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Morning links: Watt is a humble handful

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Sep. 26, 2013 at 6:30 am with 72 Comments »
September 26, 2013 12:41 am
Stopping J.J. Watt is a top priority for the Seahawks. / AP photo
Stopping J.J. Watt is a top priority for the Seahawks. / AP photo

Good morning.

> Our Dave Boling writes that the Seahawks have a huge opportunity the next two weeks:

How well they handle consecutive road games against Houston and Indianapolis, each 2-1 thus far, could define this season.

As Carroll also likes to say, every challenge is an opportunity. (And I fear that nearly four years of Carroll press conferences have caused some of his favorite phrases to practically type themselves into columns on the Seahawks).

The opportunity at hand is obvious, a sweep or even a split of these two could slingshot them into the conference driver’s seat.

> I wrote about J.J. Watt.

Talking to people who know the defensive end will invariably lead to a similar stream of comments. Huge feet. Huge hands. Even huge ankles. A rare sight who surprised those he came across.

Long arms. Good speed. Tall. Can run, jump and get off the ball. Watt, 6-foot-5 and 289 pounds, is the most potent blend of defensive positives in the league.

> suggests the Seahawks may start their two rookie tackles, Alvin Bailey and Michael Bowie, at Houston. From Terry Blount:

If Breno Giacomini doesn’t play, the Seahawks probably will start a rookie at right tackle — either Michael Bowie or Alvin Bailey. Bowie (6-foot-4, 330 and a seventh-round draft choice from Northeastern State in Oklahoma) likely would be the starter.

I’ll add in here that Russell Okung watched practice Wednesday with his left foot in a walking boot. So, he’s at least back at the VMAC.

> is the latest on the Michael Bennett bandwagon. From Clare Farnsworth:

Intense? Relentless? Tenacious?

Those aren’t the words that come to mind when you see Bennett shuffling through the locker room or down a hallway at Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Laid back. Mellow. Just chillin’. Now those are tags that fit the 6-foot-4, 274-pound Bennett off the field.

> O’Brien Schofield’s versatility has been a key for the Seahawks. From the Everett Herald:

Schofield’s role could change as the team continues to get healthy and when Bruce Irvin returns from suspension. However, he came here fully expecting to have an impact no matter how deep the Seahawks were with pass rushers.

“Pete Carroll and (general manager) John Schneider told me exactly what I’d be doing when I got here, that I’d move around a little bit, and that they had some guys out, and when those guys get back, we’d have a really big rotation,” Schofield said.

> How good could Wisconsin have been with Russell Wilson and J.J. Watt? From the Houston Chronicle:

“After my year at the University of Wisconsin, when we were at the Pro Bowl … me and him were just joking about if he had stayed his senior year, we probably would have won a national championship,” Wilson said. “I missed playing with him, man. He’s a talented football player. It’s going to be an honor to play against him this week.”

> Watt says he’s sick of losing. The Texans are 2-1.

> Sound FX, Russell Wilson. This is some audio of Wilson from Week 3 versus the Jaguars. I can’t link directly to it, so here’s a link to It’s on the right.

> MMQB takes a look at the league’s new bag policy, which has some fans grumbling.

The fans in favor of the policy largely felt it couldn’t hurt. “I’ve been going to games since I was two, and I’m used to security saying, ‘You can’t, you can’t, you can’t,” said 28-year-old Jets fan Christian Imperato. “What’s one more rule?”

The fans opposed to it had much stronger opinions. “Ridiculous,” said University of Minnesota-Duluth student Lauren Munson, turned away at the Metrodome 45 minutes before kickoff. Her black cross-body bag was about a half inch too big.

> Just how good is Texans QB Matt Schaub? From SI:

Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub has done a lot of things in his 10-year NFL career. He’s made two Pro Bowls, thrown for over 4,000 yards in a season three times, and he’s been the signal-caller for a franchise that was won 25 regular-season games and lost just 11 in the past three years. By most statistical measures you’d care to mention, Schaub is one of the better quarterbacks in the league. But there is an increasing number of people in and around the Houston area who would like to see just about anybody else in charge of the team’s passing game.

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good article on Watt Todd.

    BTW- I know Watt is listed as a DE, but doesn’t he get moved to DT some?

  2. yankinta says:

    I don’t think Matt Schaub is great. He’s average QB probably Top 15 or Top 18 currently, imo.

