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Seahawks 23, Texans 20, OT

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Sep. 29, 2013 at 1:36 pm with 145 Comments »
September 29, 2013 1:36 pm

Steven Hauschka hit a 45-yard field with 3:19 to go in overtime and the Seahawks pulled out a stunning rally in Houston to beat the Texans 23-20 on Sunday.

A Richard Sherman pick-six tied the game for Seattle with 2:51 to go in the game and Houston appearing to just work down the clock.

The Seahawks move to 4-0 for the first time in franchise history largely because of Russell Wilson’s legs and savvy.

Wilson ran 10 times for 77 yards.

Marshawn Lynch had 17 carries for 98 yards.

The Seahawks went to Houston rated by most as the top team in the league. They will come home with several questions about what went wrong in the first three quarters.

Seattle’s banged-up offensive line had an atrocious day. Both Max Unger and Breno Giacomini were inactive for the game, forcing rookie Michael Bowie in at right tackle and Lemuel Jeanpierre in at center.

The Texans’ defensive line decimated the Seahawks throughout the day. At one point late in the second quarter, the Seahawks had allowed more sacks (2) than they had picked up passing yards (1).

But, they were able to come up with 14 fourth-quarter points after trailing 20-3 at the half to force overtime. Hauschka’s game-winner sent the crowd home stunned.

Much more to come.

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  1. ljarllrajl says:

    Sluggish start but the Defense finished strong. And Russell Wilson tilts the field. Houston wished they had a guy like him.

  2. LocalGutterGuy says:

    Never give up. Never give up. Love this team. Been watching since 1976. We just enjoyed seahawks history. Enjoy

  3. CDHawkFan says:

    Just like the 2 play-off games, in that they came back strong in the 2nd half. The Texans could be done after a loss like that, sure a long season, but holy cow did they screw that one up.

    BTW, I hope we can do a bit more like the Texans with the short passing game to the TE and RB. I know we had to leave guys in to help, but I think it would have kept Texans DL a bit more honest.

  4. JazBadAzz says:

    Can you win the game in the game in the 1st qt? NO
    Can you win the game in the game in the 2nd qt? No
    Can you win the game in the game in the 3rd qt? No
    Can you win the game in the game in the 4th qt? No
    Can you win the game in the game in OT? YES!!!!!!!!
    Great come back win, #GoHawks

  5. Wow…. That is all

  6. mengland says:

    Insane. What a strong belief these guys have in themselves after a game like that.

  7. This…team…is…going…to…be…the death of me!!!

    My blood pressure is through the goddamn roof and I have a monster headache. I love this team!!!

  8. LocalGutterGuy says:

    I hear ya CD but down 3 starters on line. Rookie starting. This was huge.

  9. ljarllrajl says:

    I’ve never been so at piece with handling expectations for the Hawks. We’ll be #1 in most power rankings and it is well deserved. This team is strong at every aspect of the game.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This a big win! Now move on forward to Indy.

  11. ljarllrajl says:


    grammar gremlins jumped on my keyboard

  12. HeatherHawk says:

    The contrast of Hauschka and the Texans kickers in overtime is why I love the Seahawks. Texans kicker was standing there looking like a deer caught in headlights, possibly drooling. Hauschka is doing some weird stretching exercising with a yellow band on his legs, practicing kicks, looking cool, calm and ready.

    My heart is still racing. I never stopped believing!

  13. LocalGutterGuy says:

    And yes….I need a Valium Rademen44 also. How bout the lack of penalties on the hawks. Couple that were called were BS! Offensive PI….then the no call on Houston on the next play.

  14. what an awesome win. Russell is the man. The guy had literally zero time on pretty much every pass play. So what does he do? When the chips are down and the game is one the line, he uses his legs to make key play after key play. What a cool-headed gamer he is. He’s the one to take us all the way there.

    And kudos to the D. After a pretty dismal first half, they came up with a way to get pressure on Schaub,shut down the run game, and get turnovers when they needed them. We could easily have gotten fatigued and laid down in this one – but not today. Guts.

    O-line is the obvious issue. It’s clear that McQ is not an NFL-level tackle. It wasn’t just Watt beating him, everyone who lined up against him went right around him on pass plays. He’s just too slow afoot. I’m sure i’m not the only one who noticed – hopefully Schneider can find someone better somehow. Can’t have another game w/him starting at that spot

    What a great win . . a SB team kind of win. Gonna go enjoy my sunday now . . . .

  15. raymaines says:

    I admit it, I stopped believing. I pretty much gave this one up in the second quarter. Last years CHI game taught me not to turn the TV off, but I did the dishes during the 3rd quarter. Silly me!

  16. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    I love having a team that can be decimated by injuries on offense, play so terrible overall, and still find a way to win on the road against a very good football team. RW and the entire defense were clutch in the 2nd half.

    Go Hawks!

