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Colts 34, Seahawks 28

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Oct. 6, 2013 at 1:27 pm with 150 Comments »
October 6, 2013 1:36 pm

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INDIANAPOLIS — The Seahawks finally got off to a good start. It was the end that was the problem.

The Indianapolis Colts scored 11 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to give the Seahawks their first loss of the season, 34-28.

The Seahawks had a final drive starting at their own 20. After a Russell Wilson scramble brought them near mid-field, it stalled. On 4th-and-15 from their own 37-yard line, Wilson was flushed, threw across his body before being drilled and was intercepted.

The loss snaps a streak of nine consecutive regular-season wins for the Seahawks. The 34 points is the most allowed by the Seahawks since Week 8 of 2011.

Wilson and Marshawn Lynch each ran for 102 yards. Wilson was less effective through the air, completing 15-of-31 passes.

Steven Hauschka was busy in the third quarter. He hit three field goals — from from 26, 41 and 46 yards. Indianapolis countered with a second touchdown for T.Y. Hilton, who lit up the Seahawks all day. This one was a 29-yard score. Hilton had a 73-yard touchdown catch in the first half.

Midway through the first quarter, the Seahawks were outgaining the Colts 82-2.

The Seahawks even scored on the opening drive for the first time this season. A 10-yard touchdown pass from Wilson to Golden Tate put the Seahawks up 10-0 with 6:14 to go in the first quarter.

Seattle added to its lead when wide receiver Jermaine Kearse blocked a punt. Safety Jeron Johnson sprinted into the end zone and fell onto the ball while sliding out of the back of the end zone. The play was reviewed and called a safety instead of a touchdown.

The Seahawks were in command, up 12-0, with 4:53 to go in the first quarter.

The game quickly turned. The Colts gained their first first down of the game on their fourth possession. Their second first down was a big one.

Andrew Luck lofted a pass up the right sideline to Hilton. Hilton pulled it in well behind Richard Sherman and stopped when safety Earl Thomas approached, cutting back inside and scoring with ease. The 73-yard touchdown pass was a jolt for the Colts.

Colts safety Delano Howell scooped up a blocked field on the next possession and returned it for a 61-yard touchdown. Suddenly, the Colts, outplayed throughout the half, led 14-12

That’s when Kearse showed up again. He pulled in a 28-yard touchdown pass from Wilson to vault the Seahawks back in front, 19-14.

Colts’ kicker Adam Vinatieri added a 41-yard field goal before the half to pull Indianapolis within 19-17.

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  1. pabuwal says:

    Has anyone stolen more money from Paul Allen than Sidney Rice and Matt Flynn?

  2. Aaron Curry?

  3. pabuwal says:

    You are right.

  4. Thankfully, the Seahawks have the second best young QB in the NFL and, thankfully, Luck will get beaten out of the play-offs by the Broncos by the time the Seahawks have a chance to beat them in the Super Bowl.

    Should the Seahawks have won this game? Yes.

    Did they? Obviously, no.

    We all know who will win on a neutral field.

    These Seahawks, IMO, are the best team (still) in the NFL.

    If you want to turn on this team – that’s fine… that’s your right. It doesn’t mean you’re not a fan. However, this team is going to win a lot more games and I think they are still going to win that one game in early Feb!!!

  5. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Lynch had nearly 100 yards the first half. Why get cute and try another gameplan. Bevel FAIL!!
    Defense reality looks pretty bad. Time to walk the talk fellas

  6. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I still believed we had this until the int at end.

  7. pabuwal says:

    The Seahawks can go on a pretty good win streak here even if they don’t figure out what to do at WR.

    The schedule gets very easy here.

  8. CDHawkFan says:

    To be fair to the WR’s, Russell looked like the RW from early last year. He missed a few guys today (both with throws and just not seeing them) and seems like he over protecting against an interception. I think the playbook and a lot of talking in his ear early last year by the coaches held him back, seems like its happening again this year.

    Agree, those PI calls were huge, a few killers on 3rd down. Wasn’t that last hit on RW with the crown of the head, or leading with the head by the defender?

  9. Yeah Rice does nothing for this team – next time you see some open field running – check out who is down field blocking.

    also on the last pass – watch the replay – especially the one from behind the play. They ball is well on the way before Rice turns around – he doesn’t pick up the ball in flight until its too late – few WR would have been able to make a play on that – still would like him coming back for the ball, but reality is – it was a tough play

  10. nickdoneysr says:

    i cant imagine a worse referee crew. ever.

  11. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Lots of folks jumping off the bridge on the live chat. Please jump. The bridge needs more room. Browner, please hand in your paycheck this week.

  12. yakimahawk says:

    Did the defense get of the field on 3rd down in the second half when it counted? NO…yes RW missed some but he was good this is on our defense!! And Rice ??? Just don’t know .

  13. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Tate dropped two bigs today. These guys ran out of gas period.

  14. pabuwal says:

    Unfortunately it felt like that Lions game all over again but this time TY Hilton played the role of Titus Young.

  15. IdahoHawk says:

    I’m still on the cliff. This defense seemed to be out coached and out schemed.

  16. “nickdoneysr
    Oct. 6, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    i cant imagine a worse referee crew. ever.”

    Instead of dreaming… watch the dvd of Super Bowl XL.

  17. IdahoHawk says:

    It will be nice to get a sum what healthy o-line back

  18. hawaiitom says:

    The game came down to the last possession, what a great game to watch! The outcome sucks, but this team is on the right track. I am impressed with the team as a whole, no shame in getting beat by one of the best QB’s in the league. Some of the throws Luck threw in the 4th quarter were top notch. As the Hawks move forward, the o-line will get better, and bring it to Tennessee next week. We made too many mistakes early and late to win this one. Tell the truth Monday and move on.

