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Morning links: Injuries, Baldwin love and Colts offensive plan

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Oct. 5, 2013 at 6:30 am with 25 Comments »
October 5, 2013 12:11 am

Good morning from Indianapolis.

> Our Dave Boling writes about TE Zach Miller and C Max Unger being questionable for Sunday’s game.

> There Everett Herald takes a look at Doug Baldwin’s tip-toe sideline catch against Houston.

> Here’s a cool photo essay from Seahawks photographer Rod Mar, taking a look at least week’s game against the Texans.

> Like Twitter hoaxes, do ya? Here’s one from yesterday. The voice of the Texans had his account hacked and announced a Matt Schaub trade.

> More Baldwin love over at

> also looks at Russell Wilson’s ability to extend plays.

> MMQB wonder if the Colts will continue taking deep shots when faced with the Seahawks’ secondary, or if they will become more conservative.

> Adam Schefter wonders if this is the “Golden Age of Cornerbacks” and has one coach say there is a clear top corner in the league, and that it’s not even close. That guy is not named Sherman nor Revis.

> This Mike Sando guy has popped up again. I’ll have to look him up. Anyway, here’s what he has to say about the Indy/Seahawks game.

> Rick Reilly writes that Andrew Luck is a combo of brains and brawn.

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  1. Southendzone says:

    Wow, Sando looks exactly like Andy Dufresne from the Shawshank redemption.

  2. sluggo42 says:

    Still chuckling about the last thread and :tanking” a game. Kinda hard to win all 16 if you tank one. Like anyone on the team would even contemplate that. That has to qualify as the dumbest post of the year. Somebody mentioned that it was Acid/Yanker… Probably after the beating yanker took.

    Seems like everyone forgot that our crappy line CAN run block. AND, the Colts aren’t a huge DLine. That makes for a nice boring game of ball control and TOP. Our DEFENSE is kinda decent and we have the Irvin back who will create some problems, along with the rest of the pass rush which the Colts will get to know intimately on Sunday.

    Sure it will be a tough game, they all are, its the NFL ….. “tank the game” hahahahahaa

  3. montanamike2 says:

    I hope Marshawn plows through the Colts like a tank.

  4. I’m excited to see the two best young QBs in the NFL tomorrow both going against pretty good defenses!

    Seahawks 17
    Colts 14

  5. ChrisHolmes says:

    This is our generation’s Manning/Brady duel. Won’t happen as frequently because of the conferences, but this is it.

    Fun to watch. Hope we can come out on top, again, on the road, with a depleted OL.

    These are tough tests we’re facing early in the season.

  6. So what’s this about stopping the run being Seattle’s Achilles Heel?

    I realize we’re not in the top 10 for rushing yards allowed, but it’s not like we’ve been totally gashed each game.

  7. This game won’t be Luck v RW like we all hoped. RW will be running for his life. It will be our D v Luck that tells the story. We’ll have to wait till we have a functional line to really fairly compare Luck and RW.

  8. Luck has to go against a better defense than does Wilson. However, the defense Wilson has to go against is still good and will have the crowd behind them. That makes it pretty even. Two good teams playing each other. Should be a good game, but if it were played in Seattle I think it would be more like 31-13 in favor of the Hawks. I do worry about them going on the road for the second consecutive week after having played almost 5 quarters last week. They are young enough to overcome it though, IMO.

  9. With as tough an early-season schedule as the Hawks have…three difficult early eastern games…winning this one on Sunday will certainly lay a big marker down. They will be the NFC team to beat, no question.

  10. seahawksteven777 says:

    But guys, we need to not play our starters in this one because it’s a “meaningless” game and we need to stick it to the league!

  11. IND OL pass pro performance:
    week 1 vs OAK (28th in pass rush)
    LT A.Castonzo 6-7/305 sk 1, ht 1, hu 5
    LG D.Thomas 6-4/303 sk 0, ht 0, hu 1
    C S.Satele 6-2/300 sk 0, ht 1, hu 1
    RG M.McGlynn 6-5/318 sk 0, ht 0, hu 1
    rg H.Thornton sk 0, ht 0, hu 0
    RT G.Cherilus 6-7/315 sk 0, ht 1, hu 1

