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Morning links: Lipstick on a pig can still produce a win

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Oct. 14, 2013 at 6:39 am with 77 Comments »
October 14, 2013 12:51 am
Marshawn Lynch had 21 carries for 77 yards. / AP photo
Marshawn Lynch had 21 carries for 77 yards Sunday. / AP photo

Good morning.

We’ll start with my game story. I looked at the Seahawks not having much go as planned Sunday, but still coming out of there with another win. It’s been two consecutive clunky weeks, particularly on special teams, for the Seahawks. They earned a split out of those two weeks.

Our Dave Boling said Russell Wilson kept his composure during Sunday’s mayhem.

Kicker Steven Hauschka took a shot and kept on keeping on.

Earl Thomas was so happy after a big hit, he toppled Kam Chancellor during the celebration. That, plus updates on Chris Clemons and the return of Zach Miller (coming this week) in our notebook.

Titans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick had another lousy day against the Seahawks’ secondary.

Also, we’ll have a live chat today at 3 p.m. We have some funky scheduling this week with the short period between games.

Other links:

> The Everett Herald writes that the Seahawks can laugh off the special teams problems since they won.

> The Herald also says the Seahawks’ defense got its swagger back.

> points out how good the Seahawks have been at home.

> A video breakdown of the game from

> also talks about the mistakes the Seahawks made.

> The Tennessean says the Titans let the Seahawks slip off the hook.

> The Tennessean also says the Titans couldn’t get first downs, and that’s a problem.

> The Chiefs supposedly broke the volume world record for an outdoor sports stadium, which was previously set in Week 2 at CenturyLink Field during the Seahawks-49ers game. There was some dispute in the Twitterverse about this, since many fans had left or were heading out of the stadium in the final minutes, when the record was set. From the Associated Press:

The Kansas City Chiefs fans broke the world record for an outdoor sports stadium in their 24-7 win over Oakland on Sunday when they reached 137.5 decibels in the closing minutes.

An official from Guinness World Records told The Associated Press that Chiefs fans broke the record of 136.6 set by Seahawks fans during a game against San Francisco earlier this year.

This was earlier in the game, showing the scoreboard encouraging fans.

> The Seahawks’ next opponent, the Arizona Cardinals, lost, 32-20, in San Francisco on Sunday.

> The Saints were stunned in the final minute by Tom Brady and the Patriots. That pushed them down to 5-1, the same record as the Seahawks.

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  1. yankinta says:

    Like I said, Titans are a lot better than what most People think. They have a good Defense with a Good Secondary. They just need Jake Locker back to make some noise. This was a good win against a good team, although some of us knew it wouldn’t be a blowout.

    Our Pass Rush was again, a disappointment,, even at home. We gotta have a more consistent Pass Rush if we wanna have Home Field in the playoff.

  2. montanamike2 says:

    I sure hope we win on Thursday VS the Cards.

  3. yankinta says:

    montanamike2,, we will. Carson Palmer is below average QB at this point and he’s so slow/flat footed,,we wouldn’t even need a consistent Pass Rush to pressure him…. :)

  4. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    All I can say about the OLine is that we never should have moved Moffitt. He’s better than Carp, Sweezy and McQ. I never remember Moffitt getting schooled the way these other 3 guys do, it’s embarassing and poor Russell is running for his life. The only reason they traded Moffitt was because he’s a goofball. PC/JS I love you guys but I have to be honest here, you guys screwd up by trading Moffitt.. Maybe call Denver and get him back please, pretty please!!

  5. yankinta says:

    MikeFromNewJersey, I agree,, so far, our Backup Tackles are playing a lot better than our Starting Guards when it comes to Pass Protection,,… I’m hoping we’ll invest Day 1 or Day 2 Picks in Guard next year…. but I was never a Fan of Moffitt either..

  6. yankinta says:

    Calais Campbell will be out this Thursday,, a huge loss for thema and this should help our O-Line a bit… :)

  7. yankinta says:

    Marcus Mariota is the REAL Deal. Jaguars should pick him with No.1 Overall Pick. I would!!

  8. SandpointHawk says:

    Whatever you think of Moffitt, he was better than what we are left with now…by far.

