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Morning links: The corners could decide things tonight

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Oct. 17, 2013 at 1:14 am with 74 Comments »
October 17, 2013 1:14 am
Richard Sherman had three interceptions last year versus the Cardinals, including this one which he returned 19 yards for a touchdown. / AP photo
Richard Sherman had three interceptions last year versus the Cardinals, including this one which he returned 19 yards for a touchdown. / AP photo

Good morning from sunny Phoenix.

Today, I wrote about the four cornerbacks in the his game: Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner, Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu. We’d be hard pressed to find another game with four corners of this total talent level.

They all do it in a different manner, too. Sherman is a technician. Peterson is a freak in the land of freaks. Browner is a bully. Mathieu is a gambling playmaker.

Sherman had three interceptions in two games against the Cardinals last year. Even Larry Fitzgerald, as noted in the story, is wary of his respected counterpart Sherman.

“I love playing against him,” Fitzgerald said. “He’s right there at the top of the business at his position.

“He’s a guy you have to be careful with. He’s just one of the guys that can change the complexity of a game very quickly, so we have to do a good job of making sure we’re careful around him with the football.”

The ongoing and often on-point argument is that games are won in the trenches. This may be an evening that is sealed on the outside. All four corners have the ability to dramatically alter the game.

But, we’ll go back to those trenches. Our Dave Boling had a chat with J.R Sweezy. Sweezy’s first start came against the Cardinals in last year’s opener. He, uh, had some trouble with Darnell Dockett. Boling explains:

As is sometimes the case with those suffering trauma or surviving accidents, J. R. Sweezy has only vague recollections of the details of the afternoon of Sept. 9, 2012.

Sadly, he still suffers from Darnell Dockett Syndrome, a specific strain of selective amnesia.

“I’ve blocked most of it out,” Sweezy said when asked of the ordeal.

As it turned out, he’s blocked the memories better than he blocked Dockett that day in the Seahawks’ 20-16 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Boling points out it was Sweezy’s first game. He also looks at rookie Michael Bowie now being in Sweezy’s shoes as a rookie finding his way.

Also, the Seahawks have spent the short week cramming in preparation. To cover some nuts and bolts: Marshawn Lynch is good to go, as is Tempe, Ariz., native Zach Miller. It’s going to be another week in the middle for linebacker K.J. Wright since Bobby Wagner won’t play. Chris Clemons is questionable, but I would be surprised to see him on such short rest.

In all, should be a fun one tonight. You can catch the game on the NFL Network or JoeTV.

Starting five:

> In case you missed it yesterday, out John McGrath says worries about Russell Wilson are ancient history.

> ESPN’s John Clayton says the overall downturn in the NFC is helping the Seahawks and Lions.

> looks at WR Bryan Walters who was recently promoted from the practice squad.

> ESPN has its weekly QB watch looking at Wilson.

> This is outside of the Seahawks, but I always enjoy the Sound FX on We get a look we don’t otherwise. This week, it’s Tom Brady during the rally against the Saints.

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  1. UltimateHawk says:

    Great work Todd – thanks for the updates.

  2. FairbanksDoug says:

    I don’t make many predictions, but I am thinking this will be a blow-out. At least as much of a blow out that a good running team, a better rested running team can dominate a worn out one. Arizona just came off a tough game with SF and SF was pretty physical with them. Arizona doesn’t have the reserves we do, and I imagine their starters were pretty well whipped coming home Sunday. I think Palmer will get some through but will be largely ineffective, their running game won’t be effective against a better rested defense. On the flip side of that our tackles have had one backup to relieve them for breaks over the course of the last 3 games so they might be a bit worn. I expect Bowie is still living on adrenaline and will be fine, but Mcquisten may suffer some lack of energy. Still I think this could be a devastating day for the Cardinals. GO HAWKS!!

    P.S. I reserve the right to recant any all presumptions should I be wrong.

  3. SandpointHawk says:

    The Cards list Tyrann Mathieu as a Free Safety. Is he playing some corner again also?

