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Morning links: Shock and awe for/of the Seahawks

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Sep. 30, 2013 at 6:15 am with 110 Comments »
September 30, 2013 3:01 am
Shoeless Richard Sherman sprints to the end zone on his pick-six Sunday. / AP photo
Shoeless Richard Sherman sprints to the end zone on his pick-six Sunday. / AP photo

Had it all the way, eh? That doesn’t seem to be the thought process being displayed by Heath Farwell’s face in the photo above.

But, a win is a win is a win.

Based on our live chat during the game, good to see no one was concerned during the first half anyway.

In a sea of interesting postgame quotes, Richard Sherman, not surprisingly, probably said it the best. “You have to take it.”

He was referring to his fight for the pass to Owen Daniels that he turned into a pick-six. But, he could have been referring to the Seahawks’ approach or what another team is going to have to do to beat them.

It appears no one is going to back into a win against the Seahawks on the road and certainly not at home. They’re going to have to pound until the final whistle to make it happen.

That said, the Seahawks come home giddy winners with concerns. The offensive line — namely Paul McQuistan and J.R. Sweezy — was woefully overmatched Sunday. We’ll give Michael Bowie a bit of a pass since he’s a rookie and, at times, that was J.J. Watt in front of him.

Whether Breno Giacomini or Max Unger can return this week will be one of the pertinent questions heading into Indianapolis.

We’ll have our usual live chat today at noon.

To the links:

> Here’s my game story.

> Dave Boling says some “magical” things happened during the comeback.

> Michael Bennett has a strained back muscle. Much better news than may have been expected when initially watching him get hurt.

> On his pick-six, Richard Sherman and the rest of the defense knew what play was coming.

> The aforementioned offensive line. Not so good.

> Over at, Don Banks says the Seahawks’ victory sends a message to the rest of the NFC. From Banks:

Mathematically, the Seahawks didn’t clinch anything with Sunday afternoon’s stirring comeback win at Houston in overtime. I mean, it’s not even October yet. But realistically, who beats these guys? Seattle this season is proving it can win anywhere, against anyone, no matter the level of adversity it faces.

> Here’s Richard Sherman talking postgame to ESPN:

> says the Seahawks found out a way to win ugly.

> Some Houston fans were less than thrilled with Matt Schaub’s play:

> J.J. Watt is a beast from the deep, and I think this photo summarizes the day as a whole pretty well. This was not a game for the light-hearted.

J.J. Watt

> The Colts took it to league weakling Jacksonville on Sunday, winning 37-3. From the Indianapolis Star:

You might say the way quarterback Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts offense played through the first half of Sunday’s game was unspectacular. Inconsistent might also apply.

Luck had a more demonstrative way of describing his performance in the early going of a 37-3 rout of the winless Jacksonville Jaguars.

“A terrible start to the game for us,” Luck said without much prodding.

> Chris Wesseling at wonders if any team can beat the … Broncos.

> Former Washington quarterback Jake Locker was carted off the field Sunday with a hip injury. The results of an MRI were not yet known. From The Tennessean:

“I knew when Jake was down, he was in a lot of pain and (it wasn’t good), because it takes an act of God to get him off the field, and to miss a play,” offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains said. “… But this is why Ryan is here. We signed him for a reason and now we’ll have to tweak some things to his strengths obviously. Once we get the word Jake is not available next week, we’ll start that part of the process.”


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  1. HeatherHawk says:

    JJ Watt is an ogre.

  2. dirtbiker_joey says:

    Many of us have marveled at how deep this team is, except at offensive line. We’ve talked about how we can weather injuries anywhere and still win games, except on the offensive line.

    What happens? Our offensive line is decimated by injuries, going into a tough road game, early start, facing JJ Watt. And they still win! Wasn’t pretty, but they find a way to do it.

    I believe! These are the kinds of games championship teams win.

  3. dirtbiker_joey says:

    Oh, and JJ Watt may become my favorite non-Seahawk. That guy is awesome!

  4. What an awesome start to the season. On to the next big test – Indy. Would love to see RW out shine Luck.

  5. I’m wondering what the Seahawks can do to get the passing game going. It’s easy to blame everything on the OL but it’s more than that. Often when Wilson does have time he drops back and just sits there looking out into space. Are the WRs not getting open or can he not see them.

    My suspicion is that the WRs get owned in man coverage which opens running lanes for Wilson to loosen them up. I think the Seahawks WRs perform better against zone coverage.

    And how much better is Quinn vs Bradley with situational football? It’s a good argument on why coordinators should be in the Coaches Box vs on the sidelines.

  6. I have had this nagging thought since free agency – don’t hate me – does anyone think that we now have too many pass rushers? I know that sounds abit crazy and I know we are always needing more pass rush. But here is what I mean…..

