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Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Oct. 6, 2013 at 6:23 pm with 42 Comments »
October 6, 2013 6:24 pm

Only three undefeated teams remain. The Seahawks are no longer part of that group in large part because of third down.The Seahawks were 2-for-12 on third down. The Colts were 7-for-12. Not to mention, the Seahawks came into the game outscoring opponents 44-7 in the fourth quarter this year. They were outscored 11-0 Sunday.

To some quick hits:

> Pete Carroll said “I was sure they were” going to overturn the ruling that Jeron Johnson’s end-zone recovery of the blocked punt was a safety and not a touchdown. Instead, it remained a safety. That put the Seahawks up 12-0 instead of 17-0.

“Obviously, 17 would have looked a little bit grim,” Indianapolis coach Chuck Pagano said. “Twelve looked a lot better than 17. It could have been (a bigger hole), but our guys just hung in there.”

This was a rare good start for the Seahawks which came into the game with just 10 first-quarter points this season.

“We knew we were off to a good start,” Carroll said. “We could feel that. We were ready to go and playing well. Not getting the points on the blocked kick, which could have been, that could’ve been a much different margin and unfortunately that didn’t go for us.

“He had the ball in his chest and they didn’t see it that way. What I was told was they saw the ball wasn’t secure.”

Johnson said he would take the same approach if the play happened again. Right afterward, he thought about what would have happened if he just tapped it back into the field. What he didn’t know was the two players directly behind him were Seahawks safety Chris Maragos and fullback Derrick Coleman.

“I tried to recover the ball, which I did,” Johnson said.

> Russell Wilson said he thought he was on point with his pass to Golden Tate late in the second quarter when Tate was open for a touchdown. It turned out to be a touch too far. It was not a very good day through the air for Wilson, who again dealt with a mediocre offensive line. He also missed some throws.

> Wilson ran for more than 100 yards (102) for the first time in his Seahawks career. Marshawn Lynch also ran for 102 on just 17 carries. It looked like Lynch’s right leg was bothering him during the game. Carroll said they had some bumps and bruises, but did not mention any specific injuries postgame.

> Jermaine Kearse said he was pleased to make plays, but disappointed they came in a loss. Kearse has four catches (two for touchdowns) this year on four targets and is averaging 22 yards per catch. Sidney Rice has 10 catches all season despite several more snaps. Not sure what it’s going to take to get Kearse on the field more.

> I asked Richard Sherman what’s challenging about covering T.Y. Hilton who torched the Seahawks for a career-high 140 yards, becoming the second consecutive receiver (Andre Johnson had 110 yards last week) to gain more than 100 yards against the Seahawks.

“There aren’t really any challenges,” Sherman said. “(Andrew) Luck gave him some good balls. He had a good game. Hats off to him. It happens every blue moon.

“We played solid. Give them credit. Luck played a good game.”

> CB Brandon Browner struggled much of the day. At times, his size was a detriment when trying to counter the speedy Hilton or stay with Reggie Wayne.

> TE Luke Willson handled himself pretty well. He started for Zach Miller (hamstring) and caught two passes for 28 yards. Here’s Carroll on Miller and center Max Unger, who was also inactive:

“It was going to be a miracle if (Miller and Unger) made it through,” Carroll said. “We just needed to wait and do the right thing. It’s a long season.

“Like I’ve been saying all along, we’ve been trying to take the conservative route with these guys returning so that they’ll be there for the long haul and that was the right decision.”

> Bruce Irvin was back and caused a fumble. He finished with four tackles, including a sack.

> Steven Hauschka said he didn’t know what happened on the field-goal block because he has his head down staring at the ball. He said everything felt normal on the kick.

> Carroll called the deep touchdown to Hilton “a bust” but neither he nor Sherman nor Earl Thomas specified what happened. Carroll said, “They got us with a little formation thing.”

> No surprise here, they were not pleased with the pass interference calls.

> Only three undefeated teams remain: New Orleans, Denver and Kansas City. The Seahawks remain a game up in the division with Tennessee coming to town next Sunday. The Titans lost to the Chiefs 26-17 Sunday.

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  1. pabuwal says:

    “Not sure what it’s going to take to get Kearse on the field more.” Nothing I can add to that one.

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Todd, and nice question to Sherman. Perhaps Luck just knows Sherman’s tendencies better having played against him at Stanford.

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Pabs, Kearse will get on the field more next year after they release Rice.

  4. SF is up on HOU 21-0 for now. SEA beat SF at their place then IND beat them. Assuming SEA loses at SF, we’re kinda looking tied right now. SEA has gotta start playing with some purpose to get a chance of FHA.