  19. Ewalters7354 says:

    Getting real tired defending Rice and game after game he just stinks it up.Sid is figured out.Please trade him.

  20. billjo94 says:

    I am definately not jumping, but how when you are up 12-0, you don’t just step on them and go right at them. No, instead, Bevell does his usual ‘just don’t lose the game’ play calling. He is a terrible play caller. And come on, no timeouts at the end of the game, pathetic. Browner and Thurmond, take the bus back to Seattle and think about how bad your game was. For sure not using the excuse of bad refereeing, but they are the worst crew in the NFL. I hope Pete gives them gets in their face and yells about how bad they got pushed around, but he won’t

  21. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Yanker, please keep devaluing Luck. He owned 3rd down today. He busted the so called #1 D. Bevel dicked this one away.

  22. IdahoHawk says:

    I thought the refs looked lost in the speed and physical ness of the game

  23. FleaFlicker says:

    We’re still on pace for 12+ win season. The sky is not falling. Healthy O-line and healthy Harvin is a whole different ball game.

    But it was frustrating to see Richardson getting some key 1st downs late in the game after keeping him bottled up the first three quarters. Burning all those timeouts certainly didn’t help things either.

  24. SaigonSun says:

    I will never turn on this team….but, the first Colts’ td was all on Sherman. First,he lets Hilton to run any way he wants, then he quits on the play and stops running !!! If Sherman would have kept running to the conclusion of the play, the td wouldn’t have happened….and the blocked kick, etc.
    I am very pissed off right now. Sherman better play more consistently,instead of running his mouth.

  25. DanielleMND says:

    Indy is a good team. Luck is a good QB. It’s disappointing to lose, but we just weren’t the better team today.

  26. MoSeahawk12 says:

    We’ve been spoiled with wins and this one sucks as we had a nice lead early. D slowed down, play calling handed this to the colts. Let’s put an end to Bevel getting a head coaching job. Dude is not HC material..period.

  27. MoSeahawk12 says:

    These guys better take this crap out on the titans next week. Joke loss!!

  28. bird_spit says:

    Someone please get yanks take on A. Luck. No doubt Luck is on trajectory for elite consideration.

    Hawks played much better than I expected.

  29. DanielleMND says:

    “I will never turn on this team….but, the first Colts’ td was all on Sherman.”

    Thomas deserves some blame on that one, too.

  30. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Indy took out the 9ers in SF and now us. Hope our guys understand that they are not the best. Long way to go, but damn, now we chasing The Saints.

  31. billjo94 says:

    HC material, he isn’t offensive coordinator material? He is so predictable. With out Russell Wilson they lose this game badly. Still need to get to the quarterback, don’t care who it is. But, hey 4-1 is good, right.

  32. djbargelt says:

    Bottom line, three trips down field and having to settle on field goals. Think we perhaps missed Zach Miller a bit today? And the D looked tired by the last quarter. Last weeks slug-fest likely took it’s toll.

  33. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Thomas overran the first TD big time. Sometimes speed needs to be throttled back. Earl is too fast at times. Still my favorite player.

  34. CDHawkFan says:

    Sun, rewatch it, Thomas owns up for that miss with a fist to his chest.

    Sherm didn’t have his best day, but you must have missed the gesture Thomas made. Also on the reply, Sherm released the guy very early near the line, it was clear it wasn’t his guy.

  35. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I have to go work out. This crap makes me want to destroy things! Enjoy the rest of the weekend all!!

  36. thursday says:

    I hate that the refs were a pretty big factor in this. But yeah, playcalling was hard to understand at times as well.

  37. I’m sure yankster will keep talking about how bad Luck sucks. Too bad none of us are ever 100% accurate.

    This team is going to finish 13-3 (at worst 12-4). And we’re still going to win the Super Bowl, IMO.

    I’m still happy, even though I was hoping/expecting to win today. And thinking we would.

    I hope the people who keep talking about how they are going to avoid the blog are going to “nut” up and keep this blog on the right track this week.

    It’s one thing to quit – it’s another to hide until the results go the way you want them to (especially in the face of adversity).

    This game means that Sherman, ET, etc. need to work even harder… and I think they will… but it also means they are going to become better because of it!!!

    Even with this loss – this team is going to emerge as best in franchise history. ET may not be as good as Easley in his prime, but he’s great and will make it to Canton. Sherman is the best CB ever. bla, bla, bla…

  38. No way in heck that one TD pass was on Sherman. No way.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    No team can withstand breakdowns in the secondary, inability to sub players in, and a QB that misses open receivers with surprising (alarming) regularity and have expectations to win. That’s what happened today.

    Regarding the read-option, a blueprint was laid out today: crash the DE and kick the (will or sam) ‘backer out. Bevell’s reliance on that scheme has been exposed. And until Wilson begins seein and hitting open receivers, this offense will continue to stall with the o line play they’ve been getting. (I have no doubt Wilson will get “back to normal”.)

  40. Dukeshire says:

    The refs were a “factor” because Seattle’s play allowed them to be.

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    We had a chance to win it in the end. I was hoping for a win when we were up 12-0 with the ball however those two big plays in the first half kept the Colts in it.
    And settling for field goals in the second half on the road against a good team can come back to bite you, and it did this time.

    I think this team played hard these last two games on the road and I am thankful we came out of it 1-1.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    Sun- they were in zone, that’s why Sherman didn’t continue to run with him. Thomas’ responsibility to read the route and cheat to that side. It was a bad day for the secondary all around and that was a glaring example.

  43. DanielleMND says:

    When your defense and special teams give up 34 points, you’re damned lucky to still have a chance to win with under 2 minutes left.