  9. montanamike2 says:

    Calais Campbell out would be big for us, especially with this O-line.
    We need help there ASAP! I hope we get some guards in the draft, good ones that is.

  10. yankinta says:

    SandpointHawk,, not according to Tom Cable. He likes Sweezy better in run blocking more that what he lacks in pass protection compared to Moffitt. I’m indifferent in either way. I just want us to find a Stud interior lineman,, in the draft next year,, that’s all. :)

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Sweezy at this time is awful in both pass and run. He simply gets manhandled far too often. His run blocking is less egregious simply because of his athleticism, but he’s a liability either way, IMO.

  12. Tough game this week. Does anyone know the history of home teams winning Thursday night games? I have to think it’s pretty high considering parity in the league and the short turnaround for a road game. We need to squeak out another win and use the 11 days to re-group before St.Louis. Will be good to have Zach Miller back this week and hopefully PH in another 2 weeks.

  13. montanamike2 says:

    Miller and Harvin will be fun to watch, Miller helps the O-line like crazy and Harvin kicks us up another notch.

  14. raymaines says:

    Last off season Steven Hauschka worked on his core strength in order to increase his kicking distance. It worked and we’re all happy, but this year he should work on his neck and chest muscles if he plans to do any serious tackling.

  15. TallyHawk says:

    For all the moffitt fans he wasn’t even active for the broncos yesterday so he can’t be that good. I realize that our o line, especially the guards, has been terrible but let’s not act like moffitt is that much better or would make that big of a difference.

  16. TallyHawk says:

    Hopefully they can get breno back soon then move Bowie to LT and McQ back to one of the guards.

  17. NYHawkFan says:

    I’ve never been a fan of hoping our opponent has guys out in order for us to have a better chance of winning. If we beat them, I want us to beat them when they’re at full strength. Our best against their best. And yes, I recognize that our best is not on the field at present. Go Hawks!

  18. yankinta says:

    TallyHawk,, that actually sounds like a really good plan. I hope that JS/PC/TC will agree. I’d love to see what Bowie can do at LT as well.

  19. RDPoulsbo says:

    Not sure why people keep hoping Carp turns it around, including the FO. Probably because he’s a former 1st round pick. The guy sucks whether at tackle or guard. The day he goes back to the bench can’t come soon enough. I’m not so down on Sweezy, but he is a former DT turned guard. He’s got upside to improve, but he should definately have been a backup these past 2 years. He would have been too if not for Moffitt’s poor play. No, Moffitt was not as good as the current guards except maybe Carp, but that’s not saying much.

  20. HawkfaninMT says:

    Harvin can start practicing today… right? Week 6 is over so players on the PUP list can be activated and officially “practice” even though it may just be drills on the side I think.

    Very interested to see how he responds and his level of practice. I realize PC said it would be unrealistic for him to play @ Arizona. But two weeks of practice could be enough for him to get up to a high enough stamina level that he could participate in MNF @ Stl? Assuming his endurance, and not hip, is what is keeping him out of the Cards game obviously

  21. yankinta says:

    RDPoulsbo,, I think that JS/PC/TC couldn’t care less about what people hope about Carp. They have to see what he can do to make future decisions on that LG spot. This is the right thing to do, imo. But looks to me like Carp will not be getting starter money anytime in the near future,, most likely a backup.

  22. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Does anyone know the history of home teams winning Thursday night games?”

    I went back and did the numbers for the past three seasons, from 2011 to this year. Home teams are winning .625 percent of the games.

    In 2011 home teams were 5-2 on Thursday night.
    in 2012 home teams were 8-5 on Thursday night.
    This year, home teams are 4-2 on Thursday night.

    It certainly seems to favor the home team.

    Looking back at the specific games, it seems when the away team DOES win, it wins by a wide margin of victory.

    Scores from visitor wins on Thursday night in 2012:


    Scores this year when visitor has won:


    So… if you go by such numbers, it appears we’re either gonna lose, or win big. Place your bets!

