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Dan Quinn on the Texans: ‘A number of play makers’

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Sep. 26, 2013 at 5:39 pm with 34 Comments »
September 26, 2013 5:39 pm

Here’s everything defensive coordinator Dan Quinn had to say today:

(On accounting for Andre Johnson…) “I think the size and length, number one. He’s a big guy at receiver, he’s really strong in terms of the way he goes after the ball. He targeted a bunch, he’s a good player for them for a long time, and we certainly hold him in high regard.”

(On where to start preparing for the Texans’ explosive offense…) “Well I think the number one thing with this team… first, you got to talk about their run game. You know, their accomplished run game. They have been for years in terms of the zone attack that they use. Real similar to the approach that we do, in term of the outside stretch zone and things like that. So that’s where it begins with us and they got a number of play makers and certainly the two runners are ones that can take a distance on their one-cut scheme and where they can get up and we’ve seen them breaking it.”

(On Ben Tate…) “I think just the strength of it and probably one… he had one long run. Maybe that also accounted into one where he had a sixty yarder. I think just the strength of him. He’s a good runner, he runs behind his pads and their zone scheme. Like I said, they do a really good job, in terms of the way that they run it and fortunately for us and Tom [Cable] and our offense and in terms of the style of zone, we play some of that too. So it’s good when we get a chance to work against a team like our self.”

(On the Seahawks’ defense being disappointed that the Jaguars’ offense scored…) “Yeah I think there’s some real competitive guys and so we thought that we had a chance where we could maybe keep finishing and that’s really one of the mantras around here in terms of the way that we finish. For us to have a score and to give them credit, they came up with some things at the end. Really for us, it’s about the finish and it always is. So there was a disappointed. It wasn’t at all about the victory; it was just in terms of the way to finish.”

(On Coach Quinn loving to see guys have such high expectations and attitude…) “No doubt. Yeah. It’s a competitive bunch and like I said for us, our whole mantra is finishing. So if there was any, that would be why.”

(On what Dan Quinn saw in Michael Bennett…) “I think sometimes, when a guy has enough size and initial quickness, you immediately think, ‘can we turn him into a nickel-inside rusher?’ Although he played D-End at Texas A&M. A taller guy whose coming out at about 275 [pounds] he said, ‘well he has the traits that we are looking for as a nickel rusher.’ That’s why we tried to move him down there. To his credit, he’s a really smarty football player and in the game this week, he lined all the way from outside the tight end all the way lined up on the nose tackle. So what we call the nine-technique, he’s outside the tight end, he lined in s five-technique on a tackle, a three, and then all the way down. So we put him in a variety of spots and he could handle it and we are glad for all of the versatility to that he brings us.”

(On how nice it is for Coach Quinn to utilize Michael Bennett’s versatility…) “Yeah its… for a coach, it’s good for  Travis [Jones] and I and for the rest of the guys, you can put a lot on to Mike [Michael Bennett] and he’s got really good football smarts and he’s… ‘Okay I can play end, I can play tackle, and I can move out here.’ So real credit to him and how hard he has to work to study a number of different spots. We wouldn’t do it to him if he wasn’t able to handle it. So we’re glad that he can.”

(On having O’Brien Schofield being an outside linebacker…) “At some packages, just finding ways to rush you know, in some of the passing situations. OB [O’Brien Schofield] has done a good job for us this year, in terms of the attitude and the way and the style and that kind of stuff. We are real thrilled to have him here. We knew we’d have him into the mix and then Chris Clemons back was certainly something that we’ve been really looking forward to. He’s worked extremely hard to get back. So for him to come back and have a chance to rush, and I think that he got about maybe 13 plays something like that. So his first time back… it’s kind of like we did with Cliff [Avril] the week prior, where we kind of got him going and played him in some passing situations. So we will get a chance to move him up a little bit more this week.”

(On getting creative with playing all of the talented defensive players…) “Yeah and its really their mindset and the attitude they bring as pass rushers. That’s an effort position as a rusher where you just got to keep busting… if you get one, you had a really good day and you really got to rush as hard as you can. So just the versatility; having those guys play a couple of different spots is important for us in terms of sometimes lining them up on their feet, sometimes down. But we’ve been practicing that and we’re fortunate that those guys are able to handle it.”

(On Chris Clemons saying that ‘I can’t wait to see what happens next week when we get [Bruce] Irvin back…’) “Yeah we’ll be ready. We’ll have something available. But yeah really, OB [O’Brien Schofield] has done a good job and its nice having Cliff [Avril] and Mike [Morgan] back and Clem [Chris Clemons] back. So more rushers. If we could put more of them out there, then we will.”