    In most situations, players have clearly defined roles (Watt / Cushing for example). We had defined roles last year with Clemons / Irvin. But this year we have Clemons / Irvin / Avril / Bennett / Schofield. My concern is with so many available, we will not have defined roles. Because of Clems injury and Irvins suspension it wasn’t an issue a the start of the season. But I worry (just a little) with Clem and Irvin back, will this become an issue?

    Go hawks!

  7. yankinta says:

    blocis,, I think Luck could shine in the first half next week, since it’s 10 AM start again. I mean, how could our Defense play sooo well in the second half and sooo bad in the first half. Other than it’s too early for our body clock, I can’t think of another logical reason. It happened at D.C. and it happened at Atlanta…. Our Defense playing like Zombies in the first half and giving up a ton of points in the first half….

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    You may have a good point there yankita. And our Offense played like Zombies too in the first half of those games.

  9. CDHawkFan says:

    Blocis, I mentioned a similar concern last week. Who comes up the middle with a line of Clemons/Irvin/Bennett/Avril. Bennett seems like he has the bulk, but the other 3 seem to be edge guys. Schofield will go back to play LB unless on a blitz. My worry is there isn’t enough bulk to get a good push up the middle.

    Speed will be nice if the QB has to hold on to it or run, but it will be interesting to see. I did notice a few downs where no Seahawks were over the Center or Guard which looked unique.

    In terms of having too many pass rushers, I don’t think we do, the Atlanta game is too close in my mind. Injuries will happen, also we might go up against a line that is solid across the board. We will need them all at some point. I’m more worried about Bane and Red’s heatlh in terms of the run D.

  10. dirtbiker_joey says:

    All of the sudden, the D Line is the least of our concerns. Was anyone else impressed with Clinton McDonald yesterday?

    The question now is, who gets cut to open up the roster spot for Irvin? Will it be Lotulelei?

  11. I said more than once during the in game chat that ‘I wonder why the Seahawks stopped having practices at 10:15am’? In a season where we have 5 early games, it seemed to be a smart move by the Seahawks to practice at 10:15am.

  12. CDHawkFan says:

    And who gets cut to open up the roster spot for Hill (if he is back this week)?

  13. Good question dirtbiker….. Mayowa would be my guess at who gets cut. This is based on the idea that Lotulelei is more useful on specials and we have an abundance of pass rushers.

  14. Hill is on the roster (but has been inactive on game day), so no need to make a cut for him.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    It’s hard to dismiss just how awful interior o line play has been and its effect on the passing game and offense as a whole. Sweezy and Carpenter were awful yesterday. Yes, Watt is one of the best in the league, but as good as he was, they were that bad. Until that gets sorted out, Seattle needs to begin moving the pocket for Wilson as they did toward the end of last season.

    Regarding the defense, I don’t understand the sleepwalking comments because they effort is clearly there. What I see is yet another team with capable TE play expose Seattle’s LBs in coverage. From where I sit, that’s this defenses biggest weakness.

  16. yankinta says:

    dirtbiker_joey,, I said it weeks ago that Clinton McDonald and Jaye Howard were playing the best among the DT in terms of playing the 3 Technique,, especially the one day I went to check out the Open Practice…… I was surprised both of them were cut,, but I’m glad he’s back on the team now…. Of course Lotulelei and Mayowa will be cut….

  17. I agree Duke. I would add McQuistan to the oline naughty list.

    Missed you on the in game chat yesterday.

  18. yankinta says:

    It’s not about the efforts,, it’s about the results… The results clearly suggest a trend, I’m not sure if you were watching the same team…. How were these TE’s from Houston wide open in the first half?? They made Matt look like a All Pro QB in the first half, which he clearly isn’t….

  19. yankinta says:

    Second Half Pass Rush >>> (Much Better Than) First Half Pass Rush…

  20. tealskin says:

    Maybe they should stop scripting plays to start the game because they aren’t working. Still think Bevell’s playcalling is inadequate. Very slow to make adjustments. Trying to come up with a reason why RW’s starts are so sluggish. Agree with the sentiment of going back to earler practice time. Why not?

  21. Southendzone says:

    Strongly agree with the assessment of McDonald’s play on the D-Line. He looks STRONG! I should subscribe to PFF advanced stats because I’d love to see how he’s ranked by them.

    As far as having too many pass-rushers, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. Teams like NYG showed how important that is to rotate in fresh guys who can all get after the QB.

    Not only was SEA last year an example of what being thin at pass-rushing players gets you, but so was SF. Remember after J.Smith got hurt and the season got on, they couldn’t do it anywhere near the way they did the first 12 games or so.

    Giving Dan Quinn a bunch of versatile players who all have their own way of getting the pass rush on is going to be a strength as the season goes on.