    I freely admit I do not watch Cardinal games unless…

    1.The Seahawks are playing them


    2.I’m being tortured by foreign agents….

  4. montanamike2 says:

    I don’t watch the ‘Cards unless they’re about to lose with under 3 minutes to go. I think about 40 hours of “Charles in charge” tied to a chair would probably break anyone on earth, but that kind of cruelty is hard to justify unless it’s a level 4 sex offender.
    They’re just as tired on a short week too, so things could get sloppy/ugly but i still expect a win.

  5. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    NFL Network is reporting that Percy will practice next week. Very good news.

  6. I’m not greedy – I’ll settle for a 21-20 win; but I think it will be more like 24-13. Our secondary is better then their 2 WR’s, and we have 4 useful WR’s plus a TE that they won’t cover.

  7. chuck_easton says:


    Harvin starting to practice next week just means phase II of the timetable has kicked in.

    PUP rules as changed in the last CBA

    PUP for six games

    Phase I – the player has up to five weeks to start practicing ( to be completed in week two)

    Phase II – once player starts practicing the team has three weeks to evaluate him. After three weeks the team must activate the player or put him on IR.

    So if Harvin starts practicing next week the team can decide to activate him for games 8,9 or 10. Or they can decide the hip isn’t ready and IR him.

    Harvin getting to go next week doesn’t mean he will be playing against the Rams, but it also doesn’t mean he won’t play. Harvin just gets to be another one of PC’s ‘death by a thousand paper cuts’ injured players. He’s real close. He’s working hard, he’s just not quite ready. It’s a game time decision, he needs another week.

    Harvin will be ready the first game we see him standing on the sideline in full uniform at game time.

  8. Going into the draft, the guy I wanted most was Honey Badger. I know he had some challenges @ LSU, but when you throw on the tape from 2011 it’s just ridiculous how many plays this guy makes. With our scheme, I thought he would’ve been perfect for the slot to cover those quick little WRs we seem to struggle with so much and could’ve been a solid back up to Earl in case he was to suffer any injury. I think he’s a terror and is off to a good start. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Tate can light him up a bit on a crack back block to free up Lynch for a long run.

    This game feels like it’s gonna be a grinder. Arizona has a stout defense and always seem to match up well with us when we play down there. Nonetheless, I’ll take a ‘W’ any way we can get it. Wish Harvin was good to go, but it sounds like more and more it’s gonna be versus the Rams on MNF.

    And…I’m hoping to see Zach open up some lanes across the middle for Russell to find. Can’t wait.


  9. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    @Chuck, You’re putting words in my mouth… Yes I know the rules and I never said he would play against the Rams. All im saying is that it’s very good news. He pretty much is our only game changer on offense other then Michael who we don’t seem to use for some reason. Having him back can only help this predictable offense.

  10. FairbanksDoug says:

    Personally I think you should add Wilson, and Lynch to that list of game changers.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Our special teams needs to step it up now and get back to playing like one of the best in the league.
    Also we need to take advantage of Palmers erratic passing. (11 ints.)

  12. yankinta says:

    lol @ FairbanksDoug,, Funny!! but I respectfully disagree,, assuming blowout = winning by more than 14 points.. :)

    jbltzfk,, that’s almost what I was thinking, which was 24-14. But Thursday night games are historically a low scoring game so maybe 24 too much,, but I’ll stick with it.

    joreb,, if we had picked up Honey Badger,, which CB currently on Roster, would you have cut?

  13. FairbanksDoug says:

    I was thinking more along the lines of 21 points. We will see.

  14. yankinta says:

    I’m still counting Harvin to play against the RAMs,, no matter what the reports say…. He’s young and he’s been running for weeks, now,, plus he’s a Vet, playing in a familiar offense while reuniting with his OC from Vikings……

  15. chuck_easton says:


    I’m not trying to put words in your mouth. In fact I agree with you, Harvin being good to go full practice is GREAT news.

    That was more me being the Party Pooper, voice of sober second thought, in that people shouldn’t assume Harvin practicing automatically means he’s good to go for the 28th against the Rams.