    week 2 vs MIA (8th in pass rush)
    LT A.Castonzo sk 0, ht 0, hu 1
    LG D.Thomas sk 0, ht 1, hu 1
    lg H.Thornton sk 1, ht 3, hu 1
    C S.Satele sk 0, ht 0, hu 2
    RG M.McGlynn sk 0, ht 0, hu 7
    rg J.Reitz 6-7/270 sk 0, ht 0, hu 0
    RT G.Cherilus sk 1, ht 0, hu 3

    week 3 at SF (7th in pass rush)
    LT A.Castonzo sk 0, ht 0, hu 2
    LG H.Thornton 6-3/334 sk 0, ht 1, hu 0
    C M.McGlynn sk 1, ht 1, hu 0
    RG Jeff Linkenbach 6-4/311 sk 0, ht 1, hu 3
    rg J.Reitz 6-7/270 sk 0, ht 0, hu 0
    RT G.Cherilus sk 0, ht 1, hu 1

    week 4 at JAX (24th in pass rush)
    LT A.Castonzo sk 0, ht 1, hu 0
    LG Hugh Thornton sk 0, ht 1, hu 3
    C M.McGlynn sk 1, ht 0, hu 1
    RG Jeff Linkenbach sk 0, ht 0, hu 2
    rg J.Reitz 6-7/270 sk 0, ht 0, hu 0
    RT G.Cherilus sk 0, ht 2, hu 3

  12. chuck_easton says:

    I don’t agree with not really trying, but lay off on the attacks.

    I do agree that this game is going to be a lot tougher than many on here think. This team is not going to win them all this year and this is one of those games that very well could go against us.

    It’s going to be interesting to read this blog after the inevitable first loss of the season.

    I’m sticking with what I said the week before the Houston game. If the team comes out of the two 10 am starts against two very good teams, then they are poised to have a good run.

    Game one win under their belts. If tomorrow doesn’t go well the team is still in solid control of the NFCW.

    I’ll take a win happily but I’m not going to be overly distraught if the colts win tomorrow.

    Go ahead and call me a hater and a bad fan now. The difference is ill still be here rooting for the guys win or lose tomorrow while there are a few on here that I fully expect to act as if the world is ending if things don’t go well.

    Just more of a realist. This is a game that is prime for a loss. We are playing with a terrible O-line, the Colts and Luck are better than many on here are giving them credit for, and it’s the second away 10am game in two weeks. This game has uh oh written all over it.

    Team just has to manage 5-3 on the road to finish 13-3 or 12-4 and either of those final records will win the division.

    So keep talking as if the Hawks are invincible. But don’t go all Armageddon after the first loss. Tomorrow may just be that day.

  13. ChrisHolmes says:

    “It’s going to be interesting to read this blog after the inevitable first loss of the season.”

    And by interesting, you mean barf-inducing. I’m going to skip that week, because there will be a disproportionate amount of doom-and-gloom.

    No one goes undefeated. We’re not going to go 16-0. It’s going to happen.

    I’m much more interested in how we play every week, game to game, how we react to adversity, how we play on the road, how we attack teams’ weaknesses…

    This team is playing really well. We’re winning on the road, in 10am starts, we’re coming from behind, we’re not quitting… These guys really believe. It’s been a good ride and I think it will continue to be. We’re on a Magic Carpet Ride this year.

  14. Exactly Chuck.

    Klm–stats only tell part of the story, even in the passing game. But based on those stats, Indys line improves quickly even with multiple players at multiple positions.

    Bobbyk–Indy has a better line and a very good defense. Plus they are at home. RW can’t do anything in the passing game with the line as is; and that is shutting down our run game. Advantage; Luck.

    This game will be a huge test for our offensive line. I will be thrilled if they can improve from last week.

  15. FleaFlicker says:

    Important thing tomorrow is “staying on schedule” as Russ likes to say. Houston kept nailing us back on 1st or 2nd down, creating tough 3rd downs (where we went 3 for 14!!!!!). Still a miracle we won last week. Turbo/Beast for 4 yards on 1st down…that’s what we need.

  16. It’s not just winning and losing–it’s how you Play the game. Which is why I didn’t stay thrilled with being 4-0, and why I won’t be preaching Armaggeddon if we lose–as long as the line plays okay. And why I will be unhappy and gloomy regarding the future even if we win, IF the line plays like last week. Because this team only goes as far as the o-line takes them, at least offensively. And 4 games in, the offense has regressed back to the level of the first 6 games last year, rather than keeping the momentum from the last 6 games.