  22. Dave Boling says:

    Still in Houston … later flight today.

    blocis: about the 10 a.m. practices during season. Would be tough to schedule. They do their walkthroughs in the morning to set up the things they need to practice in the afternoon. Seems like it would be almost impossible to turn those around.

    DirtbikerJoey, yes, McDonald was really good, as he has been consistently. I was really surprised when they cut him earlier and know they’re delighted to have him back. He’s stout against the run and has a powerful bull rush.

    On Sweezy, yes, oh, my. The physical matchup with Watt when he kicked inside was going to be tough for anybody but he still fails to get off block when he’s engaged to pick up the delayed blitz. That’s been an issue all season and he just fails to see it. But, as you said, there were issues all across the front — as expected.

  23. CDHawkFan says:

    Thanks for clarifying on Hill Blocis. Not sure why I thought he was IR’ed, which even then would have been a later in the season decision.

  24. chrisj122 says:

    10:00 a.m. starts have been a thorn in the Hawks side for years.

    Holmie use to change practice times to 10:00 on weeks we played early.
    He even started having the team arrive on Friday when playing early and away in hopes of having an extra day to adjust to the time difference.

    Nothing ever seems to help.

    I don’t think you can underestimate the toll of traveling time zones and jet lag have on our players.

  25. It’s possible that Ware gets cut as well, not saying he would – but it is possible.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    It is about the results that’s why I reject the “sleepwalk” notion. Sleepwalk suggests effort. Perhaps it’s you who needs to watch more closely.

    Covering TEs has been an issue for Seattle for years. Graham’s TD was a clear breakdown on Smith’s part. In all, Houston’s TEs combined for 11 catches and 141 yards. The fact is, teams’ are able to create mismatches with their TEs when Seattle is in Cover 1. IMO, Seattle either needs to disguise their coverage’s better (unlikely) or adjust personnel, especially at LB. But if we’re talking trends here, this is one that transcends start times.

  27. yankinta says:

    xcman,, Spencer Ware?? I seriously doubt it….

    chrisj122, agreed.,, I guess we just have to be patient next week as well, if we get off to a slow start again…. At least , we know RW will somehow get us back into the game in the second half. The entire team plays off of his Confidence and Composure,, it’s sooo amazing to see that. Which is why I am Sooo glad we have him instead of any other QB in the league…

  28. Dukeshire says:

    Regarding MacDOnald, I was pretty hard on him the past two seasons, but since his return, he has played lights out. Stout against the run and the only player on the defensive interior who has been able to push the pocket.

  29. yankinta says:

    Dukeshire, let me just ask you,, how many sacks did we have in the first half versus the second half…. that’s after Bennett (our best rusher so far this season, btw) left the game….. enough said. It’s pointless to argue with you,, everyone else on this blog agree with me.

  30. montanamike2 says:

    I’m really surprised this match up isn’t considered a major game as to the hype of Luck VS Wilson.

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    With all the injuries to the D-line and now the O-line I couldn’t be any happier right now being 4-0.
    With the way many teams in our conference are playing right now, (especially the NFC east) our path to home field advantage is looking better every week.
    Now if we can keep winning and get healthy down the road we will have four of our last 6 games at home.

  32. montanamike2 says:

    McDonald might have seen the light after he got cut, motivation is everything.

  33. yankinta says:

    I’m totally bummed that we won’t get to see Jake Locker play in 2 weeks,,, the dude was playing like a Top 10 QB against a Top 10 Defense,, yesterday. Now he’s out 4 to 8 weeks…smh…

  34. montanamike2 says:

    I’m giddy knowing we get the Rams and the Cards twice still.

  35. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Too many pass rushers? It’s one of the most valuable and rarefied capabilities found in the NFL? Does anyone think we stay in the game if our pass rush was less effective throughout the fourth quarter and OT? I sure don’t.

    Outside of the O line, I’ve been most concerned about our depth at DT and was VERY happy to see McDonald resigned. He and Jaye Howard were easily the most puzzling cuts to me. Especially with the injuries to the two rookie DT’s.

    Anyhow there clearly is something special about this team. Team was getting handled, beaten, out schemed, out coached and pressed on their weaknesses for the entire first half. And making it look easy. To hang in and make key plays like that and then actually win it . . . I still don’t know how exactly they did it.

    The most notable takeaway to me is how CALM the team seemed through it all. And they got better as the day wore on.

    One salient criticism: the O line personnel and coaching decisions, I really do not understand. And Cable seems an average O line coach at best to me. His smash mouth, old school, run the ball philosophy I do appreciate.

    But his line plays STREAKY at best, starts every season slowly, and it’s subpar performance is continually covered up by the Lynch’s ability to breath through one tackle after another and RW’s escapability.

    I like the notion and feel good story of coaching up a former D line and late round picks, but that strikes me as a better 2 to 3 year project while those who’ve actually done it hold the line down I’m the meantime.