  44. SEA’s defense is still way ahead of their offense. The D didn’t pull out the win with a pick-6, but nobody has done that against Luck. Also, we were kinda lucky we didn’t have to play against the Colts with Ahmad Bradshaw in the backfield, they are just that much tougher. SEA’s D had a good game, but they can improve at 3T & LB. You can’t defend perfect passes, so I’m giving the DBs the benefit of the doubt today. The pass rush didn’t get home much today, but IND’s OL has been pretty good at keeping Luck’s jersey clean even on the road.

    It’s SEA’s offense that needs to improve the most, and the crew that needs the most work is our OL, and the thing they need most is better pass-pro. If they can’t play better than they did today it could be a long hard-fought battle in week 6 vs TEN. TEN gave KC all they wanted today.

  45. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    This loss is no big deal. If anything it will help fuel us the rest of the way. We were getting alittle to cocky and full of ourselves. Getting smacked in the mouth just proves that nothing will be given to us, we have to earn everything.

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Let’s give the Colts some credit here. It wouldn’t be easy for any team in the NFL to win back to back games on the road against two playoff teams and we came close to doing it.

    Last time I looked we were 4-1.

  47. boycie99 says:

    Rice with 10 catches for only 146 yards through 5 games and 2 catches for 19 yards in the last 2 just don’t cut it as a No.1 WR.
    Im not buying the blocking he does or the double teams either, sure it happens but it happens to all the other top WR in the league.
    Rice needs to step up and earn his paycheck

  48. bird_spit says:

    Mike- couldn’t agree more..eating humble pie is what the doctor ordered..

    Very pleased with Irvin’s play. This defense will figure out what went wrong. Still think hawks are top 4 team..

  49. pabuwal says:

    Sherman still shouldn’t have quit on that play. Playing with six offensive starters missing in an early road game against a playoff team is always tough.

  50. sluggo42 says:

    Officiating had everything to do with the loss. There were 4-5 pivotal calls that were called, or not called. While I agree that the offense missed much, Bevell inexplicably quit the run game that was destroying them. Coverages were blown and so on. But, the officials created at least a 14 point swing by extending their drives, or killing our drives. It was awful to say the least.

    But, shit happens. The good is that we weren’t “beaten”, we just lost.

  51. pabuwal says:

    The funny thing about Rice is they have his replacement on the roster but just don’t give him much time.

  52. banosser says:

    the game came down to not getting off the field on third down…

  53. MoSeahawk12 says:

    They played good enough to keep the officials from impacting the game. I think they were beaten in the fourth and lost when the time ran out. 4-1 still great start. Run Bevel, run Bevel, run Bevel. Get a tattoo that says that you dumb ass. Wasted pure Beast mode today for the loss!

  54. grizindabox24 says:

    I think Rice is how the Hawks clear some cap space for next season

  55. grizindabox24 says:

    And Avril also

  56. sluggo42 says:

    Mo, the officials DID impact the game…

  57. ChrisHolmes says:

    Worst officiating I’ve seen since ’05 Superbowl. Period. End of story.

    I shouldn’t have to break out the butterfly effect or pontificate on game theory or graph theory to make it understood that the bad calls in this game completely, totally, irrevocably affected the outcome of this game.

    NFL should be ashamed of its officials right now. That was atrocious.

  58. pabuwal says:

    The Seahawks got away with a lot also.

    They just didn’t execute inside the 30. Missing 6 offensive starters will do that.

  59. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If it helps to take your mind off this there is a good game brewing in Dallas.

  60. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Coverages were blown and so on. But, the officials created at least a 14 point swing by extending their drives, or killing our drives. It was awful to say the least.”


    There are 14 Colts points that should not be on the board simply because of NFL Officials.

    Winters crew should never work a post-season game ever. That was embarrassing. You can’t make those calls. They were game-changers, and they affected everything that happened afterward.


  61. Agree ChrisH… officiating changed Mo, let Colts back in the game

  62. grizindabox24 says:

    Bad calls kept Indy in the game, but poor play by the Hawks lost the game. Seattle offense was 2-12 on third down so the Hawks kept kicking field goals. Indy was 7-12 on third down which led to touchdowns.

  63. grizindabox24 says:

    Hawks were at or inside the Indy 30 yard line 7 times and scored 2 touchdowns…that is why the Hawks lost

  64. sluggo42 says:

    Griz, how many of those 3rd down conversions were by penalty?

  65. sluggo42 says:

    The offensive bs PI call on Tate was a 3rd down into the red zone that was taken away, that was a huge momentum changer

  66. sluggo42 says:

    I’m not taking away anything done by Indy, I think they’re a good team, and Luck is an awesome QB, but they were given extra opportunities bu the bad calls

  67. grizindabox24 says:

    sluggo, and my point is that even with how the game went, if Seattle does anything on third down, and scores touchdowns with all the opportunities they had instead of settling for field goals, the Hawks when by double digits. Calls kept Indy in the game, but poor play on both sides of the ball by the Hawks lost the game

  68. Skavage says:

    LOL…you’d think the sky was falling reading some of the comments here. Let’s not forget, we won one we probably should have lost last week. We’re 4 and 1. Only two teams in the ENTIRE history of the NFL have gone undefeated in the regular season.

    Is there work to be done? Absolutely. I think we had a one of our worse defensive games in a long time, far worse than last week. We also failed to finish far too many drives. That said, there is still a LOT of football to be played and I’d rather lose the way we lost than to get blown out.

    Time to come back home and get your fans behind you guys. We’re waiting for you with 100% support.

  69. Hey. I love Sherm but he absolutely quit on that long td. He was watching the ball being caught and started jogging. Remember ET missing a tackle against Carolina? He kept running and caused a fumble.

