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News, notes and quotes from Monday: Harvin progressing, Unger expected back

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Oct. 7, 2013 at 3:44 pm with 29 Comments »
October 7, 2013 3:44 pm

Pete Carroll said wide receiver Percy Harvin is back working with the team. He didn’t give a firm timeline for Harvin’s return. He also said he expects Max Unger back practicing this week.

On to the quick hits:

> Carroll said he’s interested to see how the Seahawks respond to the loss. “How much we listen to the hype and how much we let the conversation get away from what is really at hand, that can happen. Our guys are very disciplined.”

> When Carroll went back and looked at the tape, he said they saw “so many opportunities. Very frustrating to leave out there.”

> On the final drive: “We all thought we were going to do it.”

> Breno Giacomini is back from New York. Carroll said Giacomini is still hobbling around. “Should make a pretty good turn in a week or so.” It sounds that means a chance for Giacomini to start working out then, not practicing.

> Carroll said the coverage bust on T.Y. Hilton’s deep touchdown was a misread of the formation by Richard Sherman, who was supposed to go deep with Hilton, not release him.

> TE Zach Miller is day-to-day.

> Bobby Wagner sprained his ankle during the game. Carroll’s not sure what is happening with him as of yet.

> Here’s what Carroll said about Harvin: “He’s ready to take the next level of training. He’s very enthusiastic about getting back and all. We’ll just have to see what happens. It’s a very positive response at this point. He’s in really good shape to take the next step. He’s on the ground running now. He’s working really hard at it. We’re anxious to kind of watch him. Our guys worked out today. I haven’t seen him yet live and in color. But looking forward to how this goes. His attitude’s perfect about getting back.”

> Carroll was asked about the ineffective play on third down. “The protection issues have been at the root of it.”

> On managing the workload for Lynch: “I think it’s going fine. He’s in great shape. He’s handling everything. He could carry the ball more. It’s been pretty moderate so far just by the way the games have gone. He’s been very effective. He’s been right around 100 yards the last three weeks and all that’s going fine. If we need in a game, and I thought maybe it would be this week (at Indianapolis) that he would get the ball more than he did, we’re ready to do that next week too. If he’s got to get the ball 30 times in a game, he’s ready to go. We’re not holding him back. We’re just running the offense and playing situations out. He’s doing really well. He’s on it right now.”

> Carroll said he knows exactly how the defense will respond after the Colts has some success. “They weren’t happy at all about that. We’re not backing off. We’re not changing anything. They can’t wait to get back to work at practice.”

> Carroll said Bruce Irvin and Jordan Hill looked good in their first outings.

> He also said Michael Bennett and Hill had thigh bruises, but should be OK.

> He still thinks the Jeron Johnson recovery was a touchdown. “It was a great recovery, is what it was. It was a very difficult call. I totally understand that. You can stop it, he’s sitting there inbounds with his whole body.”

> On Wilson’s play: “He’s doing what he has to do.”

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  1. Initially, I was hoping that Harvin would be able to return kicks at the very end of this season and then do that in the play-offs. I thought he wouldn’t have time to get acclimated with the offense as far as being in rhythm. It would definitely be nice if he could get in there by the end of November.

  2. Seahawks22360 says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like after all this hype has been built up about our D, the LOB seem to be playing with less “team first” mentality. I’m not saying they’re being selfish per se, but rather it seems like a lot of coverages are being blown ssinply because one of them is so worried about making the play and totally forgets his assignment. Just an observation.

  3. Seahawks22360 says:


  4. Todd, have you heard anything about KJ Wright? I know he injured his shoulder last week but in my opinion he has appeared sluggish even before the injury. Any insight?

  5. I know there’s been some criticism here about Sherman giving up on that play yesterday, but it really wasn’t any different than Chancellor giving up on one of the plays last week at Houston. I hope this isn’t going to be something we’re going to see again by the LOB. I don’t think it will and the “L” yesterday should be the chip on the shoulder they need (if they needed it).

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    So it was Sherman. From reading most of the comments on this blog about it,(up till now) one would think it was Thomas.

  7. Todd Dybas says:


    Carroll said at the time it was an shoulder problem that had cropped up before with Wright. He didn’t elaborate.

    — Todd

  8. Im calling bull on several things. First and foremost, Carrolls statement that the third down failure was a protection issue. Well, no one has been a bigger or more vociferous critic of the line than yours truly, and I get that they have had so little faith in the O-line that they never once tried a RB run on third down and more than one yard in weeks, but that play failed for several reasons, not least of which was the simple fact that almost every time they were in a third and short, they ran the same kind of pass play; a play designed for one route in particular, to get just enough for the first down, ie, 5 yards or less.