  5. raymaines says:

    Would somebody please buy Colin Kaepernick a baseball cap that fits his stupid little head?

  6. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Glad I’m not a Cowboys fan. Romo over five hundred yards, five TDs, 48 points and still lost.
    Can I get defense for the win Alex?

  7. NYHawkFan says:

    A lot of blame to go around, but think our secondary lost this game primarily. They gave up play after play. It was like they were 2 steps behind in coverage all day. They just didn’t seem to be their usual selves with tight, aggressive coverage. Could have been the back-to-back away games. On the other hand, could they have bought into the hype and forgot that reputations don’t win games?

    They (the secondary) had a lot of help though. Tate dropped at least 3 catchable balls. Wilson was off target and missed a number of receivers early on with overthrown balls.

    I don’t think you can pin this one on the OL, as they opened holes for Lynch all day. It will be good to be home next week.

  8. Oh, I think you can put lotsa blame on that OL. Our defense is actually miles ahead of our offense in performance. The defense won us the game at HOU, but they couldn’t win it for us at IND. How many 1st downs did SEA get today? There were gaps, but not holes for ML. ML got no help at the 2nd level, and IND has some good LBs. Then we also know that RW holds onto the ball longer than any other QB in the NFL, so the pass pro has to hold up longer. They didn’t. This OL is not adequate for our needs.

  9. jawpeace says:

    I agree the patchwork line was serviceable. The secondary was just out played tip your hat to Indy.
    Coming away the 2 game road trip with two 10:00 start times at 1-1, not bad.
    Good to see the offense come out of the gates better.
    The pass int against Tate was awful.
    Another positive, seems like we came away without any serious injuries.

  10. Vegas56 says:

    Sherman is wrong…they didn’t play “solid”. But that wasn’t the entire story and still they were in the game.

  11. jawpeace says:

    my agreement was for NWHawkfan
    RW does not hold on to the ball all day. As he does not have all day. Now Romo had all day. IF RW had that kind of time, well he would have a day like Romo. 500 yards 5 tds.

  12. You’re right about the poor play of SEA’s secondary, no passes actually defensed by them today… but OL play was also bad.

    here;s the graph and breakdown of todays game…

  13. RW holds the ball longer than any other QB in the NFL. Check out PFF’s signature stats. (Paid service)

  14. My opinion continues to be: If the O line heals from their injuries & there are no other significant injuries, we will be in the super bowl. The fact that we played Indie on equal terms with one of the worst O lines in football (due to the injuries) should say it all.

  15. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I thought our line played better today but not great with Russell running for his life at times.

    Russell had his problems today throwing the ball and also we were very predictable with the read option runs, that 4th quarter play was just terrible.

    Our defense was also terrible, Sherm you looked average today.

    The turning point for me was the 3rd and 22 sequence when we jump offsides and Luck just throws it deep because its a free play and we commit a PI penalty. That play made me sick and we lost because of it.

    P.S. Houston is annoying me too!!

  16. (Oops, that has changed, now RW is ranked 5th in average time to throw [3.25 sec.], to attempt [2.89 sec.], and to scramble [5.44 sec.], and 19th in avg time to sack [3.87 sec.]) The faster the avg sack time the worse the pass pro, depending on the ability of the front 7 you’re playing against.

  17. raymaines says:

    To put a different spin on things: After Seattle gets through with a team they seem to be pretty well beat down. First it was Indi over the 49er’s and now it’s the 49er’s over Houston. Another guaranteed win for S.F. in Week 7. Go ‘Hawks!

  18. Klm–RW extends the time to sack with his elusiveness; he makes the stat lie–our offensive line pass pro is far worse than 19th, and without his scrambling ability it would show that.

    Too many times I see inferences made regarding misleading stats.

  19. raymaines says:

    Also the Bills beat the Panthers in week two, but I’m not sure the week three win against Jacksonville proves anything.

  20. bulldog80 says:

    I don’t trust the hands of Golden Tate. I honestly think he’s our weakest receiver. Browner especially had a very bad game today.

    The run game was again very good though, even with the makeshift line.

  21. First, PC/JS should see what they can do to pick up UO TE Colt Lyerla.

    STTBM – There are at least four sets of specific stats I know of you can look at to see how well your team’s OL run-blocks (thru wk 4): PFF (SEA ranks 29th of 32), FO (SEA ranks 24th), NFL (SEA ranks 29th), and Advanced NFL Stats (SEA ranks 25th).