  70. sluggo42 says:

    Yes Griz, I agree with you there. I think play calling wasn’t very good.

    I’m not upset with this loss for some reason. I felt like we were the better team. A combo of poor officiating, and play calling cost us this game.

    On the option where RW kept getting caught bu the linebacker, why didn’t we have a TE or WR sneak out to give RW an out?
    That’s an adjustment that wasn’t made by Bevell…

    Oline did a much better job this game. Why did they quit pounding the rock?

  71. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I thought that we could win this game if our special teams played better then theirs.
    That blocked kick was huge.

  72. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    the sky is falling the sky is falling. did all really think they were going to go undefeated? D looked like crap at times in this game nbut the 3 field goals was horrible or was it 4. they still could easily end up 12/4 or better. everyone needs to relax and remember there is still 11 games to go. wilson sto be able to get comfortable in the pocket but he is still missing wide open receivers to often

  73. GeorgiaHawk says:

    We out yards them 423-317.

  74. MadSweeney42 says:

    You guys talking about the refs being the cause are absurd. Yeah, they were bad, but they were bad in both directions. Wildly inconsistent on PI throughout the game, both what was and wasn’t called. Half a dozen incompleteions could’ve easily been flagged on the Legion. They missed a very easy call on Clemons hitting Luck in the head. Bottom line is that we did exactly what the Texans did last week, went away from what was working in the second half and lost to a good team. As far as acceptable losses go, a six point loss in a second consecutive road game vs a non-conference playoff team helmed by the probable “best of his generation” QB and the reigning COY is pretty high up there. We didn’t get blown away (at home no less) like that other supposedly good team in our division, I don’t think anyone got hurt, two extremely winnable games up next and an extra three day rest after that… certainly not much to complain about.

  75. “The offensive bs PI call on Tate was a 3rd down into the red zone that was taken away, that was a huge momentum changer”

    worst call of the game (worst one I’ve seen this season); I also thought we had that blocked punt for a TD earlier in the game.

  76. seahawk44 says:

    To me….the phantom push off by Golden Tate on that spectacular catch was a big momentum boost for the Colts.

    I didn’t expect this team to go undefeated, and honestly, a loss to an AFC team on the road affects ous standing the least of any loss. Not worried about this team. Yes, they have a few weaknesses, but some of those things will get better, and they will be there at the end.

  77. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree MadSweeney42.
    I think when we get healthy on offense we will see a team that is similar to the one that finished strong last year, only better.

  78. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Humble pie can only help us going forward.. That being said, a bunch of tough calls went against us today but we also made some bad mistakes that hurt us. But big picture, losing a non conference road game us not that big of a deal.

  79. I don’t blame the calls for the loss though – and I’m pretty calm about this one. As Mad points out above – this is a tough loss on the road against a good team. You need to be pretty close to perfect to win – and we weren’t. Most games where you give up a special teams TD (like the blocked FG – 10 pt swing there), you lose. And I think a combo of our D getting fatigued, and Luck being a great player, is what took this one out of our grasp.

    I’m not with the posters putting blame on Russell for some missed throws though. I’m amazed he makes as many good throws as he has the past two games, under these kind of conditions. Our O-lineman, esp McQ don’t get in a block and lose the battle, they lose it immediately, so guys are in there ruining plays from the moment the play starts. It’s only because Wilson is such an unbelievable player that we are able to get positive plays. I loved Hasselbeck, but he would be a dead man, and our offense would have scored something like 3 points today if he was taking the snaps today. We don’t need our QB running for 100+ yds – it’s a sign of his talent, but a bad sign for the team.

    I keep hoping/assuming the O-line play will get better once the regulars are back. That will change everything on offense. I knew Okung was a big loss, I’d forgotten just how key he is to our success. McQ is a disaster at tackle.

  80. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Also Percy Harvin is getting closer!

  81. pabuwal says:

    A foursome of Harvin, Kearse, Tate and Baldwin would be pretty formidable.

    What’s TO up to lol

  82. SandpointHawk says:

    This too will pass, we got the loss out of the way, we learned many lessons and I’m confident this team will take it to heart. Go Hawks…(15-1)

  83. Ewalters7354 says:

    Must say I’m pleased with the development of Luke Willson.Bevell has to get this guy involved more in the passing game.He can really be a big threat.

  84. I know it’s obvious to all but one regular on this board – but man, Luck is good. I could care what his numbers look like, he made key play after key play when the game was in the balance. Our pass rush wasn’t great today, but it wasn’t terrible, and he just handled it so flawlessly. Uses his size/strength, steps away from trouble, always looking downfield. And his TD throws to Hilton were perfect.

    like others have said, we weren’t going to go 16-0, this loss helps keep us hungry, I hope. Also hoping JJ Watt knows Kaep all over the field tonight . . .

  85. chuck_easton says:

    I blame the Yankster. All that Luck is mediocre and Wilson is already a top 5 QB talk combined with his guarantee of an easy double digit win put Karma squarely against the team. SMH :) SMH :)

    Or maybe the team was just beaten by a better team in their house?

    The team was outplayed and out coached. Next week allows them a good chance to get the season back on track with a home game against a team they should beat.

  86. pabuwal says:

    Luck and Hilton were like Stafford and Titus Young a over again.

  87. MadSweeney42 says:

    Another good thing about this loss is that we all know Five-Eighths (my as yet not popular nickname) will take this loss the hardest and demand more work of himself and the rest of the O this week. A home game against a weak-ish team on it’s 2nd string QB (who we destroyed last year) and a road trip against a divisional doormat is just the thing needed after this learning event. It’s also just the thing I need, as I get to get away from hot SoCal and go to both those games.