  17. What a great win. If we had lost, they would have said we don’t win on the road. Winning while down 3 linemen after going down 20-3 is impressive. No points for Houston in the second half. Russell taking the team on his back for a TD. Sherman coming up big to tie. I hear you Radem, what a roller coaster. Go Hawks!

  18. thursday says:

    The D in the second half made me not give up. But still, holy crap.

  19. Painful first half. With the O line as decimated as it was they should have let Wilson be Wilson much sooner and roll-out and run with it. Keeping him in the pocket (or lack thereof) didn’t seem to pay-off.

    How about Richard Sherman? Wow! Huge play. This team won’t quite, and that is what gets you to the championship game.

    This year’s pass rush would have won them the game in Atlanta last year.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This win will assure that we will get about ten posts a day this week. The bitching and moaning group will have to wait at least another week. Lol.

  21. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I’m embarrassed to say I gave up on this game in the third quarter. These guys didn’t and I will never fall prey of my doubt again. I’ve been cheering for this team for 34 years and I’ve never seen this. Amazing comeback on a day when we had three O-lineman doing all they could against a solid D. Defense picked a bad time to sleep walk, but made the difference when it counted. I am so proud of Wilson, Lynch and the D because they delivered when it mattered.

  22. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    My takeaway from this game: Awareness of when the real game is on the verge of being lost. Calmness and becoming more calm and centered and focused throughout the entire sequence of events. Execution when it matters.

    Let the stat guys digest whatever did or didn’t go right. The stats that matter are waft happened T the tipping points. The better team win those today.

  23. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Backup O-line man sorry

  24. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Great win!!!! I was dead wrong, I thought we were going to get killed..

    Best news is that Bennett is going to be fine!

  25. seahawkfan97 says:

    wow what a game and good news for Michael Bennet…what a scary and sickening moment especial for pops bennet… bp at field goal was 165/116…the wife made me take it…she’s got one of them darn wrist things….what an accomplishment for the hawks…bring on the colts…road woes? what’s that? Go hawks…sure miss the seasons tickets we have no more

  26. edstang45 says:

    Impressive win..we go into game with 3 back up players at Center, and both Tackles, The Texans must’ve been slobbering at the mouth with Watt, Cushing and company bringing the big pressure. RW was under the gun all day they met the Beast in the back field all day. zRW had zero time to let recievers run their patterns and it looked bad early.

    But great Teams win when they should lose. I am so proud to be part of the 12th man….Baldwin is the Man, I am just giddy today..Indy here we come, and like Dave has said if we split these two games we could run the table, we can win and still run the table…screw all the issues we had today were 4-0 GO Hawks

  27. DanielleMND says:

    That was one hell of a comeback by Seattle on the road.

    With as bad as the team played on both sides in the first half, I was prepared for a loss. The Legion of Boom struggled at times, but Sherman made the big play when we really needed it.

    I hope Unger and Giacomini are back for the next game. That O-line looked ugly most of the game.

    I’m glad the injury to Bennett wasn’t as bad as it looked.

  28. DanielleMND says:

    “Great win!!!! I was dead wrong, I thought we were going to get killed.”

    So did I the way it looked in the first half. That was ugly.

  29. seahawkfan97 says:

    I’ve been reading this forum for a few years now and appreciate all the great insight and comments from you all…Who was it on here that said relax.. the forth quarter they will get tired and we will dominate? go hawks!!!!!

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Did anyone look at Wilsons expression at half time? He had this assassin look on his face that only a Neapoleon complex kind of guy could have.

  31. The Seahawks allowed nearly 500 yards yet I think the Defense deserves most of the credit for this win.

    How many times did the Seahawks stop the Texans at the end of the game and OT? The Defense has taken a real step up this year.

  32. mquinn73 says:

    Even if they had lost that game in OT, this team still showed that they have the character of champions. To come back against all odds on the road against a ‘true’ playoff caliber team, that right there my friends is a defining moment….

    However, first thing John Schneider does on Monday morning is pick up the phone to Joe Banner and ask him what he wants for Joe Thomas. Right now, the only thing stopping this team from a Superbowl ring is our offensive line. If Wilson takes the sort of punishment all season long, then he won’t be around in January 2014… and neither will the hawks. He needs to be protected properly. Go get us a tackle, John!

  33. “GeorgiaHawk
    Sep. 29, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    This win will assure that we will get about ten posts a day this week. The bitching and moaning group will have to wait at least another week. Lol.”

    Actually, this could never happen because you average well over 10 posts per day (like I used to).

  34. GeorgiaRay says:

    And to make it sweeter, the Stealers are 0-4!

  35. Richard Sherman for NFC Defensive Player of the Week again. You gotta make your plays when the opportunity presents itself…and he did.

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- I’m getting tired of posting so much, perhaps you can take over?
    Btw- We won the second half 20-0 plus ot. And we won the 4th 17-0 plus ot.

    Wilson hasn’t lost a game by more then 7 points since 2010.