    I also now question the fundamental strength and conditioning of the O line. Not just the injuries. But also SO MANY plays this year that we’ve seen Unger and Sweezy (in particular) just flat out get pushed around. Which is quite frankly surprising given that Cable’s priorities are oriented toward the run game and owning the LOS over pass pro. That can’t happen as often as it has.

    Not sure what the solution is at this point in the season. But next offseason (not worth talking about right now) our o line will need as much attention as resigning free agents.

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    yankinta- I totally agree with you about Locker. I wasn’t paying attention to him that much this year and it looks like he has turned the corner.
    Locker is the only QB without a turnover this year. Impressive!

  37. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    And btw my questions about the O line coaching, personnel choices and performance in no way diminish my overall belief that this win and the team in general are in the midst of something quite special.

    But it’s the difference between having to stick save a few of these games against good teams and handling them easily.

    We probably win yesterday’s game by 10 points if RW can be given an average of just 2 seconds after the snap to make a read and throw. Even our backups with extra help staying in should be able to provide at least that.

  38. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Unfortunate news about Locker. I think we were all very excited about seeing him play at the Clink. Our next shot at it if he has a long career with the Titans is not for another 4 years.

    What an untimely injury in so many ways. Didn’t know he had been playing so well to start the year. Would have loved to see the Hawks D against his best game.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    yankinta – What are you even arguing? I’m not suggesting they don’t typically play poorly at 10am starts. I challenge you to find where I have ever said that. What I *am* saying is that your suggestion that the poor play at those times is due to some vague notion you refer to as “sleepwalking”, suggests they aren’t playing hard to start the game. That is simply false.

  40. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk,, Yeah, to have 130 QB rating and 90QBR again Rex Ryan’s defense as a young QB is almost unheard of….. I hope they can go 500 while he’s out…

  41. yankinta says:

    Dukeshire,, I disagree, that is simply true. To have Redskins ran all over us in the playoff? To have Falcons RB gain 100+ yards, that RB is not even in the NFL anymore,,?? To give up 20 points in the first half to Houston, when we allowed 27 points in the 6 halves prior to that?? I am saying if it isn’t sleep walking, that I can’t think of any other logical reason,,, that’s what I was saying in my first post,,, maybe you should re-read. :)

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Key moment of the game imo.
    Hopefully this will start happening sooner in the games moving forward.

    “Marshawn and I talked,” Wilson said “He said, ‘Hey Russ, just take over.’ So I decided just to take off and try to get positive gains. We had to find a way.”

  43. Yank-a – chain: Ware could go – not likely but look at it. He is at a position of depth. He is hurt and probably wouldn’t get picked up, and even if he did – even if they had injuries they are STILL covered at the position. Not that he brings anything to the team they aren’t already getting right now. He is good at ST – but our play there is still good. Coleman is a better blocker and Michael is a better runner. The numbers game could get him

    possible YES – probable – NO

  44. It is obvious that the defense gets a huge boost playing at home, almost like two different teams. The other thing the we seem to do very well, on both sides of the ball, is make halftime adjustments. The slow starts on the road are hugely frustrating.

    I was going to say the effort looks like it’s there in the first half, but apparently I agree with yankinta – he told us so. They are sleepwalking through the first half.

  45. Duke shire–thank you for your calm assessment of our line, esp the G play.

    Georgia–open your eyes. Sweezy is not a beast, he’s a joke thus far, inconsistent even in the run game.

  46. yankinta says:

    xcman,, yeah you’re right, it is possible. But he is ahead of Christine in the depth chart,, so I think it’s unlikely. Plus he’d definitely get picked up, if we let him go.

  47. yankinta says:

    OrrObb, isn’t it fun to agree with me once in a while?? lol :)

  48. SeventiesHawksFan says:


    What I saw from the D in the first half was more getting outschemed and out coached than ‘sleepwalking’.

    The Texans were extremely smart about attacking the areas of the field that we quite by design defend the least (the short middle just outside the hashes and five yards in from the sidelines) which our D literally invites and dares other teams to get their yards there.

    We prioritize taking away anything over the top, between the hashes, and anything up the sidelines.

    The Texans were rather smart to run designed plays where they got a man open AND there were numerous blockers along with him to clear space for YAC. Which they got numerous key blocks on our LB’s or their receiver caught the ball and in a great spot to avoid the tackle and get the extra yards.

    What I was most displeased about was the terrible play of our linebackers. Constantly out of position, bad angles, located in space to be easily blocked from making a tackle after the reception was made. Our LB’s, couldn’t cover, couldn’t tackle and couldn’t figure out where on the field they were supposed to be. And the Texans constantly had them discombobulated and fooled.

