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Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Oct. 18, 2013 at 2:14 am with 48 Comments »
October 18, 2013 2:14 am
Russell Wilson threw for 235 yards and ran for 29. / AP photo
Russell Wilson threw for 235 yards and ran for 29. / AP photo

Good morning.

Let’s start today with some observations from last night’s 34-22 Seahawks’ win here in cozy Arizona:

> Still not perfect, but plenty good enough. This is the most compelling takeaway for me. The Seahawks had 10 penalties, fumbled three times — basically handing Arizona 10 points — and were stuffed on fourth-and-1 (a play-call I disagreed with, both in regard to going for it in the first place, and the play they ran). Yet, this game was over at the end of the third quarter.

“We have enough playmakers on this team that we can overcome all of that,” wide receiver Golden Tate said. “Once we eliminate all that? Watch out. We’re going to be very, very dangerous.”

Two other things could make the Seahawks more dangerous. Wide receiver Percy Harvin is expected to start practicing Tuesday. He has some more work to do over the weekend, but, without setbacks there, Pete Carroll expects him at practice.

Second, this is the hard part of the schedule. With a trip to St. Louis next Monday night, the Seahawks will finish a run of four out of five on the road. Of the nine remaining games, only two will be against opponents that are above .500, at the moment (New Orleans and San Francisco). Four of the final six are at home, where the Seahawks have won 11 consecutive games.

> We’re seeing the defensive line predicted. Remember a few weeks ago when Pete Carroll said it would take a couple weeks for the defensive line to mesh and really get going? Well, that happened Thursday. Eight different players were in on the seven sacks of Carson Palmer.

“You’re going to get sacked against that team,” Palmer said. “That team sacks everybody, and they definitely did it today. It was a very good front, and they rotate in. They keep guys fresh. That’s the main thing.”

The Seahawks are second in the league in sacks (with a game in hand) after throwing Palmer all over the place Thursday.

> Third down and red zone continue to get better. The Seahawks were 7-for-12 on third down and 3-for-4 in the red zone last night. Those are both gigantic improvements over the prior two weeks.

“We’ve been trying to turn the corner on that thing,” head coach Pete Carroll said. “We know we can be a good third down team and we know we have it in us. It just hasn’t happened the way to those kinds of numbers yet. But that’s a big goal for us, to get a third down game and a red zone game, and we’ll continue to work at that. When that happens, we’re going to be really hard to stop on offense.”

> Larry Fitzgerald, locked up good guy. The Seahawks shut down Fitzgerald. He had a season-low two catches. They were also thanking him postgame. Twice Fitzgerald made crack-back blocks on Seattle corners, first on Walter Thurmond and later on Richard Sherman. He made each block without demolishing the opposition. He hit Sherman pretty good, but didn’t launch into him or extend his arms on the follow-through. It was excellent, clean fundamental football, blocking with his shoulders.

Thurmond thanks Fitzgerald right after the block on him.

“He had a situation where I wouldn’t have finished the game, basically,” Thurmond said. “It was one of those crack-back blocks where I could have really got injured. Just being the type of competitor and standup guy that he is, he looked out for me.”

> Brandon Browner is back. Good night for Browner after being benched last week against Tennessee. Just about everything went well for him, except when a sniper got him on his way to the end zone with an interception. Browner said any competitor doesn’t like being taken out of the game. He didn’t really elaborate when asked if Carroll or defensive coordinator Dan Quinn specifically spoke to him at halftime last week or since the benching. I asked Earl Thomas if it was weird not to have Browner out there last week and what he thought seeing one of his friends benched.

“Definitely weird,” Thomas said. “When one of us hurt , I hurt. I actually went up to him, he didn’t want to it hear it probably, but I was like, man, if you need to talk, I’m here.

“He stepped up like a pro and was like, naw, I’m fine.”

Thomas said Browner went back to work, then was on it all Thursday.

However, the DBs will be talking to Browner about the $100 fine they will levy on him for failing to score in the open field on his pick.

> Injuries: Golden Tate had a toe and shoulder problem. Said he will be fine. Safety Jeron Johnson re-aggravated his hamstring injury. Fullback Derrick Coleman also had a hamstring injury. LG James Carpenter had a leg injury but returned. They, and the rest of the Seahawks, will get four days off before their next practice Tuesday.

TNT links:

> My game story.

> Our notebook about Sidney Rice’s night.

> TE Zach Miller back in the lineup, back home and very effective.

> Chris Clemons came off his hyperextended elbow Sunday and picked up a sack Thursday.

> John McGrath wrote about Thursday night NFL games.

Other links:

> coverage here, talking about Russell Wilson making the Seahawks special.

> coverage here, where they say the Seahawks find several ways to win on the road.

> says Wilson is making the leap.