  23. yankinta says:

    ChrisHolmes, Nice Stats!!! :)

    I think I’d place the bet for 27-14 win….We’ll get to see another RW Magic,,, :)

  24. Dukeshire–I’m relieved that I am no longer the only commenter who believes Sweezy and Fat Carp suck. While Sweezy has improved each week, he is, as you say, still a liability. And Carp has the slowest feet I’ve ever seen–and he is getting worse, not better.

    It’s frustrating to see this line flail around each week. It’s even more frustrating to wonder what this team could look like if the FO had ignored Cable and brought in a couple decent linemen.

    Cable’s job should be shaky at this point.

  25. MITCHHAWK8 says:

    I think our play calling could be better. I know our O-line is a mess but, do the Hawks have only 4 or 5 plays?? Bevel needs to be more creative in my opinion. ever heard of a screen pass ,and not those stupid quick wideout ones. anyways ,,a win is a win.

    Also was watching the 49er`s and Cards game after ours and did any else notice the 49er`s head coach ?? He had a whistle on his neck?? Why do you need a whistle on game day?? I don`t think anybody should have one on during a game. Like the “mystery whistle” in the Hawks/49er game a few weeks back. Just saying……GO HAWKS

  26. As for Harvin, I think it’s silly to expect him to contribute much this year. He has had zero time to gain chemistry or timing with RW, and we have such a porous line that we can’t even get the ball to the guys RW DOES have chemistry with often enough. Harvin is more a problem than a solution at this point. Also, I don’t expect him to play at all for the next two or three games.

    I’d much rather see Tate and Baldwin get more opps, not to mention Kearse.

    And Rice needs to be coming off the bench–Kearse is already contributing more with less reps.

  27. yankinta says:

    lol, Harvin has been working out the RW in the offseason and mini camp (where he injured his hip)…. I think it would be incorrect to say he has zero chemistry or timing with RW.

    I do expect him to contribute and take the top off of RAMS Defense in 14 days and 7 hours.

  28. RDPoulsbo says:

    Not sure why you think the team needs more time to evaluate Carp yank. It’s been 2 1/2 years and he’s shown zero improvement or any signs of development. STTBM is right, the fat man is slow and the only thing slowing down the defense is they have to run around the fat man. It’s not like he has any blocking skills to put to use. He’s basically Big-Lo in a football uniform on Sundays.

  29. ChrisHolmes says:

    While I agree with the evaluation that Carp and Sweezy are not getting it done, I’m not so quick to be down on coach Cable.

    We’ve seen in the past where a coach might be good at his craft, but lousy at choosing players. I tend to think that’s where Cable falls. He did good work, I thought, with the Raiders O-line.

    But clearly, if he’s had influence in choosing these guys for the O-line, he’s chosen poorly. So his player evaluation skills… maybe aren’t so good.

    Of course, we have no idea what that scouts are saying to our coaches, what kind of information is being passed around, or who is championing some of these players… I often wonder how frequently a scout backs a particular kid, sells the coaches on him, then he gets drafted and does poorly. The coaches tend to own that and shield the lower scouts from criticism in those instances. I mean, you NEVER hear a coach say, “Well, to be honest, we never liked player X, but one of our scouts was really sold on the kid, and sold the rest of us, so we drafted him.”

    Who knows what happened with Carpenter, for instance? Maybe a scout sold the team on his potential… maybe now PC and Cable are asking that scout what the hell he was thinking? We just can’t know.

    Which is why I have a hard time blaming Cable for the totality of poor play with some of our O-line players. Carpenter is a bad player, period. But I have no idea how much blame to attribute to Cable, or anyone else for that matter, for that selection.

    And something else to consider: our front office, from the HC down to the lowest scout, have done a heck of a job in the draft the past three years. We’re not going to be *perfect*. The draft is a crap-shoot, and we’ve done better than most. But we’re still going to swing and miss at kids.

    Anyway… We all know the OL is our weakest link and needs improved players. We’re beating a dead horse every week.

  30. yankinta says:

    RDPoulsbo,, no, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying I believe TC/PC want to give him one last chance because he’s been injured the first couple of years….and I think that’s the right decision. Give him one last chance because he deserves a chance to show us what he can do when he’s healthy (so far it’s not looking good),, plus he’s the best option we got right now,,because Paul has to play LT for Russell.