    I like our FO a lot because they’re willing to play Rookies early. Which is a MUST for us to have a Young Roster with a ton of experience. Can’t wait to see how well our Rookie Tackles do.

    Maybe they can be just as good as the Chicago OL Rookies…. That’d give our FO a lot of credit, which it doesn’t really need.

  3. sluggo42 says:

    It would be rough for a rook to face watt, but if he did, and if he stuffed him, like Okung did to Julius peppers, we would rejoice!

  4. Schaub isn’t great – hes ok.

    It would be interesting to see Bowie play – I think next year he is our starting RT.

  5. yankinta says:

    Jake Locker is definitely coming together. I’ve always been a fan since his Huskies Days…. He has the potential to be a Top 10 QB imo. Tennessee should win more game than Colts since both team play 4th and 5th easiest Schedule…..

  6. dirtbiker_joey says:

    I’ve never really know much about Watt, except his stats and that he’s a monster on defense. Reading up on him, I’m starting to be impressed with him as a person, too. Might even become a fan (after this week).

    It’s refreshing that along with the high profile legal issues, PEDs, self-promotion, etc. in the NFL, there are still plenty of good guys, role models for my kid.

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Locker has a long way to go before we can call him potential top 10, or even mention him in the same breath as Luck, However he certainly is dangerous with the game on the line.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – No. Houston runs a base 3-4.

    Locker has the potential to be a “top 10″ QB but Luck doesn’t? To use his favorite acronym, SMH.

  9. montanamike2 says:

    I’d like to see the rookies do well like Sluggo said, i can still remember Okung in his first start against peppers. I’m stoked that next week we get a healthy Irvin to add to this weeks addition of Clemmons.

  10. sluggo42 says:

    But even seasoned oline players have trouble with him, something tells me he and miller will become friends this game

  11. yankinta says:

    Ummm Dukeshire, I never said Andrew Luck doesn’t have the potential to be a top 10 (he does). I said he does not have the potential to be a top 5. Which is what RW is. c’mon stop spreading lies… smh…. :)

  12. wazzulander says:

    “Intense? Relentless? Tenacious?

    Those aren’t the words that come to mind when you see Bennett shuffling through the locker room or down a hallway at Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Laid back. Mellow. Just chillin’. Now those are tags that fit the 6-foot-4, 274-pound Bennett off the field.”

    Thanks to the Real Rob report, I know exactly what Farnsworth is talking about. C’mon Dougie Fresh, lets get the 12th man some locker room access!

  13. Can’t wait to watch SF at St Louis tonite. Wouldn’t mind a bit if SF continues to crumble.

  14. montanamike2 says:

    I hear you LVHawk.

  15. Agreed LV, would love to watch the 9ers continue to implode.

    I’m a bit nervous about our oline in this game. Watt is an animal and we have some injuries on the line that worry me. Lynch needs to gash the defense and i think they need to dial up some screens to him as well. Gonna be a nail biter.

  16. yankinta says:

    I think the 49ers will lose this game as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get run over again…. I doubt CK has learned how to go from 1st read to 2nd and 3rd reads in 2 weeks.

  17. I wonder if we might see more read option from the Seahawks on Sunday. It’s something we’ve only run a few plays here and there this season, and Houston hasn’t faced it at all, this year or last. It could help loosen up Houston’s very good run defense, plus increase the effectiveness of our play action.

  18. yankinta says:

    I think Jacksonville Jaguars gained some confidence by scoring 17 points against our D and they’ll give the Colts a tough time. I think that game will be close,, too bad Blaine Gabbert is coming back to start this game,, otherwise I’d be tempted to pick the Jags over Colts…

  19. I see SF losing tonight too. The Ram secondary is decent and besides Boldin and Davis (who is questionable) his receivers suck. So, even if CK has improved his check downs, he’ll rarely have anyone to throw the ball to anyway.

  20. yankinta says:

    OrrObb, of course we will. I’m pretty sure they’ll test JJ Watt to see if he can make the correct read, at least it will definitely make him hesitate and slow him down.

    I predict that Watt will get ZERO batted down passes from RW…. but that won’t stop the idiots who will still say RW is too short and will get his passes batted down a lot in his career.

  21. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Can you imagine how much we will discuss Luck next week? Yanker will be in heaven.
    Probably massaging his keyboard right now in anticipation.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Jax over the Colts…lol. I’d love to get a piece of that action.

