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Giacomini has knee surgery

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Sep. 30, 2013 at 1:08 pm with 49 Comments »
September 30, 2013 1:08 pm

Pete Carroll said on 710 ESPN Seattle this morning right tackle Breno Giacomini had knee surgery and loose bodies were removed. He said they hope to have Giacomini back in weeks and not months.

Here’s the audio from Carroll’s appearance:

More audio at

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  1. Good news. I know he may not be a favorite of most but he is what we have until we find someone better. Focus on home field advantage, getting everyone healthy and improving every week. Usually the ‘hot’ team makes a run in January. Hopefully with home field advantage that can be us.

  2. Real curious how they use Bruce Irvin this week. I’m thinking 10 snaps at most. Remember he hasn’t been able to practice or be at the facility for the past month. Would hate to see him push it too hard and re-injure the groin or pull another muscle.

  3. I wonder if the answer to this is to move Carp over to right tackle, slide McQ back to left guard and get Bailey out to left tackle where he spent time during the preseason. I know Carp never quite pann3ed out at right tackle but if you remember he was finally starting to play well there before his knee blew out. He’d gotten to where he was able to get that first left step backward quick enough so he wasn’t getting blown out by edge rushers. Yesterday I felt Bailey just didn’t handle playing the right side very well.

    The other option is to go back and pick up…umm…God I forget his name….(I hate getting old!) Anyway, whoever that guy was that filled in for a significant amount of time year before last. I also have to believe that there must be a wily vet walking the streets that we could pick up on a one year contract. Hell maybe we could see if Walt could pass a physical and get another year on his bad knee. :)

  4. Dave Boling says:

    Skavage … Omyale? I think he’s out there. Think they’ll go with it as they are and try to coach up the pups. Unger should be back soon.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Weeks not months, that’s good news. But at this point I’m more concerned about getting Okung back so McQuestian can move back to left guard and then perhaps Carp can replace Sweezy at RG. That’s not a perfect scenario because Carp is struggling as well, but something needs to change up front.

  6. OregonHawk says:

    I don’t feel Carp would do any better at Right guard, maybe even worse. He has said he feels more comfortable on the left

    Don’t have any answers, just praying they get their act together and work as a cohesive unit! The sum of all the parts being better than the individual ….

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Skavage – Looks like you beat me to the punch.

  8. I think that if Bowie were to continue subbing for Giac, that would be the least of our o-line worries.

    My thought to improve the o-line….. get Unger back at C and move Jeanpierre to RG (and move Sweezy to the bench).

    I think McQ stays at LT until Okung is back.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good news on Breno.

    Totally agree OregonHawk.

  10. edstang45 says:

    What’s normal heal time for this and hows Unger. Should be ok next couple weeks. Teams aren’t as stout up front as Texans

  11. They clearly like McQ better than Bailey at this point so suggesting a move will be mute.

    The RT position is going to be interesting – Does Bowie improve enough or play well enough to keep Breno out. I would love to see this not because I don’t like Breno but because it just means we are better

  12. It’s not that Carp himself would actually do better at RG, it’s just that he’d suck less at RG than Sweezy does. Okung makes LT obviously better and McQuistan was playing better at LG and Carp is now. It’s a sad state up front right now, that’s for sure.

  13. Southendzone says:

    Duke, I’m totally with you on that one. Get Okung back and get MCQ out of the LT position is great. By that time, I think Carp will be playing better. For some reason I think he has promise at LG.

    To me it’s kinda like how they talk in baseball how the young players need to be surrounded by solid vets to learn and take the pressure off. If Carp is between Unger & Okung, he will get better communication, calls, and some leeway for missing an assignment because one of those 2 can save his bacon.

    Take it 1 step farther, say Sweezy is still underperforming, you put McQ over at RG (where he’s MUCH better than at LT), and his exp. is an upgrade over Sweez, and maybe this helps out Bowie if he’s still out at RT. (stole this idea from a Dave Boling tweet)

  14. Dukeshire says:

    “It’s not that Carp himself would actually do better at RG, it’s just that he’d suck less at RG than Sweezy does.”

    Lol. Exactly.

  15. much like Rex Ryan – I am not sure why Cable continues to have a job

  16. jchawks08 says:

    Apologies if it’s been mentioned but what are the return timelines for Okung and Unger? Anyone have anything definitive?

  17. Didn’t Okung have to be out at least 6 weeks so 4 to go??

    Unger sounds like he’s practicing this week (from Carroll on radio this morning)

    For what it’s worth Scooter’s Sports Bar in Vegas was packed this weekend. Got there an hour b4 game time and got last seat in the place. Saw a banner on wall – Hawk fans have been meeting there since 1976. Also noticed VEGAS57 post that mentioned LVH as a good casino to watch a game – have heard this from others as well.