  31. FleaFlicker says:

    Actual conversation in Section 334 yesterday….

    Me: “See that really big guy down there?”
    Wife: “#77? OMG. He’s enormous.”
    Me: “Watch this next play. Probably a run to the left. He’ll make some room for Marshawn.”

    —Rush to the left; Carp gets zero contain on the LB, Beast Mode makes a little something out of nothing for a small gain–

    Wife: “How come he doesn’t do anything? He just ran around.”

    Me: “Because he’s really not that good.”

  32. ChrisHolmes says:

    I would expect Harvin to contribute when he arrives. Partially because I think Russell Wilson has a bit of Peyton Manning in him, and when Harvin becomes available, I expect those two to spend some time after practice doing a little throw-and-catch to get acclimated. Manning is well known for the way he would work with receivers before and after practice to get on the same page. Wilson seems like the same kind of guy, same kind of work ethic.

    That, and I expect Bevell to have an entire section in his playbook dedicated to Percy Plays. You don’t pay him that kind of money and not put him on the field and get him the ball. I expect PH to make an impact. I’d be kind of surprised if he doesn’t.

    That throw to Lynch yesterday seemed like a play that would be an ideal PH play… one where he lines up in the backfield, sneaks out against the action and lands wide open on a wheel route. Stuff like that I can’t wait to see with PH on the receiving end.

  33. Screensmoke says:

    Your crazy- harvin playing makes running game better big time- they have to account for the play maker! Less defenders in the box to stop run – lynch will go off -

  34. ChrisHolmes says:

    @FleaFlicker That’s funny.

    Sad, but funny.

  35. ChrisHolmes says:

    @Screensmoke Funny thing is, Lynch is already doing pretty well… I think his yards, carries, and TD’s are right on par with last year. He had a good game yesterday and we’re seeing him be asked to catch more passes than last year (or so it seems, I have’t run the numbers).

    I feel like Lynch is really having a good season so far, and he’s doing it against some stacked fronts and with bad OL blocking.

    I can’t imagine what Lynch might do with better OL play and Harvin on the field…

    Which reminds me, that last touchdown run Lync had: I loved that call. Spread ‘em out with the WR’s and then hand it off to Lynch. He was practically untouched. I thought that was a good call.

  36. yankinta says:

    Screensmoke,, that’s exactly what I’ve been saying!!! Thank you. Maybe it’ll mean more coming from you. :)

  37. yankinta says:

    I guess our Own Eric Williams disagrees with me. He thinks the Chargers will lose tonight, I think Chargers will win. Can’t wait!! :)

  38. montanamike2 says:

    ChrisHolmes you seem to be in agreement about a lot today. If we had any semblance of an Oline Lynch would be lighting it up, guys are coming back including Harvin who will make life easier for everybody else because of the necessity to account for him at all times. Hopefully this meshes with what we’re doing, i mean i guess it can’t hurt.

  39. Screensmoke says:

    Holmes-your money- exactly!

  40. grizindabox24 says:

    I think the “Harvin is more a problem than a solution at this point. comment is plain goofy. How can getting more explosive, by adding a guy that would be the most explosive on the field, a problem? Also, Harvin knows what Bevell does and wants to do as does RW. RW is a smart guy. I do not believe that it would take a long time for them to work out any issues.

  41. yankinta says:

    Screensmoke and grizindabox24,, that dude doesn’t know much about Football…. Please forgive him. :)

  42. montanamike2 says:

    I agree with him a lot, just a simple different view on this one. No need to make this a personal attack. We don’t need to take “sides”.

  43. doubledink says:

    One thing is for sure, if Percy caught that pass that Lynch did, he would have had more yards or a TD. Watching Lynch on that run was like watching Mack Strong rumble up the field. Like a Sherman Tank. Lots of inertia but not much speed.

  44. doubledink says:

    If it’s not “Like I said” or “I’ve been saying”, it’s “Everybody’s dumber than me” from this guy. Get used to it. The record keeps skipping.

  45. yankinta says:

    lol, at least I back it up…. right?? :)

  46. montanamike2 says:

    Here we go again.

