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News, notes and quotes Tuesday: Wilson says offense is progressing

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Oct. 15, 2013 at 2:21 pm with 19 Comments »
October 15, 2013 7:30 pm

Because of the short week, today was treated like Wednesday normally would. So, that meant Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman took the podium.

On to the quick hits:

> Wilson said when he does a self-evaluation, he looks at a lot of small things first. He thinks about his footwork, handoffs, if he’s always booting out, is the ball placement where he wants it to be, the depth of his drop. “I really do feel like when my fundamentals are on in every way possible, that’s when I’m at my best,” Wilson said.

> Wilson also said he meets every Monday with Pete Carroll for about an hour to talk about offense and the next week’s opponent. Wilson said Carroll’s intimate knowledge of defensive techniques is helping him understand how to attack defenses. “So I kind of hear his voice and what he’s thinking,” Wilson said. “We always talk throughout the game, as well.”

> When comparing Arizona cornerback Patrick Peterson to Richard Sherman, Wilson said that Peterson is “lightning fast” and similar in size to Sherman. Sherman’s analysis of Peterson was interesting. He said he thought Peterson is a “way better athlete” than he is, which allows Peterson to play a little looser and recover with his speed. Sherman said he has to play technical at all times in order to be as effective as he is.

> Both Wilson and Sherman had very positive things to say about Arizona wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is one of the most respected players in the league. Sherman and Wilson both lauded Fitzgerald’s professionalism.

> Wilson said he is staying a little later each day during the short week in order to get all his preparation in.

> Wilson also reiterated he felt like he was “in the flow” last Sunday. He said there was one specific play he wish he had back (though didn’t specify).

> In the red zone, Wilson said he needs to be “a little quicker on reads.” He also said going 2-for-5 down there wasn’t good enough.

> Asked again about when to run, Wilson said, “I really don’t think about it.” Wilson said he runs as a result of the flow of the game.

> Sherman was asked about the allure of being on national TV: “You always want to put on a show.”

> Arizona quarterback Carson Palmer also had some interesting comments. He compared Sherman and Browner to the former Miami Dolphins secondary that had Patrick Surtain and Sam Madison in it. Surtain was a three-time Pro-Bowler, two-time All-Pro and NFL Alumni Defensive Back of the Year in 2002. He was 5-11, 195. Madison was a four-time Pro-Bowler and three-time All-Pro at 5-11, 180. Obviously, Browner and Sherman are larger than both.

“There’s a lot of individually great corners in the league,” Palmer said. “But, to have two that are very similar … these guys, they’re both very good, they’re very long. They don’t lose jump ball battles. They don’t get run by. They don’t let guys get behind them. They’re consistent, too. Earl Thomas in the middle of the field covers so much ground, that, if they do make a mistake, he can help them out and cover them up.”

Palmer also added this when initially asked about the secondary: “Very good group, top to bottom. Lot of speed. Very physical group. They do a great job using their hands all the way down the field and avoiding penalties.” That last line is interesting. Thomas often says he thinks referees are watching them more than other teams for that specific thing.

Now, onto the important stuff.

This is how Walter Thurmond was dressed after Sunday’s game:

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 1.32.38 PM

Asked for comment, Sherman, in between laughs, said, “He looked like the Monopoly man. I was waiting for him to pull a monocle out.”

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    In Wilson We Trust.

  2. MrSinister says:

    Why is the Monopoly Man carrying handcuffs?

  3. I bet the play Wilson wants back was the one with Tate wide open running into the end zone from the left side. Gawd, was he open…Wilson was running to his right–if the line had pass pro’d, it would have been a TD; as it is, Wilson would have had to throw across his body–but Tate WAS open.

    Peterson is a much better athlete than Sherm. He’s a freak. But he doesnt have Sherm’s focus, drive, or skill–yet. Pretty soon though, Peterson will be amazing. He already is. And they have their own Thomas at FS, Tyrann Mathieu. That kid is already a better open field tackler than Thomas, though he’s still just a rookie and makes mistakes.

    With our crappy but slowly improving O-line, this game could be rough.

  4. Pocketwatch, not cuffs.

  5. The “monopoly man.” That’s funny!

    If you ask most smart people in the league who are the best CBs in the NFL, you know you’re going to get Peterson and Sherman pretty much on every list. Who cares if Megatron is better than Fitz, or vice versa?

    As long as their head coach isn’t a moron and trades for a Revis and doesn’t let him play man all the time it’s all good. Maybe if their coach traded for Wilson he’d turn him into a pocket passer who would get fined if he left the pocket? Or he’d turn Sherm into a defensive tackle? That guy is a clown… trade for Revis and don’t let him lock down one guy and have him be someone he’s not. lol (glad I’m not a Yucks fan).

  6. Bobbyk–Totally. Schiano is a no-talent assclown for sure. I just hope Revis stays after Shiano gets spitcanned; I dont want him on the Niners.

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Comments from ESPN power rankings-

    “Carson Palmer was 1-of-8 with two interceptions on throws at least 15 yards downfield Sunday. Palmer’s seven picks on deep throws lead all quarterbacks.”

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    For what it’s worth, every team that has played the Hawks lost their next game.

  9. raymaines says:

    I see on the ESPN Power ranking that the Colts are #6 and the Chargers are #15. Makes perfect sense to me, I mean the Colts would kill the Chargers in a head to head game. Oh wait….

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    We all know what happened last year at Arizona, let’s see what Wilson has learned since then.

  11. I hope Bevell gets a little more creative this 2nd half of the season. The play calling has been very vanilla. Maybe everything is on hold until we play more division opponents and Percy gets into the line-up.


  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    raymaines- My sources wasn’t from you. Did you document your sources?

  13. ChrisHolmes says:

    “I hope Bevell gets a little more creative this 2nd half of the season. The play calling has been very vanilla.”

    Please go look at the tape…

  14. ChrisHolmes says:

    ““Carson Palmer was 1-of-8 with two interceptions on throws at least 15 yards downfield Sunday. Palmer’s seven picks on deep throws lead all quarterbacks.”

    That is a fascinating stat GeorgiaHawk.

    And sort of goes along with what I figured might happen when a guy like Palmer is put at the helm of Arians’ offense.

    We can only hope a few turnovers come our way because of it.

  15. raymaines says:

    GH: I did my own research. I’m seldom either right, smart, or insightful so I have to stick up for myself when I am.

  16. There was a professor who was head of the art history dept., Marion Ross, at the UO who dressed just like WT3, except he always carried an umbrella. Maybe it’s some kinda carrying on a tradition thing(?)

  17. ChrisHolmes says:

    “I mean the Colts would kill the Chargers in a head to head game. Oh wait…”

    One thing I try and never forget is that this is, in fact, the NFL. The phrase “Any Given Sunday” is pretty much true (despite Oliver Stone’s best attempt to stain that phrase with his horrible film).

    The power polls are fun. Sure, we probably won’t agree most of the time, but they’re fun, pointless, and harmless.

    I like how Peter King does it (he gives his opinion based on who he thinks would win on a neutral field). That said, I think he’s wrong this week. I think Seattle would beat KC on a neutral field…

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