  37. Game ball to RW…

  38. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Silver lining is that we get Irvin back next game. Not that his presence will cure all ills, but we now have another pass rusher that can jump in and add speed.

  39. pabs – I agree. The defense really stepped up those final 3 quarters after getting owned, especially in the second quarter (weird writing about almost 5 “quarters”).

    There were so many plays that stood out but the Sherman pick six was huge and then the Wilson run when the offense got it’s first and only TD on the day was gigantic as well.

    We really need Unger to get healthy ASAP. That won’t cure everything, but it would be a big step in the right direction.

    Can we get an Unger update at some point instead of “triceps,” such as it’s a 2-4 week type of injury? Or may need surgery after the season and he’ll have to play through it? I do understand they want to be guarded (even though he’s a center) with releasing that type of information though.

    Although some may not agree after a win of this magnitude, but I think the best thing that happened today was hearing that Bennett checked out fine and came back to the stadium. That really looked bad at first and I’m so glad he’s going to be okay.

    I’d rather have lost the game than for him to be paralyzed or something crazy. Instead, we got the win and he’s okay. The best of both worlds!

  40. MoSeahawk12 says:

    This game was historic fellas. Russell is once again the real deal and watching Schab’s body language, I would take our guy over him every time. Wilson looked like a panther stalking his prey. Dude’s incredible!!

  41. jawpeace says:

    Russel Wilson is a winner. He will get credit for a comeback, but give that comeback to the Defense.

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree, the news about Bennett was huge!

  43. Agree about the D – the big difference being that this unit can generate some pass rush when they have to at the end of games. God we get Irvin back next week, got to think Bennett will miss some time.

    Credit to Hauschka too – big pressure kick to win this, and not a gimme.

  44. LocalGutterGuy says:

    BTW. Gotta give props to Carroll for taking the points early rather than go for it. He did that twice last year and it cost us. All these guys need is a chance. So don’t take the chance away. Today they saved Go For It on 4th for when they had to…not want to.

  45. Okay, Georgia, here’s post #3 in about 10 minutes!

    When we were down 20-3 – I was sitting there thinking how surprised I was, as I didn’t think it was possible for this team to take a beating like that. Then they proved why we all believe in them so much.

    Has anyone from out of the area checked on flights to Seattle for the NFC Championship weekend? They seem really high. It’s almost $400 from Minneapolis (round trip). Usually, when I look, they are around $280-$300.

    It’s still early, but I’d much rather attend the game to get to the Super Bowl than the actual Super Bowl. The real fans are at the conference championship game (if at home), whereas it’s tough to find a mass number of real Seahawk fans at the Super Bowl (Detroit was embarrassing, as I didn’t hardly meet any other psycho Seahawk fans… I met some Seahawk fans but they really weren’t able to talk history of the franchise or anything like that, while being old enough, so it was pretty obvious they were either rich or bandwagoners).

    The Super Bowl is my birthday weekend and I know what I want for my birthday this year!

  46. The greatest thing about Sherm’s pick6 was that he ran out of his shoe, for forty yards and it didn’t slow him up a bit! Go Hawks!

    A win is a win is a win! 4-0 baby!

  47. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I’d meet ya there BobbyK, that game would be for the true fans and the superbowl will be for the sponsors.
    The championship game against the Panthers was crazy good and we know how the Superbowl bled out.
    Still a long way to go, 4-0 under adverse conditions. This team…this TEAM!!!!

  48. “jawpeace
    Sep. 29, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    Russel Wilson is a winner. He will get credit for a comeback, but give that comeback to the Defense.”

    I agree the defense was absolutely huge after struggling early but this is a great TEAM. The Sherm pick and Wilson scramble… they all contributed huge.

    What about the Baldwin catch that Mr. Happy challenged? There is no Wilson scramble on that 3rd down if Baldwin doesn’t make that catch. That was one of the greatest catches I have ever seen.

    This TEAM is awesome!

    We just gotta get a bit healthy on the OL.

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I can get you a better price for the Falcon game. Just saying.

  50. ChrisHolmes says:


    This team won’t quit. They won’t allow each other to quit.

    I’ve never seen a Seahawks team play like this. I was utterly amazed today. My old man: “Better than most Superbowls”. I agreed.

    What else can you say about Wilson? He refuses to lose. He’s the ultimate competitor. And Sherman.. and everyone else who made plays. Just monster.

    4-0. First time. Gotta love it.

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That’s 5 of 6 now on the road at 10 am. If we win next week I don’t see how we lose our division.

  52. banosser says:

    Ok.. I’m sure it has been said already… but that was an unbelievable, improbable, money comeback win… That is the kind of W that really helps secure HF thru the playoffs… Wow… PC.. you really have them believing they can come back from anything.. Sherm.. you are the best!

    Enjoy that flight home men!!

  53. Southendzone says:

    Hat’s off to all you who never gave up on our chances. I love that. Wish I could say I was in that group today but the 1st half was sooo ugly I couldn’t see it turning around.