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  1. sluggo42 says:

    Todd, can you dig up the deal with Ungers arm injury?
    We are wondering, thanks!

  2. Todd Dybas says:

    We can ask Pete Carroll on Friday. Coaches and players do not want to talk about injuries, typically.

  3. sluggo42 says:

    Ok, we know its been an issue for a few weeks, but I hear ya…

  4. sluggo42 says:

    Cool, rams lead! 3-0

  5. sluggo42 says:

    Haha, Quinn sacked crapper, then he kissed his biceps! Rolfing

  6. sluggo42 says:

    Kinda like a ghost town here… Starting to creep me out…

  7. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Weak Rams D that series. Why is MiniGin covering Boldin? Bad scheme small on big not so successful. Terrible coverage on the TD. Didn’t see what DB that was.

  8. Southendzone says:

    STL sucks on offense, what a joke. Bradford looks like garbage, and when they run the ball it looks like they aren’t even trying to succeed.

  9. Really disappointed in how St Louis looks. I thought they were better. Didn’t like how they said Bouldin was double teamed last two weeks. I thought Sherm pretty much played him one-on-one.

    Boy you sure can see the difference in crowd influence – SF having no issues at all with the crowd.

  10. “I’m ready to go,’’ Bowie said. “I live for moments like this.

    Looks like he’s ready! Glad he got 30 snaps last week. Would love to see him step in on the road against the best and hang in there.

  11. Pro Football Focus reports that when Jacksonville blitzed Wilson, he connected on 7 of 8 passes for 79 yards and two touchdowns, translating to a quarterback rating of 148.3 (158.3 is perfect).

    PFF also notes that it was a good day for Seattle’s running backs as they got 122 yards after contact, forcing 12 missed tackles on their 36 rushing attempts. That included four each by Marshawn Lynch and Christine Michael (the latter of whom had nine carries for 37 yards in his first career action).

    PFF also concluded that it was a good return to action for cornerback Brandon Browner, who in his first game back after a hamstring injury allowed just two receptions on five targets for just 11 yards.

    Bob Condotta

  12. Wasnt able to watch the game–listened to the first half on radio. Still concerned with the line–what else is new, right?! Pleased with most of the rest of the team, and very happy to learn T-jack got some time and played well, even more stoked to hear Bailey and Bowie got some time and did well.

    Still, its Jax. If Bowie can even look avg vs Watt, I will be impressed. What I’d really like to see is anyone other than Sweezy playing G, even McQ. McQ has lost a step, as I have been saying since game one. He is a smart player and a battler, but he’s on the downhill slide. I want to see Bailey beat him out at LT ASAP. Hope it comes soon.

    Ive been saying since Week One Unger has to be injured. The crappy snaps, no power at the point of attack, holding penalties—the guy just isnt himself. I realize he never has been great at shotgun snaps, but he’s definitely worse in that dept.

    Very excited to see what this D can do moving forward with Clemons working his way back, and Irvin coming back soon from suspension, and Bennett and Schofield all doing well…

    Im feeling pretty cocky; my guy Tate is making me look prescient, as is my main man Michael Bennett. I told you guys the last couple years (really, ever since Timmay let him get away) he was the versatile lineman hybrid DE/DT of Carrols dreams. Boy, was I ever right! He’s the guy Jones was supposed to be, and then some! Im just thrilled to see him playing so well in a Seattle uni once again–and I hope we sign him longterm at the end of the season!

    Sidney Rice is looking much better. His knee is getting back to normal, and he’s looking sharp. The O-line is still the achilles heal of this team, but if it can improve some, we can be the best team in the NFL very soon…

    Just gotta take care of business the next two weeks…C’mon Cable, lets see you do your stuff!

  13. LVHawk–Thanks for the info. Maybe now that will quiet the anti-Browner set, and put off talk of WT taking over at RCB, at least for awhile….looks like reports of Browners demise were greatly exaggerated…Our D is much better with him than without.

    Man, how many teams would love to have Maxwell, Lane, and WT3 as thier starters, let alone backups?!

  14. STL sucks, period. Both STL and AZ look like pushovers right now, could a surprise easy part of our schedule.

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree Vegas56. Bradford looks lost, and they have no run game.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- I don’t recall anyone here being anti Browner. Where did you get that from?
    I do know who is anti Sweezy though, and that is you. Did you know that Sweezy hasn’t allowed a sack yet this year? Carpenter hasn’t either.
    Can’t say the same for Unger and Okung.

