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Morning links: Are the mistakes bound to catch up with the Seahawks?

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Oct. 15, 2013 at 5:24 am with 94 Comments »
October 15, 2013 8:58 am

Good morning.

Our Dave Boling says that the Seahawks are right on the edge, and, that if they keep it up, that approach could come back to bite them.

I wrote about Pete Carroll saying he saw improvement Sunday, even if others didn’t.

Other links:

> The Everett Herald wrote about Chris Clemons’ elbow injury.

> has a review of Week 6 and also touches on Carroll’s thought on progress.

> focuses on Russell Wilson.

> also looks at the short week of preparation for the team.

> Lastly from is this post about Earl Thomas being in the middle of the defensive effort Sunday.

> Arizona defensive end Calais Campbell hopes to play against the Seahawks.

> Thought this was an interesting story from Yahoo’s Les Carpenter. He went to see former Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith who is playing out his career in the CFL. Yahoo managed to work the words “Tim Tebow” into the headline, so it’s sure to be read.

> CBS’ Jason LaConfora has a lot of thoughts in his “Monday Observations” column, though the reference to the Seahawks is just a surface one. He says they need to figure out their field-goal exchanges.

> The Colts were mediocre on Monday night during their 19-9 loss to the Chargers. Suddenly, Andrew Luck’s receivers couldn’t catch.

> ESPN says the Saints are hopeful tight end Jimmy Graham can play after the bye week , which is this week, when the Bills come to New Orleans.

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  1. NYHawkFan says:

    Yank, some of your posts are questionable, but I have to say you called it right regarding the Chargers victory over the Colts. So, congratulations. Don’t crow too much, though. :-)

    The third down conversion issues the Hawks have had recently are definitely fixable. Same goes for special team problems. A little extra work on these areas and the Hawks will be Okay. I’m more concered over the offense. It’s been struggling. Without Wilson’s talent, we certainly wouldn’t be 5-1. Hopefully, once the OL gets its starters back, we’ll see the offense clear up some red zone issues.

  2. yankinta says:

    Like I said,, Colts are not the real deal….Philip Rivers is ahead of Andrew Luck in 2013 QB play. Colts will lose again this Sunday and the hype will start to die down,, while people on the bandwagon are kicking and screaming inside… :)

    And for those that want to make excuses,, the receivers drop passes but Luck’s passes were not on target on at least half of those drops…. Top 5 QB’s do not miss those and can carry a team on his back, and will make sure his team is always within a score,, which is what RW has done ALLL HIS CAREER!!… :)

  3. Dukeshire says:

    “…but Luck’s passes were not on target on at least half of those drops”

    That is simply not true. Of course not all were on target, as evidence that pick that went off the fingertips, to effectively end the game. But the Luck anti-hype misses the mark just as much as all the national love does.

    I agree with Dave’s assessment. If Seattle doesn’t begin to play better on offense, this season will be one of missed opportunity.

  4. yankinta says:

    NYHawkFan,, lol thanks,, :) questionable but I always back it up, right?? :)

  5. yankinta says:

    Nope,, they were off target,, that’s a Fact. I was paying close attention, especially the drop by D. Heyward-Bey on a go route, which should have been a TD….you can go back and watch.

    The either National said Colts were the real deal and would win this game,, Guess what,, the entire nation has been brainwashed,, only those that trusted their own eyes weren’t affected,, from day one.. :)

  6. NYHawkFan says:

    You have to admit, a big part of the reason the Hawks are “always within a score” is our top 3 defense. Wilson is awesome, but he has had some accuracy problems (overthrowing receivers) recently. Still, Wilson has more than made up for it in other areas. Once again, when the OL get back to normal and Wilson has more time, things will improve markedly.

  7. yankinta says:

    and NOPE I disagree with Dave. Go back to all the key losses that we had in the past dozen games,, including to the Colts,, it was our Defense that gave it up,, our Offense did enough to win. If we really do have top 5 Defense, we should have played like a Top 5 D and stopped those opponents at key moments…

  8. yankinta says:

    NYHawkFan,, I agree with you. RW has not played like a top 5 QB, in terms of his Passing the ball, so far this season. But his leadership, his composure in key moments,, his ability to carry the team in tough times,, without a question, Top 3 QB in the league,, if not the top QB.

  9. NYHawkFan says:

    Fair point, but even top 5 defenses have occasional letdowns. The LOB played much better this week and we stopped the Titans running game cold.

  10. yankinta says:

    I agree, and those occasional letdowns have caused the 4th quarter Losses at Indy, Atl, Miami, Detriot, and so on….

  11. NYHawkFan says:

    Thanks for bringing up those losses (sacrasm intended). That letdown in Atlanta still hurts. :-( Hopefully, this year will bring a different outcome.

  12. slicktoxic says:

    I wonder if there’s any thought on JS’s part about checking on any available Guards out there……with perhaps guys like Rice and Browner as trade bait. Several WR-needy teams out there. Can’t pay everybody, and Rice is not going to continue with this team at his current salary.
    I like Browner, but with Thurmond and Lane available to fill his spot……I’d hate if this season became a lost opportunity because we couldn’t protect Wilson long enough to take advantage of Tate, Baldwin, Kearse, Harvin, Miller, Willson. etc.