    What I didn’t see was a team that pounded us up the middle and had a lot of success with it. Or a team that was ‘sleepwalking’. I saw a defense that was out of position and confused.

  49. Dukeshire says:

    yankinta – There are specific and scheme orientated reasons why those things happened, not to mention the injuries on Seattle’s D line, at the time. Regarding yesterday’s game, Seattle’s defense adjusted by pulling the LBs into the box and included stunts and overloading the weak side on the d line in the second half. That’s what helped the pass rush and slow Foster. Not some vague notion about them waking up. Remember, all the points they game up yesterday were in the 2nd quarter, not the first, where one would think they would be most groggy from the “sleepwalking” scenario you detail.

  50. HawkfaninMT says:

    Couple of thoughts…

    Earl has been a pro bowler and one of the best Safeties in the league, but one common criticism if him has been his tackling. He was wrapping up some seriously talented RBs yesterday… Kudos to him! I would not trade him for any safety in the league.

    McQ and Sweezy have gotten beaten up a bit, but Carp was baaaaaad too! Two times that I can picture in my mind he is trying to grab Smiths jersey as he is pulling RW to the ground. Your job description: keep RW clean. That is all!

    Finally Spencer Ware will not be cut IMO. He is technically injured with the ankle. Why cut him when they can protect themselves by putting him on the ir?

  51. yankinta says:

    SeventiesHawksFan and Dukeshire,, those are all good points. I agree that our LB got out played (a step or two slower) by their TE’s in the first half. Compared to the two road games in the playoff, our efforts were a lot better this game,,,

  52. yankinta says:

    At least some good news for us… by Mike Sando on ESPN Insider….

    Seattle’s easier road

    The Seahawks entered this season facing the second-toughest road schedule based on 2012 regular-season records. They played the fifth-easiest schedule at home, where a good team should win regardless. The unusually tough schedule on the road, where margin for error is smaller, was one reason I thought the San Francisco 49ers were in better position, schedule-wise, to finish with a superior record in the NFC West. Nik Bonaddio and Keith Goldner of numberFire offered supporting evidence way back in April.

    Easiest remaining schedules by venue

    Team Home Road All
    Seahawks .435 .375 .404
    Dolphins .556 .478 .520
    Saints .455 .593 .531
    Broncos .476 .643 .571
    Chiefs .600 .542 .571
    Patriots .636 .545 .591

    Much has changed since then. The Seahawks, after erasing a 20-3 deficit at Houston on Sunday, face the easiest remaining road schedule for any of the unbeaten teams based on records this season. Seattle’s remaining road opponents — Indianapolis, Arizona, St. Louis, Atlanta, San Francisco and the New York Giants — own a combined .404 winning percentage to this point in 2013. All of them but Arizona have lost at home already (the Cardinals have played only one home game, beating Detroit).

    Running the table away from CenturyLink Field appears unrealistic for a Seattle team playing without three starting offensive linemen. But if the Seahawks can win at Indianapolis in Week 5, the outlook brightens considerably. Health on the offensive line figures to improve and other reinforcements are on the way. Pass-rusher Bruce Irvin (8.0 sacks in 2012) returns from suspension this week, just as the team could be without Michael Bennett. Receiver Percy Harvin is eligible to come off the physically unable to perform list as early as Week 7, health permitting.

    Seattle, 3-5 away from home last season, has already gone 2-0 on the road this season, beating Carolina and Houston. Coaches haven’t asked quarterback Russell Wilson to carry much of the load to this point. Wilson has responded when needed, however. His fourth-quarter stat line on the road is telling: 11-of-15 passing (73.3 percent) for 160 yards with a 94.7 Total QBR score. Those numbers haven’t wavered since the middle of last season. On defense, the Seahawks now have eight picks in the red zone since the start of last season, twice the number for any other team. That includes two against Matt Schaub on Sunday.

  53. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- I didn’t say best, I said beast. Did you ever ask me why I called Sweezy a beast?

    Anyways, like I said before we have a one dimensional o-line. It’s been this way since Cable started here.
    At least we can run the ball now, however pass protection has always been poor since Carroll’s been here.
    And when their playing against a great pass rush on the road without three starters that just magnifies the issues.

    Hopefully things will get better down the road and I think they will, but for now I can live with having one major weakness on this team when so many other teams have more.

    Go Hawks!!!

  54. yankinta says:

    Easiest remaining schedules by venue

    Team Home Road All
    Seahawks .435 .375 .404
    Dolphins .556 .478 .520
    Saints .455 .593 .531
    Broncos .476 .643 .571
    Chiefs .600 .542 .571
    Patriots .636 .545 .591

  55. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If the FO didn’t believe the 10:am games affected the players performance why would they change the practice times in training camp?

    I believe it has an affect however it’s hard to measure it. But great teams overcome adversity and don’t use road games and 10:am games as excuses to lose. They just keep winning.