  23. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I’m with Duke.
    The Jags won’t be playing against The Colt’s backups like they did last week against our D. Wholesale player changeout from the third quarter on. Our starting D wasn’t happy about all the yards and points the backups allowed. Colts D is above average and the Jags are the worst team in the league.

  24. yankinta says:

    lol, I said I’d be tempted but Blaine Gabbert is starting so I’d that hurts the chances in a big way. That dude is a 3rd string NFL QB, far from a starter,, imo.

  25. MoSeahawk12 says:

    From earlier thread in case you didn’t see it Duke. For what it’s worth.
    I actually left out the line “fluff like some other teams” in my original comment.

    Original post-”We are given new information many times a day and not just fluff, but reliable info that will come into play during game time.”

    Should have read “We are given new information many times a day and not just fluff like some other teams, but reliable info that will come into play during game time.”

    Again, I think Eric gave us a ton of great content and his work here promoted him to another job, so that speaks for itself.

  26. chuck_easton says:


    Just a quick question for you. You continue to say that Luck isn’t even a top 10 QB yet, but you also always list Wilson as a top 5 QB as if it is fact.

    Great that you love the hometown guy. But have you actually, you know, looked at the numbers? Well, I did because I was perplexed how Wilson in his second year is already a top 5 QB and Luck is average at best.

    So here’s what I found:

    In QB ‘power rankings’ (all catagories combined)

    1. Manning
    2. Rogers
    3. Brees
    4. Ryan
    5. Brady
    6. Wilson
    7. Luck

    So, this is interesting. Luck is already in the top 10 just one spot behind Wilson who is NOT in the top 5. So, I’m beginning to doubt your constant proclamations about either QB.

    Now, let’s look at different catagories. Oh, and Payton Manning is #1 on all of them so there is no question there.

    Passing Yards:

    Wilson 25th
    Luck 26th

    Passing completion %

    Luck 11
    Wilson 12

    QB Rating

    Wilson 3
    Luck 12

    So, in one catagory ONLY does Wilson grade out in the top 5. But in pretty much EVERY catagory Wilson and Luck are right beside each other.

    So now, I’m perplexed. Do I take from this that Luck is indeed a better QB than you want to admit? Or do I take from this that Wilson isn’t as good as we think?

    As I love Wilson and he’s the franchise QB of my team I think I’ll go with option 1. We are looking at two very talented 2nd year QB’s who are going to be pushing each other for years to come after the Mannings, Brady’s, Brees’, Rogers have had their time and are sitting at home.

    So, continue on with your constant ranting that Wilson is totally FAB and Luck is just icky.

    The statistics (you know those pesky things that tend to actually show a players performance)show that Luck and Wilson are neck and neck.

    You lose all creditability when you try to put your OPINION out as forgone FACT and you are definitely right while everyone else in the world is wrong.

    I know I shouldn’t let little things like the facts get in the way of your obvious superior knowledge of everything, but as a Lawyer I am trained to look at the evidence to determine the truth not just believe something because someone like you tells me how right you are.

    Oh, that reminds me. You constantly say that the rest of us are blind sheep and are only parrotting what the talking heads tell us is true. You like to tell us that you, on the other hand, only believe what you know to be true.

    Well, I think you might just have a glitch in your logic card here. I don’t see the numbers backing up your ‘fact’.

  27. montanamike2 says:

    I don’t get the site has gone downhill comment at all.

  28. montanamike2 says:

    Sorry Chuck, posted at the same time.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – You’re only now beginning to doubt yank…? lol

  30. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Thank you chuck. Very well researched with actual facts and solid logic. Something most often missing from the y.

  31. Southendzone says:

    Anyone recall if that rookie O-Lineman Ryan Seymour stuck on our practice squad or not?

    Did he make any impression at all in Training Camp? Seems things might be getting thin for this weekend. Regardless of all the detractors and dumb penalties, I don’t want us to go into Sunday w/o Breno being able to play.

  32. yankinta says:

    lol, chuck_easton,, loved your post. :)

    QB rankings are someone’s opinion. So I will only state facts here. Please let me know if I’m misstated something…

    Have you ever heard of Adjusted Interceptions? Luck had the WORST adjusted interception in 2012. That’s a fact. Top 10 QB do not throw 30 interceptions… :)

    RW was the best QB in the NFL based on QBR or QB Rating, since Week 9 last season. Better than Peyton Manning. since Week 9 of 2012 (117.3). Peyton Manning is 2nd with a 109.1 rating.