  13. yankinta says:

    Yeah, I hope so too.. that ATL game almost made me cry… lol almost,, except I was so happy at the same time cuz the entire nation got to see what a SPECIAL player RW is,,which I kind of already knew from day one,, yet he still surprised me a little bit… :)

    As for this year, I think the key will be to beat the Saints on Dec 2nd,, which I think will happen and we should have HFA,,

  14. NYHawkFan says:

    slicktoxic, Rice won’t be with us for much longer. As many have stated here, there is a production/salary mismatch. If they’re trying to work out a trade, they have two weeks (I beleive) to work it out.

    Yank, we need to take care of business in SF as well.

  15. Top 5 QB’s do not miss those . . . . . then there is a certain player who shall not be named who has missed his share of receivers this year. . . . .

  16. chuck_easton says:


    Since you apparently have never played or coached football let me give you a tip from someone who has done both.

    The key to this season is Thursday night. That is the only important game on the season.

    Teams that start looking ahead in the schedule find themselves losing a game or two that should have been W’s.

    The most important game is the next one.

  17. NYHawkFan says:

    That “certain player” has admitted to his missed opportunities. He’s a very special player, and he works hard to overcome his mistakes. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all works out.

  18. yankinta says:

    xcman, go read my post from 7:26 AM, you’ll understand better…. :)

  19. yankinta says:

    chuck_easton,, you made a good point but it’s misguided. The players/coaches cannot look ahead. Fans can. We are fans of the team. We can look ahead. None of the people on this TNT blog are not on the 53 man Roster… :)

  20. ChrisHolmes says:

    I can’t see Seattle trading Rice mid-season. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

    We let Stephens go. We’re only 5 deep at WR ad it’s a long season. Guys get hurt playing that position. Rice is experienced and can line up anywhere in Bevell’s offense. And I don’t think another team would give us a high enough draft pick to make the trade worthwhile.

    I’d rather have Rice this year. His effort is top notch and he can make some spectacular catches. He’s an asset, even if he’s not making 5+ grabs a game. The offense line shares a lot of that blame. They blocked better last weekend and we’re still down two starters.

    Let’s see what Rice’s production looks like in November and December. I think with Okung and Breno back, and RW getting some better looks and seeing the field more, Rice is going to warm up.

    Wilson knows he left some throws out on the field Sunday. I expect him to continue to grow, learn from his mistakes, and get better. He is, after all, only 23 and this is only his second year in the league. We’ve come to expect this sort of play from him and other young QB’s, but it wasn’t too long ago that we were mired in a spate of bad young QB play…

  21. chuck_easton says:

    Seattle has 5 games to play before they get to the two week stretch of the Saints at home and SF on the road.

    3 of those five games are on the road. Two are against division foes who both BEAT Seattle in their home last year. The third away game is against a team that is struggling but will want to prove they are better than their record. The two home games are against teams that are collectively 1-9 right now.

    If Seattle doesn’t play better the next two away games against divisional foes they could easily have a record of 7-4 going into the Saints game.

    It’s still WAY too early to be talking home field advantage. Seattle doesn’t have the NFCW title yet, and they are still at least 5 wins away from clinching a playoff spot.

    So you can disagree with Dave Boling all you want Yankster. The truth is Seattle is at the ledge. Things can slip away and a promising season goes down the drain. OR, they can step away from the ledge, play up to their talent level, and finish the season around 13-3.

    You can be a fan all you want Yankster. But to be talking as if everything is already decided is a bit bold right now.

    But, hey, you are always right. Well, unless you are wrong, but then you would have been right if the sun wasn’t in the player’s eyes, or the refs wouldn’t have cheated, or there wasn’t a full moon, so when you are wrong you are really right, but for the outside influences…

    I’ve been a fan of this team for every season from their first pre-season expansion year game. And the one thing I can say is this team has been able to find more ways to shatter hopes and dreams than I thought could possibly exist.

    Yes, they are a talented bunch. But until they have that Lombardi trophy sitting in a case at VMAC they are still the team that has never won anything.

    Seattle fans should quit talking as if we’ve already won.

    Dave has been covering this team for quite a long time. When he writes that article he speaks from years of experience.

  22. yankinta says:

    ChrisHolmes,, I think that Breno has already lost his job to Bowie…. what about you??

    chuck_easton,, lol yes, Dave has all that experience, doesn’t mean he’s right. I just disagree with him. And I back up my opinion with Facts… you can go read my post again… :)

  23. NYHawkFan says:

    Agree that Rice will not be traded. His salary is inflated, and that’s part of the problem. We would have to give up a lot to unload him. And yes, he is talented and can play all over the field so I believe we’ll keep him. My satement that he won’t be with us for much longer was referring to next year, when we’ll part ways with him.

  24. Southendzone says:

    Totally agree about the team is on the ledge in many respects. Next 2 games are huge, both entirely winnable, and at the same time entirely lose-able.

    Thursday is the easier of the 2 in my book, have to get this one and then we have leeway going into STL vs their pass rush which gave us fits last year in week 17. Imagine what it will do in their own stadium against our backups.