> also with some Wilson love.

> Video highlights from the game.

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  1. montanamike2 says:

    I had the best time last night. Rice earned his money, having miller back was huge and rookie Willson is improving. I’m impressed with Okung going on the road with the team to show his involvement, lots of players won’t do that when they are injured. Tate is making another step forward and has to be accounted for. I can’t believe my own eyes sometimes when Wilson makes a completion while he’s being sacked.

  2. seahawkfan97 says:

    I agree Montanamike. I had a great time as well as the blood pressure wasn’t as high last night. There were some amazing plays made Rice had two great ones, Wilson to rice and Wilson to miller I believe in the grasp. All the sacks, Kam shredding his block and making an impressive tackle. Sportsmanship from Fitz made it special as well. Lynch taking heads off in beast mode. The Q sneak sucked though. Bad call and just got beat on the line. Everyone and their dog knoew what was coming W/O lynch on the field. Can anyone tell me how many int’s sherm should have? I remember 2 he dropped in the first couple games. I t looked to me like he was just coasting for that one that was knocked down. Im thinking he was all I got this one and didn’t go for the ball as aggressively as he should have, sort of floated to it and got “defensed”
    Great game go hawks

  3. HeatherHawk says:

    Thanks for all the content last night Todd. I was up the whole night with a croupy baby who couldn’t breathe, so it was nice to have stuff to read while I rocked him.

    Every Seahawks player I’ve been talking bad about – Rice, Browner, Tate, and even sometimes Zach Miller – proved me wrong last night. I love that. Zach had some fantastic catches.

    Sniper = lolz for days

  4. edstang45 says:

    Great game, were still not completely there yet, and were dominating the west and NFC.. Were getting better every game. When we get really rolling on Offense, taking care of ball, stopping dumb penalties, watch out baby. When O-line gets healthy and if Harvin lives up to his headlines, then “WOW”

  5. montanamike2 says:

    I hope we’re peaking come playoff time, if Okung comes back it would help the o-line immediately.

  6. montanamike2 says:

    This is like having another bye.

  7. seahawkNJ says:

    I loved going for it on 4th and short, but that was the absolute worst play call.

  8. yankinta says:

    The best part for me was starting of the night with Read Option Play call and a 10 yard rush by RW,,, not sure if most of your remember but Bruce Adrian was talking Trash about our Beloved Seahawks and Read Option QB. Since they zero answer for it, I bet he feels differently about it now. :)

  9. ChrisHolmes says:

    Agreed @seahawkNJ.

    I loved the aggression. I loved that spot on the field – that area between the 35 and 50, go for it on 4th and short.

    I just hated that call.

    Empty backfield with the QB under center? Duh, it’s a QB sneak. And RW is just too small and our OL too horrible to make that play. We would have been so much better off letting Lynch run it again.

    It all worked out though.

    I was worried for a bit. Seemed like Arizona rallied there and grabbed the momentum after that.

    It was nice to see Seattle march for the FG to end the half, and then strike twice in the 3rd to make it 31-13.

    And kudos to Rice for that first TD catch. He turned on that comeback route and zipped right between those two defenders like a champ. Nice work by RW to see him fly open too. I thought that showed great awareness and improvisation by both of those guys.

  10. Great game overall except for the mistakes but that is neither here nor there since it resulted in a WIN. Greatest plays of the night besides R Wilson magic is watching Marshawn transform into BeastMode as the game progresses. Watching that dirtbag Dockett get his helmet knocked off and then hearing Mike Mayock keep talking about it and the broadcast showing it over and over just made my night! GO HAWKS!!

    Only complaint from me is the same one over and over and over for the last 5+ years: Fix the damn O-Line. It is beyond ridiculous at this point. Imagine if you gave Wilson 5-6 seconds to stand in the pocket on a regular basis and go through ALL of his reads? The games would be no contest. The kid would put on a clinic ala P. Manning or J. Montana, or D. Brees but probably better! That play of him getting sacked yet throws the ball at the last possible second for the first down? RIDONKULOUS!

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I can feel that this team is starting to come together and could peak at the right time this season.

    The D-line played awesome and Wilson to Miller is money.

    A lot of stars shining bright for the Seahawks last night.

  12. LocalGutterGuy says:

    I loved hearing the crowd chant SEA HAWKS in the 4th quarter. Then they were crazy loud during the post game show. Been a fan since day 1 and I gotta say that was the most enjoyable post game show I have seen. Did anyone see it?

  13. ChrisHolmes says:

    I couldn’t stick around for the post-game show (loud tavern of drunk people and the wife wanted me home). Is it online?

    Normally I skip post-game shows because they’re so heavily anti-Seahawks, but I was interested in the coverage last night since it was a Thursday night game and Seattle soundly won.