    Sherman is ridiculously good. Between him and Wilson it’s like Luke Skywalker teaming up with Darth Vader or something.

    Here’s a great pic of some Texan fans after the game. enjoy

  54. jaybrank says:

    Wow! Tremendous win for Hawks despite 91 total passing yards. I thought hawks would throw quick and short much more to adjust for the backups starting on the OL. Thank goodness for the mobility of RW3. Texans fans had a “cut Schaub” sign over I-45 in Houston this week. Now they want to burn his house down!

  55. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol Southendzone.

    Looks like Jake Locker is on fire so far today.

  56. Definitely a stunning win, and probably the grittiest win I’ve seen in some time. Time to get the O-line back in shape. Looking forward to having Irvin back too, let’s give show Luck what this D can do!

    3 out of 5 for early road starts would be huge in more than one way, especially hitting that mark early in the season.

  57. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Who would of thought we would win with these stats?

    1st Downs 15 29

    Passing 1st downs
    6 20

    Rushing 1st downs
    6 7

    1st downs from Penalties
    3 2

    3rd down efficiency
    3-14 6-17

    4th down efficiency
    1-1 0-0
    Total Plays 58 88
    Total Yards 270 476
    Yards per play 4.7 5.4
    Total Drives 13 15
    Passing 91 325

    Comp – Att
    12-23 31-49

    Yards per pass
    4.0 6.6

    Interceptions thrown
    1 2

    Sacks – Yards Lost
    5-32 4-30
    Rushing 179 151

    Rushing Attempts
    30 35

    Yards per rush
    6.0 4.3
    Red Zone (Made-Att) 1-1 1-3
    Penalties 9-62 6-86
    Turnovers 2 3

    Fumbles lost
    1 1

    Interceptions thrown
    1 2
    Defensive / Special Teams TDs 1 0
    Possession 31:48 39:53

  58. GeorgiaRay says:

    Sean McGrath had a big game for the Chiefs…really hate losing him

  59. NYHawkFan says:

    I tuned into the game at the start of the 3rd quarter, 20-3, and must say I was a little demoralized after looking at the score. All I can say is Wow! What a come back! It was the kind of win that real champions pull off, when everyone else has chalked it off as as as loss.

    Hopefully, we can now to put to rest the “Seahawks can’t win on the road” mantra. Hopefully no serious injuries. Next week we get some guys back and go visit the Colts with some extra confidence, knowing that we’re never out of it.

  60. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I think jake locker just tore his knee up

  61. raymaines says:

    Ray’s random thoughts:

    Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate are both awesome. I don’t know how PH will fit in, but I don’t think SR has a future in SEA.

    Houston’s Matt Schaub and kicker Randy Bullock both appeared to be in over their heads. Schaub looked like he wanted to be in the shower, and Bullock looked like he didn’t want any part of things. RW and Steven Hauschka both looked like they were just dying to have a chance to win the game. Advantage Seattle.

    Richard Sherman leads a charmed life. He got abused all day long, but still had the play of the game. God bless the young man, but he was lucky. He’s really good and creates his own luck, but he was lucky.

    It’s fun to listen to the losing coaches explain why they lost and what they are going to differently next week.

    I think SEA eased up on JAC last week in deference to Gus Bradly. The Colts didn’t ease up.

    Jake Locker looked pretty good and the NYJ’s look pretty bad, but that’s history now. I feel bad for for both Locker and Nate Burleson.

    I’m picking SEA over both IND and TEN. Seattle goes 6-0.

  62. just had a long post eaten but the might internets!

    Summary – Def sucked then was great.

    Off – was what you would expect – 98 yard drive was the game winner IMO.

  63. I think we almost have to accept that we will sleepwalk through the first half of 10 am East coast games. Don’t want to, but that’s been the reality the last 4 or 5 games or so. Good part is there is no quit in this team, and we almost always storm back sometime in the 2nd half.

    Was watching the game at Tilted Kilt in Scottsdale, and I must admit I almost walked out early third quarter. We hadn’t been blown out recently, and I just thought we might be due. Only the waitresses and pops kept me hanging around, but I’m glad I did stick around.

    Never give up on this team. Love Wilson. In Russ we trust.
    Sherm’s play was so money. I let out a primal scream during that play.
    I really think he is the best corner in the league at this point. Whoo-hoo! Go Hawks!

  64. I have to disagree with you there Ray. If your definition of luck is that you have to create it, then Sherman was lucky.

    But that pick 6 was no chance encounter. Sherm studies tape. He knows route concepts and tendencies and probably understands them better than most cornerbacks because of his experience as a wideout. He knew Daniels was Schaub’s outlet/security blanket and jumped the route and then outfought Owen Daniels for the ball.

    That just shows who was hungrier and wanted it more.