    I will be entirely satisfied with 1-1 over the next 2 games.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Once again yankinta confuses fact with opinion. But at least he does so with the most condescending bravado this blog has seen in may years.

    yankinta – I humbly suggest you pay even closer attention and re-watch last night’s game. The Colt receivers dropped ball after ball that hit them in the hands. I’d go back and detail each incomplete to prove my point (as I did with JJ Watt when you confused your opinion with fact) but I fear it would be wasted time as you (seemingly) never acknowledge when you’ve been proven wrong.

  26. yankinta says:

    lol, okay so that drop by D. Heyward-Bey on a go route was on Target?? smh… I guess we have agree to disagree. I think Jon Gruden agreed with me though.. he said something like, Luck cannot miss those TD throws on the road,,

    Just because it hit the receivers hand, doesn’t mean it’s on target….smh, For example, against us 2 wks ago, TY Hilton caught a couple of amazing catches that were thrown behind him (one of them was a 3rd down conversion), those two passes were off target but receiver made so good, it bailed out the QB. again, I strongly urge you to go back and watch the game. :)

  27. Southendzone says:

    Guiness records just called, they are in town getting ready to try and measure a new sound record at CLINK, but while they were here, they checked the TNT blog and are pleased to definitively announce that the discussion about whether the Colts dropped passes last night were well thrown are not is THE DUMBEST ARGUMENT ON EARTH, EVER.

    Good job Seahawks Insiders! We’re NUMBER ONE!!

  28. yankinta says:

    lol, Southendzone,, some of us trust our own eyes,, but some of us don’t, they rely on so-called experts to tell them what to think….it’s kind of sad,, actually…

  29. NYHawkFan says:

    Southendzone… funny stuff. I was thinking the same thing. Another option, why don’t we all go back and watch the game again.

  30. The need to be right and to get validation on a blog about the Hawks has never been more annoying…so has ‘smh’ and :-).

    Make it stop…please.

  31. seahawk44 says:

    Chuchk_easton: “I’ve been a fan of this team for every season from their first pre-season expansion year game. And the one thing I can say is this team has been able to find more ways to shatter hopes and dreams than I thought could possibly exist.”

    My favorite quote because it hits home with me too and is so true. Many seasons where it seemed that the Seahawks would do it this year but it never happened. BUT, you have to admit, something feels a little different about this year’s team.

    I get frustrated reading the amount of complaining about the team on this blog that I have frequented for a dozen years. It is because it seems many here are only going to be satisfied if the Hawks put up 40 points, 500 yards of offense & shutout every opponent every week. That will never happen. This is the NFL and even good teams have weeks where things go bad.

    I am not wearing the rose colored glasses when observing this team’s play. I realize there are weaknesses (mostly due to OL injuries) but they are in every game and are winning. Be thankful you are not a Texans, Redskins, Giants, or Falcons fan where they have legit reasons to complain.

    Now, (stepping down from podium) let me complain about something Seahawks…….why the hell can’t this defense get more QB sacks? It is annoying watching them get so close so many times without getting to the QB.

  32. NYHawkFan says:

    Slow news day… The Hawks blog is turning into Comedy Central. Funny joreb. And don’t forget ‘lol’

  33. yankinta says:

    seahawk44,, I completely agree with you!!… Not having a consistence pass rush has been our biggest weakness this year and last year,,… I’m not that worried about our OL to be honest,, but I Worry a lot about our Pass Rush….

    joreb, sorry dude, it’s not easy trying to help those that’s been brainwashed, I can’t help but shake my head, sometimes….

  34. seahawkNJ says:

    I’m trusting my eyes and I agree with Duke. Watching that game last night was like watching Hass throw to D Jack, K Rob & Stevens in 2003. Drop after drop hit the receivers in the hands. It was frustrating and I didn’t even care who won.

  35. SlickToxic21 says:

    Well I’m not saying we SHOULD trade Rice…I’d rather keep him this year as well….what I am saying, is right now it seems to me that the one thing that may hold us back from making and winning the Super Bowl, is the inability to protect our QB.
    There are at least 4 teams that are hurting for WR’s, and it’s possible someone….New England, Detroit, Atlanta, KC, etc….just a thought.

  36. Ya it’s getting hard to follow along here nowadays. Way too much arguing.

  37. yankinta says:

    SlickToxic21,, you don’t think our Pass Rush has been weak,, that we’ve been able to Rush the passer consistently??

  38. SlickToxic21 says:

    I had such vivid thoughts of Clemons, Irvin, Avril, Bennett, Wagz, KJ, combined with the odd blitz by Earl or Kam………of completely destroying the opponents rhythm, timing, etc….and all kinds of INT’s and fumbles…..and we’re still talking about the inability to get consistent pressure on the QB.
    Hopefully they can start trusting the LOB to take care of the back end, enough to put on more consistent blitz schemes.
    That said, with the exception of that 73-yard bomb given up to Luck, I suppose they’ve been holding their own pretty well this year.

  39. yankinta says:

    this cracks me up… it’s was a good thing for Hawks Fans….