    And RW is becoming a star.

  14. Ya that post game show was epic for us fans. Very impressive showing. And honestly, they were so freaking loud during the game too…i think they matched AZ’s noise very well…and that takes a lot when you think about it. 12’s are amazing

  15. That was a fun game! Even the mistakes helped ratchet up the suspense, abd made each great play all the more special. Az has a fine defense, they hammered our oline: but our line improved.

    With Okung back, we might just have a real ine soon. That said, despite the sack differential, our line was far worse than AZ’s in pass pro. If we had Palmer it would have given up 15 sacks.

    Lynch had something like 3/4 of his yards after contact, so they werent grat in rungame either. But they hung in there, and it was enough.

    This team can win with a bad oline–even the worst; they are THAT good!

    Best D in the NFL and getting better! Bb was back, baby! Tate is a stud, and Rice returned from purgatory. And Bevell showed some great new plays…

  16. Is it just me or Did it look like James carpenter was faking or over-exaggerating the pain so he could get a breather?

    Before the trainers got there I could see his facial expression and it seemed like he was looking around to see if anyone noticed anything in between some dubious winces

    He needs to get in shape regardless. He doesn’t finish like our other olinemen

  17. Screensmoke says:

    Rice returned from purgatory-absolutely! Sure was nice to see

  18. ANother note about the post game noise from our fans….never once did they chant “9ers suck!”. Remember when the 9er fans chanted “seahawks suck!” on national TV post game against the Rams? Ya, its awesome to know that we are in their heads but our fans have more class than their fans.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The defense had seven sacks, from eight different players.

    The offense had nine different players catch at least one ball.

    Now that’s team work imo.

  20. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    @jboard.. So so true, Our fans are much classier then those losers from California who only think about us. I love this teams college bowl game mentality that they take into every week. Just keep chopping down them trees one at a time.
    Actually watching the postgame to an extent was more enjoyable then the actual game. We had a huge showing of support and took over the NFL Network set. I was very impressed by our friends in Arizona and all I kept thinking about was, we have never had this much fan support in the teams history. We have more fans now then we did during the super bowl run. We probably had more fans at the game last night then we had in Detroit for the SB..

    Anyway I will be at the Giants game in December at the meadowlands and looking forward to seeing other hawks fans there too.

  21. ChrisHolmes says:

    Yes, this is a spread-the-wealth type of team.

    That’s how you win Superbowls.

  22. ChrisHolmes says:

    Wilson on 3rd down: 7-8 for 51 yards, 1 touchdown and 0 interceptions for a passer rating of 132.8.


  23. Southendzone says:

    Hey if anyone finds footage of that post game segment with all the 12’s yelling, please let me know, I missed it, i saw one still picture but looking for a video.

  24. SandpointHawk says:

    If you missed this when it was released Wednesday….Most popular Football teams…{%22pi%22%3A%2238048_1382015056_827712316%22%2C%22pt%22%3A%22twitter%22}

  25. Thurmond and Sherman both owe Fitzgerald some thanks, both should have gotten their blocks knocked off on crackback blocks where he just nudged them instead of lowering th eboom. I they were Cardinals and Tate was there they would have been KO’d. A learning experience for the future to keep their head on a swivel so they dont get KO’d, the D kinda needs them

    WAY to Represent AZ 12’s.
    Awesome hearing them during the game and at the press conference afterwards Loud and Proud and Classy reppin the Seahawks

    Lots to work on still but great divisional win.
    Penalties still aaarrggg and frustrating.
    Wilson needs to control the ball better (Fumbles) First one he saw the pressure and really can’t loose that one. Offense cost 10 points minimum and another score FG was after the horrible call on 4th and short. I’d still like to see a big guy in backfield O lineman or D lineman at FB to make some holes on short yardage maybe even a Tackle playing TE the other Wilson is not a good power blocker so throw a Tackle or Guard someone big that blocks for a living in there on short yardage.
    Our short yardage game is pretty poor right now but still due to poor O line play
    D only gave up 150 yards till they went to prevent when the game was in hand and let them pass for another 100 yards and 2 scores, so they were more dominate than the score and stats showed
    Rice does better when Wilson has time, think part of this is Rice’s routes take longer to develop and they just need the extra time to work.
    Did like seeing more quick slants getting the ball out faster to the receivers, something that had been missing last couple of games
    If Wilson had a line he’d really be Dangerrus

    Pete gave them a reward and extra time off, not sure I like this they don’t report back till Tuesday. Thinking should be Monday they still have to Travel to St Louis and need to be prepared for the Lambs Still a divisional game on the Road. Can’t Separate with no Preparation. Hope they come out Fast and ready to Roll for the MNF Game

    Now What to do? we have forever till the next game

  26. Southendzone….checkout the media section of I think there are some snippets on there of RW talking on the set. Not sure if they pan the crowd at all, but its a shot. If i knew a way to burn off my DVR i would post some of it…it was seriously epic to watch and hear.