    But, again, he may very well be full go for that night and we can all look forward to seeing what he can add.

    I am just more like Eore from the poo tales. It is sure to fail, it will never work, we are doomed.

    That way if it does go poorly I’m still not disappointed. But I get to be even more thrilled when things go better than planned.

    It’s the lawyer in me. You prepare the heck out of your file. But you always expect the worst result while hoping and planning for the best.

  16. MikeFromNewJersey says:


    I guess to sum up your thoughts. You’re the kind of guy who likes to keep his expectations low so you’re never dissappointed.

    Im praying Harvin comes back sooner than later. He is our only homerun big play guy that can go the distance from anyplace on the field.

  17. RDPoulsbo says:

    AZ has a crap o-line with a statuesque QB. The Seahawks front 7 should be looking forward to this matchup. I’m expecting yet another low scoring defensive struggle type game tonight.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I keep my expectations low and my hopes high with plenty of beer on hand for game day.

  19. yankinta says:

    LOL, then I assume all of you were expecting out Hawks to go 0-16?? smh..

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I feel bad for Terry Blount over there at ESPN. He’s been taking a beating in the comments section ever since Sandos left.

  21. Arizona is fighting for its play-off chance life tonight and its always tough for Seattle in Arizona – I don’t think for a minute that tonight’s game will be anything other than hard fought and close. I am hoping that having Zack back makes a real difference to the offence.

  22. yankinta says:

    Well, to be fair Terry Blount hasn’t been able to match 50% of Sando…. And Mike Sando was covering the entire NFC West at the time,,, while keeping in touch with people like me on Facebook, via private message….

  23. TallyHawk says:

    It would be great to finally see Harvin in uniform against the Rams but think it will be the following week. They haven’t rushed anyone back that’s been out an extended period of time. They have been getting at least two weeks of practice time before seeing game action.

    I think tonight is a game the Hawks should win but it worries me more than any if the other road games so far. The Cards always play them tough down there and their D is tough at home. If we take care of the ball and get a couple turnovers we should pull it out. I don’t see this being a blowout but would love to be wrong.

  24. yankinta says:

    TallyHawk,, you have reasons to be worried,, Our Record in that Stadium is like 1-6 or something…. But I expect us to win,,not by a lot though,,9-10 points…

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:


    What happened to the game day recipes and comic relief stuff? I hope that one complaint last week didn’t influenced you to take it out.

    I like that stuff with football, and it’s nice to finally have someone here leading with a sense of humor.

    BTW- I’m making the BBQ ribs today.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:


  27. @Yankita – I’d cut B. Maxwell for Honey Badger in a second. He (BMax) is ok on special teams, but I’d rather have HB otherwise.

  28. yankinta says:

    I see. I thought B.Maxwell was pretty good, and is more than good enough to start for several teams,, I guess I’ll have a better feeling after watching Honey Badger, for an entire NFL game tonight for the first time,, :)

  29. Southendzone says:

    I would second GH’s request for the non-football specific content on game days, recipes, jokes, youtubes of 1982 games in the kingdome, close up pictures of Efren Herera’s moustache, anything like that is fun and should be welcome here.

    One thing that would be pretty sweet but may not be allowed by NFL copyright rules would be a breakdown of 1 or 2 plays with the All-22 footage. I know other sites do this (MMQB, Grantland), but maybe they pay a massive fee to do it.. not sure.

  30. I realize that this is mostly ‘only’ against SEC competition, but check out this highlight reel.

    He’s feisty, quick, tenacious and a guy I hate having in our division. And again, I hope someone gets a solid block on him at some point in the game.


  31. trout_hound says:

    ESPN Seahawks coverage sucks now, to be, uh, Blount. They should have promoted Eric there instead of SD. I miss Sando.

  32. SlickToxic21 says:

    I would love to see a blowout tonight…..I don’t see it happening though. They play us tough in their building…and our offense has not been clicking yet. It should be a hard fought battle…probably decided by a TD or less.
    Gonna need to get some pressure on Palmer to win this one.