  40. Try shaking your head silently…like everyone else does.

    I was at the game Sunday. IMO it seems that there is not a lot of throws happening across the middle of the field. Maybe it’s b/c we haven’t had Z. Miller in the line-up, but my feeling is that Russell is lacking some confidence to throw it there. Our WRs haven’t been able to get much separation at all. I’m not sure if Defenses are playing it differently (sagging in the middle) or if Russell’s height may be a contributing factor, but without the threat of going across the middle, opposing defenses shrink the field to sidelines only. Hopefully Harvin can help alleviate that problem.

    Regarding Browner, he does seem to get torched a lot if he doesn’t get his hands on the WR. Thurmond played well and Lane has shown glimpses when healthy…Maxwell IMO blows. It’ll be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

    I agree with the sentiment about how this team has found a way to disappoint over the years, however I really believe things are different with Pete. He still makes some questionable decisions on the field, but every coach does. What separates him is the Psychology that he brings to the table. When you watch him in pressers, the guy is in complete control of the room. I can only imagine what he’s like when he’s coaching someone up 1-on-1. We’re lucky to have him and like Russell, there isn’t a coach I’d trade for him. He’s perfect for Seattle, the media, the players and the fans. I believe in his formula and think it’ll prove itself as time goes on.

    In the interim, we really need to beat the Cards. They’ve been tough at home and their defense is much improved with the LB that just came back from suspension. It’s gonna be another grinder of a game. I hope we see a lot of Lynch early, late and a lot in between. Can’t wait.


  41. Read to the bottom of this article, saw that Clem will most likely miss this week. To answer the question above as to when the D will get more sacks, don’t count on them this week! Need to O to really click this week, I think, and win the turnover battle / special teams play…

    Go Hawks!

  42. I know that Hakeem Nicks has been dinged up a lot, but would love to have him over Sidney at this point. He’s the kind of guy that knows how to work inside and out, has great hands and deceptive speed. Plus, #88 is just waiting for him. Thoughts?

  43. Dukeshire says:

    “some of us trust our own eyes,, but some of us don’t, they rely on so-called experts to tell them what to think….it’s kind of sad,, actually…”

    Yet you earlier this thread used Jon Gruden to support your opinion. I guess we now know which camp you fall into. smh :)

  44. yankinta says:

    joreb, you think Nicks made that key catch on the sideline that Rice did, while tip-toeing, in the 4th qtr,.. I am not sure Nicks is that good. :)

    umm,, no, I’m saying it was so Obvious that even Jon Gruden noticed it… but I’m surprised many of us didn’t,, just like a bunch of brainwashed kids wouldn’t… :)

  45. yankinta says:

    Joreb, can I use this,, instead of smh?? :)

  46. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I’m in agreement with the group that says the Colts receivers and the D lost this game. Luck’s passes were mostly on target and his receivers dropped five passes? Several were of the catch and score type and others would have been large gains on third down. Fleener drops one right in his gut that would have gone for six. It’s idiotic and typical to put this loss on Luck. The D gave up seven long drives and the Colts Offense wasn’t even on the field. Stat man, Lucks numbers are better than Wilson this season in every category. This game was so similar to our game last year against the 9ers in SF when our receivers dropped everything that Wilson threw and killed drive after drive. Were all his passes perfect that game? No, but like Luck last night the receivers had hands on them and have to make those catches to stay out of third down. We lost that game and the Colts lost last night. Luck was far from the problem. Anyone with a sliver of football IQ could see that clearly.

  47. Colts Receivers dropped easily catchable balls killing their momentum time after time Just like us vs the Whiners last year. Most passes were right on target maybe one was tough but all should have been caught by NFL heck even college receivers.

    This is a Seahawks blog any way.

    Short week lots to work on to beat a Divisional foe.
    Have to win the division before winning home field and not even 1/2 way yet and we only have a 1 game lead in the division because we’ve only played 1 divisional game.
    Next 2 weeks are critical road games against the division that will show us if we are contenders or pretenders.
    I like Wilsons approach of every game is a playoff game and need to go undefeated every week.
    On D. Need more pass rush/Sacks and to find a way for the LB’s to learn how to cover anyone they suck in man and suck in zone against the pass.
    On O. O line needs BLOCK better, Wilson needs to see the open receivers in the middle of the field and receivers need to get open more, but untill the line gives him some time he’ll be running for his life and looking to run due to constant pressure.
    Still wonder why we don’t use more screen passes more with the poor O line blocking they block like it’s a screen pass anyway.
    Special Teams, Kick coverage last week letting too many yards by a guy who took the ball 8 yards deep in endzone.
    Lots to work on with a short week at least it’s not a 10 am game.
    The Tards are another Very Tough Defense and Palmer knows how to play just a bit better than the last few QB’s they’ve had. Hoping for break out of our sacks and pressure since he stays in the pocket. They also have Larry Fitzgerald one if not the best receiver out there in the NFL
    Tough but winnable game
    Go Hawks

  48. SlickToxic21 says:

    Yeah joreb…it would be great to have 88 for the rest of this year….just don’t think it’s gonna happen for several reasons.
    Also, the reason Miller doesn’t get many chances, is because he’s always in blocking because of our O-line issues.