    I’ll stop now but let me know if you need more facts. :)

  33. yankinta says:

    P.S. Luck Threw 30 adjusted interceptions against NFL’s Easiest Schedule in 2012. That is also a fact. :)

    This year he will play against 3rd EASIEST… :)

  34. sluggo42 says:

    C’mon Chuck,
    Don’t confuse the issue with facts!
    For instance, 89.5% of opinion based statistics are made up on the spot. This is how the yanker is always close to thinking he is right most of the time…

  35. chuck_easton says:

    Only one comment there yanker, and I’m done trying to reason with you.

    I rely on statistics that are recognized by the NFL to determine a QB’s performance.

    You, on the other hand, choose to rely on some little known ‘adjusted interceptions’ formula that is not accepted by anybody but the football outsiders. But even though it is an intersting statistical study, it is not an accepted formula to be used by the League to determine how a player compares to his peers.

    Now I will handle you with some sage words of advise I got from my dad.

    “Never waste your time trying to teach a pig to sing. It just frustrates you and annoys the pig”

    Yankster, your singing lessons are over.

  36. MoSeahawk12 says:

    The term lost cause comes to mind….

    yanking, ESPN, FOX Sports, NFL Network, USA Today, SI, CNN, just called, they would like to discuss job interview opportunities. If you’re not too busy being right all the time even when your wrong.

  37. rramstad says:

    Thanks for the link to the bag policy article.

    I absolutely detest the new bag policy and find it useless and annoying.

    If there was an effort to create a significant terrorist event at an NFL stadium, they would not bring devices on people through the ticket booth. There are hundreds (thousands?) of minimum wage employees at the stadium on game day that do not go through security… and many of them have the ability to bring arbitrary amounts of materials into the stadium environment.

    What they have is correctly described as “security theater” — something designed to make people feel safer, and to deter only the most simple minded.

    There is absolutely NO REASON why the Seahawks could not set up a single security line, perhaps near Customer Service, that allowed bags of all sizes, and required that people empty them completely. This would be more inspection than the clear bags get, honestly, given what I’ve seen on game day, and would allow people who have decent sized cameras or binoculars, or other issues, like coming with kids, to attend the game.

    Oh, right, the Seahawks can’t do this because they are bound by the NFL policy. Grrr!

  38. yankinta says:

    chuck_easton, I’m not surprised to hear your comeback. I guess I’m used to sore losers that usually turn conversations into personal attacks…. :)

  39. MoSeahawk12 says:

    y, your adjusted logic, writing and nonsense skills are -300%
    You’re the Todd Marinovich, Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell of this blog.
    Wait those guys actually had talent.

  40. Southendzone says:

    As far as Luck v Wilson goes, it’s too early to tell, the one statement I really take issue with is where Yanker says about Luck: ” I said he does not have the potential to be a top 5.”

    He was pretty much the highest rated QB prospect coming out of college in 10 years, coveted by many teams. He had 1 year in the league and put up great stats, throwing a ton behind a not great O-Line and below average run game.

    If you re-draft today, Luck still goes first regardless which team you give the #1 pick to. The guy has massive upside, probably with a ceiling of a player like John Elway.

    Far from “Not having top 5 potential”, he has best QB in the league potential, but hasn’t realized it yet.

  41. MoSeahawk12 says:

    It’s only Luck vs Wilson from one. The stats, facts and ratings that chuck placed forth are truth and leave potential out. A lot of guys have had potential, but flamed out in two or three seasons. The actual stats tell the real story. I don’t see anyone in the Hall Of Fame that had potential.