  47. yankinta says:

    lol, sorry. I’ll stop now. :)

  48. I don’t think minicamp and the offseason work Harvin and RW put in was enough for Harvin to hit the ground running his first game back. Also, Carrol has said they will be careful and slow in bringing him back. That’s why I think he won’t play until he’s fully practiced 2-3 weeks, and that his role will be limited his first few games.

    Yanker, this isn’t a video game; you don’t just sub Harvin in as WR1 and rack up 8 catches for 100 yards and 2 TD’s…its going to take awhile.

    True or not, I don’t see opposing D-coordinators fearing our offense with Harvin much more than they fear us now–and that ain’t much. Our line is so bad, teams don’t even have to blitz to put pressure on, so accounting for the little dude shouldn’t scare them too much.

    Lynch and RW are the guys they worry about.

    Regardless, it takes time to work a guy into the offense, even one as talented as Harvin. Perhaps his presence will open things up for Lynch. Nothing would make me happier. Just don’t expect immediate dividends.

  49. grizindabox24 says:

    So STTBM, it seems in your last post you are trying to distance yourself from this statement

    “Harvin is more a problem than a solution at this point.”

  50. Yanker, you don’t back up anything. And how does one go about backing up a personal attack based solely on opinion?

    No one doubts your intelligence, just your maturity and football acumen, both of which are sadly lacking. Ah, well, since your still in K-12, you’ve got time to watch and learn… :)

  51. chuck_easton says:

    I won’t distance myself from that statement. Harvin doesn’t know all the plays and he hasn’t even had a practice to run anything.

    If Harvin was put on the field Thursday night that puts Baldwin on the bench. So you give ip the most reliable 3rd down WR on the team in hopes that Harvin and Wilson can develop the game time chemistry that Baldwin and Wilson already have.

    I’d say that causes a bigger problem than it helps. At least for the first two to three weeks.

  52. Griz, no, just trying to elaborate as time allows.

    Kids like Yanker are too young to remember the year Galloway was hurt. We did just fine without him for half a season–in fact, our team was beginning to gel. When Galloway came back, he demanded the ball. Coach began calling plays to get the ball to Galloway, instead of calling plays to win, and we began to lose. In the end, no one was happy and team fell apart, and we traded him at the end of the season.

    If Seattle were to try getting the ball to Harvin the way some here seem to expect, it could derail what little offensive chemistry we have going for us. The temptation to force plays to Harvin could cost us dearly. That’s why I said he’s more of a problem than a solution right now.

    And I don’t buy the idea that his presence infield instantly makes more room for Lynch. That remains to be seen.

  53. montanamike2 says:

    Yankster i’m glad your showing restraint. I think we’re both right on this one. It’ll take a little bit before he returns to MVP status.

  54. grizindabox24 says:

    Chuck, I no doubt realize that Harvin is not ready for Thursday and probably not the following Monday. I would assume they will be careful with how many snaps he gets when he does return. But on the flipside, Harvin does have familiarity with Bevell, and I would be certain that Harvin does not need to know all the plays. For the most part, Harvin will start with a package of plays which will get larger each week. They will get Harvin on the field ASAP when they are comfortable to do so. But it is dumb to say Harvin is a problem and not a solution to some of the issues the Hawks have on offense, but it may take a while for this to be the case.

  55. And from watching Carrol over the years, I think he’s finally learning that rushing a guy back from injury never works out well. Ask Carpenter about rushing back last year, and continuing to play even though everyone could see his knee wasnt right. Or Baldwin trying to play through his myriad injuries last year, and not playing well till late in the year.

    I think Carrol means what he says–they intend to bring him along slowly, and give him time not only to get healthy enough to play, but healthy enough to play a whole game. Then they will play him sparingly, watching carefully and working him into the fabric of our overall offense a little at a time, rather than cutting someone else out and inserting him immediately. At least, I hope thats what happens.

    As it is, there arent enough plays for Kearse because they insist on playing the underwhelming (and football-stupid) Rice, not to mention Tate and Baldwin.