  49. yankinta says:

    Luck was far from the problem?? lol that’s what an amateur would say, or a brainwashed person would say.,, yeah nvm, he was Perfect,,his passes were Perfect. San Diego shouldn’t have been playing with backup LBs and DEs in their lineup,, or they would have lost….

  50. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Speaking of amateur, how’s the pizza delivery job going for you? We would all like to wash our brains from your nonsense. Reading comprehension is not your strong suit. Didn’t see the word perfect in any of the above comments. Gruden mentioned several times that the Colts receivers have to catch those passes. You should probably watch the games with the sound on so you can actually make intelligent comments…..but hey, why start now?

  51. seahawk44 says:

    There are more posts on this thread about the Colts than the Seahawks! Why???

  52. yankinta says:

    MoSeahawk12,, Dude, I was only talking about one particular drop by D. Heyward-Bey….such an amateur,, smh..

    seahawk44, you’re right. Colts are not the real deal, like many of the people on this blog thought….end of discussion. So about the Seahawks,, I think our Pass Rush is more concerning than our O-Line play this season….how about you?

  53. aelliott11 says:

    I’m right, you’re wrong. smh, lol :) … I was saying this, but you’re saying that. Go read my earlier post. smh…

    I knew that all along, lol :)…. but then again, I wouldn’t expect you to understand, smh lol :)

    smh :) lol :) lol lol lol :)



    When did this blog turn into a teenage girl’s text message?

  54. seahawk44 says:

    I agree that the pass rush is not as good as it should be, but it is hard to be upset at the way the defense as a whole is playing. Especially at home. They are not giving up many points, and that is what the main responsibility of the defense is.

    I do not agree that it is a bigger problem than the O-line play. I think the O-line pass blocking is atrocious and the reason that the WR numbers are suffering. The offense can’t get into a proper rhythm if the QB has no time. They are very, very lucky to have Wilson. There is no doubt in my mind that if Wilson wasn’t the QB, the Seahawks would lead the league in ‘sacks against’. I watch other teams, and I am envious of how much time the QB has to let the play develop.

    I also have issues with the offensive play calling at times.

  55. “When you watch him in pressers, the guy is in complete control of the room. I can only imagine what he’s like when he’s coaching someone up 1-on-1. We’re lucky to have him and like Russell, there isn’t a coach I’d trade for him. He’s perfect for Seattle, the media, the players and the fans. I believe in his formula and think it’ll prove itself as time goes on”.

    Joreb – I completely agree. For some reason I caught Harbaugh’s presser Sunday and he seems so uncomfortable. I couldn’t help but compare him to Pete. Harbaugh was trying to be funny and started talking about ‘pounding the meat’ before I think he realized what he was saying and changed to ‘grinding the meat.’ Then they showed Wilson and Kaepernick’s pressers. RW is in his nice suit and then CK shows up with his black lid on backwards and sideways, he black hoody and pink headphones around his neck. I actually don’t mind CK as much as some others as I think he’s a decent kid and a great talent, but he always reminds me of my 22 year old daughter’s friends who hang around the house and haven’t landed decent jobs yet. We’re really fortunate to have Pete and RW representing Seattle.

  56. None of the people on this TNT blog are not on the 53 man Roster… :)

    Double negative – so we are all on the roster? smh . … .. .

  57. yankinta says:

    seahawk44,, wow I guess I Completely Agree with you. I guess what I was trying to say was I am less concerned about our O-Line because first of all we have RW not any of the other 31 QBs in the league. Secondly, our O-Line will get better because players will come back from injuries and we believe in Tom Cable. And Lastly, we saw what this O-Line can do late last year.

    But our Pass Rush on the other hand has been average at best so far and it was BAD last season. I am too, envious of how much time the other QB’s has to let the play develop,, I mean we almost got killed by the backup QB from Titans….thank god he wasn’t more accurate because he had time to throw…. I also scratch my head at some of the play callings as well. Makes me wonder….Is our OC overrated??

  58. I feel they could very well kick a game in this streak – I hope they don’t and they shouldn’t, but it is VERY possible. Division games are always a worry, in part, because the other teams know your tendencies – down to the individual player. The Rams even as much as said they knew what the 9er’s were doing last year because the players were tipping the plays.

    They also – get up for your games because you are more “rivals” always makes a difference they want to step up – little brother syndrome.

  59. FleaFlicker says:

    Cards game could go a lot like Titans game, but with Hawks on the losing end.

    Palmer has 13 turnovers in six games (11 INT, 2 Fumble), the run game is spotty. I think we keep that offense under 14 points pretty easily.

    But then there’s Patrick Peterson and Honey Badger and some pretty stout defensive players. If we give up another special teams score or a strip-sack for a TD, then we’re going to be in trouble.

    Where do the points come from when we go against the 5th ranked rush defense in the league? OK, let’s give Marshawn 100 yards for the game, but maybe a single score. I don’t see us torching that secondary for big plays. Need 20-25 points to beat the Cards. Didn’t see much separation on Sunday. Where do the points come from? Don’t say Russell’s legs. We’ve got to stop relying on RW magic to bail us out. And eventually, he’s going to get dinged up from too much rushing. Where are the points?