  22. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Please Legion of Boom, read this over and over. Receivers are going to want to do the same.
    Browner had his worst game this season.

  23. You can also look at how well the run offense has been (thru week 4):
    PFF: 5th (OL run blkg 29th)
    FO: 9th (OL run blkg 24th)
    NFL: 2nd (OL run blkg 29th)
    ANFLS: 9th (OL run blkg 25th)

    ML, RW & co are running well in spite of the OL’s blocking being less than stellar. If you look you can see the OL’s pass pro is having even more difficulty. I know the OL will get there, somehow, and then this team will be totally unstoppable…

  24. With teams like this with smaller, quick receivers, I’d like to see the corners match up by player. In this game, Sherman should have stayed on Wayne, and Thurman on Hilton, with Browner staying with the bigger receiver. Currently, they seem to mainly stay static, with Sherm at LCB, Browner at RCB, and Thurman at nickel.

    The way they are now, the offensive team determines the matchups, and they are not always to our advantage.

  25. had sim thoughts myself oldslow…

  26. chrisj122 says:

    Considering how beat up our O-line is with all the injuries they performed well enough and our offense played well enough to win this game.
    Our Defense has been our strength all season, however today they failed specifically the secondary!

    The offense put up 28 points on the road, maybe the pass protection could have been better but the run blocking was very strong.
    Giving up 34 points is usually going to result in a loss.
    Defense has to better than this!

  27. The run offense was good because of the skill position players performances, not the OL run-blkg.

  28. Hawkjitsu says:

    Oldslow is right. I’d even like to see Jeremy Lane or Maxwell on that speedy little sore winner, Hilton. To say we hit the button to make him a better player makes him look BAD. He should be able to turn that switch himself. Hats off to our DB’s for making a WR feel like he’s an NFL player.

    I’m of the mind that the ref’s were blowing about every other call against us. We’ve been over it…but a SAFETY that was INDISPUTABLY a blocked FG for a TD was a HUGE blown call. Every announcer on Fox, even Raible and Moon on ESPN710, were fucking DUMBFOUNDED when that call came in. The video was CLEAR AS DAY.
    Then we have an Off. Pass Interference call on GT, who DIDN’T EVEN TOUCH THE DB.
    Then we have a Def. Pass Interference call on Browner and Sherm where the Browner call was questionable, at best I’ll admit, but the Sherman call was LUDICROUS, and to have a referee crew just throw flags because DB’s, WR’s and Coaches are throwing tantrums on the sideline is unethical, unprofessional, and just a pathetic display of one sided officiating.
    Golden Tate is going to be fined $5000 to $7500 for saying EXACTLY what happened. The NFL needs to look at these games where calls are just out of control.
    All that being said, web had our chances to blow this bitch apart, and just couldn’t get that game-breaking play. Hats off to Luck and his team…..but, even though I might get some backlash, I’m starting believe that the refs are giving Pagaino ass-kissing treatment to do his cancer story. It’s heart warming and incredible he could come back from that, but the refs are on his dick the whole game.
    I’m with G.T. – Those refs handed the Colts the fucking game, and it pisses me off.

    Woooo-saaaawwwww. We’re good. Home win next week and we’ll get our juggernaut mojo back! Home Field Advantage is coming, you non-believing bastards. BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER, LOUDER! GO HAWKS!!!

  29. adamtoth says:

    Anyone ask Pete about the missed opportunity right before the half? With the way Hauschka has been playing, I think he could have hit that 59 yarder. That potential 3 points could have been big at the end.

  30. MDRHAWKSFAN says:

    Here’s the deal – forget the refs, they sucked for both sides. Forget the road fatigue, we are over that.

    1. Quinn needs to work on defending the “Bunch” Formation. We got beaten on that play a multitude of times in numerous games and still no solution. It baffles “the greatest secondary in the game”. Repeatedly.
    2. Drop the zone completely. Play press man. That’s our strength.
    3. Get your head out of your A** on the bench. Twice or three times, we had 12 men on the field. Once actually in the huddle. WTF are all those fat-assed assistants doing standing there on the sideline? Today, it cost us 2 time outs, and we all saw how valuable they turned out to be.
    4. Sweezy CANNOT play in this league. Definitely NOT on this team. The experiment is over. It failed.
    5. After the first one failed, Bevell should never call the same failed read-option to the left TWICE MORE in the game into the SAME D formation. Russell needs to recognize that #50 was waiting there for him every time. Especially DON’T f***ing repeat this same mistake it on a crucial 4th down.
    6. Throw the ball MORE to Kearse. Hand the ball off to Marshawn ALL THE TIME. We are a running team. There is no reason to run Turbin. Shawn is not tired, nor has he ever been.
    7. The screens worked today. See #5. if that happens again, it would be smart to have the tight end squirt out behind the linebacker, giving RW another option to the read option.