  18. rramstad says:

    How are these injuries on the offensive line Cable’s fault?

    If anything, it shows how amazingly excellent our coaching is if we’re starting a 7th round rookie draft pick against JJ Watt and the results, while not great, were not catastrophic.

    I really don’t understand the Tom Cable criticism, at least when it comes to line depth. He’s not the front office, and he coaches whoever is on the field.

  19. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Sweezy almost got several of the other O-line as well as our QB and running backs injured yesterday.

  20. I really don’t understand the Tom Cable criticism . . . Mine comes from the fact that each year we start at ground ZERO with these guys. there should be some carry over from the previous season. It has been 3 years in a row where there is little or no improvement from Aug to the next Aug. (i.e. picking up blitzes or stunts in the pre-season when there are 5 guys playing that were here last year)

    at least when it comes to line depth. He’s not the front office, and he coaches whoever is on the field.

    Carroll has commented more than once that Cable had a HIGH amount of input as to who is drafted and kept. NO he is not signing the guys but he is choosing the guys. Cable was the one that pushed for Carp!!!

  21. Okung has to be out 8 weeks, and they didn’t IR him until after the Jax game, which means he misses 7 more. He’ll be eligible to come back after the bye.

    Hope Unger is back this week. Though, he has been a bit off this year too. His veteran presence is desperately needed, especially with the VERY green right side: a second-year, converted D-lineman, and a seventh-round, D-II school rookie. Maybe rramstad is right, maybe Tom Cable is doing an awesome job with what he’s got.

  22. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Let’s be real though. JJ Watt, Cushing and the rest are really, really good and can make even talented O-lineman with much more experience than our guys look bad most days.
    Bowie hung in there and should settle down.

    Now, the Colts D is no joke and will be very physical as witnessed by the way the thumped the far superior O-line of the 9ers two weeks ago.

    Cable and crew need to burn the candle at both ends this week to slow the bleeding.

  23. I thought it was interesting that J.Moffitt and S.Vallos both sub’d in for DEN in their game vs PHI.

  24. yankinta says:

    I really hope Ahmad Bradshaw sit this one out. I’m not that worried about Trent Richardson.

  25. Maybe Sealver Siliga can play OG?

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The only RG Carp will ever see is deodorant imo.
    If Sweezy gets replaced it won’t be by Carp.
    At least Sweezy is making an effort and has nothing to lose(with a lot of upside) being a 7th round D- lineman pick converting to a Guard.

    Carpenter can’t hardly make it through a whole game because of his conditioning (or lack of) and he is a first rounder.

    Sweezy was a long shot from the beginning however he was good enough to kick Moffitts ass.

    Carpenter was a first round pick, so why is he only sucking a little less then Sweezy.

    Seems like the hate is misdirected here. Could it be the Moffitt lovers are still hurt?

  27. I’m guessing that Bowie holds on to the RT job even when Giacomini is healthy.

  28. Sarcasticus says:

    Carp has not the lateral quickness to play RT. That’s why he is not there anymore. Did you see how many times players went by him yesterday? Attacking Cable is ridiculous. Okung and Unger, when they are healthy, are the only reasons this O-line can even be called average. To get what he gets out of this bunch is incredible.

  29. yankinta says:

    pabuwal,, I guessed that as well. If Bowie play well enough we won’t have to resign Giacomini…. this is his chance,, I like Breno but he might be a little pricey and Bowie would be very cheap with good potential.

  30. How is KJ Wright, anybody?

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Perhaps Breno will take a pay cut and be a backup next year if Bowie does play well enough.
    I do like the Dirt bag stuff that Breno brings.

  32. jchawks88 – sorry I was wrong about Okung. I was remembering the 6 weeks of practice he needs to miss. He needs to miss 8 games as well. He was designated before the Jacksonville game – here’s the report:

    The team placed him on the Injured Reserve/Designated to Return list. Teams can use that designation once a year, and a player placed on the list must miss six weeks of practice and eight weeks of games, instead of being out for the year, as would be the case on Injured Reserve.

    The earliest Okung could return to a game is Nov. 17 against Minnesota.

  33. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk, I agree. I too like Breno a lot more than others,, I hope we can resign him for cheap. Especially because Tom Cable loves him,, and I trust Tom Cable. :)

    btw, not sure what you think but I think Ahmad Bradshaw is our biggest threat this week. He’s KILLED the 49ers D, the last two times he’s played against them. He’s averaged over 5 yards per carry. He’s the main reason his teams has won against the 49ers, imo. I hope we don’t have to face him. I much rather face Trent Richardson. He is still averaging under 3 yards per carry, even with a legitimate passing threat.