  27. Mau, i agree with you. Last time they had a lot of time off, they lost in Miami. They seem hungrier this year, but i still dont like it.

  28. ChrisHolmes says:

    Fitzgerald: Class act, all the way, all the time. Wish he was a Seahawk. Love him.

  29. Screensmoke says:

    Maumau – short yardage calls – u bring up a real good point!

  30. TallyHawk says:

    I think the O line has improved each week since the texans game. They are not going to be great with this group as they just don’t have the talent. They won’t improve significantly until okung comes back so it makes no sense to keep com

  31. TallyHawk says:

    Complaining about it. They are getting better albeit slightly but that’s all we can hope for.

  32. rramstad says:

    All this kvetching about the offensive line, and blaming of PC and JS, and it’s just a waste of air. NO TEAM IN THE NFL IS BUILT TO WITHSTAND THE LOSS OF YOUR PRO BOWL CENTER, YOUR PRO BOWL LEFT TACKLE, AND YOUR VETERAN RIGHT TACKLE. Sorry to shout, but all the hand wringing gets really really old. Unger is back and hopefully will continue to heal up. Breno will return and at least be some quality depth if he doesn’t take the job back from Bowie. Okung will be back by the time we play the Saints, maybe earlier. It’s all good!

  33. Fun to watch a good all-around game for the Hawks! Still have to smh (hi, Yank) at some of the play-calling. Seriously, have they converted a 2nd-and-2 all year?

  34. WilliamPercival says:

    Plays of the game:

    -Marshawn running over Dockett and knocking his cap off on the shoulda been touchdown.

    -Kam knocking the OL on his @ss to secure the tackle!


  35. Right now we have arguably and statistically one of the WORST offensive lines in the NFL. I’m not blaming or ragging on the players, it is what it is due to the injuries. The fact that we are still 6-1, is freaking amazing! That’s not supposed to happen in football. This speaks to the special talents of the rest of the team, especially RW. We can only get better from here, and I’m excited about the rest of the season!

  36. Lynch was not happy with the play call to pass after his TD was called back. He flipped the bird at Bevell after RW called the play (and there is a funny GIF out there of it). Even tho they got the TD (Davis TD), i worry about Lynch’s relationship with Bevell. Sometimes it is the little things that can throw a team off course. Just hope no love was lost and Lynch isn’t too pissed about it.

  37. Southendzone says:

    JB, I saw that picture but didn’t know who it was directed to. That is pretty hilarious!

    I don’t question the call though, AZ had been doing a pretty good job stacking the line at that point in the game and a run to Lynch was a really obvious play in that circumstance.

    Of course, we will never know because Lynch doesn’t talk to the media.

  38. Ya theres a GIF somewhere i saw where RW calls the play in the huddle and Marshawn looks back at the sideline and puts up the bird. Pretty funny, but concerning if he wasnt joking. Time will tell…i guess winning always helps the attitude in the locker room. I agree with you, probably a good call to throw it because they were expecting the run, had been doing a good job stuffing it in short situations and Lynch has been fumbling a lot lately.

  39. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Rumor has it, that after Lynch’s T.D. run was negated, and he was ruled down at the 1 yard line, Lynch gave Bevell the finger for calling a play action on the goal line instead of another running play.

    Anyone know if there is any truth to this? If so, was he mad for real, or was he just joking?

  40. yankinta says:

    Krapp,, you need to warn before posting links like that. I just clicked it and it took me to a bad site!!!

  41. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I’m so sorry. I flagged it immediately. I didn’t know it contained that.

  42. seahawkfan97 says:

    I found a fans view of the post game from the stands. It is loud and not the show, but it is the 12th man. I am sure it will eventually be posted to utube and

  43. raymaines says:

    Seafan97: That wa pretty cool. Let’s do it again in St. Louis.t

  44. raymaines says:

    I hate cell phones and iPads. I hate that there isn’t an EDIT button.

  45. UltimateHawk says:

    Raymaines, I noticed it too. It was so obvious PC should have challenged it.

  46. CDHawkFan says:

    Displaced, I thought I saw something as the were lining up and couldn’t rewind on the NFL Game Pass. I didn’t know what lynch did, but I was interested before the snap of what the play call was going to be because I saw him do something.

    I do remember him running off the field quickly at the end of the game ( could be taken that he was pissed off).

  47. CDHawkFan says:

    Went back and looked, I’m 99% sure it was a middle finger.

    To his credit, he still gave a good block on the TD throw play, it’s not like he gave up.

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