  88. SandpointHawk says:

    May this drop us to # 10 in all those power rankings so our boys get that chip back on their shoulders…

  89. The frustration looking back on this game – is that we really had them on the ropes in the 1st half. One big f-up on defense on Hilton’s long TD, and then a miscue on special teams, and they get 14 pts. I kept going back in my mind to the 10 pt turnaround of having a makeable FG blocked and returned for an Indy touchdown. that was a killer.

  90. Indy was better today. We did a lot of things well and a lot not so much. I’d still like to see Michael mixed in with the RBs b/c his skill is so different. Harvin should help but who knows when he’ll actually be 100%. Miss Okung and our normal starting line-up. Bruce can run, but @ LB it’s gonna take some time. Russell looked to run early and often, which isn’t what he normally does. Rice is officially MIA…I say, next man up (Kearse). Defense is still struggling on 3rd downs. And…of course, Andrew Luck is an absolute stud. Wish we could have played him @ the Clink.

    Here’s to next week’s rebound w/The Titans…


  91. MEhawkfan says:

    The secondary looked like the Legion of “Reggie Wayne & T.Y. Hilton can do whatever the hell they want.” Luck looked like the better QB today; although, his protection was better than Wilson’s. I think Lynch gets that first down if Wilson hands it to him instead of keeping it on the third and two. Miller was missed. Play calling seemed questionable at times. What happened to Beast Mode in the second half? Touchdowns instead of field goals and the game belongs to Seattle.

  92. Georgia – team in the NFL to win back to back games on the road against two playoff teams and we came close to doing it.
    Last time I looked we were 4-1.

    Could not agree any more than that!!!!! Thank you

    As far as the calls go there were a Number that I thought we totally screwed up in this game that had an affect on the outcome – not sure they would have changed the outcome but they did have an effect.

    1. Golden Tate – PI really??
    2. the Non-call on on Clemons hit to the helmet – which by the rule is a personal foul
    3. Our WR we getting mauled on a number of plays – not a big deal but our guys were getting called for the same things –
    4. Wayne TOTALLY pushed off on the 2=pt conversion right in front of the official – easy call to make
    5. The 2nd/3rd down plays to Rice in the last possesion were questionable no calls. Expectially on Rice. hooked him AND hit him early.
    6. If Payton M/A. Rodgers/T.Brady were hit like Wilson on the last play there would be a PF call. don’t believe me – I hope you are watching the Den/DAllas game right now – already been two calls – RW not in the elite category for the Refs yet

  93. sluggo42 says:

    Dallas playing the broncos tough

  94. sluggo42 says:

    No defense either team

  95. exciting game to watch though. gonna take 50 to win it.

  96. Well we have learned today that:

    NO will be favored by 90 because we are terrible.
    None of our WR are any good
    RW – was horrific
    The coaches suck
    our defense is overrated and is terrible
    and a few other things . . . . .

    I always find it interesting that we win a close game it is because we are great but we lose it’s because we are terrible. Actually we kicked away a few opportunities today but some of those were because Indy just out performed us on the field today. They made some adjustments that were affective against us today.
    We are used to us make the better adjustments just didn’t happen for us today.

    a few people were complaining about game management by the coaches but I just don’t see it today. Were did the miss manage the clock. The 2nd half Indy did a great job of buckling down and slowing down the run, so what option did we have?

  97. on our WR’s

    I don’t think any of them are GREAT – I also don’t think that they are AWEFUL either.

    there are MANY plays in a row where NONE of them get open (but for some reason only Rice gets blamed for that)

    There are MANY plays where multiple guys are open – and clearly only one of them gets the ball.

    Rice and Baldwin do a great job of blocking downfield – Kearse and Tate – not so much (IMO)

    Add to that – RW is still learning to be an NFL QB – he misses guys often and makes great plays to get them the ball often. But you can’t objectively look at the plays and say that there isn’t an issue with many sides of the equation.

    Just today – RW over threw Rice on a TD attempt –
    RW hit Baldwin in a 3rd quarter play on the right sideline, when Rice was open in the middle and Tate was open on the left – so only one gets the ball. So is it tate or Rices fault that Baldwin got the ball?

    Tate dropped one or 2 that he could have had.

    Rice could have come back on the last INT – he didn’t pick up the ball soon enough to make a play for the ball. Is that his fault or a great defensive play or a floater on RW – I think it’s a little of all 3.

    Not having Miller as a recieving target today I think hurt more than we want to admit in a game like this.

  98. MadSweeney42 says:

    As far as Rice goes, he was largely missing but more than likely would’ve caught that TD if the defender didn’t have a hold of him up underneath the ponytail. That was one of a number of clear PI calls not flagged by the refs, but to be fair to them, as bad as they were, I thought it was essentially a wash as to who it benefitted most. Once Harvin is back, I think Rice will be more successful, but even still I don’t see how he’s with the team next year at his cap hit. One thing I’m curious about is why there doesn’t seem to be the quick slant in the playbook. With Rice’s speed and Tate’s YAC ability, especially with the OL problems we’ve had, seems like that would be a staple.

  99. Was bowie good today?

  100. Vegas56 says:

    Sure wish I’d bet the over on Dallas/Denver.

    Which is a good way to reflect on the Seahawks today. No, they didn’t play as well as they can, particularly in the second half. Injuries and some bad calls at critical times also had an important impact. But you won’t get calls going your way on the road in the NFL unless you are NE, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Green Bay, SF or Denver (with Manning). Just the way it is and always will be. And Seattle didn’t play well enough in the second half to win anyway. C’est la vie.