  42. Just have to jump in here, because I think you guys are being a little too hard on yankinta. There is another statistical QB rating system called the “Bridgewater Utilitarian Leadership and Learning Statistical Highlight Intelligence Theory.” It incorporates not just basic stats and performance, but things like adjusted interceptions, environmental factors, leadership influence, performance of the other players on the QB’s team, the teams they have played against, etc. Here are their rankings, which as you see, fully support yankinta’s opinion:

    1. Russell Wilson
    2. Peyton Manning
    3. Tom Brady
    4. Tim Tebow
    5. Aaron Rodgers
    6. Philip Rivers
    7. Jake Locker
    8. Drew Brees
    9. Tarvaris Jackson
    10. Cam Newton
    11. Eli Manning
    12. Tony Romo
    13. Johnny Manziel
    14. Matt Ryan
    15. Matt Stafford
    16. Matt Hasselbeck
    17. Matt Shaub
    18. Matt Flynn
    19. Andrew Luck
    20. Andy Dalton
    21. Alex Smith
    22. Michael Vick
    23. Ryan Tannehill
    24. Jay Cutler
    25. Sam Bradford
    26. Terrelle Pryor
    27. EJ Manuel
    28. Ben Rothlisberger
    29. Joe Flacco
    30. Carson Palmer
    31. Chad Henne
    32. Robert Griffin III
    33. Brian Hoyer
    34. Christian Ponder
    35. Geno Smith
    36. Brandon Weeden
    37. Josh Freeman
    38. Jeff Tuel
    39. Keith Price
    40. Colin Kaepernick

  43. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Nice OrrObb. He won’t get it.

  44. MoSeahawk12 says:

    That’s a very strong theory. Deep too.

  45. dirtbiker_joey says:

    @OrrObb ROFL!

    “Bridgewater Utilitarian Leadership and Learning Statistical Highlight Intelligence Theory.” – priceless

  46. Dave Boling says:

    Seymour is indeed on the practice squad. He’s sporting a lamentable mullet. His future? Hard to tell. I thought the rookie tackles — Bowie and Bailey — were more impressive than Seymour and Smith in the preseason.

    LVHawk, interested in that SF-STL game tonight, too. SF couldn’t beat them last year. Would be stunning to see Niners at 1-3.

  47. chuck_easton says:


    While I like where you are going with that, any QB ranking system that manages to rank Tebow as the 4th best QB in the league immediately becomes paper on the bottom of my birdcage.

    Just sayin…

  48. montanamike2 says:

    I have to agree with the Tebow part.

  49. seahawkNJ says:

    I think 80% of this comment thread is why someone said the blog has gone downhill. Not the content of the articles that are posted.

  50. Southendzone says:

    thanks DB for the info on Seymour. I hope he takes your mullet insult and turns it into his motivation for becoming the best mulleted O-Lineman in the history of the NFL.

    Who currently holds that title I wonder?

  51. seaturkeys says:

    I like Tebow, he’s like Russel Wilson without the accuracy and decision making and believe it or not that’s a complement. Oh, and he’s not as good looking.

  52. yankinta says:

    Southendzone, Are you sure, if the Seahawks were picking first they wouldn’t pick RW over Luck?? I think JS/PC know how special RW is….. I know I would not pick him first… :)

    Yes he was pretty much the highest rated QB prospect coming out of college in 10 years, coveted by many teams. But that doesn’t mean much. Tom Brady was a 6th round pick. Opinions are opinions, no matter how you put it. Facts are Facts, you can re-read my facts above. :)

    P.S., I watched all of his games at Stanford in 2011. He has the best O-Line in College, hands down. They ran the ball a lot and the majority of his big plays/passes came from play action passes. I wasn’t that impressed.

  53. HawkfaninMT says:

    Acronyms people… Acronyms!

  54. ChrisHolmes says:

    Arguing about QB rankings is dumb.

    What matters is Super Bowl wins.

    Anyone remember what it was like when Roethlisberger, Eli Manning and Rivers got drafted? Most pundits predicted that all three guys would be successful and win SB’s. Well, Big Ben and Eli have a couple. Rivers has come up short.

    When I look at the class of 2012, I can see the same thing happening. I can see Luck and Wilson ending up with some rings, and RGIII falling short… and only because this is so much of a team sport, and I think Seattle and Indy have better Front Offices than Washington does.

    But the real issue, to me, is this: If I were starting a franchise tomorrow and I could have any player to start my club with, I’d want Wilson or Luck, and in that order. I think they both have the potential to be really great QB’s in this league and I won’t be surprised if both of them make their mark on the game.

    Sure, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Breese and Rogers are better and more experienced QB’s right now, but Wilson and Luck have their whole careers ahead of them. They’re only going to get better – the window of opportunity is wide open for those two guys.