  60. MoSeahawk12 says:

    LVHawk, Wilson does such a great job with the media as well. We know there are times he’s probably frustrated, but he handles everything with poise and class.
    Apparently the 9ers are working with CK to be better with the media as he has come off as disconnected and disinterested in being there. I agree from what I’ve read about him is that he is a good kid, hard worker and just isn’t as comfortable in that role as Wilson. They want the face of the team to be a little more engaging I guess.

  61. I don’t comment often, and have read this blog with regularity since Sando was in charge. But recently it has disintegrated into a certain contributors personal soap box. Lots of people proclaim to know lots of things, but nobody knows more about what is going on with the Seahawks than the coaches, the players, and the writers that have exclusive access to said players and coaches. Just because you have an 80 inch HDTV with super slo mo, doesn’t mean you know more than anyone else. As much as I hate to say it, I think I may have to find my Seahawks news elsewhere.

  62. If we get Palmer to throw INT’s that will be huge for us. That is what we are built around. keep the ball and provide extra chances by getting the ball back with TO’s.

    You can also very clearly see that PC – loves to win the field position battle. If we can get a few first downs each possession, and then pin them deep. Eventually the field flips in our favor. and makes it easier for us to score. Do that enough and they hopefully will get frustrated and take extra chances.

    Against Indy we couldn’t hold them to 1 or no first downs on a possession and we didn’t go a good job of moving the ball to pin them deep – all in all – we didn’t play our game and they played theirs – they win

  63. ChrisHolmes says:

    “I think that Breno has already lost his job to Bowie…. what about you??”

    I haven’t seen enough tape yet to develop an informed opinion about Bowie yet.

    Bowie is a rookie. Breno is a 6-year vet. I haven’t seen enough tape on Bowie yet. But I would say, based on experience alone, Breno gets the starting nod when he can come back and is healthy.

    Now, if Breno stinks it up upon his return, and Bowie continues to improve while Breno rehabs, I can totally see PC going back to the kid and giving him the job.

    But I just have’t seen enough tape yet to know.

    I plan on looking at the Titans game today. I want to chart all the passing plays. Bowie will get a look.

  64. NYHawkFan says:

    seahawk44, “I also have issues with the offensive play calling at times.” Whether that was intended to be a pun or not, it was funny, as some of the play calling on offense has be “offensive”…

    Agree rodman, too many of the comments here have degenerated into name calling, personal attacks, and other juvenile rants. Players talk ‘smack’ on the field, so I guess bloggers need to beat their chest now and then as well. It’s an alpha male thing. Get’s tiring real fast though. Why can’t grown men respectfully disagee without getting personal? (giving fellow bloggers the benefit of the doubt about being grown men)

    Let’s talk football people!

  65. Samurai_Hawk says:

    Internet etiquette #1
    I see a lot of great discussion turned into finger pointing because of the troll. Very frustrating to read to say the least. I rarely post but I really enjoy reading a lot of constructive opinions on this blog. Please remind yourself not to feed them.

  66. ChrisHolmes says:

    “If we get Palmer to throw INT’s that will be huge for us. That is what we are built around. keep the ball and provide extra chances by getting the ball back with TO’s.”

    And Palmer is prone to such behavior.

    The other thing I think we have working in our favor is the fact that Bruce Arians is running that offense. Arians favors the vertical game and wants his QB to take chances down field. In an interview I read earlier in the season, pre-season I think, Arians was talking about the fact that he never wants his QB to pass up an opportunity to take the downfield shot, to never pass it up for the checkdown. I understand being aggressive, but I think Arian’s mindset might make for some turnover opportunities.

    We’re going to have to play good defense, no question. Guys are going to have to get pressure. We know Arians wants to go vertical, that he’s going to have those guys running all sorts of intermediate-to-deep routes. We have to put pressure on Palmer to force him to the hot read, checkdown, or just flat-out make a bad decision and throw into coverage. So pressure is going to be crucial here. Because if we let him have time for those routes to develop, we’re in trouble.

    I am hoping that with Clem out, Irving gets a chance to rush the passer more. His speed is so good…

    And with Bennett continuing to play well too, I think we have a chance to force some issues on defense. Avril + Bennet + Irving… there should be some pressure with those guys in certain packages.

  67. Autenpus says:

    Fact: Blue is the best color.
    Fact: It is appropriate to randomly capitalize words in the middle of sentences.
    Fact: Andrew Luck sucks eggs.
    Fact: Use of “lol,” “smh,” and smiley faces are fantastic methods to gain credibility and prove your intelligence.
    Opinon: This yanker fella is really freaking annoying and kind of ruining what used to be a great discussion forum.

  68. NYHawkFan says:

    I think the Cards will be up for this game. Losing a divisional game in SF hurt. Also, they seem to match up well against us, like we match up well with SF, so I think it will be close. I think it will be a tough fight, with us winning cuz we’re simply a better team. Plus, the Cards still don’t have their QB problems solved IMO.

  69. yankinta says:

    ChrisHolmes,, Okay, you do that and let us know,, I only brought it up because I saw it somewhere that someone already did that,, and Bowie did not even allow one hurry from his RT spot last Sunday. I think that’s pretty impressive,, Titans have a good D, They have 10th best Pass Defense currently….