    Most of the blame for that play was not due to a lack of protection, but due to the fact it was a chicken-poop play and one we’ve run almost every time in that situation; it was so predictable I was describing what play they were about to run to my wife and bored kid, even before they lined up; it went how I figured.

    Another instance of Bevell doing the same thing over and over until it fails repeatedly. And then trying it again–because “it worked once”.

    The other thing IM calling BS on is his statement that LYnch is fine and could have carried the ball more. Ok, maybe he “could” have, but he was either hurting bad, or Bevell and Carrol deserve to be bitchslapped silly for only giving him 6 carries in the second half despite his running for 78 yards in the first half. Thats inexcusable. I prefer to believe Lynch is beaten up/worn down and Seattle was forced to run their offense accordingly. Because I surely dont want to start thinking Bevell is a moron and Carrol just doesnt know how to run a game again…

    Im also calling BS on them saying Sherm blew his read: its ET’s job to let the secondary know the call, and Sherm was obviously motioning to ET to watch the deep third pre-snap; ET didnt understand or just didnt get it done. Sure, maybe the D called for Sherm to go deep, but his presnap motion surely looked like he was calling for safety help and was gonna freelance.

    ET has not been on the same page for a couple games now. He’s not playing well, and his arm is pretty screwed up–he made a couple tackle attempts where it hung there like deadweight, he didnt even try to wrap up.

    Injuries are killing us by the death of a thousand cuts.

    I agree, Wilson is making chicken salad out of chicken poo on offense, but his deep throws are not showing the touch an elite qb exhibits, even on those rare occasions when he isnt rushed in his throw.

  9. So, Sherman wasn’t suppose to release and then afterwards gives up on the play. That’s frustrating because he could have caught that dude from behind when he stalled and let Earl fly by. Dude can’t be giving uo, especially when it his eff up.

  10. To make it clear, I love RW and think he will be even better in his third year. But he may not be the super-hero so many thought after last season. Heck, even super-hero’s have bad days. But he’s not immune from criticism or improvement. I wonder what he’d do with Harvin and a real NFL line?

    And its not that Sherm is without blame–the whole Legion of Boom struggled to get on the same page the last two games.

    I was disappointed with the reaction to BB’s bad game. He was playing off too much, and thats not his forte; notice his worst games last year were Seattle losses at Detroit and Miami–its no coincidence those were games he was visibly angry after due to not being allowed to play press-man.

    And not that he’s immune from criticism either; he was inconsistent, and gave up more big plays than ET and Sherm. He also made more plays than they did, as well. There’s good with the bad. And despite BB’s poor game, Thurmond showed why he’s not starting yet.

    I think Quinn is still experimenting with how to use his many toys–and he’s still in need of a LB who can cover downfield and a stud DT. But I have faith in him and this defense that they will get it together and be the best in football very soon. They have too much talent not to rebound in a hurry.

    Im still worried about the line wrecking the season, and the injuries at TE. We have Miller and not much else.

  11. Tru–I believe the D playcall was for Sherm to follow his man deep, but Sherm was motioning, as if to tell ET to take the deep third–and ET didnt. At least, in HS, if the corner made that motion and I was FS, bet your butt I was going to expect him to take the inside, and release his man and expect safety help. But what do I know? That was HS this is the real deal.

  12. And again, that play was a total cock-up by the cb Sherman AND FS ET. Just like several of their other breakdowns, and last weeks TD to the TE where ET blew his read/assignment. Some kinks to work out, for sure…but as I said, its the Legion of Boom…how can we not have faith?!

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Would Winfield have made a difference?
    I was hoping the FO would keep him for helping cover small WRs and at the very least help be a mature/experienced influence on the secondary.

  14. Georgia–I liked Winfield too, but he had a sore knee and seemed to have lost a bit since last year. At his age, its no wonder. Its fair to wonder how he’d have played last week, but also fair to wonder how he’d be playing late in the season, too…

  15. I thought for sure that the missed coverage was on ET.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – I initially thought that too but after looking at the play several times today, I believe most of the responsibility is on Sherman. Browner pressed Wayne and was in man on the other side, the Sam ‘backer jammed Fleener, hard, off the line, but Sherman was playing well off and extreme outside leverage. He was playing zone. No doubt Thomas needed to rotate more quickly, but It appeared to be a coverage breakdown, at the snap.