    What we need is to fix the offensive line (How? Dont ask me, this should have been done in the offseason), and the playcalling; Bevell has to be the most conservative Red Zone OC in football. I can tell you run/pass, and which routes they will run, based on formation; I swear his Red Zone playbook is 20 plays, and they run the same 5 or 6 most of the time….Adding Harvin to that mix is like painting a Deer Turd and calling it a chocolate…

  56. montanamike2 says:

    Shit! I thought that chocolate didn’t taste right.

  57. Griz–and its fine we dont agree on Harvin. Its just my opinion. Im not expecting much if anything from him this year, so if he does step up and help our offense, I will be that much more surprised and happy. And if Lynch suddenly begins to run for more than 3.7 yards per carry, I will be even more stoked.

    I love being wrong about things like that. When we’re winning and playing well, Crow tastes great!

  58. chuck_easton says:


    We disagree on Rice. If Carroll thought Kearse was ready to step in at Rices spot it would have already happened.

    We saw that yesterday with Browner. Browner isn’t playing well and the team sat him down.

    Rice is still on the field for 80% of the offensive snaps because the team feels he’s the best option at WR.

    That may change in 2014 but not this year..

  59. grizindabox24 says:

    STTBM, the failures of the current receiving corp is exactly the reason that Harvin becomes important. STTBM, it is your opinion and I can respect that, but Harvin would not be the problem, the problems would be the other things you have touched upon…the O-line, Bevell, and Rice.

  60. grizindabox24 says:

    I think the Rice boat sails away after this season unless he is willing to lower his cap number significantly.

  61. Screensmoke says:

    ST TBM don’t worry bud I’ll be reminding you- your money!

  62. Moffitt is better than Carp and Sweezy in the same way that people always clamor for the backup QB when the starter struggles. If you see one playing below average than his backup must be better, right? Nope. That’s nonsense. Moffitt can’t even be active for a Denver team with a depleted line. He sucks. Eric said it. Dave said it. PC and Cable apparently agree. He’s not shown any different in Denver. Get over it. Complain about how they drafted if you want to continue to complain about the o-line.

    I think Harvin contributes as soon as they play him, if as a decoy if nothing else. I don’t see them starting him right off the bat, but he can contribute in certain situations and at least returning kicks.

    I’ve been extremely underwhelmed with Rice in 2013 thus far, but I’d like to see the o-line get healthy and gel more before I make a pronouncement. I don’t see them paying him 8.5 mil in base in 2014 if he continues like this.

  63. yankinta says:

    I guess, Time will tell. IF Harvin comes back and our Offense starts getting better dramatically right away, I hope those that had doubts will come back and eat their words…. If not, I will come back and do the same. :)

  64. Griz–Harvin has a history since HS of being a malcontent, and wanting the ball all the time. That needs to be taken into account. He’s not going to be happy catching 3 passes a game, even if we’re winning. And its only natural for a Coach and OC, who have so much invested in the guy, to tilt their playcalling and gameplanning towards getting Harvin the ball, even if that isnt necessarily the best thing to do. Its human nature, thats all.

    I dont believe a leopard can change its spots. If Harvin isnt getting the ball, he’s not going to be happy. And that could cause us problems.

    Finding a way to keep everyone happy–and get Harvin the ball–when the offensive line is so bad, is a huge problem. Adding Harvin to the mix potentially complicates things enormously. Now, hopefully he plays well enough from the get-go to make spreading the ball a good problem, as opposed to the Galloway debacle. And its always good to have too many good players at one position–at least in theory.

    Look at our D-line though; Avril, Clemons, Bennett, Mebane, McDonald, McDaniels, Schofield, Irvin accounted for 2 sacks yesterday. Two. Tons of talented players, not much production. Same could happen with our WR corps–just like DE’s, WR’s need to play a lot to do stuff like set up players for later in the game; its hard to do that when getting onfield for a play here, a play there.