  70. yankinta says:

    Autenpus,, agreed. I can be annoying sometimes… :)

  71. hawkdawg says:

    I like watching Harbaugh, and then Kaepernick, in press conferences after a loss.

    It’s like Dr. Evil and Mini-me.

    On the other hand, win or lose, Wilson is the same, it seems. Same cheerful “glass half-full” happy talk, with the same cliches, each as earnestly delivered as the previous 500 times he’s said them.

    It can be a little frustrating at times, because you know he is thinking more than he is saying, but if I had to choose, I’d choose the Robot every single time.

  72. yankinta says:

    ChrisHolmes, I found it. Bowie allowed just a single hurry in 42 pass blocking snaps… That’s pretty Impressive!! I think he’s won the job, and we have our future RT,, imo.

  73. FleaFlicker says:


    Agree with your assessment of the defense. Don’t see Cards hanging more than 20 points on us.

    But what about the other side of the scoreboard? Our offense has had a lot of troble sustaining drives the past couple weeks. Have a very bad memory of losing 20-16 last year in Phoenix.

  74. ChrisHolmes says:

    “But what about the other side of the scoreboard? Our offense has had a lot of troble sustaining drives the past couple weeks. Have a very bad memory of losing 20-16 last year in Phoenix.”

    This is true.

    I was somewhat encouraged by the better 3rd down play this past Sunday, particularly the 2nd half of the game. And Marshawn just continues to run really, really hard. I thought RW had more time to look at the field as well. So.. I am cautiously optimistic. We’re on the road, on a short week, against a divisional foe. It won’t be easy.

    The Cardinals have some playmakers on defense as well. Ball security is going to be key. We can’t be careless and squeak another win.

    I’d like to see a fairly complete game out of our club. They know they have a mini-bye week coming up after this one, so leave it all out there on the field. You get 10 days off when it’s over.

  75. HawkfaninMT says:

    Any chance the OL gets shuffled a bit once Breno is back?

    RT- Breno

  76. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Living in Phoenix during Hawk week is pretty interesting. There are so many Seahawks fans here and one of the reasons I go to the games. It’s fun to hang out with our Seahawks brothers and sisters on game day. This week has been pretty interesting as Cardinals coach Arians has been a bit chippy and not in the best mood. They want to be respected as much as the Seahawks and 9ers(as any respectable professional would and should), but the past few years the fans here just don’t really care. The 9er loss last week has stung and they are looking to take us out. I have concerns with the way their defense is playing and they will cause us problems. Word is that Calais Campbell might actually make it back. That would be huge for them and that’s not just about his size. Our Oline will be tested much more than the Titans game.

    Flip side is that I believe we can get to Carson and he will put it up a lot. I think Sherman and crew will have many opportunities for picks. I think this game will be close, but I think our guys will get it done for the W. I’ll be watching at the official Seahawks bar in Scottsdale.

  77. yankinta says:

    Wow,,, “In NFL city after NFL city, this pattern is repeated. CenturyLink Field, where the Seattle Seahawks play, opened in 2002, with Washington State taxpayers providing $390 million of the $560 million construction cost. The Seahawks, owned by Paul Allen, one of the richest people in the world, pay the state about $1 million annually in rent in return for most of the revenue from ticket sales, concessions, parking, and broadcasting (all told, perhaps $200 million a year). Average people are taxed to fund Allen’s private-jet lifestyle.”

    HawkfaninMT, that’s what I’m thinking too. :)

  78. yankinta says:

    SMH “The reason NFL executives’ pay is known is that in 2008, the IRS moved to strengthen the requirement that 501(c)6 organizations disclose payments to top officers. The NFL asked Congress to grant pro football a waiver from the disclosure rule. During the lobbying battle, Joe Browne, then the league’s vice president for public affairs, told The New York Times, “I finally get to the point where I’m making 150 grand, and they want to put my name and address on the [disclosure] form so the lawyer next door who makes a million dollars a year can laugh at me.” Browne added that $150,000 does not buy in the New York area what it would in “Dubuque, Iowa.” The waiver was denied. Left no option, the NFL revealed that at the time, Browne made about $2 million annually.”

  79. “I haven’t seen enough tape yet to develop an informed opinion about Bowie yet.”

    Why let that stop you? Don’t you know it’s useless to wait for more information in order to develop an intelligent opinion? SMH/ :-)

  80. yank, you are on the mark about people, especially rich people, lying about the money they make. This is an article that shows financial statements from some MLB teams that claimed they were losing money. Shockingly, they were full of spit.

  81. ChrisHolmes says:

    @bbmate :)

  82. RDPoulsbo says:

    pfft…as far as I’m concerned, stadiums are quality of life issues much like art museums or oprah houses. The only difference I see is one caters to the beer drinkers while the other to wine drinkers. Tax payers see increased tax revenues from area bars and restaurants so I’m not complaining. Paul Allen bought the Seahawks on the cheap when interest in the team was at it’s lowest. Credit him for further team investments to rebuild the Seahawks brand.