  65. sluggo42 says:


    When down at halftime I said to my new best friend at the bar, I said ” ya know, we’re only down by 14. That’s two TD’s. then we win it in OT…”

    That is a fact, and that is that. He said back to me, I’m a little concerned, but not worried…. Hahaha
    We had the whole place clapping for the hawks by the end of the game, except one lone 9er fan… Whaaaa.

  66. Beachhawk says:

    BELIEVE!!! Is it possible for one team to have the: Run of the week Lynch 1st quarter, catch of the week Baldwin, defensive play of the week Sherman, drive of the week Wilson OT, & game of the week. Kudos to Hauschka 100% so far. Guarantee NFL channel will air it on Tuesday. RW great interview with NFL channel after the game.

  67. raymaines says:

    Sluggo: That’s awesome!

    CCVI: I don’t know what to think of it all. RS got picked on, but then got the pick six. Luck/skill? I don’t know.

  68. sluggo42 says:

    So as bad as the oline was, I thought the kid Bowie held his own a lot. It looked to me like the center and guards couldn’t figure out the stunts
    Carp whiffed a few times for sure. But…

    Bowie got some real time NFL experience against a monster in a hostile environment.

    Houston has a damn strong front 7. JjWats is even scarier when gallons of blood are pouring out of his face…

  69. sluggo42 says:

    The lbs got chewed up in the first half, adjusted a bit in the second half. I bet their TE’s got over 250 yards

  70. You have to to be in position to take advantage of luck, when you get it.

    Just to get everyone going:

    Skip Bayless ‏@RealSkipBayless 2h
    Seahawks should’ve won this game easily, needed a gift from ref to survive on OT FG.

  71. GeorgiaHawk says:

    When will we get a break? We have faced four very good defenses so far.

  72. A personal message from me to Skip Bayless:

    I am better at life than you. Ha!

  73. sluggo42 says:

    We will get a break when out O-line pulls their heads out of their asses and figure out how to pass protect…

  74. raymaines says:

    and next week we face the red hot Colts and a very good (apologies to Yankinta) QB. I like the match-up and I think the Seahawks will win.

  75. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    great game

  76. Unbelievable! Except we all pretty much expect Sherm to bail out the offense, and the O to get the game winning score…

    Now can everyone see my worry regarding the line? While I believe Bowie will improve–and I pray Bailey unseats McQ, Carp still is bad in pass pro and Sweezy is just bad. Losing Okung AND Unger is killing this team.

    Lots of improvement needed, but only a fool would give up on Seattle now.

    And yeah, the good news on Bennett was even better than the win!

  77. sluggo42 says:

    Did Lem get abused too?
    Agreed Slave, I can’t figure out why the pass pro is non-existent…

  78. raymaines says:

    Sluggo…… ????

    This isn’t a matter of the O-Line (or Tom Cable) “pulling their heads out…”. This is a skill set issue. The Seahawk first team O-Line isn’t all that great, and the second team is even less talented. It’s not a matter of being stupid, they understand their assignments, it’s just talent. Example: When Brian Cushing left the game our O-Line got better. Coincidence?

  79. sluggo42 says:

    Oh, what was the report on Bennett? I heard good news, but know nothing…

  80. Deepthreat88 says:

    Let’s be realistic here: Wilson played like crap. The defense was picked apart and the good receivers on the Texans were open all day long. Foster gashed the DL all day too. This was an ugly win.

    It was a lucky win thanks to retarded play by Shaub and poor play calling by the Texans. Take the win as the gift that it was, and be grateful that the defensive MVP of the year so far, Sherman, plays for the Hawks.

  81. sluggo42 says:

    Agree to a point Ray, but there seems to be a lack of understanding who takes who, and how to pick up stunters. Even the starters don’t do well at pass pro… They all run block decently..

  82. sluggo42 says:

    Deep, how do you expect Wilson to play well with no protection?

    Linebackers did get killed by the under routes badly…. Adjusted a bit in second Half

  83. I need to buy the All 22 package because I am convinced Sidney Rice gets 0 separation and Golden Tate can’t run a route worth anything.

    But I won’t know for sure until I can see it.

  84. Everyone bagging on Schaub for a “bad throw” which 81 SHOULD have caught but he got out played by Sherm. While the possesion before RW – flat out threw that ball right to the defender Kearse had ZERO chance to catch that ball.

  85. sluggo42 says:

    I agree it was an ugly win.

  86. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Not Unbelievable at all. Like pabs said, you don’t have to have a good O-line to win it all.
    Btw- only a fool would think Sweezy is bad!!!

  87. cseahawk says:

    Hello everyone. I rarely post on here(like 4 posts in 5 years), but needed to get something off my chest. Check out

    Start at first page, jump to page 33, then 48 til the end.

    I hate the Whiners, but their so-called fans are worse. Read what they say about Wilson, about the refs(they’re are blowing the Seahawks), what they about Carroll, etc. I despise the Whiners, but I don’t root for Kaep to blow out a knee, say the Whiners are paying off the refs, that they’re the luckiest M-Fers ever,etc. Are Whiner fans so pathetic that this is all they can do?