    In the end, while Seattle HAS turned a corner of sorts in the 10:00 eastern games, they aren’t going to dominate in them. They would obviously had won going away in Seattle but not in Indy against a QB like Luck (yeah, sacrilege or not, he’s probably better than Wilson, right now anyway). They’re much better playing in the east than they used to be…but I doubt they’ll ever be perfect in those games in any season. Two tough ones in a row, it’s not a bad sign that we only got one of them.

  101. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think Luck and Wilson are the two best young QBs in the NFL. It’s really hard for me to say that either one is clearly better then the other.
    They had similar stats today passing the ball, however Wilson also ran for 102 yards.
    If this game was played in Seattle would Luck have played better then Wilson?
    I really don’t care who may be slightly better, I’m just glad we have one of them.

  102. Those refs need to do a better job at being subtle when they manipulate the games. Today was a sad day for me as a fan.

  103. MadSweeney42 says:

    I’ll say it again, the claims that the refs were the deciding factor and were against Seattle are absurd. They were horrible but screwed both teams pretty much equally.

  104. On our Defense: While like many here I don’t believe they are “Elite” – they are pretty dang amazing on most days.

    here is the thing that killed us today and in the past – the hurry up offense. We have struggled for a few seasons against the hurry up – did you notice that when Ind started to hurry up they really made a difference in the game. THAT is what we are going to have to work on.

    Yes – we sometimes fail to get pressure – Today was not as bad as some make it out to be IMO. Luck had to move a lot in the pocket today and had some GREAT – escape plays that lead to conversions (kinda like our guy last week)

    Yes – today there seemed to be ALOT of communication issues with the DB’s

    but we didn’t give up the center of the field for easy yards today – in the manner we usually do.

    To me today- it looked as if they got frustrated in the 2nd half and were making mistakes here and there. (i.e. Richardsons 21 yard run – KJ totally missed the hole and TR goes right by him for a big gain) Indy was good enough to take advantage of those mistakes.

  105. surelyyoujest says:

    4 and 1. Tough loss on the road but after playing two tough teams on the road at 10 am, going 1 and 1 doesn’t seem so bad, eh. Think big picture folks. This team will be in every game it plays in this year. Sure, some things to work on….but it’s hard not to be optimistic when you’re 4 and 1 and not playing your best., eh ?

  106. sluggo42 says:

    Shaun with a pick-six first series, first pass

  107. sluggo42 says:

    Shaub, damn auto correct…

  108. NFL record – 4 games in a row!!

  109. Although I wish we could have pulled it out today – you’re right. We’re 4-1 and have played 3 of our 5 games on the road. If you would have told any of us that we’d be 4-1 after the first 5 games – we’d have taken it. It’s going to be a great ride from here on out…

  110. No combination of NFL games you could watch would pit better young QBs going at it than the game we watched today.

    Time to get back in the win column next Sunday and continue the quest for home field advantage in the play-offs. I know the Saints are undefeated, but they still have to come to Seattle. I like our chances in that one.

  111. raymaines says:

    I didn’t do very well in the ESPN Pick-um contest this week but the only game that really surprised me was the Cardinals beating the pudding out of Carolina, 22-6. I think I underestimated Arizona.

  112. Not the end of the world, but disappointing, and disconcerting. The offensive line played better, but is still bad. But there is hope–once Okung comes back.

    Tate is a far better blocker than Rice 9 games out of 10. Rice isn’t paid all that money to make 1 catch in two straight games. Baldwin is our best WR right now. Bevell needs to get Tate and Kearse the ball, whatever it takes.

    The Legion of Boom did not play well. Bb and Sherman made some plays, but were beaten enough they should be pissed. ET made too many mistakes. WT wasn’t good either.

    I thought IrvIn played very well considering it was his first game back. Tate made some plays, Baldwin is money.

  113. surelyyoujest says:

    BobbyK, exactly. Great game today despite the disappointment. Andrew Luck is a tough kid to dislike, as is Pagano. Both quality individuals. We played them tough in their house, without playing our best ball. Sure I’m disappointed, but I’ll take 4 and 1, and heading home.

  114. raymaines says:

    Before the season started I guessed the ‘Hawks would be 4-1 after five games. I thought they would lose to Houston and beat Indi. though. It’s all good if they finish 13-3 like I guessed. I also guessed losses losing @ALT and @NYG, but now I’m thinking NYG won’t be a problem and the Seahawks will go 14-2.

  115. Duke shire–IMO, Bevells use of the read option worked great until the fourth quarter, and our offense just doesn’t work without it. Don’t know if the WR route combos are just too simple, but the WR don’t get open the few times the lone can protect RW.

    But that called run on third down is the epitome of what’s wrong with Seattle: on third down and more than a yard, Seattle won’t even try to run the ball with the RB, because they can’t count on the line to block. And this is a supposed running team, or at least a run-first team!

    Cable sacrificed pass pro to get stud run blockers, but 54 of the first 94 yards Lynch got came after contact. He makes them look good when they aren’t.

  116. ChrisHolmes says:

    It’s not absurd. It’s math & science. There’s a legitimate reason to be upset about this stuff.

    When a ref blows a whistle and calls a bogus P.I. on 3rd down to extend a drive that eventually ends up giving the Colts 7 points, that’s a minimum of a 7-point swing in the game, assuming Seattle wouldn’t have scored on the ensuing punt. If Seattle would have gone on to kick a FG after what should have been a punt, it’s a 10-point swing. A TD is a 14-point swing. It’s simple math. (The science comes in when you examine graph theory of probable outcomes based on individual sequential events).

    Anyone who has EVER played the game of football, or any team sport really, knows how emotion ebbs and flows during a game, and how important that emotional momentum is. You also understand how coaches call games – based not just on down and distance situations for an individual play, but on game score situations as well. A coach tends to be a lot more comfortable running the ball with a 10-point lead. I guarantee you that Bevell calls a different game with a 10-point swing in his favor…

    The referees directly affected the game at key moments, thus affecting the outcome of the game. By creating 7/10/14 point swings with a single flag, the refs impacted the game in a way that was not insignificant.