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Speaking of Eric I have checked out a few of his articles of late at ESPN and he seems to be doing well, However there is virtually nothing going on with regards to the comment section there.
    Talk about fair weather fans in San Diego.

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW-If you go over to ESPN right now you would think the game tonight will be the Colts vs the Broncos.

  35. Todd Dybas says:

    Sandpoint, Mathieu is doing all sorts of stuff for them. Sometimes he’s the nickel, sometimes safety, sometimes straight-up coverage. Though, I probably should have used his official designation of safety then explained further. Maybe “Really good defensive back” is his proper position title.

    Here’s a good look at what he does from my friend Doug Farrar over at

    Georgia, we’ll keep doing that on Sundays.



  36. yankinta says:

    lol @ GeorgiaHawk, that’s because Jim Irsay is a Genius…. that dude knows what he’s doing…. can’t wait to see the Sunday night game as well. :)

  37. Dukeshire says:

    Mathieu fits their system but he doesn’t press terribly well which would provided issues for him in Seattle’s scheme.

    For me, the player to watch in the Arizona secondary is Patrick Peterson. He is so damn good. To me, he and Sherman are the two best young corners in the league.

  38. When people talk about the Seahawks being 1-6 in the new Arizona stadium, you have to remember they are talking not only about Russell Wilson’s first regular season game in the NFL, they are talking about a game with Tarvaris Jackson at QB, Matt Hasselbeck at QB in Pete Carroll’s first season, the Jim Mora year, and the last couple Mike Holmgren seasons when things were going down hill pretty fast. All pretty irrelevent to what’s going on this year. I’m expecting a big game from Russell Wilson and the Seahawks tonight. He feels he has big things to prove after last year’s game down there.

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Jordan Babineaux has something to say about the 12th man on the NFL network right now.

  40. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Is babs still playing?

  41. yankinta says:

    rlc,, I agree with you. I was only stating that they’ve played us well in their own home so far….I still expect RW to perform well and win 24-14… :)

    For me, Sherman and Aqib Talib are two best young CB in the league,, although Aqib Talib is 2 years older than Sherman…. How Aqib Talib was able to completely shut down the best TE (J. Graham) in the league last Sunday….that is just impressive!!

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    MikeFromNewJersey- No.

  43. Since the Cardinals stadium opened in 2006, the Seahawks have made the playoffs in 2006, 2007, 2010, 2012. They lost 3 of those 4 years so both good and bad Seahawks teams lose there.

    The Seahawks haven’t beaten a team by over 10 points on the road since late in the 2011 season at Chicago.

    All that being said, I do expect the Seahawks to win by over 10 tonight.

  44. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I meant No, however I think he is still a free agent.

  45. rramstad says:

    Yep, I don’t even bother checking ESPN any more. The Seahawks coverage there is sad. Listless, dispassionate, and not even terribly well informed. We get much better information from our local media outlets, and the ESPN coverage doesn’t even do a good job of summarizing what the national media thinks about our Seahawks. Compare to recently when Sando was doing ESPN NFC West and I’d routinely check it out, even reading stuff on other teams in our division because it was timely and well written.

  46. I just went back to check the one win in that 1-6 is 2010. Pete Carroll’s first season with Matt Hasselbeck at QB. Before that you have to go all the way back to the Superbowl season in 2005 to find a Seahawk win in Arizona. Maybe a win in down there this year would be a sign of good things to come for this season.

  47. rramstad says:

    pabs, whoops, this isn’t correct. “The Seahawks haven’t beaten a team by over 10 points on the road since late in the 2011 season at Chicago.”

    We defeated the Bills 50–17 Dec 16 2012 in Toronto.

    Quite a memorable game, it was actually more dominant than the score would indicate…

  48. GeorgiaHawk says:

    We may be 1-6 in the new Arizona stadium, however we’re 6-1 in prime time games with Carroll.

  49. I forgot about that game. It seemed like a Seahawks home game for some reason.

  50. Division rival games ALWAYS worry me :(

  51. I’m also expecting a grind it out game tonight. AZ’s strength is their defense, and our offense hasn’t been the same since the O-line injuries.