    Sweezy is a beast! Give him some time. Hopefully Carpenter will get in shape and we will have two beast guards.

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    When has the O-line not been a concern since Jones retired?

  18. sluggo:


    The shotgun snaps from Unger have always sucked. Always.

    And who is the “anti-Browner” crowd? I think he’s really good and I don’t know of anyone in the past months who has written that they think he sucks. I, for one, think WT3 is better overall, but there’s weeks where Browner is the better matchup as a starter and vice-versa for WT3. That’s just me and nobody will change my mind and I don’t care. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think Browner isn’t really, really good. Just because I think Elway is better than Marino, that doesn’t mean I think Marino sucks (or sucked). If we could re-draft in ’83 – I don’t know of anyone here (I would hope) that wouldn’t have welcomed Marino had Elway already been (obviously) taken.

  19. The positives about our OL sucking up to this point is that the track record of Cable is that the OL gets good after the mid-way point of the season (minus the late Rams game last season) and we’re already 3-0. I’m also excited about getting Okung back for the last month. Even if it’s the last few weeks – I don’t care. I’m okay with McQuistan at LT during the regular season – but not in the play-offs and Super Bowl.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Seahawks- Texans preview –

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The 49ers o-line was sucking until tonight, so yes, I agree with BobbyK about our o- line coming together around mid season.

    But even if they don’t, I still think we are Super Bowl contenders.

    Our strengths far outweighs our weaknesses imo.

  22. We are most definitely SB contenders even if the OL doesn’t come together the way we want/expect. I agree. Nobody is going to beat this team at home, IMO. If we keep winning, we’re not going to have to go on the road in Jan.

  23. vichawkfan says:

    @RapSheet: Niners fans surround our post-game set as Kaepernick and Gore arrive. Chant “Seahawks suck.”

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Many former Texas players on our team. Hopefully they will make a good show for their friends and family come Sunday.“homecoming”-game-in-Houston/8fd4977b-dd82-4646-9385-e4b85c03b3d1

  25. I agree Tom Cable’s O line tends to get better as the year goes on. And, there is a lot more talent and experience on this line than we had a couple of years ago. As long as Okung is back before the playoffs, I believe we have the depth to handle the other positions. And I’ll be surprised if Giacomini finishes the year as starter at RT, simply because we have too many talented players now who can play OT, including McQuistan, Bowie, and Bailey.

    Steve Raible had a hilarious comment today on the radio:
    “If Breno is not able to go — though we certainly hope he can — you’ve got the two young guys who Pete was very high on after they played the whole second half of the last game. “Bailey and Bowie”… sounds like a drink!”

  26. bird_spit says:

    Oops..sorry vichawk

  27. The next 2 weeks will be a test for this team, as both Houston and Indy have some real talent. That said, it remains that if we win all of our home games (8), winning half of our away games results in 12 wins. That is amazing.

    If we win one of the next 2 we will be sitting pretty, and should have some good prospects for post season.

    Sorry, it is really too early to be talking about the playoffs, but I can’t help myself!

    I may be old, but I’m slow, so sue me.

  28. montanamike2 says:

    I was really looking forward to the game last night, i didn’t know how bad the Rams are this year, they’re worse than Jacksonville! What i saw from both teams didn’t impress me. Boldin, Davis and Gore are all they have and they’re getting up there in age,(football years). I feel more confident that we play the Cards and the Rams 2 times each still. If the Rams had even last years team they would have handed it to the whiners. Bradford was hitting his receivers in the hands but no one could catch the ball! After all his effort he looked like he gave up after the 1st quarter.
    I feel like there are times that sometimes Browner isn’t a great match up and Thurmond is a good player for certain match-ups, but most of the time i like Browner if not Sherman. It’s great to be so talented and deep at db, i like more pass rushing with man to man in the secondary. The NFC West doesn’t look like the NFC best right now but that isn’t because of us. I do wish we played Atlanta in Seattle, same as the Saints but overall i like our schedule.

  29. montanamike2 says:

    Off topic- the Rapist teacher got out of jail and the judge who let him off easy might both be in for it. I called and left a profanity message for the judge. Isn’t there anybody in Billings that will pay this teacher a visit one night?

  30. rramstad says:

    Ah, yes, a little Montana justice. Not too uncommon in those parts, actually.

  31. rramstad says:

    Not that I’m advocating… I had family living in Montana for quite some time, six to eight years, long enough to get a good feel for the place… that’s all I’m saying…

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