    Finally, I’ll put it this way: I can handle watching Seattle lose because they played bad; because they gave up a long bomb due to bad coverage, or they gave up a blocked punt, or in the closing moments they gave up a touchdown drive that wasn’t aided by a bogus flag. Those plays are on them, and part of the game. That *is* the game, in fact. I can be upset that they didn’t play well on those plays, but that’s on them. If the other team beats you, the other team beats you.

    But what I cannot accept is the referees beating them. That’s unacceptable. One call a game – sure, it happens. But there were a bunch of bad calls this game, and at CRITICAL moments that killed drivers, or kept Colt drives alive when they should have been punting.

    Yeah, we should have scored some TD’s instead of FG’s so we would have never been in this position in the first place. But we should have never been in this position due to the refs. You kick FG’s to give you points, and you play defense, and you win close games that way. We had a chance to win kicking FG’s today, and we couldn’t do it because the refs hosed us.

    That’s on the refs and the NFL.

    We played good enough to win today. The refs stole this one.

  117. pabuwal says:

    While Tate isn’t consistent, he does show up here and there to deliver a big play. That has value.

    How can anyone talk about the Refs when Sherman quit on the long TD pass? He would have been able to tackle him and given the way the Seahawks Defense was playing in the First Half, he would have saved 4 points.

    The last time I saw a Seahawk player quit on a play was Joey Galloway in Dennis Erickson’s last game as Head Coach in 1998. I’m sure I have forgotten about others since then.

  118. GeorgiaHawk says:

    49ners beating up on the Texans so far.

  119. surelyyoujest says:

    Some of the calls were tough to take, but those aren’t within our control. Sadly.

  120. I would like to thank everyone for the mostly positive comments after a loss. It shows how far we’ve come as a team, organization, and fan base in the belief of our team (still need a Super Bowl win before blind faith is justified though).

    Are there some negative things that happened in this game? Yes. We lost so it definitely magnifies it.

    However, we all know the Titans are going to get blasted next week and we’re going to be 5-1. If not, then the “sky is falling” cynicism can come out in force and I’ll probably have some blasting of some things myself.

    No shame in losing a Noon game against a good team with a great QB after having played a Noon game the previous Sunday against a good team for almost 5 quarters on the road.

  121. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Cable sacrificed pass pro to get stud run blockers, but 54 of the first 94 yards Lynch got came after contact. He makes them look good when they aren’t.”

    To be fair, Seattle didn’t have RW in the lineup until last year. I try to imagine what Pete’s thought process might have been like, and I imagine it going something like this: “Tarvaris Jackson is our QB. We’re never going to win being a passing team; he just can’t make good enough decisions consistently. We’re going to have to run the ball to win. I guess we better get really good run blockers, and play defense to give ourselves a chance.”

    And now we have RW…

    I would expect to see some different OL making their way onto our roster over the next couple seasons. Because this lot isn’t getting it done in the passing game. It’s pretty embarrassing really.

  122. I agree with Chris Holmes.

  123. pabuwal says:

    You guys know that 6 starters on Offense were missing, right?

  124. ChrisHolmes says:

    “How can anyone talk about the Refs when Sherman quit on the long TD pass?”

    Sherman made one bad play. It’s going to happen, even to an all-pro. That’s football.

    Refs made a host of bad calls that affected the game. That’s not supposed to happen… That’s not football.

  125. That’s on the refs and the NFL. – willing to bet the NFL will say all the calls were good – Well by default when they don’t send a letter saying opps!!

  126. I actually thought Sherm might play better since there were stories about how Patrick Peterson was the best DB -“and it’s not even close”

  127. Who is Percy Harvin and how is he a starter if I’ve never seen him in a Seahawks uniform?

  128. I also find it interesting that many assume we will beat SF down there – while it is a great possibility it is by no means a given.

  129. MadSweeney42 says:

    I guess I was wrong. The refs totally screwed us by not calling a personal foul on Clemons’ turnover. Damn refs are out to get us!

  130. there’s bad calls, then there’s also bad no-calls. We seem to get them in bunches, and it’s more games than not. Like the players, we need to forget them and not let them distract us. Bad calls and other distractions can get into your head and divert you from your task, which is to generate extremely positive vibrations for our team to ensure they get the best karma possible. That’s a fan’s job, isn’t it?

  131. pabuwal says:

    And Sherman and Browner get away with a lot of holding. If they called it everytime, you guys would really be fuming.

    Refs are supposed to make mistakes but Defenders should NEVER quit on a play like Sherman did.

    The Clemons non-call was a 6 point swing for the Seahawks.

  132. I bet the same fans that said Seahawks were going to destroy the colts are the same fans pissed off on these Comments. Go Hawks

  133. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I wonder what Yankinta will say tomorrow? Lol.

  134. hawaiitom says:

    xcman…I agree on the point about the difficulty handling the hurry up offense. That is definitely something to be worked on. I am sure the FO noticed and will point it out on Monday. One thing I’ve noticed is this team makes adjustments both in personnel and scheme to overcome obvious deficiencies. We have gone from a young inexperienced team that had real trouble winning on the road to being in every game, road or home!

    I have been following this team forever, and this is the best “Team” so far. The O-line will get better too. How long will that take? I don’t know. Hopefully a young tackle will step up and take over for McQ. I respect his toughness and willingness to do everything he can for the team, but we need someone who can keep up with speed rushers. We are going to see speed on the edge every game. It is a mainstay in the league. We continue to be snake bit in getting a line together long enough to build the continuity it takes to work as a unit. I hope that changes soon.