    But – our D is tough, and our special teams are very solid (when we’re not having FG’s blocked) .. assuming no repeat of the turnover bug, I think we win this one something like 20-13 again.

  52. Screensmoke says:

    Yank – scrambling offense or scrambling QB?in not buying scrambling offense- the way I see it if your a scrambling offense that means your scheme is not working . Your offense is breaking down and your trying to make something out of it- this is something I would not want to be focused on or really talk about to much. Pete may have said that but u certainly don’t think he is to focused on this – now scrambling QB – yes I get that but still you really want to have a successful offensive scheme that would be your goal not scrambling offense. Just my opinion I could be wrong. One thing for sure is if Russell keeps on running so much he will get his head taken off-that’s just football especially at this level- unfortunately it’s just a matter of time. I love Russ but that is the reallity!

  53. wabubba67 says:

    Going to the game tonight with friends and family that have flown down for this game and the UW/ASU game on Saturday. Already deep into a 1.5 liter of Bulleit Bourbon for pregame! Flying the Hawk colors on the car proudly while tailgating in enemy territory!

    Go Hawks!

  54. yankinta says:

    What if Manning had signed with the Seahawks: The one-year, $8 million for Matt Flynn would not have happened. The Seahawks still might have drafted Russell Wilson in the third round, and he would be following Manning around like a puppy dog these past two seasons.

    lol, RW = a puppy dog?? Thank God, Manning said No to Paul Allen’s Jet…

  55. yankinta says:

    Screensmoke,, you’re right. Pete did say that he wants us to be the best scrambling offense in the league,,but he didn’t mean that’d be the primary focus of the Offense. Only that this offense will be unconventional, tailored to RW’s dynamic skill-set. He is definitely asking RW to hold the ball and make the best decision while not turning it over….

    But I disagree with you on your latter part of your comment. RW is a Pro Baseball Player,, we’ve seen that he knows how to Slide better than the other 31 QB (including CK, who’s pitcher)…. I have never seen hit take a Huge Hit, while he’s scrambling. However,, I’ve seen him hit Vicious hits in the Pocket so far this season. I would much rather he takes off and avoid a big hit then, throwing while stepping up into a rusher,,,
    Remember that this OL has been one of the Worst O-Line in the league this season (in Pass Protection).

  56. Screensmoke says:

    Bro- he doesn’t have eyes in the back of his head-

  57. yankinta says:

    Screensmoke,, Bro- have any of these defenders been able to catch up to him from behind? RW is a legit 4.5 40 guy…. :)

  58. juliusvrooder says:

    any advice on how to see the game if I dont have NFL network? As an ex-rocker I hate going to bars…

  59. yankinta says:

    juliusvrooder,, it’s on local channel as well. JOE TV I believe.

  60. ChrisHolmes says:

    @juliusvrooder Well, there are a lot of eateries that are less bar-like and provide good TV support. We have a pizza place and a locally owned Mesican restaurant that has a great (small, intimate, clean) bar area with 5 TV’s. We usually hit the Mexican place because we know the owners, they serve GREAT food and drinks, the staff is awesome, and it’s just a fun place to watch a game.

    Look around your area. There has to be someplace other than a dirty old bar to watch the game (and after I say all of that, a dirty old bar is where I’m going tonight, since it’s across the street, the wife can’t go and she’s worried about me driving home by myself).

    Wherever you go, enjoy!

  61. question for the stats guys here.
    Anyone know what the record is on thursday nights for home vs visitors? /Who usually wins the Thursday games?
    I’d think the Home teams would have a larger advantage for these games.
    I HATE Thursday games

  62. UltimateHawk says:

    Screwsmoke, as Yank also pointed out, RW is much more likely to have his head taken off in the pocket than when running.

  63. yankinta says:

    UltimateHawk,, Thanks… :) I’m surprised you could read what I wrote… there were too many typos and misspellings…. I should go back to spelling school… smh…

  64. ChrisHolmes says:

    @MauMau I posted those stats in another thread earlier this week. I went back the to the 2011 season. Home team’s are winning about 2/3rds of the games.