  17. chuck_easton says:

    I agree Chris. I’m still in the 12-4 or 11-5 at worst mindset. And I think that SF spent too much of the offseason reading their own press clippings. They just don’t seem as good as they or the media expected them to be. 11-5 would even win the division this year.

    But if Seattle has any chance of a #1 seed and home field throughout the playoffs then they will need to finish at least 12-4 as I see the Saints being right around that record.

    I’m not worried about the NFCE as 8-8 could win that division. And I think the NFCN is going to be too busy beating each other up to have a team finish any better than 11-5.

    So Seattle just has to keep pace with the Saints and a head to head win on Dec 2 would give the hawks any possible tie break scenario.

  18. I believe the Seahawks may lose tomorrow. It won’t shock me if they do. However, I believe they will win. If they do lose, my expectation for winning the Super Bowl will not change.

    The Seahawks are better than the Colts – even without Okung and Unger, that’s the biggest reason I think they will win even if the OL is depleted. However, every year Super Bowl winners have lost (minus ’72 Fish) to teams that didn’t win the Super Bowl.

    I would not trade current rosters with the Colts for the remainder of the year and that’s part of the reason I think we’ll win and I don’t think anyone here would make that trade either because this team, however depleted, is better than the Colts. Even if the Colts win tomorrow, I still wouldn’t make that trade for the rest of the year because I believe in these Hawks.

  19. montanamike2 says:

    Well said Bobby.

  20. montanamike2 says:

    Not too many Colts fans up here, lots of Broncos fans.

  21. Skavage says:

    Anyone else more nervous about tomorrow than what seems reasonable? I thought last week was a game we were lined up to lose. O-line in shambles going against a great D-line. On the road in Houston. It just looked bad. And for 2 1/2 quarters it was. Then a little pixie dust fell on us and we won.

    Fast forward to this week. A Colt team that everyone wants to talk about their passing game. Yet they’re a team that LOVES to run and they just added one of the best young RB’s in the league. Meanwhile our defense gets Irvin back and we all start thinking how great the entire D is. It makes me feel like we are ripe to get ran over.

    I have to admit I don’t know as much about the Colts roster as I do most teams so I have only my guts feelings to go on. And my gut tells me this could be a game that slaps us in the face and back to reality.

    Our make-shift O-line is going to HAVE to step up big. We need consistent holes to open for the running game. No more of this 8 yards one play, minus 2 yards the next play stuff. We need to churn out 150 to 200+ yards on the ground tomorrow. That will help the pass protection so we can go play action now and then.

    On the defensive side of the ball…we need to totally shut down their running game. Completely. Get ahead and force them to get pass happy so our front 7 can bring the heat and create turnovers.

    Special Teams…keep the field position favorable all game long. A big punt return or kick return could change momentum and get us rolling, but we mostly need to keep field position going our way.

    Lastly, the one thing that always makes a game a little easier….win the turn over battle.

  22. sluggo42 says:

    We are only a few starters down, defense is stronger. Have faith. Pete and RW will have their minds ready.

  23. Ewalters7354 says:

    I give the Colts credit for being a good team but some of you guys are acting like they just set the world on fire!They may win,I get that.But let’s not forget the Colts oline has allowed Luck to be knocked around a bundle this year and they are also banged up.I personally believe the Hawks grew as a team last week and may just make another run where they are blowing teams out.The Colts are good,but if the Hawks find any kind of rhythm on offense,game over.I believe Bevell moving the pocket and allowing Wilson to buy time will be key.Also they just need to go ahead and bring the read option back on a consistent basis.

  24. hawaiitom says:

    The Hawks chances for this game are good. The o-line got better blocking for the run game in Houston the longer the game went on, and I expect them to do the same this week. Lynch should have his best game yet. SF was running on Indy in the first half of the game, then decided to abandon that in the second half. I don’t see our FO making that mistake. Russell can get enough protection to be able to use his legs to get room to throw, especially if we can get the run game going first, and give him the opportunity to use the play action or read option.

    Hawks D will wear down the Colts offense, and by the middle of the second period, they will be ahead and putting enough pressure on Luck to pick off two or three of his “tight window” passes. I am aware of Drew’s top level passing abilities, but see him try to fit his passes into tight coverage’s because he is so talented. In the Jacksonville game there were at least three passes that hit defenders hands and weren’t picked off. I doubt if he will have the same luck with the LOB.
    Hawks 24 Colts 10

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