    And how are we doing lately with it? Last six 10:am games- 5-1. Not bad.

  56. grizindabox24 says:

    I think Mayowa will be the casualty when Irvin is activated

  57. 10am times do have an effect on the westcoast teams – There have been full presentations to the NFL from the west coast teams – the problem is there are soo many east coast teams, they don’t care.

  58. dirtbiker_joey says:

    Maybe a little early for this, but what do the ‘Hawks need to do to secure HFA? If they run the table at home (not a gimme, but very doable) and go 4-2 the rest of the road schedule, for a 14-2 season, does that do it for them?

    Of the two-loss teams, We’re ahead of Carolina based on head-to-head. Dallas, Green Bay, and SF would have to win out just to reach a tie-breaker. Dallas and Green Bay still have to play each other. Dallas also plays Denver, at Chicago, and Washington twice. GB plays Chicago twice, at Baltimore, and Cleveland at home. SF plays us, a pissed off Houston this week, and at Washington.

    Of the one-loss teams, Detroit and Chicago, each has to play the other once more, plus Green Bay twice and Baltimore.

    And the only other undefeated team, New Orleans, still has to play us, SF, New England, and at Carolina. Assuming they lose at Seattle, can they win out? doubtful.

    The table is set for the best season in Seahawks history and #1 seed, home field advantage throughout.

  59. SeventiesHawksFan says:


    Yes it’s too early but the games to circle on the remaining schedule that are most likely to decide the issue: at Falcons, at SF, Saints at home.

    They all matter of course. But the above assumes that the Hawks will win all the games they are ‘supposed’ to win, including not more than one loss at home.

  60. ChrisHolmes says:

    One game at a time dirtbike. That’s what they have to do. Take it one game at at time.

    We’re only at the quarter pole. Too early to start thinking about what-ifs for HFA. We would love to have it, and I think we all recognize the importance of it, and I’m sure that’s in PC’s long-term thought process, but to get there they just have to work on one week at a time.

    Colts next. And we have to play better.

    This win was amazing. Showed grit; showed what happens when you don’t pack it in mentally. This team has no quitters.

    One last thing: I gotta say, watching yankinta attempt argue with Dukeshire about first half performance via some vague notion of “sleepwalking” is like watching Rick Perry argue with Neil deGrasse Tyson about science.. You’re just outgunned man. You don’t have one tenth the insight or football IQ that Dukeshire has. You look like a fool trying argue with him. Just stop already.

    “Sleepwalking”… My word. You should start writing copy for Skip Bayless. You sound as vapid and clueless about football as that blowhard does, and he gets paid to be ignorant about Seattle sports.

  61. rramstad says:

    Historically 13-3 gets HFA throughout the playoffs.

    IMHO the only game on the Seahawks schedule that is super likely to have an effect is the Saints game.

    The 49ers game, given that we’ve won here at home, is less likely to have an effect (if we lose, it would still be a series split, so no effect, and given that we’ve got a record advantage right now, it seems less likely that they catch up).

    Many many games to play… and there will be head scratching losses, and baffling wins… but I do agree that we’re in awfully good shape right now, especially if we pull out a win vs the Colts, the next several weeks look very very winnable.

  62. yankinta says:

    ChrisHolmes, The players have to take it one game at a time, we don’t. duh!!

    And of course this is a new concept for you but I was taking the high road and trying to stop a pointless argument. If I wanted to, I could also point out the Scheme adjustments that we did in our playoff run last year too,, and that would mean 10 AM starts do not matter and it’s all about the schemes and getting out-coached. But we all know 10 AM starts matter, which is why Pete tried to adjust our Practice start time at 10AM during the off season…,, it seems you know very little about football and just want to bow down to Duke,, it’s your choice though… smh,,,

  63. grizindabox24 says:

    Georgia, things have not looked good for Flynn in a long time

  64. SandpointHawk says:

    Well who knows it could have been sleepwalking and they all had some Redbull at the half.

    But maybe it’s not sleeping but a zombie curse put on the team in road games and the priest who did the exorcism only removed it for the second half of games.

    I’m sure the coaches didn’t just make adjustments at half time because that would be too easy an explanation….

  65. yankinta says:

    SandpointHawk, finally I think you and I are in agreement,, :) but there are still newbies like ChrisHolmes,, that wants to buy whatever Duke is selling,,, or they just want to kiss butt in general… smh….

  66. grizindabox24 says:

    Some posters are sleepwalking through their posts…hopefully they will wake up and bring their “A” game

  67. grizindabox24 says:

    or at least wake up enough to “squeak one out”

  68. Southendzone says:

    Yank is just a person posting opinions here like all of us. If an apt description to him for the 1st half defense is “They looked like they were sleepwalking”, so be it.

