB. You don’t blame a bad throw on a freak non-contact knee injury.

    The kind of bad throws that truly lead to injuries are ones where you’re leading the WR over the middle into a safety who’s going to take his face off full speed (like Anquan Boldin 3 or 4 years ago). Though this is not as common now with the current rules.

  126. Screensmoke says:

    Trust me STTBM- your plenty dry

  127. Screensmoke says:

    Let’s just agree to disagree on this and move on yank- to me it’s not worth the time

  128. Southendzone–34 out of 51 snaps we ran Lynch?! Thats 67% run, 33% pass with Lynch onfield! If that doesnt tip our hand, dont know what would. But that wasnt what I meant in my comment, as I said above. I should have made that clearer, if only for the sake of argument.

    Bevell’s playcalling is by turns conservative and daring, and runs in spurts. He gets conservative with good teams, or when protecting a lead, and all too often when struggling to get something going, which improves nothing.

    I think the experiment with Ware and Coleman at FB has thus far failed miserably. I also think Bevell has been much too conservative. As I said, Robinson would potentially help, as long as Bevell is careful not to tip our hand by running Lynch every single time Robinson is onfield.

    Bevell still insists it was a great call to run Mike Rob on third and short VS Atlanta last year–even after Atlanta said they saw us do it 9 or 10 times during the season, so were expecting just that play. He’s of the ilk who keep doing something until its been stopped cold several times. They take awhile to get it that folks have them figured out…

  129. Screensmoke says:

    I will say let’s make sure they get to the playoffs way to early to say their in the playoffs

  130. Screensmoke says:

    Stranger things have happened

  131. sluggo42 says:

    Good stuff today boys, I’m really enjoying reading all the concepts buzzing about your brains.
    STTBM yes and yes, another area where stats are not really indicative of value .

    Cap casualties for next year, sheesh… I don’t even wanna go there right now.

    Lol on Harvins “return”… It’s a new toy that’s really really fast.. But, Tate or dougie fresh will lose snaps…

    What a great year so far, so much fun to hash out…

  132. Southendzone says:

    No, Lynch was on the field for 51 snaps and we had 32 TOTAL runs, 21 Lynch 8 RW, 3 Turbin.

    If you think of those RW runs, any of them that weren’t planned were meant to be a pass play too. I remember 3 or 4 planned runs of his 8.

    W/O a more play by play analysis you can’t tell the % of times we run when Lynch was on the field. I’m sure this stat exists somewhere like PFF but I don’t have it.

    Seems like a lot of snaps with Lynch in the game they fake the handoff to him and pass it.

  133. Were also playing without our starting MLB, studmuffin extraordinaire Bobby Wagner. Not to mention without our starting LT, starting RT, starting and backup FB’s, and our C cannot get a shotgun snap right to save his life due to a season-long injury issue in his arm.

    And we havent seen Percy Havin practice in pads, let alone play in games.

    My bet is we get Harvin onfield and sign Robinson, and in a couple-three weeks we get Wags back. Only late in the year will we see Okung and Breno back, and Okung is the injury that hurts us the worst.

    But yeah, were beginning to gain steam on offense, and solidifying on defense as well, while other teams who have been healthy are beginning to get bitten by the injury bug.

    Gotta feel for the Bears. This happened two years ago as well, losing Cutler just when they were looking good.

  134. Southendzone–I agree. As I said in my response to you, I MEANT to say that in situations where a run is likely, they give it to Lynch most of the time if he’s onfield. Not that he really gets the ball 90% of the time he’s onfield…but yep, thats what I typed. Mea Culpa, ya got me on that one.

    Contrast that with Turbin, who as I remember it, rarely gets a carry but usually they call a pass play.

    Now, Lynch carried the ball 21 times out of 51 snaps? So Turbins 3 runs probably werent with Lynch onfield either, as I dont remember seeing him line up in the same backfield as Turbo…

  135. ChrisHolmes says:

    Re: Peter King’s rankings.

    He ranks the teams based on who he thinks would win on a neutral field. There’s no denying that KC has a very good defense and a good RB. And Alex Smith is playing mistake free at the QB position, and moving the chains.

    Strong Defense + Running Game + Mistake Free QB. Sounds like a good formula to me.

    Does it sound familiar to anyone else?

    Now, I take issue with KC at the top of the poll too, but you can’t blame them for their schedule. You play who you are assigned to play, and all that matters is the win. They’re the only undefeated team left.

    If the roles were reversed, and Seattle was the last undefeated team and we’d played a “weak” schedule, and we were NOT ranked #1, everyone would be complaining about THAT. So.. I give Peter credit. He put the last undefeated team first. That’s where they belong.

    For now.

    But I don’t think they’ll be there very long…

    And anyway, remember – we’re the Seattle Seahawks. We’re essentially the Alaska Seahawks to the rest of the NFL. We don’t need no stinking “respect” in some writer’s poll. We’ll create respect on the field.

    I was happy watching the Thursday night post-game… Russell Wilson walking across the field to the set was really cool. And seeing those talking heads – a couple of whom I think are pretty poor analysts and pretty biased toward anything outside Seattle – be forced to give props to the traveling 12th man and to RW’s performance, and the defenses performance, was nice.

  136. Southendzone says:

    Hey STT, i wasn’t trying to split hairs on your 90% thing, I didn’t get that you were making a generalization and not trying to quote what you believed to be close to a true stat.

    Agree that Turbin and Lynch almost never, or actually never get on the field at the same time, I don’t remember seeing it this year.

    My favorite formations are when Lynch is in there, I’m not a fan of the empty backfield for the Hawks, and another wrinkle that seems to work well is when Tate motions into the backfield, those seem to have been successful this year.