    2011: 8-5
    2012: 5-2
    2013: 4-2

    Overall: 17-9 (.65 winning percentage)

    As I noted in my other post about this, there was one interesting fact about the away teams winning: When they did win the Thursday night game, they usually won by a lot. The margin of victory was usually somewhere around 2 touchdowns.

    So take that for what it’s worth.

    I agree with you: I hate the Thursday night game.

    C.Palmer has been sacked 13 times for -80 yards, RW has been sacked 17 times for -93 yds. These two teams pass defenses are statistically very close to each other, and both are fairly well above the NFL average. SEA’s run defense is a little better than AZ’s, and both are well above the NFL average. Both teams passing games are pretty close and are around the the NFL average. So far, SEA’s way ahead of AZ in the run game, and well above average. That’s how the game should go. SEA needs to try and come out of the gate with a lead and grind it out, whereas AZ wants to get the lead early and keep SEA from running the ball.

  66. raymaines says:

    I’ve been hearing on the radio all day about Palmer being a statue and an easy sack. Interesting to see RW has been sacked even more often.

  67. Screensmoke says:

    I disagree- I c him getting hit while scrambling much more than while he’s in the pocket – for example when he got lit up from side at end of game vs Indy throwing interception intended for rice- screwsmoke isn’t necessary/ trust me neither one of you candy donkeys have any idea who your dealin with here- if we want to go character assassination route y will lose

  68. After trading Levi Brown to PIT, AZ’s OL has actually improved. Hope SEA’s Ts can do better today(?)

  69. yankinta says:

    Screensmoke,, you’re right… that was unnecessary by UltimateHawk… sorry I missed it. I was paying too much attention to my own spelling errors and shaking my head….

    I see your point and I do remember that throw,,,,But that was a unusual situation for RW.,,,Hail Mary rules applies here… he had to throw that ball no matter what because that was the last play of the game…. I doubt that he’d take that hit, if it was not a Hail Mary situation….

    You have to admit that some of those hits he takes in the pocket are Vicious/Scary. Even bigger dudes cannot and have not taken hits like that in the pocket and survive.

  70. yankinta says:

    raymaines,, yup, that’s why I said that our O-Line are one of the worst (bottom 5) in pass protection so far…. but it seemed to be getting better though….

  71. Thanks chrisH

  72. Screensmoke says:

    I guess the point I’m really trying to make here is yes we r good at it( scrambling)but we don’t want to be a scrambling team- we want to run our offense scheme, be effective and not have to default to that because RW may be a saint:-) but he is not GOD (even most of the time I think he is)yes I get the fact that he gets hit a lot in the pocket(hard)but my experience is that very many QB injuries happen when they are scrambling. Much more than people realize. Maybe I’m way off base on this but my opinion will definately not change- I’ve seen it to many times over the years

  73. ChrisHolmes says:

    “I’ve been hearing on the radio all day about Palmer being a statue and an easy sack. Interesting to see RW has been sacked even more often.”

    Well, you have to look at things in context.

    I’m sure Palmer’s lack of mobility contributes to some sacks, but sacks, by and large, are often a product of poor OL play. And we’ve had a lot of it this year, mobile QB or not. Our line just hasn’t protected well.

    The numbers that I look at, that mean more to me, are interceptions. Palmer has had multiple INT games since week 3. RW hasn’t.

    I think that’s where we’re going to see an edge tonight.

  74. yankinta says:

    Screensmoke,, well a ton of injuries do happen in the pocket too,, but I’m sure you already knew that…. of course we don’t want to be a scrambling team first and foremost…but at the same time, Pete knows what kind of a player he has in RW and OL situation isn’t always going to be ideal,, so if we have to play that way, we’re more than capable….

    I think Pete’s really saying,, there’s nothing wrong with being the best scrambling team in the NFL, when the situation calls for it….that Pete would rather RW holding the ball and scramble,, than to force throws and turn the ball over…

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