    Whew! GO HAWKS! Win them all from now on. We believe in you!

  31. letsworkitout says:

    2 for 12 on 3rd down. That is why they lost.

  32. CDHawkFan says:

    MDR, great post, I agree with everything you put down. One other point (similar to point 3) that others have mentioned, they need to get ready for more hurry up offense against our D.

    All in all, I think we are playing too conservative (on offense) just like the beginning of last year, maybe its due to the injuries. I think Harvin will open things up for Rice/Lynch/Miller. Rignt now I think the only thing defenses worry about is RW running around, the rest of the time they can play us straight up. Wish C Michael would have trained/practiced a bit more as a Harvin type weapon (screens/reverse/shovel pass/etc).

  33. mquinn73 says:

    MDRHAWKSFAN – agree with almost everything you said except for the comment re:Turbin.

    I also think that our coordinators have to step up their game big time. Quinn has the talent at his disposal but we are again seeing that this team has systematic weaknesses – giving up way too many plays against stacked packages on third down and trouble against no huddle offenses. This is a copycat league – every other team will look to replicate what Indy did – and unless we address those issues, we could see this season start to unravel.

    Bevell just doesn’t do it for me. Some of his play calling just doesn’t make sense – why call the same failed play against the same defensive formation?

    But the biggest problem that this team has is a lack of discipline – we simply give away too many penalties for a supposedly “elite” team. The 12 men on the field penalties are inexcusable.

    What does Sidney Rice bring to this team (except for a big pay check)?
    What exactly does Red Bryant do?
    Why is Kellen Davis even on this team?

  34. montanamike2 says:

    I went to bed right after the game and just got out of bed with a wicked back ache. I think it’s remarkable that we even hung in there to score 28 with no O-line and Z. Miller out. Phantom PI calls and getting screwed on a TD that was called a safety, i heard helmet to helmet hits from them and no calls? We played 2 tough 10:00 road games and still came out with a split, just a hair from winning both. Sluggo wrote yesterday: But, shit happens. The good is that we weren’t “beaten”, we just lost. There’s no way we lost that game at home, we are the better team but 2 early road games are tough. Yesterday we looked fatigued, i wanted to go for the field goal to put us up 15 and Wilson threw it for an interception. We were so close to winning this one and probably should have, but 4-1 is not the end of the world considering all the adversity we’ve had to face so far. Next year Rice has to go, really missed Unger today.

  35. montanamike2 says:

    We need an O-line badly.

  36. hawkdawg says:

    2 of 12 on third down. Gave up 7 of 12 on third down, many of them third and long. An old problem, resurfacing. Can’t do that.

    Sherman is a proud guy, but if he brings that attitude to Tell the Truth Monday, I hope somebody has the balls to set him straight.

  37. tealskin says:

    Seemed to me that all things considered, it wasn’t a bad way to have their first loss. We can keep complaining about the same old things, but they still came close. We know they’re not the perfect team yet and Luck played great inspite of being under alot of pressure. Browner is a one-trick pony and sometimes it works and sometimes he looks god-awful. The play-calling is still lacking in my book. Missed Miller yesterday very much.

  38. Was thinking that Ron Winter and co should wake up this morning tied about the ankles with head down over a 1000′ cliff.

  39. Finally….
    What does Sidney Rice bring to this team (except for a big pay check)?
    What exactly does Red Bryant do?
    Why is Kellen Davis even on this team?

    All for the same exact reason – Wagner-Sherm-Baldwin- Kearse – etc – etc – etc.

    THE COACHES AND FRONT OFFICE want them on the team.

  40. I will laugh so hard next year IF Rice – sweezy- Miller are on the team and Tate is gone – people are going to die on here.

    Not saying it is what is best or that it will happen – just saying I will laugh.

  41. PHXHawk says:

    MDRHAWKSFAN…probably the best post I have seen on this blog, and I go back to the early Sando years. I wish the coaching staff would read it and be guided by it.

  42. Hawkjitsu says:

    I think new posters are discouraged to post and run away to do the cliquish nature of this blog. We are all Hawks fan’s, and everyone should talk to everyone. Let’s try to ditch the high school mentality and let everyone have a valid opinion.

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