    Dukeshire, BobbyK, Yakinta, everyone old and new…… this crap for real? Or is just Whiner fans suck this bad? Good news, they bitch so much about us we are definitely in their heads……..I don’t spend 5 hours on the computer hoping that Kaep dies on the field and that Harbaugh has a heart attack. Just curious as to what everyone out there thinks. Thanks

  88. If Seattle ever has to play in London I might flip!! that would be just WRONG based on how much they already travel.

  89. sluggo42 says:

    Well the GH, I guess that makes me a fool, by your definition…

  90. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Deepthreat88- Let’s be realistic here- Wilson played great when the game was on the line, and the D played great in the 4th qtr.

    What more do you want for a team playing on the road against a Super Bowl contender that had their asses handed to them last week?

  91. If you had told me that McQuistan – Carpenter – Jeanpierre – Sweezey – Bowie

    Could go into Texas and fight for 5 quarters and beat the Texans, I would have told you NO WAY that’s gonna happen.


  92. I want them to not look like Jax at ANY point in the game!

    Also, Wilson playing great is throwing an INT in clutch time? lucky for us that Sherm was able to repay the favor!!!

  93. GeorgiaHawk says:

    cseahawk- some 49er fans suck this bad. Unfortunately some of the Seahawks fans do too.

  94. Hey deep throat, nobody is arguing the fact that this was an ugly win. It most definitely was ugly, I’m talking like Susan Boyle ugly. But Wilson did not play like crap. He wasn’t sharp in his passing, for sure, but improvised with his runs and came up big when it counted.
    He made Schaub look like a statue by comparison, he has zero mobility and clutch factor.

    You can’t really expect RW to look like Peyton Manning when he is running for his life every snap. And that was not a “retarded” throw by Schaub, Sherman just outwrestled Daniels is all. He wanted it more. Sherman and the Seahawks wanted this game more than them. I would hardly say it was a “gift”.

  95. There you go again with your passive aggressive name calling Georgia. Bobbyk says it best–why are such an a-hole?!

    Only an idiot would think Sweezy was anything but bad. Perhaps he will improve, but right now he’s bad. I give Lem a pass at least for now. Same with Bowie. McQ is not good–lost a step. Carp still hasn’t proven he can passpro at an nfl level. Overall, this line is bad. It would be one thing if they were in the top 3 in run blocking and this bad at pass pro, but they aren’t that good. So, IMO Cable has sacrificed pass pro completely for decent but not great run blocking; fail.

    With an avg line, this team wins a sb; I don’t see that happening barring a major improvement in the Oline play.

    And the offense is scoring one Td a game disc jax. That’s not gonna win a championship.

    But what a great defensive second half!

  96. I am thrilled about the win.

    I am bummed that I had to get on a conference call early in the 3rd, & while the TV was on with the sound off, I mostly missed the excitement of the comeback. I noticed the halftime score, than the next thing I really noticed was OT.

    Hopefully we get Unger & Giaco back next week? Hopefully none of today’s injuries were serious.

  97. Totally off topic: M. Flynn 21/32 227 1 1

  98. The OL is slightly above average when completely healthy. But obviously with 60% out including both Pro Bowlers it will take a major hit.

  99. Well, at least they are Seahawk fans GH.
    Run with us or run from us.

    Niner fans can go put on a Dolphins hat that matches their teal panties and prance around in front of a mirror taking a selfie like their idiot QB.

    Ours visits kids at the hospital and carries around a homemade wallet that a kid gifted him. Wow, I would say there is a huge difference between our qb’s and our fanbases.

  100. Stevos–hear hear! What a defensive performance in the second half, and RW pulled it together despite the rough start to get the points we had to have!

  101. Southendzone says:

    Saying Wilson played like crap is a joke, his stats won’t show it but did exactly what was needed to get the win. He played like a champion today.

  102. The line isn’t in the top 10 in run blocking, and they are near the bottom in pass pro (using advanced stats). That doesn’t equal avg overall—that equals below avg. infers injury has rendered him nearly ineffective even before today, and as I said losing him and Okung has decimated our line–but it wasn’t good to start with.

    The only linemen I look forward to returning next year are Okung and Unger and our rookies; that’s an indictment of Cable and his talent eval, not of my support for the Hawks.

  103. Infers=Unger; stupid autocorrect!

  104. sluggo42 says:

    Right on South, Wilson won this game with his legs, cuz his oline didn’t help him much, granted, 3 starters out…

  105. montanamike2 says:

    Killer comeback, killer win 4-0 baby!

  106. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Good thing we didn’t lose, We would have to read your typical 2-4 page nauseating rants.
    Fortunately we can make it through another week without them.

    BTW- Sweezy is a beast! Deal with it!