  34. wazzulander says:

    I haven’t re-watched this game yet, but it sure didn’t seem like Sweezy was worse than anyone else on the O-line, Carpenter was particularly awful. In any event, a great job of perseverance by the whole team.

    As much as I love PC as our coach and wouldn’t trade him for anyone (except maybe Belichick), I still think his game management leaves something to be desired. At what point when you are down 14 pts in the 4th quarter do you want to stop huddling up on offense and pick up the pace a little? Obviously time didn’t end up being an issue in this game, thanks to the pick-6, but that’s a situation where you should be trying to maximize your # of possessions.

  35. chuck_easton says:


    There are conflicting reports about when Okung was officially put on IR. Some sites say Friday the 20th which mean he could come back for the Vikings. Other sites say he wasn’t officially designated until Monday the 23rd which would mean he wouldn’t be able to come back until the Saints game.

    Perhaps Todd can clarify this.

  36. “It’s not that Carp himself would actually do better at RG, it’s just that he’d suck less at RG than Sweezy does. Okung makes LT obviously better and McQuistan was playing better at LG and Carp is now”

    Agree with all of that. Don’t see Carp at either tackle, just too slow afoot. Wonder if Bowie would do any better at LT than McQ just did. I thought it was a truly awful performance there. Thank god our QB can move around.

  37. MoSeahawk12 says:

    You did not just say legitimate passing threat. It’s Luck, the luckiest QB ever. This has to be your favorite week. All Luck, all the time. It’s magic.

  38. Hey Chuck – I just copied what Bob Condotta wrote in the Times. He’s usually been spot on.

  39. OT’s R.Okung, BrenoG., M.Bowie, A.Bailey
    OG’s J.Carpenter, P.McQuistan, J.Sweezy, (R.Seymour PS)
    C’s M.Unger, L.Jeanpierre, J.Spitz

    Wasn’t there another T JS brought in like P.Hauptmann(?)

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Can our D get back on track next week after allowing almost 500 total yards this week?

  41. I think there’s a good chance that Bowie takes that starting RT spot from Breno. I don’t think Breno will be back if he expects to get paid anything close to what he’s getting this year.

  42. One thing I like about Sweezy, because it’s certainly not his play right now, is the fact that I think he’s going to end up being an above average guard in the NFL.

  43. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It ant easy being a Sweezy.

  44. Bobby, what makes you think that Sweezy will some day be an above average guard?

  45. SEA vs IND passing:
    Pressure, Drop-backs, NFL QB Rating
    No pressure, 67, 120.3
    Plays under pressure, 54, 49.6
    When not blitzed, 73, 97.4
    When blitzed, 48, 92.1
    All Plays, 121, 95.3

    No pressure, 87, 104.6
    Plays under pressure, 63, 69.1
    When not blitzed, 94, 95.6
    When blitzed, 56, 85.0
    All Plays, 150, 91.9

  46. wabubba67 says:

    wazzulander–It might be difficult, or nearly impossible, to speed things up with the offensive line in disarray right now.

  47. Todd Dybas says:

    Hey, guys. Just seeing this. It’s my understanding Okung can return for the Vikings game.

    — Todd

  48. yankinta says:

    MoSeahawk12, first of all, I forgot to quote that since I never said it. I think people on this blog said that….that Richardson’s rushing average will improve with Indy…which I didn’t think so from day one….

    But however, I do think Luck’s passing game is better than most, I do think he’s an average NFL QB,, meaning he’s Top 17 QB. I never said he was bad….but I did say his team played the easiest schedule and they were considered the most lucky by and myself (from day one)…. hope this clears up your confusion… :)

  49. Lem would be a major upgrade to Sweezy at RG, but it won’t happen, for two reasons; first because he’s our only real backup to Unger at C and Unger is injured, and second because Cable is too stubbornly determined to make Sweezy a success with his own two hands to bench him. The only way Sweezy gets benched is if Carrol pulls rank–which he won’t–or through injury.

    Sweezy and Carp could end up costing Cable his job at the end if this season if the line kills our championship aspirations.

    We’ve been lucky so far that RW hasn’t gotten hurt and our D has saved the day. This team could easily be 2-2.

    But contrary to the assumptions of many, I am not bailing on Seattles SB hopes, nor am I bummed out; I’m simply concerned about Cable and the lines ineffectiveness. I’m as thrilled as anyone about the miracle win in OT; I just think it shouldn’t have been that close, and if the line continues this way, we can’t count on pick sixes every week to bail us out.

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