    Chuck–Carrol and Bevell have a comfort level with Rice. I think thats the main reason he’s playing so much. But after that idiot fumble Sunday, it wouldnt surprise me to see them reduce his plays to see what Kearse can do. IMO, its high time. It isnt just the line responsible for Rice’s lack of production. But I could be all wet too…

    bbmate–Moffitt has only been in Denver a couple weeks. Their ZBS is different than ours, he’s still learning their scheme. While I dont think he’s very good, he was far better than Sweezy in pass pro, and he was better (more consistent) in the run game. While he often physically struggled, he usually knew who to block and how to do it, and at least slowed a guy down. Sweezy whiffs even in the run game, though he occasionally makes a sweet pancake block.

    Yeah, I think overall we’d have been better off starting Moffitt all year at RG. But what I really wanted–and what should have happened–was for SEattle to bring in a couple starting-caliber (not PRo Bowlers, just avg guys) G’s and a T, to compete FAIRLY with Sweezy, Carp and Breno. In a fair competition, none of those three would have won the job.

    Cable is a stubborn SOB, and he’s banking his job on Sweezy, Carp, and Breno getting better each week, enough to win us a SB. But its not happening like he expected, and his stubbornness could cost us–and himself–dearly.

    But yeah, Moffitt wouldnt save this line, he cant play LG and RG and RT at the same time, and he wasnt very good. Thats the sad thing–he isnt very good, but he’s better than what we have now.

  65. ChrisHolmes says:

    “I think the Rice boat sails away after this season unless he is willing to lower his cap number significantly.”

    This is seeming more obvious each passing week.

  66. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Carrol and Bevell have a comfort level with Rice. I think thats the main reason he’s playing so much.”

    Yes, and I think that comfort level might have something to do with Rice’s experience and his knowledge of the playbook.

    When I was charting offensive plays last week, I noticed that Rice lined up everywhere, at every WR position, both left and right sides. Rice seems to know all of the positions, which allows Bevell a certain luxury when he’s deploying personnel.

    If that is true in any way, it makes sense for Bevell to want Rice on the field, to occupy various positions.

    I’m going to take a look at the passing plays this week as well and try to break some things down, see where the numbers are and what guys are doing. I really want to see what is happening when RW has to run. On TV it just looks like great coverage by opposing defenses. When you see that week to week, you start to wonder: do teams have us figured out and just know how to defend all our route combinations, or do our WR’s just not get open very well?

  67. yankinta says:

    Nope, I disagree. The reason Rice gets to play so much is because he is our only Deep Threat with some experience. Our young WRs (JK and SW) could do it too but they have a history of dropping passes. That why SW was cut and JK is still being looked at. JK will get more chance to prove he will not drop passes.

    Speaking of dropping passes,, when was the last time Percy Harvin Dropped a Pass??? Does anyone know?? I would like to bet it was in 2009, during his rookie year when the dude was only 21 years old!!…. That is just Impressive!! :)

  68. Yankinta–Rice is not, and never has been, a deep threat for us. Tate is our deep guy, but right now our line doesnt allow RW time to go deep. Plus, Tate over his career has been perhaps the least drop-prone WR in the NFL. Rice has dropped quite a bit more passes, and even a higher percentage. Look it up if you dont believe me.

    When was the last time Percy Harvin played 16 games straight?!

  69. Dukeshire says:

    It was last year. 85 targets, 62 receptions, and 1 drop. Regardless, pretty impressive. (BTW, he had 3,4,3 drops in 2009, 2010, 2011 respectively.)

  70. Dukeshire says:

    That was in response to yankinta.

  71. banosser says:

    Well.. by the time Harvin is ready to get on the field seriously.. Okung and Giac will also be about ready to go.. so improved line.. Harvin to account for.. Lynch will have more room.. Make no mistake.. Harvin will be a big key for a SB run

  72. SandpointHawk says:

    Ain’t Google grand?

  73. Dukeshire–Thanks for the fact check.

  74. From the stands the first 3 third downs were SOOO frustrating –

    No it was from the stands so you don’t get the replays but in the first 2, Drop by Tate – enough yards for first. then Drop by Baldwin – with enough for first. then Dump the ball off to Tate who came up short when Rice was open on a deeper route that would have been enough for the first down!!!

    Not a good start!!!

  75. yankinta says:

    STTBM,, you are either being funny or you really don’t know much….either way,, we got love for you. :)

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