  107. NYHawkFan says:

    xcman – Agree that it wasn’t so much a bad throw by Schaub as it was great play by Sherm. Sherm studies hard, knows the receivers routes, knows their tendencies, and anticipated the QB’s throw. That’s how you jump routes and win games.

    Agree with those of you who say that it was an ugly win, but we’re 4-0, and ultimately, that’s what counts. Hope Unger is back next week.

    Wilson knows how to will his team to win, and you can’t coach that. Go Hawks!

  108. VIKINGS, STEELERS, BUCCANEERS, REDSKINS all have a bye week next week – pretty much taking out 4 teams which might be chosen for survivor pools.

  109. Interesting game of the week for me next week is Houston at SF.

    Lets hope that JJ can regain all the blood he spilled today and wreck havoc next week in SF

  110. Yeah but we have to read your dunken posts all week

  111. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree xcman.

  112. “Saying Wilson played like crap is a joke, his stats won’t show it but did exactly what was needed to get the win. He played like a champion today.”

    exactly right.

  113. So you agree that you punish us with your posts – thanks for admitting it. it’s the first step . . . .

  114. GeorgiaHawk says:

    OK, my girlfriend just came in and said my last post was juvenile.
    I told her that I was responding to a delusional Seahawk fan.
    She said it doesn’t matter, your response was still juvenile.

    OK, perhaps she’s right. See you in the morning. Go Hawks!!!

  115. raymaines says:

    A totally pissed Houston at lack luster San Francisco should be a very good game. Yawn. It feels SOooo good to not really care who wins. Go ‘Hawks!!

  116. Deepthreat88 says:

    Sluggo, the Texans have a good DL. Too much blame on the OL and not enough acknowledgement that Russell didn’t get the ball out fast enough playing a team like that. The stats are the stats, and Russell played a poor game. Granted, he used his athleticism at the end to do just enough to win. I like the kid.

    CCVI, if you think the throw by Schaub that was a pick 6 “wasn’t a bad throw”, you don’t know crap about football and should stop posting. It also explains why you think that Wilson had a good game.

    Calling me deep throat is funny, it’s what your mom calls me too.

    How about the Hawks make it to a Super Bowl before you do a victory lap?

  117. I’ll take an ugly win over a loss of any kind, especially when that win can be used to secure home field advantage in the play-offs, where we all know the Seahawks are almost unbeatable.

    I don’t like judging people solely on stats. The stats of Wilson look pretty terrible today. However, I gained so much more respect for him today.

    His pass “protection” was terrible and, yes, that pick was bad (he knows better than to make a throw like that and you can bet it won’t happen again, at least for a long time).

    However, he made the plays he needed when he needed to – that’s what a winner does. And, yes, a Sherman pick six certainly helps, but it’s also a team game and this is what great teams do.

    Even with this bad statistical day today, I think more of Wilson right now than I did yesterday and I thought pretty highly of him yesterday, too, as everyone knows.

    If you’re a fan of the Seahawks or Colts – you can be sure that you have one of the two best young QBs in the NFL, IMO. Rodgers, Manning, and Brady may be better today, but Wilson and Luck are going to be the Rodgers, Manning, and Brady of tomorrow.

  118. It does look like the O line injury situation may be a concern. It may be time to trade next year’s 2nd or 3rd pick for a star O lineman.

  119. Southendzone says:

    Ok it makes sense now DT88 is a 49’er fan. Except I think they are being referred to now as the Orty-Niners because the Hawks beat the “F” out of them.

    Thanks for visiting, all opinions are welcome.

  120. His pass “protection” was terrible and, yes, that pick was bad (he knows better than to make a throw like that and you can bet it won’t happen again, at least for a long time).

    Other than this is not the first time that has happened this season!!! He will learn from it but we will still have growing pains with Wilson. Still love the guy and love it even more knowing that he will continue to get better for the forseeable future :) But he isn’t perfect, not just yet

  121. Deepthreat88 says:

    Sherman is the best DB in the NFL
    Lynch is the 2nd best RB—behind Peterson
    Wilson is 11th best qb–and moving up
    Percy is 7th best WR

    Great foundation.

    Go heavy for OL and DL in next years draft. Super Bowl possibly in 2014 season. Doubtful they could be Broncos with this team. Next week against Colts and rematch against Niners at the Stick will tell us everything.

  122. FleaFlicker says:

    BobbyK is back! Now if we can just locate Duke…

    For all the Niner-thoughts polluting an otherwise great afternoon, a side-by-side comparison of RW and Kaep’s Instagram accounts:

    Too funny!

  123. Deepthreat88 says:

    South—funny. Hawks did beat the “F” out of Niners. I saw it with my own eyes. Lots of football left this year though. I hope the Niners return the favor at their place. Hawks are a tough matchup for Niners with their WR’s.