    Not everyone here has to be able to detail the mean square root of the # of defenders the Hawks had within x yards of the hash-marks to be a contributor.

    Read what you enjoy, page down through the other stuff. Live & Let live.

  69. yankinta says:

    Southendzone,, Thanks. I will ignore butt kissers in the future… :)

  70. “The players have to take it one game at a time, we don’t.”

    Oh my God, I actually do agree with yankinta!

    First this, next the Government is going to shut down. What’s the next sign of the apocalypse?

    dirtbiker_joey, I like what you’re thinking. Regardless, we are in the driver’s seat and this season is shaping up exactly how we thought/hoped it would.

  71. Forgot to add: smh

  72. yankinta says:

    lol,, another backhanded compliment..,,, smh…

  73. Speaking of SF, IND went into ‘the stick’ in week 3 and whipped them 27-7. IND is certainly no push over, their only loss so far was vs MIA 24-20 in week 2. MIA goes to NO to play tonite to see which remains unbeaten. Last week IND travelled to JAX and beat them 37-3. Colts defense played JAX better than our’s did, and their run game wasn’t stopped. IND is a lot like SEA, including their OL’s pass blocking efficiency: IND ranks 28th and SEA 29th. This is gonna be a tough, tough game…

  74. sluggo42 says:

    A lot of blather going on today…

    Georgia, you funny mate. Your beast Sweezy …

    Yank, you kinda funny today too…

  75. CaliSeahawker says:

    4-0 (1st time in Franchise History)
    First (Second) Superbowl victory this year anyone?

  76. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Actually sluggo42, yankita has been posting far better Seahawks material then you have of late.
    You seem to be going down the personal attack road more often now.

    What happened?

  77. The Hawks’ o-line was 4th in run blocking in 2012 according to Football Outsiders. Let’s not give them a permanent grade after 4 games and with 60% of their starters on the shelf.

    It may seem ironic coming from me, but it’s sad that was have mostly bitching and moaning the day after a great win.

  78. Dukeshire says:

    Southendzone – I couldn’t agree more; discussion is what makes this blog go. That is, varying opinions. Yankinta however, if questioned or challenged, never hesitates to insult that poster by telling him / her to “watch and learn”, or say that he / she doesn’t “watch the same team”, or sign off with condescending text-speak. The fact of the matter is that he doesn’t respect others’ opinions yet “demands” that his be respected or that his opinions are fact. And then there is his assertion that anyone who supports the opposing view is a “butt kisser”. It’s all so silly. There are a lot of smart and thoughtful posters on this blog and IMO he’d do well to tone the attitude down. But really, as you said, we all have the choice to read what we want and skip the rest. (BTW, before I’m accused of being a hypocrite let me say that I’m not exempt from anything I said above. And despite my failings, do my best to adhere to that.)

  79. yankinta says:

    lol, nah. I never throw the first punch…. that butt kisser (ChrisHolmes) started it first!! You should go back and read what he said (butt kissing). I just get annoyed by butt kissers kissing butts on this blog, with their little knowledge about Football….. makes me shake my head..,, lol ok I’ll stop, now. :)

  80. Very impressed with JJ Watt (maybe it should be JJ What?). Trying to find a comparison, as in like Cortez Kennedy (although a DT), or Lawrrence Taylor (though a LB), but maybe a Bruce Smith. Dunno. Ideas?

  81. MoSeahawk12 says:

    yank, you are the first punch.

  82. Dukeshire says:

    yankinta – Thank you for proving my point better than I ever could.

  83. Dukeshire says:

    Oldslow – To me, he’s becoming this generations Reggie White or Bruce Smith.

  84. Hawkjitsu says:

    The BEST comeback win in I don’t know how many years, and people are arguing anyway. This is what a blog is. It’s a place where anyone and everyone can say whatever they want. Sometimes people disagree. It’s when we start arguing about those disagreements in a personal way that causes these little tiffs. We are all Seahawks. We are all fans of the best team in the NFL. I don’t think we really have to look for things to argue about, but if someone wants to, then let them. The second you respond to it, you become a part of it…and that makes you no better.

    And yes, I’m part of it, too. We ALL are. If anyone is really smarter, more experienced, or logical, than everyone else, then they don’t have to say it. EVER.

  85. Hawkjitsu says:

    And Skip Bayless says the Seahawks should be ashamed of themselves. Let’s get riled up about that mentally handicapped little taint.

  86. yankinta says:

    you are welcome,, now you should get off your high horse,, :)

    Hawkjitsu,, you make good points… btw, do you have a link for that??

  87. Dukeshire says:


  88. MoSeahawk12 says:

    It’s like talking to a door knob Duke. Doesn’t get it and no amount of reason, logic will ever change. I’m starting to think there is a combination of age(young), mental limitations, possible English as second language situation. The attitude and constant level of disrespect is unfortunate, but the not getting he is the butt of the jokes is pretty telling as well.