    As long as we’re on the Indy discussion a bit, did anyone see that play where a WR motioned to the backfield, then turned around and went straight back to his side afterwards? Caught a pretty long pass, I think it was DH Bey. That looked like a Tate play to me.

  137. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Another idiotic, immature comment regarding Luck being responsible for Wayne’s injury. Team sport, injuries happen and saying something like that is just classless and unnecessary.

  138. griz, it’s the top 51 on the active roster that count versus the cap, but that doesn’t really change anything. The Hawks will likely have a lower cap number in 2014. I’d guess around 132 mil right now.

    I think either Red or Mebane get cut if they want to resign Bennett. Not saying that they shouldn’t, but you should keep that in mind. They could possibly just cut Clemons and Avril, but that thins out your Leo.

    I highly doubt they cut Miller as I’ve said before. The dude earns that 7 mil. Willson can’t do what Miller does. Could happen though. I didn’t really see MRob getting cut. I’m not sure how much of a role the illness actually played. I think it’s much more likely that they cut or renegotiate Rice than Miller. People have been predicting the demise of Miller here for awhile.

  139. And the Colts are a good team, better than I thought they’d be, but I wouldn’t say that they really beat the Hawks. The refs helped, and more importantly the Hawks beat themselves. I’m pretty confident that the Hawks beat them more times than not on a neutral field.

  140. yankinta says:

    MoSeahawk12,, I know right?? Those Colts fan on ESPN are brutal…. I’m sure Luck meant to throw it to Wayne’s chest…. :)

  141. Oh, and Lynch’s YPC running with a FB is misleading. You really should be comparing Lynch’s YPC behind MRob versus behind Coleman, although there is a small sample size with Coleman. I personally think Coleman was pretty impressive. Bodes well for the future at least.

  142. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I wasn’t talking about Colts fans on ESPN.

  143. yankinta says:

    MoSeahawk12,, aww so you are giving them a pass cuz you like Colts Fans?? lol

  144. freedom_X says:

    Peter King has at least one point I agree with – Rusell Wilson is taking way too much punishment. I’m surprised he’s getting up after some of the hits he’s taking. The runs might actually be safer for Wilson, because he can slide or run out of bounds.

    In a strange way, I was actually encouraged a bit by the hits, because it meant Wilson hadn’t lost confidence as a pocket passer and wasn’t looking to cut and run prematurely. But I don’t want to take his durability for granted.

    I think Seattle saw some vulnerability in Arizona’s all-out attacking defense, which is why they dialed up so many passes. But I hope they can get back to executing the run game until Okung gets back. Bowie might be coming along and be a decent replacement for Giacomini (with upside) but McQuistan cannot protect at a playoff level.

    The Colts beat Seattle and Denver mainly because of Robert Mathis using the hometown pass-rush edge to kill the fill-in left tackles Seattle and Denver rolled out. If the Colts are crowing about those wins, it will be a different story if Seattle has a healthy Okung. (But Clady is out for the year I think.)

  145. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I don’t care about Colts fans, as this is a place for Seahawks fans.

  146. yankinta says:

    nvm,, now this convo is starting to circle,, meeting adjourned.

  147. yankinta says:

    freedom_X,, I worry too about the hits he takes in the Pocket… I hope he doesn’t have a freak incident/injury,, I cringe every time he takes a hit in the pocket,, thinking something freaky could happen.

  148. Screensmoke says:

    Yank- I love ya bro- u truly are a legend in your own mind!

  149. ChrisHolmes says:

    @bbmate You are correct: if you wanted to do a real analysis of the FB position with regards to YPR, that’s how you’d do it.

    But even if you did that, I don’t think you’d see a huge impact from one FB to the next. I think Lynch’s YPR have a lot more to do with formation and OL blocking as a team.

    He’s more effective out of shotgun and single-back sets, and that makes sense, because defenses tend to anticipate run, and with Lynch’s determined running style he gets good yardage.

    Most offenses, I think, if you really analyzed their running attacks, all suffer some degree of lesser YPR when they are running out of obvious running formations with a FB leading the way.

  150. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I wasn’t talking about Colts fans on ESPN.

    This look familiar? Do you even read your own comments?
    I’ve seen better reading comprehension from a paper bag.

    “WoW, Luck is sooo inaccurate he caused Reggie Wayne to tear his ACL… Wayne’s done for the season,, smh…”

  151. sluggo42 says:

    Mo- just don’t….nothing…. Crickets…

  152. MoSeahawk12 says:

    You’re right. Not worth it and will never get back wasted time. Thank you sluggo42.
    You can’t fix….well you know the rest.
    Thanks again for the friendly reminder. I do believe it will work as it has for others.
    Have a great week.

  153. ChrisHolmes, you’re right. That was part of my point.(Intended at least.) I am a huge Mike Rob fan, but I thought Coleman was doing a pretty good job at FB at least. The Hawks seems to be using it less and less. I thought that Mike Rob was worth 2.5 mil, but it really is subjective. I thought they had more cap room than they had. FB seems to be going the way of the Dodo. I think Mike Rob’s impact is more about ST and leadership, but that is hard to quantify. That said, I thought releasing Mike Rob would hurt them more than it seemed to. Hard to tell exactly with the o-line in shambles.

  154. ChrisHolmes says:

    @bbmate They probably do have more cap room than that (and I haven’t looked at the numbers), however, due to the new CBA, teams are allowed to “carry over” cap space into the next season. So I think (I could be wrong) that Seattle, by cutting Robinson, was trying to save cap space for next season so they could do some contracts for other players they want to keep around for a long time.

    With the new carry-over of cap space, it changes the way you deal with your money. Where before, you just wanted to use it all up every year, if you could, now you definitely have some benefit to saving.

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