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  1. doubledink says:

    I am wishing they would put Ware on IR and call Mike Rob. I really think we will need him for the end of year push.

  2. HawkfaninMT says:

    I am also interested as to why Ware has not been placed on the IR… It would save him, a roster spot, and allow us a roster spot. Whether that is best used for Mike Rob or not I dont know… But it could be used for someone that could have an impact

  3. doubledink says:

    agreed Hawkfan, I guess I still think MR would impact this team.

  4. I think they may be waiting to put ware on ir until Harvin is back, so they don’t have to scramble for a roster spot.

  5. How many people remember this and how funny is it? Can you say moron reporters? lol

  6. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Stuck at Newark airport. 2 hour delay.. Man this torture! Eta midnight

  7. @bobbyK – it’s always kind of interesting to me when someone posts a link to this blog from a few years ago, and I see what I’ve written. I’ve been wrong and right over the years, like all of us, but seeing my thoughts from that moment in time memorialized in print, makes it a little bit like reading some version of an old journal/diary entry.

  8. I agree. Like everyone – I’ve written some pretty stupid stuff and some stuff that’s pretty spot on. Based on past comments from regulars (that I like to read sometimes), I don’t think any of us can say we’re so much smarter than everyone, nor are there many of us who are truly stupid who have been wrong on everything either/

  9. ChrisHolmes says:

    The mistake we all make is in trying to “be right” about things, especially things we have no first hand knowledge about. We’re far better off just observing and conversing, sharing insight and expanding awareness, instead of trying to prognosticate or predict. The house always wins that business.

  10. Like the character and work ethic of Matt Flynn. :)

  11. doubledink says:

    Yeah, when I went back to the ’12 draft looking for Yanks predictions, it was some interesting reading of our viewpoint right after the draft. Little was said of Russel Wilson. Even through OTAs and minicamps I didn’t see anyone making that call. I didn’t read them all of course, but a smattering reveals trending thought. Despite his claims, the great yankable one didn’t become an expert until the coaches anointed him starter. The rest is history.

  12. The beauty of football is that it truly cannot be predicted. Not even the bounce of the funny-shaped ball can be predicted. Every correct prediction is half lucky guess, including mine. I

    f football could be predicted there would be 100,000 more millionaires in Vegas than there currently are. Instead, there are a ton of smart, football-savvy people losing money betting football every week.

    If it could be predicted, it wouldn’t be half as exciting.

  13. Hey madpunter88 – Thanks for the tip on Penn Quarter Sports Tavern in D.C. Maybe I’ll see you there!

  14. I’m right about everything all the time. SMH. :-)

  15. Great stuff BobbyK! That was before I discovered this blog. Things turned around faster than most predicted. Cool.

  16. Much peace and prayers for AD and family tonight…. Tragic.

  17. ChrisHolmes says:

    I feel for Adrian Peterson tonight.

    As a dad who is divorced (and now happily remarried) it’s easy for me to put myself in his shoes. My son is young too… And someone dating my ex-wife went and beat and murdered my son… I’d want to end that person immediately.

    There can be no justice in this situation. I wish the best for AP and for him to somehow, someway, when the time is right, find peace. Because right now, and for the foreseeable future, there won’t be any.

  18. PDXCOP80 says:

    Do we believe Carroll with Lynch? At least it’s not his back this year.

  19. Bah…meant AP not AD. Sorry…lousy typing skills I suppose. But my thoughts remain the same for AP.

  20. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Finally made it to Seattle!!!!

  21. Mike, walk down first avenue and wave a wad of bills around. You will have an amazing experience.

    Welcome, and expect a great time. If you use your good judgement.

    And, at the game, do not forget your ear plugs. You will still hear what you need to, but you will still be able to function for the next couple of days.

    Have a great time.

  22. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Thanks for the advice, im not sure what youre talking about on 1st ave. Im here with my woman so no funny business.

  23. AKhawkFan says:

    Mike, no earplugs needed. Last year I was at the cardinals onslaught with my 8 month pregnant wife, and we didn’t use em’. Get the real experience and take in all the noise of #12. If this is your first game you’re in for a treat. BTW I think our team became brilliant after my daughter was conceived….you are all welcome. She is my good luck charm at least. It’s only weird if it doesn’t work, right?

  24. montanamike2 says:

    This morning is opening day for Antelope, so i’ve got about an hour before i head out. I’d like to get one before they get used to getting shot at, i hope to be done by noon. I hate killing things but i’m not vegetarian.

  25. rramstad says:

    Mike, the 1st Ave comment is to get you mugged… keep your money in your front pocket, of course, like the rest of us…

    Ear plugs aren’t always necessary depends where you sit. Customer relations inside the building, and First Aid inside the building will give you a pair if you need them.

  26. sluggo42 says:

    Yes, prayers for the AP family.
    I think they need to leave AP and the bad guy in a room alone for 5 minutes. What happens in there stays there. Probably wouldn’t need 5 minutes tho…
    Just tragic….

  27. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Where abouts on 1 st street is the danger zone?

  28. I’m close to exactly being in between Sioux Falls (where APs kid was) and Minneapolis and it’s really a sad story. He (AP) actually didn’t know it was his kid until some months ago – but that doesn’t matter because there’s some 27 year old moron out there who can beat a 2 year old to his death. I really hope the inmates know who that person is and what he did and the guards at prison look the other way. I really get annoyed at the 8th amendment sometimes because I guess it’s okay for “cruel and unusual” beatings if you’re the one doing it – but when it comes to doing something bad to you – you have all these “rights.” I’m sorry – but I have no tolerance for kid beating.

  29. AKhawkFan says:

    I share your opinion. I work with SED(severely emotionally desturbed) kids daily. It’s so sad what abuse can do to a child’s mind, and to take it one further and beat a 2 year old to death is truly tragic. I hop the SOB gets what he deserves. I think locking the bastard in a room with AP for 10 minutes would be the best verdict. My heart aches for Adrian and his family.

  30. AKhawkFan says:

    What part of Clink gets painful loud? I’m usually pretty close to the Field, somewhere in between the 30’s. Does it get louder if you are under the 2nd and 3rd levels? I’m guessing that having the overhang might reverberate the crowd noise back to you. Just curious.

    A couple of years ago I went to the Falcons game (horrible blowout) and coincidently sat directly behind a couple I know from my quaint Alaskan Island town. He was wearing plugs but I didn’t think it was too bad. I suppose it could be the adrenaline pumping through my body that allows me to go without.

    Anyone know how much home playoff game tickets are? Hoping to go to one if we clinch. Home opener tickets were crazy expensive compared to the rest of the games. Similar price?

  31. sluggo42 says:

    Earplugs in the pocket and NOT needed them is better than no plugs and then NEEDING them

  32. rramstad says:

    Figured I’d comment on the old threads as there are a couple of questions in there sort of for me or on stuff I commented on incompletely, sorry.

    1st Ave itself isn’t bad, but the stretch (ironically) near the Pike Place Market, and especially going away from the market, towards 4th Ave, is pretty grungy. Lots of homeless, addicts, and that sort of stuff. They seem relatively mellow but have been known to attack unprovoked. It’s bad enough that I avoid that area at night.

    (Now, it’s nothing like some sections of New York City, our idea of crime is much different than big city East Coast crime, but it’s worth mentioning as the only “dangerous” area a tourist is likely to come across in Seattle.)

    From what I’ve heard the front parts of the 300 section — not the five little rows that are separate, but the first five or so rows above the aisle — can get very loud, because of everyone above you and the roof reflecting sound back down towards you and the field.

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