  89. MoSeahawk12 says:

    oh and the terrible grammar and poor punctuation also show limitations.

  90. yankinta says:

    lol, another butt kisser,,, smh…

  91. banosser says:

    fwiw… Jerry Brewer on KJR this morning said the Hawks were “sleepwalking” in the first half… lolz

  92. MoSeahawk12 says:

    butt of the jokes, so (notice how I used one comma there and not three or four) how you have time to comment when you spend all your time kissing your own butt is pretty funny. yank loves yank. Love his comments and opinion only or you are not smart. yank is smartest of all. Just ask him.

  93. yankinta says:

    banosser,, the entire Seahawks world knows… :) It’s only Duke and it’s butt kissers that want to disagree…. :)

  94. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol banosser,

    Seems like sometimes here if you don’t talk schemes or Xs and Os you get attacked like you don’t know what you are talking about.

    It reminds me of the Scientists and engineers I used to work with.
    One day the senior Scientist came up to me and asked me how to use a cordless drill. Lol.
    In other words some get so into their Xs and Os that they can’t have a real feel for the game. I call it meticulous ridiculous, or simply ” they can’t see the forest through the trees.”

  95. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – I assure you, I have a feel for the game. The point here is yankinta is using hyperbole and meaningless adjectives (like Brewer) to explain away Seattle’s poor showing in the second quarter, at least on defense, yesterday. It’s lazy analysis from someone who claims to know more than anyone else here, and he reverts to insults when challenged.

  96. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t think yankita was just talking about this game. I think yankita was saying there is a pattern going on with regards to the slow starts that this team is having playing at 10:am. I don’t think that was lazy, I think it was spot on.
    Yes Yankita can get on our nerves for sure ( and he has on mine a few times) however he also has made some valid points here too.

    I actually think you both made valid points as to why the Seahawks Defense started slow.

  97. yankinta says:

    lazy analysis?? lol, may I borrow your high horse sometimes..?? :) and smh

  98. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Actually the D held up and didn’t allow any points in the first quarter. They gave up all twenty in the second quarter though and if not for that crazy four tip int by Earl, this game would have been way worse.
    Defense actually started pretty tough though. Texans tight ends were running wild most of the game. They need to correct that as they will face decent tight ends this week too. Better QB as well.

  99. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – There’s no denying the issues they’ve had with 10am starts, historically. But regarding this one game, coming from a guy who is the first to lecture others of how smart he is, I have no problem calling him out on his “sleepwalk” post.

  100. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ok Duke, so be it. It does make for good entertainment here if anything.
    BTW- I’m more concerned with the slow starts by the offense then the defense.

  101. Banosser–Brewer writes like a HS counselor on ecstasy–he’s not an x and o guy at all; ie, not really a sportswriter. His opinion on sports is like Dave Barry’s–entertaining, but not particularly insightful, and often wildly offbase.

    Georgia–who said best?! Beer goggles again?! Sweezy sucks, face facts; he’s inconsistent in the run game, and flat terrible in pass pro.

    Bbmate–I don’t think last year has anything to do with this years line performance. After 4 games thus year, the same old problems have worsened, and Okung and Unger are hurt; Sweezy is little better, McQ has lost it, and not one backup lineman is ready to start. Things are grim on the line.

  102. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – I’d agree with that: through 4 games regardless what time, the offense has been mostly mediocre.

  103. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Lighten up a little and enjoy the ride.

  104. ChrisHolmes says:

    “…but there are still newbies like ChrisHolmes…”

    Do some research yank. I’ve been here way longer than you.

    I rarely post, hence I haven’t garnered the attention and reputation that you have. Which is fine by me. I don’t need to be famous on a sports blog to feel good about myself.

  105. wabubba67 says:

    Things look good for Flynn every time he reads his bank statement while watching his wife shower.

    Mayowa will not be the one cut. Simply too much potential value there to cut in a pass rushing defensive end. Another team (JAX), would pick him up the moment his name hit the waiver wire. A LB or FB is much easier to sneak through waivers or replace if another team claims them.

  106. yankinta says:

    No, ChrisHolmes,, I called you a Newbie because you don’t seem to know a lot about Football. But it’s great that you’re trying to learn. :)

  107. STTBM, Yes, I know that this is 2013 and not 2012. You made a reference to this being a bad run blocking line using advanced statistics. I mentioned the ones you conveniently left out since they don’t go along with your paradigm. This was a very good run blocking line over the course of 16 games, not 4 games with 60% of the line out including their best lineman, according to advanced stats. I believe that this is a very good run blocking line if healthy. Pass blocking not so much. Now back to the broken record of o-line complaining. Even if you’re right, it gets old.

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