  135. raymaines says:

    I thought Sherman’s bad play was as much Earl Thomas’ fault as RS’s.

  136. You are right Pabs – I coach HS, and I get mistakes on calls – the thing that kills me is when they don’t call things consistent, today I felt that it was very inconsistent both ways actually.

    my biggest example – compare the PI call on Tate and the lack of call on Wayne in the endzone.
    Where they were consistent was they didn’t call the hit on Clem, but they also didn’t call the hit on RW on the last play that was a helmet leading hit.

    Hugh Millen actually has commented a few times on the radio how they are leaving too much guess work on the officials on PI calls – the officials are expected to measure intent sometimes.

  137. Also, just like they can call “holding on the OL” most plays they can on the DB’s as well – but they should call the obvious ones. and they missed a few of those today

  138. pabuwal says:

    I actually think the Seahawks DB’s pass interfere enough to the point it does affect the WR coming back to the ball, although I don’t think that was the case on the Sherman call late in the game.

    I think they could easily throw a flag on every play on Browner and it would be justified most of the time.

  139. you could say the same for Revis in his hey day – Deion Sanders as well.

    Just like on the offensive side of the ball – how many TD’s did R. Moss have in his first 2 seasons that were pretty clear OPI but weren’t called

  140. That called keeper for RW is what I meant to say…

  141. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Browner cost us at least 3 with his bonehead knockdown 30 yards down the field. He was off in coverage for a lot of the game. The early punt block goes for a safety instead of TD which makes it 12-0 instead of 17-0. I thought we were dominating and yet, one deep pass TD and a blocked field goal and they take the lead. Our team seemed to stumble around a lot after that. I agree that BS PI call against Tate was ridiculous and the NFL needs to check the refs bank account for that one. Tate made a stud catch and that took away about 30 yards right there. Still, not the end of the world at 4-1. 9ers will run away with this game tonight and move to 3-2. We’re still in first and have three very winnable games over the next three weeks. Nobody ever won the Superbowl five weeks into the season.

  142. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Lynch 78 yards in the first half. I thought he would have about 150 by end of game. He looked so much better than Turbin today.

  143. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Speaking of Turbin, I wish they would play the rookie more because he has so much more explosiveness Imo then Turbin.

  144. DanielleMND says:

    Why are so many people acting like we just lost the Super Bowl? We’re 4-1. We lost today, but we were still in the game until our final possession.

  145. I agree Georgia, I don’t feel that confident in Turbin’s running ability at this point. He does nothing spectacular when he runs, just 3-4 yds as he plows forward. He doesn’t juke guys like C Mike, nor runs them over like Beast.

    I would rather have C Mike in there, he is more explosive and dynamic. I think C Mike’s quick cuts, spin moves and explosive speed would scare and threaten defenses more as a counter punch to Lynch’s brutal style.

    The offense needs a little boost before Harvin comes back. When your QB runs for over 100 yds, it shows that he is shouldering too much of the burden and we need to lighten the load for him a little bit.

  146. Hawkjitsu says:

    OCT. 6, 2013 AT 5:16 PM
    I’ll say it again, the claims that the refs were the deciding factor and were against Seattle are absurd. They were horrible but screwed both teams pretty much equally.

    MadSweeney42 – I see your point, bro…..but I have to disagree dog. Every single BAD call against us came at CRUCIAL plays, and under “questionable” circumstances. It seemed, to me anyway, that it was almost a given that if a Hawk DB even brushed a Colt WR on a route of over 20 yards, it was a Def. P.I.. And seeing a Hawk WR being called for OFF. P.I. when he did not touch the DB….that’s just pathetic stupidity, or something more. The FG block, where Johnson basically made a sandwich in the endzone before he went out of bounds, being called a Safety instead of a TD??? Every single announcer and sportscaster was just taken aback. Every single one had said, “Oh yeah. That’s a TD.” “No way that’s a Safety.” “He has possesion and that’s going to put the Hawks up 17-0.” Plain as day on HD TV and the replay officials can’t see that???? No questions from anyone on that?

    G.T. are you with me had some “comments” after the game, and he’ll get a hefty fine for telling the god’s honest truth backed up on video.
    The N.F.L.??? No, we’re witnessing a sport where the winners are the guys who throw the biggest tantrums and kiss the ref’s ass with the most tongue. I truly do believe that when a moron ref throws a flag and realizes that he made a IDIOTIC misdtake, he could pick it

    The Seahawk Nation will not change the formula for Juggernaut football, and that makes it even better when we ass rape every goddamn team for the rest of the year. This loss will light a fire, and those flames will spread. God be with any team who gets in the path of that fire. The world will now witness the birth of a dynasty….AND NO TEAM IS SAFE.



    “Who got my back?”
    “I got your back!”
    “Who got my back?”
    “I got your back!”
    Legion of Boom Motto!!!

    P.S. – Final Regular Season Record 14-2 – Home Field Advantage – 1st Round Bye

  147. SandpointHawk says:

    Hawkjitsu..count me in, oh wait…will I be able to get home by midnight? I have a curfew…

  148. mquinn73 says:

    All this talk about the officiating is missing the point…. no use moaning about something that you can not change or influence…. and besides what comes around goes around… remember the Hail Mary against Green Bay last year? These things happen, always have, always will…

    BUT… the officials aren’t to blame for our defense and special teams having 12 men on the field 3 times during the game!! And they aren’t to blame for the hawks burning 3 timeouts in avoidable situations. No, that’s all on the coaches and the players.

    I sure hope that ‘tell the truth Monday’ does what it says on the tin, because there are quite a few big names that need a reality check after this defeat.

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