    Winfield makes no difference on that play, Hilton was the Y and flanked out. Winfield was a nickel corner

  17. An outsider’s view of the officiating. To be honest, we’re all a little too emotionally invested (and scarred from XL) to be objective in these matters.

  18. There are calls every game that could go for you and against you. Some do, some don’t. I don’t get too worked up, overall, because many times they even out.

    I know it sucks sometimes like the Dolphins game last year when ET got the penalty for hitting Tannenhill and that pretty much lost the game but that’s the way it is.

    We get some calls, we don’t get some calls.

    But why is it that fans of most teams think that every good call that goes for them (like Clem not getting penalized for getting Luck in the head) is their God given right but all of the bad calls that go against them is the sole reason for losing a game?

    The worst part is that every once in awhile – some teams in some games really get screwed over and things don’t even out (but seem to in the course of a season).

    The part that makes me irate is reliving SB XL. Call after call screwed us that game and it was one game. There wasn’t time for calls to even out in future games. I am glad that Leavy admitted he cost us that game though.

    If the Hawks would have made a few extra plays that they should have made yesterday they wouldn’t have allowed the refs a chance to have an impact in the game (for those who think the officials cost us the game).

  19. pabuwal says:

    Speaking of Leavy, he did try to screw the Giants extra hard (harder than the Seahawks) at Green Bay in the Divisional Playoffs in 2011 and somehow the Giants overcame and blew the Packers out.

    The 15-1 Packers, who just a few weeks before that game many were touting as one of the great teams of the Post Merger Era.

  20. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Falcons suck, my suicide pick not looking so good

  21. The Tate PI was insane; but it didn’t cost us much, if anything. And we got away with one on the Clemons headshot–that IS a penalty, though it was inadvertent.

    The safety was a bad call, but u know if teams were reversed we’d have loved the call.

    It sucks we lost but we had 50 chances to win.

    And I saw Aton of plays where our guys were holding, grabbing jerseys, and just plain interfering with WR’s–yet no flag. So I’m not blaming the refs.

    But SB 40 remains an officiating atrocity.

  22. CFLSuperstar says:

    Bright side….took Colts a whole game and TY Hilton career day (apparently he had to be motivated by Browner) to beat us. If we can nearly beat them in their house without an O-Line….not much to fear….Go Hawks!

  23. bsinnitt says:

    My impression of the secondary issues is that there’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness. When you’re as good as they are you can make some big plays by freelancing from time to time but if you start doing it consistently the good QBs will make you pay. Luck and co. served up some humble pie yesterday. Hopefully it will put them back on the right side of the confidence/cockiness ledger.

  24. sluggo42 says:

    While I still stand that the officiating DID cost us the game, one cannot overlook the fact that Mr Luck placed some passes that were true gems of throws. I mean absolutely picture perfect throws. That guy is a total stud, hands down. RW will have many battles with him over the next ten plus years surely.

  25. bsinnitt says:

    The most correctable issue that cost us the game was the blocking by the Field goal unit though. Tough to win on the road when you give up TDs on special teams. That was a 10 point swing.

  26. It would also help to see where the ball is gonna be thrown to and nail the receiver at the instant it gets there. Seems like our DBs usta do that more than not…

  27. Southendzone says:

    Hey STT, I definitely agree with your assessment of Lynch’s total carries?

    There was one extended period where he was out of the game where I was real curious what’s up. Typically after a couple long or tough runs he goes out for 1 or 2 downs at most. Then there was another stretch later in the game where they were showing him on the sidelines quite a bit but of course the commentators will never have anything insightful to add.

    I was definitely wondering what was going on during those 2 periods of time, especially given that ML was running hard and well.

  28. seahawkfan97 says:

    Really good stuff guys, I totally agree with STTBM calling bs and bobbyk concerning the penalties. In fact I been thinking this from the beginning. from day one. Just playing. I was wondering about the play calling and ML not running as well. it looked to me that Sherman was telling ET to cover deep as well. But I think we will be fine although that was a heartbreaker game that we could have won. Really good stuff people. We sure need an O line.

  29. Thanks guys for responding to my comments without the usual rancor that others have demonstrated lately.

    Losing that game sucks, but its always good to have your weaknesses and poor schemes exposed early in the season, when there is time to make changes, than to have it show up later on down the road.

    If we can get the O-line functional, the rest will sort itself out.

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