  124. When does Kearse start to get more playing time over Rice?

  125. Deepthreat88 says:

    Meaning the Niners WR’s don’t match up well with Hawks DBs

  126. sluggo42 says:

    A pocket, is an area of protection where a QB can step into where large strong men keep other large strong men from pummeling him. From this pocket he can watch his receivers run their route and then throw the ball to the best option. A collapsed pocket is where the QB has to attempt to escape from to avoid being obliterated.

    I personally didn’t see too many pockets where RW had all day to throw from. We wonder about the wr’s abilities to get open, but I don’t think they get many chances to complete their routes befor RW has either scooted, or been sacked…

    There were a few, don’t get me wrong, but not many.

  127. The Super Bowl is going to be played 20 minutes from my house this year. I’ll be going to make as much 12th Man noise as I can. After this win today, the sheer guts that our beloved team showed, and the incredible leadership from our QB, I can’t really think they won’t be here in NJ come February. GO SEAHAWKS!!

  128. The early start time seemed to affect the game. It was like the Seahawks didn’t wake up until the afternoon.

    It is pure greed that keeps the league from adjusting times to accommodate the West coast teams. Over half of the games today were early starts, so it is not as if they need to have any problem starting the game later.

    Super win today. It was like different teams in the 2d half. Anybody have the stats by half? It would be interesting to compare the numbers for the 2d half to the first.

  129. sluggo42 says:

    So deep, are you a 9ers fan?

  130. raymaines says:

    I was just barely paying attention at the time and haven’t watched the video, but I didn’t think the interception was all that bad.

    RW was just about to get crushed and made a throw that JK could have caught. It was a very good defensive play that didn’t turn out well for the Seahawks. Certainly the timing was bad, but the actual play wasn’t any worse than plays that went Seattle’s way. Two magical throws to Doug Baldwin come to mind. Brent Favre is going to the HofF making those kinds of throws. Please guys, remember that Seattle won the game.

  131. Southendzone says:

    DT88 = Freddie Solomon, SF receiver in the early 80’s who was indeed their deep threat at the time.

    Also, not too common for non-SF fans to refer to their field as “the Stick”

  132. VNHLNFAN says:

    CCV1.. I hear ya loud and clear! Go Hawks!!

  133. raymaines says:

    FleaFlicker: Even SF fans agree that WR is a nicer person than CK. Who is the better QB is the question. Today’s game didn’t really help RW prove anything.

  134. raymaines says:

    That would be Wilson, Russell…

  135. Ray – respectfully disagree that Kearse could have caught the ball – he MIGHT have been able to knock it down. It perfectly lead the guy in coverage. Still just glad RS could bail us fans out during the next possesion.

    And Kearse will get time in front of Rice when the coaching staff actually thinks he outplays Rice.

  136. raymaines says:

    Guys, Thank you for all the good conversation. I’m going to bed now.

    Go ‘Hawks!

    Sucks to be a Colts fan.

    Best wishes to Jake Locker.

    Good night.

  137. Deepthreat88 says:

    Sluggo, Long time 49er fan. A fan of good football everywhere. Played a few years. Had a chance to be on the field as a fan, in Seattle, for the Niners Hawks game a few years back. Loudest stadium I’ve ever been in. The fans were real friendly to me, even wearing my 9 er jersey.

  138. Oldslow, agree 100% ion the 10AM start. The fact we’ve won 2 of those shows just how good the Hawks are this year. It’s a huge disadvantage for West Coast teams to play AM games on the East Coast time zone.

  139. Deepthreat88 says:

    Last comment:

    Kaep vs RW

    Arm strength: Kaep
    Pocket presence: RW
    Scrambling: RW
    Read a defense: RW
    Accuracy: Kaep
    Intangible: RW (like the 4th down play for 1st down before Lynch td)

    Right now I give the nod to RW because Kaep can make first and second read only, and still stares down his receivers. Long term Kaep may have the edge as Harbaugh is unquestionably a better qb coach.

  140. jawpeace says:

    Many have said this was an ugly win. Well I think any win, especially on the road, being down 20-3, playing without Unger, Okung, and Breno on the O line, is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! 4-0!!!!!

  141. jawpeace says:

    Well deepthreat, I could see the undercurrents of a 49er fan reading your posts. But I must say you are a rare 49er fan who has a trace of objectivity in your posts.
    RW versus CK is pretty accurate. I would have argued about accuracy going to CK before this season. But RW has not been as accurate thus far compared to as he was last year.

  142. Long term Kaep may have the edge as Harbaugh is unquestionably a better qb coach.

    Really – based on?!?!?!

  143. tealskin says:

    A lot of things to find fault with, but the main takeaway was the incredible fortitude the Hawks displayed. So many reasons to just throw in the towel but that is not how they roll. Makes me proud to be a fan when the team plays with as much heart (and guts) as they did today.

  144. It was really apparent today that if we got Manning, he would have been pummeled by now. This O line is just awful. Great win by the Hawks, but could you imagine how good RW would be with SF’s O line? Now tell me Kaep is better than RW. Ha!

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