    We should spend less time arguing among each other and more time relishing the fact that we finally have a franchise QB. We have a young, dynamic kid with big hands, a cannon arm, a smart mind, who just oozes leadership… we have a GREAT QB.

    And he’s ours.

    So let’s celebrate that and leave the sniping to other forums.

  55. jawpeace says:

    If all QB’s were suddenly available for the draft. I think that the order for the top five would look like this:
    1. Aaron Rodgers
    2. Russell Wilson
    3. Andrew Luck
    4. Matt Ryan
    5. Cam Newton

    (I know Indy fans would put Luck at 2.) (And age is what would eliminate DB, PM, and TB, from the top five)

  56. Same spit, different day.

    Bowie and Bailey’s development will be important for this team in the future. I think at least one of McQ and Breno doesn’t come back in 2014, and there’s at least a decent chance both don’t. I don’t see either coming back at their current rate.

    While I get tired of the constant Luck jaw-jackin from yank, he does have some valid points. Adjusted INTS definitely has some value, although it’s not a fact like yank believes. He still doesn’t understand that “easiest schedule” is not a fact either or at least not the right nomenclature. Adjusted INTs relies on a subjective opinion of what should be intercepted.

    Luck has not been that close to RW if you use QB rating, much more important than passing yards or any other single stat. Passing yards are severely overrated. He was 23.5 rating points higher than Luck in 2012 and was better running the ball. RW is 17 points higher than Luck in 2013, though Luck has been better at running so far in 2013. I don’t believe that Luck has played up to the level of RW and I wouldn’t draft him over RW either at this point.

    I have been impressed by the improvement that Luck has made this season. I think he will be a top 10 QB for years. I mostly had a problem with his 2012 year being held up there with RW or RG3’s. It was clearly inferior IMO.

    And I don’t use QBR because I think it is more of a flawed stat than QB rating. It places way too much value on when in the game plays take place. I don’t see why it’s way more special if you score when your team is behind if a big part of the reason you are behind is because the QB played poorly earlier in the game. Having more points than the opponent gets a win, not moire points in the 4th quarter. QBR does have some value though.

    QB rating is much better IMO as long as you have a minimum attempts threshold. The main flaw is running not playing into it. It has another significant flaw, but it almost never plays a role practically in the NFL. You have the same rating whether you throw 5 or 10 TDs, but QB’s hardly ever throw for more than 5 TDs.

  57. There. Read my post, listen, and learn shall we! SMH. :-)

  58. yankinta says:

    lol, yes sir. You made some good points. But how is Easiest Schedule not a fact?

  59. I’ve explained it before, but I’ll explain it again. What you are referring to as “easiest schedule” in fact means that the teams played had the lowest combined winning percentage in 2012. They are not synonymous. Are some teams better from one year to the next? Is KC 3-0? Is NO better? Is Wash 0-3?

    It also doesn’t factor in when a team is played. Do you think the Whiners are an easier team to beat while Aldon Smith and Vernon Davis are out? Is it easier to beat a team that is resting players at the end of the regular season?

  60. “ob·jec·tive (b-jktv)
    1. Of or having to do with a material object.
    2. Having actual existence or reality.
    a. Uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices: an objective critic. See Synonyms at fair1.
    b. Based on observable phenomena; presented factually: an objective appraisal.”

    “sub·jec·tive (sb-jktv)
    a. Proceeding from or taking place in a person’s mind rather than the external world: a subjective decision.
    b. Particular to a given person; personal: subjective experience.
    2. Moodily introspective.
    3. Existing only in the mind; illusory.”

  61. I am not afraid of Bowie starting at RT – I am not sure if he is totally ready for the big time but I definitely don’t think he is a bum out there either. It is nice to have some OL guys ready to go, especially since I feel this is a place the may try and stay cheap to afford some other guys in the future so having young guys playing solid is a definite plus for us.

    On the whole QB ranking stuff – one thing that is never taken into account is the scheme. Some teams WANT their guy to be more aggressive and try and make things happen and other teams don’t. Favre was always going to throw INT’s because they wanted him to me more aggressive because that is when he was at his best. Luck had that to a certain extent last year – the Colts even said they wanted him to be aggressive, while PC CLEARLY wants his QB to be a more conservative guy on those situations. Stats are still stats but you have to take into mind when evaluating them what they are being asked to do by the coaching staff.