    If there is one arena deal as a taxpayer I’d be angry about though, it’s the Glendale hockey arena, where the city actually pays $5 mil/year in tax revenues to the team.

  83. yankinta says:

    RDPoulsbo, I don’t think you read the entire article,, I’m thinking that based on what you wrote….

    bbmate,, I didn’t know about half the stuff from that article…. it’s quite shocking and educating at the same time. I have much less respect for these people now…

  84. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Bowie allowed just a single hurry in 42 pass blocking snaps…”

    Seems like a pretty good performance then. Now if we can just improve the guard play a bit.

    A couple other things that were interesting from the Pro Football Focus folks:

    – Russell Wilson completed 15-of-15 aimed passes thrown outside the numbers on Sunday.

    – Breaking his season-long trend, Wilson performed better when pressured by the Titans than he did with a clean pocket. His numbers under pressure: 9-for-11, 130 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT, 115.9 QB Rating.

    And this one impresses me the most:

    – Seahawks pass-catchers did not drop any of their 23 catchable targets on Sunday.

    Anyone remember the days of Koren Robinson, Jerramy Stevens and Darrell Jackson? A.K.A. The Dropsies?

    Am I ever glad those days are gone…

  85. RDPoulsbo says:

    I read it back when it came out. I’ve known about this for a long time. Much like the Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, so is the NFL. Both are indeed non-profit, but their members recieve all the benefits. The owners are private figures, who pay the taxes through their income taxes. I’m not sure why this is suddenly scandalous.

  86. chuck_easton says:


    I don’t see the team taking that radical of an approach. O-line is all about consistancy. While it can be said that this line has exhibited anything BUT consistancy, shuffling that many players around doesn’t help.

    My guess is that once Breno is back he goes back to RT and Bowie goes to the bench. The rest of the line stays the same until Okung can come back for either the Vikings or Saints game. At that time Okung obviously goes back to LT. The team then makes the decision on whether McQ goes to the bench or replaces one of the two guards.

    Sweezy and Carp should both be on notice that they have approximately 5 games to prove which one should remain in the starting lineup. At this point my guess is the team goes back to the o-line that started the season with Okung, McQuistan, Unger, Sweezy, and Breno…

    Carp hasn’t shown anything and the coaches seem to be infatuated with Sweezy’s ‘potential’.

  87. yankinta says:

    RDPoulsbo,, I just read an article on ESPN that talked about Bills owner Wilson “generously” bought remaining tickets, for $275K, to avoid a blackout,, while getting $95 million gift from taxpayers every year. This was the first time I read about it.., I guess this is old news for a lot of you…

    chuck_easton, I wouldn’t say that Carp hasn’t shown anything,, I watched him Mowed down his guy when Lynch rushed for a TD last Sunday. That was pretty impressive to me…. but I agree that he hasn’t been consistent the whole game, to be a Starting on our OL.

  88. I personally wouldn’t say that McQ has shown anything more than Carp has in 2013, and I’m far from one of the biggest McQ haters on this blog. The blocked FG for a TD against Indy was because McQ got absolutely blown back right at the snap. It was pathetic. I’d rather give Carp the reps to possibly develop if they don’t think McQ is a clear upgrade. McQ won’t be back in 2014 unless he’s going to take the vet min and maybe not even then IMO.

  89. And I’d like to see Bowie how Bowie does these next few weeks. I’m going to try and focus on him and Carp more on Thursday night. Bowie has looked to be playing adequately to me. I hope he takes the job. Breno won’t be back for near his salary in 2014 and maybe not for much less IMO. I really don’t see him being worth 4.25 mil.

  90. Id like to see Bowie keep the job, if he continues to improve. Breno has cut down on stupid penalties, but he’s been lousy in pass pro and not as good in run blocking this year.

    What I really want is Okung back. Things wont be right till he is.

  91. bbmate–McQ sucks at LT, but he must be the best we got, since he’s playing. Bailey must not be ready, or he’d be in there. At least McQ knows WHO to block, and when; Carp doesnt seem to know who to block on a given play, and even when he does know who to block, far to often he fails. McQ is only here until the season ends, IMO. But were lucky to have him, even if he has lost a step. What would we do with two late round rookies at the T’s?!

    Bad as things are, they could be worse. Some improvement from Sweezy and Bowie the last few weeks, and Unger looks almost like his old self. Its just having McQ not Okung at LT, and Carp actually getting worse, not better, that are holding us back.

  92. raymaines says:

    The professional talkers on 710 this morning seemed to agree that Breno will have to work hard to displace Bowie, and the more Bowie plays the harder it will be. Oh, and BG’s contract is up at the end of the year. So is PMcQ’s and Alvin Bailey is well thought of.

    The brain trust seems to have everything under control as long as they guess right about the personal they acquire, and they haven’t made too many mistakes so far.

  93. Breno and McQ are both UFAs. Breno makes 4.25 mil and McQ makes 3.375 mil in 2013.

    STTBM, I was talking about McQ at OG, not LT. I don’t think he’s necessarily better than Carp at LG, but I’m not going to convince you and you’re not going to convince me. McQ was inside on that FG attempt when he got blown up and allowed it to be blocked.

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