  62. yankinta says:

    bbmate, I see what you mean. You made some good points. But in that case, what are some of the objective facts in Football game or in Sports? Do they even exist??

    xcman made good points too…. :)

  63. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Acronyms people… Acronyms! Exactly HawkfaninMT

    OrrObb, it looks like many didn’t get it. Tebow is only on the list as the list as it’s not a REAL list.
    Spell out each word fellas. It’s yankers home planet.

  64. chuck_easton says:

    There is nothing Objective in sports except W’s and L’s. Everything else is left up to conjecture, opinion, preference, and yes bias.

    I am in no way saying I would take Luck over Wilson for the Seahawks. I’m just saying it is possible to accept that both QB’s are starting to distance themselves from the other young QB’s that were supposed to be Franchise QB’s.

    If it came down to some crazy situation where suddenly all QB’s became free agents I don’t see any team going wrong with doing everything in their power to get either Luck or Wilson. Well, as long as the Seahawks still end up with Wilson that is.

    As for all the bickering. You say Tomato I sa Ta Ma To, you say potato I say Po Ta To…same thing different preference.

  65. thursday says:

    I’m so confused at the continued anger at the bag policy. How much does a person need to bring to a football game? I got one of the Seahawks logo clear thingies and went to a preseason game so far this season and had like, two things in it. Oh and btw, also attended said game with my brother and his young kids, no issue. They had ponchos and water bottles. What is the deal with the complaining. What exactly do you want to hide in some other bag?

    The story is similarly stupid. The policy stuff has been in place for months. You mean to tell me she couldn’t have read it on any team site and measured the bag?

    People these days, I swear.

  66. SandpointHawk says:

    It was one of my favorite posts ever OrrObb, if they can’t figure the Acronyms out it’s their loss…

  67. rramstad says:

    thursday, it’s just the continuous erosion of our civil liberties in the name of freedom that gets me waxed. There’s absolutely no way the NFL bag policy makes me safer in the stadium. Period, end of story. So I’m humiliated — this last week at the Jaguars game, the wand went off at my crotch, and it seriously became an issue, with the guy asking “do you have something there” and me replying in the obvious, and the guy next to him laughing, and him looking pissed — for absolutely no reason. The most ridiculous thing? After 9/11 at Husky Stadium we didn’t have ANY OF THIS STUFF. The powers that be keep ratcheting things up until we get to the point where people can be stopped on the street for no reason and frisked — wait a minute, that’s actually already happening — herm.

    I guess I’m asking what’s next, and at what point do sheeple wake up and realize that this stuff isn’t making them safe, and we’re just creating a modern police state by tolerating it?

    The NFL bag policy is ridiculous, arbitrary, and wrong. There’s no reason the NFL should force me to buy a coat with extra pockets so I can bring in the things that I want to bring in. Adults with incontinence problems should not have to display extra adult diapers in a plastic see through bag. Women who are menstruating should not have to display tampons and sanitary napkins in a plastic see through bags. People who have had surgery and have even more odd necessities should not have to display them in a plastic bag. Many of these things do NOT FIT in a coat pocket, and might not even fit in the appropriately sized clear plastic bag.

    Here’s an idea. I absolutely guarantee you that if the stadium randomly chose about 1 out of 500 people to have a more extensive security check — empty all pockets, pat down, metal detector — and let everyone else pretty much walk on in bags and all, that they’d actually enhance security.

    I also think you’d enhance security by putting bags through a metal detector or X-ray machine, as opposed to quick visual inspection. You’d get more out of letting people bring any size bag, but it goes through X-ray machine, than having the clear plastic thing they do now.

    Just because YOU don’t need a bag doesn’t mean that someone else doesn’t need a bag… and maybe a large bag… and maybe a bag with some tiny bit of privacy associated.

  68. chuck_easton says:

    I got the Acronym my third pass through it. :) OK so I’m slow today.

  69. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Way to go chuck. I knew you’d find your way.

  70. Don’t worry, Chuck. I didn’t catch it either the first time through. Perhaps if I had read through the entire list and saw Johnny Manziel on it?

    Although you could make the epistemological argument that everything is ultimately subjective as everything is mediated by the senses, QB rating is almost entirely objective. You simply take numbers and plug them into a formula. It’s not dependent on more subjective stats like tackles. The context and meaning of QB rating is subjective. Most things in sports are highly subjective.

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